Best Headphone Jack Speaker for Monitor

Speaker 10 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. MANHATTAN 2600 Speaker System 161435

MANHATTAN 2600 Speaker System 161435

The Frequency Response is 100 Hz. Two speakers with dimensions less than 3 inches per side are good for rich audio from your PC/laptop/notebook. There is a power source for theusb You don't have to worry about finding an outlet or carrying around an accessory for the speakers because they draw all their power from theusb connection. The cable is 3 feet long. 3.5mm audio plug. The audio plug is easy to use on most PCs and mobile devices. Audio plug need to be connected to a computer. The cable is long. The in-line controller lets you quickly adjust the volume of the speakers without having to change the volume on your device. Compact form and durable construction mean you can have a great fit in your laptop bag, briefcase or bookbag. The sound is full range and small for mobile listening. You can easily connect to notebook computers and other devices.

Brand: Manhattan

👤It was small. Cheap. The build quality is reasonable. Okay, fidelity. It was loud enough. Adding decent audio to a computer monitor is anywayanydaynywayanydaynywayanyday. Not for listening to high bit-rate, high fidelity audio at loud volumes. You will need to spend more than 10 bucks for that. Home theater speakers are not. The audio signal comes from a 3.5mm jack. The speaker's volume should be kept at max. Volume can be controlled through your device or software. Low profile speakers are good for money. I met my expectations.

👤I bought them for our window display. Good quality sounds were needed by me. The speakers were perfect, even though some of the comments complained about the quality. The talking and music played at a high volume with no distortion. The speakers were small enough to fit in my window and I was loud enough to broadcast. I use these speakers with my computer during the off season, and I am very happy with them. My son is playing laptop games.

👤There is a lot of discussion about cable length. The speakers have the cables fixed to them. The speakers have a cable between them. There is a A small volume control device is in the audio cable that will connect to your PC or other device, which is about one foot from the speakers. The volume control works well. You can control the volume from your device. There is a dual cable that ends in a 3.5mm stereo plug. If your audio output is not close to yourusb connection, the cable pair can be torn apart. The cable pair is about 6 feet long. The plug is only for power. It's not an audio input. The speakers will not work if there is nousb connection. The speaker is a cube. I'm not sure why Amazon has a 3.5 inch dimensions. The dimensions are clearly wrong. These speakers are small. The metal disk is the speaker. The speaker grill is not included. I think it could be damaged if thrown into a backpack without additional protection. There is a The audio quality is good. I have used a lot of laptop speakers, but it is better than this one. I would recommend these speakers to anyone looking for an inexpensive speaker system.

👤The speakers I bought for my laptop were supposed to be perfect, but they are not as loud as my actual speakers. Completely worthless, I returned them. If you plug them into a device that doesn't have any sound or background noise, you won't hear them.

👤They won't hit the neighbors. They are great for computer speakers. They are also very loud. I don't think you should turn them up too much because they get loud and shrill and can't sit in front of you. I am selling a computer and monitor and bought these to go with it. I decided to keep them and let the bigger but worse quality speakers go with the system I was going to sell. The system in the picture is my backup system with a 27" QHD monitor. I can pay for a Bose set. I have several Bose Soundlink minis. The 3 Plus speakers have way more bass than the other two. My main system has Bose Companion 3 Series 2 speakers and sub which is where I spend most of my time. I can afford a bigger system but they are perfect for this use. They have good sound and can play loud. I don't fiddle with it each time I use it. They turn on the computer with it, and the volume is controlled by the computer volume on my keyboard. There is a And under ten bucks? Try it.

2. AmazonBasics Powered Multimedia External Speakers

AmazonBasics Powered Multimedia External Speakers

Most of the devices with a 3.5mm jack are supported by the sound bar. It's compatible with PC, Computer, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphones. You need a portable power source. The speakers have dual drivers for supreme stereo sound with deep bass. Control the volume using simple, easy-access controls located on the front of the speakers. Plug in the power and insert a 3.5mm jack into your audio device, and you're good to go. A built-in headphone jack for plugging in headphones, 3.5mm audio input, and auxiliary line are all included. Measures approximately 3.4 by 9.3 by 4.2 inches and weighs approximately 2.8 pounds.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I was blown away by the value. I used these with my 2nd generation echo dot. The same thing was attached to my speakers. I made a small adjustment to the app to add a little bass. I have been in the IT field for 27 years and am a former radio station music director.

👤I agree with the other comments, but I wonder why the cord between the two speakers is so short. Would an extra couple of feet ruin the budget? It's almost impossible to enjoy full stereo when the speakers can't be placed at the end of the desk.

