Best Headphone Ipad Pro 12.9

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1. Adapter IPad 12 9 3 5mm USB3 0

Adapter IPad 12 9 3 5mm USB3 0

If your device is not loading current, it may be time to charge it or it may fail. The iPad Pro 11inch/12.9inch/iPad Air 4/iPad Mini 6, quick expansion with 4K HDMI Port, 3.5mm Audio Jack,USB-C Charging and Data Port are compatible with the iPad Pro 11inch/12.9inch/iPad Air 4/iPad Mini 6, quick expansion with You can maximize your iPad's capabilities. If you want to stream 4K@30Hz or Full HD1080P@60Hz video directly to your projector, you can mirror or extend your screen. It's ideal for school, office, home and game. You can connect a flash drive, hard drive, keyboard, mouse, and more to the port and transfer data at speeds of 5Gbps. You can quickly access your image/ video through the card slot. Transfer data via a type-C cable or flash drive can be accomplished with the help of the Type-C Data port. 3.5mm Audio Jack is used to connect earphone,headphone or speaker. The earphone/headset should have in-line volume control. The power delivery port can charge up to 60 watt. It's not easy to slip off the grips while moving. Work with the iPad Pro/iPad Air 4/iPad Mini 6 with a smart/magic keyboard. It is possible to work from home, at the office or on the road.

Brand: Gkeapza

👤In one hub! It does it all! I have been using this hub with my wired headphones to charge my phone at the same time. I use my iPad Pro for multi-tasking.

👤The micro sd card got stuck. If you own or are considering purchasing, beware of this. I read other reviews that mentioned the Micro SD card getting stuck, but I thought it was an isolated incident or user error. It wasn't... I was very particular with my electronics and immediately using thisusb hub, I noticed that it felt a bit odd when I put the Micro SD card in. I had a nightmare of a situation last week when my card got stuck and wedged into the hub because I was extra careful when using it. I tried to grab it with small objects. It didn't work and it got more stuck in the process. I needed a few hours of video from my projects for my channel on the SD card, and it was important to me. I would have lost videos that could not have been re-shot if I damaged or lost the card. I had to get my Dremmel tool and cut small, shallow cuts into the hub just to be able to bend the metal and get the card. I was able to retrieve the card with only surface scratches, thanks to the tools, patience and skill that I have. I don't recommend this product because I'm sure not everyone will be so lucky. If you already own it, don't use the Micro SD card slot.

👤I like this hub. I did a review on my channel. It adds more than the apple Camera adapter. I can use all of my electronics, and they all work. It's a great tool for Ipad creators. Thank you so much for the device that works. The new Ipad was worth every penny I spent, even though I've tried many times. Thanks.

👤It works well but doesn't work very well when trying to connect peripherals. Sometimes a MicroSD card needs to be fished out with a screwdriver. Sometimes the memory cards/drives work when plugged in together, but other times they don't. When charging is slower than it should be, the iPad Pro11 256K shuts down until it can be charged again. The hub on some stands is too far away from my iPad stand. It does work if it is flipped over the other way, but it is not convenient for my situation, and it looks stupid from the top. HDMI cables are too heavy and can cause hub to fall out of iPad's charging port jack. It works perfectly with my hub, which gives me 14 gig of DJ music, karaoke and music videos on my iPad. There is a portable hard drive. There is a Black Web 7 port hub that has a black web 3.0 and 3.1 hub. I am happy with the iPad Pro hub unit, but I wish some issues could be fixed.

👤I use this item on my iPad Pro. Went to Pearl Harbor and took pictures. The card failed to read after being inserted. That was not the bad part. I have to destroy this cheap device because the card doesn't come out of the slot now. It's not very strong on how it connects to the iPad. Amazon should stop selling garbage. The seller reached out to me and their customer service was great. I did not return the item, but I did return the purchase price. I could choose the replacement that they sent me. The replacement works well.

2. Adapter Charger Headphone Charging Lossless Music

Adapter Charger Headphone Charging Lossless Music

Important tips. The microphone port of this 3.5mm audio jack splitter only supports the 3 pole TRS port, does not support the 2 poleTS and 4 pole TRRS ports, and the ios earphones were not supporting microphone input but only audio output, neither volume control. The microphone and headphones are connected to the same end. You can't connect two headphones at the same time. Not working with Go Pro. 2 in 1 is an accessory. You can listen to music and charge your phone at the same time with thisusb c to 3.5mm audio jack This accessory will allow you to charge your phone without the 3.5mm audio port, also allow you to listen to a song. Or, and. There is a remote control. Better sound quality. The built-in smart DAC chip of this audio device is up to 24Bit/ 96KHZ and supports volume control and answer calls. The charging speed is up to 20V/3A 60W, with the type C port. The audio headset is compatible with the iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, and the Sony Xperia XZ2. If you have any questions, they will resolve your issue within 24 hours.

