Best Headphone Jack Speaker for Phone

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1. FIYAPOO Portable Interface Smartphone Computer

FIYAPOO Portable Interface Smartphone Computer

All major devices support a 3.5mm audio plug. The audio interface is 3.5mm. This portable mini speaker is compatible with all 3.5mm jacks and can be plugged into any media device to play music or video audio. Before purchasing, please confirm your device supports 3.5mm jacks. Please make sure you have a 3.5mm cable for the iPhone 7 and above models. Please make sure you have a 3.5mm cable for theusb-c phone. FIYAPOO mini speaker can amplify the sound of your mobile phone, tablet, computer and other devices. The high sound quality is maintained with 4ohm and SNR>90db. The mini wireless speaker size is 47*47*34mm/1.8*1.3inch, compact and lightweight, easy to pack in your pocket, briefcase, and handbag, and carry to anywhere for using it anytime. The mini portable speaker has a built-in 350mAh battery that does not consume cellphone power when playing. 45 minutes is needed to get a full charge through the microusb port. After fully charge, volume at 10% can play 40-50 hours, volume at 50% can play 30 hours, and volume at 90% can play 8-11 hours. Good for portable. Customers who use the line-in speaker don't have to download any apps, plug in their phone and use, it's easy to use.

Brand: Fiyapoo

👤Have you noticed that some Amazon movies have a low volume output when watched on a laptop? There is a Some videos are great, others are not, and some can't be heard with the volume high. There is a I ordered a laptop speaker. It's very easy to use. It has 2 small cables. One goes to the power port and the other goes to the speaker jack. You're in business. There is a The sound quality is better than the speakers. The volume is controlled by the on/off button on the back of the laptop. I'm very pleased with the device. It has solved my problem and it's easy to remove when I don't need it. There is a I don't know why they named it, but it's definitely not POO!

👤My son loves listening to music while in the shower. I don't like using battery operated products because they're bad for the environment and he had a speaker that wouldn't last. I decided to use this speaker. The sound quality is very good. The speaker has a high volume. I use it with my mp3 player as well. I like that it doesn't have a long cord, that's a plus. The jack is what plugs into your device. I've noticed that products with cables end up with a tear, exposing wires and eventually ripping them apart. That won't happen with this. Clever idea!

👤The speaker is loud. A person had a portable speaker that was the size of a can and I bought a mini speaker to compare sound with his speaker. The person said "Aw that little old thing" when I pulled the speaker out. The person said "Dang that little things loud" as I turned the volume up. We compared our speakers and my mini speaker and it was just as good as the bulky speaker. Don't judge an article by its cover.

👤This works well for what I bought it for, but it's at the mercy of the device's sound quality, so it's not perfect. I can't seem to get it to work with a 3.5mm extension cable. Someone else has this problem, or a solution?

👤The sound is great with depth and bass. I listen to audiobooks as I work out and it fills the room with sound, louder than the exercise bike, my main goal! There is a The speaker is too heavy to support the audio jack on my phone. I'll buy an extension cord to make sure the strain is off the device jack. I got an extension cord. It is even more versatile, and here it is on my exercise bike!

👤I bought this so that I didn't have to go through the hookup and pair when I wanted to watch a movie on my phone. There is a The use is very easy. Sound is louder than my phone. There is a There is a clear clicking sound when hooked up. There are loud clicking noises when it is turned on. The speaker is touched and it clicks. There is a The clicking is very loud. I would like to send it back. I threw the box out so I wouldn't have to go through it.

2. Z50 Smartphone Tablet Laptop Grey

Z50 Smartphone Tablet Laptop Grey

You can connect to multiple devices. 5 watt of power is produced by a 2.25" driver. Move the portable speaker to a different room. TelevisionComputerSmartphoneTablet Music player, TelevisionComputer,Computer,Smartphone,Tablet, Music player, System Requirements Small speaker, loud sound, 25 watt driver and 10 watt peak power produce big sound. The single mini speaker gives you the freedom to play music around the house. It works with multiple devices and has a 5mm jack. Plug and play simplicity: Simply plug the speaker into your device and start listening.

Brand: Logitech

👤I was concerned after reading the reviews that complained about the buzzing sound. When my fire was turned off, it made a buzzing sound. There is a I switched from the extension cord to the grounded surge protectors. All buzzing stopped. It's the answer.

