Best Headphone Mic Splitter Right Angle

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1. Headphone Splitter Headset Laptops Smartphone

Headphone Splitter Headset Laptops Smartphone

You can split two audio headphones from one input device with this splitter. The mic function is not supported by this cable. This cable is widely used to support many devices with a 3.5mm jack. The 3.5mm audio stereo Y splitter can be used in many devices. Not for Apple devices. The portable design has a simple and portable structure of 20 cm. Plug and play, no software required. You can put the aux splitter in your bags or pockets. The mic and headphones have a 3.5mm audio jack on one port and a microphone jack on the other. It's not an ideal choice for a Condenser mic. Premium materials and high fidelity sound could protect against crashing. The best connection and high purity copper are provided by the TRRS splitter cable. It's perfect for most occasions. The mic and headphones are connected separately. It's compatible with most devices, for instance, gamepad for online games, facetime chatting, listening to music, karaoke, etc.

Brand: Vioy

👤I needed an interface cable to connect my computer to the input device. It worked well.

👤I don't like when phone manufacturers skimp on sockets. All my issues were solved by this adapter. Thanks.

👤The microphone jack does not work.

👤Does not work with the iPad Pro. The signal will not be split for audio and microphone.

👤It worked for a while then stopped working. There was no sound or mic.

👤I bought this to use my microphone.

👤There are two things that I like about this cable. The plug and the two sockets seem to have solid connections with the phone and the cables. The plug is slim and nice, and I can connect it to my phone without having to remove it from its case.

👤Does the job with fast delivery.

👤It works great, what can I say?

👤I used a laptop and windows 11 to record.

2. Seadream 4 Pole Female Headset Extension

Seadream 4 Pole Female Headset Extension

1 x 3.5mm male to 6.35mm female stereo cable. Friendly customer service and a worry-free 24 months warranty are included. Please contact them if you have a question. 4 pole connections support audio, microphone or video. There are gold plated connections with strain relief. The total length is about 6 inches. Audio extension cable M to F is included.

Brand: Seadream

👤I was wrong to not expect any issues with these. The 3.5mm plug of my earbuds is not fully connected to the sockets. It will work if you push it hard enough, but it doesn't "snap" in fully and often comes loose. The caller could not hear me on the earbuds mic. I'm going to look for something else. My rating is going to be upgraded from two to five stars. I found another product that had the same problem. The phone plug snapped in when I pushed it harder. I decided to push harder on the plug using the product that I had previously purchased. There is a The product I bought to replace it worked well, as did the product I bought to replace it. You just need to push the earbuds into the sockets very hard.

👤Audio port standards change. TRRS is the latest standard and traditional for the last 30 years. If you are connecting an older stereo/mic that is colorcoded for green/pink, you will need a TRRS to the Y-splitter. There is a The gold/ copper inner contacts extend all the way out to the plastic mold. It's very tight, it doesn't stick out like a soar thumb. The cable is soft for flexing. There is a There is really nothing. There is a I really like how the inner metallic contact is wrapped around a mold. This gives a solid base from being over-flexed accidental entanglement. I wish the cable industry followed the makers concept.

👤I use these with my standard pair of headphones and they work just fine. I bought them for the low profile, because they don't stick as far out from the player as typical jacks do, creating an opportunity for damage if it's the wrong way in your pocket. They are pretty good. There were no audio problems. The male player snaps into place. The female side is snug, but there's no play or intermittency, and I haven't had an issue with the headphones coming out yet. They appear to be well made and have a lot of material in them. If they were looking for this sort of thing, I would recommend them to a friend. I found out later that I didn't put the headphones into the adapter at all. The jack is not loose at all. I think it is great and I will repeat my recommendation.

👤I use this to connect my headphones. It works great, perfect length with no cords left over to get in the way. It makes a good connection because the sound quality matches the cord that came with the headphones. I'm happy with the purchase.

👤This looks great, I bought it to connect my Ergodox. Unless you like your halves very different, it's plenty long.

👤It works great on my controller. I can hold my controller closer to keep my headphones from sticking out. static is heard through the headphones if the adapter is rotating while plugged in. Plugging the headphones straight into the controller will not cause static. Update 2-24-2020. The static that was created when the adapter was plugged in is no longer present. Maybe a break-in period.

