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1. CableCreation Auxiliary 4 Conductor Microphone Compatible

CableCreation Auxiliary 4 Conductor Microphone Compatible

All of their customers will be back after their granteed date. They are always willing to listen to your concerns. Please don't hesitate to contact them. 3.5mm stereo audio extension cable is slim and flexible and compatible with any audio speaker. A headset with microphone and a microphone compatible conductor are included in the package. Right angle design The right angle is able to connect to tight spaces and hard to reach areas. Durable Design The cable is made with inner wire and TPE to make it durable. Universal Compatibility: iPod, iPad, Kindle Fire tablets, Microsoft Surface tablets, and the like.

Brand: Cablecreation

👤The mic conductor is not properly protected. This can be frightening for everyone on the call. If you only use it for music and voice control, it will be fine, but if you use the phone all day for work, everyone will hate it. The manufacturer could fix it. Changing the wire and shield isolation is a combination. They need three conductors for the audio and one for the mic. They may need to add a 1k resistor and a small Capacitor to the mic shield and ground terminal to eliminate this crosstalk. It will take some work to get something that works and doesn't mess up the inline controls on popular headsets. Since I have not been able to find another cable like this one, I may try to modify it.

👤I use the 10ft cable to use my Nintendo Switch. I needed an extension to use my headphones so I could talk to other players while I was gaming, but I kept my Switch docked and sat about 10 feet from my TV. There is a The cable appears to be nice quality. It's almost perfect length and the plugs have a very firm click when plugged in. I could hear through the headphones, but my microphone didn't pick up noise. It worked perfectly after I reset my switch. The sound quality is the same as having my headphones plugged into the switch, and people on the other end said they could hear me. The cable lays across the carpet between me and the switch, and the braided covering seems to build static very easily just from being on the carpet. I get some sparks in my ears if I move the cable. Try not to move a lot. The cable is great for the price.

👤I eagerly waited for my mail to arrive so I could try it out, after some previous reviewers complained about issues with the phone calls. I have several other brands of these, and I can't seem to get the same one on re-order on Amazon. I'm trying the CableCreation because of that. I have many different uses for them and so I'm ordering more. There is a The item I received is 1.5 feet longer than I need, but it's fine. The tips are gold, and it's a normal stereo jack that accommodates the included inline mic. There is no static while listening to music and on calls. The cord is moving near the joints. The manufacturer improved the product because mine is static free and the prior reviewers got bad items. It is recommended.

👤Works. These are not gold layers for this low price. Bad connections may be caused by the oils from out fingers and natural oxidation. After touching the tip ring shaft, the plugs should be wiped clean. Audio professionals have used lens wipes for decades without the use of detergents. They are alcohol based.

👤The left channel is no longer working. My headphones still work great with a different cable. I need my money back. Immediate... This cable has no distortion or loss of clarity. I bought it to plug into my 50" TV so that I can sit across the room with my Bose headphones and not disturb anyone else, and I also bought it to crank it up when I'm watching NASCAR Racing. The Bose headphones sound great even though I'm using an extension cable. It's not losing anything. There is a The 90 plug works well in the back of my TV as it stays out of the way of my other cables. I didn't plug it all the way the first time, so make sure you do it all the way. I could hear the broadcast and music at the same time. I don't know where the music was coming from. It was like the extension cable was an antenna. I've tried to make it do it again, but it can't. It's weird. Push the ends of the cable. I connected my microphone and talked to my friend and he said it was good and clear, but I thought they would be better than regular 3 wire ones since they have the 4 conductors. I was correct. There was an update on 10/03/2019. After the left channel went out on cable, it was switched to a higher quality cable. I think you get what you pay for.

2. Kingtop Adapter Tablet Headsets Version

Kingtop Adapter Tablet Headsets Version

The combo mic audio jack plug is used to connect to the male jack. There is a plug. This is not a good idea to connect 2 headphones. The CTIA standard audio splitter can be used with any setup that has a 3.5mm jack. The use of older audio accessories with newer computers can be accomplished with a clearly labeled adapter. It is possible to convert a desktop gaming headset to work with a new version of a laptop, but not an apple device. The Kingtop Great Support is a one year warranty with friendly and fast customer service.