👤I've been using various PC speakers to play my electronic devices for years. I had a pair of labtec speakers that I used to play my discman through. Yes, old-school. I was always bothered by the fact that there were two separate volume controls. I had to balance the increased volume on both items without using too much power from the device or the speaker, because it seemed like higher battery drain and static noise. There is a It seemed too good to be true when I saw this device. It must have an internal battery that will wear out over time, I thought. It runs on AC power. It requires a weird audio adapter, I thought. Nope, it uses a standard plug. I gambled and bought it. There is a If you want a simple speaker with no controls that you can plug into any normal port and have enough volume to fit in a dorm room or living room, you're not worried about super-high. If you have limited desk/counter space, it will serve you well because it has a small form factor and footprint. Again, it's not going to satisfy people who spend hundreds of dollars on headphones, and it's not going to blow out the windows. It will amplify your phone, mp3 player, laptop, or other standard audio device up to maximum volumes that are unlikely to hurt your ears. If you're not picky about the color, check the prices on the different colors. The pink one was cheaper than the gray one when I bought it, and I didn't care what color it was.

👤This is plugged into my computer as the only speaker in my classroom. Even though it looks good, it makes a humming sound when I have my computer off. The humming is less when I turn it upside down. The sound is good when I am using the speaker. The humming makes me crazy. I'm looking for a replacement and will use it on a home computer that's more convenient to use when not in use. I need to be frugal since I buy many of my own supplies, and the price is great.

👤The sound is good for money and size. The sound quality and volume of the speaker is quite good. I hid the entire speaker behind the computer tower with one of these, because I wanted someone to not see wires and speakers. It's not a competitor for a low priced 2.1, but if you're buying it for space reasons, it's very competitive. I've seen reviews saying that this is insufficiently loud, but in this large living room it was easily capable of much more volume than could be used. I find a PC speaker to be more loud than I need it to be. I knocked off a star because of a weakness in the design. It needs a power and an audio cable. The speaker should have a single cable. The Z50 is the most likely place to modify Reducing clutter isn't a priority in 2.0 and 2.1 systems, but it almost certainly is on the Z50, so that modification would get it 5 stars from me.

3. I VOM Wireless Portable Cellphone Rechargeable

I VOM Wireless Portable Cellphone Rechargeable

There is a clear loud sound. The speaker has a big sound. Sharing the happy time with your friends. Plug the 3.5mm aux jack into your phone to play music whenever you want. All audio players with a 3.5mm audio jack are compatible. The portable mini speaker can be plugged into a PC, laptop, or standard port. This product has a 3W speaker in 27mm 8ohm and a 90db sound quality to keep the high sound quality. There were 10 hours of continuous play from a single charge. The speaker has a 2 year manufacturer warranty. If you have a question, please email them.

Brand: Milcraft

👤I like my speaker. It will help when I play songs from my phone. It was a great price and it sounded good. It was delivered a day before I expected it. Thanks a lot.

👤This little speaker is amazing. No one ever said that. Terrible sound, jack isn't long enough to get around my case. There is no volume control. This piece of junk is destroyed by my phone speaker. There is a It might be worth about $2.

👤I use this speaker with my Fagerstrom electronic bagpipe. I was not expecting much from the speaker, but I was disappointed that it didn't come with a charger or instructions, even though it was in used condition. It was a speaker that was rolling around in a small box. There is a The speaker seems to work for what I need after I found a microusb cell phone/Raspberry Pi charger and left it plugged in overnight. It's very quiet so you won't be able to hear it outside of a single room. The red and blue lights are convenient for charging. There is a It's just okay. It will work for me to practice alone in a hotel room, but when I stop working I will look for another portable speaker.

👤When I connected the speaker to the port and heard the sound, I was surprised it was good for my iPod. There is a The cords on my old speakers were not working, but they played out of one speaker and didn't need to be charged. These can also play while connected to a port on the computer. It's been easy to keep them working since my iPod already had a 2 port plug in. I haven't tried it out to check their chargeability, but they are advertised as being the same amount of time as my old iPod. There is a You have to remember to turn on the power button on the other side if you don't want them to work. Something to get used to. When the world has moved past your device that still works and you just want to use it, this little device is great to have.

👤The speaker made it easier to listen to. The device speakers are louder and clearer. I have to mess with it to get it to work because it doesn't plug in tightly, and if I move it, it quits working. The device control for volume makes it louder but not a lot louder. Unfortunately, the Fire tablet doesn't have a way of using the device speakers and this speaker at the same time; but of course that is an Amazon problem.

