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1. Bluetooth Headphones Bluenin Retractable Cancelling

Bluetooth Headphones Bluenin Retractable Cancelling

Optimal in- ear comfort and stability can be achieved with 4 sizes of Eartips. The neckband earbuds come with 4 pairs of soft silicone eartips in 4 different sizes which fit 99% ear canals, just choose the most comfortable one to get the most comfortable in- ear wearing feeling. The CSR 8645 chip is the latest version of the Bluetooth chip and it offers enhanced sound transmission, faster pairing, more stable wireless connection, and wider compatibility with smart watches and smart speakers. The long battery life is mentioned. The powerful battery provides up to more than 14 hours music time, 16 hours talking time, 500 hours standby time with a single charge, and is great for all day outdoor sports exercise and indoor entertainment. You can see the status of the battery in your device when the headphones are connected to your device. Retractable Wire Management: auto retractable earbuds allow you to pull the retractable wire to the length you want and press the retractable button to store the earbuds wire automatically. No more worry about being messy. They use high quality wire for this retractable headphones and can be pulled out 5000 times. CVC 8.0 and Call Vibration. When a call comes in, the noise-cancelling mic will vibrate so that you don't miss any calls. The noise-cancelling microphone built into the CVC 6.0 can reduce background noises so as to provide crystal-clear sound for hands-free calls. Every Bluenin product has a money back guarantee. The ergonomics of the neckband design allow you to wear the headphones on your neck more comfortably and decrease the pressure of your ears. The neckband headphones are sweatproof and can be used for outdoor sports exercise. Enjoying music while playing sports will be an experience.

Brand: Bluenin

👤The color of the headphones is the only thing I like. After a couple of minutes, out of nowhere the voice talks over whatever you're listening to tell you if your battery is high or medium. If it's low, the voice will warn you every 20 seconds until you rip them out of your ears. The earbuds are uncomfortable because the cord rubbing against your clothing makes noise in the earbuds. When you first extend the cord, it catches the skin of your neck, and does it again when you pull it. These are not good. I hope this helps someone make an informed decision.

👤When I receive it, I will try it. The sound is clear, the earplugs are comfortable, and the color is what I like. A pleasant online shopping experience.

👤Sometimes it's for no reason while I'm listening to music or audiobooks. One side always gets stuck and won't go back into the headphones when I'm done. Won't buy again.

👤The headset is very hard to use because it is hard to pull buds out. I need to apply a lot of force to pull out the bud because it feels like wire will stop soon. I am not sure if this is a good unit or bad design. It is easy to pull out and roll in each bud with one hand, it is much more comfortable to use.

👤I use this to help with my work from home. The battery life worked well. I had it in my ears for over an hour without it hurting me, it's very light weight, and I have multiple chronic conditions. I can barely feel it. That's how well it worked for me. It worked well with my phone. My co-worker wanted to know what I used because they were able to hear me without any background noise. I would buy it again.

👤The headset is easy to use, calls sound clear, and the battery charges very quickly. It's very comfortable to wear around your neck.

👤I had bought an appliance from Amazon and it was better than the one I had. I returned them because the earphones needed a lot of tension to pull them out of the neckband, and they didn't fit easily into the neckband.

👤These headphones are good. The sound quality is good. I haven't experienced the battery running out while I'm using them. I charge them every day. The battery life on these headphones is much better than the other headphones I've had because they always run out before the end of the day. I like the look of the headphones, they are different from the generic black ones. At times, I have them on. The retractable earbuds work well. If I needed a new set of headphones, I would suggest them to my friends.

2. Soundcore Headphones Crystal Clear Cancelling Lightweight

Soundcore Headphones Crystal Clear Cancelling Lightweight

Z2 wireless sport headphones have a built-in mic and Vc 6.0 technology for calls. Easy button controls, like ANC and voice assistants, allow for complete freedom of movement and focus on exercising. Work and workout hands-free with the Z2 wireless headphones. A single charge can deliver days of listening. You can enjoy 2 hours of playtime with Life U2 neckband headphones if you use them for 5 minutes. 10mm drivers have a bio-cellulose diaphragm that produces high-detail treble with superior clarity. If you want to get up to 70% more bass, switch to BassUp mode. Clear calls with cVc 8.0 Noise Reduction Technology will ensure you are heard in exceptional clarity even if you are in a noisy environment. The Life U2 neckband has a titanium alloy steel core to ensure a snug fit on your shoulders and superior shape retention. Life U2 neckbands are protected against rain, water, and more with the IPX7 waterproof case.

