Best Headphone Mixer Battery

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1. Moukey MK0150 RD FR Ultra Low Noise 8 Channel

Moukey MK0150 RD FR Ultra Low Noise 8 Channel

Stereo / mono simple switch- Stereo version requires the use of male and female jacks for input and output connections. The mono version mixes 8 mono signal inputs into one mono signal output. The packaging does not include the cables. This product uses the latest DC 5V power supply mode, so no longer restricts the application scenarios. There is a note. If you use an external power supply with a certification like the CE orUL, it will not cause noise or interference to the product. Adapter included. Simple control. The audio mixer takes sound from many different sources and puts it into a position to be monitored or routed. Each channel on the linear mixer has a single output from an amplifier, with independent volume control, input plugs and volume control for each channel. A simplified setup is versatile. Multi-keyboard devices and recording can be done with the mixer. It's great for your keyboard, small stage setup, drum set or submix. The mixer is used. Modern design looks great on any desktop, with large controls that are easy to use and small in size, avoiding tangling wires, clothes, etc. The 8-channel line mixer has a low noise level. The mini audio mixer provides excellent audio performance, has low noise operability, and produces the highest sound quality at all output levels. It's easy to set up and set up quickly. Even at the highest levels, the 8-channel mixer produces the highest signal quality with the highest signal integrity.

Brand: Moukey

👤I was looking for a mixer that would fit in my pedalboard setup and I found this one. It is built like a tank, with a tough metal enclosure, smooth knobs, and tight input and output ports. It looks like another pedal on my pedalboard because of its size. Sound is transparent with minimal noise from what I can hear and I can use it in a gig or a recording session. With a push of a button, all inputs can be turned into stereo. In stereo mode, you will need to set the output to stereo and the sound to output B, which is a TRS stereo output. The mono mode uses output A, however, it doesn't have pan controls, so you can just summed the inputs left and right. There is a This uses a 5V microusb port on the power side. It comes with the cable but not the power supply. You can use your pedalboard power supply, but you need a DC female to microusb cable and a reverse polarity cable. The pedalboard power supplies now have 5V ports so it is more convenient. There is a I am very satisfied with this purchase and I wanted it to be. This can be beat for price and function. If you are looking for a clean and compact mixer, I would definitely recommend this one.

👤I use this to mix audio from multiple devices at my desk. The mixer is a perfect fit for this application, and I don't have any issues with the quality or performance. There are a few small details that keep this from being 5 stars. I had no idea how the signal was routed in this box. I was not sure if it would be what I expected when I bought it, but I was able to make reasonable guesses. I couldn't find a manual or schematic online, and the paper manual didn't have a schematic, just short descriptions of what the controls did. A simple diagram would be much more clear and informative. I made one myself and attached it to a photo here. This is how it is presented, to the best of my knowledge. The back of the box had only 2 flat rubber feet. They don't contact the surface very well since it sits at an angle on those two feet. I applied 2 more rubber feet to the front of my body because it is much better. The knob spacing is a little tight. There isn't enough room to fit my finger between them. The input levels have more space than the output knobs. There isn't a good way to comfortably hold both sides of the B output level. I would like to have more space there. The knobs are hard to see in low light. It could be fixed with a white marker. It would be nice to have a noticeable knob on my old Behringer that would let me feel the position without having to look down. I might buy some to replace the stock ones.

2. Moukey Low Noise Sub Mixing Microphones Mixer MAMX1

Moukey Low Noise Sub Mixing Microphones Mixer MAMX1

The key point is the use of the 1/2” male to male stereo audio cable for input and output. The key is pressed. The Mono version mixes 4 mono signal inputs into one mono signal output. The package does not include the cables. The latest DC 5V power supply mode makes application scenarios no longer restricted. They also provide a power cable for the internet. The equipment needs a 5V1A power supply. Adapter included. Simple control. The audio mixer takes sound from many different sources and puts it into a position to be monitored or routed. Each channel on the linear mixer has a single output from an amplifier, with independent volume control, input plugs and volume control for each channel. The mixer is ideal for multi-keyboard devices and recording, where multiple channels need to be mixed into one audio track. It's great for your keyboard, small stage setup, drum set or submixing before going to the main mixer. The mixer is used. Modern design looks great on any desktop, with large controls that are easy to use and small in size, avoiding tangling wires, clothes, etc. The mini audio mixer has the highest sound quality at all output levels, boasting ultra-low noise operational for outstanding audio performance. It's easy to set up, ideal for quickly mixing 4 line-level signals. Even at the highest volume, the 4-channel mixer can produce the highest sound quality.

