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1. StarTech Com Headset Microphone Headphone Splitter

StarTech Com Headset Microphone Headphone Splitter

The package includes a 3.5mm headset and a male and female jack plug. In 1 pack. The 3.5mm audio output port can be transformed into a 1x 3.5mm headset jack and a 1x mic port with the help of the MIC and headphone combo. This isn't an audio amplifier and isn't designed for 2 headphones. Stay in touch while traveling. The microphone and Y splitter is a perfect fit in your laptop bag. It's a great solution for mobile applications because it's designed with travel in mind. Keep your equipment up to date. The cost of upgrade should be eliminated. You can use your older audio accessories with newer PCs and devices with this headset accessory. There are multiple functions. This cable can be used to connect a separate headset and microphone combo to the audio port on your device, as well as connecting an external microphone and powered speakers to your computer.

Brand: Startech

👤The spec states that ordering from tip is required and that it's optional. It requires a Headset detect sequence to be implemented. This is documented on a website. I plugged a male to female cable into the mic/headphones plug to find out what the connections were. TRRS is the name of the connection on the plug. The following are measured. No connect is open and R is open. equiv to mic signal This is consistent with the Android. If you use a studio mic with the XLR, you will need a tubeMP, other mics, and probably not a standard headset. I have found StarTech cables to be reliable and well made. There is a Hope that helps.

👤The microphone port does not work with Macbook Air. You can see the different configurations if you look up TRRS, CTIA or OMTP. It's baffling that Apple put the shield on the microphone input and the ground on the next ring. You can't tell by looking. If you want to use an independent microphone, this is not the best option. It assumes a headset with a ground connection. It assumes that the tip of the female microphone's plug is Sleeve, as the CTIA standard would have it. It can't be used by itself without the ground mapped to Ring 2. If the ground on the microphone side were connected correctly, it would be a good thing. If you want to use this with a gaming headset, make sure you plug the mic and headphones into the MAC first. That's the only way to see the mic. The mic input was not great. That isn't Startek's fault. The whole thing is very confusing.

👤The video sound track can be recorded directly from my keyboard's line output to my phone's microphone. It worked perfectly with the phone's camera app. It's easier to mark the microphone input on a PC headset with pink nail polish. There is a The protocol for my case is to turn the keyboard and phone on, start the camera app, and plug the adapter into the phone. A message should pop up when you hit'record' for video. Happy recording!

👤I use this with my headset. The microphone in this headset requires 5V Phantom Power. I was not aware that most devices will drive the microphones with 5V out from the device itself, and that there was anything other than 48V phantom power. This is a great accessory for my MacBook and my phone. I tried using the microphone with no phantom power and it was dead. The microphone must be working with this adapter because it means the phantom power is coming from the device. I was told that some of the adapters wouldn't work with Macs. This model does. One of the few that did what I needed was from a trusted brand. This review is for those who are looking for it. This is your alternative.

👤I have a phone. The phone had a 3.5mm audio jack. The 3.5mm headphone/microphone combination won't work with this phone. If you plan to use an audio voice recorder app on this, and perhaps later models of SAMSUNG PHONES, this is the cable you need. This cable won't work if you have a S10+ Note. You need the microphone/headphone accessory cable to connect to the female jacks. I hope this will allow you to figure out what you need to do to make the audio recording app work.

2. MillSO Headphone Splitter Computer Headset

MillSO Headphone Splitter Computer Headset

The complete mic set includes a mic, shock mount, scissor arm stand, desk mount, pop filter, and a manual. The TONOR Q9 is your most secure choice because all premium accessories are contained in one package. MillSO 3.5mm headset split mic and audio: 1 x 4-pole TRRS sockets to 2 x 3-pole TRS jacks for PC and headphones. This headset is compatible with a four-pole TRRS gaming headset, but not with a standard Earphones, Bose headphones or Beats headset. MillSO 3.5mm Headphone Splitter for Computer with universal interface can be used with many VOIP applications. The PC splitter cable has Gold-plated connections. The bending resistance provides enough strength. The design is robust and compact. MillSO offers a 12-month warranty to protect against quality trouble or compatibility issues. You can extend it by calling the MillSO customer support team. They are happy to help with any problem you have.

