Best Headphone Monitor Stand

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1. AMERIERGO Monitor Adjustable Organizer Computer

AMERIERGO Monitor Adjustable Organizer Computer

The package includes a 4in1 Wireless Charger, with Headphones Stand,Type-C quick Charge Cable, 1*fast Adapter, and 1*English User Manual. Good habits are formed when people spend most of their time sitting. This monitor stand riser can raise the height of your monitor, help you sit upright, and make you feel and look more confident. The desktop monitor stand is simple to use and will make your desktop neat and clean. A neat and orderly desk with two storage slots and two tiers of design will greatly improve your work efficiency. You can adjust the partition of the computer monitor stand according to your needs. It's easier to take your belongings if you remove the partition. Partitions make your office environment look neater. The monitor stand has a load-bearing capacity of up to 80 pounds and can support heavy equipment, such as printers, laptops, PCs, and even your big bone cat. It's an ideal solution for placing heavy objects. The monitor riser stand for desk is ideal for home office use, it is easy to conduct online courses or online meetings, just put it on your desk and start working immediately.

Brand: Ameriergo

👤The pieces have to be pegged and screwed together. It was very flimsy after putting together. Sides move. The cubbies on the sides of the plastic divers are too small. Two shelf spaces are wide enough to hold a small paper. The stapler wouldn't fit under the shelf section. Very disappointed with the price.

👤It took a lot of time to put it together and there were missing parts. Terrible! I'm not happy right now.

👤If you have a keyboard with the number keys on the side, this will not fit. That was a big disappointment. I would return the original box if I had it. I can't explain why the pieces at the front and back are different from the rest of it. This also makes no sense. If you ignored the pictures and just figured it out for yourself, it was easy to assemble. I was confused until I realized that one of the pictures was backwards. It did not seem the same to me. I thought I was crazy when I showed my wide and we looked at the drilled holes and realized either that was done backwards or the picture was. The phone pocket does a good job, but I wish it was a little deeper. There is a high chance that I will replace it with something else.

👤The Yoga Chromebook has a power supply hooked up. Assembly instructions were poor. Quality, meh.

👤The computer stand is very nice. The laptop was put at the perfect height. There is nice storage on both sides. I keep things in a silverware holder. I put some drinking glasses on both sides of the computer to hold things.

👤There is a small amount of damage near the phone holder. It can pick up smudges easily. The assembly directions are difficult to follow. The little stand for my laptop was great.

👤I am happy, but the cell phone holder is a little too wide. People use cases to keep their phone thick. My phone doesn't fit there.

👤This wasn't the easiest piece of hardware to put together. The instructions were hard to follow and they didn't do a good job of differentiating the different screws. It is a very nice, very functional, and reasonably sturdy piece of equipment once it is put together. The price of a similar computer is about 1/3 the price at the big box office supply stores.

2. Warrior Surface Ergonomic Headphone Organizer

Warrior Surface Ergonomic Headphone Organizer

The headphones have an interface: HDMI, DisplayPort. The Seven Warrior gaming desks use an ultra-stable and sturdy T-shaped leg design to stand up to any serious gaming demands. The table top is supported by a steel frame that can hold up to 400 pounds. The table is kept sturdy even on rough ground with the help of leg pads. Their gaming desk has a monitor stand that allows for more space to store your equipment and also allows you to sit with better posture. The dimensions of the desk are 55.0"L*23.6"W*29.0"H. The large table surface makes it easy to concentrate while playing. The cup holder and headphone hook keep your drinks and headphones at your fingertips. You can organize your playing atmosphere with their gaming handle rack, cable grommets, and outlet organizers. The high performance mouse pad has 12 custom lighting modes, including 9 static and 3 dynamic modes. The atmosphere of the games is fun and distinctive with the RGB mouse mat. When you switch on, the memory function helps you remember your last light mode. The textile-weave design of the mouse mat makes it easier to use and more accurate. Exquisite features and multi-purpose. The computer desk has a built-in 4-Outlet and 2 USB Ports. Their desk is not only a gaming desk, it can also be used as an office desk or writing table due to its concise design. It can be used in home, office, dorm room or bedroom. Installation and cleaning are easy. It's easy to assemble the desk. Instructions and tools are included in the package. They have an allen key for you. You can set it up in 30 minutes. The gaming desk is easy to clean with a carbon fiber surface.

