Best Headphone Mixer 2 Input

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1. Portable Channel Audio Passive Recording

Portable Channel Audio Passive Recording

Completely upgrade. The input impedance switch can match with different audio sources. The MC5 stereo audio mixer is capable of mixing signals from CD players, instruments, portable recording devices, and so on. The design of the mini size passive circuit won't affect the audio signal. MC5 is very convenient to carry and use, it can work without battery or external power. Four channels of input have no interference with each other with one main output volume knob and four independent input volume knob. The highest sonic quality is provided.

Brand: Douk Audio

👤This does what it says it will do. There is no need for power. Four 3.5mm audio inputs can be mixed into one 3.5mm output. It is noisy and even though it says it won't boost or reduce the signal level, it did lower the volume of any input audio signal considerably. The noise issue was solved with a ground loop isolator. I contacted them about the issue. They asked me if I knew how to solder, sent me a schematic of the pcb, and told me that if I replaced the eight 10K resistors with 1K resistors it would solve my problem. I did what they said, and it solved the issue. If I needed to disassemble the unit, de-solder 8 resistors, clean the board, solder in 8 different resistors, and then reassemble the unit, why didn't they use 1K resistors? I bought a pack of 10 resistors at a local hobby shop. I am terrible at soldering and not everybody can do what I did. This is a good unpowered passive mixer if you replace the 10K resistors with 1K.

👤I'm very happy with this little mixer. The audio level output is quite low, which is mentioned in other reviews. This is not a mixer that can boost the signal of your sources. You should be able to boost the signal enough for it to work if you use a battery powered speaker. Plugging into an audio interface will record into a DAW. The volume will be very low if you are plugging into passive speakers. If you are trying to rock the house, you will be disappointed because everything is still audible. There are two solutions to this, either the mod explained in other comments or the one that is called a 'headphone amplifier' and it can be expensive. I love everything about this mixer. The knobs are smooth and firm, and I have not had a problem with using them to live mix my instruments. I like the sound of audio quality. The included rubber feet help keep the mixer on the table. There is a lot of space between the 3.5mm ports. The usable range of the knobs is generally 12'o'clock to 5'o'clock for my various battery powered synths. That's enough for my needs. If you plan to carry this in a backpack or gig bag, I would recommend that you either build a small enclosure for it or wrap some tape around the sides to keep dust out. It can be carried in a small box. Dust and other things can affect the audio quality over time. I'm not worried about it because it will live inside a larger metal box. The bottom panel can be easily removed, so you can put this on a pedal board, or something else. I plan to use something more permanent in the future. If you are looking for a mini-mixer that won't break the bank, this is it. Don't expect this little mixer to move mountains, you will love it.

2. LZSIG Recording Use Keyboards Electronic Adapter LMIX1

LZSIG Recording Use Keyboards Electronic Adapter LMIX1

Sound Mixer Input Channel is not enough if you want to mix multiple audio sources. The 4 channel mixer equipment is what you need. Stereo and mono are the mainstream audio sources. The S / M mode is free to switch according to the input audio source in order to meet the needs of consumers. The Isolation has a prevent audio crosstalk circuit. The ground nut is used to set the GND in electronic products. The product has nuts to reduce interference noise. The product is safe and stable because it has a certified power adapter. They will reply to your questions within 24 hours.

Brand: Lzsig

👤It works well with no noise added and I'm currently using it to put together multiple sound sources into a single output. It works best with line voltage sources because it has no amplifier. If you want to use a mic with a sound interface, you should get one.

👤I am using this to supplement my workspace. A keyboard and mouse are connected to three computers. I wanted to combine the audio from my three computers into a set of speakers. The different computers each have different output volume levels, and this mixer lets me adjust the input source to an acceptable volume level, which is then fed to the speakers. Does what I wanted. Works well! Don't try to power the mixer by plugging it into one of your computer'susb ports. When I tried that, my computer warned me that the port was over-voltage. Use the supplied wall-wort. I think that's correct.