Brand: Millso

👤The TRRS (3 black rings and 4 copper poles) and CTIA configuration is what makes this splitter compatible with compatible TRRS-CTIA devices. MillSO has provided a figure.

👤I was looking for a product that would allow me to use my Turtle Beach XBOX One headset with my PC and this product is exactly what I was looking for. I plugged the male end of the headset into the female end of the adapter and then plugged the two male ends into the microphone and speaker jacks on the back of the PC. I saved the money of having to buy another headset. The quality of the adapter is very good. Very pleased with the product!

👤I wanted to use my Apple headset with the audio recorder. It works with a few things. I noticed that some of the reviews said that it doesn't work with one headset or another, but I'm wondering if those people are aware that the microphone needs power from a battery compartment, phantom power or plug in power. There is a Plug in power is normally used for the Apple headset. Plug-in power can be provided by the Zoom H6. This is a requirement with any cable. I can hear my own voice from the headset mic, but I can't hear the sound from the zoom. Since the mic input is at the upper right on the X/Y capsule, this cable is a little bit shorter than ideal for the H6, which has the headphone jack near the bottom of the left side. One has to either run the cable under the recorder or over it. You can see what I mean by the attached photo. It's not a bad thing if you intend to use it for the same purpose, and even then, it's workable. There is a The audio quality is quite good when the headset is the only thing connected to the H6. It's better than one might think after hearing the same headset used for a phone call. I have some dedicated lav/lapel mics, but it is as good as this one. The Apple mic has some self-noise, similar to some sub $100 lavaliere mics, but there is no audible hum. 99 percent of the people listening would think it sounded great if one used a similar setup for any number of applications. There is some cross-talk between the headset and microphone. The feedback is caused by the mic gain and the headphone volume on the H6. There is a lot of gain going on when I do that. I can hear my own breath loudly, so the levels are way beyond normal. I don't think it's fair to blame the adapter because I have used the same headset with the same app on my phone, and it's possible to cause feedback. Most of the cross-talk/bleed-though/feedback with this particular headset happens within the headset itself. I would expect different results with other headsets. There is a Some have mentioned the shielding issue. If I connect my piano to the H6 at the same time as the headset, I will hear a hum. It's not a lot of hum, but it's there. The jack hums if I handle it on the cable. I can only assume that the recorder is exposed to the AC lines because there is no hum when the combo is not connected. If I connect the piano and my phone at the same time, it won't bother me at all. The H6 has self-powered microphones plugged into it. I have a theory that the mic line on the shell of the connector is where the shield should be, because the CTIA standard puts it there. The only way that one could effectively shield a CTIA is to use a secondary shield around the entire body. It's not too surprising that Apple didn't adopt the OMTP standard because they have always gone out of their way to buck industry standards. One can only wonder why others followed. There is a If I'm correct, all CTIA-based microphones are going to be prone to hum, which would be no fault of this adapter. MillSO could have come up with a way to provide shielding, but at the same time, it's not hard to imagine that they would just go with the standard, even though it may have a tragic flaw. Apple has abandoned their own standard in favor of Lightning, yet another proprietary standard, and now that the world has purchased untold millions of dollar worth of Lightning, they appear to be moving toward the new standard, which is bound to be the first time that Apple has ever adopted. If it weren't for the investment in Lightning, one would be happy. It won't speak to the needs of any serious audio production work, but it will muddy the waters for headset and headphones makers. I haven't given a complete answer as to the quality of this accessory. I will try to build my own at this time. I am wondering if we can do a better job with using off-the-shelf components, but my initial searches for shielded TRRS jacks did not turn up anything. I intend to use this for a while and see if the hum is a problem in a real-world recording. I think it may be okay, but I don't think any other adapter would be any better. Most of the sellers on Amazon aren't even willing to commit to the CTIA standard, let alone reveal any technical details like shielding, so while this adapter may be imperfect, it may also be as good as one can easily get.