Brand: Kingtop

👤There isn't much to it. I think it's funny to write reviews on cords, but I didn't know there was such a thing. I had an old headset that I thought I would use on PS4 but it didn't work because it had two jacks, one for audio and one for mic. I searched for a splitter/adapter and found it here. It works perfectly without any setup in the PS4 menu. It seems like it will last as long as I need it to and sounds great. I have had bad cords before. It is highly recommended to anyone with a similar issue.

👤I had the idea that I could use my Beats Studio headphones with my xbox since I've been playing, instead of purchasing another headphones like turtle beach with the mic. I thought I could rig it up because I had some mics around the house. I found out that I could use an Audio splitter to achieve this. I purchased this product, and it works great. My friends can hear me through the microphone and I can hear the game audio. It's inexpensive and it looks nice. I recommend.

👤The combo port on this cable allows you to split a cellphone or computer into two. I would like to record music on Microsoft Surface. Pro. I did a lot of research and couldn't find an answer. I figured it out. I can use the external microphone with this cable, and the microphone in the control panel can't be used. If windows doesn't detect your external microphone and you have to plug in the external mic first, then you can just use the slitter cable to connect the mic to the adapter. You can set windows mapping in recording software. This tip can help you.

👤My gaming laptop only has one audio in jack and my headset has a speaker input jack and a microphone input jack, so I bought this. I had to use the built in microphone on my laptop because I couldn't use the speakers on my headset. I needed a way to use the speakers and microphone on my headset through the audio jack on my laptop. There is a The adapter is very good. It looks and feels like it is premium quality and the connections are very tight. I haven't heard any reduction in sound quality for the speakers or microphone. The product is a great price.

👤I ordered this to split up the microphone and headphones on the PS4 controller. I want to use the mic from the standard PS4 headset with my Monolith M1060 headphones. There is a The speakers on the PS4 earpiece output are connected to the microphone ring through the splitter. It doesn't show up any signal from the headset microphone when I blow or tap on the headset speakers. There is a The signal goes out to the headphones. There is a noise that does not come directly from the controller, but it is introduced by this splitter. There is a This product doesn't do what I thought it would. Many people have had success with this product and the PS4. I'm not sure if the product I received was a bad one, or if it only works when a dedicated mic is plugged into the microphone port. I think it would work in the way I expected if the leads were flipped.

3. Mr Rex Replacement Microphone Compatible

Mr Rex Replacement Microphone Compatible

Risk-free shopping is ensured by the 180 days super long warranty period and lifetime friendly after-sale service provided by LANMU. The replacement aux cord is compatible with Bose 700, QuietComfort, and the E.verest Series. Work with most audio source equipment. Note 10 9 8 7; XR / X / 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus; Moto LkC phone; PS4 controller, computer, laptop, etc. The Mr Rex replacement cable is made of Zinc alloy and is more classic and durable. The HQ OFC inner wire provides high quality sound transmission. You are able to move around with the length of 5 feet. The cable has a strap for cable management. The angle on the 3.5mm audio jack is perfect for heavy duty use.

Brand: Mr Rex

👤A family member gave me a headset. I'm not sure what model they are but they are a bit bulky and the battery runs down fast on them. I wanted to plug them in but couldn't find the cable that came with them. I was excited to see how well the microphone would work since I use Facebook messenger with my sister. The replacement cable has been great and I have been using the JBL headset. My sister and I chatted and she could hear me. The volume/sound is just as good as the bluetooth option. I'm very happy that I can use these either way.

👤The product worked perfectly with my Bose 700s. I needed something more reliable to switch to Teams calls from my phone. A lot of static and crackling was caused by the connect while it was happening. This has solved the problem. When the headphones are connected to the PC, they automatically stop listening to the phone.