👤I was looking for a way to take the line outputs from my sound board and digital audio workstation. I tried an old Radio Shack mixer for this and it reduced the signal to an unacceptable degree. There is a The little unit fit the bill perfectly, with no noise or hum and no loss of signal strength. I only used stereo inputs, so I have input jacks that are still available. The level knobs are solid and come with a power supply. There is a If you don't need phantom power or the ability to adjust gain, you should buy. There is a A great price for a line mixer.

👤The mixer is easy to use. I use it with my digital piano, iPad, and headset, so I can practice without making any noise. The power port is a plus. Very happy with the result.

👤A stereo amplifier is more convenient than a small desk mixer when I need to mix a few instruments. The fact that it is powered via ausb connection gives me options to use it with other things. Stereo inputs and output are not included in the price of the stereo connections, so there will probably be a need for some breakout adapters. I wish it had a headphones output.

👤The mixer is perfect for the price. I needed a cheap microphone mixer because we had a few outdoor holiday concerts. The sound quality is great.

👤MIND PRIME _____. The LZSIG Ultra Low-Noise 4-Channel Line Mixer is ideal for small clubs or bars. Quality: As Electronic drum, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards. A good, quality little mixer. It is well built and has an all metal structure. There were no wobbly knobs or loose buttons. Likes it. The Stereo and Mono. When mixing guitar with another audio source, the switch feature is very useful. I like the small footprint of it. Fit's inside of a backpack. It's in my hand. Issues are listed. The price at the time of review was $26.98. Over-all: This mixer has a lot of possibilities for audio hook-ups and configurations. I think it is fairly priced. Give it a try, I'm happy with it. I would recommend it. Enjoy, be safe and have fun! RECOMMENDED: Yes, I do. I hope my review was helpful. Stereo or mono are the main audio sources. Stereo and mono switch buttons are set in order to meet the needs of consumers. The channel is 4-channel. The number of electronic musical instruments is increasing, so we have developed a 4- channel mixer that can be used with a pair of bands. Effective isolation is what it is. The product has been arranged to prevent audio source crosstalk between channels because of the complexity of the input audio source. The grounding knob can be set to ground the target product if there is mutual interference between electronic products. It is safe and stable. The product has a power supply that is stable and a power source that is certified. Please keep in touch with us within 24 hours if you have any questions. The LZSIG Ultra Low-Noise 4-Channel Line Mixer is ideal for small clubs or bars. As an electronic drum, guitar, bass, keyboard, or instrument.

3. SOLUPEAK D3 Switcher Selector Splitter

SOLUPEAK D3 Switcher Selector Splitter

No power supply is required for passive design. You can refer to the "use example 1 of the product picture" for the support up to 3 audio source inputs and select 1 audio source output. If you need 2 or 3 ports output to play at the same time, you need to press 2 or 3 buttons at the same time and keep them locked. You can. This is not a powered device. Plug and play. It looks nice and durable. This is a good way to solve the problem of plugging in.

Brand: Chenkuiyuli

👤It works great for changing line-level signals, which is exactly how it is shown in the ad photo. The construction of switches is solid and they have a good feel for them. All the negative reviews were written by people who don't understand basic electronics or technology. This won't combine two signals because it's a SWITCH. Some people are hearing hum and noise because it's not designed to switch signals from millivolt to a more normal one. It's not designed to match impedances between high and low devices. It does the job it was designed to do. This product is very good.

👤It does what it was designed to do. It can be either to switch from one audio source to multiple outputs or from multiple audio sources to one output. The only thing people need to watch out for is signal degradation because this is a passive switch. If you are using wired headphones, it will be obvious. It will sound the same no matter what source it is. Adding a powered mini amplifier or a powered DAC seems to fix the issue. I didn't hear any hissing or white noise. The sound is compromised without an amplifier. It's obvious on wired headphones, but it's less obvious through powered speakers. I used a 6ft 3.5mm cable to connect from my source, and also connected a 3ft cord to my speaker on one port, while I use the other ports for my headphones.