Brand: Soundcore

👤I received them today. The sound quality is great. The price point. They sound better than the Apple airpods. The tone around the neck earbuds is more expensive. The bass boost mode sounds great without being drowned out by the mids and highs. These still sound great without the bass boost mode. Thanks for making a great set of earbuds. The battery lasts a long time.

👤I am giving these to my wife after using them for a few weeks. They are ok, but don't work well with how I use them. There is a Sound and battery life are good. The buds are comfortable. The plastic neck band is loose on my neck and can fall off if I bend down. This doesn't work well for me since I use it mostly for yard work and outdoor activities. When I wear ear protection over my buds, they press into my ear. They may be a good choice for you, but they are not for me. The Skullcandy Method headphones hold the neck securely. There is a I don't think the magnetic latching of the buds is helpful.

👤I absolutely love the sound of these, but only when the bass is on. It's clear with the bass on, but it's not as clear without it. When playing bass heavy songs, it's balanced and you can definitely tell. I was playing the Tomb Raider: Legend soundtrack and it was so loud that I could hear the bass. I like how sleek they are, and I love that they have magnetic ends to keep them around your neck. There is a The battery life is a very small issue, but it's the only thing I have that's bothering me. I've had some headphones that are over 24 hours, one even up to 42 hours, but they don't sound as good as these. It can connect to two devices, but sometimes it doesn't automatically connect to my phone, but that's only a minor annoyance. They're stable once they're connected. I can leave my phone in one room and walk around the house and not get hiccups when I'm listening, though I have noticed that once I get around my fridge it does get some hiccups in the connection. I'm not entirely sure why, but it's not bad. I got my mother a pair of these, and she loves them. We like to listen to music while we walk. Even when you get sweaty and earbuds want to slip out, the eartips make it easy to stay in your ear. The calls are clear and muffled when the person on the other end is talking. It's manageable because they have no problem hearing me. I would get these again. I might give my dad a pair of headphones so he can use them when he's doing yard work and listening to his music, but we'll have to see.

👤I would recommend this product to anyone. I feel they are smaller than they appear in the pictures. It's not a bad thing, and it might be a good thing if you want. The beats flex, the one-cell phones, and the one-cell phones are all Chinese brands, and they are all at a price point of $50. I think these are better than all of them. Jack of all trades here. I wear it every day. decent drivers, $40. If you're reading this review, you're probably interested in a neckband and understand the benefits over true wireless. They allow for better awareness of your surroundings and the ability to converse with others without having to worry about a case. I still use earbuds. With no cords at all. I don't think they're ideal for today. When you need situational awareness or to converse with someone, you need to take one out and bring a portable case with you. There is a The practical choice is neck bands.

3. Bluetooth Neckband Headphones Cancelling Earphones

Bluetooth Neckband Headphones Cancelling Earphones

The design is foldable and retractable. It is possible to take it anywhere in your bag or pocket. A Retractable Earbuds is a unique design for cable management. The headphone is very lightweight and has a unique neck-strap. The flexible and bendable neck-strap makes sure your earbuds are comfortable, especially for running, cycling, traveling, and staying in the office or home. When you don't need a headset, the Magnetic Earbuds are great. It's great to have a convenient way to carry around. If the earplugs aren't in your ears, the vibrating call reminder could remind you with a single sound, and you could also use the buttons on the sides of the headset to make and receive calls. The upgraded version of their stereo wireless earphones provide a solid bass with high quality sound. The CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology gives a clear and natural listening experience. The Wireless Earpiece comes with a high fidelity sound and smooth transmission. It is comparable for all Bluetooth enabled devices.

Brand: Bummd

👤The buttons for volume change and track change are the same as for the headphones. I have unintentionally changed tracks because I accidentally held the button down for too long. It took me a while to find one like this, but I'm happy with it. They have buttons for call and play. The band is strong and flexible. I wasn't looking for a better sound quality. Magnets work well, wires don't seem to come in the way. The manufacturer should switch the power slider direction. I think it's better to have the harder one power on and the easier one power off. Maybe I'm used to that system. Overall, value for money.

👤I ordered 2. One for my husband and myself. He uses them for work because he can't hold the phone to his ear while driving. There is a My set works well. Music is clear and loud, and call quality is great. The battery life has been long. There is a My husband's set is terrible. He says the right side ear bud is not as loud as the left side when he calls me from work. There is a I have no idea what the deal is. The product was ordered and delivered the same day. Different outcomes.