👤El micrfono es demasiado malo. Bose Quick comfort 35 II Y Realmente no me funciona, no me hablar, no me jugando Call of Duty Y. No me, no me, no me, no me, no me, no me. Recomiendo the producto.

👤The included audio cable is more of an after thought than a mic or control button, and the QC 35 is probably designed for use with a wireless device. This cable allows me to use inline control and mic for my phones and laptop. Highly recommended!

👤Works well with my headphones. The microphone and audio are perfect, but the volume controls do not work with the controller.

👤I bought this for my headphones. It's a little longer than the cable that comes with the headphones, which is nice. I haven't had any complaints about using the mic. The cable is a bit thinner. I say go for it.

👤I've only used the cord twice because I'm usually wireless. The cord is broken. Sound quality was good, but it was alsodurable.

👤I suppose for the price, I should have expected some compromise with the great gauge and color. There is a The sound is good and it does adjust volume, but it doesn't have a pause button like the original that came with the Everest.

👤Some of the headphones I have allow detaching the cable from the end of the headphones. This product becomes a boon for such headphones by providing the inline microphone feature. Nothing to complain about. It works like a charm.

4. LANMU Replacement Skullcandy Headphone Stereo 4 6ft

LANMU Replacement Skullcandy Headphone Stereo 4 6ft

QuietComfort 25 headphones are compatible with the following devices: Premium quality nylon woven material is used in the replacement cable of the LANMU 3.5mm audio replacement cable. Reliable in operation, high purity audio signal with minimum loss. The microphone and design of 3.5mm Male to 3.5mm Male give the cleanest sound experience. Support volume control, skip songs, fast forward fast rewind, pause and so on. Universal Compatibility is for devices with a standard 3.5mm AUX jack. The Stereo AUX cord is compatible with a lot of headphones. Risk-free shopping is ensured by the 180 days super long warranty period and lifetime friendly after-sale service provided by LANMU.

Brand: Lanmu

👤The craftsmanship is not good. I sent it back because the area where the mic is connected was not functioning. I bought a new one after sending it back. The second one lasted about a week. This time it's worse. The microphone came off. I wrap my cables all the time because I am very careful with them. The ends have loom style security and seem to hold up well. The area where the mic is attached is held together by glue. My times broke with no real effort. The package was broken for the first time. I wrapped them up a second time and it fell off. The picture is attached.

👤The first two photos show jacks. There are 4 pins on one side and 3 pins on the other side. The headset device does not have the mic feature. The microphone is inline. I cannot use the mic boom because of the misleading first two photos, but I bought the cable for the headset. I can't return at under $10, but I am sorely disappointed. I will look for another cable.

👤When ordering this product, be careful. I was trying to get a replacement cord. I needed a male to male cord with triple bands on both ends to transmit the signal from my headset's mic to my controller. There are triple bands on both ends of the product. I received a cord that had a triple band on one end and a double band on the other, but my headset mic was useless because it had a triple band on one end and a double band on the other. The picture on the package had double bands on both sides of the cord. Be careful. You might not get what you pay for.

👤I replaced my Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless audio cable with this one. I was a bit worried because I've bought cables that fell apart instantly or had a microphone that didn't work, but this purchase didn't disappoint. The braided cable is strong, and there hasn't been a drop in sound quality since I switched. The microphone works well when I speak to people through it. There is a This is a good replacement audio cable for a microphone.

👤After my old one gave up, I bought a new one. The braided cord under the microphone and remote section came out quickly. It didn't stop the mic from working. There is a The mic/remote worked until the year mark. There is a The entire cable gave up on me about a year and a half in, probably due to wear and tear from me wearing my headphones every day, with the occasional hiccup on a door handle or table edge. To preserve longevity, I fold my cable back in the position it came in, rather than wind it tightly. It came with a strap I can use to secure the cable.

👤The controls work great with my phone. The buttons work great. The center button has many functions. One press: pause music, answer/hang up phone calls, two presses: skip song, and three presses: go back a song. I think holding it for a few seconds turns into siri. The nylon coated cable makes it impossible to hear the thumping noise when it bumps up against something.

