Best Headphone Keychain Case for Samsung Ear Pods

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1. AIRSPO Silicone Protective Carabiner Keychain

AIRSPO Silicone Protective Carabiner Keychain

The charging case and galaxy buds will not be marked by the glue. Perfect Fit compatible with the two Buds. The earbuds charging case can be opened up to 90, which is very easy to take out and put in your compatible Buds. The gel pad in the top and bottom of the case is hard to peel off. The gel pad film should be removed before use. Ultra Protection is made of shockproof and soft feeling silicone material to protect your Buds from impacts. All-round protection is provided by dust-proof, scratch proof, anti skidding and long lasting. No need to remove the case cover to charge your buds. There is a front light that supports wireless charging and charging with a cable. The carabiner can be attached to a backpack, pants, and other items. It's perfect for outdoor activities such as running, cycling, fishing, skiing, etc. One Silicone Case, One Durable Carabiner, and two spare Gel Pad are included. 30-Day money-back for any reason. If there are problems, contact them.

Brand: Airspo

👤The first thing you should do is get rid of the clip if you buy this protective cover. If you clip it to your pants, bag, or other items, the case will open without you knowing, and you will lose your headphones. There is a I notice my case is open when I walk. I didn't notice until I lost one of the headphones that I closed it. Don't hang it to anything.

👤I didn't want to write a review immediately after it came in. It is normal Silicone. If you plan on keeping this case cover for a while, keep in mind that anything white/clear silicone/any type of polymer/resins yellows over time. There is a Pros. 1. It feels nice. 2. Has been protected against scraps 3. Came with the loop 4. After a month of regular use, absorption has held up. There is a There are cons. 1. No instructions. 2. It doesn't align very well on its own, so you might have to align it twice to make it work. 3. Don't trust the hook. 4. It's large. Doesn't hear all the way to the edges. It's fine for the price. Since I already applied it, my only issues are bulkiness.

👤I hated it. I spent over two hours trying to align the case to where it should be. Go hard shell if you are looking for this. Soft shell cases are more difficult than hard shell cases. Hard shell cases are more difficult to misplace than soft ones.

👤I bought this for identification purposes more than anything else. It was getting a little confusing because there are 5 people in my household and we all have buds. The case was done quickly and easily. Line everything up well. The lid will remain closed if it's lined up right. I don't use the clip, but I wouldn't recommend hanging a set of $150 ear buds on the outside of a bag. It seems like a lost bud waiting to happen. If dropped, it will provide some cushion. I would purchase the case again.

👤It works fine so far, and it comes with a replacement glue. I wanted to get some good looking pics of the product so I uploaded the reviews that didn't look good to me. The olive green color was not bought by anyone.

👤It's easy to mount, but it's not easy to wipe off, because it's cilycone material dust, which is easy to wipe off.

👤Since receiving this case, I have not had any issues. It's easy to attach and it seems to protect the Buds. I don't know if it will protect it since I haven't taken a fall. I think the case would still open if it were closed because it doesn't keep it closed. It's easy to attach buds to your beltloop with the carabiner, but you should still be careful in case the case opens and the buds fall out.

👤The top of the case does not have an attachment strip that sticks to silicone. I tried the straps that were included, but they didn't stick.

2. OLEBAND Keychain Accesories Protective Anti Slip

OLEBAND Keychain Accesories Protective Anti Slip

The package includes a black armor case cover, a black zip up storage box, a metal carabiner, and a cleaning brush. The earphone shell is packed in a black box to prevent it from being crushed. Please contact them if you have a problem. Quality issues will be taken care of by them. The special grip design has a hard PC frame to hold the buds and charing case, as well as the slicone body design. It fit like a glove. The cover will pop off. It will bring you luck and happiness, and you can Hook your OLEBAND Protective Case to your handbag strap, backpack,wristlets, or keychain to ensure that your earbuds are always at your fingertips for listening to podcasts or streaming music. One piece design with a connected hinge is fully protective, it protects your earbuds charging case all around with a 2.7mm thickness. It's less slippery and less likely to be dropped if you protect your case from getting scratched. Convenient Charging is compatible with wired and wireless charges. Impact-resistant Silicone and snug-fit. Is shock-Absorbing to protect against falls and scratches. The snug-fitting top and bottom cover sticks to your buds case or buds+ case, so you can enjoy rigorous activity without fear of losing the top or bottom pieces of your protective cover.

