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1. USB Computer Microphone Cancelling Headphones

USB Computer Microphone Cancelling Headphones

Long-distance working range and hands-free calls. Even if you leave your connected device for a short time, the call quality will not be affected, perfect for call center, office, remote work, home, classroom, Skype, and truckers. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them, their professional customer service team will provide you with solutions. The laptop headset fits different head sizes comfortably, with the option of rotating it up or down, and with a 270Boom mic. The ear cups on the PC headphones are 180, which makes them easier to use. This wired headphones with microphone has a 3.5mm jack audio cable and ausb plug, it's suitable for many devices. The cable can be adjusted when wearing the headset. The microphone headset for the computer can block out unwanted noise and offer a clear chat experience. The phone headset has a noise-cancelling microphone that picks up your voice loud and clear, along with upgraded speaker drivers that bring high fidelity audio. Earbay designed In-line control allows you to adjust volume and microphone/speaker with a single click. HD audio acoustic speaker is adjusted well for clear conversation and the computer headphones are born for audio and online chat. Earbay provides a 12 months warranty and wide using range, if you have any issues with their products, please contact them. This telemarketing headset is compatible with a number of online courses and conferences.

Brand: Earbay

👤Decreased: The seller reached out to me based on my 2 star review and told me that I most likely received a faulty headset and that there are newer options with a larger ear set. They asked for my address and then shipped me a new headset. The first headset was wrong and I had to change it with the new one. I can use it on my laptop, the ear coverings are larger and more comfortable, and associates on my calls say I sound fine, no more talking far away in a box. I highly recommend this product and company because of the customer service response and the new headset. There is a The previous 2 stars. I was hoping that these would work, but they have some serious issues. The microphone wouldn't work if it was plugged into my laptop. When plugged into a laptop replicator, conference users could hear me. The instruction book is not very helpful. Several users complained that I sounded far away or in a box, and that they didn't know what I was talking about. The receiving quality seems decent because I can hear them. They are not comfortable to wear. Within a few minutes my ears start throbbing. I am not sure if the ear pads are meant for kids as they are small. There is a I don't see the point in handing over a headset that has poor mic and is uncomfortable to wear.

👤The seller reached out to me and asked why I had an issue with the headphones. The quality of the headphones is not my issue, I thought I had made clear in my original review. The seller did a great job of customer service. I upgraded my rating to four-stars because it's hard to find a good customer these days. There is a The headphones are not comfortable for me. They kept slipping off of my ear. The sound was clear and crisp when it was on my ears. I don't think they're a good idea.

👤The headset performs as expected. It saves me because I have so many meetings. It is comfortable to wear it for a day without feeling unwell. The headset is loud enough to hear what is being said. There is a It is a good headset to use in the office.

👤The headset has good sound quality. It works well for meetings. It can be used as a AUX cord and ausb. It allows for using in the PC, phone and tablets.

👤I'm happy with the price. I haven't used them long enough to judge the durability, but the materials seem flexible enough to bend and break. Sound quality is good. Most of the use has been done by the teams. When first plugged in, the computer won't recognize them. I plug it in and it goes away.

👤My work issued headphones would make my ear sore when they pressed down on the side of my glasses. People would say they couldn't hear me. These are as light as a feather, and it barely feels like I am wearing any head wear. I can hear the calls clearly and they can hear me as well.

2. VPB Headphones Microphone Isolating Smartphones

VPB Headphones Microphone Isolating Smartphones

5ft braided cable with in-line controller: volume adjustment and button for microphone. It is easy to use. These are perfect for gaming. The headphones have a microphone function, one-touch play/pause, and a slide button to adjust volume. It's easier to talk and chat with earphones. The ear no pressure to use the headset for a long time because of the in- ear bud design. Four mixed color headphones let you use as you please, they are compatible with most devices with a 3.5mm jack and are 888-282-0465. They will bring you a good experience. If you are not happy with their products, please contact them.

Brand: Vpb

👤These are what I needed. I lose earbuds all the time. It was great to get a pack. We recently used them for a road trip where the kids didn't bring their own earbuds, so it was great to have extras with me. They come in different colors. They sound great.

👤Absolutely love these headphones. The sound quality from the mic and speakers is exceptional. The value of these is unbelievable and I don't see why I shouldn't like them. I got a free black suede wallet, which was great since my daughter just so happened to need a wallet... She was happy! I will re-order these headphones from this company if they ever stop working. They have earned my support. It's a good thing.

