Best Headphone Hook Wall Mount

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1. Linkidea Headphone Waterproof Retractable Headphones

Linkidea Headphone Waterproof Retractable Headphones

There is a foldable stand x 5 in the package. The foldable hook is sturdy. You can use two-sided glue or screws. The arm of the stand can be folded up when not in use. Keep your desk clean. The holder is compatible with most headphones. It also fits dresses, clothes, headsets, and hats. Product dimensions are 3.0" x 2.7" x 1.0" The package contains Headphone Wall Hooks.

Brand: Linkidea

👤I thought these would be a good alternative to Ikea's folding hooks. They're similar, but the execution is different. There is a There's a big gap because these don't fold up nicely. They fold up, but not on thelves. The casting isn't precise enough to allow them to fold up nicely. The folding part is always too far out or too far in. There is a They're not sleek. They've been painted with spray paint. There is a The hook surface appears to have more grip in the pictures. You can stick on the squares of silver vinyl when you get them. They are functionally adequate and appear strong. The execution leaves a lot to be desired. I probably won't return them, but I'm not happy with them either.

👤These had a textured black look to them. It was nice that it had the same screws and hardware, but I ordered a different set and returned it. I was going to use them in the bathroom, but the edges were sharp and I was afraid my towels would scratch me. 3 felt a little loose, like they probably wouldn't lay flush to the wall when upright. I knew that would annoy me. They're ok, but not what I needed.

👤The hooks are sturdy and high-quality. I made them use in our small laundry so we could fold them up and not get stabbed by a hook. The function is perfect for us. I bought more for other surfaces since they have the option to hang with screws or 3M-style. I will say that the sticky option is not as effective as the one before it and that a hook or two has fallen down when bumped. I will buy more 3M sticky pads to re-hang them because I love them and I would still buy them again.

👤These are well made, solid, and good looking. The rubber that sticks to the hook can fall off over time. I removed the rubber as they were not necessary for my application, but I would be happy if they were able to stay on.

👤One of the packages came broken. There is a I have the Ikea version as well. There is a The one that came in pieces was easy to install and get the job done.

👤All kinds of tape and screws are available. The finish surface looks good and it's cheap.

👤My grandson wants to hang his headphones on his xbox so I bought these to mount on the wall. It's easy to install and look good. I got a wide set for his headphones.

👤They can be used in the horse barn for halters. Looking good.

2. Latom Foldable Hanging Aluminum Headphones

Latom Foldable Hanging Aluminum Headphones

One holder for all is designed to hold your game controllers and headphones in one place. The heavy duty folding hooks are made from aluminum. The coat hook is 78 x 26 x 71mm/ 3.07 x 1 x 2.79 inches and the screws are 25mm long and 8mm in screw head diameter. You can use these folding wall hooks to hang dresses, clothes, headsets, and hats in different places, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. The hanging hook has a smooth edge that will not damage your clothes or items you hang on. The folding hooks are very easy to install. The hooks are reinforced with 2 screws. The folding hooks are very easy to install. The hooks are reinforced with 2 screws.

Brand: Latomex

👤If you are looking for an item to see your nerdiness, then these are the ones for you. Your headphones are mounted on your wall as if they are a trophy buck. If you want to impress the ladies, you should show off those beautiful headsets. The folding mechanism makes them disappear like your father when you were a child.

👤I had the idea to hang my headphones and a bunch of stick on hooks, but they came up a few times. This one gives value. There is a 5 piece package out there, but this one of 4 costs less. It is made of metal. It falls down. It's about 3 inches or something like that. Comes with screws. I have 6 headphones on the wall. It will work for any hook of that size. I can flip the doors up when they're not in use. You don't need to search for hours to spend 10 bucks.

👤The Greekia version of these are twice the price, and they are fantastic. I was trying to save money, and so I ordered these, and two of them fell apart and opened up. There is no way to put the pins back together after the plastic came out from under the metal lip. The two that were usable were from the four pack.

👤I didn't want to spend more than a few dollars for a mount for my controller. The official ones go over 15 dollars but are not worth it. I found these for a lot less than I expected. If I had bought a headset mount and controller, it would have cost me 30 dollars and I would have had to pay 6 dollars for it. It worked out great.

👤Nice idea, nice design, poorly executed with cheap materials. I received more than I wanted because I marked the box twice. I have replaced one of them three times now. They hang partially open after install, as they no longer flip back to their original position.

👤I bought these brackets to hold my gym gear. They're easy to fold when not in use. The brackets can hold a lot of weight. My opinion is over 10 lbs. They would be great for hats and jackets.

