Best Headphone Lightning Charge

Lightning 25 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Apple Lightning Headphone Jack Adapter

Apple Lightning Headphone Jack Adapter

The 3.5mm audio plug is used to connect devices to your Lightning devices. It works with all devices that have a Lightning connection, including iPod touch, iPad, and the iPhone.

Brand: Apple

👤This was ordered from Amazon. My phone doesn't work with the 7+ version of the iPhone. The apple product pictured on Amazon has two cylinders with flat transitions from the rubber to the plastic/metal 3.5 receiving end and has flat transitions on the lightning side as well. The product I rec'd has a rounded transition from the wire to the plug. I'm a little disappointed that Amazon would sell this, which appears to be a faulty product based on my first shipment, directly to consumers. I expect this when buying from third party sellers, but not from Amazon. I am exchanging this in the hopes that they will fix this since I haven't had any problems with their generic items before. The exchange product from Amazon appears to be the same as the original apple product and works with the iPhone 7+. If the product fails, will update.

👤These are used Apple lightening adaptors that are being sold as new for the same price as the Apple Store. You should just get a new one from Apple.

👤This accessory is not supported by the phone. After a minute of play time, it stopped saying that my Bose Quiet Comfort 2 and the other headphones were not compatible with my phone. I tried the same thing with the original iPhone accessory that came with my phone. Don't buy them.

👤I almost didn't buy it because of the reviews. I had bought a pair of knock-off brands and had some issues with them, but I bought 2 orders of this item and they are definitely Apple brand. They are the same as the ones that came with my phone. I miss the auxiliary jack, but it is what it is and I had my fit when Apple took it away with the iPhone 7. I need these little extras. At least this one works. Amazon will accept returns on faulty items. I returned the knock-off brand ones that didn't work right. No hassle.

👤Wow... I keep things safe. The edge connecting to the phone broke when the phone fell down while listening to music. I was lucky to get out of my phone. The money was wasted.

👤I didn't work on the phone. They told me it was for an earlier version after I bought it. I wouldn't accept the new updates. They wouldn't take it back because it was past 30 days. I missed the return date because I didn't try the production as soon as I ordered it. It was very disappointing. They were no help when I reached out to them.

👤Several people say that this item isn't the real thing because of Amazon's habit of grouping different things together. The official Apple gear I received was in apple branded packaging and materials. It is the real deal. I thought I'd write this one to help people who were worried about the reviews.

👤The one that came with my phone, but doesn't work, arrived in a sealed box.

👤My company gave me an iPad for business use, the only reason I'm here. There is a This is a Genuine Apple product, from the people who make decisions such as leaving out the headphone sockets so that they can sell billions and billions of dollars of wireless ear buds. The gaming headset with boom mic is one of the headsets that can be supported by this adapter. Your opinion may vary, but wired gaming headsets have advantages. There is a The cable joining the two sides is not very strong and is unlikely to last more than a few months. It's a poor concept and poorly executed. It was almost designed to fail, steering you towards the ear buds. A large money making scheme. I'd be reluctant to trust this flimsy adapter, so one almost needs to have several spare parts on hand. It's an added hassle for people with noise cancelling headphones. The low price of this item and the time and effort of making a claim make me confident that the 1-year warranty is useless. It would be worse than a minimum wage exercise. That doesn't solve anything. There is a I've already sleeved one in three layers of heat shrink tubing to make it non-flimsy, after I bought two to start. It's now too rigid for portable use, so it's only suitable for working from home business calls. I'll probably end up with a wall mounted Pez dispensers. I'll bring a dozen if I travel. Imagine being at the start of a flight and your headset has failed. There is a nightmare. There is a I'll just travel with my personal phone which has a normal earphone.