Brand: Oleband

👤I like the way it keeps coming apart. I love it.

👤I got this because it makes finding them easy in my purse.

👤It's cute. It's an earphone case that's purple.

👤I keep my ear buds clipped to my car keys or wallet so I don't misplace them, and this cute case to protect them. The fact that it has a clip on it is the best part.

👤It works perfectly! I love this material because I can drop it. The key chain is adorable. Great protection!

👤My wife loved it. I think it might not last as the silicone will be torn eventually. Let's hope it stays that way.

3. Security Samsung Shockproof Keychain Cleaning

Security Samsung Shockproof Keychain Cleaning

Compatible models The security locks case is specially designed for the earphone. It is compatible with the two Buds. Safety lock design and usage. The earphone shell has a safety lock function on the front and is composed of upper and lower shells. Press the front button to open the cover. Don't worry about the top cover automatically opening the earphones when you're not around. Don't try to drop it because it's less resistant. The materials and protection. The cover is made of hard PC material. Four corners are wrapped. The angle cushion protects your case against bumps, drops and scratches. With accessories. The case cover has a carabiner, a brush and a strap. You can hang the carabiner on your bag or belt. You can use a strap on your wrists to prevent it from falling. The cleaning brush is used to clean the internal crevices of the case. The package includes a black armor case cover, a black zip up storage box, a metal carabiner, and a cleaning brush. The earphone shell is packed in a black box to prevent it from being crushed. Please contact them if you have a problem. Quality issues will be taken care of by them.

Brand: Galafoki

👤I don't usually leave reviews unless I am really impressed or terribly disappointed, but there aren't enough on this product yet. The 3 star rating is not a good reflection of the quality. I don't think there's enough to warrant anything beyond a neutral rating. There is a My earbuds are from the same company. The price seems fair. There is a There is no instructions or documentation for this case. Installation is easy. The top needs to be installed first. It all comes to an end. The packaging is very simple. A heavy duty bag with a thin plastic bag inside is large enough to hold everything. There is a The carabiner is made of metal. Be honest about the materials you are using. There is a The shell adds some bulk to my charging case, but it still fits in my phone holster with no apparent problems. The review will include measurements with and without the shell. There is a The magnetic pull of the charging case is strong enough to almost completely pull shut without being hampered by the latch closing. The case is unlikely to be accidentally opened because of the strong latch. There is a The back of your case has a charging port and hinge that are completely open. The exposed part of your buds case is not likely to get in the way if you drop it. There is a The opening in the back is large enough to allow the charging case to be opened and the charging cable to be connected. There is a The bottom of the case allows for wireless charging. There is a There is a hole in the front of the case that allows you to see the battery/charge indicator. Since the charging case is so deep, there is only a small angle where you can see the indicator. There is a The plastic shell is easy to hold. It doesn't add any water resistance to your charging case, so you need to be as conscientious about water as if the shell was not installed. There are at least 1 or 2 updates planned. At some point, I will probably include pictures and video. There is a I can't speak to protection or long-term durability as I have only received this shell today and installed it less than an hour ago. I will modify my rating later.

👤I'm very pleased with this case. I lost my earbuds twice in 3 days after starting with a case that didn't have alatch. The other cases tend to open with very little effort which means you could lose your earbuds at any time. This case solved the issue. The latch works well and hasn't failed once. I was expecting to see some strips in the packaging, but it doesn't require them as it locks shut. You don't have to worry about the case coming open on its own because this is a great bargain.

👤Don't purchase now. It's falling a bit. The product is durable and almost lost my ears. It protects your buds all the way around. You don't need to remove the case to see the battery light or charge your buds. Don't buy the security lock if you are buying this. I dropped it and it popped open, and my buds were all over the floor. It's still a good purchase, no worse than any other cases.