👤The knob is so sensitive that volume control is almost impossible. If you're using the knob instead of the software, you need a brain surgeon to make sure the volume is right. The sound quality is ok. It's not good for music because there is no bass. You would have the same quality speakers on your phone or laptop if you watched a video or listened to an audiobook. I wish I'd spent a little more money and gotten something better. There is a My downfall was the fact that it was a branded AmazonBasics product, and I've always had very good experiences with AmazonBasics products, so I placed my trust in them here too. Lesson learned.

👤The speakers were larger than I anticipated. No issue with that. Sound is good for the price range. One star is off for two reasons. The front of the speaker openings are similar to the paper fiber used for speaker cones. The speaker is made of black material and vibrates to make the sound. The material here feels very fragile. There are no protective grills for this material. The Aux input is not accurate. Two sound sources can't be used at the same time. The primary audio connection is disconnected when plugging in the aux connection. I was expecting to use the main plug to get the computer audio out and the AUX connection to get the audio from the monitor. This is impossible. It's either one or the other. Not both together.

👤The reviews should have been read by me. I am an old fart and don't care for loud music, but come on guys. The volume is not even close to a reasonable volume. We should be able to set them 4 feet apart in 2019. For half the price, Logitech has better sound.

👤These may sound good, but know that there is only one speaker in each enclosure. I opened the case to replace the wires and found that there was only one driver. Product description is not accurate. Would not buy again.

👤I got these for a tv that had poor speaker quality. These are great! Don't let the price make you think you're buying junk. They're not Bose, but the sound is full. It is definitely worth the money.

👤The speakers are over priced for the entry level. I only needed these for the project I am doing. When I opened the speakers, I noticed that only two of them were real. Two of the speakers in the box are wired. The top two have no magnets. They are not real speakers. The audio quality is low and a little blurry, but I didn't expect that. I think these speakers are fine, but you could do better than the $30 I paid. I think they should be closer to the price point.

3. Computer Speakers BeBomBasics Powered Multimedia

Computer Speakers BeBomBasics Powered Multimedia

You can save desktop space by using a small speaker. The design of the wired desktop speakers makes them more compact and smart. The black color is very elegant and cool. The sleek appearance is compatible with most devices. The sounds fill the room better with thisusb powered speakers. The volume is good for cinephiles and misic lovers. On-line speaker volume control can be used for quick and easy audio adjustments. The speakers are loud enough to project a message. If you play these on full volume, you will wake your neighbors. Plug in multiple devices and it's easy to connect to the internet. Small computer speakers have an AUX jack to plug in a MiniDisc player, mp3 player, iPod, cellphone and any other AUX jack-equipped mobile media players. Through AUX IN. Compact size for placing on the table, perfect for home, office. Before shipping, 100% test. Don't worry, buy it.

Brand: Bebom

👤The sound quality is good for the price, but the audio is not as good as the PC speakers. It was small. I needed something to fit under my monitor and these fit that bill. It's cheap. The quality of these speakers is quite good and they are about the cheapest on the internet. Aesthetics. It's better looking than most PC speakers and works well with black/silver monitors. There is a The light is super. They have no weight at all, and any jostle will move them. The volume is on the cord. This has no use at all. I have a 40 inch cord behind a desk and it gets in the way. I think they should have just put a small button on top of the actual speakers and not bother with in-line volume control. The cord is very thin. I can see why some people have static. These have no insulation at all. There is a I'm giving these a 5 because of the price and quality. If they were more expensive, I would give them a 5. There is a If I were them, I would weight them a little bit, drop the volume knob, and insulate the cord from interference.

👤The sound of these speakers is better than the one in the unit speaker, but you have to plug in the plug into a powered Usb hub. There is a It's a really nice deal for 8 dollars and some change. I'm including a sound quality comparison in the video.

👤They were available for same-day delivery in our city and we bought them because they were crazy cheap. There is a They initially only provided sound from a monitor with no speakers, but they now have an audio-out jack. They moved to my primary PC after the setup was no longer needed. I know it is a huge downgrade. The klipsch set was perfect, they had another location where their high volume and bass would be used. I use headphones and speakers when I play a game on my computer. I can hear the game audio past the headset if it is loud. There is a These speakers do a good job. The speakers take up very little space, and the sound quality is clear. There is a Downsides? The power cord has volume control on it. It is obvious that it is not a dial on one of the speakers. They are made on one single production line, and any two speakers are wired together and shipped as a pair. The logo is stamped on the same side as the speakers. It is part of why they are less expensive than a meal at a fast food joint, and if that is bothering you, there is a similar set of speakers on Amazon.