Brand: Moukey

👤I broke my old mixer when I accidentally dropped something heavy on it. I was not happy about that. I ordered a new one. The old one was good to me, so I ordered the exact same thing. They seem to have changed this model. The mono/stereo buttons are labeled correctly and now there is an extra grounding screw you can use. The new design seems to be a lot worse in a lot of ways. If I have more than one input plugged in, it produces a very annoying noise, which I'm not sure if it's a ground loop or not. The old one did not do this and I don't have any major sources of noise, so it can't be a very strong signal. The noise is annoying and defeats the purpose of a "ultra low-noise mixer." I threw the packaging away because I thought it would be as reliable as the previous one, so I can't even return it. Hopefully they'll fix this with another revision soon, but I'd rather buy a different one than risk it. There is a My actual need for a mixer is fairly minimal, but when I need one I really need one. I've mostly just been soldering wires to resistors, which is a PITA and not very adaptable. This is more effective. I feel like the sound is slightly different, but I can't tell you how it is or if it adds any noise to the line, which is great. The power is a nice plus for me. It's easy to deal with standard DC requirements, but it's convenient to have a power source that's compatible with the internet. It's easier to deal with the power supply than it is with the battery, and there are more power banks around these days than there are leaves on the ground. The noise level seems to be low, so I think the power worked out well. It's labeled wrong on the buttons to switch between the two modes, which is really annoying. It says on the unit that down is stereo and up is mono. This is not true. I spent about an hour testing with my multimeter after I finished building the cables and then I pulled them apart and assumed something was wrong despite the multimeter showing what it was supposed to show. I don't know why it finally occurred to me to try pushing the button, but the short in the cable was an intentional short due to it being set to mono mode when pushed down. It's weird that someone messed that up, but I know it's simple to leave the buttons the other way. There is a Mono mode is not a downmix, so it probably doesn't have to be noted. Most people would expect this to be what they use for instruments. I only use it in stereo, so it won't work for downmixing, if anyone expected to use it for that.

👤At my desk, I have several computers and an iPod, but only one set of high quality monitor speakers. This mixer allows me to feed all of the sound sources into the speakers and adjust the volume and balance between them. There is a The 5V microusb power jack is convenient because I can use it to power the mixer with one cable. The current draw is very low, so I can plug it into a jack on the hub. There is a I've heard no noise from the sound. It's well built and solid. I opened it up, and it's using a real integrated circuit amplifier instead of just a few transistors. There is a The Mono/Stereo button on each input was not explained well. This button tells you which input you can feed a stereo or mono source into. A stereo source will be fed separately. A mono source will be duplicated and fed to both stereo channels. The mixer has an output jack. There is a The index marks on the knobs are hard to see because they are not colored. A little white paint was used to fix this.

3. JUST MIXER Audio Mixer Portable

JUST MIXER Audio Mixer Portable

It's the perfect way to mix multiple sound sources whenever and wherever you are. Up to 5 mono input connections can be made with the Stereo 3 in / 1 out configuration. The gain knob allows input of multiple devices from mic to line level. When signal level overloads mixer capacity, the LEDs will light up. Batter orusb power is used for a long term solution, or 2xAAA batteries when mobile. The Energizer Ultimate is a battery. Approx. The battery life is 8 hours.

Brand: Maker Hart

👤I ordered the color blue. It looks very nice and seems well built. There are some issues. The design of the power port is not good. It would be better if it was on the back of the unit. There is only a small complaint. There are five big problems. 1. The unit is loud. The signal to noise ratio is very low. Regardless of cable quality, lengths, or signal quality, there is a constant hiss present. There is a lot of interference from nearby devices. It was acceptable if the cables were short and away from the device. This was observed regardless of the quality of the cable used. You must use a wall plug if you are using a power source with ausb. I was listening to a prayer request radio show while plugged into a computer, and there was a lot of interference. 3. There is no headroom at line level. Headphone level input? Forget about it. Line level clips at unity gain with knob all the way down. There was no room at all. I'm not using this to boost the signal, just to mix at unity gain or less. 4. Talk between channels. Not much. Problem 5 below is partly to blame for it being there. signal is not silenced even at a negative position. The signal still leaks through. There is a The price is great but the placement of the port is not considered. Excellent quality all around. There is an update. The product has deteriorated in the week that I have owned it. It's too loud for any kind of use. It's terrible performance cannot make up for it's nice appearance. I am changing my review to one star. The 2nd update is here. I believe my unit may have been faulty due to the excellent customer service by the seller. You can't offer good customer service if your product is not good. A company would spend all of it's resources putting out fires. It's funny... The thing did not catch fire. I am revising my rating to 3 stars because of the other 4 and 5 star reviews and the seller's excellent customer service. Read the replies to the review to get a full description of the problem I encountered and the application in which this mixer was used. Even if my unit was not faulty, you may experience a better end result if your setup is less complex.

