Best Headphone Jack to Xlr Adapter

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1. TISINO Stereo Unbalanced Cable 3 5mm

TISINO Stereo Unbalanced Cable 3 5mm

The heavy duty rubber jacket is made from environment friendly material. A cell phone, mp3 player, laptop, voice recorder, or any 3.5mm audio output can be connected to a mixing console or powered speakers with the unbalanced 3.5mm cable. This cable can't be used to run from a mic in to an aux out. The left and right stereo signals are combined into a single mono signal on the Unbalanced cable. The strain relief on the male connector is molded to support the weight of the cable, the step-down design of the 3.5mm connector provides connection to the ports, and the 24k Gold-plated 3.5mm TRS connector has easy-grip treads for frequent unplugging and durability. The highest quality audio transfer without static or popping is ensured by 20 AWG 4N OFC wire. The Heavy Duty Flexible Soft Rubber Jacket was made of heavy duty rubber.

Brand: Tisino

👤I think it's important to point out that I am not a musical person. I bought this to connect the projector to the Amp. We've had trouble finding a converters that could do this without sound cutting in and out. It was easy to use since we didn't have to use multiple chords to connect it, but I was impressed by the sound quality. I would definitely recommend this cord to anyone who needed it for a similar purpose.

👤I volunteer at a senior center and ordered this to replace the ones that were ordered there. I noticed the difference in sound quality. The center bought two more after I passed the info along.

👤The cable seems to be made of high quality materials, it has great sound quality, and it was a great value compared to others. I bought this to attach my Boya wireless receiver to the Sony NX5R for interviews. I am very happy with the outcome. The audio is great with my new setup. Purchase with confidence.

👤Excellent product, great price and superior client support.

👤Great product. A computer sound jack is connected to a PA system.

👤I use this to run from my computer to my mixing board and it does the job without a box.

👤I wanted to use this cable to connect the amplifier to the gym. There was no sound when the cable was connected to the amplifier. I bought an identical cable from a different manufacturer and it sounds great. Poor quality wires or insufficient shielding are likely to be the reasons.

👤I bought this cable in December of 2016 and it starts giving me problems in February of 2022, which is when I can return it to the vendor via the Amazon return policy.

👤I bought this as a lead to get my film camera. I had a back up plan in case this thing didn't fit. There should be a little grooves on the plug that keep it aligned, but it wouldn't plug in as there was a piece of metal stopping it. It wasn't factory tested before it was sent for sale. It was not worth the time spent returning it. Straight to the dump.

👤Good sound quality and easy to use. I use it for my Rde Wireless GO, and it's perfect. If you just need a good quality sounding hobby streaming is a good recommendation.

👤I bought these to connect my wireless to my recorder and they are perfect.

👤If you plan to listen to music from your phone, you will end up listening to the left or right channel, because it's mono sending only one channel to the speaker. It is not a sterEO as claimed in the description.

👤Does what it says on the tin.

2. UGREEN Lightning 3 5MM Female Adapter

UGREEN Lightning 3 5MM Female Adapter

It works with all devices that have a Lightning connection, including iPod touch, iPad, and the iPhone. The UGREEN 3.5mm lightning are certified by Apple to meet the strict requirements of the iPhone. This Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Conversion allows you to use your existing 3.5mm headphones with the 13 and Pro 13 models of the Apple device. It's not compatible with the iPad mini 6 and the iPad Pro 11. The noise reduction technology of the lightning adapter can provide you with the perfect sound. It supports listening to music, as well as the wire control function such as a microphone, volume control, pause and play functions, plug and play and no setting changes. No damages, scratches, bendings or tearings are found in the durable design. The UGREEN Apple aux adapter is made of Hi-Q aluminum alloy case and nylon-braided cable material. It's easy to carry around: stylish, lightweight and portable.

Brand: Ugreen

👤I've tried many brands. The others are cheaper than this one. But the quality? The sound is great. The cheapest ones don't allow the phone functions to work. The cheap ones have poor sound quality, including one that only worked if you plugged it in again and again. I plug it in for the first time. No clicking, no humming. If I have the phone in my pocket, it fits snug in the lightning jack. I have expensive wired headphones and music that needs them. This is the only lightning accessory I've tried that works. Buying and returning junk is not a good idea. Purchase this one and learn from my experience. I changed my review a year later. I lost my 3rd or 4th one and I'm buying a new one. My kids don't have them. My dog is chewing. Stuff happens. I buy another one when I need to replace it. I've tried a few cheaper ones, but I always end up back on this one.

