Best Headphone Jack Extender Pack

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1. UGREEN Headphone Extension Compatible Amplifier

UGREEN Headphone Extension Compatible Amplifier

QUALITY ASSURANCE They offer a 12-Month Warranty and 24h easy to reach service. UGREEN 3.5mm Audio Extension Cable adds more reachable room between audio input and output devices and enables you to comfortably lie on the sofa/bed to watch TV or play games at night without disturbing families or neighbours. It is easy to move around with the Headphone Extender Lead. The sound quality is lossless. The male to female 3.5mm extension maintains original sound quality, but it extends the audio transmission distance. The Headphone Aux Extender Cord is made of gold- plated copper, nylon and TPE and has robust shielding. UGREEN female to male aux cord is built to last forever. The 3.5mm extension lead is made of cotton and can be strong enough to endure any twist, tug, and tangle. The extension cable has sturdy aluminum shells to resist oxidation. The sound quality of this cable is greatly improved by high-quality materials. The UGREEN 3.5mm extension cable has a wear-resistant and tangle-free cotton-braid jacket to make it easy to roll up for storage. The audio jack extender cord is protected against bending and cracking by reinforced aluminum shells. UGREEN 3.5mm audio extension cable is ready to go and fills you with music whenever you want. The 3.5mm mini jack on this Headphone Jack Extender Cable is compatible with all standard auxiliary ports, so it's a snug fit for your headphones, laptops, tablets, and more.

Brand: Ugreen

👤I tried plugging this in to two of my headphones, but I didn't hear anything. I don't know if it's the original jacks or this one. I will return the item for a refund. Oh well.

👤The microphone doesn't work after I bought this as an extension for a gaming headset. It works with other devices, but not sure if it is a compatibility issue or not.

👤Excellent, tell you what. A good one.

👤The extension cable with the male and female ends looks very sturdy, but the male plug seemed to hold into the laptop stereo plug ok. The plug wouldn't stay in when I tried to attach the speaker stereo cable to the female end. I had to return and get my money back. I had to buy another one. I don't know why.

👤It's not a good idea to connect with my mobile when the audio leads are too thick at the end. The sound of this lead is great. The cable has a nice feel and should last a while.

👤The 3.5mm connection on my PC doesn't fit securely, which causes the audio to cut out a lot and also causes the sound to go from stereo to mono. It was a shame that this one was so bad.

👤This item isn't comparable to a gaming headset or mic combo. I had to buy an alternate one that had 4 connection rings on the male end and not just 3 as this one has.

👤I bought these to connect from my head set. Hopefully they will work for something else instead of doing it.

2. Certified Headphone Converter Lightning Connector

Certified Headphone Converter Lightning Connector

What do you get? You will get a 2 pack of headphones for your phone, as well as a money-back or replacement. If you have a problem with the earphone for the phone, please contact them. They will be able to help you in less than 12 hours. Thisusb olympian is more convenient to transmit photos and videos from camera to i-phone and i-pad. Support transfer the picture/video is the one-way transmite. Photos, video,MP3 files,Excel, Word,PPT, PDF can be imported and exported by open the 'Files' App. Their accessory has both a 3.5mm jack audio with charging and a function ofusb otk, but also a function of earphones. Listen and charge at the same time. Plug and play without an app. The keyboard can get faster when you use theusb otton to connect it to the keyboard. Also support wired mouse. It's compatible with moreusb devices, like Hubs, flash drives, camera, guitar, keyboard, Digital piano, etc. More OTG functions are only supported on the system. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Zoyuzan

👤I wanted to use this with my keyboard to play a piano app on my phone. The good news is that the keyboard works with theusb connection. I can play the piano app on my phone and it is much better than the Midi app. There are two major issues and one minor issue. The audio level in the headphones is 16db lower than the original Apple lightning-to-headphone jack. I can't hear my piano app or any sound source on my phone. That is the deal killer. The second issue is that I was also hearing some short dropouts in the audio. This happened randomly and not a lot, but I did not see any dropouts with the piano app when I used the regular Apple adapter. The minor issue? I have to take the case off my phone to fit the lightning plug because it's big at the end. There is a I was willing to take a chance that I got a bad unit, but I didn't have a way to contact the seller to ask for an exchange. There was no option to exchange, only return, when I went through the regular Amazon return system. I think I'm going to pay the Apple tax and get the Apple accessory. This looked good, but it was too bad.