👤It was attached to the car's headrest holder to help project the sound of the kid's iPad into the air, but it wasn't tight enough in the jack to project the sound into the ground. The sound is okay, it keeps my ears from getting blasted in the front seat, but I think we will try another brand soon.

4. Computer Speakers BeBomBasics Powered Multimedia

Computer Speakers BeBomBasics Powered Multimedia

You can save desktop space by using a small speaker. The design of the wired desktop speakers makes them more compact and smart. The black color is very elegant and cool. The sleek appearance is compatible with most devices. The sounds fill the room better with thisusb powered speakers. The volume is good for cinephiles and misic lovers. On-line speaker volume control can be used for quick and easy audio adjustments. The speakers are loud enough to project a message. If you play these on full volume, you will wake your neighbors. Plug in multiple devices and it's easy to connect to the internet. Small computer speakers have an AUX jack to plug in a MiniDisc player, mp3 player, iPod, cellphone and any other AUX jack-equipped mobile media players. Through AUX IN. Compact size for placing on the table, perfect for home, office. Before shipping, 100% test. Don't worry, buy it.

Brand: Bebom

👤The sound quality is good for the price, but the audio is not as good as the PC speakers. It was small. I needed something to fit under my monitor and these fit that bill. It's cheap. The quality of these speakers is quite good and they are about the cheapest on the internet. Aesthetics. It's better looking than most PC speakers and works well with black/silver monitors. There is a The light is super. They have no weight at all, and any jostle will move them. The volume is on the cord. This has no use at all. I have a 40 inch cord behind a desk and it gets in the way. I think they should have just put a small button on top of the actual speakers and not bother with in-line volume control. The cord is very thin. I can see why some people have static. These have no insulation at all. There is a I'm giving these a 5 because of the price and quality. If they were more expensive, I would give them a 5. There is a If I were them, I would weight them a little bit, drop the volume knob, and insulate the cord from interference.

👤The sound of these speakers is better than the one in the unit speaker, but you have to plug in the plug into a powered Usb hub. There is a It's a really nice deal for 8 dollars and some change. I'm including a sound quality comparison in the video.

👤They were available for same-day delivery in our city and we bought them because they were crazy cheap. There is a They initially only provided sound from a monitor with no speakers, but they now have an audio-out jack. They moved to my primary PC after the setup was no longer needed. I know it is a huge downgrade. The klipsch set was perfect, they had another location where their high volume and bass would be used. I use headphones and speakers when I play a game on my computer. I can hear the game audio past the headset if it is loud. There is a These speakers do a good job. The speakers take up very little space, and the sound quality is clear. There is a Downsides? The power cord has volume control on it. It is obvious that it is not a dial on one of the speakers. They are made on one single production line, and any two speakers are wired together and shipped as a pair. The logo is stamped on the same side as the speakers. It is part of why they are less expensive than a meal at a fast food joint, and if that is bothering you, there is a similar set of speakers on Amazon.

👤The speakers are small so I can carry them with me. The speakers on my laptop are too loud for the class to hear. I bought these so that the students could hear the videos we are required to show. They work as long as they are plugged in. When my laptop is plugged in multiple times throughout the day, it gets a little tricky. By the end of the school day, I have to plug in a few times. A little playing with them makes them work again. My class can hear the videos. I like them.

5. Portable Wireless Internal External Subwoofer

Portable Wireless Internal External Subwoofer

Widely compatible It is possible to use their multimedia computer speakers with a wide variety of PCs, thanks to the built-in 3.5MM universal aux in port. With audio and cable. The speaker has an audio cable at the bottom of it, and it also has a charging cable. The speaker is portable and easy to carry. High performance The speaker has low power consumption and low distortion. It'sFits for The mini speaker can be used with a 3.5mm audio jack. The built-in battery has no external power supply needed, so it can provide one and half hours of playing time at maximum volume, or about 3 hours at 50% volume.

Brand: Tihebeyan

👤This thing is not all that great and serves no real benefit unless the device you are using has no speaker at all. This is something I would find at a dollar tree or 5 below. The speaker is small and not very loud, so it's a choking Hazzard.

👤The thing took a long time to get here and it sounded terrible, and the cable was getting hot, it may be a defect. Don't buy it, I'm just going to let it go.

