Best Headphone Jack to Usb Female

Usb 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Adapter Eanetf Playing Decoding Function

Adapter Eanetf Playing Decoding Function

The speaker has a power on/off switch. Stereo speakers that are powered by ausb port. The speaker has volume control. This product is compatible with the U disk and allows it to play music in a car audio system. WARM TIP Please confirm your car is 3.5mm. Music Audio Decoding Function is included in the aux port. Only support the U-DISK/USB flash drive with an mp3 player. Make sure the Aux port of your car has a function that can read the mp3 file from U-disk. It will not work if it isn't. Please note. The 3.5MM AUX interface of ordinary car audio does not have the function of decoding and playing mp3s, so this data cable cannot be used. Only car speakers with mp3 audio decoding can use the data cable. High-quality sound can be ensured by using durable and flexible high quality cable. The length is 20 cm/ 7.9inch.

Brand: Eanetf

👤I bought these to use with my headset. It did not work.

👤It came with two. I was excited that this might work for inputting a microphone. My portable recording studio is in my Boss BR600. I could record on the go too. No, no, no! Didn't do anything. I thought they were cheap. Maybe I can use them for the camping lights I have? The light was plugged into it. It was plugged in. Plugging their own ISB ends into a small portable powe block or a solar power generator, even into a laptop or tv. I thought these input adapters would help plug those lights into something that doesn't have ausb input. They don't. .... Don't waste money on them. I would have preferred to use the couple dollars on ramen.

👤I tried it a number of times and it never worked. It will end up in a trash bin.

👤I did not have an apple cord and my phone did not have a blue tooth jack connection.

👤If you value your money, you should never buy this product because the audio wouldn't work even if I had connected it.

👤This is being used to connect a DVD/CD player.

👤Did not work for what I wanted. Otherwise, might do fine.

2. Warmstor Female Adapter Converter Playing

Warmstor Female Adapter Converter Playing

You can use this audio jack to charge a lot of devices, like snowboarding headphones, radio, bluetooth speakers, headphones, and more. Quality aux cable is the best for car or charging purpose. Only when your car 3.5mm AUX PORT has audio decoding function can you use the 3.5mm Male to 2.0 Female Cable. QUALITY: High quality sound can be ensured by using durable and flexible high quality cable. The length is 20 cm/ 7.9inch. Plug the 3.5mm male plug into the car gps, CD, DVD speaker's AUX jack, then into theusb female port to play music. The only way to play music in your car with the 3.5mm aux port is via ausb-disk or otherusb port storage device. It is not possible to use it as a normal audio cable to convert a 3.5mm AUX port to ausb port. It can't be used to connect a headset to a PC or cellphone. There is a weapon tip. Please confirm that your car has a Music Audio Decoding Function.

Brand: Warmstor

👤Can't be used to plug a headset into a jack. I wasted my money.

👤I want to use the standard audio jack on my computer, but I don't have a male plug. I hoped there was a way to do this.

👤Didn't work. I am returning it because it doesn't provide audio when I plug my headphones into it and connect the adapter to my tablets.

👤I wanted to have music on the thumb drive. It played well in the car. I wanted to attach the thumb drive to the auxiliary port in the car, so I used this adapter. The auxiliary port is not used to play music on the thumb drive. An auxiliary port does not support what I was trying to do. The vendor accepted my return and gave me a full refund.

👤It didn't work in my situation because I got this to connect a stick via my car's aux port. My car radio couldn't tell me if something was connected to it. It seems that the only type of drive that works with this adapter is a very specific one. Or is it a complete scam? There is a I got this blue tooth transmitter from Amazon and am completely happy with it. It works well and can be used many different ways.

👤I purchased this product in order to interface myusb with my car stereo, but so far it doesn't work because it doesn't support the particulars of theusb I don't fault the product itself, I thought my lack of research would be a good thing, but as for me, it doesn't work, so I'm going to have to purchase something different. I wouldn't tell someone else not to.