👤It looks like something anker would make. It is very pretty. I think this is worth the money and will last for a long time, like the little Apple made one. I use it with a Boya lavalier mic and the audio in the videos sound great. It works with siri when you double tap the button on the headphones. I have a lightning to 3.5mm jack and a Ugreen adapter, but double tapping the button on the headphones doesn't cause siri, which is why I'm mentioning that. It works in all of the ways that I have tried, and there are no problems at all. This is the best braided lightning to headphones accessory I could find on Amazon. I picked this one because it's not braided, but it is made by Anker.

👤The device is not supported by my phone, so I have a warning that it might not work with all of them. Iphone 7s.

👤The thing keeps going off line after a week. If I breathe it will not work. You can't have this in your pocket without it losing connection. It just loses connection from a small jostle. The braided cord was useless for a week. There is a lighting connection. It needs to be short, maybe 90 degrees. The adaptors are not good. Waiting for a replacement. It's a waste of money.

👤This was an unpleasant experience. The UGREEN model that I needed was highly rated and it could also support a microphone to use with my podcasts and Clubhouse. The original Apple model is less expensive than all of the other units I purchased from other suppliers, and it's located at an Apple Store. There is a The sound quality was good and the connection was stable, so I was happy with the UGREEN. I tried to plug the audio cable from my mixing board into my UGREEN, but it fell out. I tried to see if I pressed hard enough, but it fell out when I plugged it in. The springs that are used to engage with the grooves on the plug had failed, and I could tell that from examining the adapter. I tried the same plug on both the Apple and Amazon units. There is a No worries, I thought. Contact the MFG. I'm pretty sure I registered for a warrant. Not so fast. The warranty terms on the UGREEN website say that the warranty only applies to products purchased directly from UGREEN and not a third-party site, and they call out Amazon. The email I received from UGREEN said that they were unable to send the replacement because of Amazon's policy. There is a Please contact Amazon customer service if you want to return an order that has been fulfilled by Amazon. I was asked if I would take pictures of the failure to help their dept, and have a nice day. There is a I contacted Amazon Customer Service and they said that they were beyond the return policy. I have a second unit that I took out today and can already see that the locking mechanism isn't going to last very long. There is a My advice is to go with the Apple Original accessory and save a few bucks, or try a different third-party that will honor their warranty.

3. Movo TCB2 Microphone Smartphone Headphone

Movo TCB2 Microphone Smartphone Headphone

Attach your standard female microphone to your TRRS phone. Quality craftsmanship: The gold- plated, impedance-matched connection ensures clear play-back with zero interference. One-year warranty. They have your back. Their products are designed to help you with your technical problems. Their friendly US-based support is here to help. Listen to your audio. You can use a compatible app on your phone to keep an ear on your recording. A battery-free adaptation. The unit does not have a battery box to power the microphone. Some microphones.

Brand: Movo

👤There are several things worth noting about this adapter. 1. The item does not support phantom power, which is why it will not work with condenser mics. If you are using a mic, you will need a mixer or an accessory that provides phantom power. You can buy a microphone that is dynamic. A new mic is probably cheaper. 2. The only phone that works with this is Apple's. If your phone has an OMTP jack, you won't be able to use the adapter.

👤Certain combinations of microphones and phones will work. The only mic that works for me is the AT2100 because it's capacitance isolation circuit is used in the dual USB + XLR outputs. The microphones that are balanced 600 Ohm do not work as they appear to be short on the outer ring of the TRRS plug. There is a A test "fix" could be to make a barrel with a small capacitors on PIN 2. The kit simple runs the PINS 1+3+barrel together and the PIN 2 hot to the TRRS pins with a 10K ohms Resistive across it. It might work better on other devices. Line input should have been used instead.

