Best Headphone Jack Speaker with Microphone

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1. JXMOX External Headphone Microphone Compatible

JXMOX External Headphone Microphone Compatible

It is compatible with multiple devices. Their computer speaker has a 3.5mm audio interface which is compatible with a lot of devices. The cables are 49.2 inches long and let you connect in the office or home environment. A good way to replace a faulty sound card or audio port is to use ausb audio adapter, it adds a mono microphone-in and a stereo audio-out port to your computer through ausb port, which enables you to connect your existing headphones, headset, speakers, or microphone. Users can enjoy a quality speaker sound system in their headphones with the built-in smart Chipset. Windows 10/98SE/ME/2000/XP/server 2003/Vista/7/8/Linux/Mac OSX/PS5/PS4/Google Chromebooks/Windows Surface is wide compatible. The Pro 3/Raspberry Pi are compatible with the audio accessory. It only supports mono microphone TRS, it does not support TRRS. Not compatible with PS3. Plug and play. This is a audio device. Plug and play means you don't need to install anything. Let's use the simplest way to enjoy music. Powerful metal housing ensures wear resistance, anti-corrosion, and solid protection. 20 strands of three Cores, a copper cover, and a nylon- braided cover were combined to make thisusb audio accessory. Its high density shielding protects against sound and soft touch.

Brand: Jxmox

👤I used to use a Windows 10 laptop where I couldn't get ear bud speakers to work.

👤The adapter works. There was no driver needed.

👤This is a great value.

2. MillSO Headphone Splitter Adapter Compatible

MillSO Headphone Splitter Adapter Compatible

One 3.5mm jack port computer allows the use of older audio accessories with newer computers, and allows you to use a higher quality headset with your phone. The braided wire has a great audio transmission. The MillSO 3.5mm headset splitter is designed to connect a double-plugs gaming headset to most devices with a 3.5mm TRRS port. The 3.5mm TRRS male and 3.5mm TRS female are on the audio jack cable. Almost all popular audio devices can be supported by the MillSO 3.5mm audio splitter. The 3.5mm male port can be used for PC, laptop, and tablets. There are two 3.5mm female ports for a double-plugs headset. It doesn't work for a microphone. If you have any compatibility issues, please contact their support team. High Fidelity Audio Transmission has a braided sheath, 24K contacts, plastic metal sleeve, and double shielding. Ensuring optimum sound quality, long usefulness, and providing lossless audio transmission are some of the things that should be done. The braided sheath of the 3.5mm headset adapter cable is soft and durable. The design is robust and compact. MillSO offers a 12-month warranty for all of its products to protect against quality troubles or compatibility issues. You can extend it for 18 months by calling the MillSO team. They are happy to help with any problem you have.

Brand: Millso

👤The product was purchased to do what was advertised, which was to expand a combination of headphones and mics to two usable jacks. It was tested in a phone, a computer, and a car. The mic jack doesn't work in any of the cases. The product page needs to be updated to clearly state which products this adapter works with.

👤This review is for the MillSO Headphone Splitter Adapter - 3.5mm 4 Pole. There is a compatible gaming headset, PS4 and phone. That detail is important. All of the details about connecting audio signals are clear when you get this adapter from Millso. Every single thing is a standard and there are different standards for wiring the tips, rings, and sleeves. The different options are shown in the product's headline. Millso explains what standards are involved in the descriptions. They give all the clues needed to make a quick web search for the device. I got the right device the first time, thanks to these helpful details. It works great when I have a long call. I use an older high quality call-center headset with this one and can hear and be heard much better than with the phone on its own or any "ear bud" based purpose-specific ear/mic combination. I can put it in a container when I'm done with it. I don't coil it into a tight circle. I use it with a headset, but it's 888-282-0465 888-282-0465, which is more compact. Sound does not crackle at all. There is a Thanks to Millso for clearing up the mud in the selection of the sound.

👤The little guy worked great for my consoles. I have a great headset from Logitech, but it doesn't have the plugs for the microphone and headphones. I sit a long way away, and it doesn't work with the Xbox, but it does have ausb, but for some reason that doesn't work with the xbox. The controller only has one port. The headset can be connected to the controller port with this adapter. I can now play squad with my friends.

