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1. Audio Adapter ANDTOBO Female Playing

Audio Adapter ANDTOBO Female Playing

The nylon braided jacket is much more durable than the plastic ones. You will get a pack of 18 cm. Music can be played in a car or speaker. This product allows you to play music on your U disk in a car. The auxiliary line supports the format of mp3/ mp4 music. There is no need for car decoding. There is a limited format ofusb flash memory. It's not suitable for headsets. There is no support for the U disk in the NFTS format. You should support FAT32 and ExFAT. There is a note that says 1) It's not a signal player. Not suitable for a laptop or PC. This product uses an external power supply. There is a cable for a computer. WARRANTY: Provide 12 months warranty service.

Brand: Andtobo

👤I was looking for something to play my music on. I tried an FM transmitter for a while, but it stopped working after a few months. After a few months, I am completely satisfied with the purchase. The buttons are very small. If you're the type who just let's the music play and doesn't have a need to search around for the tunes you want, this little unit will work for you. There is an update. Writing a review is the kiss of death because it just stopped working and is now just another piece of China. I won't do that again. You can't find anything that isn't designed to fail after a few months. It's going to be back to paying for Sirius because their technology works and doesn't break down after a few months. The seller reached out to make it right after seeing my last update and sent me a new unit. The next day it arrived. I can't complain about their promptness. It didn't work at all this time, so I can complain about that. The idea of the Unit is great. They need someone who can make one that works.

👤I used my OontZ angle 3 Ultra blue tooth and direct connect speaker to test out theusb flash drive reader. I will use it to play background music for an outdoor venue. I tried to use a flash drive, but it didn't work. It did not matter if you used another with more mp3 music files or not. The first drive had a single file on it and it was in a folder. I deleted the folder from the original file after copying it and placing it outside the folder on my computer. It worked. The drive started playing music after I put it in the adapter. When the file ended, it started playing again in a second. Great music. The other drive that I put in had a lot of songs on it. I was able to skip to the next song by pressing the + button on the unit and it will forward that many songs if you do multiple presses. It has a button that will take you back to previous files. It won't go to the next song quickly or reverse it in a file. When you first power it up, the unit has a power button, but you don't need it when you remove the power cord from the wall or battery. There is a The second flash drive had several folders with audio files in it, as well as many song files. It started playing files that weren't in a folder and then played them in the folders. It looks like it just needs a file outside a folder to start and read. If your files don't play, keep this in mind. I am very happy with this purchase as it does what it says it will do for around $10 and it is great quality. I can play my files on my car stereo, which is great.

2. Certified Headphone Adapter Samsung Converter

Certified Headphone Adapter Samsung Converter

Plug-and-Play and Ultra-Portable do not require a drive. You can connect to headphones and smart phones anywhere. Compatibility: One plus 6T 7 7 Pro,Moto, P30 P20, s10 s9 s8 plus, note 10 9 8, iPad pro,Mate 30 20 10 pro, P30 P20, one plus 6T 7 7 Pro. You can listen to music and answer phone calls with your headphones, as well as use the wire control function. Powerful noise reduction and Hi-Res audio output are premium quality. You can get the better music experience with this c to aux adapter. Music and calling. This handyusb c to 3.5mm adapter supports music and calls. Plug and play. Very easy to use. It is plug-and-play. There was no need for a drive. It's possible to get rid of the world of Hi-fi audio.

Brand: Cplus

👤There is a contingency contingency due to this. If you want to hear the whisper or buzz, answer the call only. Buy at your own risk. There is a The phones were used in lieu of being used to work. There is a I also tried various musicAPPS and VOIP such as, calling, KAKOTALK, VOICE RECORDING ECT. There is a buzz.

👤Since the S20 FE doesn't have a headset jack and I do a lot of zoom meetings, I needed something relaible and wouldn't interfere with sounds quality. The sounds quality hasn't been diminished despite the fact that the phone fits perfectly.

👤I don't understand why phone manufacturers got rid of the 3.5mm jack. The cans can be plugged into the port, as simple as that. I hear you, ditch the wires and use a wireless device. " No thanks. I prefer full-size, sound-isolating cup-style headphones when I need a headset. The phone's battery life is impacted by the fact that it is more stuff to charge. The metal ends and plastic cover of the adapter are for the delicate end of the device. It should last a while.

