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1. Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Simultaneously Headphones

Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Simultaneously Headphones

You don't need to use a 3.5mm audio cable to connect to the computer if you use the USB charging cable. The 2-in-1 is a audio accessory. It's possible to use the TX mode for totally wireless audio streaming on virtually any TV, PC or MP4 player. Premium aptX low latency is used to deliver a flawless, synchronized streaming experience in TX mode with high-resolution stereo audio that is free of audio delays. If you want to pair up two devices at a time in both TX mode and RX mode, please use aptX low latency. Use as a receiver or transmitter, even while charging, to listen to high-fidelity audio. The simplicity of a wireless connection with maximum audio fidelity thanks to super-stable Bluetooth 5.0, get quality listening and flawless streaming across a range of up to 33ft.

Brand: Hsoipn

👤I bought this device to use for a guitar rig. I pair it with a set of headphones. The aptX technology is the key feature. The design of the headphones and the transmitter is essential. The combination of aptX low latency enabled transmitter and headphones allows me to practice almost silently while getting the full "amplified" sound in my headphones without an audio delay. Without the low latency technology, it would be impossible to play guitar this way. A second delay to the headphones would ruin anyone's timing. The combo works for me - wireless freedom with no delay. There is a In response to W. Lynch. Any audio delay is not acceptable. I'm pretty sure that your headphones aren't aptX low latency enabled. aptX technology is needed for both the transmitter and headphones to eliminate latency. You can find aptX low latency headphones on Amazon. You will be happy you did.

👤I use this to send a signal from my recording board to my headphones. I hit the drum and heard the sound half a second later. It is impossible to use. For my use, I need instant sound, so I don't mind just listening to music. I missed the delay in the ad. Maybe I should have known that all the transmission has a delay. It goes in my drawer either way. For what it's worth, the sound was fine.

👤I wanted to allow silent TV and video gaming. It works well. It is like a champ and stays connected. When I leave the range, it works again. I haven't run it yet. I have used it for over 3 hours without an issue. I have a Bose system that I plan to add another add to.

👤Wow! I have a Bravia Sony with no blue tooth. I bought this item. I plugged into the earphone jack and read the instructions before I pulled my hair out. I was able to connect my speakers in one minute. I have been an Amazon customer for a long time and I don't listen to negative feedback. There is a Please read the instructions. I'm emphasizing it. There is a If you can't turn it on, just charge it for 5 minutes. There is a I am watching tv and writing feedback for you people using this device. There is a Enjoy! I am very happy with thegadget I bought for doing it's job, for little money.

👤It was used in transmit mode. The left audio channel wouldn't work after I installed my headset.

👤There are several old devices that do not have blue tooth. The device acts as a receiver and transmitter. I've used it to transmit to a pair of blue tooth ear buds for an I Pod and a portable CD player. It worked well. I have only used it as a transmitter, so I can't comment on the receiver aspect. The side that broadcasts works well. It took me a while to figure it out, but I'm 74 and not as fast as I used to be. The cost was very low. A great purchase.

2. Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Wireless Headphone

Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Wireless Headphone

Adding a wireless receiver to your TV/PC can add a function to it, which can create a wireless connection and transmit audio between your PC/TV and speakers. Enjoy the sound of wireless music in perfect sync. lag-free content streaming in transmitter mode with low delay for high fidelity stereo sound. aptX can't be used in receiver mode. aptX Low Latency only supports TX mode. One portable accessory that can be used as a transmitter or receiver, powered by the latest Bluetooth 5.0, can pair with two headphones and speakers at the same time. In transmitter mode, turn a non-Bluetooth TV, PC, CD player, mp3 player, and mp4 into a transmitter. It's ideal for a home or vehicle music streaming system. Plug and Play doesn't need a driver. It's easy to pair and connect to the last two devices. Stereo sound is supported, but not the sound of Dolby and DTS surround sound. Even while charging, the HAGIBIS Bluetooth 2-in-1 Adapter continuously streams. Enjoy your favorite wireless content all the time with a built-in battery that can last up to 4-5 hours. Plug and Play doesn't need a driver. It's easy to pair and connect to the last two devices. Stereo sound is supported, but not the sound of Dolby and DTS surround sound. Even while charging, the HAGIBIS Bluetooth 2-in-1 Adapter continuously streams. Enjoy your favorite wireless content all the time with a built-in battery that can last up to 4-5 hours.

Brand: Hagibis

👤Will connect to the SMH10 with a wireless device. However... The instructions don't mention that the primary light color is green when in receive mode and blue when in Transmit mode. It would have been nice to know in the beginning that it was going to be a transmitter. I accidentally hit the switch button when I was playing with it for a long time. The color change from green to blue. The instructions don't mention that. Knowing is half the battle.