3. Headphone Splitter KOOPAO Microphone Earphones

Headphone Splitter KOOPAO Microphone Earphones

Ultra high quality audio can be provided by converting digital files to analog. The headset is made of a piece of metal. A single 3.5mm female jack is split into two 3.5mm male jacks. The mic wouldn't work for Apple original earphone and Beats headphones, so you have to connect a 4-position headset to your PC or computer. You can connect your newer headsets to a PC or laptop for use with VOIP applications, such as Skype or chat programs, such as Yahoo or Google Voice. Flexible and Durable The signal performance can be improved by golding. Flexible cable and case for portable bending. The strong braided exterior creates a durable design. It is the first time they have used fishing wire-kind materials for protection. Anti-slip grab design, crystal-like appearance, and gentle touch feel. KOOPAO is a professional splitter cable manufacturer. Every product they launch has undergone rigorous testing and is in line with US quality standards. Please be free to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Koopao

👤Excellent sound and high quality materials for the price. Don't put it into itself. I had too much to drink and decided to give it a try. I saw a bright flash of light and when I looked again, I realized that I had left my home in the north-eastern part of the country. I thought I had traveled back in time to the mid-fifties as well as the distance, but it turns out that the southern states are just like that. It took me almost a week to find someone who spoke English, and they agreed to drive me to Atlanta in exchange for my socks, where I was able to board a plane back home. Be careful!

👤If you want the solution to intermittent loss of headset and mic, you should go to the last X sentence. After several years, my old PC headset finally died, so I went to replace it and found that most of the new headsets had a different plug to accommodate smart phones. Yes, you can use a smart phone. You can't plug these headsets into older computers. I needed a product like this one that was reliable and cheap, and this one looked like it was the most reliable one. I plugged my new headset into this splitter and then plugged the splitter into my desktop as usual. It took me a long time to get this all to work. It took me several days to get my headset and mic to work. The problem was tracked down to the splitter. I ordered a new one from a different supplier because it was acting like a broken wire. I just left it in because this one started to work well before it arrived. I was having terrible audio issues when I was installing Linux on my PC, but it was in place for 3 or 4 months. The audio issues were fixed after a couple of hours, but the headset was not working again. I unplugged it from everything and plugged it all back together. The connection between the headset and the splitter was not completely seated, even though I used the usual amount of force to put them together. There was a small gap between the 2 pieces of the connection. I pushed them together harder and was rewarded with a click. The headset has been working perfectly. The other splitter I bought had the same issue as the one I did. If you use a splitter with these kinds of headsets, you need to push the headset into it until you hear a click. I hope this will help other people with this product. It's terrible that the supplier didn't mention this in the description, it would have saved me a lot of headaches.

👤I got a headset for my computer to work from home, and I wasn't happy with the adapter. I have a headset that works in my phone, but when I plug it into the computer, it makes cracking noises, and I was told it was hard to hear me. All problems went away when I switched it out for another brand.

4. NANYI 2x3 5mm Headphone Converter Splitter

NANYI 2x3 5mm Headphone Converter Splitter

One 3.5mm jack port computer allows the use of older audio accessories with newer computers, and allows you to use a higher quality headset with your phone. It's not possible to listen to two people at the same time, but it is possible to use an audio port for a microphone. 1. The microphone/headphone female interface on the laptop should be combined with a 3.5mm female connector. You can use your newer headsets to connect to a PC or laptop for use with VOIP applications such as Skype or chat programs. 2. It is compatible with most TRRS headsets, such as smartphone headphones, and is 3.5MM and 3Pin. The HD is from Sennheiser. Cs wired headset, Hyperx cloud 2, a speaker, and more. The design is easy to carry around. 3. 24K Gold-plated Crafts Gold Plating has high transfer speed and is durable. Provide rigidity and improve signal performance. Flexible cable and case for portable bending. 4. Convenient carrying, easy to use and intall are provided by small design. It's ideal for connecting two headsets on one audio source. 5. A hassle-free 12-month warranty.