👤I am using this to add music to my game. It worked for a second and then stopped. I checked my other devices and cables, but they don't work when connected to this splitter. I requested a new one in hopes that it's not bad. I will leave the review as is if the replacement works.

👤My interest was in monitoring the audio output from the computer and connecting a stereo mic output to it. I used an ohm-meter to figure out how it was wired. I found that it could be important for some users. There is a The side with headphones had no surprises. The stereo is passed through the TRRS plug to the TRS plug. What does the mic input do? If you have the output of a stereo feeding a TRS plug with the left channel on the Tip and the right channel on the Ring and you plug this into the mic leg of the adapter, you can use it to amplify your sound. The Left and Right channels will be shorted since both Tip and Ring are connected to the mic input. If the drivers coming from your stereo source are not protected, you could be short out. This arrangement is not for my purpose. It would have been better if they dropped the left or right channels and just passed one through. The best solution would have been to put the wiring diagram in their specifications. If you plug a 2-wire TS into the mic leg of the splitter, you will get no mic input through to the TRRS plug.

3. OneOdio Computer Headsets Microphone Line

OneOdio Computer Headsets Microphone Line

981-000015 The boom mic is omnidirectional and can be used for gaming, business, podcasting and conference vedio. Pick up clearly, no static, talking with others. You can work for Windows, MacOS, or Chrome OS. It was designed for calling. Natural clear sound, conversations even in noisy environment, eliminate background noise when speaking. There is a convenient one key button. It was great for Go to Meeting. The 40mm magnetic neodymium driver and acoustic positioning precision make the Muti-functional headphones ideal for listening to music or watching movies on your phone or computer. The soft and padded ear muffs cover on both sides makes it convenient to wear all day if you need to. It is convenient to take it anywhere. It will fit a variety of head sizes without being tight. It's widely comparable. The PS4/ PS4 Pro/ is connected via a 2m wire. The Nintendo Switch doesn't support microphone feature on a gaming headset, but other devices with standard 3.5mm audio jack do.

Brand: Oneodio

👤My wife and I share an office and have been driving each other crazy when we both have zoom meetings at the same time. We decided to get headphones with boom mics to help insulate us from each other at times like telesales offices. I'm very particular about the sound quality of my headphones. I don't like using headphones that aren't good. Sony MDR-7506 is my standard. I was considering trying to adapt a pair of V6's with a mic, but then started looking at cheaper alternatives. The price range for headphones with mic is from $20 to 200. Knowing the quality must drop off at a certain price range, I tasted a couple different ones, including ATH-PG1, and based on reviews, these. I found the quality of these headphones to be better than those $55 ATHs. They are comfortable and seal off the outside world. The sound quality is pretty good, but I don't know if they have ANC. I was trying to avoid the bass boost, but I can see how it makes you think the response is better than without it. It's not as bad as Beats. The mic boom is long enough to fit around my pumpkin, and they're under $30. Get the research done and get these.

👤The headset is great at this price point. The review is not a comparison to high end equipment. Even soundstage. I found that it improves after a few hours if you burn in. Not heavy. It's great for phone calls and video conferences. The microphone doesn't need a lot of gain to pick up your voice. It is loud on basic equipment and doesn't need a dac to drive and achieve a decent listening volume. The build and comfort are related. If the most comfortable headsers I have owned, this headset is it. It is very light, has a lot of padding, and has a light pressure. I have worn it for many hours without any issues. It is geared towards small to medium heads. I had to expand it by half. I only need to adjust a few clicks on each side. The controls work as expected. There is a The headset is quite solid, but it feels cheap out of the box. This is most likely due to how light it is. I'm used to heavier gear. Again, not a bad thing. One thing I would like to see is a braided cord. The cord is adequate, but I like the feel and essence of a braided cord. This is not OneOdio's flagship product, but other sets on this price range do include a braided cord. This is a great headset. It gets the job done.