👤Fantastic idea and executed very well. I wanted to like this item. The noise produced by this device makes it useless for most applications. There is a lot of noise when running on battery power, but it is slightly less when running on the computer's computer memory card. The noise I experienced when I used a battery back to power this was the lowest I had ever experienced. The noise is intolerable if it is plugged into any other power source. I give it one star because it is not useful. It does not work as a mixer because of its size and portability. I keep it to use for ham radio applications where some noise is acceptable, but it is useless on a daily basis. There is a The price is out of whack. If this was $20, I would give a more favorable review, but for $40, one can buy a decent Behringer mixer that will perform better on 120v power.

4. Headphone Amplifier Audio Ultra Compact Stage Fosi

Headphone Amplifier Audio Ultra Compact Stage Fosi

You need a 3.5MM to If you want to track more than one musician at once, or if everyone in a group wants to listen to a song, you need a monitor distribution system. The compact, flexible PH03 can power up to four pairs of headphones. The upgraded version ofPH06 has a power switch and 3.5 MM headphone output. When a recording session calls for everyone's heads and ears to be in the game, the PH03 is the perfect solution and a real money- saver. The 4 independent stereo high-power amplifier sections in the PH03 maintain the highest sonic quality even at maximum volume levels. The same opamps found in full-size audio equipment are included for outstanding audio performance. The Ultra-Compact Design is a simple solution for studio and stage applications. You can power four of your headphones at the same time with this super-compact amplifier. Let up to 4 people in your studio listen to the main mix while recording, and each of them can choose their own volume level using the dedicated output level controls. Their worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service are what you get withPH06 Amp.

Brand: Fosi Audio

👤It gives a lot of power to the connections. I wanted to hook up my old 2.1 set with the set I bought for 2.1 but the volume was being sacrificed by the shared connection. I decided to purchase it to see if it helped. There are two sets of 2.1 speakers that have full usage. I'm afraid they will blow as I imagine they will. I connected 2 single 40w speakers along with 4 others as a test and all of them had full volume. The performance of each would be weakened by a direct connection. I'm happy with the performance and it's unbeatable.

👤I have good headphones that have different impedances from 20 to 150 Ohm. There is a Each headphone has its own sound, volume, and special needs because of the external noise. There is a Each person could use a different volume and adjust to their own preferences. There is a My mother is not hearing well. She likes to watch movies or the news with me. She liked it a lot and we have used it. She adjusted the volume to her needs and I did the same, it solved the problem. It's recommended for other purposes as well.

👤I bought this so I could listen to the same music with my friend. All I was looking for was fidelity on the ports. The volume controls are convenient. It's not possible to ask for more given the price. My only suggestion for improvement would be to have the input on the back side and the outputs on the front, which would make cable management easier. I wouldn't call it portable since it requires a wall outlet, but that's not an issue for me.

👤The newer model of ROKU allows listening through headphones, which we replaced with a newer model. It's not designed for multiple headphones, and the remote has to drive them. If you want to watch something on the ROKU with someone else, you need something like this. It allows each listener to set their own volume, which is a real benefit. What can I say about wire management? I'm not saying that it's perfect or that it's an excellent amplifier, but it's really good for the price, and it solved the problem at hand.

👤I am using this to manage audio source feeds to mini-stereos in different locations in my house, it works great sound quality is good, helps compensate for signal loss from multiple extra long cables. I discovered that two of my cables and one old splitter were bad and this helped me single them out.

👤My TV has a very low analog output, so my speakers sounded very low, especially with videos on websites like YouTube. There is a This is what I needed. There is a This is not a turntable amplifier.

👤This works great because I have my music headset, gaming headset, and PC speakers all hooked up. No need for an accessory!

👤The product is well built and has good volume control for two of the four dial options, however, the other two have static at low volume and one knob barely works. I am giving a low rating because I reached out to their customer service two weeks ago to see if I could get a replacement, but have yet to hear back from them.

5. Rolls MX51S Four Channel Stereo Mixer

Rolls MX51S Four Channel Stereo Mixer

For mixing a microphone with up to three input signals. The line and headphones output level.

