Best Headphone Mic Covers Foam

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1. Sunmns Ch05 Cover Headset Microphone Windscreen

Sunmns Ch05 Cover Headset Microphone Windscreen

Design for standard microphones. Protect your microphone from noise. The material is good for voice. It's suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues. Each of the 10 pack of microphone windscreens is 1.06 x 0.87 inches.

Brand: Sunmns

👤If you are a fitness instructor, you should buy this! I change my own windscreen frequently since they get sweaty and gross while teaching. It protects the microphone from damage. The solution is simple and can be used to avoid other people's germs. These fit a mic. I don't know if they fit others.

👤I wish they were denser. I have 3 of them, each inside the next, on my Steelseries Arctis headset, because my friends complained that they could hear wind when I walked around, and they could hear my breathing. This seems to make up for the situation where air is being blown into the microphone and it doesn't sound distorted. They don't do anything more than using 3 stacked like I do. Think of them as pop filters and nothing more, they won't stop air from blowing into your mic.

👤I have three headsets, The Turtle Beach XO Four, the SADES R6 c, and the Hyperx Cloud, that were missing foam screens. The product fit on both headsets very well and was more secure on the turtle beach headset. I was wondering if I would need to use electrical tape or glue to hold the foam down as the turtle beach is very snug, but that wasn't necessary as the Sades were snug. The balls of foam are about the size of a large black olive, so you can decide if you need one or not.

👤When I had a fan blowing air at me, it would be loud on other people's headsets, so I bought these. These fit snug so it won't slide off, neither does it slide on easy, and you just have to stretch the opening over the mic a bit. If you're playing a lot of mic gaming, this is something you should get.

👤The replacement for my blue parrot headset was supposed to be here. I lost the original foam piece almost 3 years ago, and I lost 1 every single day because they fit so poorly. I gave up on putting one on after the third or fourth one. I've been meaning to hot glue one on but never have I thought about it at home.

👤Whenever I teach, I swap these out on the mics. It works great!

👤It is easy to find this product on Amazon and you wish you could find it somewhere else. It's a pack. When your coworker is drooling on one, whip it off and pop another one on. No problem. It's time for a new one. They're great!

👤The price is amazing and the fit is perfect, unlike the original which cost$15 for a single piece, this one is snug, compact and perfect. This one is following in love with him.

👤Excellent quality pop filters. The v-moda boom pro mic is also compatible with them. If they are the correct size for your needs, you can't go wrong with these.

👤What a great find! The wind shield fell off my headset. I got ten for the same price as a single wind shield. It was tight over the mic, but that's probably a good thing. Absolutely delighted and will recommend other pilots.

2. Headset Microphone Windscreen Lavalier Variety

Headset Microphone Windscreen Lavalier Variety

The size is 3022mm and the Caliber is 0.38 inches. The microphone foam cover is made of high density foam, which can reduce wind interference noise and improve audio quality. The foam cover protects the microphone from dust, saliva, and water. It is possible to fit small lapel and headset microphones, such as gaming headsets, office telephone hands-free headsets, fitness class headsets, aviation headsets, podium microphones, and many others. It's suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues. The foam microphone covers are vacuum-packed, they have excellent elasticity, just take them out for a while, and then they will return to their original shape.

Brand: Sumaju

👤I took a star off because they fall off easily. They are great for stopping people from breathing. People, be aware of your air.

👤You only get 8 if you advertise 10. The label says 10.

👤The old somic cat headset is too skinny to fit the new one, so it falls off of the mic.

👤They're a little smaller than I 888-276-5932s. The pink is pretty.

👤It works perfectly with my headset.

👤I was worried that the color would be off, but it matches the Kraken Kitty perfectly. It fits the mic just right. The end doesn't stick out, but it covers all the important bits.

👤These are perfect for my headset. They fit perfectly on my mic and they include 10 in this pack. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for better mic quality and of course love the color.

