Best Headphone Keychain Holder

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1. Carrying Keychain Neoprene Earphones Headphones

Carrying Keychain Neoprene Earphones Headphones

The high quality material is similar to laptop sleeves and cases. Silicone cases attract dust, but neoprene does not. The perfect material for their case was neoprene. Specifically designed for the AirPods. The case will fit snug in the neoprene one and close with a strong flap. The design of the key chain makes it easy to access your AirPods. It's the most secure and slim way to carry your AirPods. It is possible to fit your style in either Black orChevron. All-around protection for your device is provided by the full protection design philosophy. The design absorbs the impact when dropped. Form-fitted case designed to fit your Charging Case. The design makes it easy to get to the charging port. There is no need to remove the charging case. The case is designed for the Apple device. The Air Pod Pro does not have easy access to the Lightening Port. There is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Replacement warranty of 12 months. Their store has excellent customer service that is always ready.

Brand: Bocco

👤The Air Pod case is cute and does what it says. I wanted a case that would fit the Tile, so I ordered this. It does fit well. The hole in the bottom doesn't align, but I can deal with that. It's easier to find if it's in the bottom of my bag if it's in a pattern. I gave it 4 stars because after I got it, I wished it was smaller. I have to squeeze from the bottom to open the Air Pod charging case so I can charge it. I ended up buying another case where I didn't have to remove the Air Pod case halfway in order to open it. Oh! The silver/gray trim around the opening should be avoided. If it comes in contact with the rough side of the velcro, it will get a little bit stuck. It doesn't bother me, but other people might not like that.

👤I wanted to put my face mask on my keychain. With Covid spreading, I didn't want to forget my mask at home, so I didn't carry a purse all the time. I ordered a second one for my daughter so she could keep an extra mask with her. I have different types of face masks and they will fit in this pouch when it's folded. It's a tight fit but it stretches. This was perfect because I didn't want something bulky on my key chain.

👤Does what I want. I clipped this case on my keys so that it wouldn't fall apart. I don't think they would slip out of the case on their own, the clasp is working well to keep them clipped on my keys. I will probably put the case in the washing machine to clean it because it gets dirty easily. The easiest way to get the airpods out of the case is to remove the charging case from the case. The opening of the airpods charging case is not very easy, but I just push it up and out like a push pop, which is quick and easy. There is a hole in the bottom so you can charge your airpods.

👤I bought this because I wanted to put my mask on. I always have it on me. It works perfectly, gives good protection and holds a mask easily. I believe it would hold airpods without difficulty, it's got velcro to close and is very durable.

👤I bought these for my earbuds, the Master & Dynamic MW07+. There is a The case fits perfectly and is life-saving. The case clips to my carry bag. I am quite happy with the product.

👤This is the second one I have bought, and I like their design. It's easy to use.

👤I expected it to be a little bigger. It won't fit my headphones. It works great with hearing aid batteries and a place to store my hearing aids when swimming.

👤Really like this. I keep my ear phones in when I go to the gym. I know where they are.

2. GMYLE Silicone Protective Shockproof Compatible

GMYLE Silicone Protective Shockproof Compatible

The fit case for the POD has been upgraded. The GMYLE Original AirPods Case has been improved to a perfect fit with light-weight and minimal bulk. Hold your device tight and securely. Silicone is made of Safe Food Grade Silicone, which is Durable enough to provide Impact Resistance and Anti-Scratch against daily wear and tear. There are Stains and dirt that can be easily cleaned. There is no barrIER to wireless hedging. Wireless Charging is supported by the AirPods case cover. All QI wireless charging pads are compatible. The gift is made of metal. It transforms your earpods from a holder to a accessory. It's convenient to use in sports. Airpods are not included. You can get a free exchange or refund if you are not happy with their products. They will always respond to your inquiries and messages.

Brand: Gmyle

👤The top part of the cover broke when the AirPods were put in.

👤Doesn't hold to the case of the AirPods. The top cover of the Air Pod case is constantly changing. The bottom cover is very lose. It's super thick.

👤I bought this on August 2nd and have owned it for a month. The cover has been torn from normal use. I tried to hang it using the clamp a few times, but it wasn't working. I wouldn't buy this again because it's so cheap.