👤The sound quality is good but if you pay attention to detail you can hear a lot of artifacts and strange little noices in the backgrond, a simple solution is rasing the volume up but my ears get tired after a few minutes.

👤My new cell phone did not have a hole to input my wire. I hated both of them, the negative was that I needed to replenish my power supply so often, the worse it was that it needed a modem to work. This is a great accessory, no charging. I had my adaptor when I was travelling in Amtrak. I love this little device.

👤You can save money on having to buy a headset. I use it with Bose earbuds.

👤The item is described and works well, but it is a tight fit. I would be careful to plug it in. It makes a weird sound when your music is paused or changed. It doesn't bother me at all. Unless it's dead quiet, you don't notice it. It does what it's suppose to.

👤It works great on my phone. I'm not having a problem with the quality of sound. It's great! I will say that it might be quieter, but I also use headphones. They are great! The headphones have a mic on them. A life saver!

👤Man ist heutzutage, die Klinkenbuchse ist. Aus dem Zubehr ist es Soundkarten. There is a Im Headset telefoniere ist das Mikro. Also, I am erstes in the kurze gemacht. Die Tonne ist fr die Teil. There is a Strgerusche waren im Hintergrund und die Stimme war unglaublich. There is a Ich gar erst versucht. There is a Ich verstehe, warum es so unglaublich. Ich hatte bestimmt 8 verschiedene. Bringt die Klinkenbuchse!

3. ESR Headphone Adapter Compatible Samsung

ESR Headphone Adapter Compatible Samsung

Premium materials and intelligent design keep the adapter small and portable. It works with almost any 3.5mm jack orusb-c port and delivers crystal-clear digital and analog sound at up to 96kHz/24bit. Listen to music, take phone calls, or adjust the volume with this versatile adapter. The hi-Res chip provides enhanced noise reduction and ensures stable audio transmission. Broad Compatibility is compatible with the following: the Google Pixel 1/3/4/5 and the S20 Ultra/S20 FE/Z. The braided nylon shielding can hold up to 10,000 bends with a strength of 20 kilogram, while the aluminum case protects the chip.

Brand: Esr

👤I got a new phone that required a type C connection and purchased a new aux cable, but was disappointed and had to return. I took a risk and got this adapter. It worked well and I was pleasantly surprised. I am very pleased with the results. This works and works well as an accessory, but in reality it's just one cable. This option becomes the best solution, thank you for that.

👤I'm not sure if I would recommend it for casual listening. Low volume is the biggest issue. I tested these on my phone. I used my Bose headphones and Skullcandy earbuds. The results were the same with both headphones. There is a The cons are 1. The max volume on my headphones is lower with this adapter than with every other device I use. The old phone's jack can produce 75% of what it sounds like. I like to listen to music with high volume. The low volume makes me want to return the adapter. 2. I need to use a lot of force to fit my phone and headphones into the same place. The box has this issue. I'm worried that my phone will be damaged. There is a The pros are 1. The audio quality is high. Audio files sound hi-res. The quality is good, but I can't say if it actually delivers the quality. 2. My mic works on my S21. I use wired headphones to take calls.

👤I've been debating on getting one of these for months but most of them are so expensive I never pulled the Trigger on it. I saw a 2 pack for less than 20 bucks. Easy choice. Excellent quality is what it is. The braided cable is a nice addition. The sound is great. The audio is clear and can handle some really hot output, but I wasn't expecting that for the price. Love them. Highly recommended.

👤I bought this one after reading a review on a forum that said the white noise on the oem one was mostly noticeable when pausing a track or listening to quiet songs, so I assumed it was the one I purchased. The white noise was gone but the high frequencies were not. If you use sensitive items, please be aware that they might not be for you.

👤It works exactly as it's described, it's an aux port for older cars without a gps device. The cable provides clear sound with no static or change in sound. I am very satisfied with my purchase so far and will review it again if something goes wrong.

👤The nylon cover is strong. Can handle force. Have searched several pages. The one I like the most is this one. The soft plastic covering the connection to prevent bending of the cable makes it the best connection between the cable and plug. There is a The 3.5mm connection is strong. Plug it in until you hear a click.

👤At first, it worked well. Audio began to come through the speaker. The audio is paused automatically or the audio is stopped coming through the headphones, which is a problem with this product. It takes a lot of time to adjust the adapter by pulling it out, and it is exhausting when it happens. The product was very disappointing. Not worth the money. Even if it is a little expensive, it is better to look for another product.