👤I needed it to connect my headphones to my Bose speakers after I received it. There is a jack in the front of the Bose speakers. My headphones jack is a computer port. I tried to connect it to the speaker jack, but it didn't work. I tried to connect it to the computer via the headphones, but it was not working. The settings were adjusted to no avail. The headphones didn't work on my PC. I don't know if it's a bad adapter or something else. It was not worth the hassle of sending it back. The headphones are made by Plantronics.

👤Well built and sturdy. It's kind of an obscure connection. You should know why you are buying this. It is used with certain car stereos and U-Disk peripheral. The company has great service.

👤No sirve para lo, pero un cable corresponde con la descripcin del vendedor. Pienso quit a publicidad, para los clientes. There is a No, I recommend a nadie. The vendedor deje una resea contaria a la compra.

👤No tienes a PenDrive por mismo. Sirve para permitir audio por minijack. Un teléfono. OTG para inyectar en el canal.

👤Alla macchina priva diusb ma di spina Aux, non sente nulla. In quanto collegato il telefono e la musica, sente perfettamente.

👤Los compre pq tengo unos. Un conector jack 3.5 para conectar los mismos a una interface focusritte scarlett solo. No sirven.

3. Wpeng Female 3 5mm Audio Converter

Wpeng Female 3 5mm Audio Converter

Complying with portable and cruise line regulations. You can easily grab this travel charging cube at school or library, it has enough outlets to power your laptop and phones. The wall outlet splitter is cruise line compliant and perfect for travel. The port is 3.5mm If your car doesn't have an auxiliary 3.5mm port, it may not work with your device. Only used on car aux by U Disk, can't use mobile phone or iPad. Not a headphones accessory. If you choose them, it will give you a surprise and a expectation. The package has a car aux cable.

Brand: Qaoquda

👤The product was bought to use with a microphone. I needed a way to connect my microphone to my camera. I tried two different things. Neither worked. I went to edit the video I was making for my channel and the microphone was static.

👤This item can not be used in the car or on an external speaker. It was a big let down for me and my partner.

👤I want to use this with my over the ear headset. Suggestions before I return it?

👤They did not work when I connected my head phones to my amplifier.

👤The mini jack is being tried to convert theusb headphones to. There is a Nope. Doesn't work at all.

👤The cable is not a conversion. It wouldn't work with Plantronics C720 headphones.

👤No me sirvi. No funciona, pero lo tienes lector/convertidor.

👤I was glad I spent my money on something that didn't work. Very disappointed.

👤I would rate it 0 if I could. I bought my kids a pair of gaming headsets for Christmas but they wouldn't work with their controllers. The kids ripped the packaging open. I couldn't return them. I thought this would work. The only thing it does is connect into the controller. The mic doesn't work and there is no sound. Garbage. There is a The headsets are plugged into my computer. It's not faulty headsets, it's a piece of garbage.

👤The strength of my headset is what makes it work, but the small ports on theusb ports make it hard for me to get power to my audio device. If it had worked, it would be a brilliant idea. I am writing to let customers know that this product is not good. I would like to thank the people who read the comment.

👤This cable and audio jack is not compatible with his headphones.

👤Ni ailleurs! On m'a remboursé, Je l'ai retourné.

👤The product doesn't work. It doesn't work for me because I use it for mic and speakers. I also use a mic. It was not possible to conect to laptop and comp.

4. Certified Headphone Converter Lightning Connector

Certified Headphone Converter Lightning Connector

What do you get? You will get a 2 pack of headphones for your phone, as well as a money-back or replacement. If you have a problem with the earphone for the phone, please contact them. They will be able to help you in less than 12 hours. Thisusb olympian is more convenient to transmit photos and videos from camera to i-phone and i-pad. Support transfer the picture/video is the one-way transmite. Photos, video,MP3 files,Excel, Word,PPT, PDF can be imported and exported by open the 'Files' App. Their accessory has both a 3.5mm jack audio with charging and a function ofusb otk, but also a function of earphones. Listen and charge at the same time. Plug and play without an app. The keyboard can get faster when you use theusb otton to connect it to the keyboard. Also support wired mouse. It's compatible with moreusb devices, like Hubs, flash drives, camera, guitar, keyboard, Digital piano, etc. More OTG functions are only supported on the system. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Zoyuzan

