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1. Certified Headphone Connector Headphones Splitter

Certified Headphone Connector Headphones Splitter

Service and warranty. They have a 36-Month Worry-Free Warranty and 3-Years money-back gurantee or replacement. Please contact them if you have any issues. They will be able to help you in less than 12 hours. Ensures that you can connect with your Apple devices. The 3.5mm audio plug can be used to connect devices. It's compatible with the iPhone 13/12/Mini 13/12/ Pro 13/12/Mini 12/12/ Pro 12 Max/SE 2020. The iPod, Pro/11 Pro Max/XS/XS Max/XR/X 8 7 6 5. Even the new updated version of the system can be supported. It supports controlling music volume and phone calls in your car. Enjoy your favorite music, video or movies without restriction. The 100% copper core has high speed and stable signal transmission. It's a bridge between the earphone and the phone to keep the sound quality. It is possible to plug in and out and protect the Lightning port because of a soft faceplate in their adapter. The experience was pleasant. They provide a money-back guarantee on service and warranty. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. They will be able to help you in less than 12 hours.

Brand: Desoficon

👤I was on a business flight and was going to listen to some tunes on my phone with my Bose headphones. I didn't know there was no jack. I started checking purchase options on Amazon. A few choices had hundreds or even thousands of reviews. I discovered that the reviews were "hijacked" from other products. They had nothing to do with the audio conversion that I was shopping for. They were all given an "F" review rating by Fakespot. There is a I finally found this one. The product was the focus of the reviews and they were graded with an "A" rating by Fakespot. I used it on a recent trip to Mexico and it worked out perfectly. The sound quality was the same as when I used a normal jack. I had to push the cable in a little forcefully. It is a tight fit, which is a good thing. There is a I highly recommend this choice for an audio accessory. I'm considering getting a second one if things change as I use it more, but for now it works great. There is a I hope this review helped you a bit.

👤The first day I used it, it worked great, but the second day I used it, the part that slides into the phone broke. I don't get rough with my electronics. It would have been a nightmare to get out if it broke off in my phone.

👤I bought a new phone to go with it. If you moved just right, it stopped being static. 2 weeks later, I could only hear out of one earphone, and I had to borrow someone's to hear it again. I need to find a better product and trash this product and not have "ears" until I find 888-353-1299 I feel frustrated.

👤I bought this because I hate listening to the radio and I like to listen to music on my phone. My car is old. The little device seemed like a dream, but it didn't last long. The wiring has stopped working because it is loose. I initially thought it was the aux port in the car, but then I realized it was the six cord. I determined that the adapter has stopped functioning as it should. It never leaves my car and has not been damaged that would cause it to stop working.

👤I bought another one of these thinking it was the one that comes with the iPhone, but it's not and does not work at all. She said it was too big to fit. I don't know if I'm more annoyed with the phone for not having a jack for the headphones. I have to get these because Amazon lied about them being similar to the Apple one, or I didn't learn the first time not to order them from here.

2. Certified Charging Compatible Lightning Headphone

Certified Charging Compatible Lightning Headphone

What do you get? The aux cord has an 18-month warranty and friendly customer service. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. Good sound quality, no acoustoelectric current, is restored with an upgraded original chip. It can be automatically upgraded if it's compatible with the latest versions of the software. A male port is needed for most car charging. Charging and Audio Cable. 3.5mm AUX. The 3.5mm aux jack is used for charging audio cable for most of the iPad and iPhone devices. Plug and play for older cars with aux. When there is a separate AUX jack and power supply, you can play music and charge the phone. The aux cord for the car can work with all of the Apple devices. The aux charging cord is built with a 24K gold plated 3.5mm connection. It's convenient to take around. No worries about the knot or winding. The nylon braided wire is made from nylon.

Brand: Belcompany

👤The box worked for a couple of months before the update killed it. I don't like that Apple can kill accessories that wouldn't work. There is a They are allowed to sabotage an accessory. sabotage is what it is. There is a This wire was designed nicely, but it doesn't work after an update.

👤The Apple Lightning-1/8" adapter passes both streaming and phone communications, but only through the input of a car stereo. The lightning plug on two different vehicles was the same result. It would have been great if I could stream using this cable, have hands-free voice communication, and simultaneously charge my phone, but something is different in the wiring of this cable - not the same as the original Apply pigtail adapter, which works with both, but can't simultaneously charge The phone is an Apple product. It doesn't have a voice communications, but it does charge phone and pass music and streaming content. A solid hit, but misses on one count.