3. Universal Microphone Windscreens BlueParrott Plantronics

Universal Microphone Windscreens BlueParrott Plantronics

Microphone foam covers. 200 pieces of great disposable microphone covers will be sent to you, enough for you to use and replace, and also good for sharing with your family and friends. 10 Global Teck individual replacement mics are included in the 10-pack bundle. 10 Global Teck individual replacement mics are included in the 10-pack bundle. 10 Global Teck individual replacement mics are included in the 10-pack bundle. It stays on your microphone better than cheaper foam cushions. The section was designed for various headsets and lapels for Blue Parrot, as well as other manufacturers. Reducing breath and other environmental noises is achieved by the Reducue Background NoISE. Use your favorite headband to protect the microphone. Headset manufacturers recommend that the cushions be replaced every 3 months. Para them con tu auricular, favor de ver lista. Protect your headset to prolong its life. The microphone can distort your conversations if debris from it is not removed.

Brand: Global Teck Worldwide

👤I ordered these because the old windsock on my gamecom 1 was getting grungy. I didn't expect a custom fit, but I had to cut on side half through to jam it over the mic and then glue it in place. These are not even close. The pic that is doing it justice is not the size of the windsock that Plantronics has. The opening is small.

👤These were a great fit for my headset and microphone. I have extras for when my cat eats the cover.

👤Finally! I found a couple of windscreens that fit my headsets. I found what I needed after trying several others on Amazon. These fit my headsets perfectly. They are a little thicker than the original ones, but that is probably a good thing. They stay on the device longer than the originals.

👤They fit the same as the original, but there's not much you can say about them, they're just a replacement, and they might even have the same quality as the original.

👤I think it was a good deal. I only used one so far and it seems like I have a lifetime supply. The fit is great and it does help when I talk to not sound like I'm talking to someone who's talking to someone who's talking to someone who's talking to someone who's talking to someone who's talking to someone who's talking to someone who

👤These are great. I wanted to replace the windsocks on my Blue Parrott's. The little black thing that they make... These are better than the originals and they don't fall off. I have a bag of replacements and I wind socks other microphones with them. Great windscreens.

👤The wind noise must be kept down. There is a My son's friends complained that his fan made it sound like he was playing a game on the freeway. There is a These help.

👤The opening to put the mic in is too small. I had to stretch it open so I could fit it onto my mic. I didn't expect it to be that small, but I also didn't expect it to be a custom fit. The audio part of the product does work, but I wish they were a little thicker so they would work a little more efficiently.

👤It fits perfectly with my Blueperrott B250-XT.

👤The microphone covers worked well.

👤The product was received. The fit is perfect.

4. Blue Tiger Universal Mini Covers

Blue Tiger Universal Mini Covers

This pack of foam mic covers will give your headset a new look and sound. Universal fit: Blue Tiger professional headsets can be fitted with the mic windscreen foam covers. There is a phone cover. The life of your headset can be extended by keeping it safe from dust, saliva and humidity. NoISE CANCELLING Your headset's noise cancellation effectiveness is increased by keeping your microphone wind foam in good condition. There are truck accessories. Blue Tiger microphone accessories are made to reduce background noise. You can take those calls and communicate better now that you're built to last.

Brand: Blue Tiger

👤These are the ones that will fit perfectly without falling off, so if you're looking for a replacement windscreen for your Blue Parrot B250-XT/XTS headset, look no further. There is a The description stated that the pack of 10 would fit "lapel microphones AND headsets", and it looked like a great deal because I was getting 10 for less than the price of the 3 that come with this item. That all sounded great. It turned out that those were made to fit the microphones that have a bigger hole than the one on the BP headset. They fell off of my headset because the whole was too big. I considered using a small amount of glue on the end of the mic boom to keep it on, but realized that the bigger hole would allow the wind to blow right up to the mic and cause distortion anyway. There is a I came across these. You only get 3 for almost twice the price, but these fit my BP 250-XTS perfectly, just like the originals. They seem to be the same density as the originals. There is a If you're looking for wind screens for microphones, buy the 10 pack. These are the ones you need if you want to replace the windscreen that fell off of your headset.

👤The new Turtle Beach headset had no wind screen. I sit under a fan, so I don't get any noise. It would annoy people. I was able to cover the mic with a little effort and it sounded great. Great product.

👤Put a new one on the Blue Tiger. I tried others that didn't block noise and lost the original. The originals are from Blue Tiger. It works just right and blocks the noise. I went for a drive on the highway and no one could hear the wind noise or tell me I was driving.