👤3 out of 4 of the headphones were tried. The sound goes in and out of the box on 2 of them. I love the look of them, but not the quality. I won't be buying this brand again. Will return for a refund. 3 out of 4 don't work. They are going to send my headphones to someone else because of the ridiculous processing.

👤The earbuds arrived a week ago. Four of them have quit working. As they left, I threw away my possessions. Highly disappointed.

👤When I put my earbuds in, I was looking for a comfortable fit. I like having cheap earbuds around because I can have them in multiple rooms if they fall apart. I have been using one pair for online classes and it worked well. The sound quality is pretty good but I wouldn't use these headphones for phone calls as I have had some complaints about the microphone. If you use the earbuds too much or listen to music while exercising, you'll hear a static noise in your ear and I'll feel a small shock in your ear. It wasn't something that I usually experience with the first pair of earbuds, but I pulled out another pair of earbuds from this pack and it happened to me twice in the first few days of using them. Next time, I would invest in a few pairs of reliable headphones.

👤We like to keep a few wired sets around for when we forget to charge the device or when we don't want to risk the expensive stuff. I'm giving these 2 stars because of a few features that worked out of the pack. They are comfortable in the ear, the colors are nice, and the price is great for a disposable product. It is disposable. 2 went in the trash because they didn't work. The others seem to be functioning well, but flimsy. The price works for the limited use we give them. They will last more than a month of daily use.

👤Really great deal. My kids are not very fond of earbuds. The kids will break them even if they are nice or well made. There is a I got this 4 pack. They are very nice quality and last the same amount of time as expensive ones. If you lose them or they get washed, you need to keep some in stock.

3. Headset Microphone Computer Cancelling Headphones

Headset Microphone Computer Cancelling Headphones

The technology for connecting. A professional call center headset does matter, as long as you have a sound card and advanced 40mm audio driver, you can bring High Fidelity sound. It's ideal for your daily gaming and music. The noise cancelling boom mic has a 270 degree rotatable boom mic, which eliminates the unwanted static and environment noises. The 3.5mm/USB headset has a 3.5mm jack audio cable, a high strength anti-winding cable, and control buttons that help you control the volume. The PC Headset can reduce heat and sweat. The leather ear pads/bendHead and memory foam fit most ears size and ensure the comfort during long using hours, the leather headband can be adjusted for adult and kids, the computer headsets is suitable for office, meeting, laptop PC, Buisness, personal or professional use. The lightweight computer headset is compatible with most computers, phones and tablets. It's perfect for various communication, online conference, classroom, remote working/class/teaching/telemarketing/school and kids. Volume control is only available on the internet.

Brand: Earbay

👤I have bought 4 different headsets. There is a None of them worked as well as these did. There is a After 8 hours of wearing them for work, they don't hurt my ears. There is a The noise cancellation feature is amazing. I work from home, usually, the neighbors are mowing their lawns, or my son has his music on. The background noise disappears when I put these babies on. There is a They are lightweight and flexible. They are small and don't take up much space on my desk. Don't look around anymore, I can't say enough about this product. Just buy them. You will not be disappointed.

👤There is no noise cancellation other than covering my ears. There are mini-microphones on the ear pieces and a battery in the headphones. This headset does not have any of these features. These are not noise cancelling unless you want to call them all headphones noise cancelling. There is a If you plug it in normally, there's no volume control because it only works with the extension. It seems to have a decent microphone, but it doesn't give me a microphone feed back to my ears, so I can't be sure how quiet or loud I sound to others. My computer already eliminates echoes even when I don't use a headset, so it's not like it would happen if I used headphones. I wouldn't want to wear these for more than an hour. They don't fit over my ears, even though I adjust the head band, and they squeeze my ears a bit more than I like. After I finished my online meeting, I was happy to remove them from my head and return to my earbuds.

👤There is an update. The vendor contacted me and told me that I could use the Voice Control panel in Windows to hear myself through the headset. I tried that, but it was not a viable option because of the terrible echo. The microphone needs to go directly to the ear piece. I'mUpgrading the stars because the vendor gave me a refund or replacement. A replacement would have the same problem. ... There is a The PC doesn't work with theusb connection. I don't know why. I looked at all the possible settings in the Control Panel. The 3.5mm plug works. I can't hear myself on the phone. I don't hear the other party. This is very annoying. I need to be able to hear what the other person is saying. Will look for another headset.