👤We are going to Texas on a road trip. We brought our radio box with us. We wanted to make sure we could listen to the audiobooks on my cell phone. It works well. The only problem we have is that we have to turn the volume up to an extreme volume for it to sound normal. It is not too loud, but it is an important thing for you. The cell phone volume was turned up as loud as it would go, but it didn't make a difference. It was worth it. It works well.

👤When you first hooked up the charge, static was common, but intermittent. The cord would get static when moved. Less than 2 months after purchase, the static was more frequent with cord movement and often continued when playing audio. Don't buy. Poorly designed or made. Very disappointed.

👤I bought them for myself and my daughter. The aux jack works in my car, but it won't work for phone calls because it's beside a power jack. The two ends of my daughter's car can't be plugged in at the same time.

👤I bought this cord for a long road trip. It takes several tries to get the cord to connect to my phone, most of the time when I plug it in, it doesn't start charging or playing anything through the aux cord. The sound quality is terrible when I get it connected, and it sounds like I'm listening to an old record. It got so bad that I had to turn up the volume on my phone and listen to it from the phone without the aux cord. Don't waste your money, I regret this purchase.

👤I've had splitters or headphones that didn't work or weren't supported. This one gets the job done and no one complains. It's perfect for getting power to your phone and also plugging it into your radio. It is very flexible and looks nice.

👤I own an iPad and two cars. They have a phone that has a wireless connection. I was able to use this cable to connect my phone to my music system without the need for a system with a built-in audio system. It's great if your aux plug and audio in jack are close by.

3. Certified Lightning Headphone Adapter Compatible

Certified Lightning Headphone Adapter Compatible

Airline music. Enjoy your flight more listening to your own headphones, which have a better sound, and a more comfortable fit. The 3.5mm Aux Cord is certified by Apple to meet rigid requirements for the iPhone. Pro/12 Pro Max/11 Pro Max/XS/X. /SE/7. Plus/7/7 Plus, iPad Pro / Air /mini, iPod touch 6th generation and so on. It supports the earlier operation system. The performance of the hi-fi system. The built-in powerful DAC chip in the Rosyclo Aux cord gives high fidelity stereo audio output and the cleanest sound experience. This aux cable is great for enjoying your music trip. The Audio Cable for Car can bear 15000+ bends in strict laboratory tests. The aluminum alloy shell and the reinforced module are connected with a skin-friendly material to make them more flexible and durable. They don't have to worry about knotting or winding with the simple design. The 3.5mm male to male aux cord has a wide range of applications. A 3.5mm input jack is needed for connecting your Apple devices to car stereos, home stereos, portable speakers, headphones, headset, and anything else with a 3.5mm input jack. Plug and play, no need for other apps. You will get LIFETIME Customer Service and worry-free service at Rosyclo. If you need help, please contact their customer service team.

Brand: Rosyclo

👤The male end of the accessory won't plug into the male end of the headphones. The description needs to be revised. It's not a new issue.

👤It doesn't fit well because it makes my phone pause constantly, and it works great when it works. I can not listen to a single song without playing it over and over again.

👤The aux cord only worked on the speakers on the right side of the vehicle. I bought another cord from a different seller to see if it was my vehicle. I have no issues with my new aux cord and it was definitely a faulty cord. The cord was delivered on January 10. How does it make sense that the last day to return the item was January 9? Since I can't do it through Amazon, I'll have to dig to see how I can get reimbursed.

👤I have an older truck. I bought this cable to use with my phone. After 60 days, I realized there was no sound coming from the left channel. I bought a different cable after checking the audio settings on the truck, but no change. I can't say it's the cable.

👤I threw the piece of junk in the trash because I couldn't get the cable to work. I didn't want to return it to get another piece of junk. I decided to try something new because I liked the black color, I am going to buy one made by apple. I made a mistake but the product was terrible.

👤The cored works great.