👤The speakers are small so I can carry them with me. The speakers on my laptop are too loud for the class to hear. I bought these so that the students could hear the videos we are required to show. They work as long as they are plugged in. When my laptop is plugged in multiple times throughout the day, it gets a little tricky. By the end of the school day, I have to plug in a few times. A little playing with them makes them work again. My class can hear the videos. I like them.

4. Bose Companion III Multimedia Speakers

Bose Companion III Multimedia Speakers

Even with leading online conferencing services such as Skype, Facetime, and GotoMeeting, I can handle family calls and Online class with ease. Clear sound at any volume is a high quality audio performance. Bose performance can be brought to another audio source by using the auxiliary input. Bose Companion 2 Series III speakers will help you improve your sound. You can connect another device to the auxiliary input. There is a jack on the right speaker. Mac and Windows are compatible.

Brand: Bose

👤Holy cow! These are great! There is a I can spend five times as much on Bose speakers as I can on these entry level Bose speakers. I didn't want to. I need to edit video in Adobe premiere Pro CC for a college class, and my iMac speakers aren't doing the job. I went to Amazon to buy some speakers. I realized that I want an "A" in this class as I will be graded on sound. Oh yes. I remembered that I am no longer 15. I can afford to buy some decent computer speakers. I read a lot of reviews, but the ones that stuck with me the most were the ones that said the sound was "flat" and the speakers were better. I wasted another hour of my life tracking down these "magnificent speakers" only to find that the troll wrote how bad they were. Bose is a premium brand and I just bought a pair of Bose speakers. The positive reviews were important to me. I will save you a lot of time. You can send them back if you don't like them. Bose is attentive to packaging these so they don't get damaged in shipment. I buy a lot of stuff on Amazon, and it's rare to see a product that's cleverly packaged. The bass is great and the treble is clear. This is not a surround sound movie theater system, but a pair of speakers that are relatively inexpensive. They put out a nice sound. There is a Also, note: I am not going to crank these up to eleven to see if there is distortion. I adjust my iMac volume when I have them at 75%. It's loud enough to get my neighbors to complain and it's a few rooms away. It's perfect for office use and even some basic entertainment. It's easy to set up. I read the instructions after they worked. Not compatible. These are good. There are short cords. You won't be able to mount these 20 feet away from your computer. These are under your desk. You will like them a lot if you use them that way. Hope this helps.

👤I had been using an old pair of computer speakers that were making funny noises, and I had been thinking about replacing them with Bose speakers. Someone sent me an Amazon gift card for Christmas and I decided to order them. They are awesome. I didn't realize they were on when I plugged them into the wall and computer. At 50% volume, they were completely silent. I was completely surprised when they came to life in the game. The sound is clear. My wife doesn't like my taste in music, but these are the best speakers in my house now. When they are turned on, they are completely silent, even at max volume. I would spend $100 on these again because I am very satisfied with them.

👤I bought these and the Yamaha speakers. I have had the same Sony speaker system for almost 5 years now, and I was happy with it. I didn't realize how much I missed out on when I had those. I tested the Companion III Speakers for about 5 days before they arrived. I liked the Bose. Doesn't distort at max volume for any type of music. When the volume dial is turned to the max, there is no feedback noise. When listening to songs that can bother some people, no "Sharp" or "High" sounds. A very balanced sound with a slight bass emphasis. In the dark, the small indent on the volume knob can be felt. I like keeping this symmetrical. 6. The volume knob has a satisfying feel to it. I disliked the Bose. When compared to the NX-50s, the sounds are a little muffled. The Bose sounds dull and uninteresting and I don't like it. I used to think the Bose were great. There is a 2. If you want to get that earthshaking bass, get a 2.1 speaker system or install a bigger sub in your car, but I was not expecting the speakers to hit deep lows when listening to bass heavy songs. The bass in most hiphop songs is not the same as it is in real life. It was great for Jazz and Blues. There is a I like the Yamaha NX-50s. It was lively and colorful. When playing jazz, classical, or any songs that don't have ridiculously low bass notes, it's not a good idea. 2. The voices are much louder. 3. snaps, bells, and chimes all sound like they are in the room with you. 4. A small white indicator light is needed to let you know it's on. I disliked the NX-50s. The feedback noise at max volume is annoying. If you want to look at your computer, keep your volume at 70% or lower. 2. I listened to a lot of songs at higher volumes. 3. The volume dial is not as good as the Bose dial. 4. The voices in the songs feel like they are vibrating when the bass is low. You will know what I mean if you play hip hop or rap. Conclusions: Both speakers have pros and cons. If you don't want to spend over $100 for a desktop speaker, go for the Bose. I think you are sacrificing some sound quality. The Yamaha's are more flat sounding than the Bose. I'm sure it won't matter to you if you don't listen to them side by side. The Yamaha speakers sound great, but they cost more. If you like listening to all the detail in a song, I would recommend the NX-50s. The sound is much louder and more "surround sound" like. I found the pros and cons for both. Good luck choosing!