👤I have been looking for a great headset for a while. The headset has good reviews and can be had at a very reasonable price. After shopping at Best Buy, OfficeMax and Staples don't like anything in the $30.00 price range, so I ordered a headset from and tried it out. There is a This is a good headset. The sound quality is amazing, and I was blown away by the headset. The spatial sound is good for a budget headset. The build quality of the headset is good, with the thick aluminum metal making it strong. The headset is a great value at just $30. The microphone I used for the test performs well, and I use a Windows voice recorder. It seems to pick up sound very well, and the audio sounds great. There is a The microphone is too small for my large, fat head. I have a large head. It feels a little tight after a few minutes. I'm going to give it to my kids because of that. I am very impressed with this headset. The noise-cancelling feature is solid. There is a The sound is amazing at this price point. It is very good. There are cheap, all-plastic headsets at elementary schools. Highly recommended as a headset for listening to music and phone calls. I haven't tried it for gaming.

4. Adapter CableCreation External Windows Drivers

Adapter CableCreation External Windows Drivers

You can connect your existing headphones, headset, speakers, or microphone with a 3.5mm jack on your computer with the CableCreation audio accessory. The high quality sound is built-in with a chip that has 48K sampling rate for both Playback and Recording, and protects against interference. The Audio Interface is an alternative solution to a damaged sound card that allows you to get access to plug-n-play sound with your headphones. There are 1 things to note. The Apple Ear Pods were not tested to support mic input, but they have audio output functions and allow you to enjoy music, movies, etc. Not working on most electronics. It's compatible with PS4 and other PS4 devices, as well as Surface Pro, MacBook Pro, and Windows. Mac OS X 8.6 or above, and other mainstream systems. Not working on PS3. Plug and play, no external power is required. 24 months product warranty and lifetime technical support is provided by CableCreation.

Brand: Cablecreation

👤Maybe it's just this one, but the digital output seems dull. I can't use it. It was very nicely made. There is a Please edit. I don't know what the problem was but it seems to work now. I bought another product. This is a nice metal case. The electronics on a short cable like this will take a lot of strain off your port, as opposed to the cableless versions. There is a It didn't work before. Lots of variables. I changed the ports and the cables. I can't seem to break it. I think you can ignore the previous post. There is a CableCreation contacted me immediately after my low rating because they wanted to get to the bottom of the problem. You don't find this very often for a $10 product. I will order from them again. Thanks!

👤I bought this one over the popular Sabrent model because it has a cord on the attachment in order to get it away from the PC. I only got sound out of the right ear when I attached my headset. I got some static out of the left ear when I spun the male 3.5mm connection. I reseat the speaker jack a number of times, but it didn't help. The product I received is broken and will be returned. These are just like everything else these days. Everything works fine when I plug my headset into my ports.

👤I bought this to use with my MacBook Pro. It wasn't even worth it because of the buzz. I got a Mac Pro that didn't have a 3.5mm line in, so I got this out hoping it would work. Only when plugged into a 4-port hub that was plugged into the Apple display that was then plugged into the Mac Pro did it work, but only with the microphones at full volume. The audio is useless at that point because the buzz is so loud. Highly recommend avoiding at all costs. I paid $12.99) and it was not worth it.

👤I received the audio adapter and it was working great. The sound was clear for a few days, but it did not last. It was impossible to use at that point after I plugged it in. Not what I was expecting. I received the product and after a few days, it works and sounds very clear. They replaced my original and I'm very pleased with that.

👤I think I like it. I use a recorder to record foreign language pronunciations. I bought a better quality cable after I got a lot of hiss on the recordings. I guess it wasn't the cable. I learned that it was easy to plug the jack in too far, and that is when I would encounter the hiss. The hiss were eliminated when the plug was pulled back. I don't think it should be very sensitive to plug placement.

👤I connected the headphones out of my mp3 player to the mic in of the adapter and plugged it into the laptop'susb port to conduct a simple test. The laptop's small speakers played the music very well. There is a I connected the headphones out of the adapter to the mini guitar amplifier and played the audio from my laptop through the amplifier. The results were very good. I can easily see where many people will achieve better results. This little accessory is a quick and easy solution for many different uses.