👤These headphones make a great first impression but then the reality of buying inexpensive technology sinks in and brings expectations down to earth. I was somewhat underwhelmed by this purchase. There is a The voice transmission is not clear. Anyone with a pair of clear headphones would understand what I am suggesting. The clarity to them is slightly muffled. I like the way it feels. Not very important. The fit is snug. It could be longer. I work remote and often stand. I'm 6 years old. I find myself bending over to keep from stretching the cord. It's a bit muffled as well, but I love the added bass. There is a It's a reality check. I guess I will make the best of it.

4. BENGOO G9000 Controller Cancelling Headphones

BENGOO G9000 Controller Cancelling Headphones

1 x Mossa 4 pole auxiliary audio enhancer cable. All of their products have a 12-month warranty. Feel free to contact their customer services if you have a problem. Multi-Platform compatibleSupport PS4 and other platforms. You need an extra Microsoft accessory when connecting with an old version of the controller. The speaker unit's sensitivity is enhanced by the acoustic positioning precision and the clear sound operating strong brass, splendid ambient noise isolation and high precision 40mm magnetic neodymium driver. It's perfect for games like Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, and World of Warcraft Legion. The noise isolating microphone can transmit high quality communication with its premium noise-concellng feature, can pick up sounds with great sensitivity and remove the noise, which enables you clearly deliver or receive messages while you are in a game. It's convenient to adjust the angle of the microphone. The great humanized design can reduce hearing and heat sweat. The leather material is skin friendly. Glaring lights illuminate the earcups to highlight the atmosphere. The anti-winding braided cable with the microphone and the volume controller makes it easy to control the volume and make the mic sound louder.

Brand: Bengoo

👤I needed a new headset and got this in a hurry. I would have gotten something else if I'd done more research. I think it's worth mentioning that I am very rough on audio peripherals. I don't know why, but they last me for about 6 months regardless of the quality or price. I choose to buy at a cheaper price point more frequently because of this. There is a The speaker/mic sound is good, the cable is good, and the stereo/mic to separate is included. In-line mic switch and audio volume adjustment. There are pros and cons. The blue lights on the headset are powered by theusb, but it is a bit misleading in its uses, and I would have found this out before purchase. The mic gain knob would be better than the in-line mute and volume knob. I have long hair and live in Texas. It's hard to find headsets that don't do that, but still something to keep in mind. The headset only goes on one way, the traditional right and left side are enforced by the mic. I like that the mic is on the right side of my head. If you are looking for a high-end headset, this is not it. I don't want anyone to think that I regret buying this item because my cons were not very picky. I knew I was getting a quick solution to my headset problem, and I got more than I was looking for. The addition of theusb lighting is cool. Unless you want to look cool on stream, it's not worth the resources. There is a Yes, so. If you want a good quality headset for a good price, this is the one for you.

👤I bought this for my teenage son so that he wouldn't borrow his sister's headphones for gaming. I was surprised by the pricing and reviews for these, but I was expecting to pay $100. I just tested them and they don't seem bad to me. The audio quality is not as good as he was using, but that's ok. They are not as comfortable as the Beats, but they are still fine for wearing for hours. There is a My teenage son was not a fan of them. This was one of many gifts for his birthday. We go too far before Christmas. He used them immediately despite not being overly thrilled. He yelled "Thanks for the $10 headset Dad!" after he got angry over his other gifts. There is a I think these are a good fit for a middle aged person. If you're a spoiled brat teenage boy who wants to hear what others will do to his mom in the best sound quality and comfortability, these may not be the best purchase.

👤The headset is light and has a good sound for the price. The microphone works well as well. There are lights on the sides of the headset. The headset is meant for PC users, but the microphone plug in is connected very close to the cable, which is a complaint. You can't plug the microphone cable into the controller but you can't plug the system's lights into it. I bought a 3 foot extension cable to be able to use the lights. If you want the lights on the headset while you play, then you need an extension cable. There is a The product is very good. Very happy with the purchase.

5. Headphone Cancelling Microphone Recognition Controller

Headphone Cancelling Microphone Recognition Controller

We will bring you a good experience. If you are not happy with their products, please contact them. The noise cancelling microphone and high quality wideband audio and phone make it easy to communicate in noisy environments. Natural and clear hearing is offered by the wideband audio solution. Anti acoustic shock is used to protect hearing. Plug and play is a way to connect a headset to a device. Headsets are perfect for voice call and music on most UC platforms. The speaker sound and microphone voice can be improved with the use of a top endusb chip. The Skype phone headset has a plush soft leatherette ear cushion. No pain, no push to ears, and a headband that fits for different head sizes. A professional PC headset for softphone is included in the price of the microphone arm. Light weight, tough design, and reliable plastic parts make it possible. The reinforced cord is made with Kevlar to protect against sharp objects in the environment. Compete with Plantronic and Jabra headsets all day long. It's easy to access volume and control the cord. You can adjust the headset volume in a second. They will give a 2-year warranty. If there is a problem with the headset, please send them a message. They will reply in 24 hours.