👤The replacement for my headset is very close to what I had. It's much cheaper than truck stop sellers.

👤Fit perfect and works great on my helmet.

👤To small for a mic.

👤These are useless, they are about the size of an olive.

5. Replacement BlueParrott Canceling Microphone Windscreen

Replacement BlueParrott Canceling Microphone Windscreen

BlueParrott B250-XT B250-XTS B350-XT B350-XTS B450-XT B550-XT C400-XT S450-XT are compatible with windsock. Popfileter reduces wind noise and background noise to improve the audio quality. The Windshield protects your microphone from harmful dust. The mic windmuff is made from quilted material. The Spongue accessories are soft and thick.

Brand: Lefxmophy

👤The mic cover on my Blue Parrot headset fell apart, but I still love it. This is a bit longer and more sturdy than the original. Works well!

👤They are relatively inexpensive. Not much to say about this product.

👤Went easy and served the purpose.

👤The foam mouth pieces are great.

👤It works perfectly. Great reduction of noise.

👤It didn't cancel any wind and the filter needed to be stretched to fit a smaller mic would not recommend.

👤I received exactly what I ordered. There is a It was perfect.

👤This item is needed for my headset.

👤BlueParrot, couvre parfaitement le micro.

6. EBoot Mini Size Headset Microphone Windscreen

EBoot Mini Size Headset Microphone Windscreen

The microphones fit in the windscreens. Protect your microphone from noise. The material is good for voice. It's suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues. The Caliber is 0.31 inches.

Brand: Eboot

👤It fits perfectly with my Vmoda BoomMic. It won't come off and go past where the mic ends.

👤I wanted a lavalier mic. They are huge. I'm pretty sure they cancel noise because you could park a Smart Car inside of one. The description doesn't do them justice. If you were using a scale that was appropriate for a Blue Whale, "Mini-sized" would be a fitting description.

👤Like many other truck drivers, I bought these for my headset. I read that it works as a replacement. It helps block wind noise. It does not stay on your mic. The hole is the same size as the center. The blue parrot mic covers are tighter on the hole to prevent it from slipping off. You can either push them back onto your headset or replace them.

👤I got my hyper x cloud flight mic, which didn't have any foam on it. I decided to get a filter after I noticed that the mic picks up a lot of pops. There is a These are a great price and fit perfectly. It only took one try to get it on. I don't have to worry about it falling off, as it's pretty snug around the mic.

👤I have to use a headset to teach yoga. I will return to the studio to teach after about a year. Every instructor has this headset. I wanted to switch out the foamy thing. I was not putting the foam in my mouth. I should have gotten a smaller size. I had to thread the hole smaller so that Popping wouldn't be able to use the mic. You can hear me breathing, but I can't. When that happens, I move the mic further away from my mouth. There is a If the foamy thing was small, I can't bother exchanging.

👤It fits the microphone of my headset. The microphone on the Artis is a bit chubby and resembles an ice hockey puck. It should fit well with other microphones. There is a It reduces breathing noise as well as plosives, so my audio quality is improved.

👤I have an Antlion Modmic 4.0 that needed to be replaced because it had a hole in it. It's a tight fit, but if you stretch it over enough you can get it to fit nicely. It seems a bit shorter than the original, but that has not been a problem. I think it might be a tad overpriced for what they are. I guess that depends on how long it lasts.

👤The microphone was sensitive enough to pick up fan noise from across the room, so I bought them. 5 stars are what these effectively put an end to. 5 points for coming 5 to a pack. If I need them, I have spare parts. I have 3 left if I need them, and I gave one to my girlfriend for her headset. They won't work miracles, but they do what they're designed to do. There are no problems here.

7. Hisonic LPWS5P Lavalier Microphone Windscreen

Hisonic LPWS5P Lavalier Microphone Windscreen

It reduces popping and wind noise. It fits most headset and lavalier microphone. Hisonic is a genuine brand.

Brand: Hisonic

👤The wind shield on my headset deteriorated over time, so I found these colorful ones. I change them to match my clothes to liven up my chats, but my hair is messy, my lighting is crude, but I can smile with these colorful windshields. They seem strong enough not to break on removing them and putting them back.