Brand: Nanyi

👤I bought it to connect the VideoMic ME to the Canon 80d, which has 3.5 TRS input. It worked well. The actual length of the cable is not 30 cm. If you measure it from one back of the connection to the other, you'll get this length. It doesn't bother me if another cable swings around. I can tape it together. The main thing is that I don't have an expensive cable connection. This kind of solution worked for me when I needed to connect my phone to the Sony Stereo mic with the TRRS input. In that case, I got cable with two females and one male to connect to my cellphone. It worked as well. There is a There was no interference when I connected the cable to the Canon. I would like the length to be 30 cm. This additional cable slack could be used by me.

👤It's pretty easy to use for those of you that need a splitter. Great price for the product, serves it's purpose well. There is a The jackets around the 3.5mm jacks are made of smooth metal and can be slippery. This is just me picking things up. There is a Without dragging this out too long... I give the NANYI a 9.

👤Either the connection is bad or short. I'll be sitting here listening to music and suddenly the volume fades away. The sound is back after I touch the cable. I worked in an electronics store for 15 years and never had a cable that wasn't working. They are much more flimsier than the picture shows.

👤I was going to give this splitter a 4 because they delivered it one day late for a Day of Defeat match, but I love the silk screened on the input plugs, so there's no guessing. A great product. America has sold it's soul by making products of this quality.

👤I would rate this 0 stars. The quality of this splitter is cheap and flimsy. The female side of the connection is very tight, so the end of the male jack has to be very strong. I tested it with different headphones. The splitter doesn't work right. It made it impossible for you to record any audio output because the mic cuts in and out repetitively. I bought this so I can use my headphones in online games. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.

👤I have a mic. I thought this would allow me to use both the audio and mic from my PC. It didn't work for me. Plugging in the mic is making the audio bad.

👤I had a pair of headphones that I plugged in. I couldn't find another one for the broken one. I thought I'd give this a try because the headset used a 35-mm jack. The thickness is a little heavy. They don't want to be able to plug into my front panel. Just put a little pressure on it. I'm very happy with what I paid.

5. Warmstor Headphone Splitter Smartphone Microphone

Warmstor Headphone Splitter Smartphone Microphone

5. A hassle-free 12-month warranty. 3.5mm Y power source. You can connect your newer headsets to a PC or laptop for use with VOIP applications, such as Skype or chat programs. Quality Sound: 24K gold- plated and oxygen-free copper wire. Quality control is important. The oxygen-free copper wire and the polished 24K Gold-plated connector ensure higher audio transmission. Bring your superior stereo sound to both outputs. Plug and play allows you to listen to music with your original headphones. It is possible to work with most devices. The cable length is 20 cm, which is small and lightweight for road trips and plane rides. The 2-pack 3.5mm Headphone Splitter Cable is red and black.

Brand: Warmstor

👤I wore different headsets to test these. The stock Apple headset is not included in this generic headset. I tried different devices, including PC, Focusrite interface, and phone. There is a The microphone and headphones always work. There is a Either I have a bunch of weird proprietary parts or this product is garbage.

👤I was not happy with the product. I ordered the headphones because I haven't been able to use the mic on my headphones for calls on my PC. I opened the package and found the headphones in a bag. I plugged the black one in first. Nothing. The mic wasn't the only problem I had on the call. I didn't hear anything. I tried the red headphones and it was the same issue. I don't know if it's a faulty product or the fact that the audio and mic don't work, but I would think so. Fortunately I'm still able to return this product, but I'm frustrated that I have to go through the whole process of returning this product and not be able to use a mic for my meetings. Save money and time. Don't buy it.

👤If you're looking for something that will need to be dealt with a lot, these aren't up to it. The female side has a strain relief that is more decorative than functional. Especially with the flat wire. The metal tabs on the sleeve conductor are doing all the heavy lifting, so the male ends don't bother pretending anything. It doesn't seem like they were built to be repairable. I bought a single pack and need both, so I'm afraid to open one to look inside. It felt like they were closing in on snapping, applying a little force to unthread the back. I have checked impedance and it doesn't seem to affect audio quality. They'll be ok in a zero impact situation.