👤I continued my Amazon search for an Airpod case instead of purchasing this one because of the negative reviews. I decided it was worth a try when I saw the warehouse model that I wanted. I don't understand the negative reviews. The case is not tight enough that the lid will rip when you put it on. The Airpod case's lid is attached to it. The glow-the-dark case glows in the dark and is a pretty cool color in daylight. The case is fairly thick, but the pictures in the item description accurately depict this, and isn't the point of the case to protect. I'm completely satisfied with what I paid. Had I paid full price, I might not have been able to find a protective case that was as good as Marshall's has.

👤The case has the potential to be great but it just doesn't work out. It doesn't fit right. The Air Pod case is attached to the top of it. It collects lint like a business. The top is starting to rip off. I have not had it for a month. Don't waste your money.

👤The airpods case fits perfectly for me. It was very easy to slip my airpods onto my body. No problems at all, opens and closes fine. It's an excellent product that protects your airpods from falls, breaks and damages, so it's not surprising that it has negative reviews. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. Don't blame anyone but yourself if you put it on wrong or break it. The product is great and gets 5 stars.

👤The dang Ear Pods case is not very stable. I wanted to make sure that my case was different from the other ones I work with. They know all the little things, but they don't know how to find stuff on Amazon. I saw these gems after searching for a i ear case on Amazon. It was worth it. This is something you can buy to make you not loose the case.

👤This product is great. I just bought it and realized my friend has a case. It is amazing! It is easy to manage. The Silicone is thick and makes her AirPods look bigger. Hey! I know it will protect it. This product collects lint. Like a lot. I have to peel lint off her case. The colors are not accurate from the pictures. I don't know if it's the fault of Amazon, but she ordered a navy blue and got a regular blue. She wasn't that mad but she shouldn't have done that. All the people who said it didn't fit. If your an adult you shouldn't even drop them a lot for them to break if it's not working. Just sayin! Maybe you have the AirPods 2 if they don't fit. You are stupid enough to not know that. It is not their fault. It is yours. There is a This product is great. I absolutely recommend this product even though it has doughts.

3. MOLOVA Airpods Glitter Gold Plated Keychain

MOLOVA Airpods Glitter Gold Plated Keychain

The beautiful and bling rose gold luxury case is compatible with the Apple AirPods. Support wireless charging. It is a perfect gift for your mother, daughter, granddaughter, girlfriend, wife and friends. The sparkle bling glittery leather design and inside hard PC material mats provide dual protection for your Apple Airpods. The high quality PC material protects your AirPods from damage when dropped. Your AirPods are more attractive because of your beautiful appearance. The hole in the button switch was removed because it was easy to use. If you open the lid, it will connect to your phone, so it doesn't affect normal use. It is compatible with wireless charging. This case is compatible with airpods pro. It won't affect the wireless charge on your airpods pro. The package includes a bling rose gold phone airpods case, a carabiner, ear hooks, and anti- lost lanyards. The watch band holder has a brush.

Brand: Molova

👤I bought this first. I loved it. It matches my phone, and it got a lot of attention. The glitter began to fade away and it doesn't look as good as it used to. It would have been better if it lasted a lot longer.

👤The case is the same as pictured. It has a glittery feel to it. I haven't seen a chip yet. Only the white accessories came with the first one. I got the brush and the belt hook clip, but the belt hook clip was still missing. I got what I wanted from this.

👤I have many silicone character ones, and this one is the best one, I can see the little light, and it doesn't open by itself. Keeps them clean. It looks shiny and glittery. I like it.

👤The case is cute, but I am worried that my AirPods will fall out if I clip it to my bag. The glitter is starting to come off after a few months. It is not noticeable but soon it will be gone.

👤I have the original Airpods that have a smaller charging case. When I bought this product, I thought it would fit the model of case. The larger Airpods have a larger charging case. The case is not as shiny as the picture depicts, but it is not far from it. The sparkles in it do not shine. I will be returning the product.

👤I was attracted to the beauty of the product. It arrived quickly with all the products in place. The extra kit was appreciated. The glitter was coming off in patches in week two after the first week, and the top part of the case kept coming off. It doesn't last long, I got a lot of praise. I wanted to give a better review, but there needs to be improvements.

👤A great value. It fits the AirPods well and seems sturdy. There is a My only complaint is that the clip is not the same color as the case is.

👤It is feminine and shiny. I love it and get a lot of praise for it.

