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1. Computer Speakers Soundbar N5 Powered

Computer Speakers Soundbar N5 Powered

The MINI Sound bar is small. It's easy to use theusb connection in TV/desktop/notebook/phone/projector. The small computer speakers have an AUX jack to plug in works with any device that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. The sounds fill the room better with thisusb powered speakers. The volume is good for cinephiles and misic lovers. You can save desktop space by using a small speaker. The design of the wired desktop speakers makes them more compact and smart. The black color is very elegant and cool. It works along most devices that have ausb port. On-line speaker volume control can be used for quick and easy audio adjustments. The speakers are loud enough to project a message. Humanized Design and Warranty--Compact size for placing on the table, perfect for home, office. Before shipping, 100% test. Don't worry, buy it.

Brand: Tupargo

👤I wanted a cheap speaker after my bluetooth broke. I suppose expecting it to work would be too much. I connected it with nothing. My PC doesn't have an audio jack so it's garbage. The users manual has helpful information if the product is malfunctioning. I will type it here, verbatim, with weird spacing and capitalization included. First, don't worry, you can email us, we can't find you by reviews, so email to us will be quicker. There is a So... What is the email? Below it says something. Email us any questions. Thank you. What is the email? Is there an email provided?

👤I have plugged in the speakers in a variety of ways. 3.5, rc and optical. I was able to use the three connection methods to get the sound to work. I couldn't adjust the volume using my TV remote. The speaker volume was raised to maximum setting. It didn't work. I would not recommend this product for TV application unless someone could give me instructions for sound to be adjusted by the TV remote.

👤I will try to update review with a video, but these things are too much for me. I was expecting portable speaker levels of quality to get my sons virtual school, but I am not going to. These things are perfect for audio lovers like me, they provide way more sound than a floor mount sub would. It is definitely everything but.

👤I bought this to hook up a small flat screen TV in the kitchen as I didn't like the sound of the speakers. Small TV speakers are awful. The sound was decent for the price of the unit and it was easy to hook up. It would be hard to do better for the money. It has a settings menu that you can modify.

👤It was updated to a 3. I would give the speaker a 4 because it took my computer several days to connect with it. I didn't touch the plugs for 2 days, and on the third morning when I turned it on, the speakers came on automatically. My computer doesn't list it as a speaker in either the control panel or the lower right sound/volume control. It is excellent now that it works. I haven't tried to listen to music, but it's great for websites like Facebook and YouTube. Take it down to a 3, some of which is just Amazon settings. I had to post a poor review to get the attention of the seller. They sent a condescending response to the short question, because the question input space was too small. If the posted Q&A didn't answer the question, there is a way to contact the seller. I didn't find that. I got a bot when I clicked on the seller. Being able to contact the seller is the reason for the downgrade. They offered to replace the speaker after the original rating review. The original is available. There is a Hopefully this will be a good solution. Just got this. The power supply appears to be malfunctioning. The blue strip does not light up. I tried all of the ports, but nothing. I started with the audio jack as they suggest, and then tested the jack with a headphones which worked, and then I 888-276-5932. I tried the control panel and the speaker icon. The speaker has two plugs and they responded with a condescending "hi,dear" after I submitted a question with very limited character space for detailed question. The 3.5mm plug needs to be inserted into the audio input interface, as well as the audio cable, the volume control wheel, and theusb port. My husband needs a good speaker to speak at his appointment on Oct 20 since the speakers on my computer are bad and his hearing is bad. It may be there. I would not have gone the bad review route if I had been able to contact the seller directly. Did not find the answer? The seller has a contact button.

2. Portable Mini Capsule Speaker System

Portable Mini Capsule Speaker System

The built-in battery has no external power supply needed, so it can provide one and half hours of playing time at maximum volume, or about 3 hours at 50% volume. Plug and play! Light and portable design at 3 ounces. The speaker is small and portable, and can play high quality sound. There is a color in black. It was engineered for clarity of sound. A built-in amplifier has a loud volume. Audio with high fidelity. A high-capacity built-in lithium battery can hold up to 10 hours of continuous play. All audio players with a 3.5mm audio jack are compatible. The portable mini speaker can be plugged into a PC, laptop, or standard port. The AYL Speaker has a 3 year manufacturer warranty. If you have a question, please email them.

