Best Headphone Male to Male Cable

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1. DuKabel Lossless Gold Plated Auxiliary Headphones

DuKabel Lossless Gold Plated Auxiliary Headphones

The package includes: 3.5mm female to 2 RCA plugs. Every single detail they made was to ensure that the 3.5mm auxiliary audio cable was the best in the world. DuKabel 3.5mm Aux Cord focuses on pure essentials. They will go wherever they please. The DuKabel auxiliary cable is top of the range. It can bring you a high-definition sound quality from any electronic device you own. It is a pure toy. That claim is scientific as well as sensational. The materials used to make it and the build quality of it impress you. Your lifetime's choice. The 3.5mm aux cord is universally compatible. You can use it on a lot of your devices if they have that 3.5mm port. If you need a longer cord, they recommend that you combine it with the DuKabel Top Series 3.5mm Male to Female Stereo Audio Cable. The design of the jack has a step-down ring on it that allows plugs to be fully seated even when bulky protective cases are used, which is very practical and needed feature since most smartphones and other devices are often in aftermarket cases causing problems with connection. All devices with a 3.5mm aux port are ideal. The audio extension cable is compatible with headphones and phone cases. They offer a 12 months warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee. If you need a premium and durable AUX cable for your home or car, the DuKabel 3.5mm Audio Stereo Cable is something you should consider. Not sure? They are happy to help you contact their friendly customer service.

Brand: Dukabel

👤I have picked some of the top sales aux cord to do a comparison review. I hope this will give you a clear idea of the best aux cord for your needs. The AUX cable isn't something you should take for granted and should be chosen by price or length. There is more to AUX cables than that. I will help you choose the best AUX cable by following the test results. A 3.5mm. Premium auxiliary audio cable. The weight is 15 gram and the OD is 0.08 inch. The cotton-braidedDurability is 4/5. The ultra slim case is more sleek. There is a If you yank the cable to remove it, the connection between insulation and jack will fail. There is a Oldboytech AUX Cable is priced at $7.99. The weight is 12 gram and the OD is 2.55mm. Pros: cheap price and comes with two packs, Cons: gold plated jacks tend to wear off quickly. It feels cheap made product. The DuKabel Top Series is 3.5mm. A cable. The weight is 27 gram and the OD is 3.86mm. The nylon braided exterior of the cable has oxygen-free-coppe wiring. It is hard to say anything negative about this cable. There is a Even though the DuKabel Top Series 3.5mm AUX cable is slightly more expensive than other brands, the extra dollar you spend that counts for values. There are a few things that the DuKabel is doing better than others. The braided materials are wear-resistance, unlike other cotton-nylon sheathing. 2. The shielding layer cuts irrelevant noise when it's used to transmit audio. 3. The connection between insulation and jack needs to be Thread design. 4. Tinned OFC will provide crisp sound. 5. The audio experience of compatible devices will be enhanced by 3um gold-plating. If you are looking for cheap aux cable with few month usage, the DuKabel top series may not be a good idea. Expectations need to be kept in check for this DuKabel aux cable cots, they are similar to beer in a decent bar. The sound quality is usually excellent with no discernable noise and dependable performance time and gain. The build quality, materials, and design are all topnotch for the price. The best aux cable I have ever owned.

👤I have verified that the cable is interfering with my audio. I replaced the part of the signal chain that was intended for my studio monitor headphones to make sure there was no static in the signal. The second that this cable is connected into the next thing in the path, I am greeted with a lot of interference and static. This is my second purchase of a 4.5 star feedback rating 3.5mm cable on Amazon that has had this problem. I'm going to look for something at a higher price point to see if it will give me a well shielded cable.

👤I bought this cable because my old one broke. The connection between my PC and the cord is very strong. It's not flimsy like other audio cables I've bought in the past, the material it's made out of is strong and even you deliberately play with it. There is a Quality hardware and well-soldered connections are what you want for cables. The longer a cable is, the more susceptible it is to noise and signal degradation.