👤The bonus was the headphone jack, but I got this mainly for theusb port. There is a I thought ausb port would be like any otherusb port and support more than just a thumb drive, like mouse, keyboard, webcam, and the like, I should have read the description a few more times. The potential for 127 connections and all that is capable is a thumb drive. Give me a break. It was a waste of time and money, but if I had read the description a few more times, I would have realized that it only supports camera storage and not web camera. Oh well. I learned something.

👤This item is hard to use. The sound of my headphones gets twisted when I connect them to this product, because the connection keeps being disconnected. You can hear the current sound all the time. There is a The first bad review I have ever made on Amazon was the comment above. I am tolerant of all the products I have bought. This product doesn't work at all, whereas it has high reviews. I doubt the authenticity of other reviews.

👤That isn't a port to the audio port or theusb-c port. It is a barely functional audio port. After trying multiple cables, we finally figured out that the cable that I had plugged into my phone to charge it was actually the one that was identified as ausb-c. The charging through this device works well. The "Apple Certified" jack doesn't honor the volume up / volume down buttons on the cable, but it does honor the start/stop button. The audio shuts off in around 60 minutes, so you have to restart your phone.

3. CableCreation 2 Pack Extension Adapter Connector

CableCreation 2 Pack Extension Adapter Connector

9 cable organizers with cute cartoon pattern are included in the value package. Shapes of colour bring you joy. A perfect gift for someone. Extending without sound quality damaged is possible with a 24K Gold-Plated Connector. The case is made of Solid Aluminium Shell. With a 10000+ bend lifespan. The 3.5mm audio extension cable has a soft and durable inner wire and Cotton Braided shielding. You don't need to plug and unplug the audio port when connecting with TV or Computor. The audio port of your device can be protected with this headphone jack extender. The aux extension cable has a gold-plated design and is compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices. It's easy to connect with your phone or tablets. The cableCreation 3.5mm headphone extension cord is compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire tablets, and other 3.5mm devices. You will get a 2-Pack of 6 Feet CableCreation 3.5mm headphone cord extension cable with a worry-free two years warranty.

Brand: Cablecreation

👤Very disappointed. I needed an extension for my headphones. The cord is lightweight and doesn't tangle. The male plug works perfectly on my computer. The male plug won't fit into the female sockets when I try to plug the headphones into the cable. It doesn't go all the way in. I tried two pairs of earbuds. They don't lock into place. If I hold the jack in place, I can hear fine. The whole purpose of buying a cable is lost if they are held together. It's very annoying as the shipping to return is more than it's worth. I need a cable. The manufacturer sent me a replacement cable after I complained. I was impressed by how quickly they solved the problem. The new cable works well. I'm very happy.

👤I installed the seal into my console after opening the product this week. It didn't work. I tried many times. I put it back in the bag and waited for it to be delivered. Same thing happened when I was sent a replacement. This is the first product that I have ever had to return and I will not buy it again. This product was not reliable and there was no disrespect or negative feedback towards Amazon.

👤I use a wire for my car connections. The cable has a noise issue. When I connected the extension to my headphones, I only noticed. The extension has no noise at all, boy, what a difference. You should not buy it.

👤Needed 15 feet to get from TV to sofa. There is a backup to the wireless headset. The bag of one was the cable. I liked the color. The braided cable doesn't get tangled up. The headphones don't come loose when plugged in. The quality of the connections appears good. The cable is attached well and it doesn't seem like there would be problems with the wire coming loose from the ends. I use the cable plugged in to a Y-splitter for both the wired and wireless headphones. The sound is good. The TV sound and the headphones work together. All seems well, just out of the bag. Will use followup if there is anything new.

👤These are the cheapest headphones extension cables around that work. If you want to use these as a mic extension, you should buy a shielded cable. I use a small microphone attached to my headphones as a headset and bought these to extend the cable. The cable is too short to reach the back of my computer. There is a Plugging the mic into the cable causes an electronic hum in the background of the recording. I don't know if it's the length of the cable or the lack of cable shielding, but the hum is much quieter with the mic plugged into the computer. I need the mic for online meetings, so I will just deal with it. It's not worth returning the cheap cables. I am going to get an external sound card and better mic to solve the issue. These feel cheap and I don't think they will last long with regular use.