👤I was hesitant at first due to the low price of the product, but have been pleasantly surprised multiple times since using it. For free shipping without Prime, I was expecting it to take 1-2 weeks to get there, based on the shipping estimate given by Amazon. It arrived in less than a week. The packaging that the product came in appeared to be an anti-static bag with a tear off seal, which was so cheap in cost, that it astounded me. The way it looked and felt made me think it was an anti-Static bag. The packaging of this product was still very high quality compared to the price I paid, even if it was not anti-Static. The product itself was very high quality. I was very pleased with the build quality of the product and the rigidity of the 3.5mm pins, especially when other products in its category are going for more than ten dollars. The downfall of this product was the initial installation as my computer did not recognize the stereo headset that I had plugged into it, however after plugging it back in, it worked perfectly, and even fixed a problem with the mic which happened to be built. I am happy to say that I approve of everything that the product has to offer, and will be keeping an eye on it as time goes on.

6. Headphone Splitter Computer Smartphone Headset

Headphone Splitter Computer Smartphone Headset

WARRANTY: You don't need to return the item if the problem isn't working. You can use your newer headsets to connect to a PC or laptop for use with VOIP applications such as Skype or chat programs. 3.5 MM Speaker and Headphone Splitter with Two Male Ports, One for Headphone Jack and the other for mic jack on your PC / laptop. The 3.5 MM Audio Y Splitter Cable with Oxygen-Free Copper is a great solution to have on hand in your laptop bag. Any PC computer laptop with 3.5 MM can be compatible. Jacks are compatible with 3.5mm Stereo Earphones. It's possible to connect two headsets on one audio source, and enjoy your cell phone music with your friend.

Brand: D & K Exclusives

👤The sound quality is excellent. My PC never saw the headset as a mic or headphones, never both. My headset wouldn't work with the pc because it didn't have any 4 channel aux ports. If this will work for you, you can find out about it below. I chose to use the back panel since it did work with the back panel colored pink input/ green output ports, even though the front panel mic input port did not work with this. If your ports are colored like this, it should work for you. If this will work for you, you need to double check your headset and pc/device, just count the rings on the plug, each ring is an "R" in the type. The headsets with two rings, "TRRS", will work with this adapter. Even though the input is hard to check, if it is colored it is almost always a TRS jack. If you're lucky, you'll find out your pc has a TRRS jack, so don't buy this adapter. Pink input and Green output worked for me. The output jacks should work just fine with the colored one. If an uncolored input doesn't work, you should be prepared to return if this is the case.

👤You'll need to push the headphones male into the jack to get the adapters to their ports, it's very hard to do. I didn't push all the way in due to the extreme resistance for the jack to lock, and my sound was failing, because I got tired of bad sound quality. I thought I broke something when I pushed the jack very hard. It turned out that it wasn't well connected, which was causing bad sound quality. It was great after it went all the way in.

👤The mic worked well. I wanted to use these with my Earpods for gaming. When it split the audio, it was very jany. Poor quality female and jack. It's not fun to use stereo headphones in a game that requires you to pay attention to audio cues and it's not fun to use mono headphones in a game that you enjoy listening to. There is a I told myself that the bad reviews were a sign that this was just a coincidence. There's only a 5% chance that I'd get a broken product because of the ratio of 1-star reviews to 4 and 5-star reviews. I'm buying another product from a more reliable source, and I don't know if that is a coincidence or not. Was a lot of money wasted in these trying times... Cheers.

👤The microphone split didn't work for me. I can still hear the audio on the headphones, but I can't use the microphone. I wanted them to work on the Boss headphones. I tried Apple Ear Pods and they didn't work, then I tried some Anker headphones and they didn't work for that either. I tried them on another computer and thought it was my computer. None of them worked. Disappointed and satisfied.

