Best Headphone Keychain Case Tempo 30

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1. Protection Storage Airpods Featured Pouches

Protection Storage Airpods Featured Pouches

Perfectly fit: for the Airpods Pro, Airpods 2, Airpods 1 and the Type C hub. A strong case to fit a purse is featured. It's good for travel and home storage. The device is protected from shock, shake, and scratch with a semi-hard carrying case. PEVA materials are water resistant. The design is user friendly and has two mesh pockets in the lid and base to keep the true wireless earbuds box and wall charging cord separate. CaseSack offer 100% refunds with quality problems. Only a protective case for sales. Click the orange button to purchase. Share your review with your friends.

Brand: Casesack

👤I bought this case for my daughter as a stocking stuffer. The color was just as described. It was delivered in a plastic bag. There was a small scratch on it when it arrived. It was not noticable. I gave it a 4 star because it is easy to use and it is a bit hard to start and go around the case. Excellent for my daughter as she travels a lot but I'm not sure how well the case will hold up with wear and tear. My daughter loved it so I am happy. I don't mind if I have to replace when needed. Fast shipping from the company.

👤I'm not happy with the mesh compartment, the elastic is too loose, and the zip on the outside is smooth. I was wrong to think that this would be the perfect companion to my airpods. Will return them. The mesh was not straight. I really wanted to like this.

👤Love it! It keeps my things in the same place. I wrap the case around my wrist when I'm on the go. This is a great item if you are on the go.

👤This is very cute and it fits my phone, my head phones, and my charging cable. It came with a microfiber cleaning cloth. I took 1 star away because the zip is hard to use and can get stuck when trying to open and close it. I would buy it again if I needed to, it's a solid product.

👤While living overseas, it was delivered to the US location. It was useless when I picked it up and returned it for my daughter to use in school. We never expected to have a problem with a simple item like this. The overseas order and later pick up took us past the return window.

👤This is a cute holder. If I need to take it with me for the day, it fits in either my purse or work bag.

👤I have mixed feelings about this product. It is sturdy and cute. The box isn't complete and the zipper isn't the best.

👤If you are going to be a serious user of the device, you need to have this. I have a set of Spigen ear hooks for comfort, and a VIMVIP AirPods strap, which is large enough to hold the charging case, Apple accessory, and the AirPods strap. The case has a strap that you can use to carry it around. If that's what you like.

2. Airpods Case Silicone Keychain Burgundy

Airpods Case Silicone Keychain Burgundy

The Airpods pro case is what you get. The charging case for the AirPods Pro and Pro Charging Case is not included. The case for airpods accessories for girls and women is perfect for decorating your case for airpods. Premium Silicone Case, light and thin touch feelings, impact resistant, scratch proof, andfits like a glove You can keep track of your case for airpods by wearing faux plush pompoms. You can attach a key chain to it, and know where both are. Convenient for charging your airpods from a wireless charging port or from the bottom charging port without removing the case. More steady and on-time shipment is what you should focus on. Their products are backed up by a team of in-house service workers. They will do their best to help you if you have any questions.

Brand: Filoto

👤The cute case is definitely different from the other plain Air Pod cases. I had it for about a week and so far everything is in great shape. There was no instructions for the workout straps. I thought I had to pull them apart. In case I lose one, why would I need 4? If you are confused, here is the trick. The bigger ends of the strap are where your AirPods should be placed. Pull the smaller ends of the strap after securing it. You use those to adjust your head size. Chances are, you will get a huge strap the first adjustment. Pull the smaller ends until you find the perfect size, as you do with headphones that have the straps behind your head, for a lack of better explanation. You can get an idea of what I am talking about by looking at the attached pictures.

👤This little case is very cute. I ordered it in rose gold and the colors match my pink leather handbag, as if they were meant for each other. The glitter is embedded in the silicone, so it has a hint of sparkle, but it doesn't rub off. It fits over my case well. The cover stays on. The little pearl dangle is a cute touch, but the pompom is silky and fluffy. I love that it clips to the metal brackets of my purse handle, so it can be easily found when I need it, and it can be tucked away safely inside my bag. I would buy this again, and friends and family who have seen mine would want to order one of their own. I am not sure if it will hold up over time, but it appears that it will hold up for a long time, so I will get my money's worth.