5. Headphone Splitter KOOPAO Microphone Earphones

Headphone Splitter KOOPAO Microphone Earphones

Ultra high quality audio can be provided by converting digital files to analog. The headset is made of a piece of metal. A single 3.5mm female jack is split into two 3.5mm male jacks. The mic wouldn't work for Apple original earphone and Beats headphones, so you have to connect a 4-position headset to your PC or computer. You can connect your newer headsets to a PC or laptop for use with VOIP applications, such as Skype or chat programs, such as Yahoo or Google Voice. Flexible and Durable The signal performance can be improved by golding. Flexible cable and case for portable bending. The strong braided exterior creates a durable design. It is the first time they have used fishing wire-kind materials for protection. Anti-slip grab design, crystal-like appearance, and gentle touch feel. KOOPAO is a professional splitter cable manufacturer. Every product they launch has undergone rigorous testing and is in line with US quality standards. Please be free to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Koopao

👤Excellent sound and high quality materials for the price. Don't put it into itself. I had too much to drink and decided to give it a try. I saw a bright flash of light and when I looked again, I realized that I had left my home in the north-eastern part of the country. I thought I had traveled back in time to the mid-fifties as well as the distance, but it turns out that the southern states are just like that. It took me almost a week to find someone who spoke English, and they agreed to drive me to Atlanta in exchange for my socks, where I was able to board a plane back home. Be careful!

👤If you want the solution to intermittent loss of headset and mic, you should go to the last X sentence. After several years, my old PC headset finally died, so I went to replace it and found that most of the new headsets had a different plug to accommodate smart phones. Yes, you can use a smart phone. You can't plug these headsets into older computers. I needed a product like this one that was reliable and cheap, and this one looked like it was the most reliable one. I plugged my new headset into this splitter and then plugged the splitter into my desktop as usual. It took me a long time to get this all to work. It took me several days to get my headset and mic to work. The problem was tracked down to the splitter. I ordered a new one from a different supplier because it was acting like a broken wire. I just left it in because this one started to work well before it arrived. I was having terrible audio issues when I was installing Linux on my PC, but it was in place for 3 or 4 months. The audio issues were fixed after a couple of hours, but the headset was not working again. I unplugged it from everything and plugged it all back together. The connection between the headset and the splitter was not completely seated, even though I used the usual amount of force to put them together. There was a small gap between the 2 pieces of the connection. I pushed them together harder and was rewarded with a click. The headset has been working perfectly. The other splitter I bought had the same issue as the one I did. If you use a splitter with these kinds of headsets, you need to push the headset into it until you hear a click. I hope this will help other people with this product. It's terrible that the supplier didn't mention this in the description, it would have saved me a lot of headaches.

👤I got a headset for my computer to work from home, and I wasn't happy with the adapter. I have a headset that works in my phone, but when I plug it into the computer, it makes cracking noises, and I was told it was hard to hear me. All problems went away when I switched it out for another brand.

6. Plugable Headphone Microphone Aluminum Compatible

Plugable Headphone Microphone Aluminum Compatible

The Usb to microphone jack adapter has a braided cord and premium metal. It is much more durable than other plastic cases. It has a 12-month free warranty. The CONVENIENT AUDIO - enableusb connection with your existing 3.5mm audio headphones, headset, speakers, or microphone It's a great replacement for a broken audio port or a faulty sound card. If you are always ready, leave a dock or a hub connected. The black finish on the aluminum makes it lightweight and compact. It is easy to install. Plug-and-play is all that is required on many devices. It's compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.x, 7, Vista, and XP. Not compatible with car audio systems. Not suggested as a microphone accessory. They love Plugable products and hope you will too. All of their products are backed by a 2-year limited parts and labor warranty.

Brand: Plugable

👤You must use a TRRS jack with two rings and not one with three rings, if you want to buy speakers/headphones. I did not know this when I bought it, my skullcandy headphones do not work with this adapter.

👤It works great on my iMac. There is a The metal design should last. I didn't hear any of hiss created by this device. A small part of him was from my microphone. I was able to plug in a normal mic. I was able to plug a pair of headphones into the port. I haven't tested the mic on my headphones yet. There is a Everything was easy and perfect. Customer service was excellent. The seller promptly responded to my question about whether the device would work with my microphone, and I was happy with the answer. Click on the "Sound" icon to use this as a mic/headphone port on a mac. To use for garage band, go to "Preferences", and click on the "Audio" tab. Attach your input and output to a device. The set up should be very similar for any other program.