4. Headphone Adapter JSAUX Compatible Samsung

Headphone Adapter JSAUX Compatible Samsung

Eight independent input channelsLevel and tone controls on each channelBalanced XLR and 1/4" unbalanced line inputs on each channel 48 Volt phantom power on XLR inputs with DIP switch for each channelBalanced TRS main output jack with master level controlRCA-type pre-fade output Dongle is a multi-function item. You can listen to music and answer phone calls with the help of this smallusb-c to aux adapter. The sound quality is hi-fi. You can get higher fidelity sound from this c to aux adapter, it is compatible with up to 24bit/ 96Khz. The relief strain design makes this adpter much more durable, as it can stand 15000+ bending tests. They provide a friendly customer service and a usb c to 3.5mm adapter.

Brand: Jsaux

👤I would give this jack 10 stars. This is a better device than my desktop device. I've been testing all day on various music sites. The sound of the music is amazing, no matter the genre I play. I can't say enough about this device. I use this between my phone. My audio-technica reference headphones. Hats off to the engineers who designed it. There is a The fit into the phone is very tight and secure.

👤I didn't want to get rid of my Bose earbuds since I have a S20 which doesn't have an ear bud jack. I thought it would be a decent solution. They seemed to do well at first. They started cutting in and out after a few months. Very disappointed.

👤This can be used on the SAMSUNG GALAXY S20. The adaptation did not fit into the plot. It was very filthy! I bought my 1st one last week and didn't read it, but I thought it would work on the S20. It will be going to the post office today.

👤Really disappointed. I don't understand why the reviews are so good, maybe I just got a bad product. I was very excited to purchase this for my S20+, which has amazing audio quality, after reading other reviews. I needed this for the audio jack in my car. The sound is average when it is working, but it is great when it is working. The audio is disrupted or disconnected by movements. I've plugged this into my car, my speaker, my computer and it's the same issue. Even if I'm breathing and the cord is touching my torso, the audio won't be disrupted. This is a piece of garbage from Walmart. You can save yourself a lot of headaches by buying the official one.

👤I'm annoyed that this product needs to exist, but I think this is an outstanding digital audio conversion. The sound quality on the Note was crystal clear. The braided and rubber reinforced cable gives it added strength. It's easy to find in my gear bag with the bright red color. Highly recommended.

👤I got this for my phone. It sounds amazing when it works. The problem is that it randomly cuts out and stops working at the point where it's not worth it.

👤I bought it because I didn't have to bring my device to work. I didn't expect much from this in regards to its' capabilty. I noticed a difference in audio quality when I used it with my phone and laptop. This is a huge upgrade compared to the one supplied with the Pixel 3. The sound is more full, the quality is better, and the highs and lows are more noticeable. I only use 3.5mm apple earbuds, but they opened up so to speak. It was an immense difference when I tested it with my headset. The audio quality from my computers and phone has increased for when I need to use ausb C, and the cable is heavy duty, so I don't think it will mess up anytime soon.

5. Headphone Adapter Digital Converter Conexat

Headphone Adapter Digital Converter Conexat

Their worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service are what you get. American Conexant Systems Inc has a chip that is low-power, high-resolution multi-core hardware and audio software that enable differentiated headsets for premium audio and voice experiences. Dongle is a multi-function accessory that allows you to listen to music, answer a phone call, and control the wire on your headphones. Plug and play functions, microphone, volume control, pause and play functions, and other functions are all possible with no setting changes. The noise reduction aux cable has a powerful DAC Hi-Res chip that shields current interference and music noise-canceling. Music transmission and sound quality are perfect thanks to noise reduction technology. The high-quality TPE jacket, standard 3.5mm jack, anti-winding, anti-knot, provides 5X more durable, flexible, and sturdier than normal cable. 30000+bending test has been taken to make sure it is reliable.

Brand: Bezokabel

👤I use this dongle to connect my older Cadillac to the AUX input on my newer,

👤For how long is a mystery. I had another one that lasted almost a year before things got loose, but it wouldn't get a signal if it was bent in a weird way. I use it to play music on my car stereo and it's perfect.

👤I've noticed a few quality issues for audio recordings, but this is really good for the price. I wish I could plug the mic into my phone, but they removed the headphones. This will be a great way to do it.

👤This is a great upgrade. When no live audio source is playing, the sound is the main improvement for me. This one was the only one that suffered that. I'm happy I bought this. I am very satisfied with the construction quality and will buy again.