👤They wouldn't pair with my headphones so I was going to return it. The small "Switch" button below the pairing button is meant to switch the device between the two modes, not the other way around. I entered the mode again after pressing the button to turn the light blue. I was able to pair it with my headphones. There is a The audio quality is great and I haven't noticed any lag when using this with my PS4. There is a I couldn't give this thing 5 stars because it took me 30 seconds to unbox it and connect some headphones, but I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out why they wouldn't pair. I think this will be a 5 Star product if the manufacturer hires a person who is more proficient in English to re- write the instructions.

👤Make sure you read the instructions. I didn't bother to read the reviews because they were so bad. I didn't read the instructions and it took me a long time to get it working. The instructions have been updated, or everyone else didn't read them. It is very easy. Blue is to transmit, green is to receive. Hold the little button for 4 seconds. Hold the big button until it turns off. Hold the big button until it starts to flash. You can connect your device after that. I followed the instructions and it worked in less than 30 seconds.

👤I use it with my wireless headphones to get rid of cords. It's unsuitable for something like electric cello, piano, guitar, etc. because of the delay. It has about 1/2 second delay which makes it sound like a delay pedal is running.

👤This is my second purchase of this product. The first and second were on 4/26 and 8/12/19, respectively. The first unit worked well for about two weeks, then it started cutting in and out, sometimes both left and right at the same time. I bought the unit to attach to my old Sony Walkman in order to use it. I can listen to local AM channels without wires and use my cell phone provider data to do so. It works well when it works, but instructions could use a bit of improvement. I tried them on another walkman and had the same problem. I plugged in my regular wired earphones to see if the problem was the 3.5 MM connection. No cutout on the old Walkman radios makes wired buds work just fine. I bought another Hanibis transmitter thinking I have a bad unit. The second unit was giving me the same issues. You should consider my experience before purchasing this product.

3. Twelve South Transmitter Headphones Airplanes

Twelve South Transmitter Headphones Airplanes

Twelve South is a family-owned small business in Charleston, South Carolina. You can transmit audio from in-flight entertainment, gym equipment, gaming devices, TV's or any 3.5 audio jack without cords. No more cords in the way when you use your wireless headphones. You don't have to sacrifice audio quality in flight. AirFly Pro has a battery life of over 16 hours to cover the longest flight. AirFly Pro can be used if you forget to charge. Transmit/receive without wires. AirFly Pro has a 33 foot reach so you can relax and enjoy your content.

Brand: Twelve South

👤It doesn't work with Airpods Pro. Their marketing states that it works with all Airpods. It does not work with Airpods Pro, but it works with many other headphones. Please don't tell the buyers it's not true and mention it clearly. I will return mine.

👤The AirFly does a great job at what it's designed to do, but there are still some advantages to wired headphones that the AirFly can't beat. There is a There are pros. The AirFly is small and light. It's easy to fit into your carry-on bag and the pouch that comes with it makes sure you don't lose the small headphones and charging cable. I carry my headphones on the plane so that I can listen to music on my phone. I can listen to the in-flight entertainment system without having to carry another pair of wired headphones or use the cheap free headphones that they give you on the plane, if I have this device with me. The sound quality is good and it's easy to pair your AirFly with your AirPods. There are pros and cons. It requires charging. The AirFly battery lasts about as long as my AirPods, which is about 4-5 hours. If you're on a short flight, you don't need to charge, but if you're on a long flight, you need to take a break. The AirFly can be charged if the headphones and the port on the plane's in-flight system are close together. I found that I still needed to charge my headphones, which is a problem with traditional wired headphones. There is a small delay in the sound since the AirFly has to convert an analog signal into a digital one to send over the bluetooth. It takes some time and results in a small delay, but it wasn't noticeable to me. There is a If you're going on a flight that lasts less than 5 hours, the AirFly is a great option. For long flights, you might want to bring a good pair of wired headphones so that you can listen to the in-flight entertainment.

👤This product had a lot of promise. I thought that a streamer that could link to two headphones had plenty of battery life. The first unit refused to stay in pair mode. The flash is white and amber for a few seconds. I'm pretty tech savvy. I try several pairs of different headphones and watch videos to learn more about the problem. I contacted Twelve South Customer Support, who told me that the device is malfunctioning. There is a They told me to ship that one back and reorder it. Same problem. I will not be buying this again to give it another chance. Twelve South, you blew it. Get your Quality Control up before you have to pay $50 for this accessory.

👤I had a new pair of headphones. It sounds like a perfect combination. In theory, it was. The implementation left a lot to be desired. I asked 12 South why it took so long to charge, and my charge light was still on, even though it took me over six hours to charge. They haven't heard back yet. I plugged it in on my plane. I thought they were not using aptX chips as the latency was horrible. The second one. It was ticed that the aud was. All the time, savesay That's the audio cut out. The audio cuts out for anywhere from a half-second to 3-4 seconds. I repaired it and then reset it to factory settings. Same issues. I tried a pair of wired headphones and the audio was good. There is a On the surface, it looks like a great solution. It is not usable. I'm going through the return steps on Amazon.