5. Creative USB Powered Speakers Far Field Radiators

Creative USB Powered Speakers Far Field Radiators

What do you get? Their worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service are what they offer. A hassle-free Audio experience with a singleUSB cable without the need for a power transformer. custom-tailored far-field driver solution with rear facing passive radiators for excellent audio and enhanced bass reproduction 45 elevated drivers are used for enhanced audio projection. It's perfect for any modern home, office or workspace. Front-facing controls for instant adjustments are easy to access. The Frequency Response is 100 Hz.

Brand: Creative

👤They are not powered by electricity. I wanted speakers that were only available in the US, but I also wanted headphones that were only available in the US. I don't want speakers that have a 3.5mm plug. I don't want anything that has a 3.5mm plug. Do not buy these if you are expecting speakers that are only powered by the internet.

👤I was almost certain I'd want something with a sub, even though I was skeptical of anything that was powered by ausb. I decided the speakers were cheap and portable, so I could use them somewhere else if they didn't live up to my standards, if they didn't live up to my unreasonable standards for word processing background music. The speakers are well balanced and provide an incredible amount of clarity at their quietest and loudest levels, which is much quieter than other speakers at this price point. The bass is close to the ground. The speakers are meant to serve one pair of ears, and they do that marvelously.

👤These speakers are amazing. I'm not an enthusiast. I know that these speakers produce great sound. You can't go wrong with them at the price point. The bass is quite good at loud settings. The quality of sound highlights the high and low sides very well. I mostly use them to listen to music videos on the internet, but I also use them for all purposes. I have read that it may be hard to use these speakers if you are traveling. There is no screen over the speakers. These are not major points. They are not meant to be used for traveling. If you are careful with the speakers, they will not be missing the screen. There is a The speakers are awesome and recommend them.

👤I bought this to use in my classroom since my PC doesn't have much volume and I need to project videos to my students. I wanted to listen to music after school so I could get ready for the next day. The speakers are a little bigger than I thought. I put in half and it was more than enought. Messing with volume setting on the PC is more than I need. It's a good choice for a $20 speakers. I am happy with them, but they are not really comparable. I bought them black. Sound quality on music is good, the voice is clear, and there's good bass. It's not the same as listening to my headphones or speakers at home. I think the sounf is satisfying. I think it could still improve on detail, but maybe I am asking too much. I'm giving 4 for this, but it's really a 4.7.

👤All the competitors were in the price range. I decided to give it a try after reading a review that said it was the best cheap speaker over others that cost more. I'm very happy I did. I saved money, got a well-performing sound system and it was aesthetically pleasing. The volume is loud enough for small rooms. It can go up really loud if you turn the volume up more than that. Make your neighbors angry. There is a I enjoy listening to music and audiobooks because of the rich sound. It's quite good in the mid to high range. The bass isn't great, but that's to be expected. There is a The speakers look like Zen garden pebbles and are very nice to look at. The white ones have rose gold accents in the center and look classy. It's great that they're small, considering how small my desk is.

6. Logitech Z333 2 1 Speakers Easy Access

Logitech Z333 2 1 Speakers Easy Access

Mac and Windows are compatible. The power of 80 Watts of BOLD SOUND is 40 Watts Peak, and it delivers maximum loudness via two satellite speakers and a large sub. Enjoy the sound. The small driver on the satellite speakers is decorative and non-operational. The front-facing sub creates strong bass, adding another aspect to your videos, games and music. You can hear and feel strong bass. You can connect up to two compatible devices via the 3.5 millimeter and RCA inputs. It's not necessary to connect when you switch between audio sources. Simple controls allow you to easily access power, volume and the headphones. The control knob on the back of the subs is dedicated to adjusting the bass level. The right speaker has a headphone jack on it. Also, note: Refer to the user manual. A 5 inch driver adds deep, intense bass to your music, movies and games.

Brand: Logitech

👤I will not buy it again. The speaker is just for show.

👤The top speaker is a fake.

👤There is a fake account on the social networking site. These are my speakers. Not uploading from another site. Never buying from them again.

👤I liked the sound quality of these speakers. Not even 10 months after purchase, they gave out. I use these for animation/editing work so safe to say I wasn't cranking them to 11 or even halfway on the controller for that matter. I tested my drivers first and plugged audio into different devices, but if headphones are plugged into the volume controller, the sound from the speakers will not come from them. I'm sad to see these go, I'm hoping I can get a factory replacement, they didn't last the year.

👤I didn't like these speakers until a year after I bought them. They stopped. The light is still on, everything else is normal except for the sound.