4. Adapter Compatible Speaker Headphone Support

Adapter Compatible Speaker Headphone Support

Excellent Compatibility. The aux cord is compatible with allios systems and can be used with the following phones: iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, and XR. It supports the earlier operation system. Plug and play. There is no damage for the phone. The length of 3.3ft allows you to play audio from your phone on your car stereo, Hi-fi, speaker, or other 3.5mm compatible audio output devices. Such as mp3 players, headphones, and portable speakers. Enjoy Hi-fi music. The built-in DAC chip allows for the cleanest and most crystal sound quality, brings you higher fidelity sound, and ensures crystal clear, with no artifacts or distortion sound. Provide clear Hi-fi sound quality. Durability is Ultra Durability. The 3.5mm cable with gold- plated conductor and stretch TPE material makes it a strong but flexible, fast and sturdy connection, protecting it from breaking. It's lightweight and convenient to carry, no worries about the knot or winding. What do you get? The aux cord has an 18-month warranty and friendly customer service. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Smkzzs

👤The skyforce95 is useful for linking a nice pair of headphones to your phone or plugging it into your car to play music, it feels like it has Apple's soft touch cable.

👤I bought this cord because I like to listen to books while driving, and my previous cords fell off too quickly. I would not take this one again. Sometimes it would cut off my book when I heard more than 4 words, but I was lucky. Don't buy!

👤The first couple of weeks it worked well. I noticed that the plastic case on the lighting jack was slipping off when I pulled it out of the phone. After about a month, the lighting jack ripped off from the wire, and I had to replace it. It's not made with a lot of durability so it's better to go with a more well-known brand or pay for an overpriced Apple original.

👤It took about 2 minutes. Work stopped completely now. You can't hear the music through the cord now that it worked for one song. I have ever gotten a piece of trash from Amazon. It is one thing for the cord to never work but to work fine for a few minutes and then to stop working makes me think the product is just a piece of trash. It is a cheap cord. This is a rip off.

👤Within two days the cord stopped working. They want me to drive over 50 minutes to a UPS store to get it back to them, but I'm willing to set up for a return. It will cost me more in gas and time to return it. A purchase is a waste. I was disappointed.

👤I bought the cable. It worked a few times. The seller told me they didn't sell it to me. Who did that? The product and company are the worst ever. Don't waste your money. We can't give it negative stars.

👤Quality audio is needed for our short videos because I do the social media for a small company. The lav mic was easy to connect to with this adapter. I can do professional shoots with my phone.

👤Very thin. This should not be sold to anyone. I did not take it out of the package. A shoelace is larger than the cord.

5. MULTITED MX10 Wireless Headphones Bluetooth

MULTITED MX10 Wireless Headphones Bluetooth

What you get. The 2 in 1usb type c aux audio charger and stereo headphone accessory is high-quality and committed to providing customers with it. If you have a problem, please contact them. The Ear Buds help you feel what a real freedom is - run free, forget you're wearing headphones, feel the beats with the Extreme Sound and run with the wind! Words can't describe it, you have to feel it. Push yourself to the max by turning on the sound. The MultiTed audifonos / auriculares are great. Imagine running with your feet not touching the ground, music in your ears, and flying high. High power athletes look for comfortable, sweat-proof and secure headphones. MultiTed Earphones are designed to fit your most essential needs, unsettling sound, best fit, and IPX7 waterproof protection. You also have a case, 2 sizes of foams and 3 sizes of earbuds. You shouldn't use your best workout headphones if you're not a quitter. You get plenty of time to watch movies with long battery life. The built-in mic and noise cancelling of the CVC 6.0 makes it easy to take work calls. Don't stay in the office! You can pair 2 separate devices with the same device. The MX10 Blue tooth headset has better sound quality and lower power consumption. The earpods are compatible with all of the following: Apple iPhone X, XR,WS, 8 plus, 7, 7 plus, 6s, 6 plus, Mac, MacBook, PC, and all of the following smart phones, mp3 players and all of the following devices. Zero. If you need them, they will always be there with a full one year warranty. Let them know by email. They will do everything they can to keep you happy. Their exclusive accessories kit includes the MX10 headphones, instructions, 3 sizes of ear tips, 2 sizes of foams, and a stylish zip pouch with a key chain.

Brand: Multited

👤They are going back. The particulars are not mentioned in the ad. The receiver is only in the right phone. I have a phone on a table on my porch and I can listen to these on the street. If my right side isn't explained. If I put the phone in my left front pocket, it will cut out. I have a big hat size and these are huge for me. There is no way anyone could be involved with these. There is a The sound quality is very good, but these are not high end phones that have been marked down. These are $15.00 and have slick marketing. They are going back Monday. I thought I was getting a deal but it looks like I will be dropping more for a quality pair.