5. Bose QuietComfort Headphones Samsung Android

Bose QuietComfort Headphones Samsung Android

Track selection and voice applications can be used. Press the button to switch between calls and music. QuietComfort 25 headphones are compatible with the following devices:

Brand: Bose

👤I ordered the qc 25 mic cables because I wanted to use my mic to communicate with my friends and I wanted it to work with the pc. It never worked after receiving it. I will have to buy a new set of headphones for gaming with people because the qc 35 is not compatible with PC at all, and it's a shame that I have to buy a new set. My pc is newer than windows 10 and not old at all, so please keep that in mind. Hope this helps someone who is having the same issue.

👤I bought this cable to use with my controllers, as they need the same cable to work together. I didn't get a sound through the headphones despite checking all settings. I tested this cable with my phone and it worked perfectly, but I think it's an Apple cable that was mis-labeled.

👤Using Bose QuietComfort 35 II and PS4 controller to play Red Dead Redemption 2 and Battlefield 1. Friends say they hear me.

👤I bought this cable to connect my Bose headphones to my controller. It works well. It is loud enough for me to hear small details of the game, without being overwhelmingly loud. If you have a pair of headphones with sound canceling, you can use them together. The microphone is clear and I rarely have trouble using it.

👤I had a bad experience trying to replace my Bose Headphones cable. After a few months, the volume control broke after I bought a generic one for $10 on Amazon. I bought a $30 item. After a few months, I realized I ordered the android version instead of the apple version. I'm not sure how the mix-up happened. It was an honest mistake. Maybe the description was truncated to where I only saw the first few words, or maybe it was so long I just overlooked it. I'm $40 deep into this attempt to replace the cable and still have not accomplished my goal. I paid $129 for the entire set of headphones, so it looks like I'll have to pay another $30 to replace just a cord.

👤I was disappointed when I learned that my Bose headphones couldn't be used as a proper gaming headset. I bought this product after considering my suggestion. It came with some issues. It does work. For the first time in my life, I can actually speak to my friends and listen to them. I don't know if it's Microsoft's lack of innovation in adjusting microphones in terms of output volume or such, but there have been some complaints where my voice came off as quiet. Next thing I know, this headset adapter doesn't come with a mute switch, leaving me either to remain silent or unplugged. The execution is left to be desired. There is a It is alright for its price. It is better to spend a few more dollars or find another product that can give you the same type of design.

6. Movo MC20 Extension Microphones Audio Technica

Movo MC20 Extension Microphones Audio Technica

The replacement cable is not included. It's a must have to record crystal clear audio for your videos, interviews, professional productions, and more. There is clear audio. If you use an extension cord, you don't have to settle for poor audio quality, maintain the clarity of your recording and prevent audio degradation. One-year warranty. They have your back. Their products are designed to help you with your technical problems. Their friendly US-based support is here to help. Extending the reach between your microphone and your device by 20ft (6m) is called a long extension cord. The perfect addition to your gear bag, heavy-duty cable and connectors are designed for maximum durability and reliable, static-free performance.

Brand: Movo

👤I bought this cable to extend a shotgun microphone to the Sony camera body. The 1 year warranty would replace the purchase if the cable developed a problem. The cable did produce a decent sound with small static in the background that could be edited out or covered with background music. The microphone and cable were not moving between shoots and the static was getting worse and I could not clean it up with post processing. When I contacted the company for a replacement, I was told the cable would have to be sent back at my own cost. It is not worth the shipping cost to replace a bad product as the new product might also be bad. The cable I purchased from the Pro Co is a better model and it is clear and crisp from the package. It is worth the extra money to have something that works. Movo gained a disgruntled previous customer and lost a future one.