👤I needed a couple of hooks for my headphones and for the price, I got this kit of 4. There is a This is a bargain and it is sturdy. One of them holds their guitar by a strap for weeks without a problem if you use the correct screws. The elbow part is strong and will hold pounds and pounds of load, but the folding design may be deceiving, as it is more of a mechanical design.

👤The metal is easy to open and close, and it stays closed when closed. It's a good size to fit big things.

3. Headphone Headphones Adjustable Universal EURPMASK

Headphone Headphones Adjustable Universal EURPMASK

Customer service is great. Give it a try. You can return it within a month if you don't like it. They will send you a new one if it is faulty within a year. Universal under design allows for a near universal fit on most desks by attaching a thin, narrow, and thick piece of metal to them. It is easy to remove the Spring Clamp. The audible headphone arm swings underneath your desk for discreet and non-intrusive storage and swings back out for easy access. BUILT IN CABLE LOOP holds your headset's cable in place to prevent it from dragging on the ground or getting caught between your desk chair's legs. Soft rubber pads are located on both ends to protect your desk or table from damage. The under desk mount is convenient for storing. Easy installation of a springed C Clamp.

Brand: Eurpmask Choose The Color Of Europe

👤We needed a better solution to keep our headphones from breaking and this was our answer, it's very sturdy and feels very well made, it's even better if you have an xbox one controller, it's even more perfect. My purse is probably around 10 lbs. I'll probably order more for myself and gifts in the future. Highly recommended.

👤The hook portion can bend if you put a lot of weight on it and it is very cheap. There is a The head doesn't lock up. The clip is not tight enough to prevent desk steps that are less than a quarter of an inch from moving. You can get a Brainwavz Hengja Hanger for the same price that has better construction quality. I would've gotten a second one, but I got this instead when the page from my old order suddenly said out of stock and started directly to a screen protectors. I wouldn't buy it again. Cheap, poor construction, plastic bends, top sticks up a lot. A bad product.

👤It's easy to put my headphones out of the way. I didn't want one where you have to use glue or screws. You don't need a heavy duty one if you have light headphones. The mount has a sufficient amount of space. The desk is protected by the padded clamps. The mount has a hook so you don't lose your headphones. You can choose which direction you want to hang your headphones. The cord clip is nice, but it's stiff, so I just wrap it around the hook and grab my headphones when I need them.

👤This thing is great. I was embarrassed that I didn't think of getting this a long time ago, but I did not know it existed. Maybe it didn't. I am a recording artist and I use expensive headphones. They were not taken very well care of in the past, as they would flop around on various surfaces. The device is easy to set up and I like that the hook can be changed to hang things or not. I think it's a good deal so that I can get another one for my other cans. I recommend this to anyone who wants to protect their investment.

👤It was easy to put in place. I got this because I was sick of my headphones laying in random places. The hook is neatly underneath. The picture doesn't show it, but there is a small loop for a cord to go through so I leave my charging chord handing from there so all my cords are close together and easy to manage. You can put the headphones on the hook and swing them out of the way under your desk. I put one on the side table for my headphones.

👤I didn't expect to write a review on this. I thought I knew what I was getting. This is a cheap, easy to scratch plastic. The cable clip would be better not there. The only. The mechanism for twisting the hook into different positions is a nice thing about this. You only need to rotation from 90 degrees and 180 degrees. The hook is pretty loose and you can position it anywhere from 0 to 180. I would have given it a pass, but the junk quality means it should be a lot cheaper than other METAL items. It would be a good deal at five bucks, since I got it for twelve ninety nine. If you don't know better, maybe eight. No way in over ten. I'll probably keep it because it's not worth it with the Pandemic. It will have to do.

4. Brainwavz Headphone Headsets Suitable Headphones

Brainwavz Headphone Headsets Suitable Headphones

The wall mounting feature allows you to free up desk or floor space. The design makes it easy to reach your headphones. It was designed by headphone manufacturers for optimal storage for your headphones. The Brainwavz UltraC has a large curved bed and aABLE HOOK to better hold your headphones. The cable hook makes it easier to manage your headphones. The same 3M VHB tape, the same glue, and long-term safety are what makes it secure. If you have to move the stand after placing it, please use a hair dryer to warm up the pad and then remove it from the wall. It is compatible with most headphones and gaming headsets. To make sure their stand is compatible with your headphones, please check the dimensions of the headset hanger bed and compare it to the width of your headband. It is not recommended to use this product on painted walls.