4. TROND Bluetooth Transmitter Indicator Simultaneously

TROND Bluetooth Transmitter Indicator Simultaneously

TRONDBT-DUO S supports the latest Bluetooth V5.0 and adds aptX and aptX Low Latency to both the TX and RX modes. With aptX, you can listen to CD-quality sound over a wireless connection with aptX-sourced devices like TVs, phones or tablets, and you can also watch video while listening to wireless audio in a synchronized fashion. Texas mode bluetooth transMITTER You can enjoy high quality music and late night shows without disturbing your family members by plugging TROND into your audio sources. The built-in battery could support the Bluetooth accessory for up to nine hours of use. TROND's Bluetooth receiver can be used to upgrade your old wired headphones or speakers into wireless with the support of aptX Low Latency. The volume/track buttons allow you to play/pause music, turn volume up/down, and select a track. There is no hands-free calling due to the lack of microphone. In TX mode, TROND can pair to two headphones and stream audio to both simultaneously. In this application, the codec will be changed from aptX Low Latency to SBC. It can tell you which codec is in place by displaying different statuses. The blue light blinks three times for aptX and twice for SBC. The CARRY EVERYWHERE is a small, round shape transmitter that has good compatibility with most headphones. It's easy to store at home and take a road trip or flight to enjoy music. There is a note. The only way the car can use the adapter is in the RX-mode. If there is an audio out sockets in your TV's back panel, it's worth checking. When it's inserted into sockets, it won't work. If your TV only has a digital optical port for audio out, you should order the TRONDBT-DUO X. The TRONDBT-DUO S 3.5mm Bluetooth V5.0 Transceiver with aptX Low Latency, 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male audio cable, and 3.5mm female to RCA male audio are what you get.

Brand: Trond

👤There appears to be a lot of confusion about the various products and what they can and cannot do. There are currently three different types of music quality audio. Most cell phones, computers, wireless headphones and speakers use A2DP. It has decent audio quality, but up to 12 second of delay. When listening to music, the delay doesn't matter, but for watching TV it can be annoying, leading to a batter hitting a ball and the sound coming a beat later, or messing the sync of lips with the words they're saying. A higher quality version of audio with better sound quality and less delay is called AptX, but few devices support it and it has a delay of 1-2 tenths of a second. It is better than A2DP for people who are not sensitive to delays. It's obvious and annoying when the TV sound is on for people in the room, while someone is listening through headphones. There is a A fancy term for low delay is what the AptX people came up with. For TV watching, the delay of 40 milliseconds is almost invisible. You need a source that is sending it and a speaker that is receiving it to benefit from AptX. A lot of negative reviews are coming from this area. You won't get any benefit if you don't have AptX at both ends. The majority of existing audio devices are able to take advantage of this technology since there are only a handful of AptX LL headphones and no TV or hifi manufacturers have adopted it yet. There is a I am very happy with the performance of the Trond Duo S, it provides the most advanced audio experience currently available. I bought it to listen to my Sony XBR TV in wireless headphones. When connected to a continuous source of power via the microsd port, it pairs almost instantly when I turn my headphones on. The sound is excellent with no delay, and I am using the only headphones on the market with AptX LL built in. You need two of the DUO's, one from the TV or other device and one connected to the headphones, if you want to use the DUO S as a receiver. There is a I have to comment on customer service from trond. This company has been the most responsive in the internet age. We are talking about a device from China. I didn't expect much when I asked them a question. I have experienced a level of communication that would make Apple jealous. The people who responded to my emails were very nice and wanted my experience to be positive. I had some issues with getting the LL version of AptX to work with my Avantree Audition Pro's, and instead of blaming the other company, Trond bent over backwards to get to the bottom of the issue and offer solutions. 5 stars for the customer service of Trond and the DUO S.

👤The device I got was part of the replacement of a faulty unit. I did a low score review of the issues I have on it, and got a call from a tech support guy, who said that the only real affecting issue was on RX. There is a He helped me through the entire process of getting a replacement order, and I decided to try this model. The unit looks good. I can take a picture to compare the two models. You can get aptX LL to work if you pair them. There is a The pros are that they are compact goodness. Good battery duration, easy charging, and can be left connected. After you get the "trick" for pairing, it's easy. There is a lot of adapters included. Great support service and long satisfaction warranty. The current audio CODEC indicator is over normalDUO device. There is a There is no low-battery audio signal. It can make you confused. There is noConfigurableLED. I will consider this brand in the future. They should get a newer website that looks better, and one that shows their focus on customer support.

5. GMCELL Bluetooth Transmitter Streaming Headphones

GMCELL Bluetooth Transmitter Streaming Headphones

A 3.5mm AUX plug is all you need to add a wireless accessory to your car audio systems, home stereos, speakers, wired headphones and more. Plug and play, easy setup, one button operation. The latest version of the wireless communication standard has a number of improvements. CVC8.0 Noise Cancellation and DSP technologies eliminate echo and block out intrusive background noise. A built-in microphone and 140-mAh battery allow for continuous work and hands-free calls. The 3.5mm audio jack can be used to make it easy to connect your projector or TV to the internet.