Brand: Mairdi

👤The headphones are not noise-canceling. It is the most sensitive microphone I have ever used. Every background noise is picked up by it. You will rape the ears of people listening to you if you breathe unbearably loud. If someone is in your house downstairs, you can hear keyboard noises and mouse noises. This microphone is very sensitive. The headset is loud. It's so loud that I have to turn the volume on my computer to 1 out of 100. The earmuffs are too small. The earmuffs pinch against my left ear, instead of covering it. It is very painful. The loudest headphones ever, along with a painful headset that has military-grade sensitivity. I think this is good for people with nerve damage that can't feel their ears, and need hearing aids and 10000 volume just to hear something. If you do interrogations, you can hear every little noise in a room. It might be good for dictation. You could hang the headset from the ceiling. I don't know. Overall review? I've never used a headset like this before. The dollar store headsets are better.

👤This is a great headset for work. They don't win awards for how music sounds, but for phone work it is excellent, voices are heard clearly, and the microphone picks up my voice as well. I used it for some voice over video work and it sounded like it came from a much more expensive microphone. These are better than the headsets I provided, but they are more expensive. These are the best for call center and phone work.

👤I wanted to teach online classes. It worked well for 3 classes. Then suddenly they stopped working. I kept them in the original box so they wouldn't have stopped. Very disappointed. The company reached out to me and replaced the headset. The mic works great and the headset is very comfortable. I teach online and it's important that I'm comfortable. Don't pinch the aren't tight. The company has great customer service and I would recommend these headsets.

👤The product was easy to use. After 2 months, the randomly button case got hot, but the next day the PC wouldn't recognize theusb being plugged in. I tried several PCs and none of them had the plug in for the head set. I opened the button case to look for signs of damage, even though there was no visual damage. The problem seems to be manufacturing. Black wires on both sides of the circuit board had the strands cut to the correct lengths to complete the circuit. The wire strains on the black wire broke over a period of 2 months. Red, Wire and Yellow wires had less wire slack and would have been more prone to damage if the wire had been pulled on. The black wire seems to have process damage. And they put it together. The head set was great for the first two months, but now I'm left with something else.

👤This is a great headset for Dragon Naturally Speaking users. I like the microphone and the weight makes it easier to pick up my voice and make Dragon respond quickly. It makes me feel curious. I enjoy using Dragon Naturally Speaking because it's easier for me to use my voice to dictate than my hands. There is a If you are looking for a cost-effective headset, this is it. I hope the company is aware of some issues and is addressing them for future models of this headset. I believe that they can keep the cost down and still provide a great response for Dragon users. There is no padding at the top of the headset and I feel a lot of pain on the top of my head, this is because I have only been wearing it for 15 minutes. I think the pressure on the top of the head increases because the headset squeezes in tighter on the sides of the ears. Number three is my final observation. The instructions for setting up the headset were provided by the company. The instructions for Windows 8 were not for Windows 10. Windows 10 is the most popular operating system. I had a bad sound driver that wouldn't recognize the headset when I first plugged it in. The company would benefit from adding instructions on how to deal with this issue in their setup instructions. This is all I have. I love this headset.

6. Jeecoo Stereo Gaming Headset Xbox

Jeecoo Stereo Gaming Headset Xbox

If you can't hear clearly even with the highest volume on your cell phone headset, please adjust your computer or cell phone's volume. High power 50mm neodymium magnets drivers bring a wide frequency range and rich accurate sound, so you can hear most sound effects and details to boost the passion. The upgraded boom mic has a 100 degree range of motion, is easy to reach, and better pick up your voice, so you can have a clear chat with others. A comfortable fit includes a headband with padded memory foam, earmuffs with thick leatherette and triple-layer memory foam, and a head beam. Blocks out surrounding noises help focus on gaming, and all of these are not just for a longer lasting comfort. Well works with PS4 Pro/Slim, Xbox One, Xbox One S/X, PC, laptop, Mac, and other devices with 3. 5mm phone jack. There is an additional accessory that is needed to work with the first generation Xbox controller. 5ft braided cable with in-line controller: volume adjustment and button for microphone. It is easy to use. These are perfect for gaming.