👤I bought this because I want to keep using the Boston Acoustic PC speakers that have a 3.35mm connection. I want to use the one set of speakers that I have in the same space. This is the first review of the day. There is a It's very easy to do out of the box. Click the buttons to choose a source if you want to connect multiple sources. There is a Quality - There is no audible pop or other electronic noise when I switch sources. There was a ping from the mechanical switch. There is no difference in sound quality between this and my speakers. It sounds like it should. The metal housing feels very solid. There is a The cables are not included. Many people were in my shoes and wanted multiple pc's to a single speaker set. I use my laptop and desktop in the same place a lot. It would be great to have a standard quality monoprice audio cable so that it's an all-in-one purchase. It's not a big deal, but it would be more convenient. There is a I'm very pleased with the product so far. Glad you can still buy niche gadgets.

👤The initial impression from the box is very good. It took about a minute to setup. A good basic audio switch. The design is minimalist. Plug in your inputs and speakers and you're good to go. There is no bulky power plug to deal with. I was having major issues with my work from home setup because of multiple splitters sending three inputs to a single set of speakers. Whenever my home PC made a sound, I would experience a sudden surge in volume on my work computer. That is over. I just press the button for whatever audio source I need and I can switch between all three without changing the volume. Excellent product. Exactly what I needed to fix my audio issues.

4. Saramonic Headphone Monitor Integarted SR PAX1

Saramonic Headphone Monitor Integarted SR PAX1

Up to 8 individual stereo mixes are provided by 8 independent Direct inputs. Two balanced XLR inputs and two Mono 1/8" mini-jack inputs are used. Two mono standard inputs and a mini-jack input. There is one stereo output jack. The switch is mono/stereo. The signal of each channel is adjusted by the trim control knobs. 3.5mm headphones for monitoring.

Brand: Saramonic

👤The coldshoe mount is not secured very well. It would be more durable if it had a second ring, but eventually it will fail and wobble. The solution is to buy the SR-PAX 2, which is under the camera. If you're like our shop, and have already purchased a few of the PAX 1, you can remove the mount by rotating it until it snaps off. Attach the PAX 1 with a Rock Solid 1/4"Mighty Mount, remove the glue, put on Gorilla or VHT tape, and then use that to affix it. Attach a Shoe Plate adapter. This will add a little height, but it will be stronger than the original mount. The problem would be solved if the original mount was expanded for cover. There is a The box is great, Phantom power for mics, XLR connections for existing gear, mini-stereo inputs, monitoring via headphones, and adjustments on the fly. The mount is a sore point, but the box does the job very well. If I could trade them in for the sequel, I would do it in a second. You can get a refurbished PAX 2 for the same price as a new one.

👤Someone thought about the design of the mixer. It is designed to sit on top of a DSLR. It has grooves on the sides and top to make it easier to fit other items in the field. The inputs into the unit will allow you to record whatever audio situation you need to. It has a 9V battery that can provide Phantom Power to your mic. I recommend this product to anyone who might need a mixer in the field.

👤I bought this to use with my Panasonic LUMIX. I bought sennheiser wireless mics. The beauty works well with my set up. The ability to create stereo out of mono signal is something I love. The audio has been clean so far. It's a good one. There is a The battery is inserted via a tray. It takes up a third of the unit's size. The tray is not easy to use. There is no indicator light for the battery. It's a great piece of equipment for shooting in the field, however it's a great piece of equipment for the price.

👤A fairly robust piece of gear. This is not an amplifier. It does provide phantom power to mics, but it doesn't amplify their signals anymore. I don't know why the case is so large.

👤It does what it says. There is a You can listen to what you're recording, but it doesn't read levels. The bottom hot-shoe became wobbly after 3 months of use. The tiny screw seemed to have expanded the hole inside, making it useless to tighten it. I would be screwed if it didn't come with other cold shoe mounts.

👤This product has improved the quality of video recordings by creating an outlet that allows multiple mics to be plugged in to the camera, with a separate volume control for L and R channel. It has saved a lot of time by allowing a headphone to be plugged in along with the mics. We can hear background noise, hissing from a bad cable, and other things before we start recording. A great tool to carry in the camera bag.