Brand: Gmcell

👤This is for a video and electrical drum set. The delay is very long. It is like 2 seconds. It is like watching a movie with auptitles where the voices don't match the mouth. The delay was so bad that you couldn't hear the sound even if you hit the drum. The volum was soft. I put it with a set of Bose headphones and an iPod Pros. I think this is great for music, but don't expect it to be loud, and forget about using it if the delay is an issue. It won't work for tv or Roku Sound. We all want to watch video with it.

👤I had an old iPod docking station that had an accessory for it. The first operational error I experienced was that the headphone jack didn't work. I didn't push completely in until I realized. Works well. I had no problem with volume controls, I threw the phone in another room door and went outside without dropping it. Will give a battery life update when I try it in my truck.

👤I recommend this one to anyone looking for a receiver. My Bose speaker was brought back to life by connecting it to the Aux input. My phone was able to recognize the name "C28" and was able to play my songs from the service. You can keep the device charged via microusb so that you don't have to worry about the battery dying. Great investment.

👤I think this is one of those things you pay for. The price was reasonable and it worked well. It was easy to set up and connect when turned on. The unit provided good voice quality sound and I wasn't shopping for high fidelity. Until today. I shut it down at 11:00 PM after it worked for a day. I turned everything on this morning and everything started up. The audio circuit did not work. The unit doesn't have an audio signal. I had to replace the cables, the audio source and the TV cable. They are all working. The unit is the only thing left. I will look at another unit and spend more money. I noted in the review that the unit came with a charging point. I received a small box with the unit and the charging cord. There was no audio cords.

👤I use sound quality in my car all the time and the battery life seems good. There is a The range is very good, but sometimes it cuts in and out if there is a large metal object between you. When you first connect to it, it can sometimes be difficult to connect again, but after that it works well. If someone else connects to it, it will do this to them, and then do it to you again when you're not around. When you turn off your phone, the little icon at the top of the screen goes away, but in your settings it still shows as connected, and you will have toDisconnect to allow someone else to connect to it. When you turn it back on, it will connect automatically. When you turn it back on, you have to go into your settings and just tap on it to work again. If you answer a phone call, you will have to switch to a speaker so they can hear you, because it doesn't have a microphone. I only used the transmitter mode once to make sure it worked, and it seemed to work fine, although it took a bit before it connected to my headphones. Volume control is fine, but it is much quieter than I would like it to be. When I plug my phone into my car via a cable, the volume levels seem to be the same as the radio, but I have to turn the car volume up a lot to achieve the same level. There is a It works amazingly even though it can be a bit quiet. The weird connection stuff is keeping this review from being a 5 star review.

6. Bluetooth Transmitter Isobel Headphones Enjoyment

Bluetooth Transmitter Isobel Headphones Enjoyment

Transmitter Receiver 3 in 1 iSbeller has a transmitter and receiver in one. The wireless range is more than 33 feet and the connection is more stable with the latest chip. Stronger signal transmission and less crackling, hissing and sound degradation are ensured by the updated Bluetooth 5.0. It's easy to pair and compatible with many devices. The device is available everywhere. The stereo audio is transmitted from your non-Bluetooth audio sources to your headphones, speaker, or PC. You can use your home stereo to receive the wireless music from your phone and tablets. The long battery life is due to the continuous stream of the wireless device. The built-in 300mAh battery can hold you up to 10 hours. All the time, enjoy your favorite wireless content. Easy operation. You could pause/play music, skip next/last track, increase/decrease volume just by using the multi-functional buttons on the adapter. Only applied for Receiver Mode/Mono. Provide 100% satisfaction service. They offer no-hassle refunds or exchange services for any product. That's how confident they are. Click the orange button to purchase. Provide 100% satisfaction service. They offer no-hassle refunds or exchange services for any product. That's how confident they are. Click the orange button to purchase.

Brand: Isobel

👤The unit I received did not transmit stereo, but I couldn't find any information about it. The only reason I bought this was to add the ability to listen to music using a mp3 player. There is a The unit is well-designed. It's easy to use, and connected to anything I tried it with. I only got a monophonic signal when using different aux cables and headphones.

👤I purchase this device to use my earbuds. I don't know how to enable the transmitter to connect. I was under the impression that I would be able to do it too. There is a The first review on this device was written above. I am now able to use my wireless earbuds and tv again. I went through the steps again the next day and it happened. I don't think charging the tranmitter is important because I never dismantled the device from my tv. I heard a sound in my ear after a few seconds. I thought it was the tv. I put it on silent because I still heard the hum. The hum stopped after I disconnected the tranmitter from theusb. Theusb cable is to be unplugged after charging the transmitter. Well, that's it.

