Best Headphone Monitor Mixer

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1. BEHRINGER 16 Channel Digital Personal P16M

BEHRINGER 16 Channel Digital Personal P16M

You can create your own personal monitor mix with a 16-channel digital stereo mixer. The operation has 16 preset for custom mixes. Premium audio quality can be achieved with the state-of-the-art 24-bit D/A converters. The buttons have dual LEDs for a perfect overview. There is pan/spread control per channel.

Brand: Behringer

👤If you need to save your ears before it's too late, then take control of what goes into them. If I didn't have to depend on the sound man for my feed, I would go in- ear. A personal mixer is needed. The P16M seemed to be the obvious choice since my band uses a Behringer X18 board. The easiest way to get into the X18 is to set the X18 to send pre or post processed channels to the P16M. For the first time in my life, I can hear myself and everyone else clearly and without fighting the sound man, thanks to a wireless IEM. Still tweaking. I can't imagine going back to the days of a floor monitor and stage volumes.

👤The units I rate 4 stars on value for money are at a premium price point. The complete system is not suitable for budget minded people. The rest of the system was already owned by a band member, so I only needed to purchase this part. It was the least I could do since our band mate had the other three grand already, but this unit is three hundred more than I wanted to spend. We are able to rehearse with headphones, every musician has their own mix, and the sound is crystal clear. We can change the mix for live and keep it in memory. Everyone has their own individual mix of monitors, which allows for lower stage volumes. I don't know how many local musicians are ready for the investment, but I should say that you get what you pay for with this system.

👤I used this for the first time and am in love. I was on the drums trying out the P16M for the first time this weekend and I usually sing and play acoustic with a carvin iem system. If you're an audio engineer, this thing is awesome. There is a I was impressed with the ability to modify everything on each input channel from the limiter to channel gain to overall volume and basic three band EQ, I can't say enough good things about it. There is a You can move the mono inputs across the stereo sound stage in your ears. Can you say heaven? There is a I'm sure I'll learn how to do it correctly after breaking out the manual. The little mixer is a dream come true.

👤It's easy to program and install a great setup. This is where the problem comes in, because it's not too bad of a price. One would expect a good noise to volume ratio from these units at a high cost. They are not quiet. The noise is very noticeable without any audio coming through. It was like a cheap amplifier. I am comparing this setup to the one we have in our band. The Jamhub setup is great, but not a professional system and is hard to rack mount. The Powerplay setup is cheap and noisy. Not happy at all.

2. Behringer HA400 Ultra Compact 4 Channel Headphone

Behringer HA400 Ultra Compact 4 Channel Headphone

The amplifier is used with all types of headphones. 4 high-power stereo amplifier. The sonic quality is the highest it has ever been. Each channel has output level control. The DC 12-Volt adapter was included.

Brand: Behringer

👤The unit is sold with a set of 4 STEREO outputs. The unit I received takes the STEREO input, converts it to mono on one side, and then puts the signal out on one side of the output. I can get rough MONO on both sides of the output, but that is not what it said.

👤I own too many pairs of headphones. I was looking for a way to compare them. I bought this amplifier to use a 4 way splitter to compare headphones. The volume knobs make it easy to match the volume of the headphones. I discovered that this amplifier badly distorts the quality of the headphones after some listening tests. A lay person should be able to hear the problems between this and no amplifier. It ruins the bass response and seems to change the response in a way I can't describe. This is a fine tool. Even for the price, hard skip is a serious listening tool. I have the silver version from Amazon and it seems the same. There is a warning This is just a price that is advertised on Amazon.

👤I was skeptical of this headamp since I bought one that was $100 and it did what it was supposed to do, but I realized it was expensive for what it was. I was unsure about what it was capable of doing. I took the risk and bought it. This is worth $25 It did the same thing as my other $100 did. I saved myself the extra $75 and bought a packet of Cable Matters 3.5mm to 1/2 in adapter. It's not the sleekest headamp you can buy, but it definitely gets the job done. Happy shopping on Amazon!

