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1. Behringer Mount Mixer RX1602 V2

Behringer Mount Mixer RX1602 V2

A multi-purpose sub-mixer, multi-track monitoring mixer, and level translator is extremely flexible. Balanced high-headroom line inputs are used for individual stereo or mono use. Ultra-low noise ULN design, the highest possible headroom. There is a dedicated balance and level control per channel.

Brand: Behringer

👤The EuroRack Pro RX1602 v2 is related. The RX1602 v1 I purchased new around 2003 was having funky issues recently. Sometimes it would pop and cycle itself. I picked up a v2 model because I didn't want to fix it myself. The newer model has not caused any issues for me. The v2 has been used for 6 months. The new model has less depth than the old one. Depending on how deep of a rack you intend to use, the depth could be an issue. I put it on my computer desk with some small felt pads, but I will put it in a new rack later. The newer model has a better transformer, but I can't say if the original transformer for my v1 model was at fault. Between late 2020 and Jan 2021. Older models have date codes, but the newer models don't. The signals are clean for my purposes. The signals coming from my sources seem to be clean. Considering the price, all things considered, A+.

👤I have the audio from my TV, MacBook Pro interface, iPad, old iPhone, and guitar sims all running through this mixer. The stereo pairs of each device are controlled by a single volume knob. People are amazed at how much I have with this setup. It would be much more expensive to make a digital version of this with a remote control.

👤It's quiet because of the 8 stereo inputs with detented potentiometers and aux send/monitor output. You can only fit so much in a single rack space if you have a dedicated return input. It's a nice unit for sub mixing or applications where you don't have to worry about EQ on all your inputs, but I would like to see that function added in the next version.

👤Does look like quality gear.

👤This is my second purchase, and I already purchased a third to fit my needs.

👤The line mixer is good but the headphones don't work with drums.

👤The unit is useful for its purpose. Right with my rack are the mounts. The sockets on both sides are very convenient. The surge protectors are great. It's price wise as well.

👤I bought this to use as a secondary mix for video production, live action and studio work, and non-commercial material. I wanted a rack style device that would allow me to expand my audio capabilities and this one does exactly what I need with no complaints from me. The brand is for budget minded and non commercial users. The quality matches or exceeds expeditions as far as I can see.

👤Another great product. If it was high enough, there would be a slight buzz. No one does that and doesn't show up in captures. I give this unit 5 stars all day.

2. ART MX822 8 Channel Stereo Mixer

ART MX822 8 Channel Stereo Mixer

Eight stereo/mono input channels with individual level, pan and effects send controls External effects loop with independent send and return controlsFront panel 1/4" (TRS) headphone jack with independent control for monitoring The ART MX822 Eight Channel Stereo Rackmount Mixer is a versatile eight input mixer. Each input has an independent level, pan and effects send controls. Channel One has a switchable mic/line source select and the XLR mic connector. Multiple MX822s may be chained for additional inputs.

Brand: Art

👤I've been looking for a solution for a long time. I'm a collector and don't play live. I have a lot of modules. I used a 24 channel mixer and patch bays. With this mixer, I can have everything hooked up, so I just walk over the board and it plays. I still use the patch bays. It's going to go to outboard gear now. I have a 2 input interface for my DAW with all four of the mixers hooked together. I don't use the effects loops at all. I wish there was more gain and I would have felt better if the mixers had L/R balanced out to connect the mixers together instead of just one. I'm very happy and recommend, I wish I'd found this sooner.

👤The main outputs and the headphone output of my ART MX822 show objectionable 60Hz hum. The hum is not affected by any of the channel controls, and is present with all channels disconnected. There is no power or main output connections in the main outputs. I tried an audio isolation transformer in the output path, but it didn't help. The headphones have nothing connected but power and headphones. This does not seem to be a ground loop problem. The hum appears to be present at the main mixing bus based on the behavior of all of the controls. I haven't tested the effects to see if hum is present. I will return the unit and buy a new one.