Brand: Rolls

👤After many purchases, tests, returns, and cables plugged in and unplugged, I had 2 analog audio signals that needed to feed into a single analog input on my speaker system and be able to play. The cheap and dirty way to deal with this is to grab a $5 headphone splitter and hook it up backwards. If there is a surge or spike, the signal strength from both sources can be affected by the lack of a headphone splitter. I'm not an electrical circuits expert, but the bottom line is that a powered mixer is the best way to get 2 independent signals to feed into a single input without losing strength. I needed a mixer with at least 2 inputs and a compact powered mixer, and the Rolls MX51S proved to be exactly what I was looking for. The mixer has 4 inputs, but only one is used for a microphone. There is a The mixer has a very nice construction with a powder coated metal case, solidly attached input and output jacks, and nice potentiometer knobs with a detent at the 12:00 position. The mixer provides a mild amplifier capability if you turn the knobs past 12:00, but some people report clipping at max gain. This isn't a big deal, as the unit isn't meant to be used as a serious amplifier. I set my system volume to loud enough that a gain of 1 is more than I will ever need, and I keep the input volumes turned down. There is a The mixer works well. I can play both sources at the same time with fully independent volume control, something that I didn't have in my system prior to my upgrade, so I am very glad that it became necessary. The mixer is very small and can fit in one of the shelves of my cabinet. I don't have the space or need for that kind of thing because many other mixers are much larger. I ran into an interesting issue while using this mixer. The sources that I have fed into it are the DAC's. I went through 5 different DAC's before I got a setup that worked correctly all the time. After the optical source was turned off, one of them, an Insignia, started causing loud popping and clicking to come out of my speakers. Only when it was connected to the mixer. It was fine if I plugged it into my sound system. I settled on a FiiO D3 and an eSYNiC because I was pretty sure that the problem was not going to occur with either of them. I don't think the mixer is to blame for the issue not happening anymore. There is a I am very happy with the mixer. It does what I need, does it well, and is a bargain.

👤I wanted to combine the inputs from the microphone receiver and the audio from the television in a small PA system for a fellowship hall area in our church. I needed this mixer to join the two signals into a single input on the amplifier. The microphone signal went to the one amplifier input while the TV audio went into the other amplifier input. The only way to show a video with sound on the TV was through the HDMI TV input, but the amplifier input from the microphone had to be switched to the TV to show the video with sound. They can start and stop the video without changing equipment and add their own comments with the microphones. Several people are thinking about the possibility of having Karaoke in the room. There is a It was easy to set the two volume levels for our inputs because the mixer is built well. The mixer works without noise when it is adjusted. There are still two inputs for the microphone and TV audio after using the RCA inputs on channel 3 and 4. Channel 2 has either a stereo or aRCA input, so it is a logical choice to use for an iPod input. Channel 1 only has an input with a phantom power so we could use it for a wired microphone at some point. It would be useful for a DJ arrangement. We aren't using it at the moment.

6. Moukey Headphone Amplifier Splitter 4x Supply MHAMP1

Moukey Headphone Amplifier Splitter 4x Supply MHAMP1

We offer a 12 months warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee, so they are confident in their product. If you need a premium and durable Y Splitter cable to share music, the DuKabel 3.5mm Stereo Splitter Cable is something you should consider. Not sure? They are happy to help you contact their friendly customer service. Amplifier 4 channels can be used for up to four outputs: no sound burst, minimum distortion at maximum volume. The signal is not lost when all four headphones are connected. Up to four people can monitor the mix at the same time with the 4-channel headphone amplifier. When your audio source is mono input, you can press the stereo button to make it sound stereo. The mini stereo amplifier has a stereo headphones output jack and a source input jack. You must use a stereo audio cable for the male-to-male connection. The male-to-male connection device has a 1/2”TS for it. The packaging does not include the cable. 5V power supply. This product uses the latest DC 5V power supply mode, so no longer restricts the application scenarios. There is an accessory included. The metal structure headphone mixer has a smooth operation knob. It's ideal for stage and indoor performances that require multiple headset connections.

Brand: Moukey

👤I am an electrical engineer and audio nut so I was prepared to be critical of this amplifier. Guess what? It was far beyond my expectations. There is a It is small. Two cigarette packs are laid side by side. You can put it anywhere. There is a It's made well. The metal body with rubber feet on the bottom is also electric. I plugged in a couple of different sounds and it was quiet. There was no noise at all. No hum or hiss. You get the sound and nothing else. I did not power it with anything special. The manufacturer suggests a wall wart that is a UL/CE-rated. I used headphones that were professional quality. The sound was clean at every level. Nice! Another feature may not be obvious. You can change the output and input sound levels. Control of the output sound level is the only thing similar devices allow. The input signal level is not controlled by a "master" volume control. The amplifier accommodates a wide variety of audio sources. I tried it with my electric guitar and phone at high volumes. It didn't change anything. The little amplifier took care of them all. If your phone doesn't drive your headphones to the level you want, get ready, because this amplifier will take it the rest of the way and blow your socks off! Not much else to say. This device is one of the few that does what it's designed to do. You can plug in any micro-USB 5V power supply, and it will show the presence of power with a lighted LEDs near the input jack. There was no silly power switch to use. It's on if you plug it in. You can share the audio output from your phone, computer, or guitar with your friends or band members, and they can each have their own volume control. You can get a good headphone amplifier for less than $100 or $200, and it's made for audiophiles.