5. Professional Wireless Audio Mixer Controller

Professional Wireless Audio Mixer Controller

The 4chanNEL has 4 channels. The DJ mixer machine by Pyle is a great way to mix audio from mp3s, mics, and devices that are connected to the internet. Each channel has its own pan, gain, and volume control. Bluetooth music streaming. The sound mixer is compatible with a variety of devices, including a laptop, a phone, and a tablet. You can stream music from your device directly to your mix. There is a mix and interplay on theusb interface. The personal mixer has a 3.5mm jack for microphone input and ausb port for connecting to a computer and playing and recording music. INPUTS: 6 The DJ mixer has a combo jack for mic/line/ guitar inputs and a stereo jack for microphone input. It's perfect for DJ party/music recording. The stage/ studio sound mixing console has a phantom power supply. The design has low noise and high headroom. It's perfect for both beginners and professionals.

Brand: Pyle

👤This is a great device, except for the fact that the driver for the Macbook Pro is broken. The Skype/Zoom will auto-switch to other microphone sources when theusb device drops out. This happened on other devices in the same family. It's a software bug. This is disappointing as this device is simply amazing. There is a The reason I bought this device was so I could use it to loop back audio from my computer. I could hear it with the monitor mix. The monitor mix allows you to hear the microphone with zero time lag. There is a I had to use the ground loop isolators to solve the line noise that I had to deal with because theusb driver simply doesn't work. I returned the mixer board because I found the Elgatousb Wave:3 microphone which does everything in a software package. I spent hours trying to fix this device. If buyers expect a good digital audio experience, I hope they will avoid this product.

👤I purchase this board in January of 2021, hoping to use it to digitise my family's nylon record collection. I wanted to play around with higher quality microphones and sound equipment. There is a The recordings did not retain the stereo left/right distinction after a few recordings. The tracks from the board to the PC were the same. There is a This was not the case for audio mixed on the board itself and going to the main outputs, which had stereo sound. The audio from PC/USB was in stereo and sounded good. My feeling is that this is a manufacturing flaw, designed into the board, and not a flaw with my board. One reviewer has said the same thing. If you want to record stereo music to theusb, don't buy this board. The board will work for the following use cases: mixing live music, playing digital music from the PC, and recording audio where you don't care about stereo sound. I found this board to be enjoyable to use. Solid knobs and controls have a good feel to them. Heavy weight to the board, so it does not move around, good metal construction, good sound from the PC, and the ability to pam/mix left/right microphones together are all positives. The onboard DAC is not bad.

👤My teenage son is a fan of podcasting. I have a microphone with me to go along with it. The microphone jack was the first problem. It didn't work when plugged into the mixer. The cable could have been on the mixer side. I used a regular XLR cable and it worked. There is a It would drop out completely every few minutes when plugged into an iMac running MacOS Catalina. I fiddled with many settings, but it would essentially restart. Returned it and asked for an exact replacement, thinking the first one was a lemon. The second person did the same thing. I'm going on a hunt for another entry-level mixer. Too bad. This had all the right features. If it doesn't work, that doesn't matter.

6. TNP Channel Microphone Audio Stereo

TNP Channel Microphone Audio Stereo

Independently and smoothly control 2 microphones volumes. You can adjust your audio quality with a knob. A supplied accessory powers your mixer for consistent audio. There are 2 1/2 microphone ports that allow for a wide variety of microphone types. You will always have something to hook into if you have a whole host of RCA ports.

Brand: Tnp Products

👤I wanted to upgrade my sound card to a Shure dynamic cardioid mic, since I had been using an oldusb microphone. The sound card's mic input did not have enough drive to amplify the signal enough to make a difference. I ordered this unit to use as a mic pre-amp. It works well for me and I now have a lot of mic drive. I don't have to set the PC's software sound settings to make the mic usable. My voice sounds great while I am monitoring my testing of this new arrangement.

👤It's obvious, but there is a thing called "Mic" level input, followed by "instrument" and then "line", which is the highest power. When tested with cheap mics, it was too hot. The mics that are cheaper are higher than the mics that are more expensive. There is no volume control for hotter devices. It's a great amplifier when used for what it's intended for.

👤I use this to increase the output of the BOYA BY-M1 mic. The microphone jack is too loud and the mic signal level inputs are too low, so this is a good way to record mic input in stereo.

👤Kind of irregular use. I used it to repair a Korg keyboard that had a bad pre-amp.