👤I have a computer with a sound system and headphones attached, but I was wearing out my jacks. It would take a lot of desk space to bring in a mini-mixer from my setup. I saw this thing and knew it was the schnizzle. It arrived today and I am happy to report that it is a good deal for the price. It seems to have a negative effect on the bass, but just doing a small amount of software to boost the bass turned this into a 5 star device. The cables are out of the back and the knobs are high quality. I bought some 3.5mm to 1/4" stereo jacks since my stuff is 3.5mm but a nice 5 pack fixed this since you need 5 to fill all the slots. The unit is large and looks sharp. The metal case makes it look like it is ready to hit the road, but still looks good. The unit has a good weight, and the amplification is modest, with a little distortion after 1/3 throttle, like most mixers. To make my Bose sound louder, I turned my laptop to max and the speakers to half volume. I usually run it at 1.5 to 3. The little mixer is very quiet and there is a small hum when disconnected from the amplifier. There is a If you have two or more audio setup on your computer that you are constantly changing between, you need to get this unit along with the appropriate converters and you will never regret it.

3. Mackie HM 4 Headphone Amplifier

Mackie HM 4 Headphone Amplifier

Share a single source with up to 4 pairs of headphones. Individual level control for each output. The included 12V AC adapter is powered by it. A built-like-a-tank construction.

Brand: Mackie

👤I never knew it was possible to dislike a headphone amplifier as much as I dislike this thing. There is a The good news first. It sounds good when it's working. There is a During a session, I discovered that my Headphone 1 mix has a bad channel. The singer could only hear one side of the phone. I switched over to mix 2 to complete the session after about 20 minutes of problems. There was more fun than that. I couldn't get the unit out of the rack. The thing is over the standard 1.75 inches. There are four round head screws that protrude from the bottom of the chassis, which is exactly 1.75 inches. I discovered that I had damaged the piece of gear below when I tried to remove it from the rack. There is a The bad channel popped on after I removed the chassis. Woohoo! I have used a lot of Mackie gear over the years and always liked it because it was always bullet proof. I haven't purchased any of their gear in a while. I fear that things have changed. This was a complete failure and I would like you to look elsewhere. Side note... The reviewer stated that the unit is not stereo because he only hears one side of his headphones. Looks like there are quality control issues.

👤I give this 5 stars because it's very well made with metal parts and everything, but the only thing that's bad is that my headphones are STEREO, so be careful. I can only listen to one side of my headphones.

👤It works great and it's great value. The signal was mono according to some reviews. That's not the case here. It's clear that Mackie wouldn't sell a mono amplifier. Go for it! It works well.

👤I would have liked to give this product a 5 star rating, but I am not able to. I received a bad product. The input jack isn't working right. I only get Mono sound if I push the 1/2 all the way in. I had to tie the two wires together. I threw away the packaging because I didn't want to return it. There is a This is a great product. I would have liked a working unit.

👤I play in a band that does local parties. Our singer wants to hear only keys but during the show he would get loud guitar, so we always had an issue with the speaker monitors. On top looping because of the speakers. We had the best show of the year with this. Many people have said that we bought our own earphones. We could clearly hear everyone, and we could control the level of sounds for each individual. I recommend this for bands that don't want to break their bank to solve what this solved for us.

👤Maybe my expectations were too high for this product. I've always been impressed with the price of Mackie. I've heard a lot of expensive speakers and studio monitors, but I think the Mackie Hr824 are the best I've ever heard. The headphones amplifier sounds terrible. I've tried several pairs of headphones and none of them sound good. The Dt770s sound more treble heavy than normal, lower impedance headphones have a hiss due to the high noise floor, and higher impedance headphones like the HD650 sound like those tinny earbuds they packed with the old ipods. The best sounding headphones I've used with it are from Mackie. These sound decent but don't sound as good as other Amps, including my phone's jack. There is a It's $30 and it will drive every headphone in my collection to a listenable level. It's a great product if you only care about controlling the volume of your headphones, and you want something to do that. It appears to be very durable and well built. It's useful in situations where sound quality isn't a big concern. If you want your headphones to sound good, look elsewhere.