👤I bought them because they were cheap. I didn't think they would work out, but I was hoping they would. The volume down button did not work, so I had to return. The other buttons worked as expected, but the volume down button did not. I went through the process of getting a replacement pair as I liked everything about them. They fit well in my ears and the battery life was good. There is a The new pair had the same issue as the old ones. The volume down button did not work. I was willing to let the one button not work and keep them. I used them for about a month and then one of the ear buds stopped working. I only heard one sound. I am stuck with them because I was outside the 30 day return window, but I would not recommend them to anyone. You can get better ear buds for a little more money.

👤I gave this item an overall rating of 5 stars, but a lot of that is due to the good customer service - I got what I ordered, and it came quickly. There is a I wouldn't reorder this model. There's nothing wrong with it, but the earbuds are not comfortable for me. They seem large and don't fit in my ear canals. It performs well for the price. Next time, I might use the gun on a more expensive set.

👤I like to own headphones and earbuds. I have a set for almost every occasion. I needed a cheap, comfortable, and lasting headset for every day use, and for when I really want to get into my music, because I have a set for sleeping, sporting, every day use, work, and for when I really want to get into my music. When I received the headphones, I noticed that the sound was different when I turned my phone volume up. I reached out to the seller to see if the issue could be fixed by having them replaced, after reading a lot of reviews that said the sound quality was great. I sent a very well worded email to the seller, asking for an exchange, and received this response, copied and pasted, "dear csutomer,sorry for that, can I send a replacement to you?" Never got a replacement. I don't want one now. They are falling apart in less than 2 months. I have taken good care of these and have not done anything strenuous with them, but the ear bud wire is hanging loose, ready to break off with a small tug. The cable is stiff and does not flatten out correctly, which made them uncomfortable to begin with. I have to turn my phone off for 5 minutes so that they automatically turn off when they turn back on, but I can't get them to turn off again by power switch. The mic on their phones is terrible. The battery does not last long. Very bad. You should know what you're getting with these headphones.

4. BUBEYYIE Bluetooth Headphones Cancelling Compatible

BUBEYYIE Bluetooth Headphones Cancelling Compatible

The buttons are easy to click. You can use the buttons to skip to forward/backward tracks, increase/decrease the volume, control phone calls, wake up your voice assistants, etc. The headphones are perfect for work and listening to music. These earbuds are compatible with all of the devices that have a built-in microphone. Advanced wireless technology. : With the release of the new version of Bluetooth, it is possible to use smart phones, tablets, laptops, and mp3 players with greater compatibility. These around the neck headphones can be used with any two devices at once. The built-in magnet makes it easy to carry around when your headset is not in use, decreasing the burden on ears. Their behind the neck headphones are waterproof, so they serve you whenever you're in the gym, working out, running or sweaty exercise. Soft and light weight. The lightweight silicone neckband makes these headphones 70% lighter than any other wireless headphones neckband. Ultra long playing time and safety protection are provided by the low power consumption rechargeable battery.

Brand: Bubeyyie

👤I need old-fashioned wire headphones for work because I can't stand the earbuds that are misplace. I can hear them all the time, and they stay around my neck for hours on end. I fall asleep with them at night. I'm not getting paid for this review, these are just well made and a great design, and I'm not getting paid for it. I left my review for others. The sound for Amazon music is great.

👤I bought the headphones for my sister. I bought airpods and earpieces for her. She would always loose them in 4 weeks or less, so I decided to try the neckband headphones, it was very reasonable and had great reviews. I wanted to try them for my sister. She loved them. She said that the sound was wonderful and they feel good around her neck. She talks on them for hours. I almost cried when I heard the joy in her voice. She has had these for more than any other airpods or ear pieces that I have ever bought her, they are very reasonable and the sound is great, I will buy her another one. I can't go wrong with the price I paid for them.

👤I tried one more after returning two and it was very easy to pair. As long as it performs as it has been, it's ok to speak in Japanese when paring. I will update in a few months.

👤They are paid for by the manufacturer of the headphones. I used them as back ups to my headphones. It's perfect for backup headphones. They are cheap compared to the other ones. The right one buzzes a lot, but they are very loud.

👤The sound quality is better than I was expecting and it was easy to pair the headphones. Definitely a good purchase.

👤Listening to music is great, but if you call someone they sound like they're under water.

👤It's like a game of chess to get one of the ear pieces back in when you move around, maybe the size doesn't suit me. Since the music is loud enough and cute, I'll keep using it.