👤The Blue Parrot B450 and B350 fit these perfectly. The road noise was completely eliminated by the thickness of them. People think I'm in a truck going down I-5. I like the colors and they set me apart at the truck stop. Do you have an orange mic cover on your B450? Nope. The loser.

👤I bought this set for the yellow cover. They all looked great, except for the yellow. The yellow was packaged with the red. I washed it and got enough yellow and red dye out of the yellow one to make 3 or 4 more packages of windscreens orange. I ordered a pack of yellows that won't come for another quarter of a year because I am using the red one right now. The red one looks great. There was a lot of dye in the red one. There was a lot of dye.

👤I use the mics at the gym where I teach boot camp/Zumba. They are too small for the mics we use. I was able to stretch out the initial opening size to almost 1/2 of a cm. It wasn't enough as they tried to fit the mic. The covers were nice, but you have to fit your mic.

👤I am a group fitness instructor and share a microphone with other people. These look great, but they don't hold up. They tore after a few uses. I take on/off the car at the beginning and end of each class. They were not put on over the mouth. They ripped in half. It's a shame.

👤My first set was my second set. The quality and size of my originals have changed since I bought them, which were great, fit the instructor's mics I used at several gyms, and fun colors. I didn't think they were the same as everyone else's. The set I recently ordered to replace the ones I've lost did not meet expectations. The orange one ripped when I tried to use it. I'm stuck with the others. I'll give them a try if they fit differently, but I'm disappointed in this product. I will have to look for better quality black ones.

👤I bought these a few years ago, but I don't remember. I still use them multiple times a week with various headsets because I love them so much. I had to throw out the black and red, but I still have the rest in my desk drawer. I will buy these again when I need to replenish.

👤The hole in the foam was small so it was difficult to get it onto the microphone. It slid on with a little bit of careful stretching and pulling. I would like to have more color options. I wanted some green.

8. Mudder Cover Handheld Microphone Windscreen

Mudder Cover Handheld Microphone Windscreen

The mic cover set is suitable for most handheld mics, but not for headset mics. The ball-type foam microphone windscreen is thick and soft, convenient to set on the microphone. The foam ball is suitable for k tv, dance ball, conference room, news interviews, stage performance and other places. Clean and sanitary: these mic wind covers can keep your microphone away from saliva and humidity, which can make it hard to use the mic in a comfortable mood. The foam microphone covers were squeezed in a bag and should be put out for a while.

Brand: Mudder

👤I was completely disappointed when I took one out of the individually wrapped things, they looked like sealed plastic. I didn't think it was a good idea to open them. My Amazon return authorization allowed me to drop off the puppies at the store. I read a few reviews and wondered why there wasn't just a piece of paper saying that you just need to soak the little guys in water and they will transform into nice windscreens. That's all you need to do. Put them in a sink or container of water and they will change. Think of them as being dehydrated.

👤The photos on this product are not real. They don't come this way. It shows that the foam is of good quality and will stay the same. The foam is not very good. It is wrinkled and crumpled.

👤I was hesitant to buy these after seeing multiple reviews that said they came smashed up and distorted, but I thought for the price, it was worth a try. My package arrived quickly, and the bag of windscreens did come smashed, and had several dents at first. The foam went back to normal shape after they set out for a while. You wouldn't know they were damaged when I installed the windscreens on my mics. They work well. The mics I use to make "P" sounds are very crackly. This product is very good.

👤When you get these, they are vacuum sealed and when you remove the wrapper, they are smashed to the form of the wrapper. I thought they were useless. It looked like it had been melted into a sponge. There were no instructions on what to do. When I thought to try something, I was ready to return them. I squeezed the sponge under the running water to get it inside. I put it in the microwave for 10 seconds and it popped back into shape. There were no signs of damage to the original shape and thickness. They may have hot water. I squeezed the water out and let them dry on their own. They were placed on me. They fit perfectly.

👤I bought these to fit on a Shure SM57, but they are too large, despite several claims to the contrary in the Q&A section. I think they're more appropriate for a ball-type mic.