3. NANYI Headphones Convertors Headphone Microphone

NANYI Headphones Convertors Headphone Microphone

There is no drive needed. You can connect to your headphones and smart phones anywhere. 1. The 3.5mm headset splitter stereo cable adapter allows you to easily connect your stereo headset to a PC audio port and mic port at the same time. 2. The 3.5mm Speaker and headphones have two male ports, one green and the other red, and they are easy to connect to. 3. You can use a higher quality headset if you want to. The braided wire has a great audio transmission. 4. It's a great solution to have on hand in your bag. Plug and play is the only way to make your headphones work on your device. 5. You can connect your newer headsets to a PC or laptop for use with VOIP applications with the Professional Headset to PC Y cable.

Brand: Nanyi

👤I didn't think about getting a mic when I transitioned from a laptop to a PC. I had a mic in my headset. I couldn't just plug this in to my PC because my PC had two separate jacks for the mic and headset. I needed it to be recognized by Zoom, he wasn't recognizing my mic anymore. This definitely solved the problem. There is a Plug and play! If you're buying this first, the instructions are easy to understand. There are icons for headphones and audio on each jack. You can match those to the ones on your PC. * The materials seem sturdy.

👤The review is based on my interpretation of what the device was supposed to do. I thought it would allow me to plug one end of it into the 3 conductor input jack of my computer and the other into the 3 conductor microphone input jack of my computer so that my Apple headphones (4 conductor) with builtin microphone would work properly for zoom meetings. I could not get the microphone part of it to work. There was a hum in the background while I heard the people speak. If I touched the end of the accessory, it would produce a low level hum indicating a ground issue. It didn't work for me. I might have been confused by its purpose. The construction looked good and the jacks seem well built. Did not work.

👤The sound was good, but the mic gave the headphones static.

👤The audio from my microphone faded when I plugged it in. The wiring inside the cord is not good. You can't understand what I'm saying with this cord. Don't buy. You can find a different one.

👤I have been using this to connect my head phones to my laptop. After a few weeks, it stopped working and I had to buy 3 new headphones. Hopefully this set doesn't break. If it does, I will update.

👤The item is sleek and the cables are thin. I'm afraid wired headsets for my grandkids school lessons will not last the abuse they will dole out, and it's too sleek and thin, so I'm not sure if it's a good idea. I gave this 4 stars because it's exactly what I would want to carry in my bag if I weren't using headsets.

👤The sound of the product is excellent and it feels good to throw in a travel bag for mobile audio or video conferencing. Solid listening experience for my use, no complaints, good value for money.

👤Excellent for you that have an earphone to use with your pc, but needs to split the cable to use mic and sound. There is a I think my piece looks great and is high quality.

4. Lightning Headphone Certified Connector Compatible

Lightning Headphone Certified Connector Compatible

The phone lifetime money back guarantee is for the mini screen protectors for the iPhone 12. Register online to get a new screen guard for free when you buy a new phone. New phone and protection sent to your door. Apple MFi is certified. Apple approves the Mangotek 3.5mm Lightning Audio Adapter to protect your device and ensure high-quality sound. Strong function. This 3.5mm lightning audio accessory supports listening to music, as well as the wire control function such as a microphone, volume control, pause and play, answer and hang up the call. Plug and play with no changes. It is wide compatible. It's designed for people who love the iPhone. You can use your MFi certified 3.5mm headphones with the Mangotek lightning to 3.5mm headphone conversion. Premium sound quality and small size. Up to 48kHz, 26bit audio provide perfect sound. You can use it in the car, office, gym bag, backpack, and so on. You get a 3.5mm audio accessory. Friendly customer service, 18 months warranty.

Brand: Mangotek

👤If you make a negative review on this product, you will be retaliated against. TIMES. A day. If you want to change your review to a positive one, you have to pay 15 dollars. There is a warning that some of the people who put 5 stars might have faked their reviews. It's really weird.

👤I have tried many different kinds of these. I still use some of them. The ones with short wires were poor quality. The wire can't seem to hold up when it's close to the phone. This is the first that I have found that does not use a small wire. It was perfect! There is no wear and tear on the dongle. The 90 degree angle makes my small stand more versatile, as none of my actual headphones are on. Unless Apple makes more styles of earbuds or goes back to a regular connection, there is no better answer. I think you will find it to be an effective answer to using your headphones. Try one!