👤I'm not hearing a 60 cycle at all. It's very quiet. I can't seem to get a strong enough signal through it to light the level LEDs, but that's ok as long as it continues to work. The case is all metal and the jacks on the back are good for pushing. I'm using it with a home system with an organ and piano, a virtual organ on a laptop, and another laptop to provide play-a-long. I'm an amateur, making joyful noises for pleasure. The stereo aux send and receive, with any input available to the aux bus with a separate level control, and the separate headphone jack and amplifier that is independent of the main volume setting were selling points for me. I haven't found any bad things yet, but will update this review if I find any. The front is flush with the top and bottom and can sit on a surface.

👤This unit has the best layout in terms of knobs and functions. It feels good compared to others. You have to increase the input and master gain in order to get a good output. The problem with that is that all units have some level of noise and that with the input devices, that noise starts to get noticeable which is very annoying. This unit will be a good choice if Art addresses this issue.

👤I have room for more inputs from 4 computer sources. No longer need to plug them in to share. It's convenient and there are no hum issues. It was worth it to get the extra cable because this is professional gear, and I would prefer a standard RCA connect.

3. Rolls RM69 MixMate Source Mixer

Rolls RM69 MixMate Source Mixer

There are two mic inputs, one with a paralleled front panel input. Individually switchable phantom power. Four Stereo Source Inputs, four RCA and one front panel stereo. The mic jack has stereo inputs. The front panel has a volume control.

Brand: Rolls

👤Excellent quality and performance. My sub works now! It used to create a high pitched annoying rattle using two old logitech cpu subs inline. The unit was perfect for my rig. The ROLLS logo is clean and classy, the materails are high quality on all ends, and the rubber nobs that my sibling's high end guitar equipment is made of are super comfy. I'm not an audio guy, but it made a huge difference to me that they used the rubber nobs because they enjoyed using and developing the product, and they themselves couldn't stand the cheap hollow plastic. I think that's another $1 in profit margin, but I haven't tested the mic output yet, but definitely nice to have. The ROLLS unit was a joy to play with, and the behringer felt like a DVD player. There is a Every nob on the ROLLS should be $2, because it allows for sensitive tuning. You audio people have been holding out for us. Maybe we can convince Behringer to take it up a notch. The loose plastic and hollow nobs on the behr feel like they'll break off any day now. If you had a pro musical rig with extreme sound, one would secure the behringer's physical settings without them rattling out of place. I will say that, for the price, Behringer nailed it. There is a The great model name of the component, the RM69, is a simple, high quality component that I would recommend for any user looking to use their rack with a solid mixer and mic amplifier. I will be purchasing all of my audio components from ROLLS if possible.

👤I had a rough start with this unit. When I touched the pots, the unit sounded like it was in the switch, and the sand or debris was in the pots. After running the unit for a while and working the pots back and forth, it seemed to resolve everything, they are now smooth with no noise. I use this to route and control audio in my television studio. I tested everything for three days and will update if there are any more issues.

👤A wedding ceremony rig needed a mixer. My parameters required at least two stereo inputs and two mic inputs. I was able to add a third media player. I don't know of any similar products. A button can switch the entire system to mono. The drawbacks are serious. 1. The pots are not good. Sound doesn't come up and down smoothly. 2. There isn't a master sound level. Each source is its own. There is no VU at all. There are no comparable products at this price point.

👤The quality of the pots is very low and lacks depth, the tone is poor and doesnt affect inputs or outputs. This is definitely not a 100 item, and it's sad to see the name in the gutter.

👤The mixer looked great when it arrived. There are two more Everything worked except for the Left XLR, which was out for the first time. It was necessary to run right and left speakers. There are 3 more I'm giving this company one more chance because the mixer was made in the USA. I lose a $600 contract if the next unit has a problem like this. I'm biting my nails to make sure it gets here on time. The second brand new unit left and right out worked. No bueno! What a Rolls! The quality assurance department should be fired.