👤These work. I had clear sound from my TV, and it seemed like no line loss or static. Those that don't know that it's a stereo only signal can get a true true TRS cable. The cable was a good build with good connections. There are some things that are CONS: The TRRS headset did not work when I tried it, I suspected the problem was in the adapter. I was a bit worried about my male connector when I first used it. I would prefer the quality I received and it was worth paying a little more for. There is a I would recommend this to a friend.

👤I was going to use this as an extension to my camera. When I plug the microphone into the camera, I notice a lot of static, which I have never seen before. The extension wire is poorly made and creates static on my videos when plugged into an external mic, which was the conclusion after testing a few other microphones to my camera. When purchasing, be careful.

👤I'm very pleased with the quality of the cable. It works great as an extension to my shotgun mic, and it seems durable and thick. I used a boom pole to get my mic closer for my videos, but I had to get an extension cable. The sound is still great and I now have my mic closer. If you're looking for a cable, I would highly recommend this one. It worked well for about a month and a half.

👤When I bought this cable, I was a bit nervous. I was worried that the length might affect impedance. I tested it. There were no issues. I did a floor check with a silent room and laid it next to an electrical cord. Nothing. It is a good cord. I have not taken it out on location yet, but I do not expect any issues.

👤The item arrived in good condition. This is a good product. I bought a cable from another seller and it didn't work out. It broke quickly. The cable is good. Audio is lost when the cable is twisted. Audio sound flows through the cable. The product was good and the seller was good.

7. Tsumbay Microphone Headphone Auxiliary Headphones

Tsumbay Microphone Headphone Auxiliary Headphones

Universal Compatibility: iPod, iPad, Kindle Fire tablets, Microsoft Surface tablets, and the like. The Tsumbay 3.5mm Replacement Audio Cable is compatible with all audio-playing devices. In-line phone and remote. You can turn the headphones into the one you want to use, so you don't have to take out your phone. This design makes the cable easy to store and prevents tangling. You don't have to worry about knots or kinks. The gold-PLATED CONNECTORS are built with high-quality polished metal and gold-plated 3.5mm connections. The plugs are strong. The gold- plated 3.5mm is used to transmit stereo audio for high quality sound. The audio cable has a microphone. The 40 daysRefund is hassle-free with good customer service. You can look forward to many years of great sound.

Brand: Tsumbay

👤I'm going to try again. There is a The braided nylon to provide flex while protecting the wire core is a clever add for the same reason. The length is perfect for a headset. Quality material and design. I use this to replace the cable for my headsets because they seem to be a far superior product in design detail and features than the original cable, which was horrible, and at such a price point! The disappointing: The voice function dropped completely during critical client meetings when my first cord lasted less than 3 months. The cord began to cause iTunes to launch on it's own while I was using my computer. Since I don't use this cable for client calls on my iPad or iPhone, I can't say if it causes issues on those. This was a strange feature. The issues were resolved after I received my 2nd cable. For about a week or two. The second cable is causing the same problems as the first one. If I wasn't so crazy about the design, I wouldn't be giving it a third try, but I am. There is a 3 strikes and I will be left without a functioning cable for my Beats or my primary means of connecting them to my laptop for work. I'm hoping that the ones that others have said will stand the test of time will be the ones I receive this time. I will force clients to listen to the opening bars of "Fanfare for the Common Man" whenever this cable causes iTunes to randomly launch. Given the circumstances, it might be appropriate.

👤It works with my PS4 Pro. The beats cable refused to work even with all the methods that were claimed to make it work. The cable worked instantly, without any frills. My PS4 Slim worked with my Beats headphones a year ago. The plastic part on the jack is large, but I'm thankful it works.

👤I bought this cable to use with my headphones to play PS4 with voice chat. The mic on this cable cannot pick up sound unless it is facing in the right direction. If you don't speak directly into the mic, or yell, then the mic levels are too low for people to hear you on voice chat. Unless you can perfectly position the mic under your mouth without holding it in place, it's not very useful as a mic for anything other than gaming.

👤I replaced cable on a few sets of headphones. My kids haven't broken either of the cables yet, they've been running them for 3 months and they're braided and durable. I use the microphones on my phone, ps4 and xbox one, they work well for phone calls and online gaming, I haven't had any problems with them.