Brand: Szhaiyijin

👤I have read many times that Apple products don't work with accessories that say they are compatible or work for a period of time and then suddenly stop, and this seems to work very well. After having not one but two sets of AirPods that wouldn't stay connected with my Apple products, I gave this a try. I have used it with my old school head phones. So far, it's working perfectly and hassle free.

👤I purchased this because it had a microphone symbol on the device, and that is exactly what I needed, a mic in connection. I sent this to someone I was trying to help connect an external mic to a phone for, because I purchased this with all the hope. This did not do it. I reversed it and sent the mic port to the soundbar and it played great. It failed for how it is marked.

👤When I plug my headphones in, I can't hear anything from this one. The newer headphones can't be plugged in. I bought this to use my headphones with my new Macbook. What are I doing wrong? Let me know if you have any ideas.

👤I plugged it in and the video played for a short time, but then everything stopped. There was no video or sound. Everything went back to normal after I unplugged it. Everything stopped 2 seconds after Plugged it back in.

👤I can listen to music and charge my device at the same time, as promised by this product. That is true. The description says it should support charging up to 60W. It was a lie that the device would be able to handle 60W. The sound was too loud when I was on a call. I had to press the volume down button several times to save my ears. Not happy with the product.

👤I only used it two times.

3. Adapter Accessories Docking 3xUSB3 0 Charging

Adapter Accessories Docking 3xUSB3 0 Charging

The iPad Pro is available in space gray color, appearance and design lines. You can put it in your pocket, suitcase or purse and take it anywhere you go. It is possible to work with the Apple Keyboard Folio or New Apple Magic Keyboard cases. 9 ports in one iPad pro, including 3 xusb 3.0, 3.5mm headphone jack, 4K HDMI, and 60W charging, and a 60 watt charging port. The 9-in-1 iPad pro Multiport Adapter isPlug and Play. You can watch movies and listen to music. While charging. Also compatible with MacBook Pro 2020 and MacBook Air 2020, as well as other devices that use theusb-c. The iPad pro Adapter Dongle has 3 5Gbpsusb 3.0 ports to meet your daily needs. The 9 in 1USB C Dongle can mirror or extend your screen. 4K@30Hz,1080P@60Hz video can be supported. EISHAB'susb type C hub can provide safe and stable fast charging, support maximum 60W.

Brand: Eishab

👤I needed multiple options to move my files. I think it works fine with any device that has ausb-c. There are threeusb, one microusb, and a headphone jack. There is a Apple does not have a device like this. I love the flexibility of this device and it is worth every penny. Zoey was prompt on her responses after I had a few questions. I give this product my "shameless endorsement" and I am not a paid endorser, but a paying and happy customer. -David Allen.

👤The bad: It's hard to store, good on the go. The connections are solid. No play. Work well. It has a nice click to know it's seated. There is a The card reader slot is not very good. The entry is rough, tight, and worst of all, no seated click or light to let you know it's in fully. I have found that this is not uncommon and that doesn't make me feel any less frustrated. I will have to reseat the card a lot. It's too much to wait to see if it will show up on the desktop. I lost 400 MB of read write when I connected it to a T7 drive and it was not a solution. There is a It's an ok choice, but don't expect fast drives or reliable Memory Cards.

👤The FAQ states that it works for the 2021 iPad Pro. This wasn't the case. The device didn't do anything when I plugged it in. The power source I used to charge my iPad wouldn't charge it. I tried plugging in other items, but nothing happened. I got a new park but the same story. Very disappointed.

👤The product works for the two things I needed. It's nice to be able to use both. I was able to connect iPad to PC. It's a heavy device, so be careful not to let it fall when attached to the iPad. All of the ports fit their devices perfectly.

👤This does everything I was expecting.

👤It works with my iPad Pro, allowing me to access files on flash drives and external hard drives, and the audio jack is perfect for what I needed. I can charge it while the other stuff is plugged in.

👤The C connector does not fit firmly to the mini port, which is advertised to be compatible with I pad mini 6.