👤The build and sound quality of this amplifier is amazing. The volume pots are very smooth and the amplifier is solid. I have not been able to detect signal loss, line noise or clipping even over long cable runs. I assume this thing is using some kind of high-pass/low-pass filters to get a noise floor that low. I can usually tell when I hear a HPF/LPF. The one in this class has an amplifier on the input stage. I can't imagine using an amplifier without one. It's not made for this. I'm using it as a distribution amplifier. I split the audio from the first generation gscartsw switch. One of the runs is only 3 feet and the other is 20 feet long and goes into an OSSC. I had a set up with a passive splitter but it seemed to stress the audio source so I decided to replace it with a Moukey amplifier. This amplifier allows me to boost the volume along the longer run so that I get a stronger signal and no longer stress the source while still balancing the sound between both outputs. It was annoying that it used a different style of sockets, but it was cheap and I like it. There is a There is no power supply included in the amplifier. A lot of power strips have these nowadays, so I used a freeusb sockets from a nearby power strip. I was expecting some noise from the power source but the internal isolation of this amplifier must be really good because I can't detect any degradation of the signal at all.

7. Handheld Milk Frother Drink Mixer

Handheld Milk Frother Drink Mixer

The service is complicated. Genuine Phenyx Pro audio products come with a year of manufacturer assurance. They can help you with the replacement of discontinuous/defective parts. If you like your coffee topped with a cloud of foamy goodness, this easy-to-use coffee frother is for you. It's perfect for all milk types, including half-and-half, creamer, soy, almond, cashews, and whole milk. Don't go to the local café. Your matcha has met its match. Milk frother whisks a variety of beverages, including coffee, macchiatos, and powder drinks. The drink mixer will make a storm. The electric milk frother is reassuringly robust with its handle and whisk. The sleek and sturdy stand of this latte frother easily stores away once you've blended your beverage. You can be your own barista with this milk foamer. Their electric frother makes cleaning up a lot easier. Just run the hand frother whisk under hot water, and then turn on for an instant clean. If you are looking for a memorable stocking stuffer to gift someone this holiday season, look no further. The electric frother is a great Christmas gift.

Brand: Cafe Casa

👤The little milk frother speaks for itself. It works well. It's battery operated, so there's no fuss with cords. I haven't had to change the batteries in it in the past month because I use them multiple times a day. There is a It's brushed. I like the way it looks. I leave it sitting on my counter because it's easy to use and look nice together. The grip is weighted at the bottom so I don't have to help myself when I need to put it down. Off, medium and high are the settings. I use the high setting for frothing milk and the medium setting for other things. I've tried other frothers, but don't like them as much as this one. It does a great job of frothing milk. I use frothed milk for coffee and tea. I make iced lattes with frothed milk. This product is very good and I would highly recommend it. It's easy, fun and makes the most delicious milk. I haven't bought a cup of Starbucks coffee in a long time.