Brand: Brainwavz

👤It was stuck to the side of the tower panel. Very strong. It is not coming off. If you want a smooth finish, this is not it. It's a good size for any headphones. It was possible to hang it on the side of my desk so my earbuds wouldn't run against my tower panel.

👤I had to move my headphones around to find a place to work. I put this hook on the side of my desk and it solved my headphones problems. The hook is strong. It isn't going away.

👤It's a great device, simple yet awesome.

👤Unless you have a longer cable, you might not be able to hook your cable to the smaller one. It works amazing.

👤It does what it should with the glue.

👤I have the Hooka and the Hengja and they are superior to this headphone hanger. You could use those for a long time. This is a part made of black. Public library grade or high school lab grade are the grades used. The form, function, finish, and price point of Hooka and Hengja are massive. This is not the same. The part I paid for felt and looked like $1. It works. It has a pair of headphones. I put it behind the monitor so you can't see it. The hangars that I recommend are the ones that had the extra $2. I ordered 3 headphone pads and 3 headphone hangars from brainwavz. This is the first time in my life that I have been so underwhelmed by a product. I will continue to buy their stuff, but I would not buy this one.

👤The printed hanger for headphones is nice. The back of my TV was well protected after I wiped it down with a lens wipe.

5. Avantree Aluminum Headphone Sennheiser Accessories

Avantree Aluminum Headphone Sennheiser Accessories

TRRS cable is included for phone connection and class compliant. The Photo Savings Deluxe accessory bundle is a convenient way to record. See the description. Simple and space saving are included. Their stylish design features a silicone top pad and solid steel construction to provide a stable foundation for your headphones and clear some space on your desk. STABLE & ANTI SLIP. Their headset holder has a Silicone cable holder at the bottom that can hold your phone in a variety of positions without scratching or damaging it. Their headphone hanger is perfect for keeping your headphones in perfect condition, whether you use it on your desk at work or at home. The convenience and company are two things. Their headset hanger is compatible with major brands including Bose, Bose, and Audio-Technica, and is perfect for headsets measuring 4 cm at the headband and 25 cm tall.

Brand: Avantree

👤The Steel Series headset was the reason I purchased this stand. It comes with an elastic band that rests perfectly with the headstand, instead of just a curved headset. One of the issues I have with this product is that the rubber mat is locked in place when squeezed on both ends. There is a I have an opinion of the over all product. There is a Adhesion: There is a place mat which is inserted into the metal frame. See the pictures. I've moved my stand a few times, and it's come apart, making a mess. The metal frame needs to fit into the rubber place mat. It was good: 4/5. The product will stand on its own once you place the frame with the mat. The product does its job. There is a The material quality was graded at 4.5 out of 5. The product is two objects. The place mat is for cables. The thick plastic mat is not cheap. There is a Overall, 3. This is a good idea for a beginner stand. You get what you pay for, it's only 20.00$. This isn't the best on the market, but it works. If you want something that requires no assembling, you may not want this. It's the same thing. Silicone pad is not a base. It's kind of flimsy, can't stand on the ground. The price is fair for what you pay for.

👤It looks like it's cheap. I don't like the flimsy silicone base and headset rest that it has. The metal stand is the only sturdy part. If the base and headset rest parts were made of plastic, I would like this stand more. I don't think it's worth $25.00. I would not be upset if this had cost me less. I was contacted to offer another product at the same price. They want to see us happy and care about their customers. I bought a bamboo stand after returning the silicone stand. There is a

👤I was looking for a perfect stand for my headphones, and this is what I found. This one is perfect and there are flaws in it. It doesn't ruin the top padded part of the headphones, and has a convenient tray for cable. If your headphones are small, the size is perfect. As soon as I opened the first stand, I bought a second one. My headphones are on the stand. The stand should be able to hold bigger headphones because the headbands are not pushed all the way in.

👤It feels cheap, but it gets the job done. The metal arm/leg, bottom Silicone cup/base and top Silicone headphone rest are in 3 pieces. There is a The pieces are made of silicone. The arm is used to support the product. Some of the base sits on a surface that isn't perfect. It doesn't seem like it will fall over. What is the biggest reason I like this product? The Silicone headphone rest is long and wide and is made of Silicone. It will fit to the headband pretty well because it has some flex to it. It distributes the weight of the headphones across a large portion of the band, rather than a small square location. Many other headphone stands can leave an impression on the headband. The stand has a large area to support it. The HD 800 S headband has the same width as the support, so it doesn't sit inside the channel, but sits on top of the silicone. The only product I can find that won't harm the headband cushion over time is this one. I have no fear that my headphones would slip off. Even with the fully extended headband, my headphones have plenty of room at the bottom. If not for the simple, yet good design and material of the headphone support itself, this product would not get a 1 or 2 star rating.