👤I needed a system for a backyard wedding. I used a pair of speakers, a portable amplifier and a microphone device. Things went off without a hitch because it worked well.

👤I was never able to fully balance the two microphones, because the sound was low and the other channel was 40% lower. If you try to go loud, I would not be as loud as the other channel.

👤It works well, it has a switch to change mikes.

👤It worked out perfectly for our theater company. A very clean sound for an inexpensive unit.

👤The amplifier I bought gave me some extra gain from the microphone I was using. It works well. I have only used it as a mic preamplifier. The noise level was very low and I didn't encounter any headroom problems, despite the 50dB gain being specified. There is a The gain controls have a switch at the minimum gain position, which fooled me initially. The power to the amplifier is controlled by this switch. The red power indicator light on the front is unlit when the inputs are switched off. The amplifier arrived with both gain controls off, so when I plugged it in, the indicator failed to light, and I thought the power supply might have been faulty. I discovered the switches in the gain controls later. I don't know why the manufacturers included this feature in the design. In other reviews, I noticed that a few people had problems. The mixer won't work with a microphone that requires a polarising voltage or microphone that uses a phantom power supply.

👤I connected my PC headset to my phone using a 3.5mm to 6.25mm accessory. This only appears to mix or lower the input, so it did not work.

7. Pyle 2 Channel Audio Mixer Professional

Pyle 2 Channel Audio Mixer Professional

The personal mixer has a soundcard and audio interface that can be used to record and connect to the PC. Can be used by beginners. The portable DJ console controller mixer has a signal output. When the input signal of Ch1 is too high, the Line/INSTR SW input has a select switch set. There is multiPLE communication. Caters to multiple devices with its combo input female XLR and 14' phone jack for microphone. Also has a main output plug. Independent control of the government. The recording mixer has a master control that can be used to adjust the volume of the signal. There is a clip. When the main output is too high, the led light will light up. The DJ mixer has an 18V Phantom power supply. There is a Phantom Power Supply on the XLR. The Phantom Power is indicated by the Phantom Led.

Brand: Pyle

👤They should stop selling it. The product description doesn't say that you can't record the line input to the mixer on your computer. The computer only records the MIC input. If you plan to record the line input on the computer, this thing is useless. This should be mentioned in the product description. I will return it.

👤This little box is great as an interface. It works well as a portable mixer. The build and sound are top-notch. There is a There is no way to monitor the signal on this box. The button that sends a signal to the headphones is turned off. Say what? The recording is interrupted when you try to monitor what you're recording. I can't believe the box was designed that way. I tried monitoring with headphones when I couldn't use plug-in phones. The box is not a transmitter or receiver. Why would you want to send an external signal to whatever you were recording? There is a A couple of simple modifications would make this a five-star item: allow monitoring while recording without interruption; and allow monitoring via Bluetooth. Good luck.

👤I use this mixer for my stream and it works great. This mixer is meant for the PC and is for people who complain about having to output to monitor or main mix. You can still get output from your PC, even when you're outputting. My setup is that I have a 3.5mm to RCA coming into line in on my mixer from my soundcard, then I have a mic plugged into the mixer and I also have 2K-TK plugged in via 3.5mm to the PC's headphones out. It's a great setup and I can control my headphones from my soundcard. I highly recommend this for streamers as it's cheap and does a great job. 5 stars!

👤I made a bad review of his mixer, but it turns out I was the problem, and the manual is missing some parts. I have a mini play that only works as a controller with a data connection, but can't access the built in software that has voices and drum patterns. I can use the earphone jack to play through the line in and daisy chain the connections, and record my recordings as an audio device, which makes my recordings sound 10 times better. happy now

👤How do you switch between main line and monitor? Can't I watch it as it goes out to the main output? This is one of the dumbest design decisions I've ever seen. When do you have to decide between sending the live output or monitoring your levels via headphones? It would not work for testing levels in a performance scenario. You can't listen to both of them when you're using the mixer, so monitor when you set up and pray.

👤Audio to the computer is as clear as my PreSonus mixer. There are no drivers needed on the Mac/OSX noise floor. This thing is very easy to use by anyone trying to do pro level recording.