👤Great product. It's comfortable on the neck.

5. Bluetooth Retractable Headphones Sweatproof Earphones

Bluetooth Retractable Headphones Sweatproof Earphones

ULTRA PLAYING TIME: The behind the neck headphones have a low power consumption rechargeable battery that can provide up to 10 hours of continuous music time. It is compatible with all of the above devices, as well as a computer, laptop, TV, etc. The 2021 upgrade headphones provide Hi-fi music, stable performance, noise cancelling, and CSR8645 chips, which allow you to take hands-free calls and control music settings. The neckband earbuds keep your wire from mass, good for outdoor sports and indoor home leisure. Set your hands free. The NECKBAND EARPHONE has a 185 mAh battery. It can last up to 15 hours. You will be able to listen to music if they charge completely for 2 hours. The foldable headset support two connected devices simultaneously and automatically connects after being paired successfully for the first time. You are 33 feet away from your device, which is perfect for deep bass and clear treble. The super-nice after service is the most important competitiveness of their products. You can ask any questions about the products.

Brand: Rikum

👤I was very excited when I received it. It's so pretty, it's not deceptive. The sound quality is so perfect that there is no noise at all. The items are complete and the packaging is very nice. The size is right and it is very comfortable to wear. This shopping experience is enjoyable. I want to buy good things. I will eventually fall in love with online shopping.

👤They wear good, but haven't had them in a while, and the earbuds fell apart.

👤I have been wearing headphones for a while. Only used about 6 weks. The sound is good, but I have to use a lot of phone volume. There is a problem with retractable ear plugs. The right side has never held up. One night the right side suddenly and forcefully fell down. The control was not touched. I was able to keep it out by using little tugs on the cord. It would never click and hold in the extended position. I use earphones all the time because I have vision. They will only last 3 to 6 months. I have received many gifts and accepted them. I really miss it.

👤I like to listen to books and music on my headphones. They last a couple of years. The plastic was coming off within a week. It took me a month to figure out why my neck and head was burning. I thought I had a disease. I woke up feeling like my head was on fire after I fell asleep. The neck gets hot. It does not stay charged. Pay more for a better product.

👤One of the sides stopped working after two months of use. I will order again. Will be buying the long term warranty, it is inexpensive, and I am worried about the west with the retractable ear phones. It is sad that it is not working. Have ordered another. The battery life was great.

👤Sound was not bad. The quality of the hinge is terrible. I barely use it because it looks like it is about to break. I have a great pair of ear buds. I rarely use these and they look like they are about to break.

👤The right side stopped working after I got them. It's annoying that the same button is used to turn on/off the device and to end the call, even though the other person can't hear it. It has a longer distance reach than many of my other devices.

👤It arrived on March 5, 2021. I've used it at least five times. The charge wouldn't hold when I stored it after the second time. Not only that. When it advertised 15 hours of playtime, it never lasted more than 4 hours. It isn't worth the sticker price because it feels cheap. My recommendation is to look elsewhere.

6. Sony Wi Xb400 Wireless Headphones WIXB400

Sony Wi Xb400 Wireless Headphones WIXB400

A small transparent box is ideal for easy daily storage. It's perfect for your family and friends. You can feel the power of extra bass. There is wireless audio with technology. Up to 15 hours of battery life with Quick charging. The battery charge time is 3 hours. The 12 millimeter driver units have clear sound. Flexible and lightweight cables. It is possible to have a hands-free calling and voice assistant. Magnetic buds are easy to carry. In the box is a type-C.

Brand: Sony

👤These are solid for the price, but don't expect miracles. Sound is good. The treble is thin and tinny. These will not blow you away. Not bad for the money. The call quality was poor and one reviewer gave these one star. You bought $60 earbuds and thought the calling experience would be good? Why are you using cheap earbuds? That is a feature. Who cares if I never use? The quality of the build. It's fine. I saw a reviewer complain that these looked ugly. They are cheap. They don't feel cheap and I expect them to fall apart. The aesthetic are fine. They are not stylish or anything, but they are not ugly. They have a number of different bud sizes and they feel good in the ear. There is a It will get you through the day. Good enough. There were no complaints there. There is a These are a good buy if you want a decent pair of earbuds. Don't expect them to sound great. Don't expect them to be treated better. Don't make calls on your phone, what are you crazy? The update was made on March 21. These are now $30. These are great for that price. I still use them every day at work and they are still going strong a year and a half later. It's still a strong recommendation.