4. Compatible Samsung Shockproof Protective Accessories

Compatible Samsung Shockproof Protective Accessories

High Compatibility. This rugged case/galaxy buds pro/live case cover is designed to fit the case of the SAMSUNG GALAXY BUBs 2 and 2nd edition. Not including the wireless charging case is not included. Valkit ruggedGalaxy Buds 2/Galaxy Buds Pro/Galaxy Buds Live case for men are made of flexible drop-resistant material and military-grade design, which provides dual protection for yourSamsungGalaxy Pro/Live earbuds from most of drops, scratches. The cutouts provide an easy access for wired/wireless charging without removing the galaxy buds 2/pro/live case. The metal clip on the case cover makes it convenient to carry your ear buds anywhere. The carabiner can be caught on a belt or bag. You get a case cover, a chain clip, and a storage bag. The Earbuds and Charging device are not included.

Brand: Valkit

👤The product is decent. It protects the original case. It adds a personal touch to the case. It slides off the original case very easily. I am worried that I will lose one or both of the products. The carabiner is attached to my jacket. I make sure that side of the case doesn't fall off along with my actual case. I try to stay aware of where it is at all times, but I am still using mine.

👤This product is something that I wanted for my earbuds. When I received them, I was very excited to use them. The bottom fell off after 30 minutes. It wasn't adhering to my buds. The case is useless. It would be a 5 star product if it would stick to it or not.

👤The first generation ear buds my son had did well, but these are better. He likes the quality of them and uses them in school. The case is needed to keep them safe.

👤The product was not a good one because I lost my bud. I would like to see who made this product be able to replace the item that the customer lost. This product is not a good one. I hope that I could have a replacement for my phone, it was driving me crazy when I thought of it. Let me know what can be done.

👤It's sturdy, but it wouldn't stay on my buds. I took them out of the case after losing them twice. Enough said.

👤I was worried about the quality of the protection but once it was installed, it looks great and protects your buds really well.

👤I ordered a shockproof case for my earbuds. It arrived the next day with a pink transparent Silicone/rubber cover and a small black storage case, but it didn't have an air Pod. I ordered a new one since it was still the same issue.

👤The little case cover is very sturdy. I placed my buds every day until I got this case. The little carabiner is great for hooking up bags, belts, and other objects. This cover is very good.

5. Filoto Compatible Silicone Keychain Glittery

Filoto Compatible Silicone Keychain Glittery

The Filoto galaxy buds live earbuds case is designed for girls and women. It's perfect to match your bag or clothes. Light and thin touch feelings fit like a glove in the Premium Silicone Case. The perfect balance is provided by impact resistant and scratch proof. The cover is fully wrapped and anti-slip to protect your buds. Convenient Charging is compatible with wireless charging or bottom charging port. The power light is visible. More steady and on-time shipment is what you should focus on. Their products are backed up by a team of in-house service workers. They will do their best to help you if you have any questions.

Brand: Filoto

👤I ordered this cover to protect my ears. It arrived very quickly and looked like it. I loved it until it opened and I was out shopping. I had no idea. When I got ready to use my earbuds, they were gone. Someone found them and returned them. There is a The way the sides meet up can cause the case to stay closed when you are not aware.

👤The most beautiful case I've seen so far is the one from theSamsung bud case. I'm a "glitzy" girl, and this one is very pretty. I asked my friend where she got her case from. She told me about Amazon. I started looking for one. I was unhappy with the one I ordered so I kept looking and found this one. I opened the package and it was love at the first site. I was surprised at how much it sparkled. I get a lot of praise when people see it. She would have liked to have found this one. It's true! It has a snug fit as well. It has a nice key chain. F.Y.I... I didn't adhere the bottom piece to my phone because I noticed that the wireless charging pad didn't work. I just pull it on and charge it. I use my own cord to charge it. You will love this if you like things that sparkle. I've had mine for several months now and it's all good. Buy it! You will not regret it.

👤The case doesn't look like the picture, it doesn't fit in the right place, and the sticker for the top came off. I had to put another thing on there to hold it together. My wife likes the pink ball thing, so I'm giving it two stars. The product is not good. If it fit better and the sticky pad didn't come off, I'd give it 3 to 4 stars.

👤When I take my buds out with me, I usually keep them in my purse. It's already falling apart, I never dropped it or threw it, and it's already falling apart, I bought it 3 months ago.

👤The product arrived on time. I have the earbuds. The case is a tad too big. Going with a different company is something I would recommend.

👤The case option was a joke. It is supposed to either peel off or allow for a double sided glue to stick, not 2 opposite sides. I had to use my own. It works great now.