Brand: Seven Warrior

👤screw holes on the left side of the desk were not shown in the video. I would not look at this desk.

👤The table I received was missing the correct frames. The desk is in pieces in my room because the holes don't line up. Please contact, it's basically worthless.

👤I got the thing for my son. He is happy. I paid the bill, but he didn't. I'm going to give you the truth. It's probably going to last. It will naturally hang together. The material is good. I'm not sure if the "Graphite" is actually Graphite, but it's cool looking. Kid digs. The power source is included in the desk top, so I searched for that item. It has a power strip and a couple of ports. The computer didn't work. It doesn't work. My son said it was good. I was a crab fisherman in the PNW and took his word for it. I decided to email the manufacturer or seller when I realized it didn't work. Whoever... A few weeks went by after I got back on the boat. I have an unresolved matter now. I think I will need to follow through after the seller sends a new power strip and turns the lemon into lemonade. To hold the feet to the fire. I might be able to find time for the next half day. I use Amazon because of this. I don't have time to shop at will. Sometimes that doesn't work out well. The keyboard and mouse are not back-lit as depited in ad, so that's a problem as well. It has fun lights that match my kids lights in his room, but not as depicted. If the seller reaches out to me to correct faulty electrical in an appropriate way, I will update this review to a glowing report.

👤This desk is not hard to put together for all of the people who say it is. If you follow the instructions in the book, you will not have an issue. Not an issue for me for holes not lining up. I understand that people make mistakes when making a product, but please remember that there is also user error when putting together a desk. You won't have an issue if you pay attention to what you are doing. Don't tighten the bolts before the instructions are given. If you pay attention to where the bolts are supposed to go, you won't have an issue. It took me about 45 minutes to put it together and I am ready to buy one for my husband. He's jelly. Buy it, it's worth it! With the mouse pad that spans the full width of the desk, it has many functions for the lights.

👤The 60” desk provides ample work space and easily holds my gaming PC. If you don't want the logos everywhere, you can leave the decals out. I have a logo on the mouse pad.

👤When assembling, the number one thing to remember is. Before all the shears are INSTALLED, do not TIGHTEN them. If you want to install a leg, there are 6 screws per leg, and all of them need to be loose enough for you to move the leg around. The 6 screws need to be tightened. It is cheap so don't tighten the screws too much because you won't be doing 90 down the freeway. Don't tighten the screws for the upper deck legs until you install the legs to the main deck. You will never get them in. Once the legs are tightened to the main deck, go back and tighten the legs to the top deck. The carbon fiber wrap looks cool and has a good texture, but you will leave hand prints when you touch it. If you wipe it down with an oily cleaner, you won't notice the finger prints. Don't expect your getting what you pay for to be bad. It checks all the boxes and is strong enough for computers andbbies, but you will need aPhillips head screw driver for two screws, and it does not come with aPhillips head screw driver. The power strip is held into the main deck. You can level out the desk with the rubber feet on the bottom. It would be good to recommend it. It took me about an hour to finish.

3. TotalMount Monitor Mount for Headphones

TotalMount Monitor Mount for Headphones

You can protect your headphones by placing them on the left side of your computer monitor. This product is ideal for people who want to save desk space and protect their headphones. This stand has a soft-Silicone holder to protect your headphones, unlike other stands that have sharp edges. All over-the- ear headphones, on-ear headphones, and gaming headsets are compatible. TOTAL MOUNT is the leader in electronics mounting. Over 70 patents, 50,000 five-star reviews, and a long history of quality make TOTAL MOUNT a leader in its field.

Brand: Totalmount

👤If you have a curved monitor like I do, then you're better off selecting a different mount. I put the mount on the side of the shelf. It works. I wish I had picked a different item.

👤I had to remove the holder from the monitor. I had to get a knife and spend some time trying to separate the holder from the monitor without damaging either one, so I took off one star. The holder got out a bit bent and had some damaged stickers on it. I had to fit the hardware from the office in the smaller desk because I had to work from home. The headphones take too much space on the desk between them and they are great during the calls. I picked this hook only today, but it was easy to assemble, does not look flimsy, and holds headphones out of the desk. Will see how it holds after a while, but it is perfect at the moment.