👤A simple way to connect a shotgun mic to a phone was needed. This did the trick perfectly.

👤I use this with my earbuds. I have a wire dongle for them, but recently it kept making it so the screen would stop or there would be weird audio issues. I thought this would be a good choice because it was one solid piece. There is a The first day it worked well, and I liked it. I noticed that if I placed the adapter at a certain angle, you would hear the noise of the cell signal over the earbuds. I used a few different pairs and got the same result. It worked well if I turned it the other way. There is a After a few weeks, it is sending the right audio signal from the right place, and causing the show to pause or lag out temporarily. I don't have any issues, but I don't like the stock earbuds that come with the s20. There is a This may be my use case for the device, so I give it 3 stars. I would not purchase this again because I wish it was better.

👤I have ever purchased a Lighting to 3.5mm adapter like this. I recommend this to everyone. I use the Beats Pro Over the ear headphones and they make my music experience heavenly. I have had many other adapters fail in the past, but this one is the only one that works. It's sleek, stylish and very comfortable to hold in your hand in your pocket while connected to your phone. Works great with iPad as well.

👤I need an accessory for my old school headphones. The wire I bought for the adapter has broken and shorted out very quickly. This is the best one I have ever purchased. The sound quality is superb and poses little to no risk of shorting out. There is a You will be happy with this one.

👤The phone stopped recognizing it as a compatible accessory after 2 days. Every hack was tried to get it to work. The design is better than the original one that my kids destroyed. It seems like the design would be durable. The reason I gave it a 1 star is because it was stated in the description that it would be a compatible accessory. If it doesn't, why include that? Returning.

5. Gold Plated Connector Compatible Controller Speakers

Gold Plated Connector Compatible Controller Speakers

Oxsubor has a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, a 24Month Replacement Warranty and a Lifetime Support Service. 90 degree angle helps relieve tension from headphones, no longer worry about broken headphones, and it's great for tight spaces. Plug and Play are small and convenient, they'll be easier to carry when you go outside or travel. The 3.5mm 24K gold-plated jacks can transmit optimal stereo audio, reduced signal loss, slowed down the plug oxidation and extended the service life. Any device with a 3.5mm jack port is compatible. For example, cellphone, tablets, and speakers. Lifetime warranty. They offer a 30-Day 100% money back guarantee, a 24 month replacement warranty and a lifetime support service.

Brand: Hsp-hswiti

👤I needed a low profile to fit in the space between my microphone jack and shock mount. There is almost no room there. I tried another 90 degree accessory, but it was too heavy. This one is perfect. The picture makes it seem like there's a lot of room. This is a great accessory.

👤If you push all the way, you'll hear static. Good quality.

👤I use a phone case/pocket to keep my wired earphones out of the phone case, and I use a device to keep my earphones out of the phone case.

👤They don't fit into the audio port so you lose the right sound.

👤It's not a trs. Returning.

👤Good price and good quality.

👤They work perfectly on our device.

👤Compré esto porque necesito empujar y sacar mis audfonos. Comprendes, comprendes, comprendes Se esperaba.

👤Un adattatore per non rovinare il filo degli aurocolari.

👤He usado en control of xbox one, ps5 and funciona de maravilla.

👤La plastica ha leggerissime, ma funziona orrettamente.

6. LANMU Degree Adapter Headphone Adapter 3

LANMU Degree Adapter Headphone Adapter 3

It's perfect for sporting events, concerts, fireworks and life's loud noises. The ear muffs are rated to 27db. The LANMU right angle jack adapter can be used to convert your f-type connector into a 90 degree right angle jack plug. Most professional audio and home stereo equipment can be compatible with your device. The 90 degree right angle free rotation will make them easier to carry when travelling or outside. It's convenient and cost-effective to use digital products and computer peripheral, no longer worry about broken headphones or charging cables. A special right angle conversion is used in the connection of narrow space. The 3.5mm stereo jack is suitable for use with headphones,phones,laptops,mp3,xbox one,ps4, gps and other digital products. Such as Bose Soundsport,Galaxy S10e, and the voice remote pro.