7. SOLMIMI Crystal Nylon Headphone Dual Plug Smartphone

SOLMIMI Crystal Nylon Headphone Dual Plug Smartphone

The 2-pack 3.5mm Headphone Splitter Cable is red and black. The SOLMIMI headset accessory turns a 3.5mm combo port into a 1x 3.5mm headphone jack and a 1x 3.5mm microphone jack. It's perfect for online lessons, chat programs, and more. Superb performance. A headset splitter is used to connect a double-plug headset to a 3.5mm auxiliary port. You can use a separate microphone and speakers if you want to chat online without a headset. Also, note: Don't support the device. Bose/Beats headsets are used for mic function. The headphone splitter is made with 15000+ bend lifespan and Crystal-like nylon-braided exterior for maximum protection, anti-slip grab and gentle touch. A metallic shell is great with expensive gadgets. Premium audio transmission is ensured with the use of pure Oxygen-Free-Copper wires, polished 24K gold-plated connector, built-in 4 spiral contacts, and aluminum shell. Excellent stereo sound quality can be found on both outputs. The SOLMIMI Advantage is a step down design of audio mic splitter that makes it fit in any phone case. You can carry it for bags, handbags, pockets, or everywhere. SOLMIMI's 1-year hassle-free customer service is their goal.

Brand: Solmimi

👤I have one of those, and this is very useful. There are computer headsets that break the earphones and microphone into separate cables. I can't use it with my laptop or cell phone because of the two jacks. That is where the adapter is useful. You can plug the female microphone jack into the adapter and the male microphone jack into the computer or cell phone with the single TRRS male jack. I can see no loss of sound quality or volume in my earphones when I use this adapter. When you plug the two jacks from your headset into the adapter, there is a firm click, and the connection is not going to come loose unless you pull it out. The braided covering on the cables will increase the longevity. There is a I am quite pleased with the quality of the adapter and recommend it.

👤I can attach my old windows headphones to my new windows pc with these. No issues.

8. Headphone Splitter AkoaDa Micophone Compatible

Headphone Splitter AkoaDa Micophone Compatible

The 3.5mm TRRS Audio Extension Cable has a 12-month product quality warranty and high standards of customer service. Combined audio adapter There is a male and female jack plug for the Headphone Cable Splitter. (). TRRS plug. The standard audio divider. The Akoada 3.5mm audio divider can be used with any 3.5mm jack based headset. Audio and Micophone support for wire control and call functions. clearly labelled Color and symbols for easy identification of microphone and headphone input, convert 3.5mm jack to Audio&Micophone jack for more connections, and allow older audio accessories to be used with newer computers. Not compatible with Apple headphones, Beats and other Apple devices. imate service You can rest assured that they stand behind their products and their customers with AkoaDa's 18 month warranty. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee as well. If you don't like the product you purchase, you can return it for a full refund.

Brand: Akoada

9. ProAudioLine Strong Braided Microphone Headphones PlayStation 4

ProAudioLine Strong Braided Microphone Headphones PlayStation 4

There is a robbery. The Golden-Connectors are cast with lightweight aluminum. A patent-designed strain relief along with a thick high-elastic PVC barrier that is fully protected by 16x3 strands of braided-nylon. The 4-pole TRRS wire core is braided by 4 strands of copper with an extra transparent anti- shielding layer on its surface. This is a true Hifi audio experience, with all the advanced technology put together. The Kepulu headset is ready for the person who wants to get the best sound from their gear. They spent 11 years on audio cable design and building. Their audio cable makes it impossible to listen to anything else. You can hear an improved bass performance, more detail across the spectrum, better attack speed, stereo, and expanded soundstage. There is a decision that is free of regret. The spliiter mic and audio is compatible with any jack. A great choice for headphones with microphone jack, gaming headset spliiter mic and audio and VoIP Phone headset splitter mic and audio, and more. It can be used with the Kepulu 4-Pole TRRS 3.5mm headphone extension cable. Not sure what to get? Ask them for a professional audio solution. The perfect fit is achieved with premium materials like anodized aluminum in an Ultra-Slim design for an absolutely secure fit in your PC, laptop, earbuds, gaming headset, and more. The smooth one-piece-design of the gold- plated plug reduces the chance of damage to devices from pug. The protective cases are not taken off because of the unique polished-cut-edge design. All types of the small mini headphone jack are compatible. 11 years of excellence Kepulu has provided exceptional personalized service since 2010. Irresistible factors forced them to start an online business. They might be "noob" in online-marketing. They are serious about audio cables. All Kepulu cables have a 30-day no-reason refund, 90-day no-reason replacement, and 5-year free exchange, and they have absolute confidence in them. Shh!