👤I needed a hub for my Macbook. I have another one. I was looking for a small one. The speed is good and it is perfect for me.

👤I'm going to say that this device does work, but only if you're sure your drivers and firmware are up to date and it won't be recognized as a hub. I made a mistake. Slow results seem to come from testing SD slots under windows 10. I don't know what the device is, but it seems to have compatibility issues. The max speed on a MicroSD card is 20MB/s, but it is better with ausb 3.0 ports. The speeds of the SD are not known. 15-20MB/s. I have a 150MB/sSD in this thing. This has been a huge waste of money for me because I only got it for SD access. The ports seem to be around 140-40 speed. I don't think you should get this one.

4. Adapter Docking Station Charging Headphone

Adapter Docking Station Charging Headphone

You will receive earbuds from MFi and an excellent service. Premium quality on a budget. If you have problems with the headphones, you can send them an email and they will get back to you within 24 hours. Turn your iPad Pro's single port into 9 ports. You have everything you need with the included ports, including a 3.5mm headphone jack, a 3.5mm earphone jack, and a 3usb 3.0 port. Pass-through charging to your iPad can be accomplished by connecting a 60W wall charger to the Power Delivery input port. You can mirror or extend your screen with the help of the HDMI port. 3.5mm and type-c audio jacks. You need to connect earphone,headphone or speaker. Support microphone input. You can adjust the volume on the iPad Pro or earphone/headset. Convenient access to files from the Micro SD Card and the 5Gbps super speed data transfer are some of the benefits of files transfer.

Brand: Nxpgkea

👤If you are planning to use an iPad Pro new generation, look for something else.

👤This will allow me to plug a microphone into my iPad while I charge it. Doesn't do that. The sound from the mic doesn't go to the iPad when the charging cable is plugged into the unit. It works without a charging line.

👤My new iPad pro will have 9 more ports, including a HDMI, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a Micro SD card slot. All ports work well with my iPad. Excellent quality and protable. I will recommend it to my friends.

👤I have only used the power jack, sd card, and headphones so far, and they all work on my IPad Pro 2021 M1 12.9.

👤I bought this to import images into my iPad Pro. When I opened the package, I was very disappointed to see the box was in use. It's like the person put it back in the box because they used it a lot. Then it was listed on Amazon as new. It's not a store open. The videos show it working. The option was removed by the new software update. You used to be able to choose between Photos and Import. The file icon looks like a folder. It should be on the bottom of your home screen. You should see the location of thePhillips UFD choice once you open files. That opens the drive and shows all the files. I double-clicked and saved the images to the Photos folder. I'll keep it because it works for the transfer, but I paid too much for a used item.

👤This is constructed nicely and gives access to storage devices for moving files with my iPad Pro. When I provide power to the device, the storage device doesn't work in the file manager. The iPad shows charging with the power connected to the adapter. I have tried this with various storage devices and it works when the power is on.

👤Had to come back. The earphones stop working when you plug in the power. It gets and transfers data ok.

👤The device works for my iPad Pro. To view the files placed on this adapter, you must have the "file" app on your iPad. I saw a TY video reminding me that I had not downloaded that app on my iPad, so I was growing frustrated.

👤Au del de mes attentes. THe compact et fonctionne parfaitement.

👤The product doesn't work. I tried to charge my iPad via this device, but it didn't work. I thought it was cheaper than other ones. I know why!

👤I got a refund for the piece that didn't work.

5. Adapter Headphone Control Charging Dongle

Adapter Headphone Control Charging Dongle

EISHAB'susb type C hub can provide safe and stable fast charging, support maximum 60W. 4 in 1 iPad Pro accessory. The iPad Pro Hub instantly adds an extra 3.5mm audio port, 4K HDMI port, a 4K port, a 3.0 port, and a Type-CPD port, which are available to mirror and extend the screen. You can listen to music or watch a movie while the device is being charged with the 3.5mm earphone jack and the 60WPD charging port. When you are listening to music, you can control volume by both audio ports. You can connect a keyboard, mouse and thumb drive to transfer a movie or music collection in seconds. You can use the data port on your camera to read the photograph. You can use the Hub's 4K HDMI port to mirror or extend video to a HDTV, a monitor, or projector, giving you vivid 3D effect video sync from your iPad Pro. 3.5mm Audio Jack. CTIA and OMTP supports connect earphone,headphone or speaker. Support microphone input. The built-in audio chip can process up to 32bit audio.