👤I was going to submit photos, but the add photo button was missing. I will try to add them later. There is a This worked well for me. I use a TV screen for my monitor, with my work laptop off to the side. The cord always got in the way when I put my headphones in the drawer. My desk was too wide to have a hook on it. The "hook" on the TV was the perfect solution. The TV had no problem sticking. The mount overhangs with nothing because of how my TV was made, which means there is about a half inch of space between the raised back of the TV and the edge of the screen. It holds up my headphones just fine, so far it doesn't seem to have caused any issues. I don't worry about it falling off because the headphones are light and designed to be. This can be adjusted to work on either side of your monitor. There is a Thanks for making my desk free of stuff.

👤The main mount needs to be longer. The attachment pole part is short. If the back of the TV doesn't come to the edge, there won't be enough room for your headset to fit. There is a A dual pack, one with short attaching part and a longer one for a few dollars extra, is something this company could offer.

👤This is a great mount. It worked well for its purpose. The way the brackets are designed will conform to many shapes, and the way the strips are held tight to the back of my monitor made it very tight. The problem comes when you have to move it. Command Strips are not the same as the adhesive strips. If you pull too hard you will tear the strip. It takes quite a bit of effort to remove the brackets, and the strips can be thrown away, because you won't be able to reuse them. The vendor doesn't seem to have a way to get new ones, so I have a $12 dust collector.

4. Headphone Headset Wireless Charging Headphones

Headphone Headset Wireless Charging Headphones

You can store your headphones in a phone stand. It has a small footprint to help organize your desk space. It supports all sizes of headphones. 3IN1 is a wireless charging station. The fast wireless charger is not static. It can work with phone, iWatch and AirPods at the same time. It's applicable to all wireless-enabled phones. iWatch 6/6/2, AirPods 2/Pro, and the S10 Plus are compatible with the iPhone 12/mini/pro/11pro/XS Max/XS/XR/X/8 Plus/8. Plus, note 9. iWatch 1 and AirPods 1 don't support wireless charging. 2-Port SmartUSB C Charger. You can also charge other devices with the dual-usb C-Port design. The headset holder is about 7.7 inches long and 3.7 inches wide, and it is easy to carry. The package includes a 4in1 Wireless Charger, with Headphones Stand,Type-C quick Charge Cable, 1*fast Adapter, and 1*English User Manual.

Brand: Lcgens

👤The charging stand is sturdy. The locking system for the stand is very easy to use. Push it in and slide the tab to lock. I love that it has a port for both the input and the output. They give you a device to use. The wall plug has a standardusb port. It charges my Note 20 Ultra and Buds+, but it doesn't charge my watch. I can't hate on that because they don't advertise it. I need a place to put my headphones and this looks modern and sleek, so I will use it at my desk.

👤It's easy to assemble, perfect size too. Saturday and stays out. My phone was charged perfectly. I was able to plug in my headphones to the port in the back, but it doesn't fit tightly and can be easily knocked out, so I usually just plug in to my table lamp. You don't have to use the adaptor if you have a port for charging. It is a great addition for my headphones and charging devices, and it looks great on the table.

👤I loved the stand. I am able to charge my electronics with ease, and save my desk from being cluttered. I will return it. There is no padding on the top of the stand. I noticed that the padding on my headphones was not straight. Save yourself some time and get this stand if you don't mind that. I would look for a stand with padding if I were you.

👤I ordered two. I liked it because of the 3 wireless charging connections, but the units I ordered didn't have the Apple Watch accessory. Would not recommend it.

👤I like the premise but this just doesn't work for me. I got the watch charging station to work once, but now it won't work again. The airpods charging system works intermittently, but it won't charge 100% of the time that the case is sitting there, based on the indicator light it charges for a few seconds, then stops and repeat.

👤You can't charge your Apple watch and AirPods at the same time.

👤It doesn't charge my watch at all, I don't know what my headphones are, and the slow charge overall is not good.

👤You can plug in your Airpod Max with the charging port at the back of the headphone holder. There is a The Air Pod works well but you need to make sure they are on the right spot.

👤The Apple watch's charging port doesn't work. I bought this because of the charging points. The purpose was not served.

5. Neewer Microphone Suspension Headphone Recording

Neewer Microphone Suspension Headphone Recording

There is a kit that includes a NW-7000usb Condenser microphone, a monitor headphone, a black shock mount, and a ball-type anti-wind foam cap. Plug-and-play, no need to install any driver, and excellent sound isolation in loud environments are some of the benefits of the microphone and monitor headphones. The NW-35 adjusted scissor arm stand is made of all metal and sturdy, and can be used for tables, desks, shelves, counters, etc. The metal snuff mount has an adjustment with a locking knob and can effectively reduce handling noises. Can be used with Mac without installing a driver or Windows system.