2. MOSWAG Braided Headphones Speakers Tablets

MOSWAG Braided Headphones Speakers Tablets

3.5mm Audio Cable with MIC: UGREEN 4-Pole 3.5mm Audio Cable supports both audio and microphone function. It's a perfect audio cable for headsets. The aux cable streams Hi-fi stereo audio directly from the output devices to the input devices, without the need for audio conversion. Perfectly compatible with any devices. A 3.5mm aux port. The cable is compatible with phones, car stereos, headphones, tablets, and mp3 players. You get reliable and crisp sound,eliminate signal loss and noise, thanks to the:24K gold-plated connectors and the aluminum alloy shell. Stereo audio is transmitted for high quality sound and clear sound to your devices. The 3.5mm aux cord to 3.5mm audio aux jack cable is covered with soft nylon braided and is at least 10000 times bend lifespan. nylon braided jacket is not easy to tangle or crease, compared with ordinary PVC jacket. Theangle free design of their 3.5mm audio cable makes it more convenient to carry and store. You can listen to your music while you commute. The package includes a 3.5mm audio aux cord and a 3 pole jack cable. All of their products have a 12-month warranty. Feel free to contact their customer services if you have a problem.

Brand: Moswag

👤The V-moda's cable went bad after 7 years and I got this to replace it. It works, sounds great and fits the sockets. It has the same construction as the V-moda cable but is not on one side. I will give an update in a year to see if it lasts.

👤There is a noticeable static. Gold does little to cover up low quality material. I tried to use the devices and speakers. The static noise was making the audio difficult to hear. Almost all of the aux-aux cords on Amazon have this problem. There is a The cord I bought at a gas station has a clean sound, strange that Amazon seems to have the same low quality aux-aux cords from so many different sellers, colors, sizes, and prices. Has anyone heard any of them with a clean sound? I bought 25 dollar headphones that include a 6ft aux-aux cord with clean sound, I may just buy those headphones again to use the high quality aux-aux cord for a portable speaker.

👤The cable is working well for me. I use it to connect a device to my car. The cable is strong. I've been using it for about 2 months and it's handling the connection without any issues or visual wear. There is a The sound is good.

👤The cord is stiff. While working with loud equipment, using from ear defenders to Ipods. The thicker cord would work in a car.

👤These are what I was looking for. The sound on my TV is not as good. I will order the 50 ft. ones next. Product arrives on time. Will use this seller again.

👤The jack on my headphones is too loose and I can only hear the left side.

👤I got this for my older car to connect my phone to the audio system. The length is great. It does what it needs to.

👤It looks like a very good cable to attach to my projector and speaker. Time will tell if it works well. It was just what I needed. I expect the audio cable to work and not fall apart. So far, so good.

👤I don't recommend attaching headphones to this cable because of the noise it makes when it moves along clothing and the desk.

👤I bought this cable to use with my headphones. It clearly shows a picture of the cable connected to the beats. I tried to plug the cord into my beats but it was too big for the hole in the beats.

3. AmazonBasics Stereo Audio Cable Meters

AmazonBasics Stereo Audio Cable Meters

The stereo audio cable is in the box. There is a containment company. Any device with a 3.5mm audio jack or AUX-in port works. CONVENIENT: It connects compatible devices to a car stereo or portable speaker. SECURE FIT: The design for a secure connection has a step down. The plugs are gold-plated and have a clear sound.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I don't like to give 1 star but I feel that the safety of this cable is in question. It only deserves one star when you feel like your health could be compromised by a product. I bought this cable for my headphones. The cable was too short. The audio has been fine for a few days, but the rest of the experience was very painful. There is a The ends of the cord can carry an electrical charge. Anything in close proximity will be shocked. Anything that can take an electrical charge is included. If the end was close to my skin, I got a burning shock. This happened to my neck and ear multiple times. The charge felt like it was being pulled out. After several minutes, I realized that the cord was shocking me. I used spare electrical tape to insulate the end, but I'm not taking any chances with this product. I'm buying it when I can get another cord. I got burned when I used the basics for the first time. It's not a good way to start a relationship.

👤The silver coating that says "Amazon basics" unglued and slides back but now that it's been just over six months, all of the wiring came exposed... I would've expected a much longer duration if I had given it to me for a little use. It worked great before it came undone.

👤I bought this aux cable to use with my car stereo. After opening the cardboard box, I found a neatly coiled cable in a circle in a plastic bag. The cord seems fine, but I can tell it's cheap, since it was only $5. The light-duty job should be done for me because the connectors looked nice. The device's connecter fit well into my device. The sound quality is good and I have not had to spin the connection while music is playing. I am not a good sound quality tester as the speakers the music is playing through are 18 years old. Still kicking!