6. OAPRIRE Universal Controller Accessories Anti Slip

OAPRIRE Universal Controller Accessories Anti Slip

This product can be used to extend your radio's audio-in and 3.5mm ports to other locations. Set to convert the audio-in port to the 3.5mm audio sockets. You should build your game for stress. The controller holder is suitable for almost any version of the controller and headset, keeping your game space free of mess. Give away 2 cable clips to build a small charging station. Professional design. The OAPRIRE controller stand is an excellent way to display all your controllers and is made of high-quality acrylic. durable and sturdy The controller wall mount has a heavy-duty and stable design, rubber anti-slip pads and raised tips to keep the controller balanced and centered. 3M tape and screws make it easy to install in a variety of places: a wall, gaming desk, PC, cabinets, kid's rooms, rear of the TV/ monitor, etc. The desktop is very clean after playing the game. If you care about compatibility, style and quality, this gaming accessories is the best choice. It's a great gift for your kids, gaming friends, boyfriends, etc.

Brand: Oaprire

👤It can be put on the side of my tv stand to hold my controllers. The glue has been reliable for a couple of months.

👤I attached them to the wall with the help of the glue. I pressed and held them in place for 30 seconds and didn't put anything on them until after 24 hours. One of them that was holding my controller fell off the wall in the night. I put the controller back in after reattaching it. It fell off again a few days later. I tried to heat up the glue with a heat gun before putting it on the wall, but I also cleaned the wall with alcohol. I'm hoping it stays. If you are willing to put in the effort, using screws would be more secure.

👤It was easy to install, but it took 24 hours to place a controller on it. It got my controllers off the entertainment center.

👤Works are described. It comes with mounting screws. A great price for a pair.

👤I bought the stands to keep my controllers out of the reach of our toddler. They match the controller and console color and are very easy to install.

👤It's installed with thumb tacks and comes with screws, but it's not white. It's off white.

👤The product is giving it a 3 stars because it does look nice with wireless controllers, but beware, they snap easily with very little force, so do not give it a 3 stars. I am still shocked and upset that it snapped to pieces so quickly. I loved it when it was up.

👤My son is very happy with the products he purchased.

7. Headphone APPHOME Foldable Aluminum Universal

Headphone APPHOME Foldable Aluminum Universal

It is wide compatible. The table headset hook supports all sizes of earphones. B&O H8/ H4/ Beoplay H9i, beyerdynamic headphones, B&W headsets, HyperX Cloud II's, Astro A50, Ra zer Gaming Headphones, Logi tech Headphones, Audio Technica headphones, R OG gaming headsets, etc. Small and foldable design saves space. It can be used to free your desktop from chaos. Safe and Stable: The headphone stand has strong glue that will allow it to last a long time. The materials are high-quality. The rubber pads on the headband protect it from wear. All kinds of headphones, such as wired headphones, wireless headphones, gaming headphones, TV headphones, and so on, are suitable for the universal headset holder. It's easy to install and can be mounted anywhere. On computers, desk, and wall. Clean the surface by using wipes.

Brand: Apphome

👤I was very happy with my purchase of this headphone holder, but it has been a year since I purchased it. I noticed that my headphones got in my hair when I noticed the odd goop on the bridge. The pull out bracket that my headphones rested on was the culprit. I was able to use alcohol wipes to remove all of the liquified glue and I was also able to repair the small pad that locks the brackets in the closed position with some automotive grade 3M double sided tape. Hopefully it will hold up better than what was used to assemble it. Is this the end of the world? I am going to keep an eye on it because it was a quick repair.

👤I have a charging station in my laundry room. The hug makes it look less cluttered and it gets a lot of stuff off the counter. I charge a lot of stuff on this station. The double sticky tape is used. I made it even more solid by attaching a couple screws to the holes. Unable to keep earbuds and headphones off the countertop while charging. If you don't have anything to hang on it, this is a great option. I'm very happy with the space that was cleaned up.

👤The option to screw it into your desk is what I bought this hook for. I tried the glue before I tried to put it in. I had low expectations, but the sticker is so strong that it's like a combination of Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan. I'm thinking about buying another one for my towels.