4. Xvive Wireless Monitoring Transmitter Beltpack

Xvive Wireless Monitoring Transmitter Beltpack

There is a fashion case. The ear monitors have a complete fit. A pair of Bsinger PRO ear buds, two audio cables, a portable case, six pairs of ear tips, a T-shirt clip, and a cleaning brush are included. You can get a 12-month warranty after the purchase date. The in- ear monitor system is great for personal or team use. There is a low noise and fast wireless signal transmission. Balanced or unbalanced input. Smooth response with any headphones. Less than 4.5ms LatencySimultaneous broadcasts on 6 channels no interference, Less than 4.5ms Latency(normal), Up to 107 dB signal-to-noise ratio provides clear, detailed audio at any volume. The audio is 24bit/ 48kbps. Dynamic Rang has a broad 20Hz-20KHz frequency response. Efficient Power Circuit and Listening Effect Rechargeable battery, 7 hours of battery life, can be used with power cable,ensures great performance for your every show. Limiter circuits eliminate distortion under excessive input levels. The front panel has a jack for the headphones. Using advanced circuit design, great chips, and clearing the receiving blind angle, make the system's receiving signal steady. The housing is made of metal. It's the best monitor product. Plug it in, turn on the power, long press the button to match the receiver and transmitter at the same time, and play. That's how easy it is. Click the "contact seller" option if you have a question about buying with confidence.

Brand: Xvive

👤I had trouble using this in the beginning because it interfered with the Wifi tablet that controls our Behringer XR18 regardless of what channel I set it at. I almost returned it after several failed attempts. I decided to change the settings on our wireless routers to only use Channel 11 and the U4 to Channel 1 so that they are on opposite ends of the range. I'm happy with the clear sound, especially with good in- ear monitors, because it plays nicely with our PA. You don't have to wait long before the U4 units pair with each other. The battery life is great, can go through 2 nights of 4 hour gig without charging, but I turn them off in between sets. If you are using a digital mixer based PA, make sure to adjust your rig first.

👤I had to leave my first review. Don't buy this. This unit is not good. I tested it at home. It seemed to work well. In a contolled environment. I plugged it into my mixer at the gig. This gig is the best case scenario for any place I play. There were constant cutouts. Only about 15 feet away. People can knock this signal out with cell phones. It was the worst I have ever heard. I added a mic cable to get the transmitter away from my mixer. I hung it in the air to get the signal. It still doesn't work because it's 5 feet away from the perfect line of site. There is a It is very noticeable. It may bother you if you are super sensitive. The PSM300 systems I own are better. I wanted something quick and easy for myself, but this is not that. It does not work. There is a The other reviewers think it's great. They probably aren't using it in real life scenarios. This is unreliable, like a 2.4 GHz in ear system. Many non professional companies are not making ear systems with 2.4 GHz. There are reasons. You should consider yourself warned. This isn't a good thing to buy.

👤The compact design was the first thing I noticed when I opened the box. Unlike typical wireless in- ear monitor systems, which come with a rack like system. The Xvive seems to be a more portable option. The unit is very easy to use and plug-and-play. I didn't test the system's longevity, but it's rated for 5 hours and should be enough for multiple gig before you need to charge. There is a The sound quality is good and any delay is not noticeable to me. The system is not stereo, that's the only gripe I have. It only supports a mono signal, so if you want to have your click track in the left ear and your backing tracks in the right, you won't be able to do that with this setup. Both left and right channels are the same. I don't think this will be a problem for most people, but it is something to consider. This is a legitimate alternative to the more expensive Shure in- ear monitor systems.

5. BEHRINGER Power Amplifiers Silver Black HA8000V2

BEHRINGER Power Amplifiers Silver Black HA8000V2

The headphones amplifier system is used for stage and studio applications. Virtually all types of headphones have the highest sonic quality. There are 8 independent stereo high-power amplifier sections. Two stereo Main inputs for two independent mixes. Up to 8 individual stereo mixes are provided by 8 independent Direct inputs.