Brand: Lanmu

👤The headphones pointed out from the controller made it hard to sit back and relax while playing. The connector can't get in the way anymore.

👤The headset on the Note 8 has a straight plug. It also has a volume control. The plugs work perfectly with the controls. I have no complaints about the plugging in of the headset. I would recommend these to others. The follow-up review shows that these worked well. They didn't last long. I thought they would not wear out with no moving parts. It didn't take long for each of them to have their own weird sounds. I stopped using them a while ago. It was very disappointing.

👤It works great on my laptop and doesn't static when rotating the plug. The headphone plug doesn't stick out as far, it's less likely to be damaged, and I have more room for my mouse. It is a TRRS plug and works great with the single COMBO headphone and mic jack. The case is still on and it fits my phone great.

👤My main complaint is that it doesn't stay in the phone jack port. The jack comes out of the port when I adjust my sheet and duvet in bed. I have to replace the audio and video jack multiple times because I lose audio and video. Something similar happened tonight. The jack was inside my phone. I can't get the jack out of the port. Am I happy? I am not your bottom dollar. The metal snapped off when I bumped the device with my hand. There are videos on how to remove a jack. That is not the point. Buy any other product, avoid the hassle and be smart. Don't buy this piece of candy, it's Chinese made.

👤When my mp3 player is lost, I use an old CD and cassette player to listen to meditation CDs. I kept hitting the cable when I got into bed because it sticks straight out. I bent the plug on the headphones. I hoped they would resolve my dilemma when I found them. I expected reduced sound quality and thought I'd hear a horrible scratching noise if they were moved around. Wrong again! They work well. There was no scratchiness or reduced sound quality. These are definitely recommended by me.

👤I like them. I bent my piano when I bumped into a straight plug going in the side of it. The piano has a sockets in it. These were a perfect fit. It's a good protection. I started using right angle cords on my guitars because they don't stress the plug sockets by the length of the plug end sticking out, which will stress the guitar's jack internals. I would buy them again.

👤A small product at a small price, and very convenient for keeping the cords of my headphones, microphones, and speakers close to my computer. Good things can come in small packages.

👤I ordered these because Sony and Microsoft neglected to think about the headphone port on the controller when designing the PS4 and Xbox One controllers. If your headphones have a 90 degree angle, this is fine. If you don't buy headphones with 90 degree connections, you can end up with broken headphones because of the strain on the cord. I have lost a few cords while wearing nice headphones for 5 and 7 year olds. The cords are free to be dangled now that they have these. When compared to the cost of replacement cords, the $7/3 pack of adapters is more expensive. It is a no-brainer. A good price for a clean and convenient solution.

7. Gold Plated Connector Compatible Controller Speakers

Gold Plated Connector Compatible Controller Speakers

If you have any questions, please contact them first, they will give you a satisfying solution. 90 degree angle helps relieve tension from headphones, it's great for tight spaces, and it's also great for broken headphones. 90 degree angle helps relieve tension from headphones, it's great for tight spaces, and it's also great for broken headphones. 3.5mm straight and 3.5mm male to 3.5mm female to TRRS female right angle plugs can be converted into a 90 degree plug. It was used to keep the cables in the correct direction. It's compatible with computer, game controller, smartphone, and so on. The jacks have 24K gold plated and can transmit optimal stereo audio, reduced signal loss, slowed down the plug oxidation and extended the service life.

Brand: Rgzhihuifz

👤The TRRS to TRS adapter completely fixed my issue. I have miked headphones that I want to plug into my TV, but the TV only accepts headphones that are labeled "RTS", so I can't hear voices in movies or tv shows. The involvement of the microphone wire was eliminated by the adapter. This purchase comes with an extra accessory. So happy with it.

👤It works for sound, but not a microphone headset. The mic did not work after I bought to save my controller port. The mic worked again when I plug directly to the controller. When plugged in, it rotates. It can't be put in a position where it stays.

👤I put the headphones and microphone cables in the front of my desk to protect them from damage, because my PC tower sits on the floor. The cables can run straight down the front of the tower with these low-profile adapters. The ports on the front panel are very close to each other. I'm happy with my purchase because I can't tell a difference in sound quality with them installed.

👤The back of my computer tower had a lot of inputs. It was easy to plug in my monitor and speaker jack with this right angle jack. Great!