👤I wanted to use this with my keyboard to play a piano app on my phone. The good news is that the keyboard works with theusb connection. I can play the piano app on my phone and it is much better than the Midi app. There are two major issues and one minor issue. The audio level in the headphones is 16db lower than the original Apple lightning-to-headphone jack. I can't hear my piano app or any sound source on my phone. That is the deal killer. The second issue is that I was also hearing some short dropouts in the audio. This happened randomly and not a lot, but I did not see any dropouts with the piano app when I used the regular Apple adapter. The minor issue? I have to take the case off my phone to fit the lightning plug because it's big at the end. There is a I was willing to take a chance that I got a bad unit, but I didn't have a way to contact the seller to ask for an exchange. There was no option to exchange, only return, when I went through the regular Amazon return system. I think I'm going to pay the Apple tax and get the Apple accessory. This looked good, but it was too bad.

👤The bonus was the headphone jack, but I got this mainly for theusb port. There is a I thought ausb port would be like any otherusb port and support more than just a thumb drive, like mouse, keyboard, webcam, and the like, I should have read the description a few more times. The potential for 127 connections and all that is capable is a thumb drive. Give me a break. It was a waste of time and money, but if I had read the description a few more times, I would have realized that it only supports camera storage and not web camera. Oh well. I learned something.

👤This item is hard to use. The sound of my headphones gets twisted when I connect them to this product, because the connection keeps being disconnected. You can hear the current sound all the time. There is a The first bad review I have ever made on Amazon was the comment above. I am tolerant of all the products I have bought. This product doesn't work at all, whereas it has high reviews. I doubt the authenticity of other reviews.

👤That isn't a port to the audio port or theusb-c port. It is a barely functional audio port. After trying multiple cables, we finally figured out that the cable that I had plugged into my phone to charge it was actually the one that was identified as ausb-c. The charging through this device works well. The "Apple Certified" jack doesn't honor the volume up / volume down buttons on the cable, but it does honor the start/stop button. The audio shuts off in around 60 minutes, so you have to restart your phone.

5. JXMOX Headphone Adapter Compatible Samsung

JXMOX Headphone Adapter Compatible Samsung

It's compatible with most of theusb-c phones, tablets, and laptops. Note20 Ultra/S20 Ultra/S10/Note10+/NoteS10e/S10+/S9/S8/A90/A80/iPad mini 6/iPad Pro 2021. Dongle is a multi-function item. You can listen to music and answer phone calls with the help of this smallusb-c to aux adapter. The sound quality is hi-fi. You can get higher fidelity sound from thisusb c to headphone adapter, it has an advance DAC Smart Chip. Relief strain design The relief strain design makes this adpter much more durable, as it can stand 12000+ bending tests. Wide Compatibility Most of the type c phones are compatible with the 3.5mm adapters. Plug and play. Plug and play is possible with this type C to 3.5mm aux adapter. Let's use the simplest way to enjoy music.

Brand: Jxmox

👤I was going to post a poor review before I gave this device another try. If you are having any of the problems, please read through the solution. I wanted to use this with my headphones. This device created a crackling noise when the cloth cable moved, and when I paused my music to use it as a phone call device. The sound quality was very good if I held the 3.5mm audio jack into the female port. The sound quality went too when I let go. The device didn't seem functional. I tried to connect the device again and found that my 3.5mm jack didn't fit in the female 3.5mm port and was partially sticking out. I was surprised when I applied greater pressure on this connection and it clicked in all the way to create a solid cable to cable connection. I plugged the other side into my s20 and turned on the music. Excellent sound quality and no interference. Excellent product, five stars. Two pictures were included. One of the devices was properly seated. There is a It would be a good idea to clean the debris and lint from the phone port before expecting this product to seat properly.