2. Headphone IPhone´╝îApple Certified Lightning Compatible

Headphone IPhone%EF%BC%8CApple Certified Lightning Compatible

You will get a 2 * iPhone Headphones Adapter, a 36-Month Worry-Free Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support. Contact them for fast support if you have any issues with the iPhone dongle. Particularly Designed for iPhone users. The audio and charge accessory is compatible with the phone. Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Max/ Pro 12 Pro Plus/7/7 You can support later systems. Don't worry about system updates. There is a person named ShlamMZ. A multi function. You can listen to music and charge your phone at the same time with the 2 in 1 Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Audio & Charger adapter cable. Data transfer, microphone, and remote are supported. There is a person named ShlamMZ. 20W fast. Sound transmission stability and fidelity can be ensured with the 24bit 48kHz lossy output of the 2 in 1 iPhone Charger and headphones adapter. It allows you to enjoy music without worry about running out of battery. It is designed for iPhone Lovers. There is a person named ShlamMZ. The lightning to 3.5mm headphones jack is built with an upgraded chip to read data fast and ensure the stability and fidelity of sound transmission, giving you a fantastic music trip and experience. Control music volume and pause is supported by it. There is a person named ShlamMZ. Ultra Compact and lightweight. The high quality material makes the bend up to 8000+ and the lightweight material makes it last a long time. If you want to deliver your presentation on a bigger screen, watch your media. There is a person named ShlamMZ.

Brand: Recomfit

👤I love this solution for hiding cords. It was cheap and sturdy. I think it will hold up. The lid is pretty tight. I can't imagine anything coming out of it. I gave a power strip inside and everything fit.

👤The TV stand doesn't have a back, and the wires bother me. I was interested in this wire box because it was a suggested item. I'm very pleased with the results. I wish I'd done this sooner.

👤I decided to take a chance, even though I was a little weary of buying something without a review. It's worth it. There are a lot of similar products on Amazon, but this was the best price. The construction is solid, smooth and clean, which makes this a good container. The lid holds up well. I was able to put in two extension cord ends, which included my big Mac power plug, because of the size. The container has two slots on either side that are large enough to hold the cords I have going in and out of it. The package had a long black metal twist and several black Velcro bands to bind cables, but didn't realize they were included.

👤I bought this for myself. I call to get the car stereo and to charge it. It goes well for the first two days. I throw out the packet. It is not working next day. I can not return it. It is a garbage. I don't want to recommend this product.

👤When I received this, I noticed that my phone wouldn't charge when I unplugged it. I would have to plug in again to get the charge to connect. headphones and charge are no longer usable. I used a different type of charger and it works just fine. It stopped working on the 19th after being received on February 7th.

👤Great for audio listening. There is no audio on one side of the jack. You can charge the phone and audio at the same time, but you can't use the same port for audio. I would have had to replace the native connector in my iPad if this had happened. There is a It plugs in at the bottom of the iPad, which is Apple's fault, and it's one thing to dislike.

👤It is almost impossible to get this to work, it is a miracle if it does, you will have to plug it in about 300 times in a row, and pray and lightning will strike, and it will work, but both are useless. useless junk

👤I had to pry it open with my tools after the product had not opened. The lid is not an easy fit when it is taken off the box. It can tell that it is not worth the price. Very low quality. Very disappointed. I have purchased other cable boxes and they were superior.

3. Certified Lightning Headphone Splitter Compatible

Certified Lightning Headphone Splitter Compatible

Mangotek has a one-year free replacement guarantee for quality issues. If you have a question about this lightning cable splitter, you can contact them via Amazon messages, they will resolve your issue within 24 hours. The dual lightning splitter cable has two ports for charging and one for audio. Call Function,Charging,Headset Control, Data Transfer, Microphone and Remote are supported. The Double Lightning Splitter works with all headphones. It's compatible with Apple Ear Pods. The dual 2in1 Lightning Adapter is compatible with the latest version of the operating system. You can listen to audio through a headphones while charging your phone with the dual lightning adapter. iPod touches 6th generation,iPad Mini/iPad Air/ iPad Pro, plus/7/7 Plus/6 Plus, plus, You can charge your phone at the same time as you output audio. The charging speed can be increased by 1.5 times and 30%, and the sound quality can be improved. Plug & Play doesn't require an app or additional software. You just put your earphones or chargers in the jack. It's lightweight, portable and perfect for all iPhone users. No error message pops up. There is an 18-month warranty and friendly customer service. Please contact them if you have any issues with the headphones. Sending friends a birthday or holiday gift will be easier with the 2 in 1 dual lightning splitter.