Brand: Kepulu

👤Works well. It was really well made. I will use this for a long time.

👤I worked for my son.

👤The sleeve was detached at first use. It looks like it was put on with glue and then dried up.

👤My son has no complaints.

👤Excellent conetivity worked as promised.

👤No tienen puerto unico de headset, funciona, pero se siente de buena calidad.

10. MillSO Headphone Splitter Adapter Compatible

MillSO Headphone Splitter Adapter Compatible

One 3.5mm jack port computer allows the use of older audio accessories with newer computers, and allows you to use a higher quality headset with your phone. The braided wire has a great audio transmission. The MillSO 3.5mm headset splitter is designed to connect a double-plugs gaming headset to most devices with a 3.5mm TRRS port. The 3.5mm TRRS male and 3.5mm TRS female are on the audio jack cable. Almost all popular audio devices can be supported by the MillSO 3.5mm audio splitter. The 3.5mm male port can be used for PC, laptop, and tablets. There are two 3.5mm female ports for a double-plugs headset. It doesn't work for a microphone. If you have any compatibility issues, please contact their support team. High Fidelity Audio Transmission has a braided sheath, 24K contacts, plastic metal sleeve, and double shielding. Ensuring optimum sound quality, long usefulness, and providing lossless audio transmission are some of the things that should be done. The braided sheath of the 3.5mm headset adapter cable is soft and durable. The design is robust and compact. MillSO offers a 12-month warranty for all of its products to protect against quality troubles or compatibility issues. You can extend it for 18 months by calling the MillSO team. They are happy to help with any problem you have.

Brand: Millso

👤The product was purchased to do what was advertised, which was to expand a combination of headphones and mics to two usable jacks. It was tested in a phone, a computer, and a car. The mic jack doesn't work in any of the cases. The product page needs to be updated to clearly state which products this adapter works with.

👤This review is for the MillSO Headphone Splitter Adapter - 3.5mm 4 Pole. There is a compatible gaming headset, PS4 and phone. That detail is important. All of the details about connecting audio signals are clear when you get this adapter from Millso. Every single thing is a standard and there are different standards for wiring the tips, rings, and sleeves. The different options are shown in the product's headline. Millso explains what standards are involved in the descriptions. They give all the clues needed to make a quick web search for the device. I got the right device the first time, thanks to these helpful details. It works great when I have a long call. I use an older high quality call-center headset with this one and can hear and be heard much better than with the phone on its own or any "ear bud" based purpose-specific ear/mic combination. I can put it in a container when I'm done with it. I don't coil it into a tight circle. I use it with a headset, but it's 888-282-0465 888-282-0465, which is more compact. Sound does not crackle at all. There is a Thanks to Millso for clearing up the mud in the selection of the sound.

👤The little guy worked great for my consoles. I have a great headset from Logitech, but it doesn't have the plugs for the microphone and headphones. I sit a long way away, and it doesn't work with the Xbox, but it does have ausb, but for some reason that doesn't work with the xbox. The controller only has one port. The headset can be connected to the controller port with this adapter. I can now play squad with my friends.

👤I am using this to add music to my game. It worked for a second and then stopped. I checked my other devices and cables, but they don't work when connected to this splitter. I requested a new one in hopes that it's not bad. I will leave the review as is if the replacement works.

👤My interest was in monitoring the audio output from the computer and connecting a stereo mic output to it. I used an ohm-meter to figure out how it was wired. I found that it could be important for some users. There is a The side with headphones had no surprises. The stereo is passed through the TRRS plug to the TRS plug. What does the mic input do? If you have the output of a stereo feeding a TRS plug with the left channel on the Tip and the right channel on the Ring and you plug this into the mic leg of the adapter, you can use it to amplify your sound. The Left and Right channels will be shorted since both Tip and Ring are connected to the mic input. If the drivers coming from your stereo source are not protected, you could be short out. This arrangement is not for my purpose. It would have been better if they dropped the left or right channels and just passed one through. The best solution would have been to put the wiring diagram in their specifications. If you plug a 2-wire TS into the mic leg of the splitter, you will get no mic input through to the TRRS plug.

