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1. Universal Dual Vehicle Headrest Monitor

Universal Dual Vehicle Headrest Monitor

The audio video narrator is a little over 10 feet tall. This dual headrest TV multimedia system is perfect for long road trips. You can watch movies or play games with the CD DVD player. There are wireless head phones included. You can connect your smart devices with the HDMI input on the monitor, which comes with headphones. Quality sound will be ensured by the built-in stereo speakers. There are VARIOUSFORMATS that support them. It's compatible with various digital file formats, so your kids can enjoy new levels of entertainment on long trips. It comes with memory card readers for easy access to personal files. TheTILE MEDIA PLAYER: You can connect additional devices to your passengers, allowing them to watch a movie or play video games in the backseat. If you prefer to listen to music in peace, it has an IR transmitter. Universal mounting: The portable vehicle headrest mount player allows you to easily install the posts into your car. It comes with everything you need, including a leather screen cover.

Brand: Pyle

👤I bought another unit after I returned a faulty one. I tried to play 10 DVDs on both units, but they refused to play them. The DVD players had loud noises coming from them and these came up with error messages. Very disappointed. These went back as well. I've been searching for good DVD players for my car to replace ones that were no longer functioning. I had a long list of requirements and these devices seemed to fit them. I wanted those that were top loading, had HDMI inputs, could play material off a memory card, and could connect together so that whatever was on one device could be mirrored to the other. I put these in my car. I was excited to see how they worked. I got an error message when I put in one disc. I put another disc in the machine. The same error message was sent. The words "no disc" were written on the third disc. I put in another five DVDs and got the same messages. I tried the other unit and thought the first one was malfunctioning. Nope! There are the same error messages here. There were a lot of different shows on the discs, from Disney to Daniel Tiger. There were no discs in either player. I put in two new discs and got the same result. Call me angry. If I can't get a single disc to play, I won't try the other media features like the memory card. Maybe I just got two lemons, but I had to share my experience. The $269 will be put toward two new tablets for the back seat.

👤I received the dvd players yesterday and I love them! Took pictures of the things you receive. You can use the cords to connect to the dvd player on the other screen, or you can play the same movie on both screens. I like that it comes with two different power cords so I can move one player to the third row of my van and the other to the second row. I was surprised it had a cover for each screen. This will help minimize scratches and it will come off with the help of a piece of velcro. The power cord was long. The only thing I would recommend is to include the instructions on how to connect orsync the headphones. After playing around, I figured out the settings button. If you hold down the button for a few seconds, the menu will pop up. The volume arrows and forward/rewind arrows are used to move. The touch screen buttons are easy to use. The controller works well and could be smaller. I'm not sure what games you would have to buy to work with the controller, but I saw something about it. It would be great to have suggestions, but we only bought it for the basics. You will need 8AAA batteries for everything, 2 for each remote and 2 for each headphones. I really like the fact that there is a button that can be used to release the player from the hook. I can keep this away when not in use to prevent theft. I was skeptical about buying a portable dvd player because of it. I'm very happy with these so far.

2. Universal Headrest Mount Monitor Entertainment

Universal Headrest Mount Monitor Entertainment

The audio video narrator is a little over 10 feet tall. This dual headrest TV multimedia system is perfect for long road trips. You can watch movies or play games on the wide screen display. There are wireless head phones included. You can connect your smart devices with the HDMI input on the monitor, which comes with headphones. Quality sound will be ensured by the built in stereo speakers. There are VARIOUSFORMATS that support them. It's compatible with various digital file formats, so your kids can enjoy new levels of entertainment on long trips. It comes with memory card readers for easy access to personal files. TheTILE MEDIA PLAYER: You can connect additional devices to your passengers, such as a movie or video game, with the help of the RCA wiring harness. If you prefer to listen to music in peace, it has an IR transmitter. Universal mounting: The portable vehicle headrest mount player allows you to easily install the posts into your car. Everything you need for a screen cover, mount, and remote control is included.