4. Headset Extender Headphone Extension Smartphones

Headset Extender Headphone Extension Smartphones

3 in one package The 3.5mm Headset Audio Jack Extender is 3in long. Works with devices with 3.5mm audio input. Also works with credit card readers. It's compatible with Mophie, Lifeproof, Trianium, mPow, and similar cases. It extends the reach of any 3.5mm headset. An extension cable can be used as a case. It allows consistent signal between components when there are gold-plated contacts.

Brand: Accessonico

👤The case that prevents the plug from properly making a connection with the device is the reason for this. This usually happens with hard plastic or silicone cases, where the hole for the plug is too narrow, which is the case with most of them. You don't have a long plug coming out of your phone/tablet so you can use the narrow plug. You will lose it eventually. Save the extras in a safe place when you get 3 of these. There is a I like mine.

👤I bought this because the dual screen case that comes with the V60 doesn't fit my cables, and the small port hole on the headphones makes them hard to fit. When I use the dual screen case, I bought these. There is a The pros are 1. It works like a charm. I can see how mass producing these would cause issues for other reviewers, but I was fortunate to get flawed ones. They all work well for me. 2. They don't seem to affect the sound quality. It's an extension. 3. They don't seem to affect power delivery. I used the extenders from the Sennheiser 58x Jubilee Edition and the V60 DAC from the LG V60 to amplify my cans, and they told me that they're still delivering appropriate power to my cans. 4. They are cheap and disposable. There is a Cons 1. I am concerned about the long term durability based on other reviews. I would recommend this product to others if they need to exchange them for a bunk set. I use at least one of them most days and have had no problems, so hopefully the negative reviews are defected ones and not indicative of the product's long term life span. It's not the biggest deal if I have to re- buy them every year or so.

👤If you jiggle them, they are fine, but the one attached to my phone will cut off calls if you jiggle it. It is unacceptable.

👤A few weeks ago, I bought some really good headphones to listen to music on my phone. The jack wouldn't stay in the phone when the case was on it. I bought these because of the slim connection. They work well. They look like a quality product.

👤My kids have an iPad in a hard case that prevents them from using the right-angled jacks that most decent headphones come with. They can use their existing headphones with the school iPad. There is a Sometimes sound quality is not good, and they seem cheap. They were cheap because they did the trick.

👤I was hoping that this product would allow me to plug in my headphones into my phone. The product does plug in, but I have to hold the product just right for the connection to work, because my headphones do plug into it. If I remove the case from my phone, I can plug my headphones into it. I plugged the headphones into the adapter and it worked fine, so I don't think it's a problem. I don't need the headphones to work with my laptop. It doesn't work on my phone. The product probably works with some phones.

5. UGREEN Extension Headphone Extender Compatible

UGREEN Extension Headphone Extender Compatible

Unless you have a 3.5mm hole on your sound card's output, you should be careful with your gaming headset. UGREEN 3.5mm Male to Female Cable extends the distance between audio input and output devices and gives you more room to move around when using headphones. The Headphone Jack Extension Lead allows you to lie on a sofa or bed to watch TV at night. 3.5mm mic extension cable is used to extend the distance between a laptop and a 3.5mm external microphone and a gaming headset. The 3.5mm mic jack extension cable is perfect for online meetings and video calls. There is no degradation in the sound quality, even though the 4-Pole Aux Male to Female Cable extends the transmission distance. The 3.5mm Audio Extension Cord is made of gold- plated cables and is protected by copper, nylon and TPE. The UGREEN 3.5mm TRRS Extension Cable has a 90-degree aux jack to prevent cable bending and cracking issues. The nylon-braided jacket makes this Headphone Extension Cable solid enough to endure any twist, tug, and tangle. The 3.5mm mic extension lead is flexible to allow you to move around easily. Universal Fit: UGREEN Earphone Male to Female Cable has a 3.5mm mini jack to ensure a snug fit to devices of standard auxiliary ports.

Brand: Ugreen

👤It works just fine as an extension cable. I purchased it because it doesn't offer microphone support for headsets.

👤This product is an extension for my JBL headphones, which I use for podcasts and vlogs. It works!