👤It was perfect. It's exactly what I wanted, a deep wine color with a touch of dark purple. I just got them and they seem good, but I don't know if they are durable.

👤The flat bottom of the case allows the AirPods to stand upright on their own, and the matt non-slip texture is great for grip. I broke a pair of scissors when I tried to cut off the fake pearl. The texture of this product is non-slip. I am very happy with this product. Would definitely recommend. The fake pearl looks cheap and it's difficult to attach the case to the clip.

👤I am happy with my purchase, and I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a good quality case for their Apple AirPods.

👤Cute and functional. I don't have to worry about my Air Pod case getting scratched. It's easy to know where they are. Do it if you are thinking of buying it. You will not regret it.

👤This case is very cute with the gold and Pom-Pom. The case is functional because it hugs the Air Pods case so it stays on and is extra protective if you drop it, and it is stylish because it helps keep the case visible so you don't lose it.

3. Earphone SUNGUY Carrying Colorful Smartphone

Earphone SUNGUY Carrying Colorful Smartphone

It's compatible with XB950BT/B,XB950B1,XB950N1,XB650BT,Cowin E7, headset. The Earbuds Case is affordable. You can give cases to your family or friends. One case for one item is what the colored zip top is for. There are different colors that make items easy to identify. It could be put in your pocket. If you have a case with loops and carabiners, you can clip the carabiner to it, so it won't get lost. The material is made of waterproof and dust-proof, it holds your items from movement. Keep your items out of harms way. You will get 5 color cases and 5 pieces carabiner for a year. Please contact them if you have any questions. Thank you!

Brand: Sunguy

👤Everyone got a case for their earphones for Christmas and they loved them. Not cheap made, it's pretty sturdy. The black part is smooth and the stitching is firm. The clips were ok. They don't lock into place, which concerns me, but they have been swung around, tossed lightly across the room, and carried around with no issues so far. You can see in the pictures. It only takes a light push to push them back, but nothing near the clips will push them in that direction when you wear them. They may revisit how they hold up in an update. There is a Great value.

👤These cases are great for small knick-knacks you want to take with you when you are out-n-about. The cases seem well made. There is a The cheap carabiners that came with the cases were a bad part of the purchase. There is a The carabiner gates are useless for anything. Not a big deal since I didn't plan on using them. I plan on using the plastic coated cable key-rings that have a small turn-buckle to lock the ends together. I don't need to worry about the case falling off because it's attached to something. I'm happy with my purchase.

👤These are small cases. It's great for headphones with cables or cables you need to store. There is a They are labeled with a color. You can clip onto your backpack or travel bag with a carabiner style clip. There is a They are not waterproof. There is a I haven't had time to put them to the test yet, but they are cute. There is a The outside is a hard shell, the inside is soft and nonabrasive, and has a little cargo style net storage. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤When I ordered it, I thought I would only get one. I was surprised to get five. There is a They are very useful for my smaller electronic items that I like to keep in my bedroom and in my car. They are made very well and I like the little clip that they add onto it so that you can use it whenever you want. I think this was a great product for the price and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for some great little pockets for most anything of that size! Great colors as well.

👤The compartment is small. It is sturdy enough to protect. The zippers are done well. The small hooks are very flimsy. The piece is hollow. I would definitely recommend them. Maybe you should buy yourself a few Dr safety hooks. You will lose your buds if the flimsy latch opens. I like to have a spare and put it in my belt loop. I have a second pair ready to go if I need a refill. These are better than that.

👤I love the value of buying these cases. They are strong and seem to last. If you use them for charging, they don't fit the cords. I tried to remove the piece of clothing. My bad! Not much else will fit, they're great for just the cords.