👤I wanted to be able to use my expensive studio headphones even though my new phone didn't have an audio jack. Do you know that cheap headphones only work when you hold them in a certain way? This product makes my headphones do that. If I move a certain way and the headphones come completely disconnected, the connection between the headphones and female end on this adapter isn't secure, causing the headphones to lose sound or get static-y if I move a certain way. It doesn't fit a 3.5mm jack if this is a 3.5mm hole.

👤The aux connection is perfect on the S21 phone. The sound quality is perfect.

👤I thought my earbuds might have been broken. I tested the earbuds on a device without the annoying port and they worked perfectly. This product is messing with my phone and earbuds. After I got this, it worked for a couple of weeks, but then went down a hill and is now completely frustrating to use. The sound quality from my headphones is not as good as it could be. It keeps misreading my headphones and randomly activation my spotify. Complete trash. Just get the official version, it's not worth saving the little bit of money.

👤Ended up returning it. It didn't work around the 25th day. I was able to return it before the 30 days were up. I looked at my phone when it wasn't working because I'm still using the adapter. Pluging theusb cable back in is not possible under my notifications. I don't know if it's the cable itself not working, or my phone causing it to not work, but whenever I don't see that message, it works. My phone might be the problem. I have a phone. It's starting to go wrong. I have to plug it in a few times for it to work, so I'm thinking about returning it or getting a new one. It's really sad. It sounds good for the price. Especially for the price. I got these because my new cell phone didn't have a phone jack. I was surprised by that. I thought I had to buy a new pair of headphones. I have a purple Dre beats plug in headphones. I like the idea of plugging in and going if you're not worried about being charged. As I plug it into my headphones, I hear a static sound. It beats spending $150 on a new pair. It plugs in as well. I like it so far.

6. MillSO Sapphire External Headphone Desktops

MillSO Sapphire External Headphone Desktops

Customer service is friendly 24/7. If you have a problem, please contact them via e-mail and they will solve it for you without delay. MillSO is a 3.5mm audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack audio jack One combo interface has dual functions. Adding a 3.5mm TRRS aux port to your devices is easy, or use it as a replacement for a failed 3.5mm tousb audio adapter. The audio is output, not input. Audio can only be transferred from the 3.5mm port to theusb port. Thisusb to aux is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 as well as OS X, Linux, Chromebooks, and Windows Surface 3 pro. To connect a 3.5mm headset or speakers to a TRRS 4-pin audio jack, you need to convert ausb port to a TRRS 4-pin audio jack. Not compatible with standard headphones, TV, amplifier, car, PS3. Plug and play is easy to set up, no driver is required. There is no external power required. The compact body size and longer design make sure you don't interfere with other devices when using other ports. It's perfect for carrying in a pocket or purse. Premium materials have a smart Chipset that can decode high-speed audio signals and offer a full and delicate tone. The robust blue metal housing is wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, solid protection, and charming out looking. 20 strands of three Cores, enameled copper, and soft and durable PVC covers are combined to make thisusb to audio jack adapter. Its high density shielding protects against sound and soft touch. MillSO offers an unconditional warranty for the audio jack to the external sound card. You can contact the MillSO customer support team. Their support team will help you.

Brand: Millso

👤I think this is a great package for people who are going to be working from home, but there is a noticeable noise floor for the audio input. I uploaded a video to compare the audio of my cell phone with a headset plugged in to the audio of the headset plugged into the audio jack. It will do the business if you are just trying to work from home, because it is an interface for something like twitch streaming.

👤There is a headset and microphone icon in the image. This item does not accept microphones. If I read the fine print, I would know that. The icon is not real. It's useless for me since I'm looking for an adapter that can accept both output and input.