Brand: Pyle

👤I don't know how to review this product. It has great features and capabilities, but fails in execution. 1. The screens are good. The brackets are strong. 2. The number of different video inputs is impressive. 3. The setup is a complete disaster. There are more than needed. To get the second unit to work, you need to connect the seven wires together. The other two power connections are bare wire. In the official manufacturer video, it says to twist the bare wires together, add a touch of solder, and wrap with electrical tape. What? Do they think that every family member that has a DVD player in their minivan has a solder gun? A single cable with all of the wires connected would be far more logical than two simple connections. 4. Okay. You finally get everything wired together, if you haven't already sent it back to Amazon in frustration. Whew! To get audio. To select the audio output you want, you need to go deep in the on-screen menus. You can find the menu and choose the output you want. Not so fast. It won't work if you don'tDisabling all other options. It seems like outputting audio to all options would be the logical thing to do here. Not in the world of Pyle! Do you want to switch between the wired earbuds and the wireless headphones? Plug in the earbuds, right? No! This requires another trip to the on-screen menu. Don't forget to have the audio jack on, you won't have any audio. Another way to do this would be to have an easy on-screen audio output option, so that anyone can simply cycle through their desired option. We sent them to the grandparents so they could be with the grand kids. They didn't use them on a multi-day driving trip because of the complexity of the install. Check out my name. I should have been able to figure out how to make things work. It took me 30 minutes to figure out how to get the audio to work, and only one audio option can be used at a time. I didn't know the installation video existed until a couple weeks later. The link to be posted was refused by our Amazon overlords. I thought I was joking when I said the "touch of solder" comment. Nope. It is at 2:07 in the video. There is a In summary... Excellent screens and input options. Fantastically bad implementation of the screens and audio selection.

👤We purchased a set and 2 singlet players and have had no issues. If you want to use two single players in your vehicle, you have to connect the master and slave screens by soldering the wires together. When you turn on our players, we follow all the instructions, which isn't great. I wouldn't buy them again. One of the pairs of head phones that came with the set came apart the first time they were used. The kids haven't been able to watch a movie on a trip yet. There is a Next: I was disappointed that the single dvd player didn't come with headphones. I haven't tried them out yet, but I'm looking forward to using them for my kids on trips.

3. Audio Technica AT2035PK Microphone Streaming Podcasting

Audio Technica AT2035PK Microphone Streaming Podcasting

A large diaphragm is used for sound and noise. The wide dynamic range provides unparalleled flexibility. Superior isolation is provided by a custom shock mount. The ATH-M20x has a circumaural design that makes it sound isolation in loud environments. Impedance is 120 ohms. The studio boom arm has a full 180 rotation and can be adjusted with thumbscrews.

Brand: Audio-technica

👤I'm tired of shelling out a lot of money for lights and a wireless setup that requires constant charging, and subpar audio for both input and output, and it doesn't have a long life cycle. I got tired of it. The pack was more than a good gaming headset. The audio is great so far. The PTX-100 is a very beginner's setup, and I've put it with it. I like my voice, I practice with it, and I like to have my real voice, not the muffled version, when I game. The headphones are working. It's definitely usable, but nothing crazy. The shock mount and simple pop filter look classy. There is a The boom arm is dirty. I thought it would be, but the final connection cannot be controlled. There is no knob, just three screws and bolts. A pair of pliers could be used, but using pliers when you need to position them is nuts. I know it had to be a less expensive arm for Audio-Technica to provide. There is a The mic is very good. The shock mount is great. Yeah, headphones eh. I still give a 5.

👤I brought this bundle at the beginning of the epidemic because I was already looking to upgrade my old Yeti Snowball, which is a great microphone, and it is a great price. I wanted to be heard clearly. I decided on this bundle as I didn't have a boom arm or XLR cable to connect it to, but the headphones are solid and do take some time for your ears to get used to the weight. The boom arm and microphone were attached to my desk with ease and I connected the cables. I was able to run the cable from one end of my desk to the other with some slack left over, and after messing with a few default audio settings and EQ, I could say that the audio difference between my old Snowball and the Focusrite Scarlett Solo was much better. The microphone can be a little sensitive, but nothing you can do to fix it in most software options. We currently live in a time where working and socializing from home is becoming a new norm with people moving to programs like Zoom, Discord and Skype, I felt that was a great investment for me as I already spent plenty of time online. I don't regret it. A great bundle with an amazing microphone. Anyone who wants to improve their audio quality for their programs won't be disappointed. The microphone wouldn't swing down making it difficult to talk to the microphone properly, and the nut at the end of the boom was the only complaint I had about this bundle. I had to go to my local hardware store to find a wrench because Audio Technica doesn't give one. It was an extra step, not a big deal. I'm still happy with everything.