👤I lost my original cable and bought this one. It fit my phone perfectly. It comes in a variety of colors.

👤The phone takes a second to figure it out but it works, I was looking for one of these. It has a nice thickness and rigidity and I'm happy with it. I'm happy with it.

👤I didn't like how the connection wasn't secure and there was noise when moved around. I bought 4 of them. The cables on the surface pro x and iPad had the same poor sound with high ground noise.

6. Version ZOOAUX Adapter Splitter Charging

Version ZOOAUX Adapter Splitter Charging

Customer service is 100% satisfaction. If you have a question about the product, please contact them. The function is multi function. The 2 in 1usb c to 3.5mm Headphone Audio & Charger cable allows you to enjoy music while charging, don't worry about not having an interface, it supports simultaneous charging and audio output. The sound quality is impressive. Support the DAC with 24bit/ 96Khz. No current noise will not hurt your ears. The 3.5mm female port is compatible with both CTIA and OMTP. Fast charging and long lasting are ensured by using the latest decoding chip. Strong Compatibility Most of the type c phones are compatible with them. Ultra-Portable Plug and play. The double-braided exterior and aluminum alloy case is made to endure daily bends, twists and pulls. If you have a question, please contact them and they will be glad to help.

Brand: Zooaux

👤The sound quality is good, you must have audio and power plugged in together to use your voice and text commands.

👤I love not having to buy asparagus.

👤There is an update. The replacement unit was sent out by the company, and it works as it should with the Note 10 and the 25W charge. You can see the image. The video is from the original unit. The Note 10 Plus N975U has a 15W power charge and the Zooaux adapter shows it as Fast Charging, but when connected to the 25W, it is not. The Super Fast Charger is the lower fast one. I don't see how they can claim it supports up to 60W at 3A charging when it doesn't recognize the 25W Super Fast Charger. There is a It is OK for sound quality. But nothing great. Two other brands of these dongles sounded cleaner than the other two.

7. Headphone Adapter ZOOAUX Compatible Samsung

Headphone Adapter ZOOAUX Compatible Samsung

Plug and play. Plug and play is possible with this type C to 3.5mm aux adapter. Let's use the simplest way to enjoy music. There is a multi- functionusb c 3.5mm accessory. Thisusb c to aux is very easy to use, it allows you to listen to music, answer phone call, and play games with your headphones, and it also supports wire control function, such as microphone volume control, pause and play functions, playing games, plug and play, very easy Wide Compatibility It's possible to use a 3.5mm headphone jack with most of the type c phones. The sound quality is hi-fi. Direct Stream Digital high-resolution audio format DSD64/DSD128 decoding can be used to reproduce lossless music enjoyment. It can stand 20000+ bending tests and avoids tangling. What do you get? They offer a 24 month warranty on this 3.5mmusb-c to 3.5mm adapter.

Brand: Zooaux

👤I bought this one to replace my stock one and it sounded better. It has a very secure fit on both ends and it sounds great. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't have a built in 3.5 audio jack on their phone. I found out that if I use a mic with my earbuds, they don't work for answering calls. It's a big deal but they do everything else.

👤The 3.5mm audio-in cable can be plugged into my older stereo amplifier via the mini-usb port on my phone. I can use my phone to play music.

👤I use this jack to save myself from having too many wires in my car. The connection is fast. I needed to connect my work phone to the car wires, so I bought it. The quality is very good, which is the most important thing for busy use. I have to use it for a while.

👤The device works as described. Some people wonder why you would want this with wireless charging but sometimes you just need to use headphones without batteries. It's well designed and compact. If you don't have a headset jack, it's recommended.

👤This thing works well. I don't hear anything buzzing or hissing, it looks nice, and it grips my jack firmly. I can see this thing being used for a long time because it really grabs the ear bud jack and has already survived a fall being connected to my iPad Pro. I can use the iPad for music and my phone for everything else at my daughter's birthday now that I can.

👤The product was received at a discounted price. There is a The item was in a plain white box. There was no indication of the Zooaux brand on the item. The phone manufacturers are doing away with the jacks. There is no need to despair if you have invested in corded headphones. One should see this as an opportunity. You used to be stuck with the phone's digital to analog conversion. Well not anymore. Today there are many aftermarketusbadapters with built in DACs. The problem is that they aren't created equal. Some are bad, some good, and a few very good being vastly superior to what any phone ships with. There is a This is a budget item. Don't expect much beyond that. I would tell people to spend what they have. There is no sound stage. There is no clarity in the orchestra. If you've spent a lot of money on headphones, you don't need this product for primary use. I would use this as a back up in case my headphones ran out of juice or I damaged my primary accessory. This is a perfect role for this adapter. If you need it in an emergency, it provides acceptable performance.