4. Gemini CDX 2250i Professional Multimedia Compatible

Gemini CDX 2250i Professional Multimedia Compatible

Keep your clothes fresh all night. The player has an anti-shock system and two different types of Jog Modes: Search and Pitch Bend. An industry leader is trusted by GEMINI. History is an important part of the culture. They have provided innovative products for DJs, musicians, sound contractors and professional Installers around the globe. DJ and Audio Equipment is what drives them as an industry leader. Control is at your fingertips. The CDX-2250i player has rubber jog wheels with finger grips, a large blue backlit display, variable pitch control, and a track button for quick navigation. The CDX-2250i unit has a built-in repeat function. The player has an anti-shock system that uses ram buffer memory and two jog modes: search and pitch bend. Control is at your fingertips. The CDX-2250i player has rubber jog wheels with finger grips, a large blue backlit display, variable pitch control, and a track button for quick navigation. The CDX-2250i unit has a built-in repeat function.

Brand: Gemini Sound

👤It only has a track search. They didn't put forward and backward controls on it. Mistake. To scroll through a song, use the jog wheel. That's why it's only around $250. They want to make sure you can't use it in prostitution. It costs more if they have one for that. They've designed it not to play music that isn't purchased in a store. All those recordings are useless in this unit. These controls are really flashy. It's not good for much. Who makes a professional player with only a single search? A dj can use it from time to time. It's ridiculous that you have to pay more for extra features, but not the basic ones. You will never be respected by being like that. Go to your room and think about it.

👤I got a Christmas present and put it in my system. The right player won't read the CD and it won't play. The left cd plays and reads. We are past 30 days for return or exchange because my wife bought with 5 payments. Our fault is that we didn't thoroughly set up and test the product. I'm disappointed that a brand new player won't work. Not to worry, the manufacturer's warranty was great to deal with. My player is being traded.

👤The product was supposed to be used for professional audio live performances, but we have yet to get a unit that works correctly. The unit was able to create and make self made cues. Returned the first unit and got a new one, but it couldn't operate enough to see if the self made cues problem existed. The tray one wouldn't open and the display didn't work. It's surprises when you are waiting on the 3rd unit. We will let you know if we get one that works if our expectations are low.

👤I almost returned the product because of the issue with the eject key, but I fixed it for now.

👤I gave this unit a try because I didn't like it and I think it's cheap.

👤Anoche en la fiesta del fin de ao, pues los pitch se volvieron. Alopegue y. No se arreglo.

👤The CD player wouldn't read a CD. It was supposed to be used for a musical, but had to find another solution.

👤If you use it less than 2 months, the left side won't read the disc, and if you use it for 2 weeks, the left side won't work.

5. Mackie HM 800 Mixer Accessory

Mackie HM 800 Mixer Accessory

Two stereo inputs with separate level control. 7 segment metering per channel. There are 2 headphone outputs per channel. Stereo/mono switches per channel. There are 16 total outputs.

Brand: Mackie

👤I never knew it was possible to dislike a headphone amplifier as much as I dislike this thing. There is a The good news first. It sounds good when it's working. There is a During a session, I discovered that my Headphone 1 mix has a bad channel. The singer could only hear one side of the phone. I switched over to mix 2 to complete the session after about 20 minutes of problems. There was more fun than that. I couldn't get the unit out of the rack. The thing is over the standard 1.75 inches. There are four round head screws that protrude from the bottom of the chassis, which is exactly 1.75 inches. I discovered that I had damaged the piece of gear below when I tried to remove it from the rack. There is a The bad channel popped on after I removed the chassis. Woohoo! I have used a lot of Mackie gear over the years and always liked it because it was always bullet proof. I haven't purchased any of their gear in a while. I fear that things have changed. This was a complete failure and I would like you to look elsewhere. Side note... The reviewer stated that the unit is not stereo because he only hears one side of his headphones. Looks like there are quality control issues.