👤I bought this package to get a swing arm mount and a good set of headphones. The experience with this mic has been great, I knew it was a 5-star mic, but I didn't know how good it would be. I'm not a musician or a recording engineer. I will not try to speak the language. You can learn more about the mic by watching videos on the internet. I'm glad I bought it. There is a I was very disappointed with the pack. The boom arm is good, but if you want to mount the microphone upright, the weight of the mic is just about all the stand can handle. I am concerned about its longevity. There is a If you want my opinion, the headphones are useless. They are plastic, squeeze your head too tight, and feel crappy. The 10-foot cord ends in a 3.5mm jack, and you can use it with your interface. The two can become separated if the cord is not screw onto. There is a The microphone and boom arm should be purchased separately. You can choose different headphones.

4. Saramonic Headphone Monitor Integarted SR PAX1

Saramonic Headphone Monitor Integarted SR PAX1

Up to 8 individual stereo mixes are provided by 8 independent Direct inputs. Two balanced XLR inputs and two Mono 1/8" mini-jack inputs are used. Two mono standard inputs and a mini-jack input. There is one stereo output jack. The switch is mono/stereo. The signal of each channel is adjusted by the trim control knobs. 3.5mm headphones for monitoring.

Brand: Saramonic

👤The coldshoe mount is not secured very well. It would be more durable if it had a second ring, but eventually it will fail and wobble. The solution is to buy the SR-PAX 2, which is under the camera. If you're like our shop, and have already purchased a few of the PAX 1, you can remove the mount by rotating it until it snaps off. Attach the PAX 1 with a Rock Solid 1/4"Mighty Mount, remove the glue, put on Gorilla or VHT tape, and then use that to affix it. Attach a Shoe Plate adapter. This will add a little height, but it will be stronger than the original mount. The problem would be solved if the original mount was expanded for cover. There is a The box is great, Phantom power for mics, XLR connections for existing gear, mini-stereo inputs, monitoring via headphones, and adjustments on the fly. The mount is a sore point, but the box does the job very well. If I could trade them in for the sequel, I would do it in a second. You can get a refurbished PAX 2 for the same price as a new one.

👤Someone thought about the design of the mixer. It is designed to sit on top of a DSLR. It has grooves on the sides and top to make it easier to fit other items in the field. The inputs into the unit will allow you to record whatever audio situation you need to. It has a 9V battery that can provide Phantom Power to your mic. I recommend this product to anyone who might need a mixer in the field.

👤I bought this to use with my Panasonic LUMIX. I bought sennheiser wireless mics. The beauty works well with my set up. The ability to create stereo out of mono signal is something I love. The audio has been clean so far. It's a good one. There is a The battery is inserted via a tray. It takes up a third of the unit's size. The tray is not easy to use. There is no indicator light for the battery. It's a great piece of equipment for shooting in the field, however it's a great piece of equipment for the price.

👤A fairly robust piece of gear. This is not an amplifier. It does provide phantom power to mics, but it doesn't amplify their signals anymore. I don't know why the case is so large.

👤It does what it says. There is a You can listen to what you're recording, but it doesn't read levels. The bottom hot-shoe became wobbly after 3 months of use. The tiny screw seemed to have expanded the hole inside, making it useless to tighten it. I would be screwed if it didn't come with other cold shoe mounts.

👤This product has improved the quality of video recordings by creating an outlet that allows multiple mics to be plugged in to the camera, with a separate volume control for L and R channel. It has saved a lot of time by allowing a headphone to be plugged in along with the mics. We can hear background noise, hissing from a bad cable, and other things before we start recording. A great tool to carry in the camera bag.