Brand: Neewer

👤I bought this for my son. I wasn't sure how long it would last because he is very hard on this type of equipment. It has lasted a long time. He says the quality is good and he's very impressed with the way it is made.

👤If you're looking for an affordable microphone that works with your computer, this is the best model you can get. There is a pop filter and protective foam cap. The blue microphone is pretty. It gives me beautiful vocals that I can put over my ukulele music and they come out clean and crisp. The mic stand is attached to a shock mount, which makes it easy to use the mic handsfree. I can fold it up or unclamp it from my table. It's easy to store when done. The sound on my computer is great for listening to in headphones. They plug into my computer as well as my other sound equipment when I listen to it in public. This kit is a good buy for around fifty bucks.

👤This is an upgrade for my streaming. It is easy to setup and the sound is great. I bought a different headset after the headphones I received worked for a short time. I took the $5.00 credit instead of returning the item because I reached out to Amazon Customer Service about the headset. Don't let the bad headset distract you from buying a great microphone.

👤I fell in love with this set up after buying it for the mic. I feel like a recording studio now. I have two of these in my studio, where I host a weekly show with my friends and I about conspiracy theories and the universe. The scissor arm is made from high quality materials and it stays where you want it to be. The kit is very cheap compared to other scissor arms. I jumped on it. I am proud to say that the production quality of my show has increased, and every one that I have on loves the blue mics! I was surprised that these pop filters were able to cancel out background noise. Cars and trucks were driving by and an ambulance was sometimes seen. The sound is clean and crisp.

👤The scissor arm that comes with is very sturdy and can be put in the air. The mic has a studio grade sound that I can record. The pop filter works well to remove noise from my voice. I would recommend this set up to anyone who is looking to start recording themselves gaming, making videos, or doing voice work. I love that this kit offers a complete set up for a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

👤It clips onto the table. The microphone will sink slowly as it loosens. The headphones that come with it are very comfortable. I think this product is good.

👤The cardioid microphone is a classic. I like the blue polishing of it. I can record right to my computer and get amazing quality sound that I can really be proud to produce into my videos with how clear and realistic the crispness is. The boom arm is connected to the pop filter to keep the sound from being muffled. The arm folds in and out. I don't use it so it's never a problem to change or put it away. I can hear my sound and sound only with the headphones on. The cable is connected to the cable. It's universal because I can use it with different sized jacks. People can sneak up on you when you're wearing these.

6. Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Headphones

Most users don't need a license to use the microphone system. The microphone system must operate at a low power level and have no protection from interference from any other device, but it may not cause harmful interference. Professional mixing, mastering, editing, and listening can be done in over- ear headphones. It's perfect for studio applications because of their strong bass and treble sound. The ear pads are soft and replaceable. Made in Germany, hard-wearing, durable and robust workmanship. At an incredible price, the world famous DT 990 PRO headphones deliver unparalleled quality in sound reproduction. Every time, you can rely on the sound of your DT 990's, no matter what application, tracking, mixing, critical listening, or gaming you are in.

Brand: Beyerdynamic

👤I own this and three others: the HD598, the K702, and theDT-990-Pro-250 Ohm. This headphone has a V-shaped Frequency response, which means that lows and highs are more enhanced than mids. The resolution of this headphones is very good, but it is less analytical than the other headphones. Users who never used $100+ headphones will be amazed. I have a bigger head than most people. I don't like cable and highs. You cannot swap 3.5mm cable when the original cable is broken because it is hard wired to the body. The highs can cause fatigue in your ear, and there is a huge peak in relative frequencies. It is piercing high. Some people may like it because it gives clear and accurate sounding highs. People like me, who are used to the signature sound of Sennheiser, may feel too piercing to their ears. There is a Everything is perfect except for hard wired cables and piercing highs, which can cause ear fatigue relatively fast. There is a If you want analytical sound, avoid this headphones. There is a If you want a laid back sound, avoid this headphones. There is a If you want highs and lows, get this headphones. There is a I would rate this 5 out of 5. Some people say that they can always adjust. I buy different headphones because I want to listen to their signature sound. I like it.