Brand: Behringer

👤The product is great for a good price. I bought this because I thought I would hear the input in the main if I put a direct input in the headphones. That's not the case. The main can only be heard on channels that don't have a direct input.

👤These units are great for budget wired in-ears. I use direct inputs on the back for my mixes. The signal will be unbalanced if you send it from your console/interface. If your equipment has less than 1/2 inch outputs, you could use dualTS to TRS. You can use a cable from the phone's outputs to make a PM1. You could use a standard extension cable, but it probably won't be as robust. I had a power supply fail on one of these units. The HA8000 V1 was the one. The model has been doing well for a year.

👤I use this to drive 7 pre-mix inputs for an In-Ear monitor system and couldn't be happier. The sound quality is great and it delivers enough amplification that we're no longer maxing out volume channels just to barely hear ourselves. If we expand, I can add another one of these channels. I don't know if it will last forever, but it's less expensive than other options and the sound quality is great.

👤I bought this because I needed to be able to turn off my monitors while recording vocal takes, everyone can plug their headphones in and hear the music, and it was very easy to install with my behringer interface.

👤The equipment arrived without proper packaging from the seller and without seals, only with a homemade tape which did not ensure that it was not used. The homemade tape was used for each internal item. When I tested the equipment, the volume knobs did not work well, it sounded good, but sometimes it didn't, and sometimes it did. When I increased the volume of the main output, I heard nothing and it affected my hearing, so I went to the doctor. They have not sent the new equipment yet.

👤When not connected to our snake, electrical interference results in a high pitch hum and 60hz hum in any port. The other cheap headphones are fine. Absolutely terrible. Don't buy. It is too late for me to return.

👤I wanted to combine and send out through multiple headphones and speakers, so I got this. You can only select one input per output using Mono inputs. I would give this 5 stars if I made a dumb mistake.

👤I have changed my opinion on this product. It was the most disgusting piece of equipment I owned. I tried to give the benefit of the doubt to Berhinger by removing the extension adapter from my power conversion. Viola! Problem solved! Very quiet. All mixes are very manageable. There is a This is a good choice if you need something to handle multiple mixes.

👤I bought this because of the headphone knob on my mixer that cuts out at the sweet spot in volume, but realized quickly that it has another great feature: Being able to switch between 2 sources instantly makes comparing a live recording to one that was recorded before super simple. The mono button works well too. The volume control goes loud very quickly, so it's not much to complain about. It would be deafening to have the level at the 12 oclock mark for more than a few minutes.

6. Drivers Headphones MAONO AU MH601 Monitor

Drivers Headphones MAONO AU MH601 Monitor

We have partnerships with their favourite industry partners to provide you with all the tools you need to start recording immediately. You can create studio quality vocals, powerful guitars, luscious keys and huge drums. The upgraded DJ studio headphones are built in 50mm large driver, which can bring you better listening enjoyment. The clarity throughout the extended range is exceptional. Professional active noise cancelling technology makes you focus on what you want to hear. The multi-functional design of the MAONO is that you could enjoy music, movie with your friends. You can plug in the mixer with the two standard-sized 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapters. It's compatiable with a lot of things, including computers, tablets, and most phones. The earcups are 90 degree and easy to use. Different people can use the headband. You don't need to change your headband. You have more space with the retractable and detachable headphone cable. The Supreme Court is considering the case of SupREME COMFORT. The earmuffs and circumaural design make the headphones sound better, reduce interference, and have good breathability. For a long time, you feel tired. The headband made of PC + Abs is lightweight and more durable. Saving space in your bags is the purpose of foldable design. There is a package list and reliable warranty. MAONO products have a 12-Month warranty.

Brand: Maono

👤When I saw the price of these, I was a bit hesitant but the sound quality and bass are good. I have added a video of how it sounds, but I don't like the way it is built, it can take some damage.