👤I bought this to replace my frother. I have been drinking a lot of tea lattes, but the frother I had was not up to the task. I knew that there had to be something better. IKEA: There is a I bought my frother years ago. I had a frother that lasted for years, but the power was really low and it was anemic. The performance was unreliable. It could take a long time to froth the milk. The wand got bent, which negatively affected the performance. I had to seal the battery flap shut with some tape after it started flipping open. CafeCasa has been upgraded. It is amazing. It is amazing. I'll say it again. It is amazing! There is a The cafe is called the Casa Grande. The Cafe Casa frother is making a loud noise. The motor is on high. It's a mere 13,000 on its "low" setting. Who is going to park it on low? Get that Latte going, jack it up full force. You will be happy you did. In froths my milk builds up more head in less time than the IKEA frother. There is a This frother has a lot of heft. The handle is strong. The handle is actually a piece of real steel with a coat of metal over it. If your hands are wet or slippery, the grooves on the handle make it easier to hold. There is a The frothing wand is very solid and unlikely to bend, and the whip portion is larger than the one at ikea, which helps explain why it froths so much better and faster. There is a The cafe is a tank. It weighs 8.6oz and has batteries. It's a power motor in case. Think KitchenAid mixer with frothers. I assume the interior mechanics are metal, not plastic, and that they have more longevity than even Kitchen Aid Mixers which have plastic motor parts. I don't know if it's all metal parts, but I can't explain the heft. There is a For people who grew up in the 60s and 70s, this has a similar feel to when appliances were made out of metal. It's the kind of appliance you'd see at your grandma's house, it's simple and elegant, and it does the job incredibly well, and never, ever dies. The cover piece at the base of my wand didn't touch the handle, which looked like a flaw when I first saw it. I called the seller to find out if this was normal or a manufacturing defect. The seller confirmed that this is intentional to prevent the wand pieces from touching the handle. My gap, it appears, is normal, and there is probably some variation between the individual frother assembly. The lady on the phone said she would replace it if it was an issue. The company got back to me within five minutes on a Saturday to answer my questions and make sure that I was satisfied with the product even if it meant replacing it. If I had any concerns, they encouraged me to call back. Superb customer service. The PROS are so solid that I am not going to knock a star for them. There is a There are some things that are CONS: Some of the assembly is not perfect. There is a small gap at the base of the handle where the battery compartment closure connects to the handle. The gap doesn't signal a failure, it's just that I need to point it out. The switch in theory has Off/Low/High, but the "middle stop" isn't all that noticeable in terms of feedback, and you might have to. I slip into high gear. I don't understand why there needs to be a low setting. If you are into frothing on "low" you might find it annoying. It's time to call it out. I'm not dinging the score because these issues don't affect performance or reliability for me. There is a I am very happy with my new frother.

8. Audio Mixer Donner Portable Stereo

Audio Mixer Donner Portable Stereo

There are multiple input ports and independent control. The audio mixer has four stereo channels, is compatible with 8 mono signal inputs, and can collect sounds from many different sources into one Monitoring position. The linear mixer has an input plug and volume control. You can set the input to be stereo or mono. Stereo/Mono The portable audio mixer has stereo/mono signals as well as mixing signals from multiple devices. The audio mixer for streaming uses a chip that is specially designed for audio processing. The 4-channel mixer can produce the highest signal quality and highest signal integrity even at the highest level, without distortion and easy to set up, suitable for fast mixing of 4-line level signals without complexity. Double Output Ports Two output ports are set for the linear mixer. There is an interface for stereo output in addition to the normal left/right channel output stereo. You can use a sound card or headphones to meet your needs. Complete accessories. The product is working normally if the green indicator light is on. The stereo mixer has a heavy metal shell structure and firm knob adjustment. The product comes with two 3.5mm to 6.35mm power adapters, which can be used to solve power problems. Please turn on the floating switch if there is noise.

Brand: Donner

👤A lot of thought was put into the design of this little gizmo. I use it to control the volume on amplified speakers from my two laptops, a desktop, and a phone without having to shuffle cables between them. It's handy when I have to adjust the volume on conference calls because of the differences in microphones. I'm not sure if it reaches 4 feet, but the only room for improvement would be a longer power adapter cable. The metal box is very strong. This thing doesn't have any of the bells and whistles of a recording studio mixer. Its main advantage is simplicity and compact design. You can use either cable with the stereo adapters. Highly recommended.

👤It worked for 2 or 3 times but now all of the inputs seem to have shorts. I put it back in the plastic bag it was packed in after I stored it and transported it. I take care of my things. It was packed and transported with care, as well as being handled with care a few times. There is a Shame. I was considering buying a few of their pedals. I will not try to return it. It's a cheap lesson. There is a I already have a Beringer mixer but it's a bit heavy and bulky so transporting it can be a bit of a drag. If I need to do quick homework on tunes, I need a small backpack that I can just throw in and have with me. There is a This fits the bill. It fits in my hand. It has enough inputs that I can use it with other players, so we can hear each other if we need to practice together. It comes with rubber feet on the bottom so that the metal doesn't scratch the table. Sturdy metal. The buttons and knobs seem to have been made well. It's small, but tough. It's nice to know that if it gets dropped, it's not going to break, even though accidents do happen and I'm not hard on my things. There is a I removed a star for a few reasons. You need to use an extension cord or plug in a power strip because the cord on the adapter is very short. Sound is the other thing. The sound is thin and I had to turn on the EQ in my tablets to hear the bass clearly, which I don't have to do with my other mixer. It is surprising how heavy it is. The most important thing to me is being able to hear the instruments and parts clearly, not the richness of the music. I will not be using it for pleasure. I just started working with it. I'm happy with my purchase and it serves its purpose right now. I'm going to register mine to see what kind of goodies they send, because they offer free stuff when you register. I will update this post in a few months once I have the chance to use it a few times.