👤The Bose SoundSport Wireless didn't stay in my ears very well while I was working out, so I bought these headphones. I was skeptical about the reviews, but optimistic. There is a They stay in your ears while you work out. Lifting, biking and rowing are all done outdoors. I don't think they'd stay in while running. They get louder than any other in- ear headphones I have owned. The Bose batteries last less than the batteries from my Bose. - The remote is on the earpiece. You can see their battery level on your phone, and volume levels are synchronized. Not as good as my Bose, but close. There is a They are a little large compared to some of the new Jaybirds. I don't know a solution for this yet. There is a If I had gotten these first, I wouldn't have bought the Bose SoundSport Wireless. I could buy 3 more sets if these break.

👤So far, so good! I was worried about the quality, but not really. Sound quality isn't important to me because I only use these for running. I need ear buds that don't fall out. The bass is really good. Not a lot of highs, mids or lows. The sound quality is pretty average, but it fits the bill for what I need. It's perfect for running. The battery life is pretty good and I have good ears. They are fantastic if you want to use them occasionally. These are great for running for an hour and are not the ear buds you should be buying for all the time use. There are multiple ear bud sizes. I use the foam and it doesn't move at all. You can't beat the price for $36 bucks. If you're an audio engineer, don't waste your time buying yourself expensive headphones, but I think that's a waste.

👤These headphones are great. I use them for both music and calls with my phone. The sound quality is very good and they are comfortable. I haven't tried to use them yet. There is no warning when the charging level drops. The only way I can find out is if the speaker starts cutting out and people on the other end complain. It would be great if the kind woman with the soft accent who speaks to me when I turn the phones on and off could also alert me when the charge is low.

6. Upgraded Charging Compatible Simultaneously Headphone

Upgraded Charging Compatible Simultaneously Headphone

The AYL Speaker has a 3 year manufacturer warranty. If you have a question, please email them. The audio cable has a charging point. The 3.5mm AUX +usb charging audio cable is designed for most of the Apple devices for charging while playing music with a speaker, car stereo or headphones. Good sound quality, no acoustoelectric current. It can be automatically upgraded if it's better compatible with the latest versions of the software. A male port is needed for most car charging. Most of the new iPhone removed the 3.5mm audio jack. The audio charging cable can be used to charge your phone or iPad at the same time. Plug and play for older cars with aux. It's a great alternative when there is a separate AUX jack and power supply. It's enough for your daily use. The 1.3ft branch length is from the audio jack to theusb a.

Brand: Maxder

👤I heard a lot of static at first. When I flipped it went away. I get very satisfactory audio if I insert the plug into the phone. It's great to be able to listen to audio books on long trips, it doesn't drain the battery and I have Bose speakers in my cars. Very happy.

👤I have a 2012 Dodge car that I will not give up. I can listen to my channels in the car with this AUX cord. It is the best thing I have bought on Amazon in a long time. I have spent a lot of money on Amazon in the last year. If you don't like listening to junk news, buy this now and listen to what you want.

👤I tried 2 other cables like this from other companies on Amazon, but neither worked as they were supposed to, so I returned them. One would charge and the other would not connect to the speaker. I was able to get a refund. I'm happy with the purchase because this one works as expected.

👤I bought the pre-upgraded version at the end of 2020 and it worked for a few months, but I had to place the wires just so it would work. After messing with it for a few months, I got a wireless bluetooth accessory. I prefer it to this. It worked for 3-4 months. I would prefer a wired option over a wireless one. It cost me about $2.88/month when I divide it by the time I was reliably able to use it.

👤It works, sounds, and charges a good price. It is. okay Quality. Not high quality. The wires are hard to find in this configuration.

👤Products have always been at the top of mobile phone accessories. The charging is fast. It is the same as direct plug-in charging. It's easy to use. The design of the interface makes it very easy to use. It's all right to charge, listen to songs and call. The design and appearance of the charging cable are quite different. I enjoy it in general.

👤It is better than the other brand that I was buying from Amazon. No loud feedback or interruptions. I wish I had found this one sooner. This connection should be set up.

👤It was good for the price. I don't know about longevity. I have had it for a month and it seems to be holding up, but connections are a little weak. It charges the phone well. The audio is good. Not complaining about the price.

👤It works well on my phone. I can listen to my music again.

👤The item doesn't work. The charge buzzes the phone constantly. The sound quality was terrible for a short time.

👤The product is well worth it.

👤This only worked once. Its going to be returned.

👤The input part of the phone stopped working. Very disappointed.