👤I use this to listen to music on my computer. I plugged the headphones into the port on my speakers to make it convenient, but it wasn't convenient. The sound setting on the task-bar is what I wanted and now have, a way to switch from my desktop speakers to headphones. I don't need to plug the headphones in. I want to be able to make the change while I am sitting on the desk with my keyboard in my lap. I was not sure if this device would work that way, but I asked a question and someone confirmed that it did. I was able to change the device's name to "headphones" so I can use the task bar sounds icon to switch my output device. If the headphones are plugged into the jack on the speakers, directly into the output jack on the board, the sound quality is the same. It looks like a well made device. The longer cord was purchased by me. It's not braided like the shorter version, but it is a quality material that is soft and flexible. The extra length allowed me to wrap the cord around the base of the monitor stand for easy access. I am very pleased with this purchase and have no issue giving it a recommendation for anyone who will use it the same way I have described.

👤I was excited about the product because it would fit my needs. But no. Most of the time, the connection from your headphones to the MillSO does not work. Everything is good if you can get it seated correctly. I discounted some of the reviews I read before buying them. There are some issues. There is a sound level and a static one. A poor connection is to blame for both. I think it would be great if they could make the jack connect properly. The sound was good and there was no static, but it never lasts. The connection will be degraded or completely disconnected if there is a movement. I can't recommend this product. I don't recommend that you buy this.

👤There will be an update on March 20. A representative from Millso reached out to me. They gave me a new one. I don't know if it is experiencing the same problem as the original. They were applauded for trying to fix things. When I have a chance to review the new unit, I'll add a star for support. Original review. I wanted to use a mic with my Windows computers. I bought this thinking it would work the way you'd expect. Listen to the calls and talk back to everyone using the built in mic. It does work, but it has an annoying echo where the incoming caller audio is sent out to everyone on the call, even though it should only be going to your ears. When someone other than me speaks, my system takes their audio and pushes it back over the call. It's similar to being in a small canyon. The call audio that I generated will come back and go out again and again, and the echo will happen multiple times. It was very annoying. I pulled my headphones out of the equation and even without them plugged in, the incoming audio echoes back into the "mic" input. Again, it does this when the headphones are not on. I tried this in a number of applications. I setup an overdub and loaded up an Ableton session. There is a mic in the headphones. A clear copy of what I was hearing was contained in the recording from the mic. It was down from full, but there was no sign of it. This wasn't the sound from my earphone. The audio was recorded back into the session. The headphones were disconnected completely. The problem went away if I set the audio to output into something other than the headphones. The mic preamplifier is very loud. It's a lot to ask that ausb plug sized device has a decent mic preamplifier. This thing is small. 2 stars for that, because it sounds fine as a headphones accessory. I'm returning it because it won't work for what I need it for.

7. Adapter Headset External Headphone Desktops

Adapter Headset External Headphone Desktops

Vehicle audio can be used for vehicle navigation. 2-in-1 Multifunctional HeadphoneAdapter:Support both audio jacks and a headset. You can easily add a 3.5mm TRRS 4-pole aux port to your computer. Premium audio quality. You can get higher fidelity sound from this Usb-A to headphones. Compatibility : [USB-C]: tablets. The phones are the Pixel 4 (XL) and 3 (XL). The Note 10 and Note 9 are both from the S20. Note 8; HUAWEI P30 Pro; MIX 3 /2; Redmi K30; HUAWEI P30 Pro. The Pro /Mate 20 Pro /Mate 10 is from OPPO. And the C more... There is a support for desktop PC,Laptop,Google Chromebook, Windows Surface 3 pro,Raspberry Pi and PS4 Not work with PS3. The relief strain design makes this adpter much more durable, as it can stand 12000+ bending tests. What do you get? The braided cord and premium metal case of the OneKerUSB A/USB Type C jack adapter ensure a long lasting life. It is much more durable than other plastic cases. It has a 18-month free warranty.