5. Universal Headrest Mount Monitor Entertainment

Universal Headrest Mount Monitor Entertainment

The audio video narrator has an mp3 player. The dual headrest TV multimedia player system is perfect for long road trips. You can watch movies or play games with the CD DVD player. There are wireless head phones included. You can connect your phone, tablets, and other smart devices with the HDMI input port on the 9.4 inch touchscreen monitor. Quality sound will be ensured by the built-in stereo speakers. There are VARIOUSFORMATS that support them. It's compatible with various digital file formats, so your kids can enjoy new levels of entertainment on long trips. It comes with memory card readers for easy access to personal files. TheTILE MEDIA PLAYER: You can connect additional devices to your passengers, such as a movie or video game, with the help of the RCA wiring harness. If you prefer to listen to music in peace, it has an IR transmitter. Universal mounting: The portable vehicle headrest mount player allows you to easily install the posts into your car. It comes with everything you need, including a leather screen cover.

Brand: Pyle

👤The Acura TL was in 2008. I love the TVS, but Apple TV is not included. I don't know what to tell you if you can't figure out how to put this together. You don't need any cables. The options are the best, but you barely use any of them. The RCA cables are useless, but a good option if you're into high definition. I plugged in my car's HDMI splitter into theusb port to get power. If anyone is confused about how to set up. The steps from the TV to the input source are shown. 1. The input on the TV's 2 has an HD signal. I tucked away the wires through my seats and used an 8 ft HDMI cable to connect the two TVs. 3. If you are in a car, the middle console is where the HDMI splitter should sit. 4. If you don't have a microusb cable, you can plug it into your center console'susb port. They are cheaper at the gas station than on Amazon, but I don't know what they look like. 5. If we had a power source and a HDMI splitter, we would take the 3rd hdmi cable, just get a short one. There are two for the TV's and one for the video source. This is how you would get both TV's to play the same thing. My source of video is an apple TV under my seat. I can leave my apple in my car with no issues because it has an amazing cooling system. I work in central Florida and the heat isn't an issue. There is a You already have everything else, so the steps on how to do that are even simpler. If you want to go that route, most power inverters come with ausb port. 1. Plug the apple TV into the power transformer and you're good to go. 2. A $10 a month tethering plan for your phone can get you internet sources. There is a * I hope this was useful. There is a HDMI Splitter on the website. I bought a product several months ago and it works perfectly, Apple TV is still functioning and the image is clear. I will never understand how other people can be so incompetent and complain so much over an easy to set up product.

👤I'm not typically a person who leaves reviews. But this. Is not acceptable. There is a I would give 0 stars if I could. The product is junk. I spent 200 dollars on a dvd system that only played DVD's for 6 months. It has a 1 year warranty, no problem, I'll call. No. If you pay to ship all the items back to the company, they will do only repair services. If you spend good money on a product that isn't doing what you want it to do in life, you're not doing anything. The manufacturer should support that product. On their dime. I wouldn't ask my customer to spend more money to fix a problem caused by my product. This is the worst customer service. I will never buy another product from Pyle and I will discourage anyone from reading this to avoid it. They will take your money, give you a subpar product, and then tell you to shove it when you need to rely on their warranty.

6. Headphone Headset Hanger External Earphone

Headphone Headset Hanger External Earphone

Stereo Monitor Input with Blend Control. The under-desk headphone stand has a 3.5mm AUX audio port and a simple way to plug in your headphones. The hub is not designed to charge devices. You can install it with a screw and 3M VHB tape. All over- ear headphones are compatible with Universal Compatibility. What? You get a COZOO Headphone dock with audio port, 5ft date cable, and a 30-day money back guarantee. If there is a quality issue with this headphone rack, please contact them.

Brand: Cozoo

👤While it lasted, this was a good product. There is a The quality of the glue is good. I had to add glue to the mount so that it wouldn't fall down since my Corsair headset wouldn't fall down. If you're using heavier style headphones, think about using screws or glue instead of glue. I bought this back in March of this year, but it wasn't until November of this year that I was able to plug into the bottom port. I would not be able to tell what was wrong unless I pulled the entire mount off and opened it. There is a I moved on. I had two working devices on this. I wasn't affected much. There is a I couldn't plug into the middle one. The off-set was obvious. This was just a headset mount. I was not happy. There is a I plucked out the module after priing it off. There are two versions of theusb, version 1.0 and version 2.0. The metal brackets and solder welds on theusb 1.0s were bent by the amount of plugging and unplugging. This is a piece of junk for me because I don't solder. You can see from the photos that theusb that DIDN'T break is a 2.0. Bigger house. Tougher. I'll be looking for that in my next mount.