👤Product works, but you need to have correct impedance and pinout feeding the mic input jack, otherwise, it is not a good fit. After failing to get proper signal into device from standard microphone output. I contacted their tech support asking for the pinout and impedance of their mic input jack. The tech said that they couldn't give out internal wiring specifications. I lost it. I'm trying to figure out what the pinout of my device should be in order to use their capture, since it's not clear in their literature. I'm trying to reverse engineer their device. Really? I completely lost it. After a lot of back and forth, another tech support chimed in with the correct pinout for the device. It is not a secret. I don't use consumer level mics which they say their capture device is built for, so I am not aware of any devices or microphones that actually put out such a signal. That is the skinny people. You need to have a device that outputs Unbalanced Stereo signal, but not at an unbalanced stereo signal line level of 600 ohms or even 10K ohms, but at a high-z impedance of 20K ohms. You need a high Z microphone that outputs a hot to both left and right channels for this to work correctly. There is nothing standard about a mic that feeds a hot to both tip and ring. That is a standard unbalanced pinout. Why not make it a line level device? It's strange. There is a If you have a device that matches these specifications, I am sure it will work well. If you don't want to mess with impedance and line to mic level matching equipment, look around for an Audio to USB capture device that takes in standard mic input of 150 ohms and that has a more realistic mic pinout of Hot/M. They got two stars because they put up with my anger and insulted me after they insulted me with the "secret sauce" answer. They can play the high moral ground act, but if you insult someone with such arrogance, you need to expect people to respond back in kind.

7. ENVEL Convertors Smartphone Microphone Simultaneously

ENVEL Convertors Smartphone Microphone Simultaneously

The microphone is not included. A 3.5mm plug combo into one male 3.5mm plug, one audio port and one microphone port turn a 3.5mm combo headphone/microphone port. Headset not included,allows you to use a higher quality cable with your device. It's easy to take the headset splitter because it's compact, sturdy and takes up very little space in your laptop bag. A great solution to have in your bag is theCompact Design for Maximum Portability. Plug and play is the only way to make your headphones work on your device. One 3.5mm jack port computer allows the use of older audio accessories with newer computers, and allows you to use a higher quality headset with your phone. It's not possible to listen to two people at the same time, but it is possible to use an audio port for a microphone.

Brand: Envel

👤I bought this along with a similar cable from a high quality brand and found that I prefer this cable and will probably put the more expensive one in the drawer. The braided wires coming off the main plug of this cable are longer and are more durable than cables with a thin rubber coating, which is the reason I prefer this cable. * If you're worried about compatibility, please read below, I've had a problem with the mic side of the cables, and I swore it was bad, but it was due to the computer not receiving the mic signals. The cables like this are advertised as compatible with PC, XBOX, and PS4. It's important to know that this cable is compatible with those devices because they are designed to receive the mic and send the audio to the headphones in the same 3.5mm plug. The issue of compatibility has more to do with how the device is intended to be used than it does with what is labeled compatible. You will see people say it wasn't compatible with their device. That's not completely true. The cable is compatible with any device that sends audio data from a 3.5mm plug. I only had the xbox controller to test, but I'm sure this cable would work with the playstation equivalent. Most laptops and desktops have one jack for headphones. If there is one 3.5mm jack and you want to send microphone data and receive sound at the same time, you should use a rule. My desktop's sound card has a mic input and a specific output, so it's not compatible with the device. It wasn't able to use a plug with both in one. If it's not working properly make sure to test the cable on another device before you make a false accusation, unlike me who spent a lot of money to get a better cable.

👤I was hoping for an external mic solution for my phone. This wouldn't work with my phone, iPad, or tablet when I was using a microphone. An old portable cassette tape recorder gave it a dynamic microphone. There is a The mic input choices are not in the hands of the system software. It is possible that my microphone has an incorrect impedance value, but my purpose was to use the equipment I have rather than buy more. There is a I will use an ear bud/mic set for closeup work and explore its value for table top interview and ambient recording. My ear buds work as a mic on my tablets as well. I might be able to get an extension cord and use a small mic at the end of it. The quality of the old dynamic mic was an improvement over the built-in microphones, so that was a nice discovery. Other options can be used. I would consider buying a microphone that is specifically designed for my phone, or a microphone that is compatible with my device. I saw some plug-in models for smart phones and tablets. Most of them would just attach the device to it and not give you a way to put it on a mic stand or a distance between your subject and the device. You will need to make it work with the three channel plug-in once you reach the device, so you may have to look harder or find a way to get an external cable to work. I am getting a result from one of my old microphones, so I will keep this piece for now. A simple jack with no cables would be better for you. I hope this is helpful. I've been looking for solutions that work around equipment that has removed external mic inputs or combined them on one plug. I want to spare you the trouble I have gone through.