👤I care about all forms of digital consumption, even if I am not an audio engineer, so I can afford a good pair of headphones. I categorize my headphones according to needs and wants. I use Sony Hear Ons as a lifestyle headphones because of its portable nature. I use the K553's as my reference headphones for editing. My goals for my next pair are something I could use with my desk setup for studio use. After reading a lot of head-fi posts and watching a lot of reviews, I was able to find the Beyerdynamic DT990 pros and I can't get enough of them. It isn't a premium headphone due to the fact that it's made almost entirely out of plastic, and the arms connecting it to the ear cups. The headband is wrapped in a soft layer of fake leather and can be detached with a few clasp buttons. The build is solid and the design is pretty high-quality plastic, so don't let it fool you. It makes for a lighter headphone, perfect for long uses. The adjustments are not as smooth as an all-metal design, but they work well and can fit almost any head. The cable is coiled and ends in a jack. It also comes with a screw on the 1/2 inch adapter. The best part of Beyerdynamic is their velour ear pads. It has a smooth and plush feel. I got used to it fast. Some people might be concerned about the whole velour vs pleather thing, but based on the performance and comfort I wouldn't worry about that. velour is more open with less isolation than pleather. Due to the nature of the material, it is harder to keep clean. I prefer the more open soundstage since it is already an open-backed design. Make sure you wipe it frequently and don't use it if you're sweaty from the gym or something like that. Judgement on looks is subjective, but comfort is not. I found the pros to be cloud-like even after hours of use, because of the light-weight form factor and velour pads. The sound quality is the good part. I have to say that these headphones are not a joke. I listen to most mainstream music on the platform, I watch a lot of videos on the internet, and I also watch a lot of TV shows and movies on the internet. I use these when I play on my PS4 Pro. These headphones were my best audio investment yet. The bass is very important for an open back design. I decided to buy these because I was looking for an open back headphone with good bass, which led me to the DT 990's, which are known to be great with both features. The Pros had slightly more bass than the Premiums, which I prefer. The mids have a lot of detail, but not as much as the highs. The highs are clear but can get a bit too bright for my taste. Sometimes it will result in a slight ear piercing sensation, but your mileage may vary. The soundstage is wide and gives a great representation of spatial cues. The sweet spot of the three is the 250 Ohm model, but make sure you have a good amplifier to power it. I use a four channel headphone amplifier from the Behringer. I tried to connect it to my phone. It is still listenable, but you have to increase the volume. I have had my tda 990's for over two years. It stands the test of time. Unless you have a lot of money to spend on something like a pair of HD800's, there's no need to look any further. The price is just right for the average consumer. It is important to read the fine print and research all the opinions when making an investment in audio equipment. I am confident that you will also enjoy all digital content with the DT 990's.

7. Mudder Headphone Headset Hanger Monitor

Mudder Headphone Headset Hanger Monitor

TOTAL MOUNT is the leader in electronics mounting. Over 70 patents, 50,000 five-star reviews, and a long history of quality make TOTAL MOUNT a leader in its field. The sticker can be attached firmly to the PC monitor and smooth wall or surface with an edge. The holder is small in size and light in weight, and you can hang other accessories on it. It's a good idea to prevent your headphones from scratching. It will make your desk cleaner. The size is 7.5 and the material is plastic.

Brand: Mudder

👤It's simple to set up, holds both head phones and cables well. There is a There are pros and cons. The backing isn't strong enough. There is a Fix! I wanted something like this which I could move around, I record music in a small room and sometimes I need to take out all the headphones and cables and have space for other projects. The supplied strips were not heavy duty. I put the fuzz side of the velcro on the side of the table where I could find the hangers. I want them to stay there as long as I can. I only gave it one star. I would give it 5 stars if they were supplied with both the strips and the heavy duty velcro. If they're mistreated, they can break, but we're all adults, don't mistreat them, and they'll last as long as you need them.

👤I love these so far. I have a computer lab of 30 tower PCs and it was always a mess. The headphones were all over the place, even though they had a spot on top of the computer tower. My students are not wasting time plugging in headphones. My kids can just grab the headphones off of the hanger and get started, because the headphones are already plugged into the back of the tower. It is easy to hang them up at the end of class. It has saved me a lot of time and money. There is a The product is easy to install. It was a pain to put the foam stickers in the plastic hook part but it was worth it for the time I've saved since then. I've never had a problem with hooks falling off or not sticking. The headphones I'm using aren't heavy, but this product suits my purposes perfectly. Other teachers compliment me on the fact that they want hooks for their classroom computers as well.