👤There is significant left-right channel crosstalk in cable.

👤It works. There was no apparent degradation of quality.

👤The right angle jack is the best. I connect my earphones to the television with this cable. It works perfectly.

👤The producto tiene un precio. Sin embargo el material tanto a simple vista, es superior. No le doy 5 estrellas en Durabilidad, pero no dudo.

👤Ich bin schlussendlich, wie das Produkt gestoen. There is a Im Nintendo Switch brauchte, um berhaupt in Spielen. The Abstand von beispielsweise Sofa und Fernseher is located at the 5m Lnge. There is a Kabel ist sauber verarbeitet und stabil. Alles are in a super Produkt.

👤La salida de micrfono y audio estoy computadora. The cable is El cable. Not 888-353-1299

6. Headphone Extender Extension Compatible Lifeproof

Headphone Extender Extension Compatible Lifeproof

All devices with 3.5mm port have a single 3.5mm plug. The 6.35mm is 4 inches. It works on 6.35mm interface devices. 2 Gold Plated 3.5mm Headset Audio Jack Extender. Works with devices with 3.5mm audio input. Also works with headsets without volume controls. It's compatible with Mophie, Lifeproof, Trianium, mPow, and similar battery cases. It's ideal for battery charge cases and extends the reach of any 3.5mm headset. The cable can be used as an extension. If you don't like their product or don't want it for any reason, they will give you your money back. No questions asked. Money back guarantee for 30 days.

Brand: Accessonico

👤I was very happy with the first one in the pack, but it came apart after about 2 weeks. I got another month out of it when one of the two channels died completely, after I put it back together with superglue. I switched to the second one in the pack. It lasted 10 minutes when I noticed that the channels went quiet when the adapter was curved. If you do the math on this kind of reliability, you need to buy about 6 pairs a year to keep going.

👤The end of my daughter's headphones cord was too bulky and it was the perfect fix for her headphones which didn't fit the jack spot of her kids. When the original jack wasn't in the right orientation for my phone, I used some headphones. This was a great accessory.

👤I bought this because I wanted to plug my headphones into my microphone monitor. I can't see a decrease in audio quality because these made it easy.

👤Either they work or they don't. They worked. It's pass or fail. They passed.

👤I bought this product to use with our Square register card swiper. We put a large otter box type case around our tablets for work. One of the two didn't work but the other broke due to wires breaking internally.

👤I got a new case and my headphones wouldn't fit in it.

👤If you have a small opening for headphones in your phone case, this item is for you.

👤I thought I wouldn't be able to use my headphones with my phone. Work well and pay well.

7. Headphone Lightning Extender Compatible Converter

Headphone Lightning Extender Compatible Converter

QUALITY ASSURANCE They offer a 12-month warranty and 24h easy to reach service with the one adapters you get. It's widely applicable. It's compatible with the following: iPhone X / Xs / Xs Max / XR, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus iPod / iPad. Function introduction Please note that there is no call function. It allows your device to listen to music, watch videos and play games, which is great for running. It is easy to carry. The sound quality is perfect. The 100% copper core used in the adapter provides a high quality sound, 48 KHz and 24 bit audio output, and maintain the original sound quality. High quality. The PC is made of ABS. The design is glossy white. This is a good choice if you want to use it yourself or as a gift. QUALITY ASSURANCE They offer a 12-Month Warranty and 24h easy to reach service.

Brand: Zoyuzan

👤I need an accessory for my new phone, so I'm on the hunt. I bought an apple branded accessory on Amazon for cheap, but it doesn't allow for charging while plugged in, and they only allow you to buy one, so you can't use it. The headphones aren't even recognized when plugged into the phone and into the adapter, so I was really hoping this would do the trick. There is a Worthless...avoid.

👤I might have had a bad product, but it didn't last a month after I received it. I've inserted and unplugged it at least 20 times. It was hard to put the plug into my phone and the port for the charging port, but everything is fine. After the first few times, it got a bit easier. I like to be very careful when I get new things, so I hated having to force it. There is a The wire and plug end are undamaged, but it's a little loose when it's in my phone. I don't know what's wrong with it, I've done everything I can to get it to recognize the device, but I'm not sure if there's any foreign objects. The regular charger works just fine.