4. MOLOVA Accessories Organizer Carabiner Earpieces

MOLOVA Accessories Organizer Carabiner Earpieces

The pocket size earbuds case is widely compatible. You can put your earphone, earbuds, data cable, charger, U disk, memory card, key, coin, earrings and other small accessories into these small storage bags, which are efficient, convenient, beautiful and practical. This pocket size earbuds case is made of PU leather and has a velvet lining. The hard-wearing storage bags will not scratch the wireless/wired earphones, Airpods or other thing. carabiners are easy to use and hook your bag, backpack, and pants belt. Multi-colored products make it easier for you to find and differentiate the small accessories you put into these bags for protection.

Brand: Molova

👤One of the carbines broke and had to be re-positioning a metal strip piece to keep it closed. Those are the reasons for 4 star. The cases have worked well so far. Adding a piece of cloth inside the interior fabric can make it softer, so you can pay more for another product with softer interior. Will give a true Durability review as time goes on.

👤I don't understand all the good reviews. Today was mine's arrival. The carbines are cheap plastic and have no spring action. I received 3 of them. There were two missing. The pouches are sturdy, but the zippers are not. They are made of plastic. The pouches are assembled in a way that the zip does not come together. The pouch is opened by the result of the zipper separating. I noticed it on all the pouches. There is a The colors are nice. This item is not very expensive. It will not break the bank. No matter how inexpensive, any item that doesn't work or perform to a minimim standard is a waste of money. Approach cautiously!

👤I like the price but the zippers are weak and arranged in such a way that they are stained when closed. I didn't know about the rest.

👤These cases work well for what they do and are very solid for the price. If the Clips weren't there, I would give five stars. I had a Pop all the way open. I was able to fix it. The Levet part tends to wobble a little, this is what caused the one to miss the clasp and almost break. Great case. It's definitely worth the purchase, just be careful with the clip.

👤The 5Pack Square Earbud Case arrived this week. To hold wired earbuds with a lightning to audio jack plug, I used a case to clip on my iPad. Zipping a couple of times a day on a trip seems to be holding up the use of a zip. I don't know what to do with 4 other cases, maybe give to nieces and nephews as stocking stuffers. Gave 4 stars and will update after a few months of use.

👤I ordered 5 pieces in one set. One of the carabiners was broken when opened, and the rest were broken in a couple of days. There is a The quality of the zipper is not bad but it will not last for a long time. I am happy with that product. I spoke with Amazon and they helped me get a gift card for the same amount as the broken number of Carabiner.

👤I bought this pack to make sure my family members could keep their earbuds. My husband put his case to the bag he takes to work so I can reach it easily. I believe the remaining two will work at the gift exchange.

👤The EarFun AirPods 2 is more of an egg shaped case. I needed something to protect them from spilling open when they are dropped. The case is perfect for that. Other cases were too large. I like having the zip up to make sure they are secure. No worries when they fall.

5. Sunmns Earphone Headphone Carrying Carabiners

Sunmns Earphone Headphone Carrying Carabiners

5 pieces mini carrying cases with 5 carabiners, including red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, are great for multiple use or share with your family and friends. 3x3x1 inches pocket-sized, lightweight and compact, save space and reducecluttering for your bag. When you open the case, the internal mesh keeps your headphones in place. carabiners are easy to attach to your bags or backpacks and are convenient. The case is sturdy and good for organizing headphones and keeping accessories safe.

Brand: Sunmns

👤These could be really great. For some reason the manufacturer stuck a label on the cases that don't come off without leaving a big sticky mess. If you use any product to remove the black finish, it will take off the residuals which rub off on clothing, bags, etc.

👤You get five different colors so that you can coordinate them. The purple one is for my headphones, the orange one is for my charger, the blue one is for my chapstick, and the yellow one is for change when I get back. I don't have time to put it in my wallet, so I just shove it in there until I do. I have to have my money in the same place. I think it's a great price for five of these and they are very well made. I was expecting them to be cheap but they are very convenient and can be used for a lot of things. The blue one is the only problem I had with it, it's still closed. It's the only one like that. Since it does shut, it's not a big deal. Would definitely recommend this! I will be buying more sets.

👤A small ear bud case is a great value. I use these with the ear buds that are packaged with a phone and a set of ear buds. The wires are easy to slip into the inner mesh pocket. There is a These are a firm side case. It has some strength. The selling point was the inclusion of mini-carabiners. I just throw them in a bag and they stay untangled.