8. MM1 Professional 2 Channel Cross Fader Individual

MM1 Professional 2 Channel Cross Fader Individual

The package is big mix and little package. The MM1 2-Channel Stereo Mixer has a small design for both consumers and professionals. The Gain Control lets you blend the most detailed tracks. Unobstructed mixing can be made with a screwless bottom panel. The MM1 Mixer provides a smooth, Sturdy Cross-Fader for effortless and clean transitions. This unit has individual gain control. It's fine-tune. Your last piece into your masterpiece. The MM1 Unit has a total control over your music that includes a headphone volume adjustment and easy-to-use sound system. The INPUTS are used by the police. The MM1 mixing unit has two line inputs and a master output. An industry leader is trusted by GEMINI. They have provided innovative products for DJs, musicians, sound contractors and professional Installers around the globe. DJ and Audio Equipment is what drives them as an industry leader.

Brand: Gemini Sound

👤Absolutely awesome. There are a couple things that aren't how every DJ mixer works. There are some worse reviews on this. It is up there with all budget mixers over 100. My plan is to upgrade a couple of the components inside to improve audio quality so it can hang with more expensive mixers. There is a When you use the headphones, the A channel is in the left speaker and the B channel is in the right speaker. If you're DJing how can you not appreciate this feature? Isn't that what you want? If you want to hear the output of your mix, use one of the two RCA outputs. I have my speakers hooked up to me. Some people on a budget will want to hear their actual mix on the headphones. DJ's love that feature for a reason, so don't get mad about it. You don't need to hear what the speakers are already playing when you're playing a mix. There is a My biggest complaint is that they only boost or cut their own frequencies. If you're not into that, you're using what you have. The bass is too focused on the mid bass and not enough on the sub bass for me, even though the high eq is great. I will use a second of these, which I bought a few months ago, to replace the EQ completely, and use it as a volume control for my stereo's power amplifier. I don't use a preamplifier and just use my power amplifier and it sounds great. I was surprised by the sound quality of the passive preamp, it does not give a bad quality to the sound output, even though it would be less colored.

👤I ordered three of these things thinking I would get a new one. I like the way it works, but I couldn't get one without a ripped box with the wires recoiled. There is a I neglected the condition of the packaging and focused on the mixer. The gemini is my go to mixer, it's better than my small one, and I like it a lot. There is a The sound is very good for the price and it is made of heavy metal. It has nice tension knobs that don't slip in your fingers, and the pan can be adjusted by positioning the gain controls. The mic and headphones have aRCA input and output. There is a This is a good purchase.

👤This is what I needed in the event of a failure with my Denon controller, and I bought this as an emergency back-up. A basic hardware mixer with a mic and headphones. It has high/low EQ controls. There is no "cue" function, but that's incorrect. channel 1's input plays in the left and the headphones out is in a constant state of cue. The 2's are in the right. This is a great back up for an emergency situation. It seems well built and sturdy to hold up to the road. This will be in my cord bag, but it will give me peace of mind knowing that I have a solid little mixer ready to go at any time. And for only $40?

9. Rolls MX51S Four Channel Stereo Mixer

Rolls MX51S Four Channel Stereo Mixer

For mixing a microphone with up to three input signals. The line and headphones output level.