👤These are exceptional for a budget pair of headphones. There is no line noise at the soundstage. As I record and edit the audio for my videos, I can hear every detail. They look good! It's a good thing. I've said in the past that I'm not an enthusiast. I have regular ears that like music. A regular eared person has written a review. I have a set of monitors that are double the price. I have had them since 2015, and they are still strong. Five years of using those and a week of using these... There isn't much of a difference. These are very close in audio quality. I think the M40X is a bit more neutral, but these are not far off. There is a The pros are 1. Not a lot of added bass, mids, highs, lows, or anything. It was almost FLAT. The M40X has 40mm drivers, but these carry 50mm drivers, which could be why highs are a bit more pronounced. 50mm drivers have a clean sound. There was no muddy substance at all. 3. It is very well padded and comfortable. They fit my head without causing any pressure. 4. 3.5mm or 5. This cable is twisted. It's short, so there's no extra cable on the floor or on the desk. It's perfect for small studio spaces. There is a I will use these in recording and editing voices for my videos the most. These are great for that scenario. There is a lot of detail. Moano does a great job with studio equipment. I've used these to listen to some music, and I've also used them to test my headphones. Everything sounded great. I connected these to my phone, laptop, and Hi-Res mp3 player. The sound is the same no matter what I'm connected to. The V60 is powerful enough to run these. Nothing sounded weird or off. The artists intended the genre of music to sound the same. The studio monitors are a great buy. The cups don't like rotating on the M40X, but that's not a big deal. I like these.

👤These headphones sounded great. But... 5 minutes after. The left ear cup was starting to fade. I wasn't happy with the packaging. They were shipped in a large bubble wrap envelope. It's not that big of a deal. They should have been shipped in a box. The Headphones only lasted 5 minutes. They will be returning for a new pair.

👤I have a big head and big ears, and these fit me perfectly, they also fit my 5 year old, very comfortable and much cheaper than expensive headsets. Sound was clear and crisp, similar to more expensive equipment. Getting the volume just right is very important, I use these for voice narration and music tracks, so it's important. I can hear the volume adjustments on either track. The soft pads completely cover the ear and block out background sounds. Excellent value that I would recommend.



Personal monitor applications can use in- ear monitor amplifier. High power and drummer proof headphones. Two-channel mono or stereo operation is possible with dual XLR inputs. Stereo/mono operation with mix function is switchable. Controls for level and balance.

Brand: Behringer

👤I have a long history with Behringer products. Most of my experience has been mediocre. The quality has always been hit and miss but for me, it was mostly misses. Recently, Behringer seems to have switched gears and are buying up some well known manufacturers and making an effort to establish themselves as a legitimate pro audio leader. I've been paying attention to their recent offerings. I use IEMs to play drums. I started looking at the usual suspects when I needed a headphones amplifier. I don't mind paying for quality gear, but I am not a gear snob. The mic stand mount, belt clip, and XLR inputs are some of the cool features of the Behringer. I thought it was worth checking out because it was small and cheap. I could always return it if I didn't like it. I am still using it a year later. It fits the bill for me. Is it high quality? No. It has enough output to work well for me in the environment. The low end is solid and the top end is not too harsh. If you are using consumer earbuds, you may not get the same results. I use custom molded triple driver ear monitors that are up to the task and offer a lot of isolation from the ambient drum and stage volume. The P1 is usually at the top of its output range. If you run a clean signal to the amplifier, don't overdrive the inputs. The unit earns 4 stars despite some negatives. The power supply is not included, which is really silly. The battery option is nice, but probably not used a lot. This is a wired unit, meaning you are going to be relatively stationary, so a power supply over a battery is a no-brainer. Only two inputs, the other one being the XLR inputs. It would be great if one of the XLRs had a combo connection that could be used with a TRS input. You may need to add some extra cables. Limiter can't be bypassed. The compressor/limiter on my console is more musical and precise than the one on the IEM processor. I get it as a safety feature for beginners, but make it a jumper or something internal that has to be intentional and that would likely discourage most people from bothering with it. This unit was a pleasant surprise. It has been a year since I bought it.