👤I am glad I took the chance. The phone is connected to the sound system in the car without displaying errors. I recommend it for connecting your phone to a sound system. It was not designed to provide a voice connection. If you want to have a voice, don't buy it.

👤I use this to charge my phone and share headphones between my computer and phone at work. The phone volume is quieter when I am plugged in than it is when I am not. Not a huge issue, but not unexpected or undesirable.

👤Initially, it worked well. I wanted it so I could charge my phone and play music in my car. The charging and audio became inconsistent and abruptly stopped. The lightening tip came off my phone. Completely broken. It was only used for a couple weeks, but it was used 20 times. Throw it in the trash. Very disappointed. This doesn't allow microphone use with headphones for those that are curious.

👤It does not fit an I Pad air. The IPad Air does not fit the small end of the adapter. I can't use it.

👤I bought it for my old Honda, which doesn't have a built-in gps device. I use a 3.5mm plug to connect my old wireless transmission to my Honda's radio frequencies. I can charge my phone and listen to my music at the same time.

👤I had to return it because it wouldn't charge my phone while I was using it. It was easy to return.

8. Headphone Lightning Extender Compatible Converter

Headphone Lightning Extender Compatible Converter

Service and warranty. They provide a worry-free service if you get 2 adapters. If you have a question about this lightning to headphone jack adapter, please contact them. It's widely applicable. It's compatible with the following: iPhone X / Xs / Xs Max / XR, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus iPod / iPad. Function introduction Please note that there is no call function. It allows your device to listen to music, watch videos and play games, which is great for running. It is easy to carry. The sound quality is perfect. The 100% copper core used in the adapter provides a high quality sound, 48 KHz and 24 bit audio output, and maintain the original sound quality. High quality. The PC is made of ABS. The design is glossy white. This is a good choice if you want to use it yourself or as a gift. QUALITY ASSURANCE You will get 4adapters and they offer a 12-month warranty.

Brand: Zoyuzan

👤The size was good and there was no cable section that would break. Wrong! There is a It took about 45 minutes to charge my phone and headphones. It sounded good. But then it stopped. Just stopped for 35 to 45 minutes. There is a The music kept coming out of the phone even after I unplugged it. I can't hear the sound of the headphones. I used my old lightning cable to connect to the new one. I wanted a charging unit and headphones, but not this one. There is a Add mine to the bad reviews. There is a Another bad review. They should not sell this product because it is a waste of time and money. Don't buy it, it will cost you time and money.

👤You can use audio and video apps to monitor levels of external microphones or the built in mics on the phone. There is a There is lag, but it is not noticeable. If you're trying to monitor yourself speaking, playing, and singing, then you won't be able to. I tried to use this device with a music app, but it didn't work. It didn't work with garageband, mavic pro, or voice record pro. They didn't see the availability of headphones. There is a It does fit with my case on, and even still has a small gap for a thicker case. It doesn't do me much if I can't use it for what I need. There is a It says it doesn't work with mic, but doesn't say anything about working with certain apps. I tried the apple one, and it works well with all of the other apps.

👤The latest design eliminates a pigtail wire completely, making it the best. The best choice over all of the wired adapters is this one because it has nothing to wear out or break. The new design of the newer iPhone models requires you to purchase a separate accessory to allow simultaneous charging and listening to your music on your expensive headphones or earbuds, which is a game-changing feature. I was on my 4th wired adapter. The wire is always the problem with wired cell phone connections, once the wire starts breaking down internally, you start getting that horrible distortion... Now what? It's time to buy another one. This time... WIRED? Or no-WIRE? It's your money! There is a This is the one I recommend... It will be the last one you have to replace.

👤The accessory doesn't work for calls because it doesn't support the microphone on the headphones that are plugged in. If someone called while you were wearing headphones, you would have to bring the phone to your face. The purpose for me was defeated by this. I'm coming back. I'm sad because I think the design is sleek and practical, and that it raised the volume of what I was listening to compared to the regular apple converter and the new lightning headphones that I got to replace.

👤It was fine for the first night. I had to play with it to get it to work. Playing around means bending, pushing, pulling. It's not good to do to the phone lightning receptacle. I was able to get it to work again. The next night it stopped working. I tested other lightning accessories on my phone. It's specific to this item. It would've been a good accessory if it continued to work. I would like to read the reviews before ordering.