👤Hey! Are you buying this to run a mic into a phone? Maybe into a music or looper app. There is news about medicine. It works. You will need a supplement. Anything that increases the signal between your phone and mic. The cost is $50 by themselves. Don't buy that, spend $100 and get a vocal box. There is a The cable is strong. It will be very quiet if you just plug a mic in. There is a Wait, are you telling me that my $115 purchase is just so it will work the way I thought it would? There is a Yes. It is time to listen to music.

👤I am trying to connect my Pioneer DDJ 1000 controller to my phone to record audio and video. This does not work with my phone. The signal has to be equalized very low to work with the Lightening to 3.5 female adapter. It is hot and distorted. I want to wait for an iRig 2. Or a mixer.

👤This is a great way to get the TRRS into your phone or MacBook Pro if the headset jack is a combo. This product provides a simple and easy way to use a microphone and monitor the feed. There is a The quality of the build is good. You have to handle it with care and discretion. I think this cable has the potential to last a long time.

👤I connected a set of IEM headphones and a microphone to my phone using the cable. The sound quality is getting better. There is a The IEMs have a high volume. Turn your volume down. There is a The mic level is not high. You should use a good microphone technique. There is a The adapter works as it is described.

👤We needed to use a microphone with an iPad and this worked out. The built-in mic on the iPad and the external mic on the iPhone 6 both recognized it as an external input. I used it to connect an iPad to an FM radio, using the mic input on the radio, and the headphone jack on the iPad. I made a special cable with 3.5mm mono to 3.5mm mono plugs on both ends, and soldered a 1K ohmresistor in series with the tip connection to mitigate the impedance mismatch between the iPad mic jack and the radio jack. The 3.5mm mono was used to get the adapters.

4. VCE 2 Pack 6 35mm Female Adapter

VCE 2 Pack 6 35mm Female Adapter

Customer service is provided. A hassle-free 18-month warranty. The Audio Jacks allow a stereo port to connect to a 3.5mm plug aux cable. Audio devices can be connected to headphones or mp3 players with a 6.35mm (1/8") sockets. The 24K gold-plated connections ensure reliability and eliminate signal loss and noise. 1/6 inch to 1/2 inch. The grip treads help with plugging and unplugging. Please let them know if you have a quality problem and they will give you a replacement or a refund.

Brand: Vce

👤What can I say about this accessory? ... What can I say? It's an accessory. It works. My music is good. There is more to say. It's pretty and shiny. I own nothing else but a nice gold color. All of them are true, but not relevant. They say a review is more useful if you actually write about the product. So... I have. It's still not useful. Go figure. Have a great day!

👤I wanted to use my Corsair headphones with my external dac and amplier that I already use for my Sennheiser headphones. This product is garbage because I needed an accessory to use the Corsair headphones with my setup. The audio is bad. The audio is perfect, I can plug in my headphones directly. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤I guess it's one out of two. These are the ones I bought to connect my headphones. The 20th one fell apart. I received them on the 18th. I was blaming the headphones for the bad sound and when I tried it in another amplifier, it came apart in 3 small pieces. The press fit appeared to come un-pressed. I think the job that QC is doing is not good. I am concerned and looking for backups because the other adapter seems to be working okay, but I am worried. I think these were cheapos. I got what I paid for.

👤The large male end and small female port were the same in this dual pack. I needed a dual pack with a male and female port and a small male and female port. The quality of the adapters I received was excellent at a great price. I returned them for the correct size and received them in 3 days. Thank you Amazon for excellent service.

👤These are garbage. I bought the 2 pack to modify my headphones for my voice over setup. I've tried a number of things, but the only thing that works is the set of headphones that have no issues in 3.5mm jacks. The 3.5mm plugs are loose. I wouldn't recommend them.

👤It was difficult to use this because the left or right side of my headphones were cut out if there was a slight movement of my cable attached to this. I switched to a Sennheiser 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter and had no issues at all, so I verified that this was the culprit. The sound issues came back after I switched back to the branded VCE adapter.

👤My pieces broke within the first few weeks of ownership. I noticed feedback on like the 3rd usage when I plugged in. I pulled it out of the jack once and realized it was an adaptor. The other one had the same thing happen a few days later.