👤I bought the PowerPlay amplifier from Amazon to use in the field. I need something rugged with balanced inputs in a demanding environment. The device is perfect. I don't think that the output level is too low, even though others have said so. Unless the level control is nearly off or the mixer level is dropped, efficient closed-cup drives like Sony 2506 are too loud. A 20 dB pad is welcome. The small device is easy to use on inefficient phones like the open cup Sennheiser 650's. I can monitor from any available output or stage box return from any rack mixers which usually don't have headphones.

8. Bodypack Monitoring Earphone Wireless Transmitter

Bodypack Monitoring Earphone Wireless Transmitter

The preset 40 frequencies can be arbitrary. Limiter circuitry is used in sound amplification and performance. The front panel has a stereo monitor. It can be used in stage to replace traditional sound monitoring equipment. The design features include a liquid crystal display panel and a low-battery indicator on the receiver. The indecator lamp has power and RF. It uses two AA batteries and an efficient power circuit. The metall housing is strong. The normal range for a wireless ring is 250 feet, and the Frequency rang is 572MHz-599Mhz. The signal-to-noise ratio should be improved so that the system has the best anti- interference. Clear the receiving blind angle to make the system's receiving signal steady. The housing is made of tough metal. It's the best product for stage performance monitors. 30 days no reason return and 3 years warranty is what they have.

Brand: Xtuga

👤Bill seems to think that a flawless diamond for the price of cubic zirconia is a good idea. There is a If you want a full range in- ear system for 6 you will have to add another zero to the price. If you are just looking to hear yourself and not use loud monitors, this will do the trick. There is a This system is what I would expect. It's perfect for live sound practices. I've been using mine for about 2 years in various clubs in the Chicagoland area. I have had no issues.

👤I ordered these to see if any of the reviews were honest. These are cheap, really cheap, and they are over priced at the low price they start at. There is a They aren't as advertised. There is a They aren't sterile. They are Stereo into the transmitter, then it sums the stereo input into mono and the receivers are Mono feeding Left. Right the same signal. You can only set 4 of them. There is an input gain on the transmitter. Group 2 The channel has three channels. The audio pass spectrum on the belt-pack is 200 to 5hertz. It would be an issue. There is a The back of the transmitter is all junk and the power is provided by a cheap wall wart. The unit is about 4” deep and weighs less than a pound. There is a The antennas are generic. There are antenna with a TNC connection. The Belt-packs are toys, plastic toys, and think if we played in a band. They are like a toy. In a word. If you lose signal, you get a loud rush of white noise. There is a The ear buds are cheap and not worth removing from the box. I bet you could buy them for a dollar a dozen. They should leave them out of the package and include cheap AA batteries. You might think they are being returned immediately. Don't waste your money and save yourself some time. I gave them a 1 star rating, which was as low as I could go.

👤My Sennhiser IEM sounds as good as the 16 channel EQ I placed in line.

👤I am a worship leader at the church. They are fulfilling the need for now, but they don't get the full spectrum of sound through. Quality can be an issue for us if we don't have it for leading andtempo purposes. The battery door of one of the packs had a broken button. I don't expect products to be broken before they have a single second of use. If you're reading, you should send a replacement door for the pack or arrange for a replacement pack.

👤These were bought to be used in a trio. I don't want to use stage monitors because they cause acoustic guitars to feedback badly. I have used audio2000s before and saw these and thought I'd give them a try. The form factor is great and the price is great. When playing live or replaying live tracks, the audio seems to almost oscillate with each drum hit, or at the beginning of every chord strike, because they have a noise gate or something. If you could turn off the noise gate, they would work. You have to turn down the volume in the back with a small screw driver if you want to blow your ears out. You have to almost turn the volume to zero on the transmitter, and then you have to turn it up to 6 or 5 in order to hear it. It's very easy to make a mistake on the volume level or accidentally turn it up. I was able to get rid of some of hiss with some adjustments. The noise gating is messing this up. It feels like quality material. I would have liked to use it. I'll have to pay more for it.