👤These cases are great for small electronics. When I lost my Bose earbuds case, I wanted to make sure they stayed protected, especially when traveling or just putting them in my pocket. I got this set of cases. You can't beat the price with five cases. I gave my wife some cases. It's always nice to have a few extras. Being color-coded is great for people who are very organized. These can also be used for accessories. There is an update. Now Mar 2019. I went into the bag and pulled out my last case. I decided to buy more of these because they were so handy and cheap. The price dropped another 50 cents. What a steal. There are a million uses for these little guys. I am going to store my small items in these cases because I keep losing them. If you misplace or lose your small electronics, use one of these cases and store with the cord. They are colorcoded so they are best for travel. You can't go wrong for the price.

👤These were great gifts. I found they had 1 million and 1 uses. I bought them for my husband because he was always losing his earbuds. I found them in the wash and other places. He dropped his earbuds on the ground and refused to use them. He puts them on his key ring or attached to his lunch box to be safe from germs. I use it for my Air Pods. My Air Pods fit perfectly in here, even though I was always losing the case. I can attach them to my key ring and not lose them. I INRDeals You should get them if you were on the fence. They are great.

6. RISETECH Headphone Compatible Powerbeats Carabiner

RISETECH Headphone Compatible Powerbeats Carabiner

Storage is safe. The storage case is made of waterproof and shockproof EVA hard shell and micro-fleece lining, which can provide shockproof and crush resistance. It is possible to store the wired/wireless earphones or other small valuable accessories in it, which will help avoid the damage caused by dust and falling. The bag is smooth. The tests show that the zippers are more durable. The built-in mesh bag can be used to fix your charging cable or earplug cable. It's quite convenient to collect and use. A portable case with hook. The earphone case is 4.56 x 2.44 x 1.65 inches and can be put into your pocket for travel. The case can be hung on your backpack or schoolbag with the attached hanging hook. The earphone case is strong and practical. You can put things in it, such as Bose, Sony wired earbuds, and other small items. The device and accessories are not included. If you have a problem with the case, please contact them.

Brand: Risetech

👤What I needed for my Bose sports free ear buds.

👤These are not good. The zippers are flimsy and break quickly. They look premium, but they are not.

👤This is the perfect case for my headphones. The case is stylish and sturdy. The price is very good for durability.

👤I used this to hold my headphones for a week. After a few days of wearing it on my belt loop, the strap snapped and dropped the Pod. I was annoyed, but I've gotten worse at it. I decided to keep my earbuds in my pocket until I could get it fixed. The zip ties won't open. I tried to open it, but it fell off. It's stuck closed and useless now. The fact that it only lasted a week before catastrophic failure shows me that this case isn't worth anything.

👤It's perfect for my earbuds, charging cord, and three port charger. A must have for travel. It's great for a purse or briefcase because it's too thick for a pocket.

👤I wanted a new case that wouldn't let it go off accidentally in my bag, but didn't want to pay the price for the special cases. This is perfect. It's perfectly inexpensive and fits like a glove. It's a good thing.

👤Aun no tiene durabilidad tenga, pero por el momento se ve muy bien.

👤I like it. It is very convenient. There is a hook and lots of space for your ear phones. It's good to have a hard shell so it doesn't get damaged in your bag.

7. Portable Hootek Protective Carabiner Earphones

Portable Hootek Protective Carabiner Earphones

It's important that you use PRO HEX 10 or 18. The earbud cases are good enough to keep your small accessories safe, such as mp3 players, headphones, and accessories. EVA material combined with nylon case exterior strengthens the closure, offering all-round protection against outside damage like bumps, minor drops, humidity, dust, etc. The elastic strap and mesh net help reduce the impact of bumps and drops. A buffer layer and soft velvet cloth lined interior are used to protect your small stuff. The earphone case is durable and portable. A metal carabiner clip is needed for attaching to your pocket, travel bag, cinch sack, gym bag, computer bag, belt loops, and easy to carry. The item dimensions are 4. Inside: 6.9"l x 2.6"w x 1.5"h. 2 1/2w x 1 1/2h. If you are dissatisfied with your new product, just let them know and they will make it right.