👤Are you a germaphobe? Can you not smell the saliva on your microphone? These are for you. I keep a spare one in my bedroom because I grab the one that is mine when a guest comes over to use the karaoke machine. They fit perfectly on the value mics I bought on Amazon and they seem to do the job by keeping the mic clean. They come a little warped but once on the mic it fits snug. It also depends on what kind of mic you have. I haven't washed them yet. Maybe the review will change after that. I'm happy with the purchase so far.

👤They do a fine job for most of the time, but that wasn't my purpose when I bought them. There is a We have a decent karaoke system. My kids have friends come over to sing. Our friends are coming over as well. Have you ever watched people use a karaoke microphone? Especially after a few drinks? The microphone gives me more tongue and lips than in high school. It's a bit disgusting. As soon as the karaoke party is over, I put a new microphone on and throw the old one away, because I don't know how well these keep germs away. The windscreen acts as a cushion for the inevitable drunken mic drop after a typically terrible rendition of "Baby Got Back" This song should be banned from karaoke forever. I don't think so. I highly recommend these.

9. Microphone Windscreen Colorful Mirophone Headset

Microphone Windscreen Colorful Mirophone Headset

There is a package that includes 2pcs black and 1pcs red. One blue, one orange, one green, one purple, one pink and one rose red item. Black,Red,Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Rose Red are all different colors. The microphone covers differentiate each microphone. Each microphone cover is packed in a plastic bag. The ball-type foam microphone windscreen is thick and soft, it is convenient to put it on the microphone. Clean and sanitary. The wind mic covers allow you to use the mic in a comfortable and dry way. It's suitable for indoor and outdoor activities like k tv, dance ball, news interviews, stage performance and sports. This is an important notice. The foam microphone covers have good elasticity and shrink. When you receive the mic covers, take them out and wait for a while, then it will return to its original shape.

Brand: 通用

👤The package appears to expand from a pancake into a microphone pop shield, which is about an inch thick and too small. You will send it back if you say, "What a ripoff!" I stretched it over a microphone to give it a chance to fail. There is a Stop! You're about to be foolish. This thing expands to the full size, growing in all dimensions, not just thickness, to become the pop shield you thought you ordered! The thinness is now full thickness. It wasn't long enough to cover everything. The word patience is derived from the Latin word for patience, grasshopper.

👤The sizes of the different sizes of the same piece of furniture vary from one place to another. You can spend the extra money on someone else's order.

10. Wode Microphone Windscreen Headset Protection

Wode Microphone Windscreen Headset Protection

Caliber: 0.38 inches. The material is made of high quality foam. It improves the recording quality by reducing unwanted noises. There is a feature. The foam cover can keep your microphone clean. Application for small microphones. It's suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues.

Brand: Sumaju

👤I lost the original microphone windscreens for my head set, and my mic was picking up more wind noise without them. These fix the problem. It is at a good price. The fit for the Sena 20s boom mic is snug and should work for other mics as well.

👤These are just mic "wind" screens, so you aren't blowing onto or having wind issues from your mic coming across to either your live stream or your mic chat to teammates, or chat in general. This is the best value I have seen. 15 sounds like a lot. You would be amazed at how many couches, recliners, and game chairs a cat can eat. They are a hazard to small kids and pets. There is a If your kids or older brother or sister want to use their headset or mic, you won't need a refill for a long time.

👤It was smaller than expected. The goal is thin and easy to rip. It's not good for the headset mic.

👤These were cheap and small to replace the crumbled wind screen on my microphone. I went shopping for something that would work because an exact replacement wasn't available. The hole in the screen is small enough to slip over the mic element. Wind screens that fit larger mic elements are too large to fit securely on my setup, so these are the way to go. The mic is in the center of your voice, so even if there was some foam in it, it wouldn't have much effect. 5 stars.

👤The foam wind screens work well with the headset. The newer headsets have a microphone. It wouldn't fit. They do a good job. If one wears out there is always the next one. It did not wear out so far.

👤I have a small fan on my desk that I can't use when I'm on conference calls because of the wind noise. I put a fan on my headset so I can use it for calls and chat without the wind blowing the microphone all the time. I put one on my headset and it worked great.