Brand: Jeecoo

👤I usually don't write reviews, but this product was so bad that it deserves some honesty. The reviews and videos of the people who gave this product 5 stars are most likely fake because I was told to give it a review in order to get a headset stand. If the review was positive you wouldn't be selected for the free stuff. The product I received was misrepresented in the ads. The build quality was poor due to the tight fit of the headset on the head and the mic on the left side that was not very loud when set to max. The packaging was the same as the ones used by other reviewers, but it seemed like it had been used before. This left the box with a feeling that someone had re-packed it. I had high hopes for this product again, but it was a miss, despite the positive reviews and the video from the manufacturer. Thank goodness for Amazon's return policy.

👤The headphones speak of quality when opened. The headphones came with a packing bag, user manual, and splitter. I like that the sizing clicks a little snug, because I don't like it when headsets open up on me, and I tend to use the smallest setting. These will not do that at all. It's right for long term wear. The braided cords were one of my favorites. The last set died because of the cord, this set will be more durable. There is a I started with my phone. Sound quality was good. I was worried at first, but realized that the sound didn't need to be as high because of the noise canceling qualities. It will save my ears. There is a The sound on my computer was great. I am not a sound expert, but when I play certain games, I have to discern between noises behind me or near me, and this headset did so well. They have good balance with highs and lows. I can distinctly hear the different instruments in an orchestral piece, without any one section dominating the rest. There is a Next test, microphone. I called a family member to watch my next test. I was told that the sounds my children made from their father's room were very faint or non-existent, and that the TV in the other room was also non-existent. I still want to be heard, even though they can be loud. I didn't say anything, I just talked and didn't sound like a computer hacker. It can be difficult for a lady to do this with a microphone. There is a Next test is long term comfort. I talked for two hours. No pain on my head or ears. It feels like these were made for me. I will be able to play games and make phone calls. There is a The noise canceling feature is amazing at this price range. Sound quality is what I want in a headset. The quality of the phone is excellent. Quality touches throughout, includingbraided cords, splitter included. There is a Would have liked an option without theusb part. I don't have enough slots for this to ever be used. Some people may really love this feature. The design of the microphone/volume control on the cord seems less than it should be. I am a little worried that the mic button might get switched to off when I don't want it to, because it Slips easily. The volume wheel seems flimsy, so I worry about its longevity. Again, not a dealbreaker. There is a I would recommend these to anyone who wants good sound quality at a great price. The noise cancelling quality is better than one would expect at this price point. I was very pleased with my purchase and would buy again.

7. Logitech Headset H390 Noise Cancelling

Logitech Headset H390 Noise Cancelling

Wide Compatibility Most of the digital devices, such as mp3/MP4/Mobile Phone/Computer/CD players, are comatively powered by the headphone amplifier. PC headphones with plush, padded headband and earcups. The system requirements for Enhanced Audio are Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later. The qualities of noise cancellation. A rotating microphone that is used for clear calls. Digital connections are compatible with the new 2.0 and 1.1 standards. In-line controls: adjust the volume and mic. Plug-and-play when you are ready with a simple connection. The H540 headset has high-definition sound and on- ear controls.

Brand: Logitech

👤I bought two sets of headphones and would like to share my experience with prospective buyers. I was very happy when I got my first unit. Headphone cushions are great and speakers are nice. It's lightweight, so you can wear it for a long time. I noticed my headband was loose a few days ago. I found a crack in the plastic. There is another problem of cable that tangles. I thought it might be my fault. I ordered the second one. I don't play a game. I use it with more care. The second one had the same problem. I'm disappointed. Why does the tech use plastic that isn't better? The headband is made of plastic or thin. I still use the headphones. I am not a happy customer. It broke completely. I tried to reach them. They didn't respond well. There is a It stopped working. The customer support team does not exist. I'm not going to buy any headphones from Logitech.

👤Half of my life is spent in distance meetings. I've tried Bose headsets, speaker phones, and in- ear headsets. Most of these have been trashed and stored in a box in the closet. This is the only headset that I would purchase again. The sound quality is very good, the over ear design is comfortable and blocks a lot of side noise, the microphone can be raised when you're on mute, or brought down directly in front of your mouth to speak. They are connected to your laptop's port of use. These are inexpensive and worth a lot. After 2 years of daily use and travel with the cord tightly wrapped, my first set started losing connection and I couldn't hear my voice. I bought a headset that was exactly like the one I tossed. This model has the best listening and voice quality of the 27 I've tried and is cheap. It takes a lot of abuse in my bag. Highly recommended.