Brand: Ayl

👤Feel like an idiot, because I almost threw this little guy in the sucker pile. I couldn't figure out how to turn it up. Okay. The little volume dealy turned it up so much that it sounded like a whisper. I didn't pair it with anything that worked. Then. Oh, oh, oh... I remembered... The volume is controlled by the flippin thing. I'm dummy me. So. I plugged it back in, turned the mp3 on, and then turned the speaker on, and the dog barked next door. I think this thing is going to rock the garage. It's going to work out fine.

👤White noise can be used to sleep at night. It has a great battery life, and I only have to charge it once a week. I contacted AYL about the warranty after it stopped working. They sent me a brand-new one in retail packaging, and I didn't have to keep track of anything myself, because the original Amazon order number was saved under my Amazon order history. The new version of the product has a Micro-USB port instead of the Mini one that I have for charging other devices, making it compatible with other cords. One less cord to keep track of. I don't think removing a star is necessary because the indicator is so bright. I can't. So. So bright! I put three layers of dark grey nail polish over it, and still, that little blue sucker shines through. I wish they'd made it red, or orange, so it wouldn't interfere with getting sleepy, but I understand that blue just plain looks cool and my usage is probably different.

👤I recommended this speaker to a friend because I was very impressed with it. I only used it a few times after purchasing it from Amazon. Next to no amplification, it's giving. The weak iPad speaker's poor sound is louder than what it is producing. I have not been able to find contact info for this company on the web because I discarded the packaging. It's frustrating since they include literature about how responsive they are. Hello? After posting this review, I found contact info for the product and immediately wrote to them. I received an offer to ship off a replacement the next day. 5 stars for responsiveness. I am very hopeful that the replacement item will perform well.

👤The mini-speaker is a great choice for anyone looking for a way to amplify their audio on the go. It's easy to put a backpack or suit case in, but it's still great because of its sound quality. The speaker has a very simple and elegant design, which expands to create a much fuller sound. The speaker has sound quality. The bass is great for this speaker. All of the music genres I have tested sound great for personal enjoyment. The price is fair for a nice speaker. I would recommend it to other consumers if I bought it as a gift. The speaker can be connected to any device with a 3.5mm audio jack. This includes any Apple device, Amazon device, or any other device. The mini-speakers I have owned have batteries that last less than a year. This is a huge plus. There is a I highly recommend this item. This device is reviewed in a video review.

3. Computer Speakers BeBomBasics Powered Multimedia

Computer Speakers BeBomBasics Powered Multimedia

You can save desktop space by using a small speaker. The design of the wired desktop speakers makes them more compact and smart. The black color is very elegant and cool. The sleek appearance is compatible with most devices. The sounds fill the room better with thisusb powered speakers. The volume is good for cinephiles and misic lovers. On-line speaker volume control can be used for quick and easy audio adjustments. The speakers are loud enough to project a message. If you play these on full volume, you will wake your neighbors. Plug in multiple devices and it's easy to connect to the internet. Small computer speakers have an AUX jack to plug in a MiniDisc player, mp3 player, iPod, cellphone and any other AUX jack-equipped mobile media players. Through AUX IN. Compact size for placing on the table, perfect for home, office. Before shipping, 100% test. Don't worry, buy it.

Brand: Bebom

👤The sound quality is good for the price, but the audio is not as good as the PC speakers. It was small. I needed something to fit under my monitor and these fit that bill. It's cheap. The quality of these speakers is quite good and they are about the cheapest on the internet. Aesthetics. It's better looking than most PC speakers and works well with black/silver monitors. There is a The light is super. They have no weight at all, and any jostle will move them. The volume is on the cord. This has no use at all. I have a 40 inch cord behind a desk and it gets in the way. I think they should have just put a small button on top of the actual speakers and not bother with in-line volume control. The cord is very thin. I can see why some people have static. These have no insulation at all. There is a I'm giving these a 5 because of the price and quality. If they were more expensive, I would give them a 5. There is a If I were them, I would weight them a little bit, drop the volume knob, and insulate the cord from interference.

👤The sound of these speakers is better than the one in the unit speaker, but you have to plug in the plug into a powered Usb hub. There is a It's a really nice deal for 8 dollars and some change. I'm including a sound quality comparison in the video.