👤I have never heard a speaker with worse sound quality in my life. Unless you are going to look at it and listen to it, don't buy.

👤The phone speaker is loud.

👤The pics in the description are not real. Don't look at pictures, look at actual dimensions. There is a This thing is trash if that is not enough. It might not be that good. Very cheap made. What volume do you want? The built in speaker on my tablets was very loud. If you want to listen, use this speaker. To the library.

👤Caveat emptor! The ad is not accurate. Terrible sound, small, poor quality workmanship. I will not buy from the company again. Terrible purchase.

👤It is being used on a tape recorder. Sometimes it's necessary to have a little more volume. There is a chance that cords could be a little longer. I can use it for my project. It's probably ok for its intended use. After ordering it, it took a long time to get here.

👤Does not sound as loud as my phone speaker. I requested a refund after buying two of them for over $27, but I am only getting the price back. What is going on with that? That hurts!

6. Portable Mini Capsule Speaker System

Portable Mini Capsule Speaker System

The built-in battery has no external power supply needed, so it can provide one and half hours of playing time at maximum volume, or about 3 hours at 50% volume. Plug and play! Light and portable design at 3 ounces. The speaker is small and portable, and can play high quality sound. There is a color in black. It was engineered for clarity of sound. A built-in amplifier has a loud volume. Audio with high fidelity. A high-capacity built-in lithium battery can hold up to 10 hours of continuous play. All audio players with a 3.5mm audio jack are compatible. The portable mini speaker can be plugged into a PC, laptop, or standard port. The AYL Speaker has a 3 year manufacturer warranty. If you have a question, please email them.

Brand: Ayl

👤Feel like an idiot, because I almost threw this little guy in the sucker pile. I couldn't figure out how to turn it up. Okay. The little volume dealy turned it up so much that it sounded like a whisper. I didn't pair it with anything that worked. Then. Oh, oh, oh... I remembered... The volume is controlled by the flippin thing. I'm dummy me. So. I plugged it back in, turned the mp3 on, and then turned the speaker on, and the dog barked next door. I think this thing is going to rock the garage. It's going to work out fine.

👤White noise can be used to sleep at night. It has a great battery life, and I only have to charge it once a week. I contacted AYL about the warranty after it stopped working. They sent me a brand-new one in retail packaging, and I didn't have to keep track of anything myself, because the original Amazon order number was saved under my Amazon order history. The new version of the product has a Micro-USB port instead of the Mini one that I have for charging other devices, making it compatible with other cords. One less cord to keep track of. I don't think removing a star is necessary because the indicator is so bright. I can't. So. So bright! I put three layers of dark grey nail polish over it, and still, that little blue sucker shines through. I wish they'd made it red, or orange, so it wouldn't interfere with getting sleepy, but I understand that blue just plain looks cool and my usage is probably different.

👤I recommended this speaker to a friend because I was very impressed with it. I only used it a few times after purchasing it from Amazon. Next to no amplification, it's giving. The weak iPad speaker's poor sound is louder than what it is producing. I have not been able to find contact info for this company on the web because I discarded the packaging. It's frustrating since they include literature about how responsive they are. Hello? After posting this review, I found contact info for the product and immediately wrote to them. I received an offer to ship off a replacement the next day. 5 stars for responsiveness. I am very hopeful that the replacement item will perform well.

👤The mini-speaker is a great choice for anyone looking for a way to amplify their audio on the go. It's easy to put a backpack or suit case in, but it's still great because of its sound quality. The speaker has a very simple and elegant design, which expands to create a much fuller sound. The speaker has sound quality. The bass is great for this speaker. All of the music genres I have tested sound great for personal enjoyment. The price is fair for a nice speaker. I would recommend it to other consumers if I bought it as a gift. The speaker can be connected to any device with a 3.5mm audio jack. This includes any Apple device, Amazon device, or any other device. The mini-speakers I have owned have batteries that last less than a year. This is a huge plus. There is a I highly recommend this item. This device is reviewed in a video review.

7. Logitech 3 5mm Compact Laptop Speakers

Logitech 3 5mm Compact Laptop Speakers

A knob for adjusting volume is built into the headphone jack. The stereo sound has 5 watt of power. The low-profile design is ideal for desks with limited space. 3.5 millimeter jack input for your mp3 player, on-speaker volume and power controls, and a headphone jack. A 3.5 millimeter plug is used to connect your laptop or desktop. It works with both Windows and Mac.