Brand: Nxpgkea

👤The review is for the iPad Mini 6. The device works well, but does not fit on a caseless Mini. This was fixed with 2 small pieces of double sided 3m tape, the foamy stuff, because it needed to be thick to clear the gap. It is a semi permanent installation. I don't have a problem with that, but I started to have glitchy problems, like the audio port wouldn't work after a while, and I had to restart. I had another problem. The music apps were unable to communicate with the controller until I unplugged the device or reinstalled the app. I got used to it and it's not happening as often as it used to be. There is a The product is good but the experience is not perfect. I'm keeping it.

👤The idea of a hub is a great one, but it doesn't do well on the newest iPad Pro that came out this week. I use wired earphones at night so that I don't disturb my husband while he sleeps. Since Apple did away with the earphone jack, I have only one option, to use a hub to charge and listen with earphones at the same time. The hub is not a winner. It made hissing and crackling noises and a tapping noise. I tried different earphones and all of them had the same problem. The problem was not the original plug and cord, but the charging port. I would pass this hub by if you have the newest iPad Pro.

👤I use this usb-c, 4 in 1 adapter to connect my keyboard to my iPad Pro 5 and the GSI VB3M organ app. The iPad volume control adjusts the audio loudness. The audio quality is excellent. The other ports work as advertised. The only hub I have found that has an audio volume adjustment is this one. This hub is very good.

👤My granddaughter keeps her iPad Pro in a case. The snug fit against the body of the iPad and the short male portion of the plug on the side of the hub will not work with the case on.

👤Very good accessory. It is not made for an iPad with a case, as it does not allow full connection. Some of my mouse doesn't work. All other connections work.

👤This one is very easy to use. The sound quality is clear and there is no noise. My friend recommended I buy it. It's difficult to find a good product. It's better than what I bought before. It solved the problem of not being able to use headphones when charging. There is no word that does not support accessories. I bought the best one. It saves a lot of trouble to have something like that. It's very good.

👤Very weak connection. If you have it in a certain position, it will work. Would not buy again.

👤I'm not sure if I should keep it or not, it has a blue light that can be a distraction at times, and built QA is not that premium.

6. AmazonBasics 4 Port USB 2 0 Ultra Mini

AmazonBasics 4 Port USB 2 0 Ultra Mini

Premium materials for a premium sound. The original memory foam earphone tip is made in the USA. Data rates of 1.5/12/480 Mbps are supported by theusb 2.0 high-speed interface. The backwards are compatible with theusb 1.1 Automatic connection and speed detection. Plug-and-play; hot-plugging; driver free. Protection and detection of over-currents. The max output is 2.5W across the 4 ports. If your device is not loading current, it may be time to charge it or it may fail.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤August 14, 2016 is the date of purchase. January 4, was the date of death. I don't know how long the lifetime is, but it's 1 year, 4 months, 21 days. I've had hubs that lasted a long time until I replaced them with something with more ports. It was down in less than 18 months. If I factor in the weird behavior I failed to attribute to the hub until it died, I think it will take about a year. I woke the PC up from sleep and it wouldn't see my headset. My mouse wouldn't work, and then I'd go to sleep. I bought this to be able to use a Corsair keyboard and mouse combo. It was plugged in as a powered hub. It was an official announcement of what was going on after I randomly dropped my peripherals. There is a I think I didn't know what was happening because I've never had a hub die before. I would expect it to last longer than this. I won't be buying this item again.

👤I don't think anyone should purchase this product. Here is why. There is a Wanting to replace two hubs that have been working fine for more than six years, but are physically clumsy to use, I ordered one of the Amazon models, checked it out briefly, and ordered two replacements, which I placed into use immediately. There is a In daily use, I noticed that it took more force to insert a male plug into the Amazon hub, but I shrugged it off. After about a week, I realized that the flash drive I use most frequently with the Amazon hubs was not being recognized by my computer until I removed it and re-inserted it into the Amazon. On the tenth day, it was almost never seen. The flash drive in question was no longer recognized when plugged into any other hub or into the computer directly. There is a The purchase terms for computer equipment on the page I ordered from, the hubs, once used, cannot be returned, so I am out the purchase price of three hubs. The three hubs and one flash drive had to be thrown away.