👤They were available for same-day delivery in our city and we bought them because they were crazy cheap. There is a They initially only provided sound from a monitor with no speakers, but they now have an audio-out jack. They moved to my primary PC after the setup was no longer needed. I know it is a huge downgrade. The klipsch set was perfect, they had another location where their high volume and bass would be used. I use headphones and speakers when I play a game on my computer. I can hear the game audio past the headset if it is loud. There is a These speakers do a good job. The speakers take up very little space, and the sound quality is clear. There is a Downsides? The power cord has volume control on it. It is obvious that it is not a dial on one of the speakers. They are made on one single production line, and any two speakers are wired together and shipped as a pair. The logo is stamped on the same side as the speakers. It is part of why they are less expensive than a meal at a fast food joint, and if that is bothering you, there is a similar set of speakers on Amazon.

👤The speakers are small so I can carry them with me. The speakers on my laptop are too loud for the class to hear. I bought these so that the students could hear the videos we are required to show. They work as long as they are plugged in. When my laptop is plugged in multiple times throughout the day, it gets a little tricky. By the end of the school day, I have to plug in a few times. A little playing with them makes them work again. My class can hear the videos. I like them.

4. GamesterGear Desktop Compact Multimedia SY SPK20234

GamesterGear Desktop Compact Multimedia SY SPK20234

The PC has dual full-range 2.5W speakers. The speakers on the desktop help ensure a clear sound. The mini-body design of the mini-sabres is lightweight and is suitable for carrying out to enjoy music outside. The sound bar speaker has a 3.5mm plug, no need for software. Simply connect it to 5V power and 3.5mm plug and enjoy it. The response time was 100 and 20000. The S/N ratio is 45 dB. Magnetically Shielded speakers. The speaker has a power on/off switch. Stereo speakers that are powered by ausb port. The speaker has volume control.

Brand: Gamestergear

👤You need to connect the 3.5mm and theusb cable to your device. The device has a power supply. You can pull the wires apart if necessary. There is a This speaker is a good value. The sound is clear after some adjustment in the PC settings, which I will explain at the bottom of the review. Rock, classic Rock, Alternative, 80's and 90's pop music is the majority of the music I listen to. Don't listen to songs with a lot of bass. I tried out two Rap songs, one by Biggie and the other by DMX, and both sound good, and the bas is about 75% good, even with trying the LIVE setting in Sound settings. If you want to listen to music that requires heavy bass, you should get a speaker set with a separate sub. There is a There is a wire. The length of the wire is 48 inches. If the audio port and the audio port are not next to each other, you can pull the connect apart. There is a There is a light. The blue light is cool. The perfect brightness is not overly bright. The lights cannot be turned off. There is a The speaker is 12-1/2" W, 2-1/2" H, and 3-4-8" D. There is a Sound: The speaker didn't have a good sound. I adjusted the sound settings to make it sound better. The instructions are for a computer. I couldn't find these settings in Windows 10 Home. It seems to be missing from Windows 10 Home. Maybe it depends on the Sound driver. Right click the Start button. Put a check in the Equalizer. The setting from the dropdown is PARTY. You can try different things to see what works for you. The party setting was the best for me.

👤I have a speaker on my computer. I know the port works. I plugged this one into the same port and the lights came on, but I couldn't hear anything. I plugged it into the 3.5mm port on my television screen, but it didn't light up. This thing doesn't work unless I have a hidden turn-on switch.

👤The speaker was more than I expected. I use it for a home theater projector in a large space. I bought one to attach to the class projector where I teach and the students and program director love it. The link to buy one for her home computer was so popular that she and her family loved it. I found something here.

👤It is the perfect size for music.

👤Good sounds and a space saber. Used every with zoom.

5. Wireless Speaker Portable Cellphone Rechargeable

Wireless Speaker Portable Cellphone Rechargeable

4 Times Louder Volume than your cell phone. The speaker can amplify the volume up to 4 times. A loudspeaker for improving experience when watching videos, listening to music, dancing, playing games, making conference phone calls, online classes and car navigation systems! You can enjoy music with loud volume wherever you want. It's portable and convenient. A nice gift for friends and family. Birthday gift for beloved one, perfect as a new year gift. It's good for the elder to have hard hearing. Plug and Play, Simple to Use, and Handy, when you get tired of ear buds, the mini speakers connect faster than the bluetooth speakers. It is compatible with any device with a 3.5mm aux audio jack. The mini portable speaker can play for up to 8 hours. A speaker for travel. The speaker has a big sound. Sharing the happy time with your friends.