Brand: Oneker

👤The product was helpful because my computer 3.5mm jack has been acting up recently. It was worth it for the price. I have very limited slots on my computer so theusb-a andusb-c are helpful. Overall, a really helpful product, and I was happy to get it. The 3.5mm jack has to be tight in the adaptor otherwise it will give a lot of static-y feedback and not pick up audio well. It works very well when it's secure. You may need to apply a bit more force at the beginning to get the tightness you need. Sometimes, when using theusb-c portion, it gets in the way since theusb-a section doesn't detach very far from theusb-c part. It's not impossible, but it's inconvenient. My computer has two ports next to each other, so I was unable to get to the slot for theusb-a. It's not a huge issue because it's able to move enough to plug in the other port, but still, it's an extra hassle trying to move it. If you have a need for a 3.5mm jack, you might want to consider just ausb-c to 3.5mm jack. If you need both, this is a good product to use, just be careful if your slots are close together. There is a I didn't drop my rating because of these critiques, they are fixable and easy to fix. I think this product is great and something I would recommend to those who need an adaptor for their headphones, as long as it is somewhat durable. It's a good deal and I love the dual usage.

👤I have a laptop. After watching a movie, my audio was not working, and after the bios was updated to version 15. It was so frustrating for me. I lost my sleep and spent a week searching for it. I paid a consultation fee to the best buy geek squad, but they were suggesting some steps which I already tried. I bought an audio sound card for a trial purpose and also bought a 3.5mm earplug that is a conversion for theusb port. There is a My system treats theusb port as a device, like a wireless mouse. I kept the $7 worth of audio equipment after I returned a $30audi card. The problem that kept me awake at night had a solution like this. I was laughing when it worked for the first time. It has both type-C andusb ports. It's still great. This has been used since last month. It's still fine. Thank you so much!

👤The first one I ordered was malfunctioning. It would cut in and out. I sent in a replacement. I dropped off the return after they shipped out the second one. I wanted to give the second pair a chance to make it right before I reviewed it. The second pair works as described. It's perfect for what I need them for. A very happy customer!

👤The back of my iMac has a headphone jack. I am able to plug my headphones into my laptop whenever I need to without having to use the back of my laptop. I can leave a set of headphones plugged in and just use the Sound app in the menu bar to choose or switch the output device. It's neat!

8. SmartEra® Quality Female Converter Adapter

SmartEra%C2%AE Quality Female Converter Adapter

If the matching problem is not solved, they can return the money. You can't charge your phone or other device if you support the U-DISK. It is high Fidelity. There is an anti-ference. Good signal. The female can read the mp3 form the flash disk. The 3.5mm male plug is in the AUX port. The car audio decoding function can be inserted through the U disk car stereo cable. Vehicle audio can be used for vehicle navigation.

Brand: Blacell

👤There is no way to power them up if you are planning on using this on a headset. When I plugged it in, it didn't do anything.

👤I tried to convert my microphone to my DSLR mic port but it didn't work. Someone asked if it would work and the answer was yes. The answer is no. Not at all!

👤The SmartEra needs a software interface to work. This will likely work in a car radio. I used it to use my audio cable to watch my tube TV in bed, and it has a plug that is attached to the headphones. This did not work. I tried two other brands. The headphones work on my PC.

👤This is a joke. It doesn't fit well in either part. It doesn't work. Don't waste your money waiting for something.

👤My money went down the drain because this product does not work and then you can't send it back.

👤It doesn't work with my headphones and my mobile phone, but they are sturdy and well done.

👤I used it to connect a drive to the AUX jack. Does not work. There is a No one knows what it's good for.

👤I tried to connect it to other things. It is only complete silence, not music. I connected with the help of a similar attachment.

👤No me sirve para nada.

👤The supplier refused to acknowledge the problem. It was stuck with a useless product.