Brand: Belcompany

👤Work stopped in a week. The popup said this is not an authorized accessory. Don't work completely.

👤This product does not work with my phone. Does not allow me to use headphones and charge my phone at the same time. I will not recommend this device to anyone. The device doesn't do what it was designed to do. I don't feel like I throw money away.

👤The headphones didn't work on either of them. Returned.

👤This didn't work for my phone.

👤The product stated in the description that it was compatible with the Iphone 8. It isn't compatible. When I tried to use this product, my device wouldn't support it. My son's phone did not work after he purchased an Iphone 12. The description needs to be updated because it is not accurate. Very disappointed. I'm leery to buy this again, but I need it. There is a person named Jill.

👤Don't buy it. The earphone jack is not working.

👤They do not work with Apple products. I plugged it in and my phone wouldn't support it. I wasted my money on cheap garbage that can't be returned because I'm past my window. I didn't try them until I needed them. I wish I had waited past the return date to try them, but I have learned from that.

👤The device works for power. When using the splitter, my Apple earphones no longer make sound. There is a I have power plugged into the port marked power and earphones in the port marked headphones. The splitter used to work well. I don't know if the splitter is Apple certified.

👤The product is good, but not the one I wanted.

4. Certified Headphone Lightning Compatible Converter

Certified Headphone Lightning Compatible Converter

Friendly service They offer an after-sales service for 12 months. Feel free to contact them if you have any problems with the lightning dual charger and headphones. Within 12 hours, they would offer the most professional and prompt response. It's widely applicable. It's compatible with the following: iPhone X / Xs / Xs Max / XR, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus iPod / iPad. Function introduction Audio and charging. It allows your device to listen to music, watch videos and play games, which is great for running. It is easy to carry. The sound quality is perfect. The 100% copper core used in the adapter provides a high quality sound, 48 KHz and 24 bit audio output, and maintain the original sound quality. High quality. The PC is made of ABS. The design is glossy white. This is a good choice if you want to use it yourself or as a gift. QUALITY ASSURANCE They offer a 12-month warranty and easy to reach service if you get one.

Brand: Zoyuzan

👤Absolutely junk! Doesn't work with the phone. Don't waste money or time.

👤Some people think this is a piece of junk. I did not have that experience. I got a message when I plugged in my phone that it was not compatible. I re-inserted this other way and it works great. I always flip it when I get those types of messages. There is a If you want to charge your phone while wearing Ear Pods, I would recommend this. If you get a message that isn't compatible, you should put it in the other way.

👤Do you want to listen to music quietly with your headphones, but your phone is low on battery? The cure is this wire. Some phones may be picky as to whether you plug a wire in one way or twist it around. I put a black dot with a black marker on one of my connections. I do it the same way every time. This product is useful.

👤I bought this product for my son who has a constant need to charge his phone and listen to his earbuds with a single port. I bought my son another type of splitter, but he couldn't use it with the phone case. I thought the product would fit in the opening of the phone case. If you didn't carry your phone in the pocket with all the wires hanging out, it probably would be. It took less than a week for the male to be unable to charge the phone. The user is probably not to blame for the product. If you were going to be a user and not carry it around in your pocket, it would work for you. I bought him and the extender to use with the short splitter.

👤I get accessory not supported errors when I drive. You need to jiggle or connect it to work. I realized it was less likely to do that if I mounted my phone on the phone holder, because I was tired of fiddling with it while driving. The cable won't slip out for some reason. I think the sound is coming from the fact that the splitter is not a good fit for a lightning port.

👤This little device is awesome. I would have known it existed a long time ago. It is amazing! I love it! The most frustrating thing about buying an i-phone for $700 or more is that Apple removed the ability to use headphones while you charge the phone. This was an issue for me when I traveled. I like to use headphones when I'm on a conference call because they help drain my phone. I would love to be a part of the testing of products like this, as it is a great device for a non-techie person. It is so easy to use. Thanks!