👤To see how they're supposed to be worn, reference the attached picture. If you wear them like this, they will not fall out of your ears. Great headphones. I bought two pairs of trash.

👤I decided to grab these earphones because of the deal Amazon was having. I have gone through many headphones in the past few months and these blew me away. I work in the city and I walk a lot. You can definitely hear the extra bass in the sound. It has an incredibly clear sound and while there isn't active noise cancelling, you can definitely wear these and it completely tunes the city out. I think they would do well on a plane. There is a They're magnetic and you wear them like a necklace. I thought that they would have some issues since the magnets don't seem strong, but I haven't had any issues even when I'm working. They stay put when you only have ear buds on. There is a The battery life is the best part. When I got them, they were full charged and it took a week. I had to replenish them. I don't use them all day, but I do use them for a few hours. There is a I think they are worth the initial price, even though I got them on a bargain. Bonus points for having the most chill computer voice on a headset. I highly recommend them.

👤Over the past 50 years, I have had many brands of headphones. These are some of the best. The bass is comfortable and well made. It is a great price. I tried a pair for $100 of another brand and they were not close to these. I would buy them again. No question.

7. Bluetooth Lightweight Retractable Headphones Cancelling

Bluetooth Lightweight Retractable Headphones Cancelling

High-fidelity Stereo Sound Quality- built-in high sensitivity microphone and noise canceling technology, ensure crystal high quality sound no mater you are calling or listening to music. Outstanding battery performance. The portable headphones have a large capacity battery that can provide up to 16 hours of continuous music time and 300 hours of standby. Fast, stable and low-power connection is provided by the latest Bluetooth 4.1 chip. These headphones are compatible with most smart phones. The design of the band is around the neck and has a body-contoured fit. The material is light and soft to wear, perfect for long time wearing no matter in outdoor activities or in office. The design is foldable and retractable. It is possible to take it anywhere in your bag or pocket. A Retractable Earbuds is a unique design for cable management.

Brand: Beartwo

👤I listen to stuff up to 8 hours a day at work, so the list of what I need from headphones is very simple. The battery life is long. Since I have a very physical job, I have to drop things frequently. I have to get new headphones every now and then. I can't afford expensive headphones every time. Cheap ones are often not good enough. There is a This pair was a compromise. When I opened the package, I was completely amazed. I have not expected a good quality pair at a good price. This headphones are so comfortable to wear. I don't feel it around my neck all day. I don't worry about losing them, leaving them somewhere, or finding a pocket to put an earpiece in, when I am not listening. From now on, I will stick to this design. The battery life is amazing. This pair goes on and on and on, which is more than other pairs I had to charge. It is easy to work for 8 hour day. Don't charge it and forget it. - BUTTONS are the best thing about this headphones. It's not funny, but when your hands are full, you are on the move, and can't find a "pause" button because they are all tiny and feel the same to the touch. It's not funny when you dial someone up instead of listening to an audiobook. All buttons are located far enough from each other to be seen with these headphones. Absolutely love it and grateful to the designers for that. I don't have to stress anymore, I don't have to stop doing anything, and I don't have to take the thing out of my ear. It was good. I used them every day for many hours. My favorite. I will be buying the same pair again if they last long enough.

👤I bought this headset as a replacement for an old one. I like the phone a lot, but one of the earpieces no longer has any sound, and the headset started to switch itself off and on randomly when I used it. I chose the SX-991 because it was cheaper than the other one. It's less than 1/3 of the price. It was easy to set up and use my phone. The sound quality is better than the LG. I like the fact that you can push a button to get rid of the earbuds. There are only two complaints about it. The neckband is thicker and it is much bulkier than the other headset. I couldn't figure out how to use the "EQ Shift" feature because the instructions for it were not clear. There is a This is an excellent choice for an inexpensive neckband headset and is an excellent value. I got it so I can't say anything about battery life or durability.

👤I got a headset for my husband. I had a hard time hearing him clearly because he's a truck driver. I can hear him now. There were no outside noises. If he has the window down, I don't hear his radio playing. I don't hear the wind. He loves it and bought it. It's definitely recommended for truck drivers.