8. Computer Speakers Microphone Headphonejack Cellphone

Computer Speakers Microphone Headphonejack Cellphone

Stereo and noiseless. The speaker uses upgraded technology and adds 2 bass diaphragms to fill in the sound of super bass. By using anti-magnetic technology and suppressing noise, you will get a sound that is as good as the white noise. Plug and play. Their speakers are powered by a single cable and do not need drivers or software to work. 3.5mm Audio and microphone cables are included in this laptop speaker. The output of the audio and microphone makes it easy to connect your headphones. It's a good way to enjoy your music. Other devices don't have a 3.5mm microphone port, so microphone output only works on Desktop PC. The volume adjustment knob on the right side of the gaming speaker was designed to make it easier to adjust the volume level. The speaker's light blue light can be used to see if the speaker is in working condition. It is compatible with multiple devices. Their computer speaker has a 3.5mm audio interface which is compatible with a lot of devices. The cables are 49.2 inches long and let you connect in the office or home environment.

Brand: Votntut

👤It is under my dual monitor setup. Which is nice. It's great for what I need. I keep the sound on at 40% so it's not too loud for someone sitting in front of it. I sit my phone next to it and there is no interference. The other user stated that I sounded muffled when testing out the mic. They said they could hear me better if I switched to a webcams mic. If you need a mic/speaker combo, don't buy it. If you need a sleek speaker, buy it.

👤The sound of the TV I upgraded to was awful. The speakers on the TV were so low that they sounded like a greeting card was placed inside a box. The sound bar was a great upgrade. The TV's 3.5mm audio output jack is connected to the TV'susb port. I attached the rubber feet from the sound bar to the TV using double-sided tape, after removing the rubber feet from the sound bar. The sound quality is better than expected from a small speaker. Music, voice, and sound effects all come through with balance, clarity, and volume, but don't expect a concert-hall level of performance. The sound bar can be turned on and off with the TV by setting the TV's power to be controlled by the TV power. I have a volume control knob on the sound bar that adjusts the TV's volume with the remote control.

👤I got this as a basic computer speaker. I was not happy with the sound. The sound was muffled but not much real base. People were talking through a thin pillow. The build of the thing is very good. It's nice and heavy and finished in a black lacquer. The volume control feels nice and syrupy to turn and has a real ON/OFF switch at the lowest point, something that few of these speakers have. There's a blue power led that shines through the grill. The audio is good, but not good enough at this price point, even though it is lovely to look at and hold. I bought the "SakoBS" one instead of returning it. It was the same price at the time. It's larger in every aspect, it doesn't look as good, it doesn't have an on/off switch, and it doesn't have a volume control. The sound is better than it is.

👤The stand that accommodates the soundbar is shaped like an U and it is easy to fit it under the monitor screen. The sound quality is very good and I like the dial for the volume. I make a lot of videos and the microphone isn't up to the quality of my headset, but it might be fine for meetings, and I might take advantage of it.

👤It worked great for a few weeks. I had issues with which speakers to use. At one point, I was able to use both tv and sound box speakers to hear audio, but one day the sound bar wouldn't work. I was expecting a longer usage time out of this product, but I bought it for $30. I think this purchase was more stress than I thought it would be. It wasn't worth it for my family.

9. Kingtop Adapter Tablet Headsets Version

Kingtop Adapter Tablet Headsets Version

The combo mic audio jack plug is used to connect to the male jack. There is a plug. This is not a good idea to connect 2 headphones. The CTIA standard audio splitter can be used with any setup that has a 3.5mm jack. The use of older audio accessories with newer computers can be accomplished with a clearly labeled adapter. It is possible to convert a desktop gaming headset to work with a new version of a laptop, but not an apple device. The Kingtop Great Support is a one year warranty with friendly and fast customer service.