👤Not the worst. It can cause noise when it is struck against clothing and objects. Call clarity is fine. The device-side plug won't fit into some phone cases, and the ends are plastic with a thin metal wrapped around them. I had to cut and file it because the end of my device-side plug got caught on something. It's solid, though. It's gotten caught on a lot of surfaces and has been pulled out of my phone and headphones.

8. NewFantasia Compatible Skullcandy Crusher Headphones

NewFantasia Compatible Skullcandy Crusher Headphones

The angle on the 3.5mm audio jack is perfect for heavy duty use. Support the volume up,volume down,play, pause, change the song,answer, and end the call, Microphone. The cable material is OFC wire, the outside cable is tangle-free. This replacement cable is compatible with Skullcandy Hesh, Hesh 2, Hesh 3, Hesh ANC, Hesh Evo, Venue, and other headphones. The microphone is compatible with the PS4 controller, Xbox One controller, and the phone. The replacement cable is not included.

Brand: Newfantasia

👤Works great for the Sony wh-1000xm3 headphones. I had to make the headphones usable for gaming without breaking the bank.

👤It works well. Koss Pro4s headphones have a microphone. The microphone is better than my laptop's mic, as expected for an inline mic. Controls work with my phone, but not my primary use. There is a My only issue was not seen by me. The cable rubs against my shirt and makes a loud noise when it's rubbed against my headphones. Since the coiled cable is a straight one, it always wants to lay against my shirt, even if it rubs, because of the tension. It might be worse in my case since the pro4s are closed back, not sure. It's the same thing. Straight braided cloth cable may rub on a shirt and make a sound.

👤I bought this cable to convert my headphones into a headset. There was a sticker that said "ANDROID" around the cable. That's the mark of a quality product that will knock the socks off of anyone. I buckled my socks and was ready to go to heaven. I was not happy with the quality of the microphone. The quality of the audio was worse. They made my headset sound like earbuds. I'm telling Neumann to slow down. My ears can only take so much.

👤I needed a better microphone for my headphones. The microphone is just as good as any microphone that comes with earbuds or headphones. There is a Quality is not great. It is light with a braided cable. Quality Control is questionable. The first cable that arrived had static noise from the microphone. The 2nd cable works without any issues after I requested a replacement.

👤This is the most "tangle-free" cable I have ever seen. This thing will be untangled in a few seconds. There is a The volume/playback controls only work on an Android device. The buttons only worked on my phone. Did not work with my computer. There is a The con is not really annoying. I needed them for conference calls with my wireless headphones, so they serve their purpose.

👤I used to connect my Sony headphones to my console. It works great but I wish it had a clip.

👤It's a decent product but it's tendency to bunch and loop around itself is the main complaint I have about it. The cable is tied in loops, knots and bundles by the clinging, which increases the chance of the wires being damaged. There is a The audio channels started to fail after 5 months.

👤It was perfect. It works with the operating system. It was the first time I had a compatible cable. The center button was only available on the old mic cable. Good size cable is durable as well. There is a My kids are still killing it.

9. Replacement Microphone Headphones Wireless Executive

Replacement Microphone Headphones Wireless Executive

The warranty is. Lifetime Technical Support is provided for this 3.5mm male to male stereo audio cable. The replacement audio cable is compatible with many headphones. You can use the built-in remote microphone with your phone, iPod, iPad or tablet. Two male plugs, one straight and one L shape. The cable length is between 3.5mm and 1.4m. You can use the in-line microphone control to make calls and play music. All of their customers will be back after their granteed date. They are always willing to listen to your concerns. Please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Earla Tec

👤The cord is nice. It works well for sending sound to headphones. I replaced my Soundcore headphones with this one. The person on the other end of the phone said they couldn't hear me because the microphone was in front of my mouth. The microphone was poor quality and I tried many settings and positions. I thought a replacement for the Beats headphones would suffice. If you are buying this for a microphone, I would look elsewhere.