👤I tried it and it worked. The wire wouldn't work if it was moved around. Not happy with the item.

👤I would like this thing to work. Apple missed the boat because it only had one port to charge and have headphones. The customer might be trying to force them to buy ear buds. This thing doesn't work. Doesn't matter if it's a trick or not.

5. Certified Lightning IPhone Headphones Splitter

Certified Lightning IPhone Headphones Splitter

Universal compatibility The chip in this dual lightning is upgraded and has better sound quality. It's compatible with the iPhone 13 and 13 mini. iPod touch, iPad Mini and more are included. No error message pop-up is supported. The Multi Function iPhone Headphone Splitter has been certified to meet the strict requirements of the iPhone and will allow you to use audio accessories with precise clarity. Enjoy the music while charging. Call + charging and remote control can be supported by the iPhone accessory. The latest decoding chip and 100% copper wire core ensures fast charging and long- lasting, and can provide you with sound without any interference. The digital audio input port has high sensitivity and low impedance. High-quality mobile iPhone performance, no additional software, plug and play, lossless sound quality, high-speed transmission, can be retained when running on the road or used in the car, this little thing is your best friend. It is a good idea to give the best gift for your family or friend. You will get a 2 * dual lightning iPhone headphones accessory and a 12-month after-sales service. If you have a problem with the headphones, please contact their customer service team, they will be able to help you within 12 hours.

Brand: Adayo Foryou

👤I've never been so upset with a product that says it's "Made in USA". I found the perfect Teddy bear for my grandson after doing 4 hours of research, and he wanted a big white Teddy bear for his birthday. I was in for a surprise. He loved the bear I gave him. My daughter asked how she should clean it. Let's look at the tags on the bear. I couldn't believe what I was reading, that the parts were made in China and assembled in the US. If I wanted a teddy bear with parts from China I would have paid $35 for the other bears listed on Amazon, but instead I paid $70 for a bear that I was led to believe was made in the US. I went to the website of the Vermont teddy bear company and found out that their bears are made in the US and not in China as they state on their website, but instead in the US with a small tag on the bottom of the bear. Thank you.

👤This bear is worth every penny. Vermont teddy bears have a reason for being number one. My son was looking for a gift for his girlfriend and we came across a little guy who is not so little. He is huge, he is fluffy, and he is adorable! It looks like he's sleeping and he cuddles with you. When my son put it in the front seat of the car, he put a seatbelt on it, and his girlfriend almost lost it in tears, she was so happy. I know that the value is amazing and that the quality will last forever. My son had a hard time letting it go, now he wants one of his own ha and it comes in three different colors. I would also like one as well.

👤I bought a bear for my son. He likes it. The problem is the same for everyone. He forgot to bring the bear into the bed and fell asleep without it. It was my turn. My husband sleeps on the other side of the mattress while I sleep on the perfect body pillow. Is it too old to buy a bear for myself?

👤I love this bear. I am not a young person. I told my friend that if he buys a bear for his 4 year old, he will probably go to college with her. The best teddy bear ever. He does have some odor, but it's only for the sensitive. He needs to 'air out' a bit. It smells like a new memory foam pillow or mattress. Most people won't notice the smell anymore. If you have a sensitive child, please note.

👤There are wonderful things to say about this bear. His fur is softer than the one made by the same company. This is the perfect body pillow for grown-up people because of the fur and stuffing. My sleeping space has a place of honor named Mr. Bear.