👤This is a good device for money. The sound is fine for me because I am not an audio engineer. I want to be able to hear my TV. I wanted to give instructions for anyone else to use, because I had a bit of trouble setting it up. There is a You can charge theBluetooth Transceiver from the TV to the Headphones. If you want to charge the device on the TV, wait until the device is fully charged, then remove it from the TV port. If the TV is still plugged into theusb port, it may be hard to find the transceiver. Make sure the switch on the side is in Transmitter Mode: TX. The 3.5mm audio cable should be plugged into the audio interface marked as TX. The TV has a 3.5mm AUDIO output. - Audio settings can be found on your TV remote control. The speaker will likely be selected for the audio output. Go to "Bluetooth" and select it. Press the plus sign on the device for 3 long seconds. The WH-816 will show up as a selection on the TV. Select it. There is a message on the TV that says Connected. Make sure that your headphones are not more than 3 feet away from the TV. You need to have power on your headphones to use it.

👤I had a simple need. I wanted to connect my TV to my show. I will let you know that the devices are very specific with which devices they will connect to. On the first try, this device worked with the Echo. There is a The audio delay was so bad that every program looked like a foreign movie. I can watch movies with bad video. Out-of-sync audio makes me crazy when I watch a film. There is a The sound volume was very low, and there was a lot of static if you tried to increase it to normal listening levels. The two devices were about 12 feet apart with a clear line of sight. I couldn't get any sound volume or sound quality that was acceptable. The difference was night and day after I returned it. I think it's possible my unit was malfunctioning, but after reading some of the other reviews that had the same issues, I think it's not true. I don't give one-star reviews if I can avoid it. This unit is a total bust. Please indicate if you think this review was helpful. Thank you.

7. Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Adapter Headphone

Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Adapter Headphone

What you get is the TRONDBT-DUO 3.5mm Bluetooth V5.0 Transmitter. 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male audio cable, Welcome Guide, 18-MONTH TROND warranty, and 30-day money back guarantee are included. You can stream your favorite music from your cellphone, laptop, or desktop to your favorite sound system with the help of theTILE TRANSMITTER / RECEIVER. The B03 can be used to connect your existing TV to your speakers or headphones. You don't need to buy another TV just to enjoy the freedom of wireless. If you have a family member who needs a high volume when watching TV, B03 is the best choice. It supports to stream audio to wireless headphones and wired TV soundbar at the same time under TX mode, so you can share the TV together, and will not be affected by the different needs of the TV volume. This feature is unique. The stronger connection is the longer range. Audio won't cut in and out easily if the range is longer. The range of the 1Mii is up to 70m in open air and up to 100m indoors. You will be able to enjoy the safety and security of having your cellphone in your pocket. The aptX Low Latency technology eliminates the delay in audio, so B03 can work with 2 speakers at the same time. aptX Low Latency is supported by your receiving device. The receiving device may use another codec which may cause a long audio delay. The B03 is a wireless audio accessory that has both analog and digital audio inputs. 99% of TV's and home stereo systems are compatible with the B03. Also, note: Please set audio format to the correct format for TV optical output. It's not possible to support Dolby / DTS.

Brand: 1mii

👤I don't leave reviews because I want to help other people. I tried the 160ft long range wireless transmitter from the manufacturer but it did not live up to the description I read before purchasing. The audio on the speaker was not as good as it was described. The difference between my wired speakers inside and outside was not nice. I tried the 1Mii 230ft LONG RANGE Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver. I don't know how far. But it did not do the Miccus. I connected the same speaker and the audio stream was always solid. It solved my problem of having the same music from my receiver's wired speakers to a third outdoor speaker. I was very happy.

👤I have never heard of a computer or speaker system that could compare to my Boston Acoustic A400 speakers. My A400s are connected to a receiver that is not compatible with the internet. How do I get all the music on my phone to play on my stereo? The 1Mii B03 was a snap to setup and works perfectly. The quick setup guide and the instruction booklet have a lot of graphical references. This comes with a fiber optic cable, 3.5mm cable, and RCA plugs, so it is ready to go out of the box. The range is good. I can use this with my phone on one side of the house and the receiver on the other side without any issues.

👤I would give this product 6 stars. I was expecting a subpar product for the cost, but when I received the product on time, I realized it was top quality. It took me less than 5 minutes to setup my headphones. The sound quality is top notch, with the bass and treble playing at high quality. This is a great product when the kids are asleep and you want to catch up on your favorite shows or sports.