👤The whole package is pretty good. There is a The unit, 3 foot extension cable, and 3 cable management hooks are what you get in the box. Holds my gaming headset, gives me 3 extra ports, and keeps my wires well organized. It has not fallen with the 3M strip. There is a I will be nitpicky just for COZOO's sake and mine. First of all. One of myusb ports is flipped. I can live with it. I wish I didn't have to remember the orientation to put it in. My cables are falling out. Since there are no circular catches to hold my cables in, I have trouble keeping them on. A new design will be implemented in the next iteration.

👤After a couple of years, this cheap faulty product stopped working for me, but before that, one of the ports stopped working early on, and it had issues like rapid disconnection/connection over and over again. I only used it for flash drives, not high power draws or anything like that. My policy is to contact the company to give them time to make it right before they leave a negative review. They told me that since they don't keep purchase records for more than 2 years, they couldn't replace this piece of trash. There is a I will steer clear of any and all COZOO products in the future, and recommend anyone that reads this to do the same, because this company does not stand by their products.

👤I didn't bother trying to mount this with just the strips. While the strips on mine were 3M branded and not especially heavy, placing and hanging headphones from it everyday is more than I'd trust to any glue stuck to the bottom of an Ikea desktop. There is a You won't be disappointed if you use the provided screws. After a month of solid use, mine is sturdy and not showing any signs of wobbling. There is a There's nothing to complain about with the headphones and hub. I'm getting full transfer speeds from my fastest cards, so the ports and cable are up to the claimed spec, using a UHS-II card reader. There is a The quality of the headphones jack is a nice surprise, as is the onboard digital to audio converter included in the hanger. It's not strictly speaking accurate, but it's loud and hot and is enough to power headphones with bigger, more power hungry drivers, like the AKG studio cans I use for video editing. It's not perfect fidelity, but it doesn't introduce excessive distortion or increase noise floor noticeably, and what's there is easily adjusted for in an EQ program. The sound quality and volume out of this thing was my biggest concern, and this is way better than I thought. All in all, very pleased and would recommend. It's not going to be as good as a dedicated DAC, but it is an all-in-one solution for mounting headphones on a shorter cable, a fast card reader, and a Windows Hello fingerprint reader.

7. VIVO Freestanding Headphone Adjustable STAND V101F

VIVO Freestanding Headphone Adjustable STAND V101F

The monitor riser stand for desk is ideal for home office use, it is easy to conduct online courses or online meetings, just put it on your desk and start working immediately. They can help transform your workspace by creating affordable, quality, and creativity VIVO Monitor Stand Solutions. Stand-V101F has a built-in headphone hook for convenient storage. The stand is designed to hold a computer monitor up to 18.6 lbs in weight and 75x75mm and 100x100mm VESA mounting holes. The height adjustment is easy with a locking knob for tool-less transitions. The viewing angles are +15 to -15 tilt, 60 swivel, and the rotation is 180 degrees. The base is strong enough to support everything during adjustments. The stand is designed with a clean work area in mind, and it has a hook that you can use with your headphones. The product comes with a limited 3-year manufacturer warranty as well as friendly tech support to help with any questions or concerns.

Brand: Vivo

👤You can remove the plastic pieces from the feet and leave level black metal to allow your monitor to get closer to the desk surface. If you need to pivot your monitor in such a way that it doesn't rest upon both feet, you might need to get creative with shims, or use the articulation bolts. There is a The mass and gauge of the articulations aren't great, so this isn't really a con. I bought a stand so I could get a 31 inch monitor in portrait, and I don't attempt to put my monitor in landscape. It's not a con, it's just physics. The assembly process goes best when you pre- apply the fresh bolts to the fresh holes. If you're trying to assembly it without a pre-fitting, you will probably make an incorrect assumption that you just cross threaded a bolt, or that a bolt hole is wrongly made, because the factory paint adds just enough thickness. Put the bolts in to their deepest setting and then assemble. The rock solid snugness will be appreciated. You can't set two of these side by side with their monitors in portrait, and expect the feet to not conflict. You can get two 31 inch monitors to sit side by side in portrait, but the feet will jut into your keyboard space, and the articulations to the monitors will need to be cranked down tightly.