👤AmazonBasics has provided me with a reliable choice for cables, and the reviews for this cable don't really do it justice. The 3.5mm cable you buy is not meant to be used for purposes where audio is going through more than one source. I am running through two audio devices that normally don't cause Audio Feedback "Hum" in my headphones, but with this cable it does. You have to either buy a ground or switch up your audio inputs to fix it. There is a 100% if you need this cable for speakers, car radio, etc. Purchase a more expensive, high quality cable if it's for anything more complicated than that.

👤I strung the six foot cable between the computer and the TV because it was too short, but instead of exchanging it for a longer one I put it above the floor. The AmazonBasics cable is very sturdy, but I did manage to break it when I tripped over it. The displayport plug on the 6 foot cable broke, which was a good thing. The cable is on the floor and I'm happy. I have several other AmazonBasics cables that have never caused me any problems, so I'm confident that this is the last one I need. The mini displayport plug broke off, not because of a bug, but because I messed up heavily and it crashed my computer to the floor. It's up to you if you want your cables to survive.

4. CableCreation Auxiliary Compatible Headphones IPhones

CableCreation Auxiliary Compatible Headphones IPhones

You get a User Guide and Customer Service. The cover has 10000+ bend lifespan. This 3.5mm aux cable is covered in cotton. Cotton braided jacket has good resilience, no bending, and it is not easy to tangle or crease. The ladder design is friendly for connecting with your phone without taking it off. The 24K Gold-Plated Connector has good electrical and oxidation resistance. The case is made of Solid Aluminium Shell. It can give you a high-definition sound quality. 3.5mm audio port devices can use the 3.5mm Male to Male Aux Stereo Cable. Such as: car stereo, iPod, iPhone, iPad, smartphones, PS4 headset, xbox one, and home theater speakers. CableCreation is perfect fit for 3ft Male to Male Aux Cable and has a two year warranty.

Brand: Cablecreation

👤This is cheap. I thought the braided cord would be more sturdy. I don't think this will last much longer in my car, but so far it's working well for what I need. If it breaks in the next few months, I'll probably update my review. I changed it to: I am buying this again because I'm not a fan of cords and this one has lasted so long that I thought it was over. I'm only buying again because I've lost it due to travel. It's worth the money. Thanks for making good products at a reasonable price, and you definitely get more than you pay for. There is an update. Dec. 29 The original cord was found by me. I didn't buy a new one. It's still working well over a year later. There is an update for 5/25/2020. My cable is still working. It looks like it was ruined by spilling coffee. It still works and that's all that matters to me. I don't need a replacement.

👤I ordered a cord for my car. It works great with no static sounds. Some people have a bad review because the one they ordered was too short. Pay attention to the size of your order. I ordered a 3ft cord. It's the perfect length for the front seat. The 6ft cord is what you should order if you want something to reach your back seat.

👤I have been using this cable daily since I purchased it. A recent encounter with an inferior, barely used cable has awakened me to write a review for a long time. Those who appreciate exceptional sound and build quality will appreciate this aux cord. I've used this wire to hang my badges on after work for almost 2 years and it's starting to wear out. This cable can handle abuse from being ripped out of a car stereo to falling into a cup of coffee. Most major companies are doing away with the 3.5mm headphone jack, so this aux cord will outlive the aux port on today's phones. Don't hesitate if you're in the market for one. This is the one.

👤Absolutely waste of money. The cable is long. I love the color. It does not work. The plug in itself is too small and shakes loose from my phone, computer, car aux port and speakers. I tried everything and thought it was a mistake, but I noticed it was smaller than every other aux cable I've ever bought. I was afraid that it would short out.

👤I've invested in about nine different bluetooth transmitters, which are electronically duct-taped to various inputs, throughout my living room, in addition to the component stereo system and flat panel TV that I've renovated from 1987 to 2015. I found the braided cloth cable and gold contacts sturdy and reliable, so I went with Cable Creation. The cheap cords that came with the transmitters/receivers I'm using had some terrible experiences, I didn't know if they would improve the signal strength enough to get rid of the drop-outs and static. You can trust the brand. It would be great if everything else worked as expected.