9. Josi Minea Headphone Connectors Smartphones

Josi Minea Headphone Connectors Smartphones

It is strong and stylish. It's for devices with a 3.5mm headset audio input. It extends the reach of a headset. Its slim front barrel is compatible with almost all cases. Provides high-quality copper for consistent signal between components.

Brand: Josi Minea

👤It works as expected. I used it as an extension for my credit card reader on my phone. The reader couldn't register. It's not a fault of the product that it's awkward having the extension, next time I'll get a wired extension and use something. If you don't understand what I mean, I posted a few pictures. Please click if this post helps you.

👤I have ordered three of these in the last few months because they work well with my two phones, which have cases on them. I have two cell phones, one for my work and one for my personal use, both of which have cases that allow the phone to be protected very well. Most jacks don't fit into the headphone slot when a case is on the phone. This allows me to use my phone at work, at home and in my car. This is built to fit through the case and it also allows the headphone piece to snap in easily. I haven't had any issues with static or the headphones slipping out.

👤I don't leave bad reviews, but this product doesn't work for me. There is a I found out about it after the return window. I was using this for my phone headset. I couldn't hear the person I was talking to. We adjusted all of the volume options after I tried to re-seating the phone jack. They could hear me even though I removed the jack adapter. I've gotten one before. It worked well. There is a I am not sure if this one is flawed or broken. If that is possible, I would love to have a replacement. If it works, I will update my review.

👤I used this for 5 minutes before my iPad blew the headphones. My headphones won't work even with this disconnected. I need to pay to get my iPad fixed because Apple said that headphones are not covered under warranty. Don't buy this because it will be67531 in your headphones jack There is a Hope this helped you decide not to purchase it.

👤The item works as it should. The picture for this item is similar to the other items that are sold in multiples. This is only one piece. I went back and looked at the listings again and found this in the product details. I double checked the competing listings to make sure they include multiple pieces. The mistake is mine because I didn't read the product details, but it seems like the listing picture is trying to make it seem like there are more pieces than there are.

👤I bought this so that I could use a Square card reader with my phone, since I had to take my phone out of its case. This extension is what I needed. They wouldn't work with the Square card reader. This one had no problems.

👤I thought there were two coming from the photo, but it was a bit deceptive. I am happy to say that it works. Even though I have a cover on my phone, I can use my headphones. I have an Apple product that wasn't listed. It works. I hope it continues to work. I feel better that there was only one. Thanks! It's a good thing.

10. FosPower Headphone Ultra Slim 4 Conductor Headphones

FosPower Headphone Ultra Slim 4 Conductor Headphones

AAZV provides a one year warranty and friendly customer service. TRRS mini-stereo male to TRRS mini-stereo female cable are used. There is a thesis from which this excerpt is from. The audio jack extender is for headphones. Ultra- slim audio jack adapter extends the reach of any 3.5mm cable/plug through the cases. The 24k gold plated connectors are resistant to rust and tarnish. It works with any device with a 3.5mm (1/8") jack, including headsets with a microphone, credit card readers, and car/office/ home audio systems. Voice commands such as "Siri" and "Ok Google" are compatible with the features.

Brand: Fospower

👤I usually don't make bad reviews because most of the products I buy are researched before I buy them, but this is disappointing. My cause was not helped by the other ones. I failed again, but they allowed me to return my defect even after 30 days. This is embarrassing. When plugging in my headphones, one of the three adapters arrived with a bad sound. The second one got fuzzy after about three weeks of use, and of course I loose the last one, which is why this review is only two stars. I'm screwed. I have the original packaging, but I can't return the product for a refund. If you're like me and you're getting this because your Panasonic or other headphones jack could fit inside your phone case, then just purchase another case. I can confirm that my new one is from the UAG brand. I'm very disappointed.

👤I want to like it. The shape is great, the size is great, but I'm left wondering about the quality control. I feel bad for people who only bought one item. I would always go for three pack when 10% more is available. There is a The first one I tried only had audio from the left channel. It appears that I'm not the first person to be reviewed. I tried the 2nd and it seems to work. I tried the third and audio came out of both channels but it was not as good as the stock cable. I couldn't tell the difference between the stock and the second one. I don't want it to sound good or to think I'm getting all of the proper signal when I use this with a high quality pair of headphones. Quality control needs a serious fix. If you get a good one, you're all set, but did you get a good one?