👤The cord end goes straight into the phone. The end of the headset was getting damaged when my daughter held the phone. Awesome product!

👤I thought the right angle adapter would work, but it created an intermittent sound connection if the connector was bumped.

👤They say they work with both genders, but they don't.

8. Kingtop Adapter Tablet Headsets Version

Kingtop Adapter Tablet Headsets Version

The combo mic audio jack plug is used to connect to the male jack. There is a plug. This is not a good idea to connect 2 headphones. The CTIA standard audio splitter can be used with any setup that has a 3.5mm jack. The use of older audio accessories with newer computers can be accomplished with a clearly labeled adapter. It is possible to convert a desktop gaming headset to work with a new version of a laptop, but not an apple device. The Kingtop Great Support is a one year warranty with friendly and fast customer service.

Brand: Kingtop

👤There isn't much to it. I think it's funny to write reviews on cords, but I didn't know there was such a thing. I had an old headset that I thought I would use on PS4 but it didn't work because it had two jacks, one for audio and one for mic. I searched for a splitter/adapter and found it here. It works perfectly without any setup in the PS4 menu. It seems like it will last as long as I need it to and sounds great. I have had bad cords before. It is highly recommended to anyone with a similar issue.

👤I had the idea that I could use my Beats Studio headphones with my xbox since I've been playing, instead of purchasing another headphones like turtle beach with the mic. I thought I could rig it up because I had some mics around the house. I found out that I could use an Audio splitter to achieve this. I purchased this product, and it works great. My friends can hear me through the microphone and I can hear the game audio. It's inexpensive and it looks nice. I recommend.

👤The combo port on this cable allows you to split a cellphone or computer into two. I would like to record music on Microsoft Surface. Pro. I did a lot of research and couldn't find an answer. I figured it out. I can use the external microphone with this cable, and the microphone in the control panel can't be used. If windows doesn't detect your external microphone and you have to plug in the external mic first, then you can just use the slitter cable to connect the mic to the adapter. You can set windows mapping in recording software. This tip can help you.

👤My gaming laptop only has one audio in jack and my headset has a speaker input jack and a microphone input jack, so I bought this. I had to use the built in microphone on my laptop because I couldn't use the speakers on my headset. I needed a way to use the speakers and microphone on my headset through the audio jack on my laptop. There is a The adapter is very good. It looks and feels like it is premium quality and the connections are very tight. I haven't heard any reduction in sound quality for the speakers or microphone. The product is a great price.

👤I ordered this to split up the microphone and headphones on the PS4 controller. I want to use the mic from the standard PS4 headset with my Monolith M1060 headphones. There is a The speakers on the PS4 earpiece output are connected to the microphone ring through the splitter. It doesn't show up any signal from the headset microphone when I blow or tap on the headset speakers. There is a The signal goes out to the headphones. There is a noise that does not come directly from the controller, but it is introduced by this splitter. There is a This product doesn't do what I thought it would. Many people have had success with this product and the PS4. I'm not sure if the product I received was a bad one, or if it only works when a dedicated mic is plugged into the microphone port. I think it would work in the way I expected if the leads were flipped.

9. Splitter Smartphone Computer Speakers Amplifier

Splitter Smartphone Computer Speakers Amplifier

3.5mm Headphone Jack to 2X 1/4" Mono cable provides a high quality connection between your PC and your phone. 3.5mm Headphone Jack to 2X 1/4" Mono cable provides a high quality connection between your PC and your phone. The OFC Conductor they use is made of high purity copper and has shielding to ensure high fidelity sound quality. It's great for live performances. The nylon braid protects the cable. The 3.5mm Stereo To dual Mono Jack Plug Audio cable has a nylon braid against scratching and abrasion to prolong its service life. It's time! The cable is backed up with a 12-month warranty and life time customer support.

Brand: Digitnow

👤The 3.5mm end of the jack is too shallow and wide and prevents it from being used with a phone case that has a 3.5mm input. If you ask me, there is a major design flaw. The Y for the 2 ends of the system is only a foot long so they won't work with external monitors unless they are touching each other. The metal ends on the TRS just fall off. You need to remove the metal from the 3.5mm end. It's impossible. I don't see a reason for designing them the way they did, why not increase the depth of the jack so it works with phone cases and put the y in the cable so the 2 ends could reach studio monitors on either side of your workstations? It would be perfect if they could do that. It's worthless as it is. The engineers dropped the ball on this one.