4. SUNGUY Portable Earphone Smartphone Bluetooth

SUNGUY Portable Earphone Smartphone Bluetooth

The package includes a cover case for Airpods Pro, a carabiner, and a storage bag. The Charging Case for the Airpods Pro and AirPods is not included. Multi-colored products make it easier for you to find and differentiate, and this earphone case bag has different 5 color design. The earbuds carrying case has a portable size of 1.2 inch and is better for storing your earphones, hearing aid and more electronic gadgets. The high qualtiy Zipper EVA hard case, PU leather appearance protection, and inside soft velvet cloth protection are all part of the Great Protection Performance. Pocket size earbuds case compatible with Bose SoundSport. The Panasonic Ergo Fit is a Sony MDR-EX650AP. There are more mini electronic parts. There is a 12 month worry-free warranty on the 5 x SUNGUY Square Earphone Case. Please contact them if you have any questions. They would like to respond to you in 24 hours.

Brand: Sunguy

👤There are two separate reviews. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. Pack Large Case is 2. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's the same thing. It's not a good thing These were picked up to house my new ZST's. The ZST's earphones have cables that can be removed and reinstalled, so I needed a larger case. Failure will occur sooner rather than later if the more one fiddles. I keep the earphones in this larger case. I use a strap of a similar size to keep the earphones neatly wound, and the same size as the case, to keep the earphones stationary, so they aren't thrown about inside the case. That is what the cargo net is for. The storage case makes it convenient for me to keep the extra earphone cable in the cargo net. The case is large enough to hold my earphones and upgraded cable. There is a The case is strong enough to hold a backpack or purse without crushing it. It has a quality zip that zips smoothly. The price for the product is a fair one. I will order more of these cases if I get more earphones that have memory wire. It's the same thing. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing Pack review is 5. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's not a good thing I have dozens of in- ear monitors and I have another dozen being shipped to me via Amazon as I write this review. How do you keep all those IEMs organized? There is a I use this "coolsell" 5-pack of earphone cases. I have ordered this set on more than one occasion and will be ordering more. I color-code which earphones go in which case. It's easier to pick out a pair of earphones from a sea of earphone cases. There are two more I labeled each case according to the color of the Sharpie I purchased. There are 3 more I bought a roll of 1in. Attach my earphones with 4 inch sections of Velcro and cut them up. I keep the earphones in the case. I keep the eartips in the cargo net so they don't get lost. Problem solved! There is a The cases are strong enough to keep your earphones out of a napsack or purse. The earphone case is in the cargo pocket of my khaki shorts. The cases are well made, but they are not as good as the snake skin cases, but the quality of the exterior skin is more important. I have both. There is a You can store two sets of earphones in one case if both earphones are in ear monitors. I'm not sure if there is enough room for earphones and a charging plug in one case, and I'm not sure if two pairs of earbuds are too bulky. It depends on the size of the earphones and the charging port of your phone. I will post more pictures later.

5. Cartoon Silicone Keychain Scratch Resistant Protective

Cartoon Silicone Keychain Scratch Resistant Protective

A metallic key chain is not easy to rust and is designed for AirTag, a protective cover made of liquid Silicone. The size of the product can be perfectly compatible with air tag. Compact and Functional Protector have a sleek finish and give your AirTags a smart and unique look. The protective cover has a special coating on it to make it easier to clean. There are two protective cases. The device for Airtags should not be included in the protective case.

Brand: Zostland

👤These are cute. I used my own key ring to attach mikewazowski to my keys, I wanted a more sturdy one on there to make sure it wouldn't fall off. They are holding up well and I love them!

6. AIRSPO Organizer Shockproof Carabiner Fireworks

AIRSPO Organizer Shockproof Carabiner Fireworks

The control panel is user-friendly. Your phone is completely hands-free with the built-in microphone. You can answer and hang up calls without using your phone with the set-in stereo speaker and microphone on the left earpiece. The no-hassle removal design provides convenience for beanie washing with color retention and non-transformation. The printings on the EVA hard shell are made with upgraded printing technology which makes them more unique and fashionable. Every pattern, different styles from the desiger designed for you. Good protection for your cables, ear buds and important gadgets can be found in the mesh pocket. The earbud holder case is shockproof and water resistant, and it protects your headphones from bumps and scratches. This small box is compatible with a lot of small items. The pocket-sized 3.35 x 2.75 x 1.3 inches can be easily put into your pocket or bag for traveling. It's more convenient to attach it to your bag with the portable carabiner.