👤When I open it, I get questions about what it is. People say they love your ear buds case. Where did you get it? It shimmers in the sun and in the light. I keep it secure with a chain on my lanyard. It is not something that can be easily corrected. I am. The complement confirmed that this was a great buy.

👤The rubber case and accessories fit well but be aware that fuzziness will get stuck in it. The overall description is accurate.

6. Designed Suublg Headphones Anti Lost Protection

Designed Suublg Headphones Anti Lost Protection

TheSilicone Case Fit is a unique design that makes you look different. This is the best gift for family and friends. This Silicone Case is made of high quality Silicone material and has different colors and skin. They fit the Buds or theCharging Case. You don't need to remove the silicone buds protectors to charge your earbuds with a cable port. The cutout port on the skin of the buds allows you to charge your earphones without removing the cover. It is easy to install and wear it firmly. The charging port is at the bottom of the case and it is thin and light, you can easily open or close the lid with your hands. If you send them a message through your order page, they will get back to you faster.

Brand: Suublg

👤It took forever to get this case because I ordered it around Christmas time. It's cute and I love it. I wish it would fit differently on my headphones case as it has a sticky top part and the bottom doesn't fit well. Since it's Silicone, I'm not sure how durable it is. It seems sturdy once you get the case on there. It's definitely recommended to others and to buy again.

👤I love this case. It's adorable and the same as pictured. The tape on the top was not strong enough and it stopped sticking on the second day. I'll probably grab a roll of double sided tape at the store and see if it works, as I really don't want to return this! It's cute. I am happy with my purchase.

👤The top doesn't fit the case properly because the sticker that is attached to the bottom has already worn off. I love the design and the hardware is sturdy, but I wish they had a better way of making the case cover stay on.

👤The character that came with the key chain is gone, and my son with disabilities is distraught about how easy it is to remove, and we had to glue the character right after we got it.

👤The material is cheap. The case is fragile and the cutouts don't match the earphones case. Bad quality is not worth it.

👤They fit the case perfectly and are thicker and stronger than I thought they would be.

👤Even when you only open the case to get earbuds out, it comes off really fast.

👤The earbuds case won't adhere to the case. Couldn't use it. Don't order it.

7. LiZHi Protective Waterproof Silicone Buds Black

LiZHi Protective Waterproof Silicone Buds Black

It is easy to carry: put it in your pocket. carabiners are portable and easy to carry and use. The case cover can protect your phone from bumps and scratches. The frame and carabiner are made out of metal and silicone. There is a wireless charging cover available. The case can be clipped onto your bag, pants, etc. The charging case and galaxy buds will not be marked by the glue.

Brand: Lizhi

👤I bought this case three months ago. It had no problems until today. I realized that the rubber case that I had included in my galaxy buds charging case was missing after I got to work. I have to buy another set of buds since the charging case replacements are not offered by samsung. This product is unreliable. The pictures are attached.

👤It's good to invest in a case for the earbuds since it's easy to let them fall. This product is not an original equipment one, so there's always a downside. It's worth it for the money. Protection is what they accomplish and that is what they are for. I would like to see it in other colors as well.

👤I needed more security after my earbuds fell out. The case was cheap and did the job. It is made from plastic and metal. The main body is made of rubber and has sticky tape on the inside of the lid. The overall shape is off but not significant. The hole to see the charging light is very small, and I'm worried about it. It's hard to see the light's state.

👤Just received the cover case. There is a I suspected in my answer to the "Is it waterproof" question that it is not. They state in their advertisement that the covering case is supposed to be waterproof. It is the reason why I purchased this covering case, in order to not worry about dropping my case in liquids, since I don't plan on using my buds around lakes, rivers, oceans or pools. There is a I will return this to find a new one if it is not waterproof. I dropped a case with earbuds in it in coffee, but the buds and case were useless. -- There is no way that this Silicone cover case is waterproof because of the openings: a) a light indicator and b) a charging port. Remove the 'waterproof' claim from the title. If you drop this case in water for a long time, your device will have some water in it. Unless it can be proven to be waterproof. There is a I don't think dropping this case will prevent the ear buds from popping out, because it doesn't guarantee the case will stay closed. There is a If there is one, I will have to return this case and find a waterproof one.