Brand: K-tech

👤My wife has a brain disorder. She uses an app to communicate with me. She has dropped it over a dozen times and it still sounds great.

👤There was an update 8.15.19. I have to write in caps to let you know that I have to listen to my thoughts because this thing is loud. There is a I was getting my geyser on from one of my videos. There is a loud thing that stops in the middle of "To Worship You I Live" by Israel and New Breed. The sound from my fire was not loud enough to sustain my high. There is a I thought to check if I could use my friend while I was busy with something else. I can. WHOO-HOOO! MyLAPTOP is not the only one that I have, I also have excellent, perfectly cute littleLAPTOP SPEAKERS that I purchased from, where else... There is a problem. I'm here. I have a phone and a tablet speaker. I am 1000% more pleased with this purchase after learning that I can charge it while using it. I want to go back to my apartment. I like AMAZON a lot. And...uumm... Jeff! Bezos! Yes, too! .... I always write in the lower case for non-business related writing. It's something I do. They signed their names in the lower case. Anyhu. I'm writing in my head. I'm frantic. I can't help it. I can't hear my thoughts because this little speaker is so loud. There is a I don't review products until I use them. It will be at least a week. I haven't reviewed a lot of products in the past. I will be at some point. This little speaker, which can be encased in a large hand, a purse, and a shirt pocket, can be in your socks. I had to make time to review it later because I was so excited. There is a It's been about an hour. Now is the right time. Since I got my cheap phone, I've been using my fire HD. I was not expecting the sound to be so bad, but it was. My mind has been overwhelmed by an Amazon purchase again. I love this company. To shop without leaving my home. The boom box is loud because of this teeny-ween thing. And for less than $20 There is a And it's not marijuana. And it. Doesn't need a battery. It's wonderful! It was very much. It costs nothing to do it. I can now hear the soft sound of the broken doctor. When I'm listening to him talk about "FEELING IS THE PRAYER" on my ipod, Greg Brennan is loud and clear. Yeah, that's right. You should be aware to check him. Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza should not be buying their books on Amazon. I would like to ask the creators of this speaker and AMAZON. Are you serious about selling this loud little speaker for kids? I'll still be pleased if this little powerhouse lasts a month. I'll be back! I'll have to write a review in capitals. This has been a good review by someone who is very much. AMAZON ADDICTED I like AMAZON a lot. (And...Umm... JEFF! Bezos! Too!!)

6. Bluetooth LEZII BT525 Waterproof Speakers

Bluetooth LEZII BT525 Waterproof Speakers

You will get a 1x Stereo Sound Adapter, 1x 3.5mm male-male audio cable, and 1x 3.5mm male-male audio cable. Feel free to contact them if you need assistance. IPX7 Full waterproof. IPX7 waterproof technology can be submerged in 33 feet of water for 30 minutes. The LEZll shower speaker is waterproof and even cleaned it with running water. Can't resist splashes of water. The sound quality of the speaker will not be affected by the water vapor in the bathroom. You can be a bathroom rocker. The speaker and radio have built-in independent chip and signal amplifier, which improve its sensitivity and reception, supporting over 80 radio stations in the US. Up to 12 hours of playtime. Up to 12 hours playtime is guaranteed with the Built-in li-ion 1500mAh rechargeable battery. Within 3 hours is the charge time. Never stop enjoying music. The waterproof speaker can connect to the device from 66 feet away. The advanced antenna design with the new 5.1 version of the wireless protocol provides a more stable connection for all devices. Such as a phone, a computer. Support micro card. TWS 3D Stereo Sound is a true wireless stereo sound system that supports two wireless speakers play music simultaneously through a Bluetooth connection, form left and right channel, and surround high definition sound without any noticeable distortion even at maximum volume crash.