👤I got two sets. They both had damaged subs. The way it is packaged makes one of the corners protected from box damage. When a corner of a box is smashed, the corner of the sub breaks. The problem is that none of the speakers work. I found out that those are fake speakers after reading a review on Amazon. Sound doesn't have trebles. The bass lacks low frequencies that should be easy to generate from such a large enclosure. The item description shows a knob made from metal. It's not. It's a piece of plastic. The knob makes noise when turning, as if there is a problem between it and the base. I have to use both hands to adjust the volume since it's not possible to smoothly adjust the knob. noise is the last problem. There is a lot of noise coming from the speakers when volume is higher. I like to use volume buttons on the keyboard to set volume level, so I keep the speakers set to high. The product is not possible due to the noise that the speakers make. It was made in China.

👤I needed a new set of speakers for my computer after the 2.1 surround sound speakers broke. The sound quality of these is nowhere near as good as my 8 year old speakers, which I bought for $39.99, and I picked them up during a Black Friday sale for $49.99. I'm not an audio engineer, but these speakers lack the vividness of sound that most mid-range speakers have. The bass on the speakers isn't as loud as my old set was, but it's still a good sound. If you plan to run the cable for your audio control through a grommet, look elsewhere. Even after I undid all of the cable management for my monitors, keyboard, and other electronics, the volume control was able to be squeezed through my desk's 2.5" grommets. You have no choice but to force the entire volume control through whatever hole you run your cables through because there is no way to disconnected the cable from the volume control to the sub. The volume control is redundant in most high-end gaming setups, as we typically have a master volume control on our keyboards. The 3.5mm port on the volume control is useless if you plan to use a headset, as the pole required for the microphone is not present, meaning you will only get audio-out. I'll probably be replacing these with something else within the next year or two, but with holiday financial constraints, these were the only option in my price range.

7. Logitech S120 2 0 Stereo Speakers

Logitech S120 2 0 Stereo Speakers

Powerful metal housing ensures wear resistance, anti-corrosion, and solid protection. 20 strands of three Cores, a copper cover, and a nylon- braided cover were combined to make thisusb audio accessory. Its high density shielding protects against sound and soft touch. A stereo speaker system. It is a compact size that can deliver high quality audio without using a lot of space. 50hertz 20hertz response band width nominal output power is 2.2 watt. A knob for adjusting volume is built into the headphone jack.

Brand: Logitech

👤I bought these for my wife's laptop, which is permanently set up on a small desk. If you have a small workspace, these speakers are just right for you because they are large enough to resist tipping over or sliding off the edge of the desk. You can turn them on and off with a simple knob. I like that they don't have a port for software or drivers, just plug them in and you're good to go. The sound quality and volume of the speakers are really good. The price is a great value.

👤These speakers are not "audiophile" caliber. Good enough for the price? Yes. My photo doesn't do it justice, the light is too bright. The wires are not necessary. The speaker with the switch, power source and audio source will be the most common one. The hub speaker has one wire to connect to the other speaker. There is a The speaker with the power cord has a pair of wires coming out, while the speaker with the switch has a pair of wires coming out. You can't stop the speakers from talking. I know... I know... These speakers are cheap. I would rather have paid more to get less stuff on my desk and not have a distraction.

👤I like to watch movies, listen to music, but my computer volume is not very good and I also listen to my audios. I had a set like this and was looking for another set because my last one broke and I had to move it from computer to kitchen. I've been unable to find any with wall supply of this size, not only that the bigger ones were very expensive, but I've also been unable to find any with wall supply of this size. I need a small item that doesn't take up a lot of space. The price is right and they are just the size I need, that's why I was excited when I found this. I could not find speakers that would work for me. I had a lot of batteries. Over the years, I have bought several products from the Logitech brand and have always been very pleased with them. The cords are thick and can take some abuse, but they are made to last with heavy plastic that will not break easily. The cord between the two speakers is long so you can get a good sound. I was surprised to find these so inexpensive that I could buy more for backup. You can plug in and turn on the setup, but it's not a setup. I didn't expect them to be high end, but they work great, sound is good, and they are perfect for my use. I have a back up set that works so well that I know I can go that extra mile if I need to. I now have a computer in the kitchen and one in the computer room. I can use one in the car for my audios. I can't tell you how excited I am to have them work so well. I would love to give it more than a five star.