8. NANAMI Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof Cancelling

NANAMI Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof Cancelling

There are three size options for ear buds and a charging cable included. NANAMI headphones have the latest technology and the best battery life for your cell phones, tablets, laptops, TV and more. The updated 130mAh battery allows you to make hands-free calls and listen to music on the go without worrying about it running out of energy. NANAMI headphones have an innovative acoustic design and newest technology, so they offer richer deeper bass and high fidelity, so they always allow you to immerse yourself in pleasant music world. You can get clearer voice for hands-free calls with the help of a microphone in your headphones. The IPX7 waterproof and sweat-proof technology for the earphones let you enjoy the audio performance freely even in the light rain or tense sweat. This lightweight neckband earphones are perfect for your daily activities or on the go: running, jogging, hiking, climbing, bicycling, yoga, gym workouts and other sports you like. The neckband is made of ultra soft high quality materials and exquisite craft, so it is bendable and comfortable. The built-in magnet on the ear buds makes it easy to attach the headphones when not in use. Control buttons on your phone are easy to use and convenient to use whether you want to answer calls or change the volume on your phone. There are more functions like connecting with two devices at the same time. Also, note: If you have any problems with the Earbuds, you will get a one-year warranty. Drop them an email with your order number and they will give you the best solution as you please.

Brand: Nanami

👤It was purchased in February of 2019. The battery life was used for 3-6 hours per day. The battery won't charge anymore. This is normal at this price point. I don't listen to music. The sound quality for speech is similar to others I have tried. There was nothing special, nothing negative. There is a I spend a lot of time on tech support calls. The earphone quality is standard. There was no real positive or negative comparison. The microphone is better than other headsets. None of the mics I've looked at match a wired mic. There is a The microphone has a background noise filter. If I stand too close to a noise source, it will make me sound like I'm talking louder. This product is different from others and I can't speak for the technology involved. My other headsets don't react the same way. Another example is trains. I have a site close to a train track, and when a train goes by, I have to either wait out the train or turn off the phone, because it will amplify my voice and make it sound like I'm not talking. It picks out loud background over my voice. There is a The battery life was not long. If you're on a long call, listen to about 3. When the battery was low, I used another headset and plugged it in to charge it. There is a The battery lasted less than a year. I am guessing 100. It is on the short side of average. I usually get 3-6 months out of a headset. I don't buy high quality because I am rough on them. There is a This one was average. I will give it 3 stars, but there was nothing special that would encourage me to order it again or recommend it. A cheap headset. June 2019. The company replaced my review with a new one. The new one has a better battery life. They got a star for replacing it without my asking. Customer focus! Thank you for that.

👤I like that they are light and sound good, but I wish they fit in my ear better. The ear piece is small and not very deep in my ears. There is a new update happening in the next 6 years. The melt was charged and done. Don't buy them.

👤I bought these headphones from these folks because I was so impressed with the product I purchased a NANAMI wireless charging device for my phone. I was not disappointed at all. There is a The headphones are the same quality and offer the same value as the wireless charger. It was very easy to pair up. The sound quality for streamed TV and movies is good. They are perfect for my exercise routines and I have been using them recently. They don't fall off your neck and the cord length doesn't get in the way. My ears fit perfectly with the standard earpieces attached, even though I realize that everyone's ears are a bit different. They have 2 extra sets of earpieces so you can change them to your liking. I found the sound quality on music to be somewhat lacking, but still enjoyable, but I have to consider the cost of these headphones. There is a I will be looking to see what other products NANAMI brings to market.

9. AMORNO Headphones Retractable Sweatproof Cancelling

AMORNO Headphones Retractable Sweatproof Cancelling

We can provide you with after-sales service within 12 hours. You will get a 30 days refund policy, 90 days replacement promise, and a365 days warranty. GotionDirect is dedicated to provide the best products and services. The neckband headphones are foldable and easy to carry with 3 different size eartips and can provide you personalized comfort. The pouch bag makes it easy to carry the headphones. The CVC 6.0 noise canceling technology allow you to enjoy high quality sound. It is very convenient to connect the headset and device at the same time. The ergonomics of the neckband allow you to wear the headphones on your neck more comfortably and decrease the pressure of your ears. The retractable earbuds have a button that you can press to store the earbuds wire. The AMORNO neckband headphones can provide 16 hours music play time, 18 hours talk time and 300 hours of battery life after 3.5 hours of single full charge. When you receive a call, the AMORNO foldable bluetooth headphones will remind you by vibrating, so you will never miss a phone call.

Brand: Amorno

👤I was impressed with the set more than I thought. It has a great sound quality. I had an inner ear issue with my headphones after several hours of wear. I have nothing bad to say about these. They traveled for 10 hours with a full or near full battery. The power level is still reporting "High" two weeks after I charged them. I accidentally left them on for hours and they barely affect the battery. There is a They have all of the functions of a headset. I like the neckband because I lose things quickly. I'm pretty sure one of my earbuds would go missing before I could use it, so this is the best of both worlds. Very happy!