👤My kids' headphones wouldn't plug in properly without the case being removed, so I bought a pack of these. These seem to be of good quality, as they are made of metal. The plastic joints that separate the audio channels seem to be the problem. After a few days, the iPad's adapter broke, but I thought my daughter may have done something wrong. The other child's iPad broke off during normal use. I'm not sure if it's a design flaw or if the materials used in the adapter easily come apart. It is very difficult and may require professional help to remove the piece that is stuck inside. You have to glue a plastic ink tube from a pen to the broken piece using super glue and wait 24 hours to pull it out because no one can get in the tiny hole. You can pull it out if you don't make any mistakes. You can have a hole with glue in it if you do. It's not worth the headaches or cost to fix.

👤I have audio cables and headphones that won't plug into my phone's audio jack because the plug is too wide, and it conflicts with the narrow opening in the phone case. The problem is solved by the fact that I can plug my audio cable or headphones into the adapter and use the skinny plug on my phone. This has made a huge difference in keeping a secure connection to the audio jack on my phone.

11. Headphone Lightning Extender Compatible Converter

Headphone Lightning Extender Compatible Converter

Provides high-quality copper for consistent signal between components. It's widely applicable. It's compatible with the following: iPhone X / Xs / Xs Max / XR, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus iPod / iPad. Function introduction Please note that there is no call function. It allows your device to listen to music, watch videos and play games, which is great for running. It is easy to carry. The sound quality is perfect. The 100% copper core used in the adapter provides a high quality sound, 48 KHz and 24 bit audio output, and maintain the original sound quality. High quality. The PC is made of ABS. The design is glossy white. This is a good choice if you want to use it yourself or as a gift. QUALITY ASSURANCE They offer a 12-month warranty and 24h easy to reach service with the one adapters you get.

Brand: Zoyuzan

👤If you don't use a case with your phone or have a slim case without corner bumpers, this works great. I want to like this product. It is an all in one solution for charging and a headphones jack. There is a The lighting port was too short to work with my cell phone case. It is awesome when I take my case off. It is too short to get past the rubber corners on my case. If they added 5mm to the lighting port, it was done.

👤The device works well. There is a If you have a case on your device, you can't use it. The lightening connection is not long enough to connect. Who doesn't have a case on their device? It would be great if the connector was an inch longer. I kept the device just in case I met someone without a case. I hope the engineer reads this and adds an extra inch to the engine. The design is 2.n. Matthew is the son of Matthew.

👤I was worried that the adapter wouldn't work with my case, but it works great. I had no problem connecting to the lightning port because I use a relatively slim case. I was able to charge it while listening to music with my headphones. I can not attest to the longevity since I just got it, but I will keep an eye on it. 5 stars so far!

👤It works great on my phone. It's nice to be able to listen and charge my phone at the same time. I am having a lager drink while I write this review. #crushingit

👤I want to keep the phone with me. When I want to connect my headphones, I don't have to look for an accessory. The phone is connected to the adapter. The 3.5mm isn't plugged in, so all sounds are transferred to the adapter. Unless I want my phone to always be on silent, it can't keep the adapter plugged in all the time. This is a good quality accessory.

👤The product was not very good on the first day. It was hot just plugged into my phone. The charge worked for a while. It doesn't work. The headphones work, but the adapter is hot. The item was returned for a refund.

👤Great product. The product plugs into the phone's charging port. I am able to listen to music while I am on the phone. There are no wires that stop working in a short period of time. Highly recommended.

👤Then it stopped. No sound or power. If I plug in the lightning cable directly, there is power, if I plug in the lightning cable with a 3.5mm sound. There was nothing there with this adapter. I had high hopes for this one. When apple took our headphones, they dropped the ball, so we had to use the lightning.


What is the best product for headphone jack extender pack?

Headphone jack extender pack products from Ugreen. In this article about headphone jack extender pack you can see why people choose the product. Zoyuzan and Cablecreation are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone jack extender pack.

What are the best brands for headphone jack extender pack?

Ugreen, Zoyuzan and Cablecreation are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone jack extender pack. Find the detail in this article. Accessonico, Ugreen and Zoyuzan are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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