8. LENRUE Computer Speakers USB Powered Sound Bar

LENRUE Computer Speakers USB Powered Sound Bar

Humanized Design and Warranty--Compact size for placing on the table, perfect for home, office. Before shipping, 100% test. Don't worry, buy it. The speakers can work with any device that has a 3.5mm jack. The speaker has a 3.5mm AUX headphone plug. You can connect your wired headphones to the speaker for private gaming, music and movie time. The PC speaker uses upgraded 2x5W technology to deliver clear and crystal sound. soundbar speaker can enhance your listening experience when you are indoors You can control the volume on the A39PRO PC Speaker from the comfort of your home. Colorful Breathlight Design:RGB colorful light is perfect for your homes, offices and workspace to enhanced happy atmosphere. The control button on the sound bar can be used to turn on/off the light. The computer speaker comes with a 3.5mm audio interface which is compatible with most computers, laptops, phones, and mp3 players. This is a note. If the sound is not loud, you can adjust the volume on your computer by the speaker icon on the lower right corner of the taskbar.

Brand: Lenrue

👤The speaker on my laptop is terrible for music. The speaker is small. It has a power source by the way, it plugs into the headphone port. It's easy to setup. The sound is better than the laptop speakers. You can turn off the two led light on the front with the switch on the back. I like the vibrant color. The bar has a volume control on it. It is a dial control. It takes a while to adjust the volume compared to the button press style. This is a nice audio upgrade. This is a great value.

👤The sound bar is small and fun. This is for my computer. I was exited after reading the reviews. I was not as impressed with the sound quality as other people were. I returned right away after it was very unremarkable.

👤I can see this working for someone who has no speaker ability on their current computer setup, but I found my laptop speakers have better sound quality so this will be going back.

👤I just got my new computer and monitor and realized that they didn't have speakers. I decided on a soundbar to maximize space because I didn't want to get double speaker head types. The speaker's style matches the aesthetic of my gaming computer. The design is a space saver and is a great starter PC speaker. The set up is very lightweight. It has a mic and a jack that saves me from reaching out the back of my computer if I want to plug in my headphones. There is a The volume is not as loud as I would like it to be. I am a bit hard of hearing so I need speakers that are higher up. There is no sound mixer for this plug and play. You can't change the bass or other equalizers. The speaker is above average. I'm looking forward to the longevity of this device being part of my family.

👤My 11-year-old son has become an avid PC gamer this past year and when we upgraded his gaming desk, he asked for a better sound experience. There is a I decided on this model because I was looking for the most affordable option. You can go wrong for $20. There is a The sound quality is better than the built-in speaker on his laptop. It is clear and crisp. There is a It has a nice kick of base. Solid and durable construction. There is a His desk has a lot of lighting from the mouse pad to the keyboard. There is a The light from this speaker is subtle. I am very happy with this purchase. The price was amazing. Beautifully packaged.

👤I added a small computer sound bar to my home setup for boring training sessions and long conference calls. There is a The speaker or small sound bar is light weight with rounded edges on each side and a logo in the middle between the two speakers. The audio out jack is close to the audio in the speaker, so this works best if you have both the audio out jack and the audio in the speaker. My laptop has two jacks on it's side, and my HP desktop tower has several ports on it. There is a When I saw the blue light pin hole next to the power button, I thought the speaker would connect to the devices, but it was only an aux cord. When I double press the power button, it turns on and off the led lights. The speakers had green, teal, and blue lights. The play button is a volume button. When the speaker makes the sound quieter, the video or music will play on the computer. Do not expect a lot of bass. I tested when I was playing the game. I want to give my head and ears a break from wearing the company issued headset when I listen to linkedin learning or acloudguru courses.

9. Redragon Orpheus Speakers Computer Maneuverable

Redragon Orpheus Speakers Computer Maneuverable

Compact size for placing on the table, perfect for home, office. Before shipping, 100% test. Don't worry, buy it. The maneuverable compact size of GS550 makes it easy to see. You will love it in both ways, whether it is standing individually on each side of the monitor or lying merged underneath. The 2.0 Channel Stereo Core is equipped with an advanced sound drive unit and full range. The volume knob and on knob/off switch make it convenient and precise to adjust the volume. Extra audio and a mic port support your peripheral devices needs. Their Redragon themed red led backlit is Indispensable Red. Plug and play for broad compatibility allows this rockstar to party on a wide range of stages for PC, TV and laptop. The cable length between the two speakers is up to 31 in.

Brand: Redragon

👤I got this today. The quality was tested. Here are my thoughts on the PC speaker. It was small. Light plastic. 2. Not heavy. Speaker drivers are small. 3. There was no one with a tweeters. The speaker is a 2-in-1. 4. There is a portable power source that can be plugged into. You can use an AC outlet with a computer. 5. It will not pose a problem to your monitor. I have a monitor that is protected with speakers. The speakers have high magnetic fields. This one is not. 6. This is not for people who are used to listening with speakers. 7. It's good for night time or sleeping. There are 8. It is not recommended for gaming. The bass is flat if you use it. There are 9. Volume control is sectional. You will not feel mechanical clicks. 10. The current price is almost $32. You get what you expect. Overall. The quality is good. This isn't good for gaming speakers. In my opinion.