5. Oldboytech Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones

Oldboytech Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones

CableCreation is perfect fit for 3ft Male to Male Aux Cable and has a two year warranty. Oldboytech is one of the leaders of audio cable products and works passionately on the innovation of design and technology to create products with simplicity and ease to all over the world. Oldboytech AUX Cable 2 pack is the top of the range. You can immerse in Hi-fi music with a gold plated connection. It could last 10 times longer than others. Their AUX cord is compatible with any device with a 3.5mm aux port. Car stereos, speaker, iPod, headphones, etc. If you need a longer cord, they recommend you to combine it with Oldboytech 3.5mm extension cable. Their 3.5mm audio cable has a tangle free design that makes it more convenient to carry and store. You can listen to your music while you commute. Let the fun begin. 2-Pack 3.5mm Male to Male aux cord 4ft/1.2M with fast and easy-to-reach Customer Service is what you get. Every product it offers is supported by Oldboytech.

Brand: Oldboytech

👤There are three types of 3.5mm audio jacks. The cables are called TRS. Stereo audio can be provided but microphone function is not provided by the cables/adapters. If you want to use a headset with mic, you need a TRRS cable. The description doesn't mention the type of adapter, so I'm giving the product 3 stars. The description doesn't mention incompatibility for phone conversations with a headset. The supplier responded to a question about mic function from a user by saying that it was standard 3.5mm male to male audio cable, and that it would work if both of your devices had a 3.5mm connection. I don't mean to be critical of these cables. The photos show a TRRS and not a TRS. I wasted money on something that won't meet my needs. I should have spent more time researching. I write this review so that other users will not make my mistake if they find out it won't work with a headset. My review is the first to point out that these aren't TRRS headset cables.

👤These cables are of the highest quality. You can see that they're high-quality cables by holding them. Some people say a cable is a cable, but they all do the same thing, and you won't notice a difference in the sound quality. These cables are of the highest quality. You can see that they're high-quality cables by holding them. Some people say a cable is a cable, but they all do the same thing, and you won't notice a difference in the sound quality. That can't be further from the truth. I did a test between the two cables. Let's say that you can hear the difference. There's no noise or distortion. The phone call just sounded better. I did a test between the two cables. Let's say that you can hear the difference. There's no noise or distortion. It sounded better. These cables are recommended by me.

👤The cable looks like a run of the mill audio cable. There are a few things that separate it from the other cables on Amazon. The braided gold plated jack crystal clear audio cable is thin and sound like a premium cable, but it fits my SkullCandy Hesh 2.0 headphones and several protective device cases. It is a two pack. You get two of them, that is awesome! There is a If you need a reliable audio cable, this one sold by oldboytech is the way to go. It is available at a very competitive price point and it fits all devices.

👤I had a short JBL aux cable for 3 years and this was the only replacement I could find. The difference in sound was quite disturbing. Any audio coming through it will be flattened by the oldboytech cable. If you've never used a quality cable, you wouldn't know the difference. I am a consumer who knows the difference between products he is using. There is a The cables are constructed nicely, but this cable behaves the same as the $1 aux cord I got off of eBay. It doesn't fit into my phone's jack, which causes music and media to pause and skip when it's moved.

6. VCE 2 Pack 6 35mm Female Adapter

VCE 2 Pack 6 35mm Female Adapter

Customer service is provided. A hassle-free 18-month warranty. The Audio Jacks allow a stereo port to connect to a 3.5mm plug aux cable. Audio devices can be connected to headphones or mp3 players with a 6.35mm (1/8") sockets. The 24K gold-plated connections ensure reliability and eliminate signal loss and noise. 1/6 inch to 1/2 inch. The grip treads help with plugging and unplugging. Please let them know if you have a quality problem and they will give you a replacement or a refund.

Brand: Vce

👤What can I say about this accessory? ... What can I say? It's an accessory. It works. My music is good. There is more to say. It's pretty and shiny. I own nothing else but a nice gold color. All of them are true, but not relevant. They say a review is more useful if you actually write about the product. So... I have. It's still not useful. Go figure. Have a great day!

👤I wanted to use my Corsair headphones with my external dac and amplier that I already use for my Sennheiser headphones. This product is garbage because I needed an accessory to use the Corsair headphones with my setup. The audio is bad. The audio is perfect, I can plug in my headphones directly. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤I guess it's one out of two. These are the ones I bought to connect my headphones. The 20th one fell apart. I received them on the 18th. I was blaming the headphones for the bad sound and when I tried it in another amplifier, it came apart in 3 small pieces. The press fit appeared to come un-pressed. I think the job that QC is doing is not good. I am concerned and looking for backups because the other adapter seems to be working okay, but I am worried. I think these were cheapos. I got what I paid for.