Brand: Rolls

👤After many purchases, tests, returns, and cables plugged in and unplugged, I had 2 analog audio signals that needed to feed into a single analog input on my speaker system and be able to play. The cheap and dirty way to deal with this is to grab a $5 headphone splitter and hook it up backwards. If there is a surge or spike, the signal strength from both sources can be affected by the lack of a headphone splitter. I'm not an electrical circuits expert, but the bottom line is that a powered mixer is the best way to get 2 independent signals to feed into a single input without losing strength. I needed a mixer with at least 2 inputs and a compact powered mixer, and the Rolls MX51S proved to be exactly what I was looking for. The mixer has 4 inputs, but only one is used for a microphone. There is a The mixer has a very nice construction with a powder coated metal case, solidly attached input and output jacks, and nice potentiometer knobs with a detent at the 12:00 position. The mixer provides a mild amplifier capability if you turn the knobs past 12:00, but some people report clipping at max gain. This isn't a big deal, as the unit isn't meant to be used as a serious amplifier. I set my system volume to loud enough that a gain of 1 is more than I will ever need, and I keep the input volumes turned down. There is a The mixer works well. I can play both sources at the same time with fully independent volume control, something that I didn't have in my system prior to my upgrade, so I am very glad that it became necessary. The mixer is very small and can fit in one of the shelves of my cabinet. I don't have the space or need for that kind of thing because many other mixers are much larger. I ran into an interesting issue while using this mixer. The sources that I have fed into it are the DAC's. I went through 5 different DAC's before I got a setup that worked correctly all the time. After the optical source was turned off, one of them, an Insignia, started causing loud popping and clicking to come out of my speakers. Only when it was connected to the mixer. It was fine if I plugged it into my sound system. I settled on a FiiO D3 and an eSYNiC because I was pretty sure that the problem was not going to occur with either of them. I don't think the mixer is to blame for the issue not happening anymore. There is a I am very happy with the mixer. It does what I need, does it well, and is a bargain.

👤I wanted to combine the inputs from the microphone receiver and the audio from the television in a small PA system for a fellowship hall area in our church. I needed this mixer to join the two signals into a single input on the amplifier. The microphone signal went to the one amplifier input while the TV audio went into the other amplifier input. The only way to show a video with sound on the TV was through the HDMI TV input, but the amplifier input from the microphone had to be switched to the TV to show the video with sound. They can start and stop the video without changing equipment and add their own comments with the microphones. Several people are thinking about the possibility of having Karaoke in the room. There is a It was easy to set the two volume levels for our inputs because the mixer is built well. The mixer works without noise when it is adjusted. There are still two inputs for the microphone and TV audio after using the RCA inputs on channel 3 and 4. Channel 2 has either a stereo or aRCA input, so it is a logical choice to use for an iPod input. Channel 1 only has an input with a phantom power so we could use it for a wired microphone at some point. It would be useful for a DJ arrangement. We aren't using it at the moment.

10. Behringer 502 Premium 5 Input British

Behringer 502 Premium 5 Input British

Premium ultra-low noise. State-of-the-art, phantom powered Xenyx Mic Preamp is comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps. The "British" 2-band EQ has warm and musical sound. There is a main mix, stereo CD/tape, and separate headphone outputs. The inputs can be assigned to the main mix outputs or the headphone outputs. 13 watt power consumption

Brand: Behringer

👤It's okay for the price. I don't know because my mic requires 48 volts of DC power and the Xenyx only has 15. There is a lot of confusion online. I looked all over the place. The phantom power of the Xenyx 502 mixer isn't what you'd want for your mic. The mixer requires 48VDC of phantom power, so it doesn't work with the Razer Seiren Pro. I spent $40 on something that won't work with my mic after testing it with my multimeter. I probably can use it with my turntable, but that's not what I bought it for.

👤The little mixer does what I need it to. I am an amateur electronic music composer and I prefer actual drum machines and synths over software. The mixer is doing a great job of getting everything talking for me. I own a micro KORG synthesizer and a Korg Electribe. The mixer feeds the Kaossilator Pro into a KAOS Pad. The setup I have is the way I am currently using. It's compact size is great because it's portable and can be put anywhere. Feel free to ask me questions, I will be using this thing quite a bit at home. I will do my best to answer them.

👤I'm a musician. I wanted something small for a small space and wanted to see what this thing could do for $40. It was blown away. 1) The ac power cord coming loose is not a problem, and the power light is bright and annoying, but you can cover it with something to dim it. Yes, it has on only one channel. It's $40. Everything works as it should. There are five It's a true 3 channel mixer, not just 5 as 1/3 and 5/5 share the same gains. You can mess with Balance on 1/3 and 4/5, which is sort of 5 channel. The thing is perfect for 2 instruments and vocals. Two thighs up!