Brand: Hootek

👤I didn't know if it would fit my inhaler so I was hesitant to buy it. This one was actually the same size after checking with other cases. I have asthma and allergies. Sometimes, I will have a reaction that will cause my airway to close. I need benadryl to calm it so it can be a life saver. This case is for my inhaler. I don't have to worry about accidental discharges from the inhaler anymore.

👤The case is large enough to hold my asthma inhaler. It's easy to carry around.

👤I'm always amazed at how well made these little cases are. Over the years, I've ordered a dozen in various sizes and they're always well constructed. I use them for a lot of things. If I'm hiking and they're clipped to my pack, they're water resistant, but not waterproof. If you buy several, you will find many uses for them. The little carabiner is cute, but I swap it out for a bigger one. Not a deal-breaker. I leave the small biner on the cases that won't see a lot of rough handling. They're great for things that are flatter. The hard shell is close to it. It won't take a car rolling over you. It would survive, but it might not. You could sit on it and drop it. It would be fine. Travelers who want to keep small stuff in one place can now. Good for makeup as well. I keep my drill bits in my tool bag and it's easy to find. I keep my rachet and sockets in my car. They fit well in a glove box. Highly recommended! Kids will go nuts for these. I don't have kids, but my friends do and they always want the case when they see myDiabetes kit If you're a crafter, they'd make great craft items. I'm looking for someone to make some logos for me. A good first aid kit. Bandaids and non critical type first aid stuff are in my car and I have one there. I love these things.

👤I ordered this case to make sure I have my inhaler close by when I leave home. It arrived without any problems and is pictured and described. I didn't measure it, but it fits. I'm hoping that the Carabiner will survive on the mountain. I'll be back to add an update.

👤I intended to store a medical inhaler in these, but they won't fit. They're good for ear buds, but the charging and plug are a bit tight. They are built well. I'll find some use for it, but not for what I originally bought them for.

👤The case is perfect for the Sony recorders. It was quite sturdy and well made. It was too tight for holding the recorder and mic. I would like it to be a bit larger. It is perfect for the recorder and charging cable.

👤It would be great if you could find something that meshes with this. My Fiio M6 is pretty tight. It seems like it would be better if it was used a bit. I can't even get it out of it.

8. Spigen Rugged Designed QuietComfort Earbuds

Spigen Rugged Designed QuietComfort Earbuds

Earbuds are included, but the phone is not included. The two-piece design has all-around coverage and grip. The power light can be seen for quick battery status updates. It comes with a metal carabiner. Slim protection is compatible with wireless charging. It was designed for Bose QuietComfort Earbuds.

Brand: Spigen

👤These are initial thoughts on it after I got it. I was hesitant to buy it because of the bad reviews and the fact that the case doesn't open and the armor isn't attached. I have a couple different brands of chargers. I'm happy that the reviewer said that my chargers have stronger magnets. There is a I thought I had the same problem, until I realized I put the case in the armor backwards. The case wouldn't open all the way as they said, was the first thing that led me to this. The first and last charge lights were partially covered. I could see all the lights once the case opened. I feel more secure about not damaging the case if I drop it because the armor feels solid. The carabiner has a single loop that opens to connect to the armor, but I don't think it's a good idea. I'd prefer a carabiner latch that connects to my bag and belt loop, rather than a more secure loop that connects to the armor. There is a chance that the armor will come off the carabiner and connect to my bag. I'm happy with the purchase, but only after getting it.