👤The large male end and small female port were the same in this dual pack. I needed a dual pack with a male and female port and a small male and female port. The quality of the adapters I received was excellent at a great price. I returned them for the correct size and received them in 3 days. Thank you Amazon for excellent service.

👤These are garbage. I bought the 2 pack to modify my headphones for my voice over setup. I've tried a number of things, but the only thing that works is the set of headphones that have no issues in 3.5mm jacks. The 3.5mm plugs are loose. I wouldn't recommend them.

👤It was difficult to use this because the left or right side of my headphones were cut out if there was a slight movement of my cable attached to this. I switched to a Sennheiser 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter and had no issues at all, so I verified that this was the culprit. The sound issues came back after I switched back to the branded VCE adapter.

👤My pieces broke within the first few weeks of ownership. I noticed feedback on like the 3rd usage when I plugged in. I pulled it out of the jack once and realized it was an adaptor. The other one had the same thing happen a few days later.

👤The product only worked for about 30 minutes with a fender amplifier. I am giving it 4 stars because I am not sure about the sound quality, but it seems to be a decent quality compared to my local stores. I have yet to use it for more than a week or even a month so the test of time will tell me how good it is. Will update if there is a problem in the early stages of owning this accessory.

7. Ruaeoda Shielded Headphone Extension Auxillary

Ruaeoda Shielded Headphone Extension Auxillary

The Premium Audio Cable has fast and easy-to-reach Customer Service. Every product it offers is supported by the company. It's possible to play audio from any device on your headphones, Hi-fi or car stereo. This cable is more durable than other wire because it is made of Inner TPE and Copper. The OD has reached 5. Make sure it can work in the harsh environment. The AUX CAble has a line diameter of 24 AWG, which is more than the industrial standard, and is more durable. The cable is resistant to pull and drag and has metal wire braid inside. Plug and play, no driver required. Ruaeoda aux cable is stronger than ordinary wires and can be used indoors and outdoors. You can enjoy music in the garden and patio. Superb Sound Quality is provided by the combination of gold-plated connectors,corrosion-resistant bare copper conductors, and foil & braid shielding.

Brand: Ruaeoda

👤This is 50ft and I loved it. From a technical stand point, it's made well. I assumed that there would be more noise when I ordered it. I thought I'd give it a try, but it won't work for my application, which was connecting to the audio mixer to the audio input on a video switcher. I can use a cable up to 16 feet in length. I had to return the 50ft cable because it was not usable. It will work well for less critical applications, like someone trying to just output music from the 3.5mm headphone connection on their computer/laptop to some powered speakers in another room for low level listening.

👤I added a pic to show how strong this little 30 ft cable is, it works fine on the first day for a non smart, led tv. A 3.5mm jack is the small black wire wrapped around this cable. The cable is 6 times thicker. The big silver cable next to the jack ends is a philips gold cable, it is 1/3 of an inch thick. I expect this to last a long time if connections and quality are good. The value is great.

👤I needed to run an audio cable from my computer to my amplifier. I can't find the amplifier. I tried using headphones that I had. One was 20 feet and the other 15 feet. The audio on the speakers was off and there was a hum. There was a good shielding and durable construction in the listing on Amazon. I thought I would try it. The speakers are silent when the music is off because I replaced the extension cables with this. Exactly what I needed. I had to buy a 3.5mm female to female adapter since the cable has male and female connections.

👤I needed an extension cable to run stereo audio from my projector to the speakers. The cable from Ruaeoda was perfect. The wires were protected by the braided shell. The 3.5mm plug needed to be converted to a stereo plug in order to connect the powered speaker pair. I was worried about running stereo over such a distance, but the cable feels strong and will serve me through many outdoor movies. It takes a little work to coil it after use, so I recommend using a strap and a bag to keep it neat.

👤Good service. The product seems to be good. One reviewer reported that one of the mini jacks was a bit smaller than the other. It doesn't click into the hole in a secure way. It doesn't seem to affect the product.

👤I picked this cable because it seemed to have good reviews and it looked like it was better than some of the other ones. This time, paying extra didn't pay off. The first time I unplugged the cord, it broke, and the second time I did, it was the same thing. I wasn't being overly rough, but I wasn't taking particular care. You would think it would last more than 10 minutes out of the bag. Zero stars for longevity. It's a nice cable. The braiding gives it a nice look. The sound quality was good for 10 minutes. There is a It doesn't matter how nice it looks if it doesn't hold up for a day. It wouldn't recommend 0/7.