6. Certified Lightning Headphones Adapter Splitter

Certified Lightning Headphones Adapter Splitter

Plug it into the phone and listen to music or movies using car/ home audio and original headphones in any scenario. The Newst chip has been upgraded. The chip has better stability and sound quality. You don't have to worry about system upgrades with it. There is a charging and audio accessory for the iPhone 13 mini. The 12mini is a pro. /12/ The pro will be in 2020 and 2011. Pro / 11 Pro Max / Xs / Xs Max / XR/X / 8/8 Plus/ Phone 7/7 Plus, 6s / 6s Plus / Phone 6/6 Plus/ iPad. All 3.5mm jack headphones are compatible. The stylish plastic material cable make the Phone X headphone Adapter both durable and aesthetically pleasing. The charging speed was increased by 1.5 times and 30%. Saving users time is supported by fast charge. Performance of high-speed stability does not hurt your machine. Plug and play. This headset conversion is very convenient for you, just plug the wired headset into the adapter and play. The 3.5mm headphone jack will solve your single hole design problem. The sound quality is perfect. The headphone audio adapter can support 48kbps. Lossless music conversion, listening to music clearly. You can listen to music, watch videos, and play games with all 3.5 headphones. The best choice for music and game lovers is their adapter. You can get the same or higher quality headset accessory at a more affordable price. It is a reliable gift for friends or family to use it in multiple venues. The single hole problem of Apple devices can be solved perfectly.

Brand: Esbeecables

👤You couldn't press the middle button to answer calls with this. The calls were returned to the speaker or the phone. In the description, it says support calling function, charging, headset control, data transfer, microphone and remote. This is not true. The only thing that's still available is the Belkin adapter, which costs about 40 dollars. I would report this product if I knew where to find it. It is being sold as Apple certified but if you can't use any headphones for calling then that is incorrect.

👤I have been using one for my phone since it arrived. Being able to charge my phone while wearing my headphones is great. I am glad to have a solution to my earphone jack problem, but I am not sure why the earphone jack is not in the new iPhone 7. I had to charge my phone to listen to music. The sound quality is good, it charges as fast as my phone does, so it is also good. One of my best purchases so far.

👤I got a couple of these. The first one only transmitted sound intermittently, and I had to plug it back in. The input broke off when I took the phone with the adaptor out of my pocket. I suppose you get what you pay for.

👤When I got this, I was excited, but I was disappointed in the first use. I used my corded headphones to charge my phone. It causes a Liquid Detected in Charging Port error. I found out that this error can be caused by a damaged charging device. I threw these away because I didn't want to risk damage to my charging port. I will buy an Apple approved version of the charge/listen device now that I know it works well. Lesson learned.

👤This isn't what you're looking for. If your device is charging with this dongle, there will be tons of interference. This is useless because of loud static and clicks. I would forgive the dac if it actually worked. It is mediocre as a 3.5mm dongle. Worse than the cheap apple accessory. If you want to get rid of this junk, you should buy a fiio or another wireless dac.

👤I was hoping that this would work with my phone, but it rarely does. The phone audio simply goes out the built-in speaker instead of transferring to the line out for audio signal when I get my earbuds or line out audio signal from the lightning port. About 5% of the time, it has function correctly. I have found other simpler ones that are more reliable.

👤I bought two faulty phones and got two for exchange, one of which caused interference in the form of whistles and cracks from the speakers, and the other one was faulty and I got two for exchange. This product is for people who like to go to the store to return things.

👤If I needed to charge and listen with wired earphones at the same time, I would use another brand, but these make the buzzing noise that is really annoying, so I would try another brand.

7. Headphone Adapter Charge Splitter Support

Headphone Adapter Charge Splitter Support

This accessory has been certified to meet Apple's specifications, and has been designed to connect specifically to the iPhone. 3.5mm headphone jack, lighting headphone jack, and call & wire control are included in the design. Only support charging is allowed at the lighting charging port. Only the lighting headphone jack can be used if both jacks are plugged into the headset. The sound quality is advanced. The audio experience for your entertainment is high fidelity and lossless. The charging speed of the headphones has been increased by 1.5 times. While enjoying music or movies, don't worry about your phone or pad running out of power. The phone is compatible with the mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 12 mini, and 12 Pro. No need to plug and play, all devices run on the same operating system as the iPad. Their friendly service, one year warranty and 45 days money back guarantee are what you get with the 3 in 1 iPhone audio and charge accessory. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions about the headphones.