👤The non-adjustable stand that came with my monitor was very sturdy. It took a couple minutes to assemble. I wish it was able to slide lower because my monitor's VESA mount is more towards the bottom. I had to raise my other monitor by 3 inches to match the level. I am not deducting stars as this is more of the VESA fault on the monitor. It is not possible to do vertical adjustment on the fly since it is not a cylinder. It's not a big deal. I am very happy with this stand.

👤It's strong. I use it for the HP Envy. It holds it well, except when I adjust the angle more to the bottom, it fails to hold it in place and lowers the angle completely. The lowest height may be a little high to begin with. You can check your preferred measurement. I'm satisfied with my purchase. Solid 4 stars.

👤It is very easy to put together. I can achieve a range of motion and height with my monitor.

👤Covid forced the need for a workout setup in my garage and I also needed some music and an Apple TV. I had a problem with my monitor not being seen from my new elliptical because I had to raise it up to see it over the roof of my car. It worked out perfectly. I am happy with the quality of the build and how well it works. Big thumbs up!

👤The stand is very sturdy and only has a headphone holder. I put it on my old monitor. I'd trust this with a $1,000+ monitor as well. It's easy to assemble if you've put something together before. The range of motion is reliable after the bolts are tightened. I have nothing bad to say about this product.

8. TotalMount Monitor Mount for Headphones

TotalMount Monitor Mount for Headphones

You can protect your headphones by placing them on the left side of your computer monitor. This product is ideal for people who want to save desk space and protect their headphones. This stand has a soft-Silicone holder to protect your headphones, unlike other stands that have sharp edges. All over-the- ear headphones, on-ear headphones, and gaming headsets are compatible. TOTAL MOUNT is the leader in electronics mounting. Over 70 patents, 50,000 five-star reviews, and a long history of quality make TOTAL MOUNT a leader in its field.

Brand: Totalmount

👤If you have a curved monitor like I do, then you're better off selecting a different mount. I put the mount on the side of the shelf. It works. I wish I had picked a different item.

👤I had to remove the holder from the monitor. I had to get a knife and spend some time trying to separate the holder from the monitor without damaging either one, so I took off one star. The holder got out a bit bent and had some damaged stickers on it. I had to fit the hardware from the office in the smaller desk because I had to work from home. The headphones take too much space on the desk between them and they are great during the calls. I picked this hook only today, but it was easy to assemble, does not look flimsy, and holds headphones out of the desk. Will see how it holds after a while, but it is perfect at the moment.

👤I was going to submit photos, but the add photo button was missing. I will try to add them later. There is a This worked well for me. I use a TV screen for my monitor, with my work laptop off to the side. The cord always got in the way when I put my headphones in the drawer. My desk was too wide to have a hook on it. The "hook" on the TV was the perfect solution. The TV had no problem sticking. The mount overhangs with nothing because of how my TV was made, which means there is about a half inch of space between the raised back of the TV and the edge of the screen. It holds up my headphones just fine, so far it doesn't seem to have caused any issues. I don't worry about it falling off because the headphones are light and designed to be. This can be adjusted to work on either side of your monitor. There is a Thanks for making my desk free of stuff.

👤The main mount needs to be longer. The attachment pole part is short. If the back of the TV doesn't come to the edge, there won't be enough room for your headset to fit. There is a A dual pack, one with short attaching part and a longer one for a few dollars extra, is something this company could offer.

👤This is a great mount. It worked well for its purpose. The way the brackets are designed will conform to many shapes, and the way the strips are held tight to the back of my monitor made it very tight. The problem comes when you have to move it. Command Strips are not the same as the adhesive strips. If you pull too hard you will tear the strip. It takes quite a bit of effort to remove the brackets, and the strips can be thrown away, because you won't be able to reuse them. The vendor doesn't seem to have a way to get new ones, so I have a $12 dust collector.