8. UGREEN Auxiliary Compatible Smartphones Speakers

UGREEN Auxiliary Compatible Smartphones Speakers

We offer a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee, so they are confident in their product. If you need a premium and durable stereo cable, this cable is something you should consider. Hesitating? They are happy to help you contact their friendly customer service. 3.5mm stereo aux cord with right angle allows you to connect to tight spaces and hard to reach areas where a normal straight connection is unavailable. The male to male aux cord is made of pure copper and has high fidelity sound quality. 24K gold contacts are used for signal transfer and resistance to corrosive substances. The Slim Connection is Slim. The 3.5mm stereo jack can be plugged into your headphones without removing your phone case. If you have a bulky protective case, please take it off before plugging the audio cable. The flat aux cord is slim to avoid the hassle of tangle. Ugreen 3.5mm audio cable 90 degree right angle can easily connect any of your 3.5mm audio port equipment, portable wireless speakers or home stereo, suitable for any digital devices with standard 3.5mm jack audio.

Brand: Ugreen

👤I bought this little guy to go from my zoom to my DSLR when I was creating content for social media. It's perfect when the zoom is mounted next to the camera. There was no extra cable in the way.

👤After years of use, my audio cord died. I needed one to tide me over until I could get a new one. I picked this one out for the same price as the store bought model. There is a It's garbage, compared to my brick and mortar model. The jacks are sturdy, but the cord is terrible. Ultra thin, barely jacketed. There are no stress point protectors for the jack. It's just cord going into the jack housing. That is where cords end up shorting. There is no jacket on the flex point. Cheap earbuds have that. The sound quality is noticably lower than my old cord. Please see the picture for what I'm talking about. One on the right was purchased from a store for the same price as the one on the left.

👤The first one I received was noisy and bad, but UGREEN replaced it with a new one right away. The replacement works well. You can't blame a company that sneaked through quality control because of a bad one. I have bought other UGREEN products and have not had a problem. I respect a company that is willing to stand behind their products and will purchase from them in the future. UGREEN customer service is very good and they are willing to go the extra mile to make sure things are right. They've earned my business by being outstanding and that's a warranty that can't be beaten.

👤I ordered this product because I was looking for a L shaped aux so that it wouldn't get in the way of the straight cable. The materials used in this cable are so good that I can't stop using it in my car, I got the 3m which is perfect length for me and not so much wires going all over your car.

👤Music will play, but not vocals. I tried it in my car. It worked with three different phones. Went to store and bought a 3.5mm auxiliary jack. I was excited to have a 90 degree auxiliary jack, but it was useless and money was wasted.

👤It was perfect for a few months. I didn't have to take it out of the center console every time because the cord was thinner, but I was not straight because it was long. I didn't worry about the cord bending. It stopped being good? The sound became fuzzy when I plugged into the phone or aux. It was too quiet. I wanted to know if the flatness of the cord caused it to break. I didn't see any damage. I tried to return the package but it never arrived at the return place. Someone must have taken it. I was able to talk to a customer service representative and they asked if I had a receipt for the package, but I just printed the label and sent it through usps. If you take it to the post office, you will only get the date and the tracking. Just for fun. They paid me back. There is a It was good for a few months, but not good enough to last. I bought a new one from a different company. Shorter, with two male ends. This product sounded great and was what I was looking for, but it wasn't.

9. Syncwire Headphone Extension Cable Nylon Braided

Syncwire Headphone Extension Cable Nylon Braided

The Universal Fit is a step-down design that ensures a snug fit to devices of standard auxiliary ports, like car stereo radio, TV, headphones, earphones, speakers, amplifier, soundbox, laptops, tablets, and more. The audio connection should be extended. There are three syncwires. 5mm audio extension cable is used to extend the audio connection between your devices. Most smartphone cases have a Slim Connector. Plugging and unplugging experience is ensured by step-down design. 24K gold-plated connectors ensure reliability and eliminate signal loss and noise. The best way to transmit sounds from your music player to a speaker is to use copper wires. There is no interference like a wireless connection. There is a note about this. The 3.5mm male to female audio cable does not support a microphone. The audio extension cord has a 15000+ bend lifespan. The gold-plated connection avoids oxidation. The cable can last a long time. Protect your aux devices. The 3.5mm male to female extension cable is a great solution to protect your aux port devices. It's expensive to buy a new device, but it's easy to get a 3. 5mm aux cable. Customer service is fast and friendly.