👤I needed a replacement for the headphone accessory that I lost. This is a good accessory for my phone, the Pixel 2. The audio quality is good and the inline controls on my headphones work well. The construction of the cable seems decent and it has a nice braided appearance.

8. Adapter Eanetf Playing Decoding Function

Adapter Eanetf Playing Decoding Function

The speaker has a power on/off switch. Stereo speakers that are powered by ausb port. The speaker has volume control. This product is compatible with the U disk and allows it to play music in a car audio system. WARM TIP Please confirm your car is 3.5mm. Music Audio Decoding Function is included in the aux port. Only support the U-DISK/USB flash drive with an mp3 player. Make sure the Aux port of your car has a function that can read the mp3 file from U-disk. It will not work if it isn't. Please note. The 3.5MM AUX interface of ordinary car audio does not have the function of decoding and playing mp3s, so this data cable cannot be used. Only car speakers with mp3 audio decoding can use the data cable. High-quality sound can be ensured by using durable and flexible high quality cable. The length is 20 cm/ 7.9inch.

Brand: Eanetf

👤I bought these to use with my headset. It did not work.

👤It came with two. I was excited that this might work for inputting a microphone. My portable recording studio is in my Boss BR600. I could record on the go too. No, no, no! Didn't do anything. I thought they were cheap. Maybe I can use them for the camping lights I have? The light was plugged into it. It was plugged in. Plugging their own ISB ends into a small portable powe block or a solar power generator, even into a laptop or tv. I thought these input adapters would help plug those lights into something that doesn't have ausb input. They don't. .... Don't waste money on them. I would have preferred to use the couple dollars on ramen.

👤I tried it a number of times and it never worked. It will end up in a trash bin.

👤I did not have an apple cord and my phone did not have a blue tooth jack connection.

👤If you value your money, you should never buy this product because the audio wouldn't work even if I had connected it.

👤This is being used to connect a DVD/CD player.

👤Did not work for what I wanted. Otherwise, might do fine.

9. Adapter Female Converter Oxsubor(CAR Function)

Adapter Female Converter Oxsubor%EF%BC%88CAR Function%EF%BC%89

Lifetime warranty. They offer a 30-Day 100% money back guarantee, a 24 month replacement warranty and a lifetime support service. You can play music on your car audio system with this product. Make sure your Aux port has a function that can read mp3 files. If your car doesn't have this function, it won't work and you'll have to buy a new one. Only support small U disk capacity and store mp3 files. It depends on the car's AUX audio interface. Don't store other documents and don't make a file in your U-disk, this aux cable only supports the mp3 music format. WARRANTY: You don't need to return the item if the problem isn't working.

Brand: Oxsubor

👤I ordered these hoping they would work with my headset. But they don't. The reason for a 3 star review is that the fault isn't with the connectors but with what I am trying to use them with. There is a volume control and a button on the headset that requires power. There is a red light when the headphones are plugged in. The audio jack connections do not provide power. The volume and other controls are not getting the power they would normally get through theusb connection. The mic won't work and the headset won't get audio signal. The right kind ofusb audio device will probably work with these. I will keep the one that connects to it. I don't know when I might need them.

👤This is a great accessory. It allows me to use my phone as a microphone. It is handy and inexpensive. Try it!

👤I tried to use it for my headphones, but it doesn't work.

👤Did not work needs some type of coding. Save your money.

👤I bought headphones with a microphone. The earbuds that came with my phone were old. I was expecting the headphones to have a normal audio jack for cell phones, but they have ausb jack. I bought these to make my headphones work with my phone. They did not. There is a I can see that there are other adaptors. They will not do the job. I don't know what the applications were for these adaptors. They weren't made to fit headphones to a cell phone audio jack.

👤I bought this to bridge the gap between my phone and audio cable. It did not perform. This is not a home audio system like I own, but a car audio player with the required software.

👤This product does not support gadgets. I'm not happy. Money goes down the drain.