7. Syncwire Braided Auxiliary Adapter Headphones

Syncwire Braided Auxiliary Adapter Headphones

Any device with a 3. 5mm aux port is compatible. Such as the Apple iPad, the Apple iPhone, the iPod, the mp3 player, the car stereos, the laptop, and any other audio-playing devices. Life proof cases and otter box cases are incompatible. Unparalleled Sound Quality: The 24K gold-plated connectors ensure reliability and eliminate signal loss and noise, which will offer clear and stereo sound to your devices. The bend of the audio cables is several times longer than the bend of the Ultra Durable and Tangle-Free ones. You don't have to worry about knots or kinks. Double shielding enhances protection against interference, and with the specially designed organizers, no messy or tangled cable is left. You get a User Guide and Customer Service.

Brand: Syncwire

👤This cable is the worst I have ever bought. It still falls out even though you try to keep it in the phone. It was used with my phone and ipod. Terrible purchase. The company harassed me to change my review. I will not be changing this review because I receive an email every week to change it.

👤The sleevecable shield of the 3.5mm is too thick to fit through tight clearances. The photo shows the difference between the cable that was supposed to be replaced and the one shown here. The syncwire didn't fit the other cable.

👤I was looking for a cable like this. It works well for playing music from my phone. The thicker nylon-wrapped cord looks sturdy and hopefully will last longer than my previous thin vinyl one. The 3.3 ft cord length is just right for the car, long enough to pull the phone closer or rest in on the passenger seat, but not all over the place and tangled like the last longer one I had. I didn't know I was getting a 3-year warranty when the seller sent me an email with the contact info. Great purchase!

👤The nylon sheath on this audio cable is very strong, which makes it much more resistant to damage than a 3.5mm audio cable. It is flexible enough to reach any of the two ports, even if it takes a lot of bending and movement. The audio quality is the best you can get from a 3.5mm cord, which is high for my ears and most of the general populace. There is a If you need to use their warranty, their customer service has been great, and definitely a great bang for your buck.

👤I bought this cable for my office use. I never put any kind of stress on it nor was it in an abusive environment. The cable was never put in a pocket or backpack. They are already cutting out after only 4 months. It has a nice outer sleeve, but the wires inside are thin and have poor connections. I've had earbuds for $10 longer than this cable. I wore them to work in a physically demanding job. Would not buy again.

👤I like braided cables because they're tough and resistant. The cable is hard to cut and tangle. I have not seen long aluminum aux cable ends, but this one is impressive. The conector can't bend too much and these allow better communication with the device.

👤The connections for my headphones were too big. I contacted them. They immediately sent a different wire that had smaller connections. They made sure it worked. This company takes care of their customers. The replacement wire works great. I will be buying from Syncwire again.

👤I received this in a couple of days after ordering it. It worked well for a few months, but then stopped working in March. The problem was where the cord connected to the input was. I tried to keep it braced in a straight position with electrical tape. This doesn't work because the tape won't stick to the cord. I just checked the warranty status but can't find any contact information on the customer service page. The warranty is worthless.

8. Portable Mini Capsule Speaker System

Portable Mini Capsule Speaker System

The built-in battery has no external power supply needed, so it can provide one and half hours of playing time at maximum volume, or about 3 hours at 50% volume. Plug and play! Light and portable design at 3 ounces. The speaker is small and portable, and can play high quality sound. There is a color in black. It was engineered for clarity of sound. A built-in amplifier has a loud volume. Audio with high fidelity. A high-capacity built-in lithium battery can hold up to 10 hours of continuous play. All audio players with a 3.5mm audio jack are compatible. The portable mini speaker can be plugged into a PC, laptop, or standard port. The AYL Speaker has a 3 year manufacturer warranty. If you have a question, please email them.

Brand: Ayl

👤Feel like an idiot, because I almost threw this little guy in the sucker pile. I couldn't figure out how to turn it up. Okay. The little volume dealy turned it up so much that it sounded like a whisper. I didn't pair it with anything that worked. Then. Oh, oh, oh... I remembered... The volume is controlled by the flippin thing. I'm dummy me. So. I plugged it back in, turned the mp3 on, and then turned the speaker on, and the dog barked next door. I think this thing is going to rock the garage. It's going to work out fine.