Brand: Airspo

👤This case is perfect for my ears. It's really nice. I don't have to worry about losing them. The case is very strong. I love the carabiner. It will be perfect in my diaper bag. The color of the case seems washed out to me. My camera makes it look more vibrant than it is. That is not a deal breaker for me. It is a great value for the money and will still serve its purpose. I think my charging cord should fit here as well.

👤I was surprised by the strength of this case. It can protect anything that is put inside of it. I have a student who uses it for his hearing aid who used to have a plastic case that would hit the floor and go flying. The loop the clip attached to was a disappointment. A student in 2nd grade started spinning it around by the clip. He was doing that about 10 seconds before I noticed and asked him to stop, as I said that the case went flying and the clip was still in his hand. The loop ended. I don't know how well it would hold up being clipped into a bag or backpack, but after the first 30 minutes of use I wouldn't trust the clip. Everything else about it is 5 stars.

👤This is a must have. There is so much room on the inside that if you drop the case, it won't affect your earbuds or hard apple ear Pod case. I put my apple ear Pod case in the netted area so that it wouldn't move when it fell. There is a lot of space in this case. I thought it would be small like my ear Pod case. It's not. I'm ordering a friend one because this is a great buy.

👤Great case for my device. It's the perfect size case to fit my purse and keep my Airpods safe. The mesh net side of the Airpods Pro charging case is perfect for the charging cord to fit on the other side. The color of the zipper is very cute. I love this case and would recommend it to anyone.

👤Immediately, broke. The loop broke after I put the clip through it. I did not clip it to anything. The only thing that weighed in their case was the AirPods. It's cheap and a waste of money.

👤These are very cute. The quality isn't the best. They feel like they're going to fall apart at any moment. They feel like they were made from cardboard. Seams are terrible. It is hard to zip/unZIP from the flimsy sippers. Carabiner doesn't feel secure. These are cheap and poorly made.

👤Cute, but not durable. The key chain strap tore off after just one day. Very disappointed. I was taking it off my bag to show it off to a coworker when it happened. Embarrassment for the product as my friend will be staying away from this seller as well.

👤Even though I got a protective case for my airpods, I still wanted something to keep everything in one place. The case is sturdy. There is a This holds my airpods pro in a protective case. I always take my cords because you never know when you need to charge them.

7. ELFRhino Silicone Earphone Organizer Headphone

ELFRhino Silicone Earphone Organizer Headphone

The Wireless Charging Case can hold multiple charges. Silicone earphone orgenizer is made of high quality material. The metallic snap design makes it easy to open and close your earphone cord. It's small enough to fit in pockets, purses or bags and it's flexible and handy. A solution for organizing earphone cords. It's a perfect gift for anyone. Please note that earphone is not included in the package.

Brand: Elfrhino

👤I bought this item to store my ear buds. It is almost impossible to wind the cord up so that the picture matches. It doesn't hold the cord tightly enough so the cord loosens very quickly, causing the ear buds to "dangle" - not very protected. I can see where my complaints would disappear if the ear buds were longer or thicker. There were no instructions on how to wrap the cord. The ELFRhino device is on.

👤I ordered a pack of three colors. I use earbuds on a daily basis to listen to music and watch TV via the Private Listening feature on Enhanced Roku Remotes. I wanted something that would be easy to use, but still have some kind of organization for my earbuds that tangle when not in use. I was disappointed in the fact that there was no instructions on how to properly wind earbuds so that they match the product photos. I was able to see that the end plug of the earbuds is on the side that has a notch. You should be able to wrap your earbuds cord around and it will end up in the right place. It's disappointing that there isn't a way for someone to use the box right out of the box, instead of having to learn by trial and error. I have 3 different sets of earbuds, which is why I ordered a 3 pack, and every single pair seems to line up precisely, once I discovered the proper way to wind the cord. The product does work, but it's poorly explained. I don't own any Apple earpods, so I can't say if this method works for them. I own a pair of Bose, Sony, and Beats earbuds that line up perfectly even with volume control or microphone buttons. I have read that some people think that the earbuds don't fit tightly enough once wrapped around the holder and the button is fastened. This does not seem to be an issue after I discovered to wrap the cords properly. I don't want the earbuds to be smashed in the middle. I use loose but firm pressure when wrapping the cord. I don't allow the cord to have any slack when I wind it, and I don't wind it tight either. The lack of instructions does not help this, but once you get the hang of it, it's a great way to keep earbuds neatly wrapped and tangle free. There is a The holder is made of dense silicone, it is not easy to rip or tear, and it seems very durable. The button that is used to attach the strap is of good quality and does not seem to fall off of the holder. It is a good value for the price, in my experience. It has helped me become more organized with ear bud storage. It takes a little while to get precise, but I highly recommend this product. When I have more time, I'll submit a series of photos showing the steps I've been using to wrap my earbuds in the same way the product photos above are done.