👤I ordered this item to run my headphones while my wife sleeps. I use my headphones to let her sleep peacefully because the TV is loud. I decided to get something that was wireless because I was tired of plugging in a 20 foot cord to my headphones when we were not in bed. I needed something that would allow me to switch to the headphones while the sound bar was off. There is a When I got this product, it was wonderful. It did what I wanted, and there was no stuttering or pausing with the sound in my headphones. The sound quality was the same as when they were plugged in. I thought I had found a great product, even though I paid a premium price. They had power failure last night, almost six months after I plugged them in. They are dead. The power supply system has a small power wire to the unit itself, which is why it is the culprit. I was happy with the quality when I received it, but I was not happy with the cheapo power system. I let it go because it worked well out of the box. The item sits on a desktop, undisturbed, and even a cheap cord should have been able to power the unit reliably without any movement or flexing. I was wrong. There is a The makers of this product decided to make the power portion so cheap because the rest of it worked well. Everything worked well, the switch between sound items, theusb connection, and the ports. I paid for this to work indefinitely, not just 6 months. I'm not paying another $50 for 6 months of use for a new one. Make a better power system. I would have spent the money on something better.

8. Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Wireless Adapter

Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Wireless Adapter

Voice service in your car will allow you to stay focused on the road by using voice assistants such as Voice Assistant and Siri. You can have voice service in your car. The 1Mii ML301 can be used to pair two headphones or speakers at the same time. Both enjoy high quality stereo sound. It is not recommended to connect two headsets that support aptx HD at the same time. There is a Transmitter and Receiver. The aux adapter can be used as a transmitter and receiver. You can stream audio from a TV to a PC. Transmit wireless content from phone, tablet, laptop to home stereo, wired speakers and car. The device works with the aux jack. The aptX HD and aptX Low Latency audio transmitters are ideal for watching TV. The sound is like a CD. Also, note. : You need low-latency supported headphones or speakers if you are going to experience a delay. Easy setup with theBluetooth 5.0. The latest technology enables faster and more stable connection, up to 50ft, without obstacles. Plug and play is easy to setup. The 3.5mm is small and portable. Up to 12 hours in receiver mode and 10 hours in transmitter mode are delivered by the built-in battery. The aux adapter supports charging. Ensures that you enjoy your favorite wireless content all the time.

Brand: 1mii

👤I use a wireless device to go with my airline seatback entertainment. This is my third unit. It has a mechanical on/off switch and a long battery life. I filed a small notch in the case to indicate which direction to put the switch in. There is a The device works while charging, but it is sensitive to power supply noise, so it is unusuable.

👤The review has been updated. The thing keeps going off and off. It will pair for a few minutes, then it goes off and there is no connection.

👤I have been using my old mp3 player with a new portable Bose speaker, but it doesn't have the ability to play music in my car. I have a lot of albums on the old mp3 player, but I can't use it in my car or with wireless headphones. I can now! The sound quality seems good enough for me after a few uses, the price is right, and the quality seems good after a few uses. After all, it is starting with mp3 files. I can't speak to the feature because I haven't tried using it as a receiver yet. I'm very happy with the purchase and am happy that there is now an inexpensive way to blend older technology with a newer one.

👤It works well. It's easy to pair. When I'm 16 feet away from my TV, the sound on my hearing aids doesn't go off. This is more likely a problem of the small hearing aids. It is great to be able to understand what is being said on the broadcast channels.

👤I have an open Concept kitchen and living room. My kitchen is close to my tv. I don't get a drop out or loss of signal with the 1Mii. I use my headphones when people are sleeping. I went to a different room with a wall blocking the unit and still no drop outs. I went as far as 50 feet without a loss of signal. I recommend this product.

👤A review of a wireless device. I only tried the receiver, it is both a receiver and transmitter. The switch on the front of the ML301 allows you to choose between the receiver, off, or transmitter. It was easy to pair my phone. Hold the button for about 2 seconds and the ML301 will be in paring mode. There is a There is a charging cable, 3.5mm music connection cable and a manual in the small box. If you want to connect this to a stereo receiver, you may want to purchase an inexpensive adaptor cable. You can use your cell phone to stream music from your favorite streaming music source if you have an old receiver with blue tooth. It is best to have the cell phone in the same room with the ML301, as the range is good at about 30 feet. When the blue tooth connection is lost, you will need to connect to your cell phone. Most of the gadgets on the market will need to be reconnected. When I was reconnected, the ML301 returned to the highest quality I had been using. There are four blue tooth audio codecs that are used by Sony, Apple and others. To receive the highest quality audio for the ML301, you must have a cell phone that can send aptX-HD, which is the highest quality audio for the ML301 at a blue tooth audio sample rate of 44.1 bits and a blue tooth audio. Unless you listen closely, there will be no significant difference in the four codecs offered. I used my phone's "Developer Options" to confirm aptX-HD after streaming it. There is a The internal battery in the ML301 lasts for many hours. This could be a big plus if you bring the ML301 with you as it can connect to other portable devices such as speakers, headphones, iPod etc. There is a The build quality is excellent. It was easy to setup. I would be looking for the range and codec selections in a wireless device. I think this is a great purchase.