Brand: Syncwire

👤The extension is very well built. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the extension looks. The code has a nice woven material on the outside of the cord to help it last longer. The gold- plated connections seem to enhance the sound and limit the noise. I was surprised to hear a clean and crisp sound with no interference added by this extension. There is a My kids can connect their music through our car audio to get their concert on from the back seats, because this is permanently in our minivan. Highly recommended. rrh

👤We live in an apartment and the outside noise is bad. My husband plays PC video games in his downtime but can't really relax because of screaming kids downstairs or ear numbing bass music from the parking lot. He wears glasses and has a fat head, so regular headsets are not comfortable. The 3.5mm port is where his earbuds are plugged in, and the sound lag is horrible. I found the cord. He plugs his earbuds into one end, the other end goes into the computer, and he has a clear sound. The cats don't attack the cord, it's on the floor and it's long. It was perfect all around. Highly recommended for wives who have been through a lot.

👤I've been using this for a week now. The cable is small and lightweight. The cable is braided nylon and doesn't twist. This isn't a problem, but it makes for a unique cable. When you apply twisting forces to it, it will coil. It's not feasible to store it folded on itself like most cables, but it is resistant to crushing, bending, tearing, and so on. I'm very pleased with it, and it's great for my headphones. It's also very thin.

👤The 3 ft extension cable is sturdy. The nylon wrapped material looks expensive and is not able to bend or knot easily, like a lot of the other syncwire cables. It doesn't move, but it's not stuck, so you don't have to pull very hard. Good quality.

👤Looks great! If you're into that, you'll be extremely thin. Will not twist into a knot or curl up by itself, both of which are big pluses. I have only used it a few times, so I don't know if it will hold up. There is a The four foot cable is long enough for me, but not for you. When it arrived, I was disappointed with the quality of the cable. It looks like it was a good value. Has not let me down. It is a bonus because it is on sale.

👤I bought a cable extension for my headphones so I don't disturb others while I watch TV. I needed to purchase another one after the one I had destroyed was destroyed. The new one didn't work right. The sound kept going on and off because the female was too loose. I am annoyed that I have to spend time and effort to get the item back, even though Amazon will reimburse me. I would rather spend 12 dollars and have a working cable than 6 dollars and have to return it. The previous cable was cheap and lasted about 10 years. I wouldn't. Purchase from the manufacturer of my dud cable. Beware.

10. TalkWorks Metallic Auxiliary Extension Headphones

TalkWorks Metallic Auxiliary Extension Headphones

3.5mm audio jack An auxiliary cord with a metallic head piece is used to connect your phone to a larger system. If you want to use your phone or music player directly into your car dash, it's best to use an audio cord for it. As a 2 pack, it's sold. You can keep a cord in each car with this two pack. Only compatible with newer iPhone models when using a 3.5mm audio jack port is theDIMENSIONS & COMPATIBILITY: Universally compatible with any device or cell phone with a 3.5mm audio jack port. AUX CABLE: This 2 Pack of 6ft male to male 3.5mm aux cords will allow you to connect your cell phone or music player to your car stereo or speaker system at home or in the office when it isn't possible to do so with the other technology. Usb type C.

Brand: Talk Works

👤The cords crackle loudly when they are in the same place. The sound quality is good, but the crackling is a problem. Don't spend your money on these.

👤These are lightweight and work well. The double pack of 6' cables was purchased by me. I ruined one within an hour of using it, and I wanted to give a 1 star review. The long 6' length caught on a chair as I walked by and the cord was ruined. It was ruined. I guess you want the cheap cord, not the phone or headphones. That's the way you have to look at it. These cords are easy to tore up, but aux cords have always been this way. You have to keep buying them. I'm going to queue up my next purchase of these. Maybe I should shorten my headphones. Would buy again.

👤The cord is long enough that I had an extra cord that I wrapped up with a twist tie. The audio quality is the most important thing. I've tried about 10 auxiliary cables in the last month, since my car's wireless connection went out. The sound is crystal clear when you turn the volume up too loud, but all of the others had a weird sound. The lyrics, instrumental and base come through perfectly. If you're looking for an auxiliary cable for music, this is the one. It comes with a two pack in case you lose one.