👤White noise can be used to sleep at night. It has a great battery life, and I only have to charge it once a week. I contacted AYL about the warranty after it stopped working. They sent me a brand-new one in retail packaging, and I didn't have to keep track of anything myself, because the original Amazon order number was saved under my Amazon order history. The new version of the product has a Micro-USB port instead of the Mini one that I have for charging other devices, making it compatible with other cords. One less cord to keep track of. I don't think removing a star is necessary because the indicator is so bright. I can't. So. So bright! I put three layers of dark grey nail polish over it, and still, that little blue sucker shines through. I wish they'd made it red, or orange, so it wouldn't interfere with getting sleepy, but I understand that blue just plain looks cool and my usage is probably different.

👤I recommended this speaker to a friend because I was very impressed with it. I only used it a few times after purchasing it from Amazon. Next to no amplification, it's giving. The weak iPad speaker's poor sound is louder than what it is producing. I have not been able to find contact info for this company on the web because I discarded the packaging. It's frustrating since they include literature about how responsive they are. Hello? After posting this review, I found contact info for the product and immediately wrote to them. I received an offer to ship off a replacement the next day. 5 stars for responsiveness. I am very hopeful that the replacement item will perform well.

👤The mini-speaker is a great choice for anyone looking for a way to amplify their audio on the go. It's easy to put a backpack or suit case in, but it's still great because of its sound quality. The speaker has a very simple and elegant design, which expands to create a much fuller sound. The speaker has sound quality. The bass is great for this speaker. All of the music genres I have tested sound great for personal enjoyment. The price is fair for a nice speaker. I would recommend it to other consumers if I bought it as a gift. The speaker can be connected to any device with a 3.5mm audio jack. This includes any Apple device, Amazon device, or any other device. The mini-speakers I have owned have batteries that last less than a year. This is a huge plus. There is a I highly recommend this item. This device is reviewed in a video review.

9. Certified Lightning Headphones Splitter Compatible

Certified Lightning Headphones Splitter Compatible

Service and warranty. 24 hours after-sales service is provided. If you have any questions, please contact them immediately and they will answer them. You will be able to listen to music with a earphone and a headphones. The Pro/12 Pro Max/SE 2020/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS/XS Max/XR/ X 10 8 7 6 5 is an iPod. Control of music volume and pauses is supported. It's compatible with later systems. Aprolink 2 in 1 is an accessory that supports up to 24bit 48kHz sound quality. It allows you to enjoy music without worry about running out of battery. It is designed for iPhone Lovers. The first choice for music lovers is the premium sound quality of the headphones, which supports up to 24bit 48kHz lossless output. The 3.5mm earphone/headphone match is perfect with this 3.5mm adapter. Plug and Play is a way to enjoy pure high fidelity sound. You can use your existing headphones. They offer a 3-month refund and an 18-month worry-free service. They will respond to your questions within 12 hours.

Brand: Aprolink

👤I heard static when I first plugged these into my phone. There is a A few months later, the connector is bent. Don't expect to be able to use your headphones' volume controls.

👤The first one had plastic and metal stuck out of the jack and wouldn't plug in. The second one sounded similar to the first one. Absolutely junk. Don't buy any brand that looks like this. They are all made by the same company. Shame on them for selling this.

👤The audio port on my new phone is missing. This seems to work. I can charge my phone and audio equipment. I need to use my phone. It works well after that. It is easy to open. I forgot where I put it. It took me a while to find it again. It's probably a good idea to have a spare. If I had more money, I would buy a wireless speaker and headphones. I don't have that kind of money and this solution works for me. I can use my speakers to plug in. My headphones work. I can charge my phone. There were no problems at all. There were no problems with sound quality. There were no problems with charging the phone. I didn't notice any issues with volume or volume control. Everything is good. Don't let it go.

👤I had high hopes for this, but I was disappointed. I have a classic truck and a cassette player that I use to play music. I needed an accessory that would allow me to play music on my phone while simultaneously charging it. The problem is that when I plug in the phone, I get a notification that there is liquid in it and that the charging is shut off. To get around the glitch, I have to unhook the adapter, unlock my phone, and plug it back in, and then press the emergency button when the notice reappears in the unlocked mode. It's annoying to have to go to this every time I want to listen to music. I tried both of them, and got the same results. The product is consistent.

👤Garbage! The first adapter had problems after the first few hours of use. The music stopped when the 3.5mm jack or the Lightning port lost connection. I would hear a buzzing sound through the buds. I would remove all the connections. Sometimes I could listen to more songs without an issue, but sometimes the issue would reoccur within seconds. The second one was junk from the beginning. I could hear the instruments but not the vocals, as in I couldn't hear all parts of the song. The issue did not resolve after several attempts. The issue is not my ear buds. I have never had any problems with my buds in other devices before or after the issue with these adapters.