👤The product only worked for about 30 minutes with a fender amplifier. I am giving it 4 stars because I am not sure about the sound quality, but it seems to be a decent quality compared to my local stores. I have yet to use it for more than a week or even a month so the test of time will tell me how good it is. Will update if there is a problem in the early stages of owning this accessory.

5. Amazonbasics Plated 6 35mm Headphone Adapter

Amazonbasics Plated 6 35mm Headphone Adapter

There are two packs of 3.5mm jack (female) to male stereo plugs. Pro audio equipment such as mics, speakers, and headphones can be connected to smaller devices. A consistent, lossless connection is provided by the gold-plated connectors. Plugging and unplugging can be done with a grip tread. The metal housing and flexible jacket are made of metal. Backed by a standard warranty.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤My kids don't disturb the whole house when they jam away on it because these work well and fit the keyboard jack.

👤It was exactly what I needed. I'm not a professional, but my kids needed these for their piano lessons which are done on electric pianos and with covid had to bring their own headphones for group lessons. I'm not sure why they refuse to put 3.5mm jacks on pianos, but that's a different story. The adapters work well.

👤The keyboard has a big hole for sound output. We wanted to use regular headphones. This worked well. The quality was good for what we needed.

👤The reason my headphones were cutting in and out was because of the adapter, I realized a little while back. I searched high and low for the best value for this, and found these. These were a good price for the trick.

👤I needed it so I could use my headphones. It works. It works for my sound receiver so I can listen to the vinyl I'm playing. The job is done for me and there are no issues. I'm happy.

👤Two devices in our house need this accessory. Sometimes we couldn't find it, but we only had one. We bought a bunch of adaptors. Problem solved. They work well.

👤Solid connection. Been working for a long time.

👤I had no issues with either one. It fit nicely.

6. Movo Mini Jack Microphone Connector Camcorders

Movo Mini Jack Microphone Connector Camcorders

The heavy duty rubber jacket is made from environment friendly material. The microphone adapter is easy to use, it allows you to connect your 3.5mm microphone to your professional recording equipment. It can be used with a female XLR port. One-year warranty. They have your back. Their products are designed to help you with your technical problems. Their friendly US-based support is here to help. LIABLE AUDIO: It has gold plated, shielded connections for interference-free and crystal-clear sound transfer. It isdurable: The body of the adapter is made of aluminum, which is no match for accidental drops.

Brand: Movo

👤Not a balanced one. The two pins on the XLR are soldered together. One of the leads is tied to the ground. This is not a stereo or balanced one.

👤Keep looking. This is not the one you're looking for. There is a The buzz was a bit small at first. I assumed it was from my amplifier. The buzz was the most loud thing in the mix after less than five hours of use. I traced the problem to a joke of a product. There is a It was stuck when I tried to remove it from my audio interface. I mean really stuck. It took a lot of strength and effort to pull it out. I almost gave up on my Line 6 UX1 because I thought the PoS was stuck in the XLR port and would have to be replaced. I don't know if it damaged the port because I don't have a mic with an XLR connection on it. I might have to replace my audio interface because of this. Don't buy. This would be the perfect product for someone who wanted to make a bad product so they could troll people who bought it. It is not a product you should ever expect to get a recording for, other than perhaps to teach people about buzzing that is so bad it can't be removed from recordings. Keep looking. There is a 3.5mm to 3-pin XLR adapter that can be used. A 10 dollar paper weight has been found. It looks good, I should say at least one positive thing. It isn't.

👤I had to replace it with an alternative because yours did not work, and it was useless. Your product was too large to fit in the XLR sockets. I had to use flyers to get it out. I think it was manufactured out of specification. There is a Their response was that there was a possibility that the XLR configuration was different. There is a My response was no. Three pin microphone audio input, and three pin movo 3.5mm adapter that are too large to fit in the input jack. There is a Let me know if I can help in anyway.

👤I could not get this to work on the recorder. There is interference. There is a The lavs need to have a bit of power in order to work and to use an XLR to 3.5mm which is what this item is. It doesn't seem to feed power despite changing to phantom power and/or plugging in the H6's settings. I will have to look for one that feeds power. There is a The reviews on the video site say that the Rode version might work.