👤The headset has been suggested to me by other teachers who are also using it. This doesn't look fancy. When you wear it, it's nothing spectacular. That is what I want. A black one! I like that it doesn't hurt my head or ears. It can be adjusted to the size of your head on both sides. Sound is clear. There is a This has a good quality material. If you are using a Macbook pro with ausb-c plug, you need a dongle since it is not ausb-c. I didn't have a problem using the device in all my teachings even though it cost me more. I will be sticking with it since it is worth the money. It is reliable and not expensive.

👤For the first couple months, this headset is pretty good. It's lightweight, has decent sound, and decent audio, but after a while, it starts to fall apart. The first time I bought this, I loved it, but after 6 months, the wires near the volume button began to screw up, so the audio could only be heard in one ear. I bought another one because I thought the first one was a mistake, and the wires began to mess up again, this time near the base of ear, where the wire connects to it, leading to the exact same problem. I bought another one despite not learning my lesson. Same thing happened. This is a decent headset, but it's just not good enough. There is a The headset is cheap and decent for a few months, but the audio is messed up every time. If you feel like blowing $20 for a decent headset.

8. Sennheiser PC Chat Communication Learning

Sennheiser PC Chat Communication Learning

The headsets are long lasting and hard wearing, which is important when used frequently in schools and businesses. The braided tuff cord is tangle free and student proof. Excellent audio clarity for casual gaming. The noise-cancelling microphone makes clear conversations. A lightweight design for comfort. Plug-and-play simplicity for quick connection to your PC or tablets. The 2-year warranty was purchased from an authorized dealer. The technology for connecting.

Brand: Epos Gaming

👤I used my "Sennheiser" headset for less than an hour, usually only a few minutes at a time, fewer than 10 times. The left speaker stopped working less than 2 months after purchase. If there was one to begin with, I called Sennheiser. They told me that the line of products was sold to another company and gave me a phone number. They said it was the wrong department and transferred me again. The transfer game happened seven times. I had to start work on a new job in a few minutes, so I chose the option to have someone call me back, but the automated phone system said I didn't have a valid phone number. Can you run around? There is a I ordered two headsets from a more reliable company. The last headset I owned was from CA. Stick with what works.

👤Since it has a single 3.5mm jack, it can't be used for a PC. A PC needs two things, one for mic and one for headphones. No accessory is provided. It seems like a phone headset.

👤I want to be able to make business calls that sound as good or better than using a landline, so I've tried several phone headsets on my cellphone. This is the only one that has allowed me to stop paying for a phone. There is a This headset is lightweight and not tight on my head. There is a The audio on the phone calls is good. Audio is not up to snuff for things like listening to music or watching videos on your phone, so this is definitely not a headset you would want to use.

👤It works great for online teaching. If you don't like the kind that cups your ears. Students can hear me very well. I tried it with my phone. It was clear. The mic doesn't bend or flip the other way so the headset is only worn one way. It may help it fit over the ears compared to other types that don't stay in place. I notice how well it fits.

👤I needed a light and comfortable headset for online meetings. I am told that they sound great and that my voice comes through loud and clear. I have used them on both my computers and mobile devices and they work as advertised. I can wear them for hours and they are very comfortable. They are well constructed for the price level. You may be disappointed if you buy these. You can listen to music and it sounds good, but if you want a high fidelity sound, you should buy a headset that is specifically designed for that purpose. The headset is designed for an application.

👤I ordered these for my work zooms when COVID19 hit. I was going to switch to another pair. I opened the packet yesterday because I was going to use the recorded zooms to get out the vote. When I plugged it in the mic sound was terrible, zoom attendees said they couldn't hear me. I tried them on my computer. Same. The issue with the headset is that there are no buttons to increase or decrease volume. The period for return is over because I waited so long to use it that I can't return it. The tubes cost $30. Terrible product. If you don't try it immediately, you still have the option to return the item if it isn't working correctly.