👤I bought this because of a review. I wanted to use a mic with my camera. One reviewer thought it worked. The male end did not fit me. It didn't work at all. It has a 3.5 trrs and I used a 3.5 trs adapter to get into my camera. A complete failure. I got him for a dollar. It didn't work, but I had to try.

👤No me sirvi. Conectar unos audfonos de gaming, en terminacin de xbox, y No sirvi.

👤I am going to ask my brother to test the second one because the first one did not work.

👤The package arrived in two days. I tried the aux audio plug in at the car stereo. It doesn't work and doesn't even recognize the aux input. The second one was the same thing. Don't waste me money at the end. Don't buy this product.

👤AUX de ma voiture, je voulais un convertisseur pour utiliser ma cléusb. Malheureusement aucun des 2 adaptateurs. Merci.

10. DuKabel ProSeries Mic Supported Headphone External

DuKabel ProSeries Mic Supported Headphone External

The portable and compactusb to headphone adapter was made from durable ABS material. There is an important note. The audio conversion only supports mono microphone, does not support TRRS. 2 in 1 essential: DuKabel has dual functions. You can add a 3.5mm TRRS aux port to your devices. This stereo tousb adapter can be used for a lot of things. Don't work for TV, car, PS3/truck, etc. It is easy to setup the DuKabel audio adapter. Plug and play. The system will recognize the port in seconds. No external power is required. One for all compatibility, the Usb audio jack is compatible with TRRS headsets and microphones. There is no system limitation. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7,Vista, andXP, Mac OS X, Linux, and the like can be supported. The sound card is built-in with a smart chip that will give you the best listening experience. Efficiently decoding the signal of sound and making a clear sound. They recommend to use DuKabel cables. The Usb to microphone jack adapter has a braided cord and premium metal. It is much more durable than other plastic cases. It has a 12-month free warranty.

Brand: Dukabel

👤I have a Tritton mic/headset that I use to game on my PS1, but could not for the life of me get it to work on my PC, so hopefully this will help someone else. I bought a 3.5mm jack that I would plug into a splitter and use it for the mic and headphones on my tower. Still didn't work. I could hear, but I couldn't use the mic. I was crossing my fingers that theusbadapter would work after purchasing this. It did! The sound quality was great. I was glad I found a solution to my problem.

👤It works as intended. When referring to an object, all that matters. It has no feelings, but is constantly questioning me. I don't understand why I must be the middleman. Why do I need to transfer sound from your computer to this jack? "Because humanity didn't create a psychokinetic medium to transfer sound from computer to ear, silly," I replied. I don't think so. The DuKabel lifetime warranty is also included with the Splitter. Wait! There's more to come. Post purchase worry is alleviated by the 18 months coverage they offer. It's worth the money.

👤It was great for music for a while. There is a I started using the program for work. The mic works for a while, but then it blows up my camera on the hub. Plugging in all the devices is necessary if they stop working. I bought the Ugreen because it works all day long. Buy the Ugreen.

👤I used to own a TROND brand sound plug in that worked well for getting audio into and out of a small radio. I noticed a low audio signal when I tried to use it with a higher quality cable. The audio level increased by 30dB when I pushed the TRRS plug into the TROND sound card's jack. That's not a problem with the two sound plugs I bought. They're very high quality and have a TRRS plug on each interface. I use the TROND for my home computer and the DUKABEL for my mobile device, but the audio cable is now dedicated to the TROND. The quality was better than the TROND and the price was lower. This has the same chip set that is automatically detected in Linux without the need for drivers. Plug-n-play is what it is.

👤The audio jack on my computer stopped working. I called a computer repair shop near me and they told me that replacing the jack would cause my computer to fail, an operation that could potentially damage my computer. The repair shop tech suggested a solution. I'm happy to say that it works. All I had to do was plug it into a port on my computer and connect any device I wanted to use the jack for. The adapter is made of very sturdy stuff. It has braided wire on each end. Nice.

👤I wear headphones most of the time. While my husband watches his videos or plays his games on our computers in the same room, I'm listening to a movie I've seen many times before. The audio jack broke. The audio jack is upward-facing. It's only a matter of time. I was mad because I couldn't use headphones. I don't like disturbing others with what I'm listening to unless I'm on a crafting rampage, and even then, those aren't normally in the same area as others. I knew I had to have an audio to theusb jack. It worked like a dream. We're off to the movies that I love so much after plugging it in and wearing my headphones. The shorter cord was great for my needs. If you're the type of person that likes to have loud noises, you might want to turn the volume down. The packaging was sleek, so props for that, and the adaptor feels sturdy and well-built. Even if it's just a block email, I received a message from the seller, which is a touch of professionalism I enjoy. It's all about attention to detail. I was very pleased with my purchase. I'll be happy to come back to this one if I ever need to, but I doubt I'll ever need another one.