👤That is, your headphones! There is a My life was incomplete before I had this 888-405-7720 888-405-7720 You could find my headphones anywhere. It was crazy on my desk and on the floor. But not anymore. I can find them near my right arm now. I am happy to know that my headphones will be where I left them. The sticky-tape seems to be holding up fine, even though others have complained about its adhesion. It's stuck to glass, which is an ideal surface, but it's firmly on there. The key is to apply hard for a few minutes. If you have a chip-clip or something similar, it will fit and the sticky glue will set better. There is a I will let you know if it falls off. I just have to give the other two away and mount the other one at home.

👤The product came in a pack of four, with hooks and sticky parts. The application was very easy to apply for. You can peel off the tape on the side with the sticky strip. The hook will adhere to the strip if you place it inside. You can peel the tape off of the other side of the glue if you want to stick it to the surface you want. You should leave it for 24 hours once it is on. There is a The hooks work well on my Bears Solo 2 Wireless. They haven't fallen. I have removed the hook from my ManOWar headphones because they have fallen a few times. I don't think I let the glue set long enough. There is a Good value for the price and support a good amount of weight are the pros. I would highly recommend these hooks for anyone who is looking for a cheap and effective way to hang headphones off the side of a surface. Make sure you let the stick sit for a while before you try to use it.

8. Yueton Headphone Headset Hanger Monitor

Yueton Headphone Headset Hanger Monitor

Their promise is to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase of their products. They will give you lifetime warranty service if you have any questions. You are both a customer and a friend. The PC monitor can be firmly attached to the wall with a strong sticker. It's a good idea to prevent your headphones from scratching. The holder is small in size and light weight, and you can hang other accessories on it. There is a pack of 4, 2 for each color.

Brand: Yueton

👤It was easy to replace the included tape with higher quality double sided tape. It works like a charm.

👤It works great to hang our headsets on my coworkers.

👤Monitors seem to be getting skinnier these days. I had to add a small strip of glue to help support the weight of the portapro headphones.

👤It wouldn't stick very well, but would have been useful.

👤I gave these to my boss. We love them.

👤Terrible. The hooks fell off and there were small things hanging from them.

👤I use plastic hooks every day. I hung my hats and headphones. The only thing that isn't great about them is that they don't like glue. After a few weeks, they fell off. I replaced all the glue with 3m double sided tape. They have not fallen down in over a year.

9. Satechi Type C Aluminum Monitor Built

Satechi Type C Aluminum Monitor Built

At an incredible price, the world famous DT 990 PRO headphones deliver unparalleled quality in sound reproduction. Every time, you can rely on the sound of your DT 990's, no matter what application, tracking, mixing, critical listening, or gaming you are in. Lift your iMac monitor to a comfortable viewing angle to help reduce neck strain and encourage better posture. There are built-in expansion ports that include a data transfer speed of up to 5 Gbps, 3 USB 3.0 ports, micro/SD card slots, and audio jack port. CD readers, including Apple SuperDrive, will not be supported by theusb-a ports due to its power requirements. You can maximize your space by organizing your desk storage. The max width is 8.5 inches. It blends into your modern desk setup for desktops and monitors up to 50 lbs. iMac supports all Apple iMac models with their included Type-A to Type-C adapter. It is recommended to connect one bus-powered device at a time.

Brand: Satechi

👤I noticed that the unit was very light, and I would've thought that the stand would hold up a heavy iMac to make it heavier. The rubber feet that keep them in place are visible, but they could've done a better job. The port on the stand is not as big as it could be. It didn't feel like it was a snug fit when I plugged in the cable and flash drive. The ports are great, they fit perfectly and you feel like you're connected. The shade of the aluminum is slightly different than that of my iMac. The stand that you can use with iMacs that don't have a built-inusb-C is flimsy and creaks when handled, it's not acceptable. I am sure it will hold up well, but I can't speak about it yet. I don't think it's a good value for the price. I might keep it because there isn't anything like it on the market today. I found it difficult to insert the micrSD card for the first time last night. I tried to push it along with the ejection tool so it would click in place. Not a storage medium that I use often.