9. Sonitum Headset Microphone Comfortable Connectivity

Sonitum Headset Microphone Comfortable Connectivity

The ANC headphones have a 700mAh large battery capacity, so you can enjoy music all day long. It is the best partner for long travel because of the power running out problem. The charging is fast and the headphones are fully charged in 1.5 hours. 24 hours after-sale customer services and quick response are some of the tips. Don't hesitate to contact them. The computer headsets with microphone are designed to provide great audio, sound and voice quality, and will bring a whole new level of comfort to your online meetings. It's ideal for office use, call centers, online seminars and courses, virtual meetings, Youtube recordings, and so much more. Even in busy office environments, the microphone of your headset can be used for calls, thanks to its innovative noise-reducing technology. It's an excellent way to sound professional when you're working on a project. There is an adjusted size and an adjusting MIC for the most important things in your life. You can wear your new over- ear headsets for hours without feeling uncomfortable, thanks to the lightweight design with ear pads and headband. The microphone can be bent towards any direction to adjust to the position that works best for you. Plug and play is 3.5 JACK. Their wired headsets with microphone can be used with any of your computers, laptops, phones, tablets, stereos, MacBooks and more. The noise-cancelling headset looks and performs equally amazing with an attractive two-tone design. The perfect balance of utility and value can be created with high-end quality earphones and headphones that won't break the bank. All of their products come with a full year replacement policy, so you have nothing to worry about.

Brand: Sonitum

👤I gave this 4 stars because I had to buy an accessory for this headset in order to plug it into my phone and there was no button on the headset. Those are the cons for me. The clear sound that comes through is the pros of this headset. The padding on the headset is very comfortable and doesn't hurt my ears when I wear it for long periods of time. The headset has a mic on it. Sometimes I've spoken to people who are hard of hearing who need to move this closer to my mouth to hear me better. I don't have any issues with people hearing me. I'm able to get my job done a lot faster without fumbling with a phone because this has helped with bending my neck awkwardly all of the time. The headset is really good.

👤These work great after I did a mic-test check. I only use them for telemed appointments. The band on the head is changeable. The ear pieces have nice cushion pads, and the mouthpiece is not in the way of my face. My voice is normal. I don't have to speak loudly, and the sound quality through the headphones is pretty decent, so these will give me more privacy. If you need noise-cancelling, these aren't for you. If background noise is not a problem, this is a good purchase. I'm glad I didn't pay more because these are quite suitable. I'll be using them for an hour or so. You might want to spend more if you need them for longer hours.

👤I use this headset for my voice and video calls. I need a way to make my call for work more professional even on the go and this headset was perfect for that. It's lightweight and I can take it with me when I'm working from my laptop. I was looking for a mobile setup that was high quality and it has been brought to me by it. I have a mic that is close to my face so my coworkers don't hear the noise I make typing. I was surprised that the earpads are very soft and can help with noise cancelation. The headset is so light that I almost forget it is on my head.

👤The best price was listed for the headphones my kid wanted. I was curious to see how the quality would hold up since they were half the price of others. The sound is great and they are light weight, so they don't feel heavy. The mic we bought broke off within a week, but it is still holding up after months of wear. The quality is better than the competition and the value is better. These are definitely recommended by me.

👤My son will love taking these to school. Someone stepped on the pair that he had left on the floor. I looked at noise cancelling technology when I was looking for an inexpensive pair. It's important in a classroom with a lot of kids. These do a great job of canceling out the chatter. I was surprised at how well they did. They're lightweight, the ear pads are comfortable, and the head band can be adjusted. The sound is clear. It connects to almost any device with a male 3.5mm audio auxiliary input. If your device doesn't have that, you can buy a cheap aux tousb orusb-c. The quality and performance are excellent.

10. Cyber Acoustics Connection Cancelling Adjustable

Cyber Acoustics Connection Cancelling Adjustable

There is multi purpose and wide company. This headset can be used for a lot of things, but mainly for chatting and music. It's compatible with most computers. No drivers are required. Clear audio is a stereo headset that has a microphone. A noise cancelling microphone is used. It's perfect for the K12 classroom. Simple plug and play. You can connect either with a 3.5mm audio jack or ausb. You can connect the headset to your computer with no software installation or you can connect the headset to your computer with a 3.5mm audio jack. The convenienceusb control modULE improves sound quality in a small design. The headset has a connection to the computer. Easy access to volume up, volume down, speaker and microphone. The microphone boom is designed to be on the left or right side. The headband and earpads are comfortable to wear and will fit most head sizes. The headband design has improved for comfort over the AC-5002 and AC5008 models. It is easy to clean ear pads. TuffCord cable is long lasting and designed for hard wearing. Plug in and play is easy to use. Office supplies for the home office or the office are essential. Cyber Acoustics AC-5812 Stereo Headset with 5 ft cable and User Guide are included. The warranty is hassle free.