9. Adapter Female Converter Oxsubor(CAR Function)

Adapter Female Converter Oxsubor%EF%BC%88CAR Function%EF%BC%89

Lifetime warranty. They offer a 30-Day 100% money back guarantee, a 24 month replacement warranty and a lifetime support service. You can play music on your car audio system with this product. Make sure your Aux port has a function that can read mp3 files. If your car doesn't have this function, it won't work and you'll have to buy a new one. Only support small U disk capacity and store mp3 files. It depends on the car's AUX audio interface. Don't store other documents and don't make a file in your U-disk, this aux cable only supports the mp3 music format. WARRANTY: You don't need to return the item if the problem isn't working.

Brand: Oxsubor

👤I ordered these hoping they would work with my headset. But they don't. The reason for a 3 star review is that the fault isn't with the connectors but with what I am trying to use them with. There is a volume control and a button on the headset that requires power. There is a red light when the headphones are plugged in. The audio jack connections do not provide power. The volume and other controls are not getting the power they would normally get through theusb connection. The mic won't work and the headset won't get audio signal. The right kind ofusb audio device will probably work with these. I will keep the one that connects to it. I don't know when I might need them.

👤This is a great accessory. It allows me to use my phone as a microphone. It is handy and inexpensive. Try it!

👤I tried to use it for my headphones, but it doesn't work.

👤Did not work needs some type of coding. Save your money.

👤I bought headphones with a microphone. The earbuds that came with my phone were old. I was expecting the headphones to have a normal audio jack for cell phones, but they have ausb jack. I bought these to make my headphones work with my phone. They did not. There is a I can see that there are other adaptors. They will not do the job. I don't know what the applications were for these adaptors. They weren't made to fit headphones to a cell phone audio jack.

👤I bought this to bridge the gap between my phone and audio cable. It did not perform. This is not a home audio system like I own, but a car audio player with the required software.

👤This product does not support gadgets. I'm not happy. Money goes down the drain.

👤I bought this because of a review. I wanted to use a mic with my camera. One reviewer thought it worked. The male end did not fit me. It didn't work at all. It has a 3.5 trrs and I used a 3.5 trs adapter to get into my camera. A complete failure. I got him for a dollar. It didn't work, but I had to try.

👤No me sirvi. Conectar unos audfonos de gaming, en terminacin de xbox, y No sirvi.

👤I am going to ask my brother to test the second one because the first one did not work.

👤The package arrived in two days. I tried the aux audio plug in at the car stereo. It doesn't work and doesn't even recognize the aux input. The second one was the same thing. Don't waste me money at the end. Don't buy this product.

👤AUX de ma voiture, je voulais un convertisseur pour utiliser ma cléusb. Malheureusement aucun des 2 adaptateurs. Merci.

10. YCH Headphone Adapter 2 Compatible Samsung

YCH Headphone Adapter 2 Compatible Samsung

Their advantage is that they focus on the technology and innovation of the products. Wide Compatibility The type c phones that are compatible with the 3.5mm adapters are the ones that include the pixel 4 3 2 XL, the s21+ s21 Ultra S20 Ultra S20 Z Flip, the s10 S9 S8 Plus, and the note 20 10 10+ 9 Dongle is a multi-function item. You can listen to music and answer phone calls with the help of this smallusb-c to aux adapter. The sound is hi-fi. Quality You can get higher fidelity sound from this c to aux adapter, it is compatible with up to 24bit/ 96Khz. Relief strain design The relief strain design makes this adpter much more durable. What do you get? They provide a friendly customer service.

Brand: Paloxy

👤I would not be able to play music in my car with the s21 ultra. Songs would play for a while.

👤The Sasumg S21 does not work with this adapter.

👤The Tab S7+ does not have a jack. I bought this. It works well for audio with the type-c connection.

👤I own a 21 plus. I need a few more for my vehicle use. Maybe one was bad out the box. No problem. I had to purchase the brand of the second one that failed to produce sound.

👤I like to play music on the phone. Didn't like that it won't include a credit card reader.

👤Just what I ordered. Works well!

👤If you need a type c adapted for your ear/head phones, it's definitely a must purchase.

👤I tried multiple headphones. After a couple weeks, stopped working.