👤I give this 5 stars because it's very well made with metal parts and everything, but the only thing that's bad is that my headphones are STEREO, so be careful. I can only listen to one side of my headphones.

👤It works great and it's great value. The signal was mono according to some reviews. That's not the case here. It's clear that Mackie wouldn't sell a mono amplifier. Go for it! It works well.

👤I would have liked to give this product a 5 star rating, but I am not able to. I received a bad product. The input jack isn't working right. I only get Mono sound if I push the 1/2 all the way in. I had to tie the two wires together. I threw away the packaging because I didn't want to return it. There is a This is a great product. I would have liked a working unit.

👤I play in a band that does local parties. Our singer wants to hear only keys but during the show he would get loud guitar, so we always had an issue with the speaker monitors. On top looping because of the speakers. We had the best show of the year with this. Many people have said that we bought our own earphones. We could clearly hear everyone, and we could control the level of sounds for each individual. I recommend this for bands that don't want to break their bank to solve what this solved for us.

👤Maybe my expectations were too high for this product. I've always been impressed with the price of Mackie. I've heard a lot of expensive speakers and studio monitors, but I think the Mackie Hr824 are the best I've ever heard. The headphones amplifier sounds terrible. I've tried several pairs of headphones and none of them sound good. The Dt770s sound more treble heavy than normal, lower impedance headphones have a hiss due to the high noise floor, and higher impedance headphones like the HD650 sound like those tinny earbuds they packed with the old ipods. The best sounding headphones I've used with it are from Mackie. These sound decent but don't sound as good as other Amps, including my phone's jack. There is a It's $30 and it will drive every headphone in my collection to a listenable level. It's a great product if you only care about controlling the volume of your headphones, and you want something to do that. It appears to be very durable and well built. It's useful in situations where sound quality isn't a big concern. If you want your headphones to sound good, look elsewhere.

6. Samson SM10 Rackmount Stereo Mixer

Samson SM10 Rackmount Stereo Mixer

There are ten channels, eight stereo line inputs, two combination XLR-1/4-inch inputs. Control of balance for each channel. The line input level can be switchable. The main stereo and line outputs are balanced. A signal is versatile.

Brand: Samson

👤It's amazing that these run 20 inputs in 1U for less than $200. What corners were cut to pull that off? There is a The biggest flaw is that the channels distort the signal below unity. They must not be typical pots. The sound cleans up well at unity, which is just over it on some of my channels. The distortion is not really noticeable and you may like it. There are a lot of little things on the spectrogram. The rest of the faders do not distort. Every channel has this on it. There is a The noise floor on the unit is low, with a little over 90 decibels, but lots of spikes making a faint noise. I don't think a white noise in my room is lovely. But cheap... The rookies made the mistakes by whoever designed this. The EFX and MON are not balanced, they are not mono, and they are not stereo. What are they? They are playing two mono channels at the same time. The mono lines of the EFX and MON busses have less headroom than the main stereo bus. The sum is sent to mono but then split into unbalanced stereo on a single Jack and it will phase cancel the two mono lines killing the input level. You won't get true stereo out of these jacks if you need a splitter cable. It is a strange thing. Wrong. Weird. It was annoying. A star was lost for this. There is a The MON send on the front is true mono, only sending signal out the tip. A balanced connection is possible with this jack. It has a level knob. There is a If you don't want to clip the bus internally, you might want to dial down your MON output a bit. The front output of the headphones makes the EFX and MON busses stereo. The output of the headphones gets loud. If you want a true stereo EFX send, you can use the headphone output switched to EFX. Someone is curious and someone is curious and someone is curious. The clip lights on each channel are the same color as the mute light on the other channel, so it can be hard to notice. You will have to listen because the master meter does not have a clip light. At least there is some metering. The main is not read by the meter. There is a If you can get through all of that, stay at unity gain and not need more than 90dB of clean DR, this will work for the price and size. It will be reading the other reviews until it fails.