👤The new unit fits and performs well. 09/09/2018 There is an update. The female pin end came loose. Two small wires broke off from the soldered terminals, which is very difficult to re-solder. The circuit is now open. The unit does not function. The problem will go away if the manufacturer adds loctite to the threads. No good now. Will try to screw back the wires, but it's unlikely to succeed. The year of 2021. It's easy to install. When it worked, the sound quality was good. The Movo unit came apart at the threaded female pin. The Loctite thread locker was added to the Movo housing, but it was too late. The damage was done per the 7/9 update.

7. TISINO Stereo Breakout Double Cords

TISINO Stereo Breakout Double Cords

Adapts any standard microphone cable to fit the HERO3. These 3.5mm to XLR Cables are designed to split a 3.5mm Aux Balanced / Stereo output signal into two Unbalanced / Mono XLR input signals. The distance to the split point of the left and right channels is about 18.6 inches. The 3.5mm plug is a standard 3 pole plug. This won't work on a phone with a 4 Pole TRRS port. You may need a TRRS to TRS accessory. When changing connections, please make sure the power is off. 20 AWG 4N Oxygen-Free Copper conductor for enhanced signal clarity is used for the XLR. The heavy duty gold- plated connectors have a good signal transmission. The heavy duty rubber jacket is made from environment friendly material.

Brand: Tisino

👤I bought the "TISINO 3.5mm to dual XLR Stereo Cable" back in June. It was used maybe once or twice a month. The only sound it ever felt was from the mid-range speakers. But never full tilt. There is no way this cable should have failed me so quickly. I spent about a month of trouble-shooting over and over with electrical circuits and breakers and ground loop interrupt and clean power all to find out it was all caused by this cheap cable. There is a The cable was intermittent and sounded like it was high voltage. After I accidentally tapped it, I moved it around a bit and made it better. The bass note buzzed again after it hit. The cable was taken out of use and replaced with a hosa one. If you're going to buy cheap, go with Hosa or Cable Matters. The quality of the build does not feel bad from the outside. What's on the inside is what matters. Buy a better cable.

👤I needed a stereo 3.5mm plug to stereo left right ends to connect my studio monitors to my TV and iMac computer, and this cable accomplished this. Line hum is inherent with 3.5mm output jacks on most devices so I did pair this cable with a ground loop noise eliminator and it worked perfectly to eliminate the quiet but present 'hum' that is generated by the 'unclean' output line of my TV or computer's The length of the cable is listed as 6.6'. From the 3.5mm plug to the y split, it's about 4'8". The furthest distance from the y split to either side of your speakers is about 16", which is the length of the left and right cable. This works well for a small screen with speakers close to the screen. If you want more stereo separation, you'll need to move the speakers out further to each side of the screen. The cable length from the y split to the end of the xlr is listed in the photo description. It should read. The cable's length wasn't long enough to achieve the amount of separation that my speakers need to be at least 3-4' away from the center point of the screen. I already had the regular xlr female to male cables. The description of the y split cable length was not accurate, but it is a great cable. I already had the extra cables that I needed to get the stereo separation I was looking for. I ordered two cables for two different systems. It was very well made.

👤I use tablets to play music during my performances. I've used 1/8" inch to RCA cables with a small port for many years. I have had sound issues with this setup. I've been using 2 of these cables for a couple of months now and they're a dream come true! There are no drop outs on the solid connections. Would definitely recommend!

👤I used this to go from the headphones to the 2i2 on a tape deck. It works perfectly for the old cassettes I wanted to digitize.

8. Mugteeve Headphone Connection Livestream Broadcast

Mugteeve Headphone Connection Livestream Broadcast

Video Assist 4K and Sharp 8K cam are compatible with Universal Compatibility. The dual xlr female to 3.5mm cable is designed to combine two separate signals into one stereo output. You can connect two microphones to a video camera, a portable recorder, a computer or other device with a mini jack input. It's used for recording and broadcast. You can use the mini stereo phone input to output the stereo signal from the mixer. Is it possible to combine guitar and mic input through a mixer? The distance from the splice to the XLR end is 42 cm, which is the longest distance between two ends. If you buy these for two microphones, make sure the distance between them is less than 2 feet. There are two more extension cables for longer connection. The cable is 10 feet 3 meters in length. It is flexible and heavy duty. The Mini TRS end is gold plated. The material of the shield is very low in OFC. The cable can work for a long time if the internal wire is drag-proof. This is a heavy duty stereo cable. Customers may want to distinguish left and right channels. The left channel end of the mini TRS Y cable has a blue ring and is connected to the 3.5mm TRS connector. The red ring is used as the right channel end of the 3.5mm TRS connector. You can mix the two ends. They offer a 2 year warranty for this cable. If you have an issue during the warranty time, please message them via your order page, their customer support will respond within 12 hours. Replacement or fees refunds will be arranged for failure by non-human factors.