👤I love Amazon and hate to one star one of their products, but I have encountered a serious issue with thisusb hub When attached to a Western Digital Passport portable drive, it appears to throw errors when it's spinup time. These errors can affect your hard disk data. The Linux Kernel is 4.10.16-200. There is a May 25 22:09:21 media: sd 4:0:0:0 May 25 22:09:21 media kernel: sd 4:0:0:0 tag#0 Sense Key Aborted Command on May 25th, 4:0:0:0. Information unit iuCRC error detected. The errors were thrown for all four drives at the same time. The pool gets corrupted when I run ZFS and needs a scrub. The I/O to the pool hangs until the drives are reset. There is a I used the included 5V adaptor in both cases. There is a After it happened the first time, I swapped in a second Amazon Hub that I had, and it happened there as well. There is a Since I stopped using the Amazon hub, the CRC error has never happened before. There is a I switched to this hub to get better performance out of my drives. I was getting in the 50MB/s read range before using this hub, and using it I was getting over 200MB/s across the four drives. The improvement shows how this hub does better than other hubs. The idea of data being corrupted is unacceptable and I am looking at other options. It is possible that your drives will not go to sleep. It is possible that this issue is an interaction of the hardware I am using, the drives I am using, and the hub, and it doesn't happen in other combinations. I posted this review because I was able to catch the corruption with no data loss. I wanted to share my experience as a cautionary tale because others may not be so lucky.

7. USB Hub Dockteck Aluminum MacBook

USB Hub Dockteck Aluminum MacBook

Their advantage is that they focus on the technology and innovation of the products. The iPad Pro is a single port, single port, single port, single port, single port, single port, single port, single port, single port, single port, single port, single port, single port, single port, single port, single port, single port, single port It is compatible with the iPad Pro 11inch/12.9inch and the iPad Air 4. You can extend your screen in stunning 4K@60Hz on compatible TVs, monitors, or projector. Enjoying enhanced video with brighter colors and greater contrast. 3.5mm audio supports headphones. The iPad Pro can be charged at the same time with the 100WPD Charging and theusb 2.0. Data transfer and connecting with a keyboard, mouse, and flash drive through a port. The slim, minimalist design of the iPad Prousb-C hub feels like a natural extension of your iPad. The mirrored glass surface is high quality. It's small and light. The chip has more powerful functions. You get a Dockteck hub for iPad Pro, 24 months worry-free warranty and lifetime technical support, as well as friendly customer service. It is easy to carry and use. It is incompatible with iPad Pro cases.

Brand: Dockteck

👤The negative is not as negative as it was. I had a rubber edge case for my iPad and the Dockteck didn't fit. After cutting a piece out of the case, it works. I have an iPad Pro. I don't have to worry about connecting the cable securely. The dockteck hub makes no connection and falls out. Their quality control is poor and their design is bad.

👤I bought this to use with my iPad Pro 11. It works perfectly! It won't work with an iPad case. You have to take off your case every time you use it, or you can buy ausb-c extension.

👤It would have been better if the product could be used without the protective case being taken off.

👤I returned the iPad case because it didn't connect well with the case on.

👤It couldn't reach the IPad case.

👤I like this product. I can attach my electronics at the same time. It was wonderful.

👤Don't buy. I didn't work on my IPAD PRO.

👤Man war am Ipad. Jetzt ist man das Ipad.

👤Im iPad Pro 2021 2020 2018 / iPad Air 4 ist hier gelieferte. Ich ist unbeeinflusst, oft so kritisch. Im Hub macht optisch wie Qualitativ. The iPad Pro 11 has four ports: aux 3.5mm,usb 2.0,HDMI 4K 60 Hz andPD 100W. Ich ist das ganze. Hub sofort erkannt. Allerdings. Im Hub ist hier kein wirkliches vertrauen. The ports are arbeiten. Allerdings, ist die meiner 2 Festplatten. Im Ander Hub hat das warum erschliet. Fernseher problemlos ist die Verbindung. In der Heutigen ist dasusb 2.0 Port, das wrde beispielsweise beispielsweise beispielsweise. There is a Eine. Angelegenheit ist dasusb 2.0, so bei berzeugen. Daher vergebe.

👤Theusb C Hub ist gut verpackt. Im ersten Augenschein ist die Verarbeitung, weil man den Hub ins IPad aber schnell fest. Man bekommt fr 38 Euro. Die Verbindungen ist sofort und gut. Theusb 2.0 ist beispielsweise an up2Date und sinnvoller. There is a Ich ist das USB-C. So richtig begeistern, hub. Es ist wertig aus, aber irgendwie ist. Ich bewerte neutral, weil mglicherweise meine Anforderungen.