👤I bought my first windscreens from Amazon and they were too small for my gaming headset. The mics are snug so they won't fall out. I don't know what I'm going to do with the other 14, but I think this is a good buy because it blocks the wind noise my mic was picking up when I had my fan on. The package will be as thin as a few pieces of paper. If left alone, it will puff up to normal cylinder size in two days.

👤The opening is generous to go over different size bases. It's in place too. Due to the Pandemic, disposable mic covers were purchased to deal with sanitary needs. I got these in bulk. It does not harm noise canceling or improve it.

11. Tetra Teknica XFFZ5P BLK Headset Microphone Windscreen

Tetra Teknica XFFZ5P BLK Headset Microphone Windscreen

Headset microphone windscreens made of dense and transparent foam have good flexibility, strength and tear-resistance. An inexpensive, yet highly effective solution to reduce or eliminate unwanted popping sounds caused by mechanical impact of fast- moving air from speaking, wind, or man-made devices, such as ceiling fans or electrical fans. Fit a variety of headsets with microphones, such as gaming headsets, office telephone hands-free headsets, fitness class headsets, aviation headsets, hearing protection headsets, some voice recorders, podium microphones, and many others. You can find a complete list of compatible devices by scrolling down. Protects the microphone from dust, humidity, and human saliva to prolong the lifespan of the microphone as well as maintain personal hygiene for professionals who share devices among their associates. There is a generous package of 5 windscreens.

Brand: Tetra-teknica

👤The G4me Zero is a Headset from Sennheiser. I thought it wouldn't fit but it does. It's a bit tight, but the holes are fairly tight, so it won't move out of place, and I have the Senneheiser PC 360 and Sennheiser PC 350 as well.

👤This product does what it says it will do. If I moved the mic further away, I would have to raise the gain too high to make breathing noises, which would cause more background noise to enter the mic. I got these and it was a win-win situation. I can keep my mic close to my mouth and still have a clear sound. There is a The filter is small at first. The mic on my HyperX Cloud Revolver S is quite large, but the foam stretches without ripping. It didn't look like it would fit, but it fit tightly and should never slip off. It's a good investment, especially in the middle of theQuarantine when gaming and video calling is at an all-time high. Highly recommended!

👤Breath noise can be eliminated on a boom mic headset. If you have a noise cancelling mic, you should keep it close to your lips. The NC mic reduces noise in your speech, not what you hear, so it's not the same thing as a noise-cancelling headset. If the mic is close, you will get a lot of breathing noise and p-pops. I used this to upgrade my headset, which does not have a windscreen. There is a They had to use a 1:20 bleach solution.

👤The covers are small but not useless. It was noticably tight, but I had little issue slipping one over my Astro A40 mic. They didn't stretch so much that the fabric let air in. I only have one mic so I gave a few to friends. They were all able to slip them on. There is a They're effective for mouth-breathers, people whose mic are too close, and fans on low-to-medium settings. If you have a fan close to the mic, it won't be as effective. I recommend that you store them where you remember. You should keep your spare in the bag because they are easy to misplace.

👤I would like to brag about this product. When I saw this deal, I was a bit skeptical because it was an excellent price. After reading the reviews, I ordered and am very happy with the purchase. This product works for Bose, David Clark, and any other headset that costs less, and it is available from a guy who has been flying small civilian airplanes since 1988, military aircraft since 1996, and major airlines since 2008. There is a They fit perfectly and look good. This is a great buy and you should shop no further. Highly recommended!

👤It was perfect for the fit of my headset. You have a lot of room to stretch it out.

👤I lost my headset mic foam so I had to purchase this. Without foam, people can hear your fan over the mic in conference calls. I researched before buying this for my headset and they fit perfectly. My mic quality improved because of the filters. The product is made of soft material and comes with extra foams to add to your other headsets if you lose one. The price is right to eliminate the annoying external sounds your coworkers are tired of hearing in online conference calls.


What is the best product for headphone mic covers foam?

Headphone mic covers foam products from Sunmns. In this article about headphone mic covers foam you can see why people choose the product. Sumaju and Global Teck Worldwide are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone mic covers foam.

What are the best brands for headphone mic covers foam?

Sunmns, Sumaju and Global Teck Worldwide are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone mic covers foam. Find the detail in this article. Blue Tiger, Lefxmophy and Eboot are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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