9. Saramonic Headphone Monitor Integarted SR PAX1

Saramonic Headphone Monitor Integarted SR PAX1

Up to 8 individual stereo mixes are provided by 8 independent Direct inputs. Two balanced XLR inputs and two Mono 1/8" mini-jack inputs are used. Two mono standard inputs and a mini-jack input. There is one stereo output jack. The switch is mono/stereo. The signal of each channel is adjusted by the trim control knobs. 3.5mm headphones for monitoring.

Brand: Saramonic

👤The coldshoe mount is not secured very well. It would be more durable if it had a second ring, but eventually it will fail and wobble. The solution is to buy the SR-PAX 2, which is under the camera. If you're like our shop, and have already purchased a few of the PAX 1, you can remove the mount by rotating it until it snaps off. Attach the PAX 1 with a Rock Solid 1/4"Mighty Mount, remove the glue, put on Gorilla or VHT tape, and then use that to affix it. Attach a Shoe Plate adapter. This will add a little height, but it will be stronger than the original mount. The problem would be solved if the original mount was expanded for cover. There is a The box is great, Phantom power for mics, XLR connections for existing gear, mini-stereo inputs, monitoring via headphones, and adjustments on the fly. The mount is a sore point, but the box does the job very well. If I could trade them in for the sequel, I would do it in a second. You can get a refurbished PAX 2 for the same price as a new one.

👤Someone thought about the design of the mixer. It is designed to sit on top of a DSLR. It has grooves on the sides and top to make it easier to fit other items in the field. The inputs into the unit will allow you to record whatever audio situation you need to. It has a 9V battery that can provide Phantom Power to your mic. I recommend this product to anyone who might need a mixer in the field.

👤I bought this to use with my Panasonic LUMIX. I bought sennheiser wireless mics. The beauty works well with my set up. The ability to create stereo out of mono signal is something I love. The audio has been clean so far. It's a good one. There is a The battery is inserted via a tray. It takes up a third of the unit's size. The tray is not easy to use. There is no indicator light for the battery. It's a great piece of equipment for shooting in the field, however it's a great piece of equipment for the price.

👤A fairly robust piece of gear. This is not an amplifier. It does provide phantom power to mics, but it doesn't amplify their signals anymore. I don't know why the case is so large.

👤It does what it says. There is a You can listen to what you're recording, but it doesn't read levels. The bottom hot-shoe became wobbly after 3 months of use. The tiny screw seemed to have expanded the hole inside, making it useless to tighten it. I would be screwed if it didn't come with other cold shoe mounts.

👤This product has improved the quality of video recordings by creating an outlet that allows multiple mics to be plugged in to the camera, with a separate volume control for L and R channel. It has saved a lot of time by allowing a headphone to be plugged in along with the mics. We can hear background noise, hissing from a bad cable, and other things before we start recording. A great tool to carry in the camera bag.

10. ART MyMONITORII Personal Headphone Monitor

ART MyMONITORII Personal Headphone Monitor

Personal monitoring can be done with any microphone, instrument and Stereo Source. There is a microphone input and a pop-less on/off switch. It passes phantom power for operation with microphones. Line input and instrument input. Stereo Monitor Input with Blend Control.

Brand: Art

👤It's perfect for IEM. It is difficult to get a good monitor mix to hear myself when I fill in on piano and vocals. This box is perfect for me. From the keys to the mic to the stage box. I can still hear the other members vocals even though I don't have good IEMs. I haven't used the stereo input from the board yet, but I would like to try it someday.

👤This unit is very well made, and can solve a lot of monitoring problems. It didn't work for me. I was hoping to use it in the same way as my bass guitar, as it has both a line and inst setting on the phone jack input. The problem is that it lacks the dynamic range to handle a magnetic pickup. If you are looking for a personal microphone monitor, I can recommend the microphone input. If you are careful with levels, the line input works well. But for electric guitars and bass. I used a Phil Jones BigHead, which works perfectly, and also functions as a digital I/O and allows you to mix in an auxiliary source to practice along with. That can be recommended. It costs three times more than the ART.