👤Ich testen denusb-C-Hub von Dockteck. Is it meine Eindrcke? There is a Insgesamt macht das Gert. Ich ist die meckern. Allerdings are schliet. Hub ist das iPad Pro. The man isbald and somit rum. An- und Absteckt. Fr 40 ist da. Ich testen die HDMI zum Bereich. Festplatten leider alle, was schade ist. Is that the new version of theusb 2.0? Wre besseres gegangen. There is a Insgesamt finde me, das Gert ist. Man bessere Adapter-Lsungen. It was Schade.

👤Ich ist denusb C Hub. War sorgfltig und ansprechend verpackt das Gert. The Gert ist iPadPro 11. The Hub is insgesamt gut verarbeitet. The Gert fest is in the Buchse. There are 4 ports: aux 3.5mm,usb 2.0,HDMI 4K 60 Hz, andPD 100W. Im HD-Prsident ist tadellos (getestet). The iPad is gleichezeitig geladen. Leider ist die Datenbertragungsrate ber den USB 2 Anschlu. The Gert macht was soll, was sauber verarbeitet und was in der Anwendung. Ihren Preis fhren bei meinen Augen und des langsamenusb anschlusses.

8. Adapter RREAKA Headphone Control Charging

Adapter RREAKA Headphone Control Charging

There is a high-speed pass-through 60W charging to your iPad with the use of theusb-c power delivery input port. Data can be transferred via theusb-c data port. The iPad Pro Headphone Hub is compatible with iPad Pro 2020 and later. Improve your experience with the iPad Pro. Plug and play with no driver required. Also, note: The upgraded version has a plastic clip that can be used with the apple smart keyboard case less than 3mm. Enjoy music and movies without worry of running out of power. You can control volume with earbuds. Due to apple limitation, the 3.5mm headphone jack port doesn't support apple original earphone. The data transmission speed can be up to 5Gbps. Support keyboard, mouse and thumb drive. Updating your iPad Pro to iPadOS 13 will ensure data transfer via the FAT format and mouse. 4K@30Hz HDMI Port is used to extend your screen on TVs, monitors, and projectors. It's practical for things like conference calls, video streaming, and home theater. It's ideal for home, school and office. There is support for the iPad Pro in 2020. iPad Air 4. Please remove the clip when using the Nintendo Switch. Most of the interface devices areusb-c

Brand: Rreaka

👤The ports work, however I found that you can't use the same port at the same time, which is not good for the reason I purchased it. Everything else seems to be fine. The signal from my Ipad Pro to my tv doesn't fill up the screen, and it doesn't look HD, so I think it's a problem.

👤When the battery on the headphones runs out, we can use the iPad pro. If you have an iPad pro, you will need a mic on your headphones. I love apple products, but they are ruining our experience with the ports. Thank goodness for this one. The audio jack is no longer functioning after 8 months after purchase. I received a gift card credit to my account after I checked the seller's warranty and saw it was still under warranty. I will purchase it again if it's a bad one. If it stops working again, will update.

👤The add-on worked well for my daughter to listen to headphones and charge her iPad Pro. We were missing something for virtual school. The edge on the device helps keep it in line with the tablets. Would recommend for similar needs.

👤The must have accessory for iPad Pro users. Looks great. It feels like an extension to my space gray iPad Pro. It is easy to loose a con. I would like to be able to magnetically stick it to the iPad.

👤Multi function features are useful. The quality of this item is not cheap. It's very durable. This product is recommended.

👤I got this product on August 29, 2021. The rest of the device is working. The reason I got this was to use the HDMI adapter. The part stopped working. The issue was not the device I was connecting to, but the hdmi cord. The part of the adapter that stopped working was the hdmi part.

👤It got so hot after I plugged it in. I was worried about what it would do to my iPad. I returned it.

👤Just what I needed. Just as described. Thanks!

👤I am glad I bought this because it was not one of those ugly ones with the cable dangling out of it. There is a If companies stopped following Apple's "Let's get rid of everything people likes" way of thinking, then they wouldn't need these. There is plastic on the end of the device that can be removed for an extra reach for any devices that need it. I am using it with the Tab S7+ and it is great support. I've used all of the ports at the same time. I love being able to charge my tablets at the same time. You can flip it round if you can't get to the port. I have a magnetic charging cable. I have no complaints about this product. If it ever comes up in a conversation, I'll recommend it.