9. Mudder Headphone Headset Hanger Monitor

Mudder Headphone Headset Hanger Monitor

TOTAL MOUNT is the leader in electronics mounting. Over 70 patents, 50,000 five-star reviews, and a long history of quality make TOTAL MOUNT a leader in its field. The sticker can be attached firmly to the PC monitor and smooth wall or surface with an edge. The holder is small in size and light in weight, and you can hang other accessories on it. It's a good idea to prevent your headphones from scratching. It will make your desk cleaner. The size is 7.5 and the material is plastic.

Brand: Mudder

👤It's simple to set up, holds both head phones and cables well. There is a There are pros and cons. The backing isn't strong enough. There is a Fix! I wanted something like this which I could move around, I record music in a small room and sometimes I need to take out all the headphones and cables and have space for other projects. The supplied strips were not heavy duty. I put the fuzz side of the velcro on the side of the table where I could find the hangers. I want them to stay there as long as I can. I only gave it one star. I would give it 5 stars if they were supplied with both the strips and the heavy duty velcro. If they're mistreated, they can break, but we're all adults, don't mistreat them, and they'll last as long as you need them.

👤I love these so far. I have a computer lab of 30 tower PCs and it was always a mess. The headphones were all over the place, even though they had a spot on top of the computer tower. My students are not wasting time plugging in headphones. My kids can just grab the headphones off of the hanger and get started, because the headphones are already plugged into the back of the tower. It is easy to hang them up at the end of class. It has saved me a lot of time and money. There is a The product is easy to install. It was a pain to put the foam stickers in the plastic hook part but it was worth it for the time I've saved since then. I've never had a problem with hooks falling off or not sticking. The headphones I'm using aren't heavy, but this product suits my purposes perfectly. Other teachers compliment me on the fact that they want hooks for their classroom computers as well.

👤That is, your headphones! There is a My life was incomplete before I had this 888-405-7720 888-405-7720 You could find my headphones anywhere. It was crazy on my desk and on the floor. But not anymore. I can find them near my right arm now. I am happy to know that my headphones will be where I left them. The sticky-tape seems to be holding up fine, even though others have complained about its adhesion. It's stuck to glass, which is an ideal surface, but it's firmly on there. The key is to apply hard for a few minutes. If you have a chip-clip or something similar, it will fit and the sticky glue will set better. There is a I will let you know if it falls off. I just have to give the other two away and mount the other one at home.

👤The product came in a pack of four, with hooks and sticky parts. The application was very easy to apply for. You can peel off the tape on the side with the sticky strip. The hook will adhere to the strip if you place it inside. You can peel the tape off of the other side of the glue if you want to stick it to the surface you want. You should leave it for 24 hours once it is on. There is a The hooks work well on my Bears Solo 2 Wireless. They haven't fallen. I have removed the hook from my ManOWar headphones because they have fallen a few times. I don't think I let the glue set long enough. There is a Good value for the price and support a good amount of weight are the pros. I would highly recommend these hooks for anyone who is looking for a cheap and effective way to hang headphones off the side of a surface. Make sure you let the stick sit for a while before you try to use it.

10. Headphone Headphones Adjustable Universal EURPMASK

Headphone Headphones Adjustable Universal EURPMASK

Customer service is great. Give it a try. You can return it within a month if you don't like it. They will send you a new one if it is faulty within a year. Universal under design allows for a near universal fit on most desks by attaching a thin, narrow, and thick piece of metal to them. It is easy to remove the Spring Clamp. The audible headphone arm swings underneath your desk for discreet and non-intrusive storage and swings back out for easy access. BUILT IN CABLE LOOP holds your headset's cable in place to prevent it from dragging on the ground or getting caught between your desk chair's legs. Soft rubber pads are located on both ends to protect your desk or table from damage. The under desk mount is convenient for storing. Easy installation of a springed C Clamp.

Brand: Eurpmask Choose The Color Of Europe

👤We needed a better solution to keep our headphones from breaking and this was our answer, it's very sturdy and feels very well made, it's even better if you have an xbox one controller, it's even more perfect. My purse is probably around 10 lbs. I'll probably order more for myself and gifts in the future. Highly recommended.