Brand: Kingtop

👤There isn't much to it. I think it's funny to write reviews on cords, but I didn't know there was such a thing. I had an old headset that I thought I would use on PS4 but it didn't work because it had two jacks, one for audio and one for mic. I searched for a splitter/adapter and found it here. It works perfectly without any setup in the PS4 menu. It seems like it will last as long as I need it to and sounds great. I have had bad cords before. It is highly recommended to anyone with a similar issue.

👤I had the idea that I could use my Beats Studio headphones with my xbox since I've been playing, instead of purchasing another headphones like turtle beach with the mic. I thought I could rig it up because I had some mics around the house. I found out that I could use an Audio splitter to achieve this. I purchased this product, and it works great. My friends can hear me through the microphone and I can hear the game audio. It's inexpensive and it looks nice. I recommend.

👤The combo port on this cable allows you to split a cellphone or computer into two. I would like to record music on Microsoft Surface. Pro. I did a lot of research and couldn't find an answer. I figured it out. I can use the external microphone with this cable, and the microphone in the control panel can't be used. If windows doesn't detect your external microphone and you have to plug in the external mic first, then you can just use the slitter cable to connect the mic to the adapter. You can set windows mapping in recording software. This tip can help you.

👤My gaming laptop only has one audio in jack and my headset has a speaker input jack and a microphone input jack, so I bought this. I had to use the built in microphone on my laptop because I couldn't use the speakers on my headset. I needed a way to use the speakers and microphone on my headset through the audio jack on my laptop. There is a The adapter is very good. It looks and feels like it is premium quality and the connections are very tight. I haven't heard any reduction in sound quality for the speakers or microphone. The product is a great price.

👤I ordered this to split up the microphone and headphones on the PS4 controller. I want to use the mic from the standard PS4 headset with my Monolith M1060 headphones. There is a The speakers on the PS4 earpiece output are connected to the microphone ring through the splitter. It doesn't show up any signal from the headset microphone when I blow or tap on the headset speakers. There is a The signal goes out to the headphones. There is a noise that does not come directly from the controller, but it is introduced by this splitter. There is a This product doesn't do what I thought it would. Many people have had success with this product and the PS4. I'm not sure if the product I received was a bad one, or if it only works when a dedicated mic is plugged into the microphone port. I think it would work in the way I expected if the leads were flipped.

10. Apple EarPods 3 5mm Headphone Plug

Apple EarPods 3 5mm Headphone Plug

The Ear Pods are more comfortable for more people than any other ear bud-style headphones because they are defined by the geometry of the ear. The speakers inside the Ear Pods have been designed to maximize sound output and minimize sound loss, which means you get high-quality audio. The Ear Pods have a built-in remote that can be used to answer or end calls, control music and video, and adjust the volume. The mic and remote are supported by all iPod, iPad, and iPhone models. All iPod models support audio. It requires a version of the software for iPod touch and iPod classic.

Brand: Apple

👤The box was opened to find a tangled pair of used earphones, with torn edges around the jack and gross earbuds. Don't buy from these shears.

👤I noticed a change in the mic quality when I used my earbuds for singing. The texture is different. I thought it was still a good deal. Two months later. The crackled and sent a small shock of electric into my ears as I listened to the voice notes. When you rub your feet on a carpet, you get a quick spark. But constant. I threw them in the trash. I will buy from the Apple website. You get what you pay for.

👤I was a little worried about what I was going to get with this order, but as the pictures show, my pair appears to be the real deal. I haven't tried them out yet as I have a working pair, but the packaging and the earphones themselves look similar to the one I bought from the Apple store. I think that people here are lying and that there may be some variation in the quality of the items received which led to some of the negative reviews. I can't tell the difference between these fakes and real ones. The Apple store cords are slicker than the ones at home. I believe that the cords are slick to keep them more rigid. Hope this helps someone.

👤I just got a pair of headphones. The box is open and empty.

👤I don't write reviews unless I think the product is amazing, or it's so bad I have to let others know. I want to steer people away from it. This is a case of the other. They worked for a day and then stopped working. I only use these headphones at my desk, so there's no chance they fell in water or were stepped on. I had to plug the lightning cord in one way, if you flipped it and inserted it wouldn't recognize the headphones and wouldn't play through my speakers. The microphone stopped working. The volume would change on its own.

👤I was very nervous when I bought this, so I wanted to make sure that the headphones I got were genuine, so I left a review to make sure. Guess that's it? They work well.