👤I had a Belkin- branded one that worked for a year or two, but this one is even less reliable. There is a Da Missus likes to sleep with a podcasts or nature sounds going, but sometimes her brand new iPhone 13 will kick this device off as incompatible and start playing audio through the phone's speaker, which is of course less than ideal in the middle of the night. If I wanted that, I could do it without this accessory and at least the phone would charge. There is a Since this came as a set of two, I have been using the other one on my older iPhone 8 Plus and I am having charging issues, where the phone suddenly decides it is not plugged into power anymore. There is a If you are looking for a reliable connection, keep looking. It costs money and isn't reliable, so it's worse than useless.

10. Certified Lightning Headphones Adapter Splitter

Certified Lightning Headphones Adapter Splitter

Plug it into the phone and listen to music or movies using car/ home audio and original headphones in any scenario. The Newst chip has been upgraded. The chip has better stability and sound quality. You don't have to worry about system upgrades with it. There is a charging and audio accessory for the iPhone 13 mini. The 12mini is a pro. /12/ The pro will be in 2020 and 2011. Pro / 11 Pro Max / Xs / Xs Max / XR/X / 8/8 Plus/ Phone 7/7 Plus, 6s / 6s Plus / Phone 6/6 Plus/ iPad. All 3.5mm jack headphones are compatible. The stylish plastic material cable make the Phone X headphone Adapter both durable and aesthetically pleasing. The charging speed was increased by 1.5 times and 30%. Saving users time is supported by fast charge. Performance of high-speed stability does not hurt your machine. Plug and play. This headset conversion is very convenient for you, just plug the wired headset into the adapter and play. The 3.5mm headphone jack will solve your single hole design problem. The sound quality is perfect. The headphone audio adapter can support 48kbps. Lossless music conversion, listening to music clearly. You can listen to music, watch videos, and play games with all 3.5 headphones. The best choice for music and game lovers is their adapter. You can get the same or higher quality headset accessory at a more affordable price. It is a reliable gift for friends or family to use it in multiple venues. The single hole problem of Apple devices can be solved perfectly.

Brand: Esbeecables

👤You couldn't press the middle button to answer calls with this. The calls were returned to the speaker or the phone. In the description, it says support calling function, charging, headset control, data transfer, microphone and remote. This is not true. The only thing that's still available is the Belkin adapter, which costs about 40 dollars. I would report this product if I knew where to find it. It is being sold as Apple certified but if you can't use any headphones for calling then that is incorrect.

👤I have been using one for my phone since it arrived. Being able to charge my phone while wearing my headphones is great. I am glad to have a solution to my earphone jack problem, but I am not sure why the earphone jack is not in the new iPhone 7. I had to charge my phone to listen to music. The sound quality is good, it charges as fast as my phone does, so it is also good. One of my best purchases so far.

👤I got a couple of these. The first one only transmitted sound intermittently, and I had to plug it back in. The input broke off when I took the phone with the adaptor out of my pocket. I suppose you get what you pay for.

👤When I got this, I was excited, but I was disappointed in the first use. I used my corded headphones to charge my phone. It causes a Liquid Detected in Charging Port error. I found out that this error can be caused by a damaged charging device. I threw these away because I didn't want to risk damage to my charging port. I will buy an Apple approved version of the charge/listen device now that I know it works well. Lesson learned.

👤This isn't what you're looking for. If your device is charging with this dongle, there will be tons of interference. This is useless because of loud static and clicks. I would forgive the dac if it actually worked. It is mediocre as a 3.5mm dongle. Worse than the cheap apple accessory. If you want to get rid of this junk, you should buy a fiio or another wireless dac.

👤I was hoping that this would work with my phone, but it rarely does. The phone audio simply goes out the built-in speaker instead of transferring to the line out for audio signal when I get my earbuds or line out audio signal from the lightning port. About 5% of the time, it has function correctly. I have found other simpler ones that are more reliable.

👤I bought two faulty phones and got two for exchange, one of which caused interference in the form of whistles and cracks from the speakers, and the other one was faulty and I got two for exchange. This product is for people who like to go to the store to return things.