Brand: Lezii

👤These sounds good. Not hollow, no distortion. The bass is not a booming bass and I have yet to see one that booms but the lows are good. It reproduces lows without distortion. The mids are clear but have a lower tone. The highs are not harsh at the higher volumes. It sounds good and gives the impression of a bigger speaker. There is a tiny bit of lag watching videos. This class has an average battery life and charge time. Its build quality is not cheap or high end. Couldn't find any stations. The person on the other end had trouble hearing me. It's good as a speaker. The price is great. Money was well spent. Dropping a star for raising the price is an update. Good reviews help people make a buying decision and not for sellers to jack the price up. They are great at $12. Not any higher.

👤I can't say enough good things about this speaker. Here's why we love it. There is a PROS 1. The aux/headphone jack is also known as theBluetooth jack. Yes! Thank you! There is a 2. It has a lot of volume. Great! The sound quality is balanced and clear. 4. It can pair with the phone and another speaker if you need surround sound. 3. It's easy to handle, but small. There are clips for a backpack. 4. Sturdy! Water resistant, shock proof, etc. It feels good. 5. It's easy. I plugged the cable into the computer and turned it on to charge it. 6. It's less than $10 for all of this. We had a pair of speakers that went to the curb. It was literally. We threw them away and kept the AUX. This works great for a computer speaker because it is better in every way. Depending on your reception in your area, it does have a radio which works okay. There are 8. It plays from a micro card. See the instructions below for an update. There are some considerations. The cable is short. It was long enough to reach the floor from the wall plug. I like that but not everyone will. You'll have to share it with your cell phone plug/adapter or plug it into ausb to use it. There is a The card in the box said that if we submit a review within 30 days, they'll send us a second speaker. We can play Christmas music from the same player for less than $10. The company is the best. It does have an radio. Here's how it works. Pressing and holding the power button will turn the speaker on. When it turns on, it will probably say "bluetooth mode". Wait. Then press the same button again. If you have a 2-line 3mm chord plugged in, it will say "AUX mode" Wait. If you double click the button again, it will say "FM mode". You have it. Scan for stations with the volume up and down buttons. It works. Sometimes it gets into scanning mode. I have to backtrack to the one I want. It works. If you hold the button too long, it will say "power off" Once it's back on, try again. Good luck. There is a Also. It does play a card. I just did it. I didn't know if the 32 Gb one had a capacity range. We used a windows media player to put the music on the micro SD card, but you can also take a microSD card and use it. Put the card into the speaker. Click the power button to change the mode. Great. Hold and press the volume buttons. If you want to only skip the playlists, then put it in one more folder, and it will play the songs in each list. This is great. My son has trouble sleeping so we use it to play music for him. It's not easy to mess with and derail a device that has an SD card, and we don't have to run down batteries on another device. This speaker is great. I hope you like it as well as I do. We like both of our speakers. I haven't matched the two yet so you have to check another review. Good luck.

7. Portable Wireless Internal External Subwoofer

Portable Wireless Internal External Subwoofer

Widely compatible It is possible to use their multimedia computer speakers with a wide variety of PCs, thanks to the built-in 3.5MM universal aux in port. With audio and cable. The speaker has an audio cable at the bottom of it, and it also has a charging cable. The speaker is portable and easy to carry. High performance The speaker has low power consumption and low distortion. It'sFits for The mini speaker can be used with a 3.5mm audio jack. The built-in battery has no external power supply needed, so it can provide one and half hours of playing time at maximum volume, or about 3 hours at 50% volume.

Brand: Tihebeyan

👤This thing is not all that great and serves no real benefit unless the device you are using has no speaker at all. This is something I would find at a dollar tree or 5 below. The speaker is small and not very loud, so it's a choking Hazzard.

👤The thing took a long time to get here and it sounded terrible, and the cable was getting hot, it may be a defect. Don't buy it, I'm just going to let it go.

👤I have never heard a speaker with worse sound quality in my life. Unless you are going to look at it and listen to it, don't buy.

👤The phone speaker is loud.

👤The pics in the description are not real. Don't look at pictures, look at actual dimensions. There is a This thing is trash if that is not enough. It might not be that good. Very cheap made. What volume do you want? The built in speaker on my tablets was very loud. If you want to listen, use this speaker. To the library.

👤Caveat emptor! The ad is not accurate. Terrible sound, small, poor quality workmanship. I will not buy from the company again. Terrible purchase.