👤After some back-and-forth on whether I should choose a hard shell or Silicone case protector, I finally settled on this one from Spigen. I've used many of their cases in the past and have always been pleased with their quality. The materials used in the Rugged Armor protector give it the best of both worlds. Most of the outer shell has a soft touch, while the very top has a cushion of air between it and the charging case itself. The protectors come in two pieces, bottom and top, and attach to the charging case with strips of glue that run about 80% of the case's length. Spigen was aware of the fact that there would be 2 extra strips of glue in case, so they included them. I wiped the microfiber cloth with alcohol wipes before applying the two pieces to my charging case. I noticed that many reviewers stated that the silicone protectors weighed down the lid, making it impossible to open it on its own. The Spigen cover on the charging case lid makes it open on its own. As advertised, wireless charging is fully functional. I am very pleased with the Rugged Armor case from Spigen, but I do have 2 complaints. I don't like the fake carbon fiber insert on the lid. It's pretty clear that it's not genuine carbon fiber, and no insert would have looked cleaner. A different style of insert is possible. The large carabiner loop is my last complaint. Since the QuietComfort charging case is so large, nobody will be putting it in their pocket, I understand the utility of being able to clip it on to a bag or backpack. I think a little design work on a carabiner clip would make this look better. The Spigen Rugger Armor cover is functional and doesn't harm the 2 complaints. I still give this a solid 5 stars.

9. Earphone Headphone Compatible Wireless Bluetooth

Earphone Headphone Compatible Wireless Bluetooth

The package includes a 7 piece case with carabiners, can load your different items or as a gift for you families and friends, also can match different backpacks. The size is 3.15 x 3.15 x 1.57 inches and 8 x 8 x 4 cm. The inside mesh pocket offers good protection for your earphone, charging cables, ear buds and important gadgets, avoiding them from tangling or scratches. The safety guarantee includes a soft inner velvet cloth lining and a PU leather surface. It is easy to carry: put it in your pocket. carabiners are portable and easy to carry and use.

Brand: Sunmns

👤The earphone case is not broken. The fabric is already tearing apart, I only used it on a key chain a few times. It doesn't look like it will stay as a key. I bought this because of that. Disappointed.

👤Easy access and no more tangled cords. The best investment ever.

👤They were used to put in a wall charge. The bigger earphone cases made a difference. Would buy again.

👤They should be everywhere. Convenient for cords and headphones to not get tangled up in bags.

👤It's a perfect way to hold ear phones as well as cable on the road.

👤They were what I was looking for.

👤The product is good for money. They organize a lot of things prior to travel. The color coding is clean. When I lock my truck at the airport, I put my keys in the red one. Always the red one. You understand.

10. BRG Released Silicone Shock Absorbing Protective

BRG Released Silicone Shock Absorbing Protective

Their aim is to design and produce pillow speakers with good sound quality, durable battery, stable performance, complete functions and high cost performance. It's ok to enjoy 90 days of no reason to return if you're not completely satisfied with COREGROUND. You can come to them via Amazon. They will reply to your questions within 24 hours. The newest AirPods Pro Case is made of premium soft silicone and protects against bumps, drops and scratches. The charging port is kept clean and sealed when not in use. The cover for Airpods Pro Charging Case won't affect wireless charging and convenience for charging the airpods from the bottom without removing the case. A thin wall inside of the cover has been treated to allow the indicator light of your pro case to shine through, and the upgraded hinge design allows the case to open completely without cracking. The Airpods pouch can be attached to a handbag or backpack with the added carabiner. You will never have to worry about losing your device again. The Airpods pro case is what you get. The charging case for the AirPods Pro and Pro Charging Case is not included.

Brand: Brg

👤The seller has sent me over a hundred emails asking me to remove my review. They offered to pay me to do it. Not going to happen. The product is cheap and the seller is trying to sell it. It looked great on my airpods when I first got it, but after very little use the top cover got loose and doesn't stay on the airpods lid anymore I decided to take the top off and use the bottom cover because it was so annoying.

👤The top half won't stay shut after a week because the material it's made out of attracts lots of dust and lint. The enclosure needs a mini vacuum seal in order to work. If the top won't stay on reliably, it defeats the purpose of protecting the case. There is a The company saw my 2 star review and started trying to buy a positive review. This company should be punished. 1 star!

👤The first one I ordered was only good for two weeks before the top cover began to slip. A replacement was sent by Amazon. The replacement lasted just a month and half before the cover started stretching. If you have your Pods on the key chain, be careful when the cover starts stretching because it will hold the cloth of your jeans and cause your Air Por case to fall to the ground. There is a The cover idea is nice, but the quality of the materials does not allow the concept to be fulfilled. Don't buy this!