Brand: Mugteeve

👤Great product. The quality is great. I use one mic. The mic didn't work after I plugged it in. I thought no. It's terrible, right out of the envelope. I plugged the mic into the other one and it worked. Whew! I was so happy. Just know this. When using one mic, there is a default jack. I don't remember which color it was. One doesn't work and the other will. It's all good. The price of one cord is less than the price of 2 mics. Great deal!

👤The sound was amazing when I balanced my Denefrips Ares II out to my Ray Samuels Predator DAC/ Amp. The cable jacket is soft and flexible. I would recommend it to anyone in the same situation.

👤DJs who stream audio. It works perfectly with the sound card. A clear sound.

👤It worked great to add audio with no delay.

👤It works great to provide output from our church's sound board to our streaming source with high-quality cable.

👤The item is connected to the speakers. The sound is clear and it fits well on both ends.

9. Adapter Charger Headphone Dongle Samsung

Adapter Charger Headphone Dongle Samsung

Customer service and warranty for 12 months are what you get. Their c to aux adapter is perfect for the new S22/S22 Ultra. And fit for the following: Macbook Pro 2020/iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the HUAWEI MATE 20. XiaoMi PRO/11 Ultra, Pro/Mate 30 Pro, P30 Pro, P40 Pro, and more are included. Most of the devices in the market support phone calling and music control. There's no need to switch between charging and streaming audio with the audio to 3.5mm cable. It supports up to 60W. Also, note: It may take a while to charge when listening to music. When you stop listening to music, it will support fast charge. There is music in CD-QUALITY. Their aux tousb jackadapter is compatible with up to 24 bit/ 96Khz, built-in DAC chip. You will be able to enjoy your favorite tracks while enjoying more depth and clarity. Does not support data transfer. Perfect travel partner. The perfect accessory for when you're on the go. Plug and play, no need to install drivers or apps. High quality. The double-braided exterior and aluminum alloy case of their jackadapter is designed to endure daily bends, twists, and pulls.

Brand: Phoie

10. CableCreation Stereo Compatible IPhone More Black

CableCreation Stereo Compatible IPhone More Black

Super Compatibility: 3.5mm to xlr cable compatible with a variety of electronic devices, including a laptop, a phone, an mp3 player, and a voice recorder. The signal transmission cable combines the left and right stereo signals from a source with 3.5mm stereo output into a single mono feed. 3.5mm is incredible Durability. The housing for the cable is zinc alloy die-casting polished black spray paint, and it is made of a durable PVC outer layer. Professional Audio Quality:24k Gold-Plated Connectors offer a clear, smooth-flowing optimal signal, and Bare copper braided shielding provides maximum cancellation of hum and noise. There is a package that includes 1 x 3 Feet 3.5mm (1/8 inch) TRS Stereo Male to XLR Male Cable with a worry-free 2-years warranty and lifetime friendly customer service. Please let them know if you have any concerns.

Brand: Cablecreation

👤It was solved. Plug and play. I bought speakers for better audio. Setting up a theater in my yard is one of the things I could do. You can do it all with this setup. There was no joke. I use my phone to plug in. Audio is perfect with stereo. This can be used on a tv. You now have dolby and circular sound from speakers with no power amplifier or receiver. You can stream your music to the studio with no feedback using a laptop, iPad, or any other device. The cable length is good. The cables are not damaged. I found a solution to the problem. This saved me a lot of headaches. Friends can also plug in and share their music.

👤The cable claimed to be stereo. Every other week I have an event where I have 2 laptops plugged into my amplifier and I am a DJ. One has to plug into the RCA input while the other has to plug into the xlr input. The sound was not stereo and it was very distorted. I need to find a balanced 3.5 to male cord.