Brand: Logitech

👤The speakers arrived in good condition. It's rare that I have enough similar products to run a comparative reveiw. I have 3 pairs of budget priced AC plug in speakers. The speakers are offered by Amazon. The Cyber Acoustic 2.0, the Logitach Z130, and the Logitech S 120 are the ones that I will review first. There is a The price is very good. These are spkrs. There is some distortion at full volume in the most amplification set. There is a Sound is flat and tinny. Spkrs are not a good choice for music, movies or TV because they have little or no bass. Voice comes through loud and clear so it might work well for classroom audio presentations. These are small spkrs. They're not going to be enough for a large area. There is mismanagement. The on-off switch is a nice touch. Though the spkrs. The units seem to have the least quality applications. LOGITECH S 120 PRICE: $12.49. Good. The S 120's still work well for most applications, even though the amplification is not as good as Cyber Acoustic. Sound very good. The sound reproduction of the three sets seems to be the most accurate. There is little distortion. There is mismanagement. These spkrs can be useful for tight spaces, but can also tip over easily. I used a piece of cloth to keep them stable. There is a Conclusions: A very nice set of amplified speakers for all around use. The Z130s have more amplification than the Cyber Acoustic spkrs. The Z130s boost is spread between bass, mid range and treble, whereas CA spkrs has most of its boost on the treble side. Sound very good. The Z130s have the same qualities as the S 120s, except the Z130s are louder and have more bass. There is mismanagement. These spkrs are small and have a wide base, which makes them very stable. There is a I have tried the Z130 spkrs. On computers, TVs, tablets, and mp3 players. These are the best of the three sets of spkrs and cost a few dollars more. It was tested.

👤I bought the speakers for my computer. I have been using these for over six months and I am really impressed. I have had no issues with this product. These speakers are great. It is easy to install and use. I didn't test these out at the loudest setting since I didn't really need to but the music that I played on it sounded really crisp and clear. There is a I have been using these day in day out for over 6 months now and the sound quality is perfect and the price is amazing. There is a If you're looking for a quality speaker or just something for your room, go with these! There is a If you found my review helpful, please click here. I like to leave reviews to help others make decisions and I enjoy reading your reviews to help me.

👤I can't believe the quality of these speakers. I wanted to upgrade my speakers and they are a massive upgrade. I was looking at studio monitors and bose computer speakers, both of which were around $100 for a pair. I was considering getting a logitech or similar system that included a sub and satellite speakers. I decided to go for a basic pair of speakers instead of purchasing a low-mid range computer audio system because I didn't want to be disappointed. It was between this pair and an Amazonbasics pair. I noticed that the Logitcech pair had more power than Amazon's, so I went with the Logitechs. I'm very pleased I went with these because they are more powerful than other speakers in their price range and they sound great. They do not distort except at high volumes. They have decent bass and fill a room with clarity at high volume. I don't have to use ausb port to use these plug into the computer's headphone jack. There is a jack on the right speaker that I can use to listen to my headphones. This is a good price for a pair of speakers. These are perfect if you're not picky and consider yourself an audiophile snob.

8. Cyber Acoustics Multimedia Computer Speakers

Cyber Acoustics Multimedia Computer Speakers

The measure is 3.55 inches by 5.3 inches and weighs approximately 1.4 pounds. The CA-2014 speaker system is an entry level 2.0 speaker, but it is still a great speaker when it comes to audio output. It's ideal for the office or any workspace, it's space saving and can fit on a tight desktop. It's great for any multi-media listening experience. Convenient volume control placed on right satellite for instant adjustment. Headphone output, On/Off button, and a power indicator are included on the right satellite. The design has cloth grill covers and satellite speakers. Also included: The User Guide for Cyber Acoustics CA-2014 2.0 speakers. The warranty is hassle free.