9. Zoom Digital Multitrack Recorder P4

Zoom Digital Multitrack Recorder P4

The new multi-voltage power supply is ideal for worldwide usage. Enjoy a value packed mixing solution today with great performances. The microphone inputs have phantom power. Individual volume control is available with the headphones. Sound Pads with multi-track recording for all inputs. Automatic mix-minus for call-in phone interviews and remote interviews. Up to 3.5 hours on 2 AA batteries.

Brand: Zoom

👤"Noise" is relative to something else. I thought my headphones sounded clean when I recorded. I bought the P4 to use with the RE20. The joy didn't last. When I was recording a video, I had a "whisper quiet" fan on which I could not see what was happening in the room. I unmuted the unused mic inputs and used the same gain I was using with the RE20, 7.5. Uhg. Lots of his stuff. I don't think the issue is with the inputs that aren't connected to mics, but the noise is amplifier hiss, not hum. The noise is loud. It's something your audience will notice. You don't need to be in a quiet room to hear it. It can be heard over laptop speakers in a room with an air purifier. Even with the mics set to just 7.5, it's still loud. If the pots are linear, 7.5 should be about 53 dB of gain, which is on the lower end of the gain you'd expect for an RE20. The sample audio is recorded on the P4 and can be seen in the video. There is a The P4 can be used with the most demanding microphones, which implies that you can use the P4 with popular low output mics like the Sure SM7B. The P4 can be used with my RE-20. When you use more than one mic at the same time, you add up to a lot of noise, which adds up. You can read about the features for yourself at the website or the listing on Amazon. They are enough for most remote podcasts. There are 4 inputs. There is a built in limiter on each. The phantom power is on all the mic inputs. Cell phone call-in guest interface with mix minus. There is a separate volume control for headphones. There are audio pads. There are 2 in/2 out interface. It's a great idea to always record a stereo mix down track and separate iso tracks. You can't choose which iso tracks are recorded, it's always all of them and not a feature you can turn off. The P4 is easy to use and goofproof, so options are limited. This is not a good choice for other recording applications, and definitely for podcasting. It only records in 44.1 kHz/16-bit, which is "CD quality" and fine for podcasting, but is a lower sampling rate and bit depth than professionals typically use to record music, higher end voice work and video. It might not be a good enough interface for recording professional VOs, especially with the noise at higher gain levels. It would be less than perfect for recording audio for video, which is often recorded at 48 kHz or better. It doesn't have a time code. There is a I wish the P4 was quieter. I would like it to have higher sampling and bit rates. I wish it had a built-in compressor for a more "broadcast" sound out of the box for streaming. It's difficult to set levels on a small screen for a led peak light or meters. It wouldn't be $200. There is a The $200 unit was easy to use and packed a lot of great features. It is a $200 unit, not a miracle device, so don't expect more of it than you should.

10. Donner Headphone Amplifier Professional Ultra Compact

Donner Headphone Amplifier Professional Ultra Compact

The Premium Analog Circuit is a system for studio and stage applications. The NJM4580 operational amplifier and the high-power stereo amplifier are included in the Headphone Amplifier. Premium design and design delivers low noise floor and high headroom. Ultra-low-NOISE is what it is. The amplifier has a single stereo source and up to 4 pairs of headphones. Enjoy low noise music. There is four independent level control. This headphone amplifier has features such as high fidelity analog circuit, high power output, large dynamic, low distortion sound quality. Each person can control the volume of their headphones when you and your friends share an audio source. Saving energy is possible by using durable material. There are long wear potentiometers and switches. It's convenient to turn on/off the headphones power amplifier with a power switch whenever and wherever you please. There is complete equipment. The included 12V AC adapter is used to power. There is a Stereo Jack Adapter for free.

Brand: Donner

👤I thought to use this review to answer a question that might be common. The high impedance of the set worried me. The sound is very clean, and I get a nice volume boost. The main reason for this product is that I prefer to use my headphones through this amplifier even when I am not splitting the signal with other users. It's also a nice headphone amplifier. I like the way the inputs are on the back and the outputs are in the front. The knobs have no wobble. The power buttons light up nicely. 5 stars easy.

👤I was hoping for a better response from the $2K monitor controller than I got. There is a The Donner Headphone Amplifier has a degraded response. The two pairs of headphones I used degraded significantly. There is a The unit does amplify. It's built like a tank. This may be what you need if you're not concerned with pro-quality audio response. Despite the naming convention, I would add that it is not a professional.

👤This was what I was looking for. None of the newer ones transmit sound as loud as I wanted, and I own several headphones from over ear to in ear. Yeah. Yes. I am aware of ear damage and hearing loss. A loser. The device let me crank up the volume without adding noise or distortion. I like this thing. 5 stars for what it does and what it doesn't do.