👤I use this item to connect my iPad and iPhone to my sound mixer for remote interview sessions. It plugs into the second main inlet and allows for sound to be used when I am recording a session. The sound quality is good, but not great, and I am able to make adjustments to improve it. I am very happy with my purchase of this item.

👤It works well with the speaker. The power strip seems to make noise. The projector, laptop and PA speaker are connected to the same power strip. There is a loud static noise coming from the PA speaker amplifier. When the power cord to the laptop was removed, I noticed that the noise was gone. I might need to use a different set of extension cords for the laptop.

👤It doesn't work. It didn't work for me on my audio equipment at church.

👤I needed a specialty cable to connect a mic to my tablets, so I ran drum tracks out of my tablets into the mic, then out of the mic into my mixing board. Amazon makes it easy to purchase and delivery cable; you can build any length you want. I've purchased cables from Cable Creations in the past, and I have a home recording studio. I have always been completely satisfied.

👤We needed a way to input music tracks from cell phones or laptops into our sound system. This solved our problem. If you want to input into a line in input, you need to use an XLR to 1/2 in conversion at your patch bay. A lot of power can be carried by the cables.

👤I don't need a special cord because I'm not a musician or videographer. I needed a good cable to connect my phone to the speaker. It works well for that purpose. It's right for my needs, it's not too thick like my last cable, and it won't break easy.

11. Splitter Headphone Monitor Speakers Adapter

Splitter Headphone Monitor Speakers Adapter

The outer diameter of the cable is 6.0mm, which is top quality and made by environment-friendly material. The cable is 10 feet 3 meters in length. It is flexible and heavy duty. The Mini TRS end is gold plated. The material of the shield can keep out RFI and EMI. The cable can work for a long time if the internal wire is drag-proof. This is a heavy duty stereo cable. The 3.5mm to 2XLRM Stereo Y-Adapter Cable is designed to send line-level stereo signal from recorder, laptop computer, cell phone, tablet pc, or other devices with 3.5mm jack into powered speaker, mixing board, and audio interface. The transmission from 3.5mm to XLR is not changeable. If you want to send a signal from the 1 to the 8 you need to use the dual XLR female to 3.5mm cable. If your output jack is 3.5mm TRRS, you don't need an extra accessory if you use the 1/6 mini TRS connection. If you connect to speakers directly, the speakers should be powered, because passive speakers need a pre-amp before they can play the sound. The distance from the splice to the XLR end is 42 cm, which is the longest distance between two ends. If you buy these for two speakers, make sure the distance between them is less than 2 feet. There are two more extension cables for longer connection. Left and right channel speakers can be connected with the 2 XLR connections. Left channel speakers are usually connected with the 3.5mm TRS connector, which is usually connected with the blue ring of the XLR. The red ring on the XLR is used to connect a right channel speaker. You can mix the left and right channels.

Brand: Mugteeve

👤Since I'm just a short distance from an airport, I needed a cabling that wasn't going to pick up any interference. The cable did the trick. I ordered more of them after I found that it did the job perfectly. It's hard to find this type of cable in the first place, but to have it built so well and highly shielded was a different story. This cable is very good.

👤The build quality is good, but the sound quality using these cables was garbage.

👤You can only separate the left and the right speakers about 2 feet. It's good for a laptop, but not far enough for a larger one.

👤It sounds great with Rode Go II. There is a If they are too close together, the Rode Go II gives a buzz. I ordered a second cable because it works so well.

👤It sounds great. It is being used on my computer.

👤The cable is flexible and works well for me. So far, so good, I don't know about the durability.

👤The seller is very helpful. I would highly recommend it.

👤My speakers are linked to Numark dj2go.


What is the best product for headphone jack to xlr adapter?

Headphone jack to xlr adapter products from Tisino. In this article about headphone jack to xlr adapter you can see why people choose the product. Ugreen and Movo are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone jack to xlr adapter.

What are the best brands for headphone jack to xlr adapter?

Tisino, Ugreen and Movo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone jack to xlr adapter. Find the detail in this article. Vce, Amazon Basics and Tisino are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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