Brand: Cyber Acoustics

👤Cyber Acoustics CA-2014 multimedia desktop speakers were reviewed. There is a The cords are very short. If you have time to shop around, be sure to get the cord lengths in advance, but don't get pressured into spending more than $25 or so for these types of speaker accessories. They look good and sound good so far. Here are the pros and cons. I used to have cords that were 6 feet long so I could place them on the tiered desk, but with these they have to be on the same level or they won't reach the jackport. The cord that connects the speakers is very short so they can't be that far apart. The cords that plug into the desktop are very short, so the desktop must be either on the desk or under the speakers. 4. Pros 1 are put off by the blue led light. Since they are black, they don't look like cheapie speakers. 2. The Slim design makes it easy to place the monitor behind the surround sound effect. It could be worse, but the price is great. 4. If you don't have a headphone jack on your pc, there is a jack to plug into the speakers. The sound is okay so far, but if you are looking for stereo quality, these are only cheapie desktop speakers. You won't get that. It was still decent for what I wanted. It worked out because my desk is large enough to fit everything on top and still have work space. The cords were not the standard 8 feet. Iike my old ones were, I probably would have kept looking, but the ones with longer cords were either too busy designwise or other color, and it cost more to send back. I decided to keep them for now since I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on computer speakers that are just fancy stereo equipment. It could have been much worse if the sale price had been $10. It leaves wiggle room to upgrade if needed, but I will update if there are changes to the function.

👤The company that I work for usually provides us with decent computers and low-budget speakers. I thought it was time to upgrade and get a pair that was a step above decent. I was hoping for a six out of ten, but these pieces of junk are not even close. I plan to "retire" these and go back to the original ones. The speakers complain if you try to raise the volume so others can hear it. You are asking them to work too hard, and they are not happy. They are the spoiled brats.

👤You don't have to change the volume to get loud sound. The sound quality is perfect. You could share the windows with the speakers. I like the features of it. A set of speakers that don't have a jack for headphones is not worth buying.

👤The left speaker has already died, I received them eleven days ago. There is a The sound is fuzzy and I had to turn the volume down before it was right. This was louder than the conversation. I plugged my headphones into the jack. I almost had my ears blown out. I can hear the distorted audio from 8 feet away. That's not just. There is a guitar in that song. I covered the blue light with masking tape because I don't like lasers pointed in my direction. There is a It's a garbage product. I'll be buying speakers from someone else. These are awful. Positive things: The volume control knob works. Uh... The quality is not fuzzy. There is a The masking tape has survived because the blueLED isn't a laser. There is a The speakers lasted longer than a week.

9. Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Speakerphone

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Speakerphone

The 3.5mm audio lead can be used to connect to any device with a 3.5mm jack. The gift that keeps on giving. The iFS303 is a great gift for anyone who loves to listen to music. With a carabiner clip, you can easily hook your speaker to any backpack, belt loop, bicycle, or keychain. You go! Any fun that can be brought to slay or grieve. Take your music with you because of the battery life. So portable it makes it easier to do fun things like car trips, hikes, BBQs, and picnics at the beach. Even your technophobe family member will be able to use the iFS303. You can switch between wireless, Micro SD/TF, and AUX in under 6 seconds. Your friends have amazing sound. The audio is great, it is easy to pair, and you will be envying your friends and family. Risk free and peace of mind is what it is. If your speaker breaks or stops working, they'll replace it for you for free. All of their speakers are certified for quality parts and reliability.

Brand: Ifoxcreations

👤After 3 years, the buttons wore out and were no longer able to control volume or advance through songs on the card. It was okay for 20 bucks. I decided to improve my rating of this product since the company tried to at least accept my technical evaluation and criticism of the radio component of this system. Due to insufficient product testing, the company did not know the limitations of the radio. The other features of the IFS303 are great. In a large metro area with a high density of stations, the radio reception problem won't be as bad as it is in a car or portable radio. It is easy to pair the bluetooth device. The way to listen to music is through the use of a microSD chip. Load your favorites onto a cheap 4 or 8gb microSD card and it will be great for all day long. The battery of this device and your cell phone will be burned at a higher rate if you use the bluetooth. It's up to you. The sound quality is good. No worries about replacing batteries with charging via theusb. Don't buy it for the radio, but if you want a cheap, worry free mini music box to clip to your belt, this is the way to go.