👤It is not often that I post a review after receiving a product, but this is one of the times I think it is safe to do so. I needed the additional volume from the headphone amplifier to use the large screen TV. I was approved for a cochlear implant, but I opted out because I was told I was at risk for the surgery. I watch TV using closed caption. Even though I don't have the ability to hear sound clearly or understand it, the addition of sound enhances the experience. The sound level in my earbuds is too low. The addition of the Donner amplifier allows me to increase the volume on my TV so that I can hear some sound.

👤I like the feel and quality of the knobs, case, ports, and other parts of the build. The included headphones are a poor quality, feeling as if they're mostly plastic despite being solid-brass looking. There is a The audio doesn't seem to have any hissing or buzzing, but the quality is distorted to me. I don't think the audio is clear, the detail has been lost and the frequencies seem to bleed together. It's noticeable in the bass and deeper frequencies. Attempts to compensate for loss of bass and clarity through software was unsuccessful; increasing bass, reducing treble or modifying settings in any way actually make the distortions worse. If you're not into high definition audio or higher bit rate, this might not be a problem, but I think almost anyone could notice the difference. If I knew, I wouldn't buy this again. I would save for a studio ready version.

11. Headphone Amplifier Dual Output Boost,Headphone IPad,MP3,MP4

Headphone Amplifier Dual Output Boost%EF%BC%8CHeadphone IPad%EF%BC%8CMP3%EF%BC%8CMP4

It can be compatible with a variety of digital devices, such as mp3 mp4 mobile phone computer, which may lead to noise. The Mini Hifi is convenient to carry and can output great sound. Load Impedance: 160-300, Amp Using Time: More Than 5 Hours. The signal input into the amplifier is enhanced by a two-stage gain switch. It is possible to output louder sound, but a sharper one, with a 3.5mm AUX input and output. There are various of digital devices that can be compatible with mp3s, mp4s, phones, laptop computers and 3.5mm audio.

Brand: Lvy

👤What you really want to know is, should I buy this? The answer is short and to the point. There is a For the past few years, a FiiO A3 amplifier has been a constant item in my backpack. If you want to get the most out of your headphones or music, you need a headphone amplifier, otherwise you're just listening to a hot mess. A bad headphones amplifier can be just as bad as a bad amplifier. I was a bit nervous when I opened the box. It was a bad sign that it was more generic. The first thing that struck me was its size and weight. The FiiO has a bass boost switch, but this does not. Also, note: The description says it has a bass boost switch, but it is not. Bass boosting on headphones is a gimmick. The construction is all metal and has ports straight and true. Did you think it would be for the price? I instantly noticed how quiet it was when I first plugged it in. You had to turn it all the way up to get a hint of hiss, as a matter of fact. The Sennheisers did the same thing with all of my other Amps. The price is where this amplifier shines. It was less than $25 at the time of this review. The US Dollar. Are you serious? That is less than 12 of my usual daily driver. I have been using this for 9 days now and I have yet to charge it. There is a This little guy is nice and does what it is supposed to do, so it will help drive your headphones. There was just that little bit of additional power. If you are still undecided about buying these, you can jump on down and buy them now. Is this a good idea? Is that what you mean? Yeah! The rating is. Thanks for taking the time to read my review, I hope it helped. Have a great one. Cheers!

👤Another reviewer said to not be misled by the packaging, which said " Enjoy the shock of HD!" The same box is used for many things. The polished, brushed black aluminum case has an abundance of bells and whistles. A red light on the back of the unit shows the power of the charging port and a second red light shows the power of the speaker. They included a signal boost switch. They outdid themselves with their cables, which included an adequate lengthusb power cable, a short TRS cable with 90 degree elbows, and a long TRS straight-ended cable. The two-sided instruction/FAQ sheet is very comprehensive, even with specifications such as 350mW 32 ohm load, 0.0003 percent, Signal to Noise ration less than 120dB, 20-20KHz Frequency response, and 2000mAh 3.7 volt lithium battery. If you're picky about Chinese products, I'll admit that this quote under their Warnings: There is a battery inside the product, do not open it privately, is great. It's funny. The amplifier works great.


What is the best product for headphone mixer battery?

Headphone mixer battery products from Moukey. In this article about headphone mixer battery you can see why people choose the product. Maker Hart and Fosi Audio are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone mixer battery.

What are the best brands for headphone mixer battery?

Moukey, Maker Hart and Fosi Audio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone mixer battery. Find the detail in this article. Rolls, Cafe Casa and Donner are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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