👤I would have given this 5 stars yesterday, but it has stopped working after 3 months and 7 days. I think the problem is due to the short cable that connects the platform to the computer. There is very little slack on my iMac and it's likely because of the connection to the platform. There is an update. The stand is working intermittently, so I added a star back. It works if I wiggle the cable where it connects to the stand. Poor design of the cable that connects the stand to the computer. I would have called it overpriced, but I liked the looks of it and the front access card. It is out of its return window and is on its way to being a $90 paperweight.

👤I finally took the big step up to an iMac. Awesome. My life is a photographer and I have a hub. I looked at a lot of different types of hubs and dongles. Almost all of them were going to have to have two hands to keep them from scratching your iMac. You could pay a lot of money for a large hub that would have a lot of things I don't need, like HDMI and ethernet. The Satechi is a great combination of stand and hub. I give up one thunderbolt port and get 4 more, including a card reader. The rubber feet on the iMac keep everything grounded when taking the cards out. The "click in, click out" type is what I like about the SD mechanism. This is what you want if you have an iMac.

👤It is. Okay. I converted to a standing desk and needed to raise my iMac a bit. I can slide the CD drive underneath to free up more desk space. There were no complaints there. There is a For the price, there is no power, and it is all Gen 1 (5Gbps). Adding a power input would have made it easier for the ports to have power. There is a If you have an iMac, you should not waste one of the thunderbolt jacks as all of the ports are 5Gbps. If you are going to buy this, you should buy it as a stand, with the hub ports as an afterthought, and you will be happy.

10. Lamicall Headphone Stand Headset Holder

Lamicall Headphone Stand Headset Holder

It is a strong headphone Hook because it is made from high quality aluminum and can hold headsets without bending or breaking. The rotation is done at a certain degree. The stick headphone hanger can be applied to different positions. Can paste under a table, under a desktop, under a cabinet, and on smooth surfaces. Headphone cable organizers. The headphone hook with the headset cable organizers can be used to make your desktop more tidy. Quick install. The holder has strong double-sided tape. Please hang your headphones after 24 hours to make sure the suface is dry and oilless and to make sure the hanger is firmly stuck. The hook of the headphone holder stand is made of rubber. The leather of the headset head beam needs to be kept free of the hook. It is wide compatible. The table headset hook supports all sizes of earphones. B&O H8/ H4/ Beoplay H9i, beyerdynamic headphones, B&W headsets, HyperX Cloud II's, Astro A50, Ra zer Gaming Headphones, Logi tech Headphones, Audio Technica headphones, R OG gaming headsets, etc.

Brand: Lamicall

👤I gave one as a gift. The mount comes with an extra sticky pad so you can move it to another location if you want. The material is sturdy and doesn't feel cheap. We've bumped into it a few times but it hasn't broken or anything, but the mount is most likely going to fail given the weight. The mount can be used in many different ways, and it is very versatile. I've seen other options that aren't gaming headphone stands that take desk space, and plan on buying one for myself.

👤The item cannot be placed on the underside of the desk. For a few days, the glue stays. Twice, I used up the two patches that came with the product. If the base is mounted on the top side of the desk, this item will work. This takes up space on the desk surface that I didn't want. The product did not work as pictured, even after following the mounting instructions exactly. The device will not hold the Apple AirPods Max. Don't buy.

👤I have a white desk and a light grey chair, and this is the perfect accessory for it. The design is simple and quality. If you clean the surface before applying the glue, it will cure in 24 hours and be very strong.

👤The rotation feels great, it feels like clicking every 90 degrees. It was easy to install the included glue under my desk. It's easy to set the headset on when I work because I rotate the clip out. When I'm not working, I put it back under the desk so no one accidentally bumps into it. I used to have to reach under the desk to get to it. The double-sided cord clip is great to have because it allows you to clip in a headphone cord as well. If you need a power cord. The clip is a little flimsy. When I plug the headset into the light pull, I have to pop the cord back into the cord holder, which is an extra step. I would like the cord to stay in the clip.

👤The glue is terrible. Will not hold instuction to let the glue set for 24 hours, it did not work after 2 days. Might as well drill through the base with screws. You're better off with the screw style. There was an update on 2/7/2022. I did what I suggested a couple of weeks ago and it worked. The company made contact with me after modification and offered to send me a replacement. I said no because I accomplished the above and didn't need another one. They still wanted to give me a refund and send a new design with a scew shaft. The design worked better and the original cost of the order was returned. I increased my rating from 1 to 3 stars because of their customer support. You don't hear about it a lot these days.