11. UGREEN Headphone Splitter Computer Smartphone

UGREEN Headphone Splitter Computer Smartphone

The microphone is portable and easy to put in your bag or pocket. It doesn't require additional audio software, just enjoy music and voice chat with your favorite 3.5mm headphone at any time, they will give you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours. The UGREEN Headphone Microphone Splitter is a simple way to connect headsets of 4-pole 3.5mm TRRS plug to PC or laptop with separate audio and mic jack. The turtle beach recon 50 gaming headsets can be connected to the computer via the headphones. The headset splitter has oxygen-free copper wire and polished 24K gold- plated connections. The headset is original sound quality and offers better gaming and communication. The UGREEN 3.5mm Y Mic Splitter Cable is built to last. The gold-plated plugs and aluminum alloy casing enhance the durability. The nylon braided jacket is strong enough to endure twist, tug, and tangle. UGREEN PC headset is compatible with most TRRS headsets, such as smartphone headphones. The HD is from Sennheiser. Cs wired headset, Hyperx cloud 2, a speaker, and more. The design is easy to carry around. The cable length is 20 cm. The mic splitter is only compatible with CTIA standard headphones, not Apple Earbuds or Beats headphones.

Brand: Ugreen

👤The situation is that only the audio out works, not the audio in. It can't be detected by the desktop. I tried it on my roommate's desktop, but it failed again. -- Update line. Dec 12th There is a The seller contacted me and sent me a replacement, so I changed from 1star to 3stars. It still doesn't work. I can't give 5 stars. Dec 24 The seller sent me another one, but it still didn't work on my Alienware desktop. It worked on my roommate's desktop, but I realized it may be related to Alienware. I change to 5 stars since it works on my computer, and I appreciate the seller's kindness. Merry Christmas! There is a If you are an Alienware user, the splitter may not work on your desktop.

👤When I plugged in the cable, there was a loud static. After a lot of searching, I found an option that allowed you to turn up the sound of your mic, but it was at max volume. You are golden if you look for something that says +db and lowers it to 10. The cable is great. Unless your settings get in the way, it does exactly what it is supposed to do.

👤I am giving this item 5 stars because of the amazing customer service I received. There is a The communication and length of the customer service rep's journey to find a resolution was simply amazing. They offered to replace the item for free, but I refused because it was being used for a temporary solution. I don't think this item is faulty. I think there is a tolerance issue with the headset that did not work. They submitted a partial refund on my behalf after explaining this to the customer service rep. Customer service should be recognized. I wouldn't expect that level of communication from a $10 item. I am both thankful and appreciative that it did. This item works well for my headset. Customer service will make things right if the item doesn't work with your headset.

👤This is for my laptop, which has separate ports for headphones and mic. If you plan on using headphones that only have one headphone port, consider a product like this if you want to use a mic. There is a I have not experienced any problems with this product. The build is pretty solid with the metal parts and braided cable. I would probably not recommend excessive bending.

👤I bought this for my headset to split the audio and mic into two separate devices. It works perfectly, it's a Hyperx cloud 2 headset. I have a headset that I use to reach the back of my computer. Works well! Audio and mic are flawless.

👤The mic and speakers on the xbox one headset were not separated by the sound card in my PC. I picked this up and it works well. Able to use any type of headset with this setup. I won't have to replace it anytime soon.


What is the best product for headphone mic combiner?

Headphone mic combiner products from Startech. In this article about headphone mic combiner you can see why people choose the product. Millso and Koopao are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone mic combiner.

What are the best brands for headphone mic combiner?

Startech, Millso and Koopao are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone mic combiner. Find the detail in this article. Nanyi, Warmstor and D & K Exclusives are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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