Brand: Uwecan

👤The definition of misleading is that the description does not accurately describe how this product works. There is a This is a single unit that contains a jack and a charge. The description implies that you can charge your device while wearing your headphones. There is a You can't use the headphones at the same time as you charge the device. Not a game change. It's a pity. The only benefit is that you can use this for both headphones and to charge them at the same time, but instead of having to use two separate connections, you only have one. Seeing as. This isn't a reason to keep this item, nor is it a reason to recommend it to others.

👤I have had this on my phone for a week. This is the first time I have not a jack. I like being able to charge the phone and use the cheap jack-in headphones I have collected all around the house and in my car, and not having to search for the lightening- connected ones or the expensive wireless ones, and wondering about battery status. The cable is twice as long as I need it to be. The phone doesn't always respond to volume changes. It's usually solved by pulling out the jack or spinning it. It's nice to have a product that helps solve a problem that shouldn't have existed in the first place.

👤I was disappointed that I had to buy an adaptor after buying the Iphone XR. I stumbled across Labobbon's page on Amazon and it was selling it. The package arrived exactly on time, but after a week of use, I noticed that the charging jack and headphones were giving me issues. I contacted the Labobbon team and was reassured that my satisfaction was the most important thing. They provided me with excellent service and my new adaptor is working perfectly. The Labobbon team made it possible for me to charge my phone while I use my headphones.

👤For some weird reason, my phone sometimes doesn't recognize the device plugged in, so I gave this device 4 stars. Sometimes it happens when I answer a call. I hear nothing when I answer. When I plug it back in, it will not work. The issue could be my phone, but it has been taken care of. Maybe I'm the only person who has this happen to. Would I buy it again? Yes. I would check to see if another one is available first. The dongle does everything else well.

👤I bought the aux cable so I can charge my car's battery while using the 3.5mm plug. The sound quality is not good. The sound quality and volume of the headphones I plug into the 3.5mm jack is poor. The sound quality is fine when I use my other 3.5mm to iphone lightning port adapter and plug it into the lighting port on this device. The sound is also fine when I plug my other accessory directly into the phone. The audio quality on this device is sub-par. I tested 2 of these devices and found the same result. If you want to use the 3.5mm jack, avoid this product. I will be back.

8. Giom Certified Headphones DESOFICON Compatible

Giom Certified Headphones DESOFICON Compatible

There are compatible devices: iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and 12 Mini. Pro,12 Pro Max, iPhone 11,11 Pro,11 Pro Max, iPhone X,XR,XS,XS Max, iPhone 8,8 Plus, the phone. There are also iPad, iPod, and iPhone 6s,6s Plus. AUX + Fast Charger: DesofICON 2 in 1 apple Charger and headphones adapter supports up to 24bit 48kHz lossless output, ensuring sound transmission stability and fidelity. It allows you to enjoy music without worry about running out of battery. Convenient and stylish design. The lightning charger is made of high quality material. Simple and stylish, easy to carry and put into a bag or pocket. This is a great choice for sending a birthday gift. Extensive Compatibility You can listen to music with a headphones or earphones for the iPad. There is a compatible version of the iOS 10.3 and above. Quality service. Lifetime Technical Support and a 12-Month Worry-Free Warranty are provided by them. Please tell them if you have any issues with this device. They will be able to help you in less than 12 hours. The transmission is efficient. The lightning to 3.5mm headphones are built with an upgraded MFi Certified DAC chip to read data fast and ensure the stability and fidelity of sound transmission, giving you a fantastic music trip and experience.

Brand: Giom

👤I returned them because I didn't like having to turn up the volume control. I have some Belcon ones that are very good.

👤A solution for a problem.

👤After a few days, it stopped working.

👤The sound was really low and the headphones couldn't hear anything. Even when I changed my headphones, they were still the same.

👤It's great to listen to headphones and charge your phone at the same time.