👤It is being used on a tape recorder. Sometimes it's necessary to have a little more volume. There is a chance that cords could be a little longer. I can use it for my project. It's probably ok for its intended use. After ordering it, it took a long time to get here.

👤Does not sound as loud as my phone speaker. I requested a refund after buying two of them for over $27, but I am only getting the price back. What is going on with that? That hurts!

8. I VOM Wireless Portable Cellphone Rechargeable

I VOM Wireless Portable Cellphone Rechargeable

There is a clear loud sound. The speaker has a big sound. Sharing the happy time with your friends. Plug the 3.5mm aux jack into your phone to play music whenever you want. All audio players with a 3.5mm audio jack are compatible. The portable mini speaker can be plugged into a PC, laptop, or standard port. This product has a 3W speaker in 27mm 8ohm and a 90db sound quality to keep the high sound quality. There were 10 hours of continuous play from a single charge. The speaker has a 2 year manufacturer warranty. If you have a question, please email them.

Brand: Milcraft

👤I like my speaker. It will help when I play songs from my phone. It was a great price and it sounded good. It was delivered a day before I expected it. Thanks a lot.

👤This little speaker is amazing. No one ever said that. Terrible sound, jack isn't long enough to get around my case. There is no volume control. This piece of junk is destroyed by my phone speaker. There is a It might be worth about $2.

👤I use this speaker with my Fagerstrom electronic bagpipe. I was not expecting much from the speaker, but I was disappointed that it didn't come with a charger or instructions, even though it was in used condition. It was a speaker that was rolling around in a small box. There is a The speaker seems to work for what I need after I found a microusb cell phone/Raspberry Pi charger and left it plugged in overnight. It's very quiet so you won't be able to hear it outside of a single room. The red and blue lights are convenient for charging. There is a It's just okay. It will work for me to practice alone in a hotel room, but when I stop working I will look for another portable speaker.

👤When I connected the speaker to the port and heard the sound, I was surprised it was good for my iPod. There is a The cords on my old speakers were not working, but they played out of one speaker and didn't need to be charged. These can also play while connected to a port on the computer. It's been easy to keep them working since my iPod already had a 2 port plug in. I haven't tried it out to check their chargeability, but they are advertised as being the same amount of time as my old iPod. There is a You have to remember to turn on the power button on the other side if you don't want them to work. Something to get used to. When the world has moved past your device that still works and you just want to use it, this little device is great to have.

👤The speaker made it easier to listen to. The device speakers are louder and clearer. I have to mess with it to get it to work because it doesn't plug in tightly, and if I move it, it quits working. The device control for volume makes it louder but not a lot louder. Unfortunately, the Fire tablet doesn't have a way of using the device speakers and this speaker at the same time; but of course that is an Amazon problem.

👤It was attached to the car's headrest holder to help project the sound of the kid's iPad into the air, but it wasn't tight enough in the jack to project the sound into the ground. The sound is okay, it keeps my ears from getting blasted in the front seat, but I think we will try another brand soon.

9. Tangxi Stereo Speaker Pillow Player

Tangxi Stereo Speaker Pillow Player

What you get is a computer speaker, a User Manual, and a life-time free user support. The refreshing music gives you a good mood, calms the mind, and has a quality sleep all night. It's compatible with almost all audio devices with a 3.5mm jack. A product with great details and fine workmanship. It is easy to carry light weight. Simply put it beside your pillow and connect to your devices and you can enjoy beautiful music without disturbing others. If you have a question about the products, please contact them in time, they have a professional customer service who can answer any questions for you.

Brand: Pusokei

👤It's a basic speaker. It isn't designed to receive high power and any expectation that it will be like a JBL speaker is ridiculous. It is designed for quieter outputs. It is a 7 dollar speaker and works well for testing applications.

👤I wanted an external speaker to eliminate the issue of uncomfortable headphones while lying down, as I listen to audio CD books in bed. I found what I needed with this product. I put the speaker on the pillow so that it doesn't get loud. It comes with a long cord. The small size, long cord and ease of use make this a good buy.

👤The sound quality is not good. If you want to share sound with friends or family, you need a speaker like this. The sound output is worse than the internal speaker of the Mac mini, and it's not usable for what I got it for. I will be getting something more robust to use. You would think that the sound of this speaker would be better than the sound of the iPhone speakers, but it is not. Don't waste your time and money on this if you want good sound.