👤I've been using my earbuds to block out household noise while I work from home but my ears have started to hurt from wearing earbuds for more than 8 hours a day. The cord was broken when my mom gave me her Beats solo. I was hesitant to order a replacement cord since it wasn't a brand I liked. I was unsure if it would work. I tried it out as soon as it was delivered. It works well. It's very secure and no risk of it falling out if you plug it in. Even while I'm moving, the sound quality is great. I don't have a comparison of sound quality with the original cord, but it's just as good as my earbuds if not better. There is no delay when I press the buttons because the sound control and pause/play works. The sound control is high up on the cord so it feels awkward to reach for, but I'm used to my earbuds. If you need a replacement cord, I would highly recommend it.

👤There was an issue with the jack being loose and causing sporadic audio, right out of the box. I decided to compare the 3.5mm plug from an old pair of corded headphones to the 3-pole jack of the new cable. There was a (-) 0.002 on the first pole of the new cord, a (-) 0.001 on the second pole of the new cord, and a (-) 0.003 on the first pole of the new cord. I have had the old pair of headphones for over a decade and they have plenty of use and wear, so it is safe to say someone tried to save that small amount of metal. I would not recommend it.

👤I have used a similar wire for years and it works great. I wanted more of them, but they are no longer available. I got 3 of these and people on the other end of the phone were complaining that I sounded like I was 40 feet away. After messing around and trying all of the 3 that I got, I concluded that the only thing the microphone can hear is when you press the volume buttons. I switched back to my old one after I realized that the wires were garbage. Don't buy these, save yourself the trouble.

👤Here is a real review from The California, just got these in the mail. This. The blue cord was broken. There is only one sound. I fiddled with wires and plugs to make it sound in one ear. I plugged in one of my older cords as a sanity check. The sound quality is better in both ears. Sharing my true experience to the Amazon buyer community was also included. I'm not sure if it's worth the effort to pack this junk back up for return.

10. UGREEN Headphone Splitter Computer Smartphone

UGREEN Headphone Splitter Computer Smartphone

The microphone is portable and easy to put in your bag or pocket. It doesn't require additional audio software, just enjoy music and voice chat with your favorite 3.5mm headphone at any time, they will give you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours. The UGREEN Headphone Microphone Splitter is a simple way to connect headsets of 4-pole 3.5mm TRRS plug to PC or laptop with separate audio and mic jack. The turtle beach recon 50 gaming headsets can be connected to the computer via the headphones. The headset splitter has oxygen-free copper wire and polished 24K gold- plated connections. The headset is original sound quality and offers better gaming and communication. The UGREEN 3.5mm Y Mic Splitter Cable is built to last. The gold-plated plugs and aluminum alloy casing enhance the durability. The nylon braided jacket is strong enough to endure twist, tug, and tangle. UGREEN PC headset is compatible with most TRRS headsets, such as smartphone headphones. The HD is from Sennheiser. Cs wired headset, Hyperx cloud 2, a speaker, and more. The design is easy to carry around. The cable length is 20 cm. The mic splitter is only compatible with CTIA standard headphones, not Apple Earbuds or Beats headphones.

Brand: Ugreen

👤The situation is that only the audio out works, not the audio in. It can't be detected by the desktop. I tried it on my roommate's desktop, but it failed again. -- Update line. Dec 12th There is a The seller contacted me and sent me a replacement, so I changed from 1star to 3stars. It still doesn't work. I can't give 5 stars. Dec 24 The seller sent me another one, but it still didn't work on my Alienware desktop. It worked on my roommate's desktop, but I realized it may be related to Alienware. I change to 5 stars since it works on my computer, and I appreciate the seller's kindness. Merry Christmas! There is a If you are an Alienware user, the splitter may not work on your desktop.

👤When I plugged in the cable, there was a loud static. After a lot of searching, I found an option that allowed you to turn up the sound of your mic, but it was at max volume. You are golden if you look for something that says +db and lowers it to 10. The cable is great. Unless your settings get in the way, it does exactly what it is supposed to do.