👤I bought two of them because I liked this. They were easy to install. I had to store my headphones on them and I had to make sure it was good. One of the holders fell about three months later. I stuck it back up after I wiped the dirt off the spot it was going on and it seems to be holding up. I will switch out the glue if it falls again. The different ways in which it is held makes it easy to remove it from the way.

11. Samsung MagicBright Technology DisplayPort LC32F397FWNXZA

Samsung MagicBright Technology DisplayPort LC32F397FWNXZA

A pack of 2 rolls of led strip lights are in 63INCH. Their led strip lights have 6 light patterns. Choose your favorite color and dim the light. The memory function keeps the led strip lights on last mode when turned on. The smart led lights strips have a controller box and 44 keys. With Active Crystal Color technology, you can experience vibrant colors. Deep blacks and bright whites are delivered by the 3000:1 contrast ratio. The 1800R curve of the screen provides a truly immersive viewing experience that lets you enjoy big, bold and stunning panoramic views while you work or play. The monitor is less than half a inch thick and features an ultra- slim and sleek profile. The aspect ratio is 2:1, with 250 cd/m2 and a response time of 4ms. Other features include MagicBright, Magic Upscale, FreeSync Technology, Eco Saving Plus, and Mercury free. The headphones have an interface: HDMI, DisplayPort.

Brand: Samsung

👤This display is for FreeSync, but it doesn't have it. I don't know which one has FreeSync or why the title says FreeSync, but its an LEDs panel, not a TFT-LCD one. There is a The picture quality is great, but it's too big for a high definition monitor. If you want 32in and up, go for 2k or 4k.

👤I already owned this monitor and bought another for a dual display setup. I decided not to purchase it because the packaging was damaged, but I did take a chance and purchased it from Amazon Warehouse. There was no power cable or stand when I received the item. Why would you buy a monitor that doesn't have a way to power it? This is supposed to be a review of the function. I wanted to warn my fellow Amazon customers that they shouldn't believe the descriptions on Amazon Warehouse. There is a The monitor is beautiful and can be used to view internet content or movies. It's good for the price. It performs well with minimal artifacts, but was not compared to my other high end display which has a 1ms response rate. There is a huge negative in my book about the lack of VESA mounting. This aspect was dropped by the company. Solid monitor for the price.

👤I play mostly on ps4 and xbox one. Wanted small for gaming. I haven't tried my laptop out yet, but this monitor has a clear picture. I purchased a viotek gn32c and was hoping for a good monitor, but it turned out to be blurry and no support for HDCP, which means no streaming or watching tv if it is enabled on ps4. It's important to read about how good a 32 inch is. I decided to buy a cheaper monitor. I own a lot of products from the same company. I decided to get a phone. I'm happy I made this purchase. There are two identical models. I can read text even if it's small. The colors are great because there is no dead pixels. There is a No tilt function or vesa mounting, but it doesn't bother me. This is a budget gaming monitor that I would recommend buying.

👤Today, January 6th, was the day that the bought was received. The monitor is pretty. The stand is cheap and has a big ding in it. The colors are terrible. The text is rough. There is no VESA mounting option because the monitor wobbles on the stand. If you buy this, you will be frustrated if you don't get a decent picture. It's the same as plugging my computer into a mediocre 32 inch TV, which I could buy for less than this monitor.

👤There is a great display. The curved screen and crisp picture make it easier for the eyes to focus after a long day at work. I am a fan of the power button on the back of the screen, after figuring out how to use it. It would be a perfect monitor if it had speakers. I am giving it 5 stars despite not having speakers, I knew it didn't have speakers when I bought it, but I can't hold that against the product. I don't want to say that the picture and performance is not good. I have 2 of their 28" curved monitors with speakers at the house and we love them, why doesn't they have more of them? I can live with the need for an external speaker at work since this 32' full HD is better. The dollar value is great. Would definitely recommend.


What is the best product for headphone monitor stand?

Headphone monitor stand products from Ameriergo. In this article about headphone monitor stand you can see why people choose the product. Seven Warrior and Totalmount are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone monitor stand.

What are the best brands for headphone monitor stand?

Ameriergo, Seven Warrior and Totalmount are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone monitor stand. Find the detail in this article. Lcgens, Neewer and Beyerdynamic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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