👤The seller contacted me after I posted the review and returned the item. They apologized and said the item I received was a lemon. They offered to send a new one at no charge and asked me to change my review, but I told them to back off or I would complain to Amazon. So... I have had a replacement speaker for a couple of weeks. And you know what? The review is still standing. I would have added one star, but I was told to change my review before I received the replacement item. There is a The volume buttons are still functional, so that is an improvement over the previous one, but getting the thing to stay functional for 2 weeks is not an impressive achievement. I bought this thing because of the radio. There is still a piece of garbage. Poor reception even with the wires hanging off of it and no external antenna. Not feasible as a A. There is a radio station. Near the station I listen to, I am in the city. The clip set up is useful, but they need to stop calling it a radio. The original review was the first one. I wanted to like it. It's small, light, and easy to carry while doing yard work. It looks strong. It lasted 5 or 6 hours at a decent volume. The controls are easy to use, and they don't have a single button that does everything. But... I wanted it for the radio. I live in a town where the high output station has a transmission tower. It is about 6 miles away. The reception was so bad that I couldn't use the radio. The device swings around on the carabiner and gave me fuzz on the radio. If I was willing to stand still in the right spot, I could get a great reception. It was used as a speaker. It's much better! It worked well with my phone, good sound and volume. I used the control button on the 4th day, but it stopped working. It was not going to work for me because it defaults to mod/low volume. I'm returning it. Very disappointed. The concept and design was great. I tried to get in touch with the company, but they put a nice card in the box for help. They told me to click on "contact seller" in my Amazon account. There is no way to do this. I couldn't find a way to contact them. Even though other people have had good customer service, finding out how to contact them was too much trouble. Thank you for the hassle free return for Amazon Prime. I already have my money back.

10. Rokono Speaker IPhone Player Laptop

Rokono Speaker IPhone Player Laptop

The compact size has a black finish. The sound is high quality. There are over 10 hours of continuous play from a single charge. There was a 30-inch audio extension cable, a splash-proof travel bag, and a charging cable. The 3.5mm audio lead can be used to connect to any device with a 3.5mm jack.

Brand: Rokono

👤I can honestly say that this little speaker is the best value you can get for your money, and will enhance your entertainment experience. I work with musicians, engineers and mixers. Sometimes, I want to listen to a track without using headphones while on the road. The speaker gives me an option. I have purchased 3 of the Rokono in less than a year, one for myself and two to give to others. I will probably buy more of them as well. There is a And! I'm so grateful to have this. The Ipad's sound is terrible, but if you plug it in, it sounds like you're hearing it through a speaker. I use this on a daily basis. There is a It says on the box that you can use it for 10 hours before you have to charge it again, but I would advise to charge by 10 even if you use it for longer than that, because the sound fades when it's on low battery. There is a You cannot go wrong. I bought one for a friend of mine who has multiplesclerosis and hearing problems. She said that I changed her life because I made it so that she could enjoy watching her shows while laying in bed, and that the convenience of the Rokono being so compact doesn't hurt her hands when she has to take it from one room to another. There is a It comes with all of the cables you need, and a black pouch when you travel. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Well. This product has proven that quote wrong. You can't go wrong with this. Don't expect a stadium sound! An excellent product for what it needs to do.

👤The product is good. It's good for a small device to have sound. I like the size. It's hard to open after you close it. I struggle with it a lot. They put the arrow in front of you to show you how to turn it. The connecting wire is the biggest issue for me. You have to have the laptop on a desk. I use my laptop on my lap and it doesn't work. It always falls off my lap. I don't know why it's so short. I can't move the laptop if I want to use it. If you are buying it for a laptop, this is not for you. If you plan to use it for a phone, desktop or non- moving device, it will work great.

👤The speaker stopped working. The company requires you to download an app and record it not working in order to get warranty replacement. They don't believe the customer when he says it doesn't work. There is a The company came back to me and gave me a full refund. Maybe they are turning over a new leaf.

👤Audiophile approved! I got it today and I had to write a review. It was ready to use in the beautiful packaging. There is a I was amazed that the bass came from such a small package. It's perfect for when you don't want room filling sound. You want great quality that you can hear. It was perfect in the kitchen. It's great to use at my desk. You can use headphones to improve the sound of your device. This is a winner.

11. CestMall Portable Compact Speaker Nevigation

CestMall Portable Compact Speaker Nevigation

The mini portable speaker has a built-in battery that does not consume cellphone power when playing. 45 minutes is needed to get a full charge through the microusb port. The mini compact design has a unique line-in concept, no apps required, just plug-in sound out. There is a notice. The power key is located in the middle of the speaker. Please remove the Silicon rim if necessary. The appearance is transparent, with supports for playing time up to 8 hours, and a single charge of 45 minutes. If there is no audio input signal in 5 minutes, it will be turned off. Ultra portable size has a capacity of 2W loud and clear sound quality, four times the volume of your mobile phone, so you and your friends can enjoy music and video at the same time. It's the greatest compatible. It's a great companion for any media device with a 3.5mm jack, just turn power on and plug it in to play music or video audio. Customer service is provided by CindersMall. Please contact them if you have any issues with the Mini Speaker.