👤I am giving this item 5 stars because of the amazing customer service I received. There is a The communication and length of the customer service rep's journey to find a resolution was simply amazing. They offered to replace the item for free, but I refused because it was being used for a temporary solution. I don't think this item is faulty. I think there is a tolerance issue with the headset that did not work. They submitted a partial refund on my behalf after explaining this to the customer service rep. Customer service should be recognized. I wouldn't expect that level of communication from a $10 item. I am both thankful and appreciative that it did. This item works well for my headset. Customer service will make things right if the item doesn't work with your headset.

👤This is for my laptop, which has separate ports for headphones and mic. If you plan on using headphones that only have one headphone port, consider a product like this if you want to use a mic. There is a I have not experienced any problems with this product. The build is pretty solid with the metal parts and braided cable. I would probably not recommend excessive bending.

👤I bought this for my headset to split the audio and mic into two separate devices. It works perfectly, it's a Hyperx cloud 2 headset. I have a headset that I use to reach the back of my computer. Works well! Audio and mic are flawless.

👤The mic and speakers on the xbox one headset were not separated by the sound card in my PC. I picked this up and it works well. Able to use any type of headset with this setup. I won't have to replace it anytime soon.

11. MOSWAG Microphone Compatible Smartphones Headphones

MOSWAG Microphone Compatible Smartphones Headphones

The perfect addition to your gear bag, heavy-duty cable and connectors are designed for maximum durability and reliable, static-free performance. 3.5mm extension audio cable. The distance of audio transmission can be extended. A 3.5mm stereo jack is needed to connect with devices. There was no reduction in sound quality. The audio level is maintained. For each product, passes a test. 4-Conductor(Tip, Ring, sleeve) headphone cable has microphone function, which is compatible with any devices with 3.5mm 3 pole jack and 4-Pole TRRS accessories. The audio extend cable is made from high quality materials and has a 10000+ times bend lifespan. The extension audio cable is a great solution to protect the 3.5mm aux port from being plugged in. 3.5mm male to female auxiliary aux stereo professional HiFi cable is perfect for any 3.5mm audio port device. Such as iPod,iPhone,iPad,Kindle Fire tablets,Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets,Google Nexus,Surface tablets,Sansa mp3 players,PCs,Laptops,Macbook,iMac,cars,TV,DVD,TV box. There is a 3.5mm audio aux stereo jack. 1 x Mossa 4 pole auxiliary audio enhancer cable. All of their products have a 12-month warranty. Feel free to contact their customer services if you have a problem.

Brand: Moswag

👤When you have great wired headphones, but the cord isn't long enough. I was able to use my headphones while working in the kitchen, and I was able to watch movies in the living room without waking my roommate.

👤I'm not sure what's going on. I needed to extend my headset. A buzzing can be heard from my mic when this cable is plugged in. The buzzing is gone when the headset is plugged into the switch. Any suggestions on what to do with this?

👤It was attached to the PC without problems. Good sound reproduction! Would definitely buy this product.

👤My son said it works great. He uses it for his headphones. He doesn't have to be close to the tv when he plays on his switch.

👤This is very strange. The item has male and female ends in the picture and description. The box says male and female, but inside both male ends, as you can see from the picture I have attached. In both boxes. It's a good thing.

👤There is a popping sound when attaching headphones to a cable.

👤The audio is perfect for my headphones. I can't comment on that because I haven't used it for a microphone.

👤The article is fonctionne.

👤The cable arrived on time.

👤This didn't last 2 days, not sure why.


What is the best product for headphone microphone cable?

Headphone microphone cable products from Cablecreation. In this article about headphone microphone cable you can see why people choose the product. Kingtop and Mr Rex are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone microphone cable.

What are the best brands for headphone microphone cable?

Cablecreation, Kingtop and Mr Rex are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone microphone cable. Find the detail in this article. Lanmu, Bose and Movo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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