👤I like to keep my things stealthy and this case is perfect for that. It works with wireless charging as well. That's a bonus. I can put the carabiner inside my bag for added security. Make sure you fit the Airpods case correctly.

👤The return date has passed and it is cheap.

👤If you're looking for a case that's durable and sleek, this is the one for you. If you need quick and easy access to your Air Pod case, it's a plus. It's a simple product, it does what it does, and it does well. You don't have to remove the cover to charge your case, as you can do it with the lightning cable on, or by undoing the bottom. It's good for protection if you need it for sports or rugged activities. I can't point out any issues.

👤I don't put a case on my phone. This is the way to keep your gadgets clean. That is not the case with the AirPods Pro. There are magnets in it. The magnets are powerful and attract a lot of dust. I use my airpods in many different ways. There was a lot of dust on the outside of the case. I ordered this case. There is a The case is soft and fits perfectly. The back notch is bulky and I don't like it. The case is sturdy and sits nicely. The key chain is nice. I highly recommend this case. There is a If you are thinking of saving your expensive device, you should get a case for it.

11. USSJ Protective Compatible Accessory Shockproof

USSJ Protective Compatible Accessory Shockproof

The tozo t6 case cover is professional made and designed for the tozo t6 wireless charging case. Premium material, soft touch. The tozo t6 case cover is shockproof. There is a protective Silicone case in the package, but the wireless charging case is not included. It is easy to install and use. You can learn more about related products here.

Brand: Ussj

👤Not sure what people think of this thing. This little silicone shell is inexpensive and adequately functional and can be used for either a bright colored case to blend in to the environment or an extra layer of protection to keep the case from getting beaten up in your pocket/bag. There is a It's easy to install with only a small amount of work to get the base and lid to meet up. It fits well. There is a The mechanics of the case are the same after the cover is installed. The lid is the same as opening and closing it. There is a The case front is made of silicone and has 4 spots that are thinner than the rest of the case. I got a yellow case, so the indicator lights appear yellow. There is an opening in the bottom. Case does not affect wireless charging ability. There is a The little caribeaner clip has a spring mechanism on it that makes it less flimsy than I would have expected. The idea is nice, but if I could have gotten the case cleanly molded without the caribeaner, I probably would have. The flap for the caribeaner should break eventually because it is attached through soft, unfortified rubber parts, not because the product is poorly made. I don't know how this feature could be made better without fundamentally changing the rest of the case. I don't really have a use for it, so I may cut it off myself. There is a Again, it's simple, inexpensive, respectable appearance, and it's adequate.

👤I have to be a little more precise with my placement of my earbuds on the mat, though they charge fine with this case on. It is easy to align the sleeve around the case. I haven't had an issue seeing the charge indoors because the charge indicator lights dim when the sleeve is on.

👤I don't understand the other two reviews. The case is cheap. I can see the battery level indicator lights through the case and it still works for wireless charging. It works. You can't beat the price.

👤I don't agree with everyone in the reviews. This is a good product. It protects against falls. There is a clip. I haven't used it yet. I'm thankful for the bright color. I lost my earbuds before I got this. They joined together. I say 5 stars for protection, visibility and being easy and functional.

👤The design is not compatible with wireless charging. There is a The design of the case makes it difficult to charge the T6 case. The Tozo T6 is one of the reasons I like it. This means that the case will wear and tear. It means I can just grab the Tozo T6 earbuds and head out without having to worry about wires. The case nullifies that. A quarter of an inch is added to the case's height by the hinge on the backside. The charging pad is too far away from the case to receive a charge. The Tozo T6 case is small enough that I have to fiddle with how I place it on my charging pad to get it to charge. This case makes things more difficult for me because it doesn't meet my needs. There is a The case seems sturdy and well-built for a Silicone case, and runs about one inch thick. The earbuds charging case should be protected from being battered. The T6 charging case has a good fit for the Silicone case, making it easy to slip on and remove. There is a If I hadn't placed such a premium on the wireless charging capabilities of the T6, I would not be very happy with this case and probably give it a 4 or 5 star review. Since that was a dealbreaker for me when I bought the T6, this silicone case fails to meet my requirements. I only give the case 2 stars because of that.


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