Brand: Cyber Acoustics

👤I was looking for a wired headset to use at work. I was led to the items by searching Amazon, but they were allusb connections. The Cyber Acoustics AC-5812 had both a 3.5mm jack and ausb port, which made it possible to use either connection. I use my phone as a charging port and one of the other available ports is used as a wireless mouse's receiver, so I have to limit the number of ports I have on my laptop. There is a The low cost was retailed for $25 and had a $5 coupon. * The control module is lightweight and gives you an additional 2 feet if needed. I would say that there are no cons to using Windows 10 and Ubuntu on a work or personal laptop. Since the main use-case for this headset is for communicating with others in a noisy environment, you need to expect that you're not going to get superior sound quality. You can listen to music, but don't expect it to hit all the ranges you would expect from headphones.

👤The microphone rotating all the way makes these not comfortable, they are shaped weird and shaped inward to your ear so you can only wear them the way they are labelled. I wanted to be able to change the ears on my microphone, but I can't because they are on. I don't care if they're good headphones, I want good headphones that I could switch the mic on from. I can get any brand of headphones or headsets that don't have this feature, so the sound quality doesn't matter here. The mic is very close to your face, so good luck if you wear glasses. The sound is loud, but there is a constant hum when using it with theusb. It's okay to use it just plugged into the 3.5mm. You would still want a different pair of headphones.

👤This headset has been useful for many purposes. It has proven to be very useful. I leave my laptop plugged in. Sometimes, I will connect the headset to my mobile phone at the 3.5mm jack, but at other times, I will remove the headset from the jack and sit at my desk. I like function so having two functions wins me over. The headset is small. The foam pads on the ears are very protective of the ears and do not put too much pressure on the noggin. I use the headset microphone occasionally to do voice-over work for training materials that I work on. A decent headset for the price.

👤There is a set of guidelines for doing online surveys. I was trapped in the middle. The previous purchase of a headset failed. I received a gift card from AMAZON, which I purchased. MyLAPTOP automatically recognizes the device. I was able to make sound adjustments to the phone. These are a good buy.

👤It works perfectly. My computer will detect it when I plug it in. It is able to switch from a computer speaker to a headset. Sound quality is good. I like that it has an accessory that I can use in my phone. I only need them for 2 calls a day, about an hour each, because they can hurt after a while.

11. Kingwin Microphone Headphone Microphone HPS 185

Kingwin Microphone Headphone Microphone HPS 185

The lightweight computer headset is compatible with most computers, phones and tablets. It's perfect for various communication, online conference, classroom, remote working/class/teaching/telemarketing/school and kids. Volume control is only available on the internet. A 3.5mm audio device connection can be made with a Slim Connector. The design is compact and portable. Older audio accessories can be used with newer computers. A sturdy design that can easily be plugged in.

Brand: Kingwin

👤I am certain that the sound quality is degraded by this cable. It feels like hearing a low-quality audio. It can't deliver a high-quality audio source. If you care about the sound quality, then you should not buy this one.

👤I used this to put the audio jack on my Ideapad. It works well with both of my headsets. It feels cheap when you hold it, but after a few months of regular use, it doesn't get damaged. If you don't want to squint at your splitter to figure out which jack is which, the green and pink is very nice.

👤I'm not sure how people got confused, I read the other reviews. Since I need a mic jack, I didn't use the splitter because it was only for two headphones. This comes with a mic jack and a headphone jack that are both used on laptops that only have one port.

👤The headphones don't work when I use this cable. It feels cheap, thin, and poor quality.

👤I was hoping for a splitter for two headsets instead of the description that I read. I wanted to allow two students to hear the same CD book at the same time. I don't use a headphone/microphone splitter in my classroom.

👤Works as advertised. Would buy again.

👤I can plug my headset into my laptop and play games with it. The people who give this 1 star because it doesn't connect two separate headsets should look more into the products they're buying. Great purchase!


What is the best product for headphone microphone combo?

Headphone microphone combo products from Earbay. In this article about headphone microphone combo you can see why people choose the product. Vpb and Bengoo are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone microphone combo.

What are the best brands for headphone microphone combo?

Earbay, Vpb and Bengoo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone microphone combo. Find the detail in this article. Mairdi, Jeecoo and Logitech are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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