👤I should have checked before buying, but if you take the plastic off it does fit the iPad pro, which I purchased at the same time. I use it to plug in my headphones with a 3.5mm jack and theusb port for my keyboard, and it has a small footprint.

9. Headphones Earphone Compatible Motorola Essential

Headphones Earphone Compatible Motorola Essential

Convenient access to files from the Micro SD Card and the 5Gbps super speed data transfer are some of the benefits of files transfer. The Hi-res Audio & Digital Chipset supports Hi-res audio signals with a dynamic range and bandwidth up to 24 bit. Bring all of the audio to your ears. Compatibility is compatible with the following:Xiaomi 10, 10 Pro, Mi 9,HTC U12 Plus, U11, U11 Plus, New iPad Pro 11” 12.9”/MacBook/Pro/New MacBook Air, Google Pixel 5g, Pixel 4, and Sony Xperia. A built-in mic and remote allows you to answer a call while driving, music streaming, or on the go. A lightweight aluminum alloy body and earbuds are designed to provide all day comfort. The braided cable is long lasting and resistant to damage. There is a package with the name of the type of computer. Friendly customer service, attractive storage box, and in- ear headphones are included.

Brand: Trilink

👤I didn't like these headphones. My friends say they hear static when I use them. I hear my echo on top of the static. I wouldn't recommend them.

👤The quality of the sounds is great and it fits perfectly in my ear. Great value works.

👤One ear stopped working after a couple of months of light use. The money was wasted.

👤I use these with my iPad Pro.

👤It was stuck in my iPad. It was almost impossible to disconnected.

👤Works well with my phone.

👤I finally found a set that works with my phone. It's easy to use and comfortable. Will be ordering again soon.

👤My wife bought them because all the others she tried didn't fit her ears.

10. Adapter USB3 0 Charging Compatible MacBook

Adapter USB3 0 Charging Compatible MacBook

There is a 24 month warranty. 45 days money back on their headphones. If you are not happy with their quality, they will give you a full refund. To show you that they believe in their quality standards, they give you a full warranty service for 24 months. The iPad Pro is compatible with 5Gbps. Audio Jack,Type C. You can maximize the capabilities of your iPad Pro. Plug and play is all you need. Please use this hub when iPad Pro is not in a case. 3.5mm Audio Jack: connect headphones and speakers. Support microphone input. You can adjust the volume on the iPad Pro or earphone/headset. Data transfer speed can be up to 480Mbps with the type C port. If you want to stream 4K@30Hz,1080P@60Hz, or 720P video to your home theater, you can mirror or extend your screen through the HDMI output port. It's ideal for school, office, home and game. Transfer images,files, and videos can be done in seconds. Allow you to use a phone, keyboard,mouse,thumb drive,camera,hard drive. Please upgrade your iPad Pro to iPadOS 13 or above version to use any format of file transfer and more peripherals connection. Wide Compatibility for the iPad Pro, Nintendo Switch, and more. Does not support the earlier iPad.

Brand: Gkeapza

👤This baby is a keeper. I don't have to save everything to the Cloud or my iPad Pro because of this device. It is a lifesaver. It saves to my jump sticks and cards without any issues. I can't change it to something else, but it always shows as no name. It works! There is a I share this with everyone so the sales should go up. The price is right and I can charge my iPad Pro at the same time. I barely use my iMac anymore because of this baby.

👤It works well. I am able to transfer data onto a back up drive when I turn my iPad Pro into a computer. It made using my iPad Pro easier.

👤I used this product to add a headset jack to my iPad Pro 11” so I could charge it. There is a The audio is left to right. Dialogue seems to come from opposite sides of the screen when watching movies. PubG mobile usage is not practical as determining direction of sounds is confusing at best. There is a Maybe the unit is malfunctioning.

👤I bought this because my new iPad doesn't have an audio jack. My movies don't display on my iPad pro because they think they are being sent to another device. I think I'm going to have to come back.

👤I connected an HDMI to one side and aDP to another. They are not compatible with the past. It worked well once I hooked it up to my phone. I was able to get the most out of it by hooking a mouse to it. Great product!

👤There is an Apple 12.9 in this picture. The Pro 2nd Generation 2020 tablet has a phone and a hub. My wife uses this system for her "ZOOM" meetings and workshops. There is a She uses the phone as she uses the "C" port to charge her table. She uses the HDMI port to connect her 36-inch SAMSUNG HD SMART TV to this hub. This is an excellent product and you will not be disappointed. There is ausb c hub for iPad Pro that has a 3.5mm audio jack.