8. TROIKA HEADPHONE Silicone Gunmetal TROIKA Original

TROIKA HEADPHONE Silicone Gunmetal TROIKA Original

There is a mini size headphones in a Keychain. A gift that is suitable for music. Small ear cups made of soft silicone are used in trendy headphones. Gunmetal Grey is the colour. Material: cast metal.

Brand: Troika

👤My son loves music so I got this for him. Excellent made! He likes it.

👤The product is very durable. The design makes the pictures look better.

👤Good quality delivered on time.

👤It was a gift for my partner and he loves it.

👤A secret santa gift for a colleague. He loved it. Excellent quality product.

👤I fatto ben buona qualit. L'ho scelto per fare bomboniere alternative personalizzate. Arrivano in scatoline carine adatte per essere confezionate. Consigliatissimo.

9. Silicone Compatible Fashion Protective Keychain

Silicone Compatible Fashion Protective Keychain

It was specially designed for New AirTag 2021. The material is made of high quality soft silicone, soft and comfortable, scratch-resistant, non-slip, effectively absorb impact. It's easy to install and remove AirTag, it's just 888-353-1299 This case cover for AirTag is perfect for the size of the new tracker. If you have a problem, just contact them, they will do their best to help you. There are compatible phone models.

Brand: N\\a

👤I swear it didn't say it was for an airtag when I bought it. I don't know, maybe I just can't read.

👤My airtag is in a cute case. It was supposed to be the same as my missing airpods case. I like it. It's functional.

👤I have been having it for a month and it has never come out. It is cute as well.

👤The Airtag case is cute. It's nice and quality, but it gets dirty, but I didn't complain.

👤It is cute. It took forever to get the chain on.

10. SUNGUY【5Pack Portable Carrying Carabiner Earpieces

SUNGUY%E3%80%905Pack Portable Carrying Carabiner Earpieces

Simply open and close the pouch by turning the two switches on the top. Abs materials have scratch resistance and wear resistance. The lightweight waterproof case is comfortable to wear. You can hang it around your neck. Light-Weighted and portable. This small case pouch is pocket-sized and can be put into your bag or pocket. It's more convenient to attach it to your backpack with 5 portable carabiners. Strong pressure resistant The earbud holder case is made of high quality leather and waterproof. The mesh pocket is useful. The inside mesh pocket offers good protection for your small items, avoiding them from being damaged. Dustproof and easy to clean the soft lining. It's compatible. The ear bud case storage pouches are a great way to store and organize small items. The warranty is for 12 months. Purchase SUNGUY product and you will get a worry-free warranty. Questions will be answered within 24 hours.

Brand: Sunguy

👤Inexpensive. It's tough enough. It works for my needs. It fits earbuds. There are condoms. Just sayin'.

👤I saw a colleague who wore a similar one on his belt and bought this product. I found out they were for his earbuds. The case I have for my hearing aids is sturdy and effective. The original case is made of hard plastic and while it holds the hearing aids, and the microphone that connect to the hearing aids, just fine, it's not at all convenient in that it doesn't have anyone to hang it on my belt loop. At short notice, I needed the microphone and batteries. There is a I thought it would be great to use this on my belt loop to hold charge cords and batteries. I bought it and found it to be perfect. There is a The case holds the hearing aids, the microphone and the pocket, which is perfect for the extra batteries. The aids are in my ears during the day and the microphone is within reach when I need it. I don't have to carry a bag at my place of work. There is a I can interchange the item, especially when the little strap that holds the carabiner starts to wear thin, something I have not yet noticed. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤These are things that are useful. They're a good size to hold your ear buds, ear plugs, pills, candies or gum. They are strong and easy to pull on. There is a small D-ring attached to each one. I only needed two of the six packages I purchased, but I'm happy for the others, as they're more useful than I had thought.