9. Certified Lightning Headphones Adapter Compatible

Certified Lightning Headphones Adapter Compatible

We provide a 36-Month Worry-Free Warranty, as well as 3-Years money-back gurantee or replacement. Please contact them if you have any issues. They will be able to help you in less than 12 hours. Audio and Charging Function? The 2 in 1 Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Adapters Audio and Charger Cable supports listening to music and charging your phone at the same time. The call function and volume control are not supported by this headphones. ? Particularly designed for iPhone users. 2 in 1 audio and charge accessory compatible with the following systems: Don't worry about system updates. ? The Apple Ear Pods sound quality is not compromised with the support of up to 48 kHz and 24 bit audio output. It works with your other headsets. It's a perfect solution to allow you to enjoy the music while charging. ? Plug and play is all you have to enjoy pure high fidelity sound quality. You can use your existing headphones. It's portable and lightweight is the perfect solution for listening to songs and charging at the same time. ? Service and something else. They're so confident in the performance of the products that they'll give you 24 months of product quality assurance and 120 days of money back. They will reply within 24 hours if you have any questions. There are compatible devices: iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and 12 Mini. Pro,12 Pro Max, iPhone 11,11 Pro,11 Pro Max, iPhone X,XR,XS,XS Max, iPhone 8,8 Plus, the phone. There are also iPad, iPod, and iPhone 6s,6s Plus.

Brand: Chaopai

👤The cheaper version is better. There are two complaints about these. 1. The lowest volume of headphones is too loud. 2. There is a noise when nothing is playing. It's good to get plenty loud. There is a The Belkins are almost useless because they are continuously disconnected. They don't get loud enough. I tossed the branded version.

👤So far, so good. Connection has been good when moving the phone. Which is an issue I have had with similar products.

👤The lightening port of the I phone has an accessory for headphones and charge cable. Cheap quality. There is no brand name on the package. Not certified by Apple. The lightening cable end is so cheap that it can be inserted into my phone. This is junk.

👤They were not good. Cheap, but not as cheap as they should be.

👤Doesn't fit with titan pro angle charger. This can cause either charging or stereo to cut out.

👤The audio volume is very low. It didn't work as expected. Too much noise.

👤It was great for travel in flight.

10. Certified Lightning Splitter Headphones Compatible

Certified Lightning Splitter Headphones Compatible

The in- ear sport earbuds have a secure fit and are the best-sized ear tips, which makes them comfortable to wear. Two ear caps of different sizes are also presented, allowing you to wear their earphones comfortably and safely. The Aux Headphone Jack Audio + Charging Adapter + Phone Call +Wire Control has 2 ports, one for charging and the other for audio.charging and listening to music at the same time. Particularly Designed for iPhone Lovers. The chip has better stability and sound quality. The dual lightning cable splitter works well with the iPhone. Also, iPad, iPod. It's compatible with later systems. No error message pops up. The first choice for music lovers is Audio + Charge, which supports up to 24bit 48kHz lossless output,ensuring sound transmission stability and fidelity. The headphones are made of high quality material. Simple and stylish to carry, easy to put into a bag or pocket. This is a great choice for sending a birthday gift. 60 day return without any reasons. You are always welcome to contact them with any questions, their customers care team will reply to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Belcompany

👤I ordered two packs for my daughter. I kept them since the first one quit quickly. The second one lasted about a month and a half. The two splitters only lasted two months. Not good. It seems like all of the products have the same rating. It makes me angry that Apple requires something like this in order to use your headphones and phone at the same time. With the cost of their phone, it should all be on the phone.

👤I was disappointed that it said on the advertisement that you can put two headphones or donor charge, but not possible. You can plug the headphones into the charging plug. If you are using another conversion after this one, it won't work and the phone won't support it. Overall not great.

👤Good thing they sent two because one of them was DOA. The one that works seems to work. They are cheap but still. I measure it 3/5 because of one failed part.

👤I changed after we ordered 2 last 5 minutes and breaks. Quality was the same as customer service 10. Sorry.

👤I can finally charge my phone while listening to my headphones. There are times when I plug it in and it says it isn't supported, which is the reason it didn't get 5 stars. Sometimes it says that it will work. I use it in my car and bed.