👤I liked this thing and probably gave a good review. But it just stopped working. Just a day ago, I worked. When the unit is powered on, the input meters peg the moment the unit is plugged in, and a loud buzz is coming out. It's not possible to service it for less than the cost of a new one. I would have given it 5 stars a week ago. Now 1

7. RA102 10 Channel Expandable Headphone Amplifier

RA102 10 Channel Expandable Headphone Amplifier

The 1U Chassis can maximize your rack space. The strain releif is used for the AC adapter. Both bal and unbal inputs. It's suitable for a wide range of headphones. You can join in and join out jacks to expand your channels.

Brand: Rolls

👤Excellent: - Works well. The package was in a great shape and was sent across the world. The sound quality is great. Cheap plastic knobs for volume control are not good. Plugging the power switch to shut it down is necessary. I had to take it apart and get it back in place, it was easy to do.

👤I replaced my headphones in my studio. Just make sure you have 3.5 adapters.

👤Exactly what we needed. Thanks!

8. Mackie HM400 Mixer Accessory

Mackie HM400 Mixer Accessory

The hm-400 is a headphone amplifier.

Brand: Mackie

👤Just what I needed. You get 4 channels with aux mix blend control and 3 headphone outs. The main outs and bass control are also included. It works well, clean and loud.

👤Everyone else loves the mackie, so does everyone else... Thanks a lot.

👤It did what it said it was going to do. It was easy to set up and tune. Great product!

👤Does the job work out for the price?

👤Excellent quality and function. I made my headphones sound better. Love the ability to power multiple headphones.

9. Tascam MZ 223 7 Channel Rackmount Priority

Tascam MZ 223 7 Channel Rackmount Priority

It's all in a compact, affordable package. A powerful 7-channel, 3-zone mixer with a compact 2U design for versatile multi-zone mixing and segregation. Music, microphone, and more can be easily controlled via front panel controls. It's ideal for small format install applications that need independently routed audio. An external recorder can be used to send audio from a master recording stereo output. There is no need for complicated changes to the wiring when you switch the input source and select the output.

Brand: Tascam

👤Excellent mixer and seller.

10. HeadAmp6 Rackmount 6 Channel Headphone Amplifier

HeadAmp6 Rackmount 6 Channel Headphone Amplifier

Six independent high-power headphone amplifier channels. Each channel has its own aux input, individual output level control, and four-segmentLED metering.

Brand: Art

👤The description says what it says. I use it in a music room. We feed the speaker amplifier from the speaker amplifier from the speaker amplifier. The other channels are connected to headphones. Two channels are being used for feedback on the guitar. The balance and gain controls are very good. There is plenty of power per channel. Great unit. Highly recommended.

👤This amplifier can output up to six different signals to up to 18 pairs of headphones. Each signal has controls to change what channel is being output, as well as a button that can be turned off. There is a knob that has a dual purpose: without an additional input plugged in, it is left/right balance; with an additional input plugged in, it is balance between the main signal and the aux signal. You have extreme flexibility to cater to different users. Excellent build quality is what it is. There are many small things that show someone thought about this, like the fact that the headphones go to 11. There is a I will use this in my home/project studio and I'm quite satisfied with my purchase.

👤I used my amplifier to record guitars for a local band, because we were crammed in one of the band's members' bedroom and had to keep it quiet, everybody was wired in and listening to the recording as it happened, and you could see the smiles on their faces. This is a must have for me.

👤Great amplifier! We have used other brands of headphones in the past, but this one is our favorite. You won't be disappointed going with this one if you decide between this and behringer.

👤It's perfect for use in the home studio when I want to listen to my singers. Unless your headphones come with a special accessory, you'd want to buy some. versatile on inputs Make sure you get the stereo ones. I love art.

👤The price of the HP amplifier doesn't break the bank. There is a good choice and a lot of expandability.