👤It is hard to see the light once it is in place. They should be protected like that. It works well for me. To apply push down in to the lid, open the lid and apply the peal sticker. Hold for a while. It was sealed fine. So far it has stayed in place.

👤The product arrived quickly and was delivered well. When I opened the package, I was disappointed to see a "gender neutral baby shower" yellow or "soft easter" yellow case. I was expecting a yellowBumblebee. I have the black buds. Product seems sturdy and would be a decent investment for your buds. Only giving it 3 stars because of the color inconsistencies. Attached pictures were taken with a yellow bic lighter for comparison. Returned yellow set, with no issues, received a full refund. I ordered it in the blue color because I was impressed by it. Again, received quickly with no issues. They were installed onto my Buds. I had to push the rubber on the light viewing notch on both pairs of cases. There was no major problem. The installation was easy and the strip held up. There are no signs of separation from the buds case. The clip has good tension. I clip it to my key chain. I can charge it on my phone. There were no issues. You don't have to separate the buds from the case to charge the phone. I gave my son one that was red. He says he loves them. It was put on his lanyard or bookbag and has not had any issues. I recommend this product to anyone who has buds.

8. CoolBuds Bluetooth Earphones Headphones Waterproof

CoolBuds Bluetooth Earphones Headphones Waterproof

elago is a design company. Their motto is simple, because they create products that are useful and awesome. They know you will love it because they always create products that they use. Wireless Earbuds are more stylish than just for listening to music. They use vacuum plated earbuds to make them shiny and dreamy. It is sweat-proof, splash-proof, and rainproof so you can use it with various scenes. The world's most portable charging case. The Sontinh CoolBuds2 charging case is small enough to fit in your bag or purse. The earbuds have an extra 4 charges from the charging case. Sontinh CoolBuds2 provide the powerful bass, crystal clear vocals, and distortion-free sound with the private SuperBass and SuperClear Technology. The best gift for her. Sontinh CoolBuds2 was designed to be the best gift for your family or friends because of its compact charging case. Customer first and continuous improvement Quality assurance and technical support services are provided by them. The customer feedback shows that they have keeping the products that are more efficient, such as adding the volume control, tuning better quality of the call, and improving the structure reliability.

Brand: Sontinh

👤I'm happy that I got Sontinh wireless earbuds, they have a clear sound. It was difficult to find a tws at this price point with the same level of sound quality for an unknown brand. The design of the earbuds look different and bright, which is why I chose this brand. My laptop and I were able to pair up instantly. The case that comes with the packaging is very small and easy to carry. I am happy with the purchase and recommend these to my friends.

👤The company said that fit was not a problem. This was a gift for me. I was walking down the sidewalk and the right one fell into the grass. I've spent about 24 looking for the right piece but never found it. The company said something. If you want, they could have added a new hook. If you can keep track of them, it's a great product. I feel like I'm out of it. I apologize from the retailer. They said it was great for jogging and exercising. I was carrying a bag of groceries. Disappointed.

👤These ear buds are great. I have small ears and the changeable size ear pieces make them fit nearly everyone. They last a long time on one charge. I use them for a few hours in the evening but they are unplugged and last for days. The inside indicator light on the case is a great way to keep me awake. The sound quality is excellent. It will take a while to control them. There is a They are not oil slicked as depicted in the picture. I like pink. I would choose another color if you didn't want them.

👤The product was a comfortable fit. I tried to use them but only the left one worked. I used instructions to reset, but they didn't work. Only the left one worked after being recharged and tried again. The right one had a light on that indicated the pair. I received these today and am returning. There is an update. I was ordered by my husband to have another pair. The whole thing fell apart after about a month. The charging box has alid, bottom and charging component inside. The item no longer works after we put it back together. It was good on the phone calls and the sound quality was good. Product doesn't last very long.

👤These were received on December 23, 2019. I was able to use them 3 times. I was told on the 4th attempt that I needed to charge them so I could use them. I was still getting the message that they needed to charge. I tried many different ways to charge them with different cords. They haven't done anything since. I would not waste my money on these, get a different brand that is worth it.

👤These earbuds look great. I would use them to listen to online audio books and videos. The sound for those is great. The sound quality for calls is poor. I had the volume all the way up. I couldn't hear the person on the other end. The person on the other end couldn't hear me. I am returning them because they are a deal breaker.