👤My father built a desk for me that is solid wood. It was built for writing, not a computer. I used the glue that came with the product because I couldn't drill a hole in it. I have a very light-weight Sony headphones, but they haven't budged over a month. The hook portion is large and padded to not damage my headphones. I might put two different pairs on there. I love that when I move this desk, I can just close the hook and it won't be a problem. There is a The metal is heavy and shiny. It's a good addition to my desk. I wish it didn't have the logo, but it is perfect.

👤Unfortunately it did not last. It fell off my wall in the middle of the night, luckily it didn't break my headphones, I was sleeping. It was loud. I might use it on a wood surface with screws to hold it up instead of giving it to someone else. Holds fast to painted plaster. I've considered buying another one just for the tape. It has been on the painted plaster walls for a long time. It holds my headphones and doesn't bang when I place them down. The inside of the "hook" is made of some kind of material. It doesn't open without you meaning it to.

👤This is what it seems to be. I thought it would be bigger but it is not. I used the two screws instead of using the glue to stick to the wall. I would have been concerned that the headset wouldn't hold it's weight. There is a This looks great on the wall. When I moved my console, I realized I lost the space I wanted for the headset stand and that's when a hanging stand became optimal. This is in front of my console. It's difficult to pull it down when it's folded up, because you don't have headsets on. I think that will loosen over time with use and shouldn't be a negative.

8. Microsoft Xbox One Kinect Sensor Renewed

Microsoft Xbox One Kinect Sensor Renewed

The power adapter is required for the X and S models. Put the controller down and play games with your body, voice, and gestures. You can make calls in HD. You can play games where you are the controller. You can call friends and family with the help of the internet. Live with picture-in-picture.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I pulled it out of the box and watched the Kinect's shell fall apart, the bottom side was covered in double sided tape. xbox wouldn't register this device when it was plugged in. The "trouble shooting" steps did not work. I was sent a faulty product and they tried to pass it off as refurbished.

👤There is a considerable savings because I ordered the two Xbox One sensors from the same seller who was certified to sell refurbished, however they came from different places. I was willing to take a chance that it could be a little banged up, but I was expecting the sensor to be in full working order. I bought two sensors that smelled bad of cigarette smoke and the seller is likely a pawn shop that is passing off pawned/used sensors as refurbished which shouldn't be allowed. One of my sensors didn't arrive and was dead on arrival, so I returned and bought a new one, but beware, you get what you pay for, make sure your sensor works, and hopefully this third one will work as well.

👤Be careful buyer. I received the first Kinect in December, but it never turned on. I received another that did work after I returned that one. I got another one that wouldn't power on, and don't count on Amazon support to help! Completely disgusted. This was a Christmas present for my kids and they could not use it or the games we purchased for it. It's been a waste of time.

👤When buying refurbished products, one should be careful. The fan on the sensor was malfunctioning. It was disconnected from my console. Every 15 seconds, I'm talking about disconnections. I noticed that it was a common issue when I searched. I used the 90-day warranty and had it replaced. The replacement isn't here yet. It is fun. It works with me by recognizing my posture and moves. There is an update. The replacement is also faulty. This doesn't even recognize me during the game. Don't buy this product!

👤The product was in a brown box. The package was wrapped in bubblewrap. The item looks brand new. The small scratch doesn't affect the performance. It's worth it to get this over paying full price for the same product. There is a The setup has been working well. Will update if there are any issues. Assume it is a quality refurbished product and the supplier delivered.

👤I was a bit leery of buying a refurbished unit, but this one worked well out of the box. My child can play Dance Party on the Xbox without a phone or app. My child can dance with friends if the corona-viruses ever hit, because the Kinect sensor can see up to 6 players at once. I was impressed with how sensitive the recognition is, and hadn't used the Kinect before this purchase. A picture of your face will be captured instantly when you pass through the viewing area.

👤The device looks new and works as expected. Everything was packed well. Good value for money. There is a The device needs to be connected to XBox One.

9. Lixada Headset Headphone Acrylic Earphone

Lixada Headset Headphone Acrylic Earphone

Save space with a multi-functional homehook, headphone desk hanger that is ideal for hanging headphones, towel, coat, hat, backpacks, belt, key scarf, bag, jackets, suitable for kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, entrances for saving more space. comfort. Headphone holder. It's easy to access the headphone hanger. It is made of high quality PMMA material. Laser cut technology protects your headphones from scratching. A multi-purpose hanger. It's great for hanging cables, earphones and other gadgets. Clean and organized space. Installation is virtually anywhere - on walls, cabinets, glass surfaces, monitors, desktop towers, etc. You should organize and tidy up your workspace. Convenient installation. The first step is to use the wall drilling tool to drill a hole, the second step is to put the screw into the hole, and the third step is to fix the screw. It uses double-sided tape for strong, reliable adhesion. Before installing, please remove the white film of the acrylic, which protects it from scratches.