11. AkoaDa External Converter Compatible Desktops

AkoaDa External Converter Compatible Desktops

This type C to 3.5mm +PD charger is easy to carry, it has an aluminum housing and braided wire for long time use. Eva box is used for carry and storage. A dual function headphone accessory. The audio jack adapter supports listening and speaking. The 3.5mm jack wired headset can be used with a microphone and the sound card version must be at least 6.0.89 or 10.27.04. It's suitable for all yourusb devices, such as PS4 PC Laptop Desktop MacBook and more. The focus is on Doesn't support the interface of any type of car. Plug and play: no driver is required, the nylon braided cable of theusb audio adapter ensures stable transmission, and allows you to use your 3.5mm headphones more conveniently. It is not suitable for amplifier, CD players, xbox, car or truckusb ports. The audio jack adapter does not support the car'susb interface. The best sound quality can be achieved with theusb headset adapter. Stereo surround sound,songs and music are not affected by transmission, if you have a 3.5mm audio jack. This is a great accessory for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7,Vista,Linux, and PS4 as it works with any standard audio class enabled system. The nylon braided sheath of the audio accessory is 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, it You will get a pack of 18 cmusb to 3.5 cm audio jack cable. There is ausb A 3.5mm audio jack and ausb to audio jack are used. Audio jack, 3.5mm jack, and sound card are included.

Brand: Akoada

👤The device works from the moment you plug it in. The audio jack in my Dell was malfunctioning. The device gave me a working audio jack. Make sure to connect your headset to this device and then plug it into the computer's port of your choice. Plug the device in first, then connect the headset. The headset won't be detected by theusb in the second method.

👤I had a turtle beach headset. A new PC needed two inputs. I'm yelling at other players to get to the choppah because theusb fixed that, plug and play setup.

👤There was an accident in my study. As the train wreck unfolded, my lab got tangled in the cable between my headphones and my PC, dragging everything off my desk and eventually mangling the jack where I plug my headphones in my desktop. I realized I wouldn't be able to plug my headphones into the computer as I picked up the pieces. Thankfully, the Akoa Dausb to Audio Jack Adapter allows me to work around this catastrophe.

👤It isn't as simple as connecting when there is a movement. I have to re-enable it each time. I use this monitor as a headphones monitor so that I can have sound through speakers simultaneously, unlike plugging headphones directly into my computer, which will cause other sound outputs to be disabled. I need that for my work. I used to use a microphone with a built in monitor to do this. When the microphone's jack failed, I ordered a new one, hoping it would work the same way.

👤Plug in and play is what this is. It works immediately. No clicking, no websites, no downloads, etc. It plays in stereo when it responds to volume control commands. The original headphone port is disabled when plugged in. Sound quality is the same as the original audio port, but is not as loud. I think this plays at least part of the volume as the original sound card/audio port. Overall happy. $12 device is a great alternative to paying for computer repair. There will be an updated version of this in 2022. I bought this item again in a different color. The sound quality has improved from good to great. There is a full spectrum of bass. The original audio port's volume was less than the original audio port's, but it's now more than the original audio port's. This item works well. The first day I used the adapter, it worked just as well as it did a year ago. The new one is even better. There is a I had rated this product at 4 stars. My rating is now 5 of 5 stars. 100% satisfied.

👤The main problem with this device is that if you're an amateur or an enthusiast, you're not going to get the sound you want from it. I think the 3.5mm jack should be made smaller and magnetic to push through analog signals. There is no reason for a low cost DAC to be in the base. I know sound, and this is good, but I don't like my music when it's 888-270-6611 Ymmv.


What is the best product for headphone jack adapter to usb?

Headphone jack adapter to usb products from Andtobo. In this article about headphone jack adapter to usb you can see why people choose the product. Cplus and Esr are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone jack adapter to usb.

What are the best brands for headphone jack adapter to usb?

Andtobo, Cplus and Esr are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone jack adapter to usb. Find the detail in this article. Jsaux, Bezokabel and Zooaux are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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