👤I bought these replacements after I lost my Ear Pods, and I was hoping that they were legit Apple products. I found my original Ear Pods. I compared them to see if they matched up. The ones Amazon sent me are the same ones I got with my phone, and the packaging is the same as my other classic Apple stuff: everything sealed, meticulously held in place, documentation, etc. The Ear Pods are packaged in a box. The thickness of the main cord seemed to be the same as before, but it was a bit thinner. I can't tell whether my original Ear Pods or these replacements sound the same. The shape of the earpiece is not my favorite. Maybe it's just preference or ear size. It looks like Amazon isn't always offering these as Prime-Exclusive. I wouldn't go for these if they were new or used. You should head to the Apple Store.

11. ARCHEER Headphone Extension Compatible Microphone

ARCHEER Headphone Extension Compatible Microphone

The auxiliary 3.5mm extension audio cable is compatible with the Apple iPhone 6S/6S. The Plus/6/6 Plus/SE/6S, iPod, iPad, Air 2/Pro, and Note 9 are all new. The extension cable has a 4 pole plug and 4 pole female adapter ends which can be used to extend the 3.5mm aux port to any device. Stereo audio transmission can be done without reducing signal loss and noise. It's compatible with all devices with a 3.5mm audio port. It protects your 3.5mm aux port from being plugged in. The step-down design makes it possible to work. You get 1x 5 ft extension cable and a product warranty.

Brand: Archeer

👤The cable is good for the money. I didn't notice any degradation in the sound quality of the headphones or microphone I was using. I wanted to use the headset for general purpose audio and voice communication, but I wouldn't trust it for high fidelity use. It works well for that purpose. There were no complaints. I appreciated that the cable was unpackaged and smooth. It's not fancy, but the materials are high quality and functional, doing what it needs to without any drawbacks that are common with cheap cables. It is nice to know that the cable is light enough that it is not like attaching an anchor to your headset. That can be a problem. A nice heavy cable can be useful, but not for every situation.

👤I have wired Apple earbuds on my laptop. The wire wouldn't allow me to sit in my chair. I needed an extension for them. These are perfect for that. There is no compromise. They work with the Apple earbuds microphone.

👤Audio input does not work. I believe it is not protected properly due to the differences in standards between TRRS jacks. It's a poor quality cable with too much resistance. The search for a functioning setup for audio calls continues. It would be nice if more information was given about the actual build of the cable, such as shielding, if it supports CTIA or OMTP. This is useless for apple earpods because they operate on a different standard. This cable works well as an AUX cable, but it shouldn't be advertised as a 4 pole TRRS jack because it isn't capable of extending both audio input and output.

👤Great quality was questionable because of the price. I use it on my turtle beach headphones that were made for the PS4 so I can still use the microphone and speakers without issue. It works perfectly.

👤So far it works great, it only had a week. I am not getting static when I connect my Apple headset to my computer, and there is no degradation in sound quality. I use it as an extension for a laptop PC that is close to where I sit, and the standard Apple iPhone headset doesn't reach that far comfortably. This works the trick.

👤The extension helped prevent my headset wire from getting stuck by the arm of my chair, but I have a complaint about it being able to hear what I'm listening to when I'm on voice chat. The problem is caused by the insulation between the 'audio out' and 'audio in'.

👤I needed more length for my earbuds. I like to sleep with my earbuds on. Sometimes I get tangled when I toss and turn. I put a yellow shrink wrap tube on the other side to give me more protection. The cable that I needed to support earbuds with a built in mic works fine, I was looking for gold connections. Sound is great as well.

👤The extender worked well for about 3 sessions. In March, I tried to use it again, but the connection at the female is intermittent. If you jiggle it, it will work for a while. The cable is useless after trying to re-plug multiple headphones. I'm not sure what the warranty is or how to get it, and the Amazon return window has closed.


What is the best product for headphone jack speaker with microphone?

Headphone jack speaker with microphone products from Jxmox. In this article about headphone jack speaker with microphone you can see why people choose the product. Millso and Oneodio are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone jack speaker with microphone.

What are the best brands for headphone jack speaker with microphone?

Jxmox, Millso and Oneodio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone jack speaker with microphone. Find the detail in this article. Cablecreation, Koopao and Plugable are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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