👤The earpiece is hard to lay on. The cable is small and cheap. Audio is good for its size. I don't know what will happen if I stretch the cable.

👤It was a stocking stuffer. My daughter is very happy with the speaker. She likes it, but the cord could be a little longer. The sound is not adjusted. I will buy again.

👤It's okay. I use it. You control the sound on the radio. There are no controls of it's own.

👤It doesn't produce any sound better than your headset sitting across the room from you.

10. Wireless Speakers Leadsound Portable Computer

Wireless Speakers Leadsound Portable Computer

This laptop speakers has a brand new stylish design, Enlarge phone volume more than 3 times, line-in "wireless" concept, compact body, and lets you go anywhere with it. Plug in a 3.5mm audio jack and turn on the speaker. A high performance voice with decent bass, 4 times louder portable for extensive uses, and clear loud sound, is what it is. You could carry it in a pocket, bag, brief case, or any other convenient place. All major devices support a 3.5mm audio plug.

Brand: Leadsound

👤After reporting my issue to Leadsound they did an awesome job. I love the replacements they sent me. Excellent customer service. I bought the speaker in September of last year and it started smoking while plugged into my laptop and I threw it over the balcony. My words are similar to those of Burnt Electronics. The pictures are of the burnt cord. Don't leave with this speakerPLUGGED in if you are buying this product.

👤The speaker is amazing. There is a It's portable and light-weight to carry around. There is a To turn it on, you have to plug it in to your phone's headphone jack and press the button on the bottom. There is a You need an at- home port to charge it with the cord that it comes with. There is a There's a paper box inside of the plastic box that holds the charger. There is a The audio is very loud for its size. When it's at a lower volume, it can sound a bit muffled, but when it's at a high volume, you can barely notice it. There is a The charging could last a week. Depending on how much battery you have used, it takes not too long to charge. I've dropped it a few times, and it's still in perfect condition, and it didn't change anything about the audio. Durability is amazing. There is a This item is really good.

👤There will be an update on July 4th. This October 11, 2016 was ordered. This has been going on for 2 years and 9 months. One of the channels has stopped working because of the diminished battery capacity. I don't hear the main channel, but I can hear the background sound of music. Higher tones and echos. It was like half deafness. It was good. It looks exactly as it was depicted. It is easy to misplace. So keep going. It's about the size of a golf ball. When on, it glows blue. When charging, it glows red. When fully charged, auto off. It is nice. Most items in this category have good battery life and slow charges. Don't expect the theater to have sound. It's definitely MONO. The bass is dependent on keeping the charging port flap occupied. It does sound good, but mostly for background music and audio books. You can play while charging. Volume is dependent on the output of the jack. The change purse-case has a speaker and cable. The primary purpose of my devices is to have a forward facing speaker with some bass; that doesn't use up much battery power. This is accomplished by it.

👤The decision was made to decorate the office door. A small mp3 player with Christmas songs and buried in a Christmas wreath was one of the items I supplied. The speakers I got were not up to par. This was one of the alternate technologies I ordered. There is a It was an unqualified success. The music was good. It filled the hallway with sound. The battery lasted all day. Each night, I had to replenish my energy. I don't know how long the battery will last. There is a I didn't know that this speaker was capable of such high quality, but the purchase of this was a clear winner.

11. CestMall Portable Compact Speaker Nevigation

CestMall Portable Compact Speaker Nevigation

The mini portable speaker has a built-in battery that does not consume cellphone power when playing. 45 minutes is needed to get a full charge through the microusb port. The mini compact design has a unique line-in concept, no apps required, just plug-in sound out. There is a notice. The power key is located in the middle of the speaker. Please remove the Silicon rim if necessary. The appearance is transparent, with supports for playing time up to 8 hours, and a single charge of 45 minutes. If there is no audio input signal in 5 minutes, it will be turned off. Ultra portable size has a capacity of 2W loud and clear sound quality, four times the volume of your mobile phone, so you and your friends can enjoy music and video at the same time. It's the greatest compatible. It's a great companion for any media device with a 3.5mm jack, just turn power on and plug it in to play music or video audio. Customer service is provided by CindersMall. Please contact them if you have any issues with the Mini Speaker.