👤Well built. Sounds good. Does the job.

11. Avantree Aluminum Headphone Sennheiser Accessories

Avantree Aluminum Headphone Sennheiser Accessories

TRRS cable is included for phone connection and class compliant. The Photo Savings Deluxe accessory bundle is a convenient way to record. See the description. Simple and space saving are included. Their stylish design features a silicone top pad and solid steel construction to provide a stable foundation for your headphones and clear some space on your desk. STABLE & ANTI SLIP. Their headset holder has a Silicone cable holder at the bottom that can hold your phone in a variety of positions without scratching or damaging it. Their headphone hanger is perfect for keeping your headphones in perfect condition, whether you use it on your desk at work or at home. The convenience and company are two things. Their headset hanger is compatible with major brands including Bose, Bose, and Audio-Technica, and is perfect for headsets measuring 4 cm at the headband and 25 cm tall.

Brand: Avantree

👤The Steel Series headset was the reason I purchased this stand. It comes with an elastic band that rests perfectly with the headstand, instead of just a curved headset. One of the issues I have with this product is that the rubber mat is locked in place when squeezed on both ends. There is a I have an opinion of the over all product. There is a Adhesion: There is a place mat which is inserted into the metal frame. See the pictures. I've moved my stand a few times, and it's come apart, making a mess. The metal frame needs to fit into the rubber place mat. It was good: 4/5. The product will stand on its own once you place the frame with the mat. The product does its job. There is a The material quality was graded at 4.5 out of 5. The product is two objects. The place mat is for cables. The thick plastic mat is not cheap. There is a Overall, 3. This is a good idea for a beginner stand. You get what you pay for, it's only 20.00$. This isn't the best on the market, but it works. If you want something that requires no assembling, you may not want this. It's the same thing. Silicone pad is not a base. It's kind of flimsy, can't stand on the ground. The price is fair for what you pay for.

👤It looks like it's cheap. I don't like the flimsy silicone base and headset rest that it has. The metal stand is the only sturdy part. If the base and headset rest parts were made of plastic, I would like this stand more. I don't think it's worth $25.00. I would not be upset if this had cost me less. I was contacted to offer another product at the same price. They want to see us happy and care about their customers. I bought a bamboo stand after returning the silicone stand. There is a

👤I was looking for a perfect stand for my headphones, and this is what I found. This one is perfect and there are flaws in it. It doesn't ruin the top padded part of the headphones, and has a convenient tray for cable. If your headphones are small, the size is perfect. As soon as I opened the first stand, I bought a second one. My headphones are on the stand. The stand should be able to hold bigger headphones because the headbands are not pushed all the way in.

👤It feels cheap, but it gets the job done. The metal arm/leg, bottom Silicone cup/base and top Silicone headphone rest are in 3 pieces. There is a The pieces are made of silicone. The arm is used to support the product. Some of the base sits on a surface that isn't perfect. It doesn't seem like it will fall over. What is the biggest reason I like this product? The Silicone headphone rest is long and wide and is made of Silicone. It will fit to the headband pretty well because it has some flex to it. It distributes the weight of the headphones across a large portion of the band, rather than a small square location. Many other headphone stands can leave an impression on the headband. The stand has a large area to support it. The HD 800 S headband has the same width as the support, so it doesn't sit inside the channel, but sits on top of the silicone. The only product I can find that won't harm the headband cushion over time is this one. I have no fear that my headphones would slip off. Even with the fully extended headband, my headphones have plenty of room at the bottom. If not for the simple, yet good design and material of the headphone support itself, this product would not get a 1 or 2 star rating.


What is the best product for headphone mixer rack?

Headphone mixer rack products from Behringer. In this article about headphone mixer rack you can see why people choose the product. Art and Rolls are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone mixer rack.

What are the best brands for headphone mixer rack?

Behringer, Art and Rolls are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone mixer rack. Find the detail in this article. Gemini Sound, Mackie and Samson are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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