👤These work well for storing Pokémon dice and token and fit inside of a standard card deck box like the Dragon Shield magic carpet. Finding a dice storage solution that fits inside of a deck box was one of the hardest parts of finding a good dice storage solution. The different colors help with organizing. There are two sets of dice, condition markers, and GX token in the mesh sleeve. This is the most convenient way to store and organize components like this. There is a For an adult or a child, it shouldn't be a problem with the zip up. The carabiner seemed useless at first. The dice box is low in the card storage box so pulling it out was useful.

👤These are for packing electronic gear. When I travel. They work well. The carabiners were included and it was a great value. They are made well and do the job. There are no problems with the zips. I sometimes hook one onto a belt loop to have my earbuds handy, but I usually only use them in my backpack. When sitting in an airplane seat, the loop holding the carabiner tore off because it wasn't made for much stress. I have four more with loops and carabiners and the case still works, but I'd be worried if I were carrying expensive earbuds. I still think it was a good purchase.

11. Lamicall Headphone Stand Headset Holder

Lamicall Headphone Stand Headset Holder

It is a strong headphone Hook because it is made from high quality aluminum and can hold headsets without bending or breaking. The rotation is done at a certain degree. The stick headphone hanger can be applied to different positions. Can paste under a table, under a desktop, under a cabinet, and on smooth surfaces. Headphone cable organizers. The headphone hook with the headset cable organizers can be used to make your desktop more tidy. Quick install. The holder has strong double-sided tape. Please hang your headphones after 24 hours to make sure the suface is dry and oilless and to make sure the hanger is firmly stuck. The hook of the headphone holder stand is made of rubber. The leather of the headset head beam needs to be kept free of the hook. It is wide compatible. The table headset hook supports all sizes of earphones. B&O H8/ H4/ Beoplay H9i, beyerdynamic headphones, B&W headsets, HyperX Cloud II's, Astro A50, Ra zer Gaming Headphones, Logi tech Headphones, Audio Technica headphones, R OG gaming headsets, etc.

Brand: Lamicall

👤I gave one as a gift. The mount comes with an extra sticky pad so you can move it to another location if you want. The material is sturdy and doesn't feel cheap. We've bumped into it a few times but it hasn't broken or anything, but the mount is most likely going to fail given the weight. The mount can be used in many different ways, and it is very versatile. I've seen other options that aren't gaming headphone stands that take desk space, and plan on buying one for myself.

👤The item cannot be placed on the underside of the desk. For a few days, the glue stays. Twice, I used up the two patches that came with the product. If the base is mounted on the top side of the desk, this item will work. This takes up space on the desk surface that I didn't want. The product did not work as pictured, even after following the mounting instructions exactly. The device will not hold the Apple AirPods Max. Don't buy.

👤I have a white desk and a light grey chair, and this is the perfect accessory for it. The design is simple and quality. If you clean the surface before applying the glue, it will cure in 24 hours and be very strong.

👤The rotation feels great, it feels like clicking every 90 degrees. It was easy to install the included glue under my desk. It's easy to set the headset on when I work because I rotate the clip out. When I'm not working, I put it back under the desk so no one accidentally bumps into it. I used to have to reach under the desk to get to it. The double-sided cord clip is great to have because it allows you to clip in a headphone cord as well. If you need a power cord. The clip is a little flimsy. When I plug the headset into the light pull, I have to pop the cord back into the cord holder, which is an extra step. I would like the cord to stay in the clip.

👤The glue is terrible. Will not hold instuction to let the glue set for 24 hours, it did not work after 2 days. Might as well drill through the base with screws. You're better off with the screw style. There was an update on 2/7/2022. I did what I suggested a couple of weeks ago and it worked. The company made contact with me after modification and offered to send me a replacement. I said no because I accomplished the above and didn't need another one. They still wanted to give me a refund and send a new design with a scew shaft. The design worked better and the original cost of the order was returned. I increased my rating from 1 to 3 stars because of their customer support. You don't hear about it a lot these days.

👤I bought two of them because I liked this. They were easy to install. I had to store my headphones on them and I had to make sure it was good. One of the holders fell about three months later. I stuck it back up after I wiped the dirt off the spot it was going on and it seems to be holding up. I will switch out the glue if it falls again. The different ways in which it is held makes it easy to remove it from the way.


What is the best product for headphone keychain holder?

Headphone keychain holder products from Bocco. In this article about headphone keychain holder you can see why people choose the product. Gmyle and Molova are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone keychain holder.

What are the best brands for headphone keychain holder?

Bocco, Gmyle and Molova are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone keychain holder. Find the detail in this article. Sunguy, Zostland and Airspo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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