9. Carrying SUNGUY【2Pack Portable Headphones Earphones

Carrying SUNGUY%E3%80%902Pack Portable Headphones Earphones

You will get 5 color cases and 5 pieces carabiner for a year. Please contact them if you have any questions. Thank you! The grid can separate corded, headset, cables or other things, which can prevent them from twisting or mixture together. The EarCater Carrying case is used to store your Sony and other Wireless Earbuds, as well as your phone, mp3/sd cards, and coins. The material is made of EVA PU leather, Inner flannel, and Zipper, and it is easy to carry around. The standard size has a free carabiner. This case can be put in a pocket or backpack. 12-Month free warranty. They will solve your problem if you contact them via email or phone.

Brand: Sunguy

👤It is convenient and cheap. It protects my mp3 player when not in use or when in a purse or home, and it keeps my ear buds from tangling, so it is a very practical purchase. I bought it for a small mp3 player, but it ended up being a handy down from my daughter, who we upgraded to for her some years earlier. She didn't like the color or the small size. It is more expensive than my older one and a bit bigger and even shows videos so not complaining, but since I measured the case to fit my older mp3 it ended up being like my purse with too many things. The case is hard, but they have a small amount of give to them. I use to carry it around with the added clip, so get one like this.

👤Love these cases. There is a mesh pocket on one side of the set that can be used to store the charging cord and buds. The price was great. I wanted to give my husband a new set. It is large enough to do the job and the black zip will make it easier to see in a dark bag.

👤Both came broken and refused to be touched. Returned. I wrote a review with 1 star and was notified by the seller. I received a brand new set with a working zipper. They sent me a new one. I added a few more stars.

👤I finally found something to fit my earbuds. I wanted something to keep the case secure because I am accident prone. It was a great fit. It's an easy fix to replace the carabiner.

👤I speed money to get a decent case when I try to save money and the fabric part is ripped apart. I was able to find my ear bud after I fell down.

👤I needed something to carry the cables cases and extra ear clips for my headsets and this holds it all together.

👤My kids like these because they are different colors and it is easy to tell them apart at home. I was able to write my kids names on the outside of the school building with paint markers.

👤The dimensions are for the outside of the case. The inside dimensions are much smaller. The cases are too small for what I needed.

10. AIRSPO Silicone Compatible Samsung Galaxy

AIRSPO Silicone Compatible Samsung Galaxy

This case cover is perfect for your case. The case for the Buds Pro Case. The live case of the Buds. The front light is visible. The case cover of the galaxy buds 2 is made of soft elastic silicone material and has anti-fingerprint and dustproof coating. You can hang it on a backpack, belt of trousers, or a belt of keys, if you misplace it, because it has a metal carabiner clip. One Silicone Case, one steel ring, one spare Gel Pad are included in the package. 30-Day money-back for any reason. If there are problems, contact them. It's easy to install, come with sticky doulble-sided design, and you don't need to remove the case to charge your buds.

Brand: Airspo

👤This is not an Apple phone case for those who have ever had one. The case is made of Silicone and it is very squishy. It is held on the earphone case by something that is placed on the inside of the case. It is not a perfect fit, but as close to perfect as possible, given that it is not the original case for the galaxy buds. The carabiner hook will do for gym outings if it is a bit more feminine. There is a Very happy with the purchase. There is one caveat. I will change the case color for summer and then bring it back for fall. If I only have one set of very thin disc adhesives, how do I get the silicone case back to the buds case? If you have an eco-friendly mind set, maybe something to think about when making a purchase.

👤The color and texture are very nice. If it had a magnetic latch, it would be the prefect thing to have. I had a nervous breakdown because I didn't realize the case opened after I walked. I did not lose my ear buds. It gave me a scare. I don't do that again.

👤I bought this hoping that it would fit with the charger, but it doesn't, as you can see in the pictures and video.

👤I'm very happy with this case, it seems good for now. I don't know if I would ever carry it on a carabiner. The material is strechy without being glue down. It would have been great if it had a 1.5mm cut out. You can see the led easily if you use wireless charging. I tried a lot of cheaper ones and they all felt like they were half the quality.

👤Pay $4 and buy a hard case. This case is not good. If clipped on your pants, it opens when you hold things against your body. The buds fall out. You have been warned.