9. Upgraded Bluetooth Cancelling Headphones Hands Free

Upgraded Bluetooth Cancelling Headphones Hands Free

Digital display allows you to see various operating states. Lying on the sofa can be used to remote control your home. The remote control can be used to receive and transmit information. It supports volume adjustment and signal switch. With a remote control. This car Bluetooth accessory can be used to connect to non-Bluetooth car audio systems, home stereos, speakers, wired headphones and more. Pair it with your phone and listen to your favorite music. The latest noise cancellation and digital signal processor technologies, which can eliminate echo and block out intrusive background noise, can be found in their audio receiver. The working time of the auxBluetoothadapter is up to 16 hours when playing music or making calls. It takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the device by using a Type-C fast charging cable. This music accessory can be used while charging, which is very convenient. A built-in microphone and one "MFB" button help you make hands-free calls. There is a navigation app that supports voice notification. You don't have to look at the phone. Make sure you drive safely. The portable stereo accessory can be used with 2 devices at the same time. You don't have to worry about missing calls because you can enjoy your music. If your last pair of devices are within the range of the wireless network, the car receiver will automatically connect to them.

Brand: Comsoon

👤I use it in the car. It sounds good. The car is easy to plug in because the battery doesn't last long. I would prefer a neutral tone to English, it's a mouthful to interrupt your listening. I'm still using the thing so I'm getting three stars. There is a The thing is talking. When volume is adjusted to max, it's important to note "maximum volume". "Power On", "Connected", etc. will be said by power on. It's annoying and disruptive in the middle of the night. I can't tell if there is a way to stop this feature. Things should not be making things talk. People have to listen to it again and again. It's best to add a neutral electronic sound to make speech quieter. Would not buy again. The battery sound quality is good. There is a Even if the battery lasts 15 minutes or more, it's still going to beELL at you. If you plug it in, it must be powered off, charged a little and powered on again to stop interrupt. There is a It's a Demanding little thing.

👤This product is amazing. The sound quality is very good and the battery life is longer than expected. It is easy to use. It would be a good idea to buy.

👤I use it in my car. My daughter gave me a new cell phone, but it didn't have a 3.5 port, which meant I couldn't connect it to my car radio. Sooo... I found this story while researching. There are great reviews of the receiver. As you can see in the picture, it worked perfectly for listening to music on my phone. I love using my phone's navigator. When it stops music, the directions come through very clearly. I have not found charging it every day necessary since I am not diving every day. I don't use the phone call feature on my cell phones while I'm driving because I don't talk on my cell phones. I purchased the Rapidusb C car charge, which is compatible with the S20, S20 Plus, and S10+.

👤The device works. I keep it plugged in to a charger so I don't have to worry about the battery. There is a The accent that does the voice feedback sounds like they don't understand the words they're saying, such as someone who doesn't speak English at all and is reading the words out loud. There is a If my purchase was more than a temporary vehicle, I would return it and buy a different one. If this feature is bothering you, look elsewhere.

👤The range is much longer than 33ft, savesay I was in a steel building with several pieces of equipment between my phone and the reciever, no connection issues. It sounded like my phone was plugged into my radio. I was going to replace the radio with a speaker. I don't have either. The phone lasted less than the reciever.

10. ZIIDOO Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Wireless

ZIIDOO Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Wireless

It's super-durable. The computer headset with microphone is made from high quality materials and is more durable. There is a professional volume control and answer/end button. Content transmission without delays in transmitter mode is possible with low delay. There is a requirement for a low latency receiver. The portable accessory can be used as a transmitter or receiver at the same time. It's everywhere: In transmitter mode, you can convert a TV, PC, CD player, iPod, mp3 and mp4 to a wireless device. It's ideal for sound systems to transmit music at home or in the car. The small, lightweight, and easy to carry bluetooth accessory is portable. Enjoy the Silence: Benefit from the sound of your headphones when exercising, watching Late night TV shows, or simply when you want to keep the entertainment for yourself only.

Brand: Ziidoo

👤Great value and packaging. There is a charging cable and an audio cable. There is a small hole on the side. A small microphone is visible when taking the case apart. The microphone is not identified in the manual. If you receive a phone call, it can be used as a microphone. What else could the device record and transmit if it were connected to the internet? The microphone is no longer functioning and I have removed it. Good battery life and clear audio.

👤I only had this device for a couple of days. I wanted to use a headset that was compatible with a guitar amplifier so I tried to get it to work. There is a delay between the sound hitting the device and the sound being transmitted. It is not an issue for a stream of sound from a stereo or music player, but when playing a guitar, it is hard to hear the sound when you string the guitar. The device could use an app. Since there isn't a way to connect a headset to a device in the area that has ever connected to that headset, you need to shut off the device's wireless signal in that area. Because there is no interface for the device to see what is available, it picks up whatever is available, so you have to set up a situation where there is only one device available. There is a Unless I can come up with something else to use it for, I will most likely return it, as I use it to enable my older stereo equipment for only $20 more, and it gives a lot moreFunctionality in that area.

👤I need this hooked up to my old TV so I can hear shows when I'm on the treadmill. It's connected to transmit television audio to the mini speaker and earbuds. Both sound good. It works as a receiver. I haven't tried that function. Very basic device.