👤I think your microphone is an XLR mic, it has a round plug with three holes. I don't recommend getting a mixer with just one channel unless you know what's going on. There is a The one port has phantom power, and it also has an ac adapter. There is a The mixer supports more mics. There is a It is a good idea to dial the channel to 15% gain and 75% gain. There is a Any noise picked up while recording through this mixer has been handled by audacity. There is a If you want to use the mics that come with the boom arms, you'll need more than the one on this site. There is only one room for one of those mics on this mixer. There is a If you want to invest in mics, you should get a mixer with two channels and two cords. You can buy cables that have both lengths on one end and one inch on the other. The cables won't help you. Extra power is needed for XLR. If you buy a special cable that plugs your mic into the port, you will have a very, very, very week signal.

11. Donner Headphone Amplifier Professional Ultra Compact

Donner Headphone Amplifier Professional Ultra Compact

The Premium Analog Circuit is a system for studio and stage applications. The NJM4580 operational amplifier and the high-power stereo amplifier are included in the Headphone Amplifier. Premium design and design delivers low noise floor and high headroom. Ultra-low-NOISE is what it is. The amplifier has a single stereo source and up to 4 pairs of headphones. Enjoy low noise music. There is four independent level control. This headphone amplifier has features such as high fidelity analog circuit, high power output, large dynamic, low distortion sound quality. Each person can control the volume of their headphones when you and your friends share an audio source. Saving energy is possible by using durable material. There are long wear potentiometers and switches. It's convenient to turn on/off the headphones power amplifier with a power switch whenever and wherever you please. There is complete equipment. The included 12V AC adapter is used to power. There is a Stereo Jack Adapter for free.

Brand: Donner

👤I thought to use this review to answer a question that might be common. The high impedance of the set worried me. The sound is very clean, and I get a nice volume boost. The main reason for this product is that I prefer to use my headphones through this amplifier even when I am not splitting the signal with other users. It's also a nice headphone amplifier. I like the way the inputs are on the back and the outputs are in the front. The knobs have no wobble. The power buttons light up nicely. 5 stars easy.

👤I was hoping for a better response from the $2K monitor controller than I got. There is a The Donner Headphone Amplifier has a degraded response. The two pairs of headphones I used degraded significantly. There is a The unit does amplify. It's built like a tank. This may be what you need if you're not concerned with pro-quality audio response. Despite the naming convention, I would add that it is not a professional.

👤This was what I was looking for. None of the newer ones transmit sound as loud as I wanted, and I own several headphones from over ear to in ear. Yeah. Yes. I am aware of ear damage and hearing loss. A loser. The device let me crank up the volume without adding noise or distortion. I like this thing. 5 stars for what it does and what it doesn't do.

👤It is not often that I post a review after receiving a product, but this is one of the times I think it is safe to do so. I needed the additional volume from the headphone amplifier to use the large screen TV. I was approved for a cochlear implant, but I opted out because I was told I was at risk for the surgery. I watch TV using closed caption. Even though I don't have the ability to hear sound clearly or understand it, the addition of sound enhances the experience. The sound level in my earbuds is too low. The addition of the Donner amplifier allows me to increase the volume on my TV so that I can hear some sound.

👤I like the feel and quality of the knobs, case, ports, and other parts of the build. The included headphones are a poor quality, feeling as if they're mostly plastic despite being solid-brass looking. There is a The audio doesn't seem to have any hissing or buzzing, but the quality is distorted to me. I don't think the audio is clear, the detail has been lost and the frequencies seem to bleed together. It's noticeable in the bass and deeper frequencies. Attempts to compensate for loss of bass and clarity through software was unsuccessful; increasing bass, reducing treble or modifying settings in any way actually make the distortions worse. If you're not into high definition audio or higher bit rate, this might not be a problem, but I think almost anyone could notice the difference. If I knew, I wouldn't buy this again. I would save for a studio ready version.


What is the best product for headphone mixer 2 input?

Headphone mixer 2 input products from Douk Audio. In this article about headphone mixer 2 input you can see why people choose the product. Lzsig and Chenkuiyuli are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone mixer 2 input.

What are the best brands for headphone mixer 2 input?

Douk Audio, Lzsig and Chenkuiyuli are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone mixer 2 input. Find the detail in this article. Saramonic, Pyle and Tnp Products are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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