👤The sound is good for the price, comparable to the Z313. It's small so it doesn't take up a lot of desk space. Can fill a small room with music with ease. Can be used as both speakers and a soundbar. The volume knob is easy to reach. There is a The wire connecting the second speaker to the first speaker was short, so one speaker on each side was needed for a 2 monitor setup. The problem could be solved if the wire is removed. The user can decide how long the wire should be to place the speakers. Even if the computer is turned off, the red led is not turned off. The ports on your computer can be turned off to fix this. There is a The speakers are great for a budget. Have a good sound and sound volume. The two modes allow you to use them however you please.

👤I bought their keyboard mouse combo from Amazon. Since I am getting a real monitor to replace the one I am using for my pc, I wanted to give the speakers a chance. I didn't realize how nice the phone sounded until I plugged it in. The range is about 2 and nothing sounds clear, almost like there's a bad pass built in. Please invest your money in something that you can listen to. I would like to return the keyboard and mouse. I returned the mouse keyboard because one of the keys was making a clicking sound, I took it off and saw that the key base had been sprayed with black paint. If you want quality, don't expect much from cheap off brands, I got a Bose speaker and a Razer keyboard.

👤I have had these for a week or so and they are not bad. I don't think it will have the best sound ever for those who are high end, because you're getting what you paid for. It all depends on where you place them. They sound great under my monitor. I don't have to listen to my speakers anymore. You can have them on either side of your screen or laid down flat. The jacks for your headphones or microphone are built into the Red LEDs.

10. Headphones Adapter MillSO Amplifiers Theater

Headphones Adapter MillSO Amplifiers Theater

Please let them know if you have a quality problem and they will give you a replacement or a refund. MillSO is a 3.5mm Female jack into a A piano keyboard to headphones, guitar amplifier to speaker, amplifier to speaker, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 30 cm-more-length: quarter inch adapter, 30 cm durable, and premium soft PVC jacket extension cable trends to create more available space between two connected devices MillSO is a very portable and flexible accessory that can convert a port to a 3.5mm port. The devices you use should have a stereo jack. Transfer audio between devices. The MillSO 3.5mm to 1/2 headphones have a 24K gold- plated connection and are qualified for audio. The 3.5mm jack and plug are compatible and make it easy to listen to music. The MillSO offers an unconditional warranty for the 3.5mm to . Contact them for assistance. Their support team will help you.

Brand: Millso

👤This has done most of my 3.5mm to 1/2in adapters. A lot of my adapters have more hiss and static, but not with this. My amplifier prefers a 1/2in connected directly to cables, rather than the adapters that it does. It's fine for my headphones that end in 1/2in. Some of them have good quality screw ons. The 3.5mm headphones are not easy to use with the adapters. The majority of the headset cables I have issues with are 4 channel. Buying new cables for each pair of headphones is not a good idea. If you get static from your amplifier, double check that you aren't using the wrong one. The adapter has been great.

👤We've owned a digital piano for almost 9 years and have never gotten a headset because we couldn't figure out what kind of accessory it required. We lost the manual that came with it years ago, and since we bought it while living overseas, we thought it needed a special kind of accessory that wouldn't be available in the US. My kids are getting older and they are always arguing over when is a good time to practice since one kid is always sleeping or studying and the other wants to practice. I don't know why I didn't check out Amazon, the model and brand seemed to offer the best value, and I chose it. It works perfectly. I am very happy. We only had it for a week. I can't say if the quality will last, but so far it's been good, I'll change the rating if it ends up being poor quality. I didn't order this years ago.

👤I found this cable for a reasonable price, a male to female 3.5mm headphone jack to connect to my Onkyo receiver to broadcast sound to my wireless Sony headphones. There is no out of the ordinary sound artifacts other than the normal moderate and negligible sound I hear from my system. The connects seem sturdy and the wire sheath is flexible. I recommend, though I only had it for a short time.

👤I have a Sony stereo receiver and a Yamaha keyboard. I needed to be more careful about my noise level since I moved into an apartment with my closest neighbor. I have been able to enjoy jammin' at my preferred volume level without being bothered by my new neighbors. There is a loss of sound in some jacks because of improper fit. This one is perfect. I'm very happy with it and I'm considering buying another one. I don't play my keyboard and listen to my receiver at the same time.

👤The plugs for the 3.5mm and the 6mm make perfect contact with the channels on my stereo. I am using it to connect a stereo receiver to a microphone jack. There was no distortion or snap. The cable is made to do what it was made to do.