👤It does everything I need, but the sound it produces is very flat. It was pretty rough and I critically listened to it in and out of my chain. I would only recommend someone who is not worried about how good it sounds. The feature set it there and it works well.

👤Excellent product. I use it to play the bass in worship music. I have used it with both earphone and speaker.

👤I've tried a lot of these boxes, and this is the best because it has lots of headroom, clear sound, and not as loud as the others. I would like to see a PAD switch for the mic input. Maybe for the next version. Highly recommended!

👤It was a gift for my brother and he loves it.

👤Do not like the way it is mounted.

👤Muy buen producto, con una limitacin.

11. Pyle Pro PHA40 4 Channel Headphone Amplifier

Pyle Pro PHA40 4 Channel Headphone Amplifier

There are power supplies for four head phones. Up to four pairs of headphones can be powered by the Pyle Stereo Headphone Amplifier. Four people can listen to the main mix in your studio. Independent volume controls. The dedicated output level controls allow each listener to determine their own volume level. Independent channel volume knob control for each listener. Also has a power ON indicator. 14” TRS output jacks. The headphones splitter has 4 14” stereo headphone jacks which allow you to control up to 4 headphones at the same time. The source input jack for the Pyle Pro mixer is also included. The audio quality is superb. The PHA40 has 4 high powered stereo Amps that are capable of maintaining the highest sonic quality even at maximum volume levels. The ultra-low noise operational amplifier is included for outstanding audio performance. COMPACT size is small. The professional integrated headphone receiver is easy to carry and use on the road. It's perfect for both on-stage and in- studio performances.

Brand: Pyle

👤Before buying a few to try out, I read a lot of the reviews. There were a lot of people who gave the unit five stars and were completely satisfied with what they got for the low price. There were a few one-star reviews where people said that the amplifier didn't amplify the signal at all. There were also complaints that the jacks were unreliable or mis-sized and that you had to have a plug inserted into the jack to get proper stereo. There is a The very similar Behringer HA400 was also sold on Amazon.

👤When something is described as being, but does not do so, it only deserves a single star. Why? I don't understand why people give 2 or 3 stars to products that don't live up to what they're said to be. J-Sigmo says the parts are worth it. The product is not a collection of parts but a headphones amplifier. 1 star is required. The stars and not the details are what others will see if anything else is put on. A restaurant will tell you that they have all beef burgers, but you will find out they are not all beef. Do you now give 2 or 3 stars? Absolutely not. I checked it before I dismantled it for my project. I found out about it. I wanted to see how well it would run at 9 volts. I used to have a similar product from Behringer that worked fine at 9 volts, but it was removed from the power source. J-Sigmo's Dec. 2, 2015 Amazon review observations are useful. I found over 16 volts before the diode while I was checking the voltages. The wall wart power supply that I checked was 18 v, and the circuit board has a 1000mfd capacitor. The maximum rating of the 4580 chip is 18 v, but it has a 35% error. The little power indicator is now passing 70ma due to its 220ohm current limiting resistor. I am wondering what kind of quality control they have here after J-Sigmo observed that there are 470 ohm instead of 47 ohm resistors. I threw away the power and audio jacks because they were very low quality. Some people have problems with this product.

👤Not sure what the reviews are about. I tried this on my PC to get more volume out of my headphones. I have the correct plugs. I plugged it in from the PC to the amplifier. I plugged my headphones in correctly. I tried all four outs on the amplifier, and it didn't change the volume at all. What? The device gives you four audio outs from one source and a physical turn knob for the volume from it. It doesn't amplify the audio. It was tried on 3 different computers. All three results were the same. There is a It's a good device for splitting a single audio source into four, but does not amplify the audio. It's complete waste of money. It feels solid.


What is the best product for headphone monitor mixer?

Headphone monitor mixer products from Behringer. In this article about headphone monitor mixer you can see why people choose the product. Mackie and Xvive are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone monitor mixer.

What are the best brands for headphone monitor mixer?

Behringer, Mackie and Xvive are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone monitor mixer. Find the detail in this article. Maono, Xtuga and Saramonic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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