Brand: Cestmall

👤Just received it. I was a little hesitant at first, but then I realized it was not a big deal. This little gem is great because I have an older Maxx. If you have an otterbox or other type of hard case, you will end up with the speaker facing away from you. You can still hear it, but I don't like playing it for people. I'm going to look for a hard jack extension that's 3/6mm. I like the fact that it comes with a small cord for charging. There is an update. I left this in my laptop case and it died. I decided to charge it with a cable. I couldn't get it to stay. It was my cable that wasn't clearing the rubber housing. It still works despite being used by someone else. I sent CestMall an email thinking my unit died after forgetting the supplied charging cable and figuring out what my charging issue was. lightning quickly! I remembered the supplied cable and tried it. The unit charged up nicely. I apologized in an email for wasting their time. They asked if I thought it was working well. Please let them know if not. They would take care of me. How great to deal with them.

👤The little speaker was recommended by a friend of the radio station. The audio is brought up about 3 times. I only use headphones when I have a group, so I just plug in the device and they can hear. Push on the bottom for the on/off switch is all you need to know. There is a piece of rubber on the charge slot. I use it with my net book. You get a nice bag that has room for the speaker and the things you need to use it. It's perfect for my needs.

👤This didn't work out well for me and I hate to leave a negative review. I'm a heavy user. I use this almost every day. The charge lasts about 4 hours with the volume very low. It never lasted 8 hours for me, even when it was new. I charge it every day, but I don't use it for more than 3 hours a night. Two days listening is pushing it for me. I didn't deduct stars for the battery. The back casing material that makes bass better than most small phone speaker attachments became loose after about four or five months. After less than a year, it is not attached to the device. The speaker is very loose, which makes it difficult to plug it in to my phone. The jack and phone are sandwiched between the unnoticeable bit. I don't notice the problem until the speaker stops talking. To get the right connection, I have to stretch the material back from the jack, and then insert it into my phone. The speaker will fall off if I don't do this. The soft material has degraded. The cut-out that covered the microusb charging port on the speaker came off after 6 months. As someone who uses this daily, that did not surprise me. The consequences were significant for me. The speaker has a red and blue indicator when it is on. The indicator light was not that significant when the microusb port cover was in place. I can now use this light as a low-level flashlight, if I get up at night, because the cover exposed so much blue light. I can't turn this light off because I'm using it to listen to audio in bed. I have to push the speaker against my pillow because it is bright enough to be disturbing. Setting a sleep timer on the audio app and listening to something at a low level while falling asleep can be difficult, but it's important to remember that I can hear something if I fall asleep. I'm going to use nail polish or electric tape to lighten it. There is a It doesn't turn off automatically when the sound ends, which is another problem. It keeps using up the battery and the blue light is shining near my face. After it no longer receives audio signals, it is supposed to shut itself off. It's annoying because it will shut off after about 2 minutes when I'm setting up the audio. When I need it to shut off, it will stay on all night. I've unplugged the speaker from the phone and slept, but it's still on even though it's not attached to anything. If it doesn't shut down, it has to be turned off manually. I used it for about 6 months. There is a I don't like leaving a negative review and so I will contact the seller or manufacturer. I don't want to hurt their sales because a lemon would be a fine product. I gave my time to the manufacturer and the seller, trying to find a way to contact them, but nothing came of it. I probably didn't spend a lot of time, but my time is valuable. I don't think I should have spent more than three or four minutes for that, but my results were negative, and now there is a negative review for this product. There are five significant negative experiences with this speaker, not including the exaggerated battery usage time. The material on the speaker is degrading and will not stay on the speaker, this causes connecting issues, the microusb cover came off and made the speaker into a flashlight that is disturbing at night in bed, and I could not find contact info for the manufacturer and seller after an inquiry. The sound is good for the size and I need it.


What is the best product for headphone jack speaker for phone?

Headphone jack speaker for phone products from Fiyapoo. In this article about headphone jack speaker for phone you can see why people choose the product. Logitech and Milcraft are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone jack speaker for phone.

What are the best brands for headphone jack speaker for phone?

Fiyapoo, Logitech and Milcraft are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone jack speaker for phone. Find the detail in this article. Bebom, Tihebeyan and Ayl are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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