👤The headphones should be plugged into the Schiit Magni with a 1/2 jack. The cable is flexible and thick. The connections seem to be made of solid material. I couldn't solder anything that was equivalent to the price. The technique to overmold the plug to cable joint is one that I really like. This product connect headphones, so flexibility and give is paramount to avoiding damaged solder joints or wires in the event that you accidentally grab the cable and give it a hard tug. Well done. I would recommend this accessory to anyone who wants to change a plug to a jack.

11. SUDOTACK USB Powered Multimedia Headphone Projectors

SUDOTACK USB Powered Multimedia Headphone Projectors

ThePLUG and PLAY has a 1-year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. Plug the 3.5mm jack into your audio device, and the Sanyun speakers will fill the room with your music, movies or games; independent wire control design, more convenient to use the pc speakers. A portable stereo sound system. This computer speakers will bring you a great stereo sound experience, and you can turn your computer or laptop into a fantastic sound system. You can fill the room with your music, movies, or computer games with Fashionable and exclusiveusb powered gaming speakers. Touch Control for ON/FF and 5 Led Light Modes. The speakers for desktop computer have latest touch control technology, double tap to get backlit closed, one tap to do color circle, which allows to freely switch between green, red, yellow, and blue as you please. Colorful backlit modes enhance the atmosphere of listening to music, watching movies and playing games and bring extraordinary fun to your daily life. The One-Knob Volume Control andBonus 3.5 MM Headphone Jack is available. The stereo PC speakers have a knob design that makes it easy to realize ON/OFF, volume up and down. You can use an additional 3.5MM jack for headphones or earphone connection, which will make it easier to connect a computer jack and provide private gaming or video moment. Simple to set up. Plug and play is simple to set up. The 3.5mm aux in cable is used for the sound. The speakers work with any device that has a 3.5mm jack and a port for the internet. Widely compatible It is possible to use their multimedia computer speakers with a wide variety of PCs, thanks to the built-in 3.5MM universal aux in port.

Brand: Sudotack

👤The set up on these is crucial. Excellent performance can be achieved with the 1/8 headphone plug. Set your output on a hard surface. The bass is really loud. I deal in classical and popular music, and I am a disc-jockey. The speakers have a dynamic range that is good for monitoring, auditioning, and just plain enjoying sound. I can blow the roof off if I want to because the volume knob is so sensitive. The lights are fun. Enjoy!

👤There is no sound coming from the speakers. It was wonderful. A replacement was sent by the seller. My son plugged it in yesterday and they worked. Sound is good. I changed my rating to a 5. My son loves the speakers and the customer service is great.

👤There was an update at 10.21 The other speaker still sounds into the room when I plug in the headset into the port. What is the purpose of having a headset port? If I turn down the sound via the knob on the speaker that the headset is plugged into to the point where you can't hear sound out of the other speaker the headset still works, but the sound level is still not anything to be proud of. The seller wants to give me another speaker. They are more than welcome to send me another speaker if the new set of speakers will emit sound loud enough for my husband to hear it and give me the trick to keep the sound out of the other speaker. I bought a second monitor to connect to our laptop. The sound from the new monitor is very low, especially for my husband who is hard of hearing. My husband is watching TV in the same room as I use the computer. I needed speakers that could plug in my earbuds. When I was looking, the choices seemed limited. I bought these speakers. The sound level from the monitor speaker to the speakers was the same. I couldn't believe it! I didn't know how blinding the colored lights would be. GAH! I just bought the wrong speakers for our purpose, but what I have now is horrible, I don't know what 10W means. I have to go through the hassle of getting my money back.

👤These speakers have been with me for a couple of months. When the lights are off, the sound is great. The noise is constant when the lights are on. When I turn the lights off, it disappears. There is a If you're getting them for the aesthetic, I wouldn't bother with them. They work well.

👤If it isn't obvious, you can turn off the lights by tapping the speaker's volume knob twice.

👤I have a projector and I need speakers for it. I connected the speaker to my phone. It sounded great. With the volume on high, I could barely hear it. The projector is loud.

👤The design and price of these speakers were exactly what I needed. I assumed the jack would be for a headset with a microphone, as I work from home. It is not. I'm able to use both my speakers and headset after getting a splitter and cable.


What is the best product for headphone jack speaker for monitor?

Headphone jack speaker for monitor products from Manhattan. In this article about headphone jack speaker for monitor you can see why people choose the product. Amazon Basics and Bebom are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone jack speaker for monitor.

What are the best brands for headphone jack speaker for monitor?

Manhattan, Amazon Basics and Bebom are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone jack speaker for monitor. Find the detail in this article. Bose, Creative and Logitech are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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