👤I used a bunch of these to route a few PC's to my old DJ mixture. I routed one of the sound outputs to the Logictech speakers. One PC has surround sound, but the others are not. If you need these cables for very specific reasons, you should go for it.

👤I bought this cable to practice. It was what I needed to get the job done. The cable is made well and should last a long time. There is a The tips are well made. There is a It is a great splitter and would be great for anyone.

👤I used these to patch my PCs into my mixing board. The product is very cheap. One of the cables I bought was faulty and I had to replace it. The braided cable is very stiff and will not fit on my desk. I'll probably replace these with better cables at some point.

👤It works well for devices that need a small amount of input. Solid build of NIce cable. Nice price. If you need to split a stereo signal or combine 2 mono signals to a stereo signal, this is the way to go.

👤This was the missing connection for a small community theater that wanted to route sound files through the house system. Our play was a success.

👤They work well. The previous cord has a different brand. I made a lot of noise and popped and crackled when it moved or was touched. One works as it should and has no buzzing, popping or cracking noises.

👤I use this to play back tracks for my mixer. It's well made and feels sturdy. I have had it for a few months and it has not had any issues. It was great for the price.

10. Poyiccot Degree Spiltter Cable Female

Poyiccot Degree Spiltter Cable Female

The earrings are 3.5mm 90 Degree. Right angle male and female. 3.5mm Y Stereo Splitter allows you to enjoy music and movies with your friends and family, wherever you are. 3.5mm jack into 2 separate jacks, work with any device with a standard audio jack, easy to connect two audio equipment with one media-playing device. The cable is made durable by avoiding bending the cable. You can connect a dual-plugs gaming headphones to a combo mic jack on a notebook, phone, or tablet.

Brand: Poyiccot

👤Shipping took longer than expected, but it does what it needs to do. I can teach and make music at the same time. She's always tugging on my headphones. She has her own set on my portable setup.

👤They allowed me to drive my speakers and headphones, even though I wanted to listen to my headphones.

👤The item arrived on time. Works well.

👤The sound was not good.


👤L 200


11. Coiled 3 5mm Jack Audio Cable

Coiled 3 5mm Jack Audio Cable

The 3.5mm audio cable is compatible with many devices. 3.5mm straight plug can't connect the trouble, 90 degree angle allows you to connect narrow space, it can solve a lot of troubles. The MAX stretching length of this coiled 3.5mm cable is about 5 feet. The Golden Plated Jack can be used to reduce signal loss, slow down plug oxidation and extend the service life. The 3.5mm extension cable is compatible with all universal 3.5mm plugs.

Brand: Riipoo

👤I have two cables that reverse the left and right channels. I have other similar coiled cables from the same manufacturer. I'm not sure if this is an error or the way these cables are designed.

👤The cable was fine, but it reversed my audio channels. I was trying to figure out what was happening. This is really weird. The design was bad. Returning.

👤I bought a 3.5mm jack audio cable to use on my monitor. I wanted it to be indoors. It's easy to dock my headphones when I plug them in. I would highly recommend this product, the audio cable coil is sturdy and well built.

👤The cable works fine, but stretching it to 4 feet will likely cause it to be unplugged. 2.5 feet of usable cable is what this is.

👤The idea behind getting this was to have a coiled audio cable extension that I could plug into without soldering my own headphones back together. If the audio is flipped, this is useless.

👤The extension has a small footprint on my desk.

👤I needed a short extension to keep the cord tensioned. Awesome, this did it.

👤It takes quite a bit of force to fully extend a 5ft cable, due to the tightness of the coil. The coil is about 6 inches when coiled up. Even after being stretched out, they stay as tight as the product picture.


What is the best product for headphone mic splitter right angle?

Headphone mic splitter right angle products from Vioy. In this article about headphone mic splitter right angle you can see why people choose the product. Seadream and Nanyi are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone mic splitter right angle.

What are the best brands for headphone mic splitter right angle?

Vioy, Seadream and Nanyi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone mic splitter right angle. Find the detail in this article. Mangotek, Hsp-hswiti and Lanmu are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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