👤I have listened to music and made music for 10 years and have never found a better AUX cable. I threw the first cord away because it looked gross and I was paranoid that I would only have one left. I used the first cord up to 8 hours a day for 6 months. The sound quality on these is nice, I don't have any crackling issues or points where the sound goes in and out when moved like other auxiliary cords. I would recommend these to anyone who needs auxiliary cords for home entertainment systems, sound systems in automobiles, or over ear headphones. They are well worth the price. Not paid by TalkWorks to write this review, I liked these cords so much that I went and searched for them again. Thanks to TalkWorks!

👤This cord is for people who don't have a car that has Bluetooth. This cord is for people who cannot receive phone calls through their car system. It works well with my phone.

👤Excellent product. Its still going strong despite some abuse. The outer coating of the cable I made is not something I like. It seems to want to hold onto everything when I move. It's easy to pull it out of my phone or laptop. When it breaks, I'll update how long it lasted.

👤I use it in my car. I gave my boyfriend the other one. The cord works despite my car getting super hot. I haven't had it in a long time. I love it.

👤When these were left unused in the drawer, the first one out plugged in and only half the speakers worked, the next one maxed out, and the last one worked perfectly at the dollar store.

11. AmazonBasics 3 5mm 2 Male Adapter Stereo

AmazonBasics 3 5mm 2 Male Adapter Stereo

High quality. The double-braided exterior and aluminum alloy case of their jackadapter is designed to endure daily bends, twists, and pulls. The box contains 4 foot 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA adapter cables. It's easy to connect devices. The device can be connected to a speaker, stereo receiver, or other device with the help of the cable. 3.5mm to 2X RCA CONNECTORS have two male and two female connections on one end. The standard ax jack. The 3.5mm auxiliary jack is used for headphones or ear buds. Clear audio and minimal signal loss can be achieved with a dual-shielding, polished metal and gold-plated 3.5mm connection. The design isdurable. The design of the step-down ensures a secure, fully plugged-in connection.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I got these cables to cut and wire. The cables had dual sheilded coax inside. There are wires around them for shielding. The coax wires were not used, both sides of the wire were connected to the center pin on the RCA. The ground is covered by outer metal shielding. They paid extra for the wires but didn't use them. I think they originally intended to use the coax wiring, but then it cost too much to solder up the coax and they switched.

👤I wanted to use my Bose Wave radio to amplify my TV. The Bose is old enough that it still uses the older RCA input jacks, so I used this cable to connect my headphones to my radio, it worked like a charm. I will be able to watch TV with Bose stereo sound.

👤About a month ago, I hooked this up. The first time I used it, it was great. The left channel didn't work the second time I used it. It was disconnected and cleaned. They are still malfunctioning after being connected. I disconnected them again and replaced them with my older one. It worked. I ordered the basics because I wanted longer cable. Will order another brand in the future.

👤It was the cheapest cord by brand. I have never purchased Amazon Basics stuff before. I was skeptical. 3rd Party phone cases are as good as the cords. Plugs felt firm and the audio was clear. The cable would be the only thing that would be ding. The material didn't have much rigidity. One quick tug and it will snap. There is a I would buy another cord from Amazon. I've included pictures. No issues with the cables after 8 months. I ran over with the vacuum a couple times and they were still holding up.

👤I bought this to connect my audio system to the 3rd Gen dot. The sound and visual quality are excellent. If you are doing the same thing, be sure to turn the dot volume up all the way so your amplifier will have a hard time reaching an acceptable volume. I assumed the dot volume-out was tied to the settings on the dot unit. Good cable for a long-term installation.

👤I purchased an RCA brand cable from Walmart and it started clicking and popping when I touched it, but it stopped working after I had used it for a while. I was cautious because of the "AmazonBasics", but I found the cable to be very sturdy and flexible, and it was the same brand as my TV. Hopefully in the future, I will purchase again.

👤I use this cable to connect my computer to my amplifier. The one I got was five stars, but it had the left and right channels backwards. The color rings must have been put on the wrong way. You can just run the balance controls from one side to the other and switch if you want. The plastic welds are solid and the connections are large and tight. I had a skinny cable that was not as good as the sound quality I have now.


What is the best product for headphone male to male cable?

Headphone male to male cable products from Dukabel. In this article about headphone male to male cable you can see why people choose the product. Moswag and Amazon Basics are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone male to male cable.

What are the best brands for headphone male to male cable?

Dukabel, Moswag and Amazon Basics are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone male to male cable. Find the detail in this article. Cablecreation, Oldboytech and Vce are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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