👤I have been a pro musician for over 50 years and bought this to use with my Beats Pro headphones in the studio, set as a transmitter when connected to my headphone out of my interface, it produced low level (about half when wired), no fidelity / extreme lack of highs If you plan on using it as a transmitter for Beats headphones, it might be a good idea. I think look elsewhere. I returned it without a problem. If you like it for your application, you can get it back as soon as you take it, or you can pick it up at the store.

👤I needed this for something that was unconventional. I have a small home gym in my basement, so I wanted to give it some audio and video for workouts. I needed to get connected and there were some old things I needed to remember. There's an old stereo that I have connected with a receiver that's compatible with a variety of audio formats, and a projector with a Chromecast device that's connected to the audio out on the projector. I needed the ability to just play music from another device like a phone, as well as the ability to stream video and audio to the receiver on the stereo. I read through the things on here to see if it could be done. I bought it. The included documents did not mention this use case. I thought so. I'll know if it works immediately. I turned on all the things, hit sync on the audio receiver, and then BOOM, I was on my phone. Both of them. It syncs with any device that is in range. It was perfect. Exactly what I needed. There is a So... The next concern was if there would be any lag in the audio, since I was streaming video to a projector. I can't see anything. The devices are about 10 feet from each other. There is a Everything I wanted it to do. I hope the review helps someone with their equipment project.

11. Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Portable Rechargeable

Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Portable Rechargeable

The receiver and transmitter are made ofBluetooth. The function of the transmitter is to transmit audio. The traditional car speaker or stereo can be turned into a wireless speaker. The device has a 3.5mm interface. Use the data from the charging data on the PC. The computer can have a function if the data cable is used as a transmitter to transmit audio. The computer'susb interface can still supply power to the transceiver after the computer is turned off. Even while charging, the 3-in-1 Adapter continuously streams. Enjoy your favorite wireless content all the time with a built-in battery that can last up to 10 hours. The red indicator light is on when charging, and off after charging is completed. There is a wireless device called a "Bluetooth Everywhere" The updated V5.0 EDR technology allows for more stable connection with devices. Only one device can be used at a time, the distance between the two should be within 50 feet. You don't need to use a 3.5mm audio cable to connect to the computer if you use the USB charging cable. You don't need to use a 3.5mm audio cable to connect to the computer if you use the USB charging cable.

Brand: Lendaway

👤Once you figure out how to pair them, they work great. You can't pair when plugged in. Instructions do not mention that. The on button should be held for two seconds when the device is charged up. Put another device in the same position. It connects. I worked with my headset immediately. The Audio Cable can't be used when using theusb. The 3.5mm plug connection requires you to run on battery. It seems like the range is pretty good. Will see how it works on the battery. Hope this helps someone.

👤Good news. The unit is small and lightweight. It has buttons for volume. I am not sure if they also work for previous and next. Bad news. The power light is hard to see. There was audio lag no matter what I tried. I did not test audio lag in receive mode since the most common scenario is pushing music from your phone into a car stereo. Audio lag isn't noticed in those cases.

👤Both devices are put in the same mode of Pairing. The audio is not very good. The audio is not as good as it could be, and the delay is very large, I tried it with my electric guitar and it was not as good as I wanted it to be.

👤Nothing to dislike! I bought this little receiver so that I could use non-bluetooth devices with my new headset. I bought it for its ability to transmit. There are examples of portable CD player, old TV set, stereo amplifier, and older mp3 player. Everything worked well. The easy-to-use volume control was indispensable because of the great variability in output from all those different devices. I haven't used it as a receiver. Highly recommended.

👤The transmitter wouldn't pair with any of the headphones that I tried.

👤This is another one. Don't buy it.

👤I just got a receiver. It worked out of the bag. Good quality and good transmittal speed. No worries about this device. I don't understand some of the reviews on this item, perhaps they don't understand how the device works or they got a faulty unit, ask for a replacement. It would never work, and it is not the devices fault, if the device was not true wireless, as the comment about not connecting to their wireless implied.

👤It won't pair with my earbuds. I bought it for one purpose and I don't know if it will do anything else. I put the device and earbuds in the mode that I was told to, and both had blinking lights indicating they were in that mode. They sit there and mock me. It was useless.

👤The item is small and works, but the sound quality was poor. A good pair of headphones and an older stereo were all I had. There was a noticeable lag on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on video on The sound for music was not very good, but you could listen to it. I don't recommend.


What is the best product for headphone jack bluetooth transmitter receiver?

Headphone jack bluetooth transmitter receiver products from Hsoipn. In this article about headphone jack bluetooth transmitter receiver you can see why people choose the product. Hagibis and Twelve South are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone jack bluetooth transmitter receiver.

What are the best brands for headphone jack bluetooth transmitter receiver?

Hsoipn, Hagibis and Twelve South are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone jack bluetooth transmitter receiver. Find the detail in this article. Trond, Gmcell and Isobel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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