👤I got it today. I use an external keyboard with my iPad pro and it gets frustrating to only have a set period of time I can type on my iPad without the battery draining, so I was hoping this would help and have a headphone jack. The charging indicator on my iPad is really weird, even though the charging indicator on the adapter is 1%. I am wondering if the battery will hold the charge at 1% or if it will die. The material feels hollow.

👤The hub has the ability to connect drives to the iPad Pro so that I can add pictures directly to photos. It's great for my car because it allows me to play video back up. I can attach wired headphones with a 3.5mm jack. It is not certain if the physical proximity of the iPad Pro to the device is better than apple's approach of adding short cable to their dongles. I understand why Apple does it, but the cable can be a problem.

11. 7 1 Multiport Adapter Portable Compatible

7 1 Multiport Adapter Portable Compatible

It's not easy to slip off the grips while moving. Work with the iPad Pro/iPad Air 4/iPad Mini 6 with a smart/magic keyboard. It is possible to work from home, at the office or on the road. There are 7 practices for the USB C Adapter. The Type C Hub is compatible with all of the laptops that use theType C. You could securely charge connected MacBook or other C port laptops with the MAX 100WPD CHARGING: This multiportusb C to HDMI Adapter provides one type-C pass through Female port. Plug and play with 100 watt fast speed. You can fast backup and transfer files with the speed of data transfer provided by the SD/ Micro card readers. The high speed output is for 4K. You can enjoy the vivid 3D effect video in high-resolution from your C port computer to external monitor with thisusb c port. The port supports large screen TVs or displays compatible with 4K Max output. The slim body and space gray case make this 888-282-0465, it's easy to fit in any bag or briefcase with your laptop, comfort to carry around with lightweight design, and it's 888-282-0465

Brand: Upgrow

👤My review was taken down to one star. The company sent an inlay card with the product and said they would pay $10 for a review. The person from the company reached out to me and told me that they would not give me a gift card if I changed my review to five stars. I find this very unethical of you to treat your customers that way. Most of the reviews are paid to boost the reviews and the product is subpar. I have been using this hub for about two weeks. The hub works well. There are two issues with it. The hub doesn't work well with theusb 3 ports. My keyboard missed strokes as my mouse kept jumping. I tried three different mice. I have been using them for over a year on different computer ports and they have worked well. I had a lying around extension cable that I used to use. I didn't bother returning it because it seemed to solve the problem. The same issue is happening with flash drives. It starts at a good speed but the transfer speed drops and then again. It's not getting proper current. It works for me because I don't transfer large data. It is not for people who move a lot of data. There is a The second issue is random. The connection wouldn't work. I have to re-plug the port on my laptop because the monitor doesn't wake up. I have not used the card reader to make a comment. I would like the power delivery port to transfer data as well. The product was good except for two issues. It seems expensive for what it does.

👤There are not enough ports on a laptop. The item has a HDMI for an external monitor, 3usb ports, and ausb C port for charging my computer. The wires that would normally be sticking out of my computer are coming out of this product. The family uses the desk where I work at home. I can leave this product with everything plugged in when I take my computer to other places and when someone else wants to use the station they can plug it into their laptop and instantly be set up. It looks great and it will be shipped the next day. I haven't tried the card readers. I'm sure they work just as well as the other ports.

👤I have an iMac 27 inch and it has a card reader in the back of the unit. It's difficult to reach and fiddle around the back when you use any of the ports frequently. I use thumb drives and sd cards so I have to plug them in constantly. That has been eliminated by this device. The device is just hanging there and does not look good, so I wish the cable was a little longer. I give this device 2 thumbs up, it is a good addition to your Apple computer.

👤I bought this for my laptop. I received it today, so I can't say for sure, but it is working well. It's lightweight and easy to plug in. It also has a number of ports that are helpful. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a quality accessory. I took a star off for customer service. They gave me a gift card for an honest review. They denied the gift card even though there was proof of the review.


What is the best product for headphone ipad pro 12.9?

Headphone ipad pro 12.9 products from Gkeapza. In this article about headphone ipad pro 12.9 you can see why people choose the product. Szhaiyijin and Eishab are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone ipad pro 12.9.

What are the best brands for headphone ipad pro 12.9?

Gkeapza, Szhaiyijin and Eishab are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone ipad pro 12.9. Find the detail in this article. Nxpgkea, Nxpgkea and Amazon Basics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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