👤I thought I would like this. I have been listening to an audiobook on my phone. When I put my phone in my pocket, it cuts out. I put it on the table and turned away to look at the range. If my phone is in one place, I can sit in one place and look at it. The wires on the blue tooth are cut when I move. I will try it with my iPad Air later, to see if it still works. I bought this to listen to audiobooks while I clean the house. This won't work for that. I threw my old earbuds away because the wires were rubbed raw.

👤There are two things to keep in mind. My review will be in comparison to the models of headsets that I have used before. I wear these headsets a lot. Sometimes they fall asleep with about 16 hours a day. Here's what I think. There is a The headset is a deal. The unit is sturdy and has good bass. I only had them for 2 months. The battery is good. It is one of the most lasting types of headsets. The buttons are firm but could have been softer if there was a seperate volume up and down button on one side. The unit combines them into the skip buttons. It's not a big deal. I don't like waiting to change volume. The connection is good. Even if the phone line is broken, the person stays connected. If the headset becomes buried between your shoulder and neck, the other headets will cut in and out. It's annoying when you need to move around the house. It's not an issue for running. This is not an issue with this headset. That's great. There is a The biggest downfall? I can't yet get comfortable with the bulky headset. I wear them all day. I can still feel them on my neck, but at times they bother the sides of my neck. The other slimmer headsets are so comfortable that I forget they are on. I haven't yet felt comfortable with this headset. This is a great headset and for the money, it's worth it. Maybe they will make a smaller version of this headset or modify the shape so the thicker part is not flat against the neck. It would make them more comfortable. It was 2 months later. The headphones broke in the middle of the neckband. I don't remember being so rough with them, but they must have gotten caught up and broke when I pressed them against my neck. That shows they're not very flexible.

10. Redzoo Headphones Cancelling Microphone Conference

Redzoo Headphones Cancelling Microphone Conference

The super-nice after service is the most important competitiveness of their products. You can ask any questions about the products. HD Stereo Sound and clear calls. The noise cancelling technology in these neckband headphones allow you to enjoy crystal-clear calls when you are working from home, or in the office. You will never miss a call because of its calls vibration notification feature. The advanced chip, 8mm large drivers, and Bass+ technology give this headset its premium sound with high definition stereo bass. It takes 22 hours to charge a fast charging technology. These headphones have a powerful 220mAh battery that will give you 22 hours of playtime. Listen to the music for a full day. It can be charged for 10 minutes and used for 4 hours. There is a cable in the box. Easy to control music, calls and your device's voice assistant with three buttons. It's easy to set it up in a few seconds, you can skip tracks, adjust volume, answer/refuse/end a call, wake up your voice assistant, no need to take your phone out from your bag or pouch. The range of these earphones is 10 meters (33 feet). The Earbuds are Shark-like and Magnetic. The shark-mouth design makes you look like a fashion guy. When not in use, the magnetic earbuds can be attached to the neckband. Wear it like a necklace, tidy and neat, no messy cables. The neckband has a cable length adjustment feature. Optimal in- ear comfort and stability can be achieved with 4 sizes of Eartips. The neckband earbuds come with 4 pairs of soft silicone eartips in 4 different sizes which fit 99% ear canals, just choose the most comfortable one to get the most comfortable in- ear wearing feeling.

Brand: Redzoo

👤A friend recommended that I purchase a MPOW Jaws. I decided to get another. The Gen5 is a step down in quality. The poor quality materials and function are a result of the company saving the product. It feels cheaper. The previous generation had more buttons and a manual on/off switch which made controls easier to use. I don't have to memorize a control system to count out the second I hold buttons down.

👤I bought the Gen 5 Jaws earphones because the last one was three years old. I finally went kaput with my Gen 3 pair. I am already regretting my purchase after three hours of use. There is a The sound of these neckband headphones are good, but they have five functions on a single button. I am sure it sounded like a neat idea in concept, but in practice, if that multi-function button ends up faltering, here is what any hypothetical purchaser won't be able to do with their brand new headaches-inducing listening doodad: - The wireless headphones are the opposite of sleekness and function. I am pretty sure I achieved the equivalent of tossing 20 or so dollars into a toilet by buying this garbage after pressing the same "no-function" button for almost an hour. I would recommend a string telephone sooner.