👤If I needed to charge and listen with wired earphones at the same time, I would use another brand, but these make the buzzing noise that is really annoying, so I would try another brand.

11. UGREEN Lightning 3 5MM Female Adapter

UGREEN Lightning 3 5MM Female Adapter

It works with all devices that have a Lightning connection, including iPod touch, iPad, and the iPhone. The UGREEN 3.5mm lightning are certified by Apple to meet the strict requirements of the iPhone. This Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Conversion allows you to use your existing 3.5mm headphones with the 13 and Pro 13 models of the Apple device. It's not compatible with the iPad mini 6 and the iPad Pro 11. The noise reduction technology of the lightning adapter can provide you with the perfect sound. It supports listening to music, as well as the wire control function such as a microphone, volume control, pause and play functions, plug and play and no setting changes. No damages, scratches, bendings or tearings are found in the durable design. The UGREEN Apple aux adapter is made of Hi-Q aluminum alloy case and nylon-braided cable material. It's easy to carry around: stylish, lightweight and portable.

Brand: Ugreen

👤I've tried many brands. The others are cheaper than this one. But the quality? The sound is great. The cheapest ones don't allow the phone functions to work. The cheap ones have poor sound quality, including one that only worked if you plugged it in again and again. I plug it in for the first time. No clicking, no humming. If I have the phone in my pocket, it fits snug in the lightning jack. I have expensive wired headphones and music that needs them. This is the only lightning accessory I've tried that works. Buying and returning junk is not a good idea. Purchase this one and learn from my experience. I changed my review a year later. I lost my 3rd or 4th one and I'm buying a new one. My kids don't have them. My dog is chewing. Stuff happens. I buy another one when I need to replace it. I've tried a few cheaper ones, but I always end up back on this one.

👤It looks like something anker would make. It is very pretty. I think this is worth the money and will last for a long time, like the little Apple made one. I use it with a Boya lavalier mic and the audio in the videos sound great. It works with siri when you double tap the button on the headphones. I have a lightning to 3.5mm jack and a Ugreen adapter, but double tapping the button on the headphones doesn't cause siri, which is why I'm mentioning that. It works in all of the ways that I have tried, and there are no problems at all. This is the best braided lightning to headphones accessory I could find on Amazon. I picked this one because it's not braided, but it is made by Anker.

👤The device is not supported by my phone, so I have a warning that it might not work with all of them. Iphone 7s.

👤The thing keeps going off line after a week. If I breathe it will not work. You can't have this in your pocket without it losing connection. It just loses connection from a small jostle. The braided cord was useless for a week. There is a lighting connection. It needs to be short, maybe 90 degrees. The adaptors are not good. Waiting for a replacement. It's a waste of money.

👤This was an unpleasant experience. The UGREEN model that I needed was highly rated and it could also support a microphone to use with my podcasts and Clubhouse. The original Apple model is less expensive than all of the other units I purchased from other suppliers, and it's located at an Apple Store. There is a The sound quality was good and the connection was stable, so I was happy with the UGREEN. I tried to plug the audio cable from my mixing board into my UGREEN, but it fell out. I tried to see if I pressed hard enough, but it fell out when I plugged it in. The springs that are used to engage with the grooves on the plug had failed, and I could tell that from examining the adapter. I tried the same plug on both the Apple and Amazon units. There is a No worries, I thought. Contact the MFG. I'm pretty sure I registered for a warrant. Not so fast. The warranty terms on the UGREEN website say that the warranty only applies to products purchased directly from UGREEN and not a third-party site, and they call out Amazon. The email I received from UGREEN said that they were unable to send the replacement because of Amazon's policy. There is a Please contact Amazon customer service if you want to return an order that has been fulfilled by Amazon. I was asked if I would take pictures of the failure to help their dept, and have a nice day. There is a I contacted Amazon Customer Service and they said that they were beyond the return policy. I have a second unit that I took out today and can already see that the locking mechanism isn't going to last very long. There is a My advice is to go with the Apple Original accessory and save a few bucks, or try a different third-party that will honor their warranty.


What is the best product for headphone jack speaker iphone?

Headphone jack speaker iphone products from Desoficon. In this article about headphone jack speaker iphone you can see why people choose the product. Belcompany and Rosyclo are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone jack speaker iphone.

What are the best brands for headphone jack speaker iphone?

Desoficon, Belcompany and Rosyclo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone jack speaker iphone. Find the detail in this article. Smkzzs, Multited and Maxder are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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