Brand: Cestmall

👤Just received it. I was a little hesitant at first, but then I realized it was not a big deal. This little gem is great because I have an older Maxx. If you have an otterbox or other type of hard case, you will end up with the speaker facing away from you. You can still hear it, but I don't like playing it for people. I'm going to look for a hard jack extension that's 3/6mm. I like the fact that it comes with a small cord for charging. There is an update. I left this in my laptop case and it died. I decided to charge it with a cable. I couldn't get it to stay. It was my cable that wasn't clearing the rubber housing. It still works despite being used by someone else. I sent CestMall an email thinking my unit died after forgetting the supplied charging cable and figuring out what my charging issue was. lightning quickly! I remembered the supplied cable and tried it. The unit charged up nicely. I apologized in an email for wasting their time. They asked if I thought it was working well. Please let them know if not. They would take care of me. How great to deal with them.

👤The little speaker was recommended by a friend of the radio station. The audio is brought up about 3 times. I only use headphones when I have a group, so I just plug in the device and they can hear. Push on the bottom for the on/off switch is all you need to know. There is a piece of rubber on the charge slot. I use it with my net book. You get a nice bag that has room for the speaker and the things you need to use it. It's perfect for my needs.

👤This didn't work out well for me and I hate to leave a negative review. I'm a heavy user. I use this almost every day. The charge lasts about 4 hours with the volume very low. It never lasted 8 hours for me, even when it was new. I charge it every day, but I don't use it for more than 3 hours a night. Two days listening is pushing it for me. I didn't deduct stars for the battery. The back casing material that makes bass better than most small phone speaker attachments became loose after about four or five months. After less than a year, it is not attached to the device. The speaker is very loose, which makes it difficult to plug it in to my phone. The jack and phone are sandwiched between the unnoticeable bit. I don't notice the problem until the speaker stops talking. To get the right connection, I have to stretch the material back from the jack, and then insert it into my phone. The speaker will fall off if I don't do this. The soft material has degraded. The cut-out that covered the microusb charging port on the speaker came off after 6 months. As someone who uses this daily, that did not surprise me. The consequences were significant for me. The speaker has a red and blue indicator when it is on. The indicator light was not that significant when the microusb port cover was in place. I can now use this light as a low-level flashlight, if I get up at night, because the cover exposed so much blue light. I can't turn this light off because I'm using it to listen to audio in bed. I have to push the speaker against my pillow because it is bright enough to be disturbing. Setting a sleep timer on the audio app and listening to something at a low level while falling asleep can be difficult, but it's important to remember that I can hear something if I fall asleep. I'm going to use nail polish or electric tape to lighten it. There is a It doesn't turn off automatically when the sound ends, which is another problem. It keeps using up the battery and the blue light is shining near my face. After it no longer receives audio signals, it is supposed to shut itself off. It's annoying because it will shut off after about 2 minutes when I'm setting up the audio. When I need it to shut off, it will stay on all night. I've unplugged the speaker from the phone and slept, but it's still on even though it's not attached to anything. If it doesn't shut down, it has to be turned off manually. I used it for about 6 months. There is a I don't like leaving a negative review and so I will contact the seller or manufacturer. I don't want to hurt their sales because a lemon would be a fine product. I gave my time to the manufacturer and the seller, trying to find a way to contact them, but nothing came of it. I probably didn't spend a lot of time, but my time is valuable. I don't think I should have spent more than three or four minutes for that, but my results were negative, and now there is a negative review for this product. There are five significant negative experiences with this speaker, not including the exaggerated battery usage time. The material on the speaker is degrading and will not stay on the speaker, this causes connecting issues, the microusb cover came off and made the speaker into a flashlight that is disturbing at night in bed, and I could not find contact info for the manufacturer and seller after an inquiry. The sound is good for the size and I need it.


What is the best product for headphone jack speaker mini?

Headphone jack speaker mini products from Tupargo. In this article about headphone jack speaker mini you can see why people choose the product. Ayl and Bebom are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone jack speaker mini.

What are the best brands for headphone jack speaker mini?

Tupargo, Ayl and Bebom are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone jack speaker mini. Find the detail in this article. Gamestergear, K-tech and Lezii are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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