👤You can tell something is off when you turn them on. Voice is different from the last model. It takes forever to turn off. Useful distance has gone down. It doesn't sound as good as the real ones I've had before, and phone calls don't always connect to audio. I needed a replacement asap and it was out of stock, so I'm fine with it. They will do for now.

👤I bought a previous version of these and they were even better. These do not have the same range. I'm so disappointed in these. I bought some of the previous ones to give as gifts. I haven't had them for a couple of months because the left ear has already gone out. I wish I could come back. I have an update. I was pleased when the seller offered to either reimburse me for my purchase or send a new pair, after I had reviewed it. I received a new pair. The first pair was easy to connect with the replacement pair coming quickly. The seller was pleasant and I am very pleased with their customer service.

👤I have purchased four pairs of these earphones and have been very impressed with them. I only use them for 5 days a week. Unless I forget to charge them the night before, they have never run out of batteries. My job is very physical and each pair has lasted at least 8 months up to 14 months. That is better than other earphones I have tried. Others typically lasted 3-6 months.

👤I owned the older model for 3 years. My toddler shorted out the earpiece when he yanked on the cord. It's cheap and I use a lot of it. There are over 40 audio books. I'm hoping the next-gen one will do the same thing. There's no control for skipping tracks, that's my only concern. I just got it and maybe there's a way to do it. It's not a big deal if it's not. I will miss it. Sound quality is good. When mowing, the earpieces help keep the noise down, but they need help from earmuffs to keep them in place. It was good for the money.

11. LG HBS SL5 Bluetooth Wireless Neckband

LG HBS SL5 Bluetooth Wireless Neckband

The sound is close to the original recording with rich bass and clear treble. The power battery life. Talk time is 8 hours. Music is played for 8 hours. The time is 18 days. 10 minute fast charging for 3 hours. Every conversation is clear with dual mics. When you get a text or call, the neckband vibrates.

Brand: Lg

👤The on/off button is exactly what it is, and that is what I misinterpreted. The headset is turned off. I thought it would be the last time I would use it for answering calls and calling out. The people heard me but they didn't hear my vacuum. It doesn't help when I'm cleaning all day. Bitter life. horrible! The battery charge lasted days even after I was on the phone for hours. It takes one barely a day to make it through an average. It was comfortable enough. I have to get used to the retractable earbuds. I will return this item. It's too expensive for what you get. I won't recommend Lg like I used to. Sad.

👤I owned 2 pairs of Lg hbs910's for 3 years, and my wife and I both loved them. This is the closest thing we could find to replace them after they failed. There is a They have the same sound quality and bass as the last pair, but they are different. We don't like the fact that the headphones don't shut themselves off after signal is lost. The battery is dead. The old style would stop working after a while. You have to hold the button for about 6 seconds to turn them on and off. They had a simple on off switch, which has been replaced by a simpler multi-function button. I love the headset and recommend it very strongly.

👤I'm on at least four or five pairs of the Tone headsets. The most disappointing is theSL-5. The unit does not give a lot of warning before cutting the connection off when the battery is low, which makes the battery life not good. Grrrrrr. I have to scramble every time because my mind is thinking "surely, I can't be this low on battery already" and then it shuts off. The on/off function is really annoying. You have to hold the button for 6 or 7 seconds, then wait to hear the chime to see if it's on or off. It is not always obvious after using the unit for at least 5 days per week. The unit is low-budget. It's not a model for people who use a lot of headsets.

👤These are great earbuds. These are even better than the last headset I had, and I have had one before. The retractable earbuds are the best features, and I love being able to quickly store away the buds when I need to, and pull one out quickly to make a call. They are light and do not get in the way. The battery performs the way it is advertised, and it is fast. It charges very fast (10min for 2hrs of playtime, and 1hr for 8hrs of playtime), and it also charges very fast. I would recommend these to anyone who wants a great audio experience and a stylish headset.

👤I sound muffled to everyone.

👤I've owned previous models of the over the neck headphones and enjoyed their sound quality, comfort, and battery life. The sound comes out muffled. The settings for the equalizer were adjusted and played to no avail. I have to return them. I don't have the time to keep buying and returning, but maybe it was a bad pair.


What is the best product for headphone neck bluetooth?

Headphone neck bluetooth products from Bluenin. In this article about headphone neck bluetooth you can see why people choose the product. Soundcore and Bummd are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone neck bluetooth.

What are the best brands for headphone neck bluetooth?

Bluenin, Soundcore and Bummd are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone neck bluetooth. Find the detail in this article. Bubeyyie, Rikum and Sony are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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