👤The hook portion can bend if you put a lot of weight on it and it is very cheap. There is a The head doesn't lock up. The clip is not tight enough to prevent desk steps that are less than a quarter of an inch from moving. You can get a Brainwavz Hengja Hanger for the same price that has better construction quality. I would've gotten a second one, but I got this instead when the page from my old order suddenly said out of stock and started directly to a screen protectors. I wouldn't buy it again. Cheap, poor construction, plastic bends, top sticks up a lot. A bad product.

👤It's easy to put my headphones out of the way. I didn't want one where you have to use glue or screws. You don't need a heavy duty one if you have light headphones. The mount has a sufficient amount of space. The desk is protected by the padded clamps. The mount has a hook so you don't lose your headphones. You can choose which direction you want to hang your headphones. The cord clip is nice, but it's stiff, so I just wrap it around the hook and grab my headphones when I need them.

👤This thing is great. I was embarrassed that I didn't think of getting this a long time ago, but I did not know it existed. Maybe it didn't. I am a recording artist and I use expensive headphones. They were not taken very well care of in the past, as they would flop around on various surfaces. The device is easy to set up and I like that the hook can be changed to hang things or not. I think it's a good deal so that I can get another one for my other cans. I recommend this to anyone who wants to protect their investment.

👤It was easy to put in place. I got this because I was sick of my headphones laying in random places. The hook is neatly underneath. The picture doesn't show it, but there is a small loop for a cord to go through so I leave my charging chord handing from there so all my cords are close together and easy to manage. You can put the headphones on the hook and swing them out of the way under your desk. I put one on the side table for my headphones.

👤I didn't expect to write a review on this. I thought I knew what I was getting. This is a cheap, easy to scratch plastic. The cable clip would be better not there. The only. The mechanism for twisting the hook into different positions is a nice thing about this. You only need to rotation from 90 degrees and 180 degrees. The hook is pretty loose and you can position it anywhere from 0 to 180. I would have given it a pass, but the junk quality means it should be a lot cheaper than other METAL items. It would be a good deal at five bucks, since I got it for twelve ninety nine. If you don't know better, maybe eight. No way in over ten. I'll probably keep it because it's not worth it with the Pandemic. It will have to do.

11. Overhead Monitor Digital Ultra Thin Mounted

Overhead Monitor Digital Ultra Thin Mounted

TOTAL MOUNT is the leader in electronics mounting. Over 70 patents, 50,000 five-star reviews, and a long history of quality make TOTAL MOUNT a leader in its field. The YHRF101M will give you a sharper image with a 10.2" HD wide screen. The open angle is 180. The monitor can be opened up to an angle of 180 to ensure maximum viewing position for passengers. You can expand your media choices. You can enjoy multiple entertainment options on the road with the included inputs. You can enjoy your games on a new level with the built-in HDMI port and simple connection between your mobile phone and the YHRF101M. Video sharing. You can share your movies and music on your phone with everyone you are travelling with the built-in HDMI port.

Brand: Zbark

👤This thing was delivered in a box that looked like it was printed on a home computer with no instructions or wiring diagrams. There is a +/_ door indicator line in the picture, but it isn't the same wiring as shown in the picture. I've been doing my own stereo and audiovisual work for 30 years and after not being able to figure it out, I finally took it to a professional install place where the guy laughed and said the cheap Chinese monitors are really expensive dome lights and he wouldn't touch it.

👤I don't think it will last long. The construction is very poor. It's a cheap monitor that will work. It's on the small size, at least for me. The screen is larger than what chevy put in their cars. It works for what I need. There is a I'm having issues with sound now. The plan was for the route to not work. I don't want to wire cable throughout the vehicle if the IR works.

👤Excellent delivery person.


What is the best product for headphone monitor mount?

Headphone monitor mount products from Pyle. In this article about headphone monitor mount you can see why people choose the product. Audio-technica and Saramonic are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone monitor mount.

What are the best brands for headphone monitor mount?

Pyle, Audio-technica and Saramonic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone monitor mount. Find the detail in this article. Cozoo, Vivo and Totalmount are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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