👤The product works well when plugged in. It falls out of my phone when I have it sitting in a dash mount, as the weight of the product and cords makes it hard for gravity to hold it. I wish it had a slightly better fit because it does work to charge and play music at the same time. I still use it daily and have adjusted to the fact that my times are cut out every once in a while, a fair trade for a fully charged phone and music at the same time!

👤Be careful to order the correct inputs. These are not the same as the 3.5mm earbuds.

👤After a few days, the item stopped working. They couldn't find my order after contacting the seller. I returned it.

11. Certified Headphones DESOFICON Lightning Compatible

Certified Headphones DESOFICON Lightning Compatible

What do you get? You will get a 3.5mm headphone accessory. They will reply your questions within 12 hours. The Iphone dongle is not compatible with calling function. The 2 in 1 double lightning is compatible with the 12/12/ iPad and iPo-d touch have a jack which can be used for other devices. Also support all of the systems. It was designed for iPhone users. 4 in1 function There are multiple functions of the lightning to 2 lightning adapter. A jack audio, charging, phone call, and music control is included. There are two ports, one for charging and the other for audio. The lightning splitter does not support double headphones or double cables plugged simultaneously. The lightning splitter is made of high quality material. Simple and stylish, easy to carry and put into a bag or pocket. This is a great choice for sending a birthday gift. The first choice for music lovers is the Audio + Charge, which supports up to 24bit 48kHz lossless output, ensuring sound transmission stability and fidelity. The dual lightning adapter will have a 30 days of 100% refunds and 18 months of warranty service. They will do their best to solve your problem within 12 hours if you contact them.

Brand: Desoficon

👤Cheaply made and falls apart. The metal piece broke into my phone, and both of the products in the pack did the same. I threw away the one I ordered in the past because I thought it was just one faulty product, but I ordered a 2 pack this time to have a back up in case one stopped working. I had to remove the metal piece from my phone. I am going with a different brand next time because I was not rough with it.

👤One of the adapters failed within 3 months of purchase. The port on the adapter was frequently shorted out. The seller was willing to make it right and give me a full refund. I will be looking for an alternative that is MFi certified once the other one gives out. The original review was not confident in long-term reliability, so it was bought to enable use of Ear Pods while charging my phone at night to help lull me to sleep. I have been using it for a while. It has worked as advertised, but I have some concerns about it going forward. The packaging I received did not display the typical MFi badges, despite the listing that this product is MFi-certified. MFi certification was a major factor in my purchase decision. I have taken my chances with non-certified accessories before and have usually ended up disappointed, either through early hardware failure or a subsequent OS update breaking compatibility with my device. This won't happen here. There is a I get an error message when I plug it in, stating the accessory is not compatible with my device. Ear Pods can be worked around by replugging the adapter. I hope it won't get worse, but I can live with it.

👤I bought this item along with 2 of the headphones listed on this site that claim to work with this piece for my kids. There is a They can listen to music while charging their phones. The item does work to charge their phones, but when they plug in the earphones they don't work, the sound still comes out of the phone. The ear phones do not work while plugged into the phone itself. I don't need this piece when I can plug the phone's charging cord into it. The piece was supposed to be used to allow you to charge your phone and listen to your ear phones at the same time, but it doesn't work. Earphone don't work when plugged in.

👤When I first tried it, they worked perfectly, but now my phone says it's not compatible. The power side works but the headphones don't.

👤I bought a similar pair before, but they didn't last. I shared the second pair with my son because he loves it and the product seems better out of the bag. I think it's a good idea. You can charge and use headphones at the same time if Apple ships this with all their new phones.

👤I bought this because I wanted to charge my phone. The side of the ear plug that was working stopped working. Apple does not provide this product. Apple doesn't guarantee that it will work with their equipment.


What is the best product for headphone lightning charge?

Headphone lightning charge products from Apple. In this article about headphone lightning charge you can see why people choose the product. Recomfit and Belcompany are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone lightning charge.

What are the best brands for headphone lightning charge?

Apple, Recomfit and Belcompany are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone lightning charge. Find the detail in this article. Zoyuzan, Adayo Foryou and Esbeecables are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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