👤I wanted to protect my Buds Live. It sticks well to the case and feels like I could remove it without damaging it. I like the fact that I can add hooks to the side of the headphones to make it easier to carry them. The silicone is not sticky at all. It looks a bit soft.

👤The case is sturdy, but there is no glue in the bottom of it, it's just shiny Silicone, which is skid resistant against the buds case. I don't want the case to open if it doesn't have a glue on both sides.

👤Imagine paying $200 for earbuds and then getting a protective case for your product that is secured via a sticker. That's correct. It comes with a key chain that will depend on the longevity of a stripper to keep the protective silicone attached to your case. It's going to wear off soon.

👤The cover is slightly loose, as the sticky tape sticks from the top and back of the buds case, so I don't feel comfortable opening it. I expected it to be a little thicker.

11. VISOOM Silicone Compatible Samsung Galaxy

VISOOM Silicone Compatible Samsung Galaxy

The design case for the Buds isIQUE. The newest cute and bling five-leaf clover Keychain design makes your SAMSUNG GALAXY BUDs Plus Wireless Bluetooth Headset look unique and fashionable when you attach your key, belt, bags, and so on. The full protection is 360. The protective case is made of strong rubber and can protect your earbuds. The shock absorbing design protects the headphone box from bumps and scratches. CONVENIENT AND SAFETY are more important. The case has a carabiner that can be used to connect your protective cover for galaxy buds to your bag, travel accessory, and trousers. You can carry your headset with you when you travel or play outdoors. Humanized design. The case for the Buds is a convenience for charging your headset from a wireless charging port or the bottom charging port without removing the cover. The best gift for women and girls. You can choose from a variety of beautiful colors. It's a great gift for weddings, birthdays, mothers' day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, anniversaries, etc.

Brand: Visoom

👤Does not stick to either side. It is cushiony. I don't like the filmsy part.

👤The case is soft and it fits my ear buds perfectly. Ignore the clear nail polish that I put on a necklace. It looked messy and did not go smoothly. That is not how the key was delivered. It was perfect. They gave me two strips for the top and the bottom. The case stays on the ear buds. The bottom is not completely loose, but still stays on very well. The earbuds can be charged in the case. It's a fun way to store them. There is a The one star removal is due to the loss of color. The case cover is perfect. The charms hang from the clasp and chain that were cheap.

👤The part was easy to put on. The glue holds up well. My bud case opened and a bud fell out. The key ring is the problem. Within a month, the pieces fell off. The lobster claw hook fell off. I would have lost my ear buds if it happened outside.

👤I was worried that I wouldn't be able to use the wireless charging device. I applied the case to my headphones and tested them with the case on. I charged well and had no issues. The product description describes it as cute. The quality of the keychain should last for a long time. It's necessary to have spare adhesive in case you need to replace it.

👤It looks like the picture. The rubber is hard to attach to the case. I couldn't fit the charging cord through the back because the first time it slipped, I couldn't fit the bottom. Others may be better at this. The key is pretty. The clip to attach it is not large enough to fit in my purse. I bought it because it will protect the case from scratches. It's pretty and does the job well.

👤My adult daughter is getting a Christmas gift. She loves it. It has a band so you don't lose your ears. The puffy helps to know where they are. Great deal.

👤This is a cheap wrap. The only reason I didn't ask for a refund was that the keychain was better than the case.

👤I read reviews that said it didn't fit, but I have another case on a pair of galaxy buds that was great and I thought I'd give it a try. It's cute, but sadly doesn't fit, and it's not the purpose of having it on to protect the buds case.

👤It looks as described.

👤Im Case fr meine Freundin bestellt. Leider ist. Schlsselring am Anhnger blo a Ring. Meine Freundin hat diesen. The richtigen. Schlsselring war allerdings etwas sauer. Ihren Case stand bei ihr an erster Stelle.


What is the best product for headphone keychain case for samsung ear pods?

Headphone keychain case for samsung ear pods products from Airspo. In this article about headphone keychain case for samsung ear pods you can see why people choose the product. Oleband and Galafoki are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone keychain case for samsung ear pods.

What are the best brands for headphone keychain case for samsung ear pods?

Airspo, Oleband and Galafoki are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone keychain case for samsung ear pods. Find the detail in this article. Valkit, Filoto and Suublg are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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