Brand: Lixada

10. Gamital Headphone Foldable Aluminum Hanger

Gamital Headphone Foldable Aluminum Hanger

It's compatible with most phones and tablets that are running the following operating systems: If you don't like HP1, they offer a 12-month warranty for your worry-free purchase. It is possible to fold for a true minimalist look. The earpiece stand is the best way to cut down oncluttering. The model is small but folds up onto itself so it takes up less space than if it were used. The design makes the clip easy to use and looks great when holding your headphones. The arm design is foldable. It can be lain flat on the wall when you want. Non-Abrasive aluminum cover is compatibility. It is easy to remove the screw clamp. It is a strong headphone Hook because it can hold PC gaming headsets without bending or breaking. The tables can be adjusted to fit 53mm thickness and 5mm thickness with the help of the rotating ball plunger. padding should be on the arm or hook that will support your headphones. Easy to install, do it yourself structure. Maybe you don't have any ideas to create a proper headphone stands, but the headband is compatible with all aluminum alloy stands. If you take a review from their store, you can start packing up your items in a well-organized manner. Can Mount Anywhere is a versatile design. Those who ran out of space or are simply looking for pure efficiency can use the economic solution of Gamital Design. One of the best headphones is simple, modern and economical. If you have too much stuff on your desk and no room to spare, you can just put your headphones in the drawer and forget about it. There is a lifetime warranty for quality issues. They're confident in their design and quality and their goal is to improve office efficiency with gamital fitting. The store provides 7 hours. There is a local technical support and satisfaction guarantee. Buy it. Enjoy a high-quality product.

Brand: Gamital

👤I don't write product reviews. There is a You might ask, "what is the big deal?" Yes, it works to things. There is a nice place to hang headphones. There is no big deal there. The design allows for it to be clamped in a wide range of different ways. The quality of materials, design and finish is comparable to Swiss tech products. It is made from high-quality aluminum. The finish is very good. The fit and construction are perfect. It is a very simple product. I wouldn't spend that much to hang a headphones, but it would be worth it to get the best quality.

👤It is made of aluminum and has no plastic to break, it is soft for headphones, and it is easy to tighten for a non- damaging attachment to a desk.

👤The headset holder holds a lot of weight. The holder can hold anything I need, including my backpack. I am satisfied with the product. I need another one for my garage workspace.

👤I would buy this one again if I needed another stand. I have it hooked up to my desk. You can easily change the hook. There is a It's a simple product. When you open a package, it's always satisfying. It has a lot of weight to it. I feel like I could hold onto something over a cliff.

👤They adjust all the way to zero min, tight on power strips.

👤Really nice. I bought another one a few months ago and it was worse than Mike. Great product.

👤It works great. The desk is nicely fastened. I have a Karlby table top from Ikea.

👤If you buy it over the ones with glue, it will be able to be configured to multiple positions.

11. Linkidea Gamepad Controller Headphone Headset

Linkidea Gamepad Controller Headphone Headset

The stand is made of high-quality aluminum. The PS5 PS4 Xbox one controller, desktop computer game handles, and most game controllers are compatible with the handle and headset hook brackets. The transparent patch and screw method is suitable for installation in any place-table, shelf, cabinet, glass surface, and so on. Product dimensions are 3.14 x 1.57 inches. The package has headphones stand X 1.

Brand: Linkidea

👤The controller does not provide proper support.

👤It's easy to install. It's high quality. The mount is made of solid metal with a black coating, but the brackets are plastic. It's easy to install if you have a 9 year old. The mounting system is strong. It works perfectly with the Xbox X/S controller.

👤The controller is too small to hold this small accessory. We didn't install it before trying to balance it. The pictures of the product were not real. Returning.


What is the best product for headphone hook wall mount?

Headphone hook wall mount products from Linkidea. In this article about headphone hook wall mount you can see why people choose the product. Latomex and Eurpmask Choose The Color Of Europe are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone hook wall mount.

What are the best brands for headphone hook wall mount?

Linkidea, Latomex and Eurpmask Choose The Color Of Europe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone hook wall mount. Find the detail in this article. Brainwavz, Avantree and Oaprire are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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