11. AkoaDa External Converter Compatible Desktops

AkoaDa External Converter Compatible Desktops

This type C to 3.5mm +PD charger is easy to carry, it has an aluminum housing and braided wire for long time use. Eva box is used for carry and storage. A dual function headphone accessory. The audio jack adapter supports listening and speaking. The 3.5mm jack wired headset can be used with a microphone and the sound card version must be at least 6.0.89 or 10.27.04. It's suitable for all yourusb devices, such as PS4 PC Laptop Desktop MacBook and more. The focus is on Doesn't support the interface of any type of car. Plug and play: no driver is required, the nylon braided cable of theusb audio adapter ensures stable transmission, and allows you to use your 3.5mm headphones more conveniently. It is not suitable for amplifier, CD players, xbox, car or truckusb ports. The audio jack adapter does not support the car'susb interface. The best sound quality can be achieved with theusb headset adapter. Stereo surround sound,songs and music are not affected by transmission, if you have a 3.5mm audio jack. This is a great accessory for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7,Vista,Linux, and PS4 as it works with any standard audio class enabled system. The nylon braided sheath of the audio accessory is 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, it's 888-282-0465, it You will get a pack of 18 cmusb to 3.5 cm audio jack cable. There is ausb A 3.5mm audio jack and ausb to audio jack are used. Audio jack, 3.5mm jack, and sound card are included.

Brand: Akoada

👤The device works from the moment you plug it in. The audio jack in my Dell was malfunctioning. The device gave me a working audio jack. Make sure to connect your headset to this device and then plug it into the computer's port of your choice. Plug the device in first, then connect the headset. The headset won't be detected by theusb in the second method.

👤I had a turtle beach headset. A new PC needed two inputs. I'm yelling at other players to get to the choppah because theusb fixed that, plug and play setup.

👤There was an accident in my study. As the train wreck unfolded, my lab got tangled in the cable between my headphones and my PC, dragging everything off my desk and eventually mangling the jack where I plug my headphones in my desktop. I realized I wouldn't be able to plug my headphones into the computer as I picked up the pieces. Thankfully, the Akoa Dausb to Audio Jack Adapter allows me to work around this catastrophe.

👤It isn't as simple as connecting when there is a movement. I have to re-enable it each time. I use this monitor as a headphones monitor so that I can have sound through speakers simultaneously, unlike plugging headphones directly into my computer, which will cause other sound outputs to be disabled. I need that for my work. I used to use a microphone with a built in monitor to do this. When the microphone's jack failed, I ordered a new one, hoping it would work the same way.

👤Plug in and play is what this is. It works immediately. No clicking, no websites, no downloads, etc. It plays in stereo when it responds to volume control commands. The original headphone port is disabled when plugged in. Sound quality is the same as the original audio port, but is not as loud. I think this plays at least part of the volume as the original sound card/audio port. Overall happy. $12 device is a great alternative to paying for computer repair. There will be an updated version of this in 2022. I bought this item again in a different color. The sound quality has improved from good to great. There is a full spectrum of bass. The original audio port's volume was less than the original audio port's, but it's now more than the original audio port's. This item works well. The first day I used the adapter, it worked just as well as it did a year ago. The new one is even better. There is a I had rated this product at 4 stars. My rating is now 5 of 5 stars. 100% satisfied.

👤The main problem with this device is that if you're an amateur or an enthusiast, you're not going to get the sound you want from it. I think the 3.5mm jack should be made smaller and magnetic to push through analog signals. There is no reason for a low cost DAC to be in the base. I know sound, and this is good, but I don't like my music when it's 888-270-6611 Ymmv.


What is the best product for headphone jack to usb female?

Headphone jack to usb female products from Eanetf. In this article about headphone jack to usb female you can see why people choose the product. Warmstor and Qaoquda are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone jack to usb female.

What are the best brands for headphone jack to usb female?

Eanetf, Warmstor and Qaoquda are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone jack to usb female. Find the detail in this article. Zoyuzan, Jxmox and Millso are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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