Best Headphone Necklace Jewelry

Necklace 10 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Stainless Steel Vintage Pendant Necklace

Stainless Steel Vintage Pendant Necklace

18K gold plated necklace is strength and hard, masculine, never rust and color turn. 2 Pendants are 1.02 inch (26mm) width, 1.57 inch (40mm) length, and 3mm width, 24" length. Six years old and above, male and female. This Lion Pendant Necklace is a great gift for any occasion, it is a great gift for Christmas, Birthday, Party, Daily, for Men and Women, Boys, Girls, friends! You will get more complaints about this necklace. It's Hypoallergenic because it's lead free and nickel free, and never worry about hurting your neck. They promise that you will get a necklace that looks exactly like the picture and that a bunch of guys will compliment you on it. The lion pendant and rope chain come with a gift package. Ready for gift giving.

Brand: Jewelry Kingdom 1

👤I was looking for a nice piece to gift to a special friend, but after reading the reviews and seeing the picture, I decided not to buy it, but I took that leap and it's more than I could have imagined.

👤It turned out to be a picture that my son liked and I gave it to him as a birthday present. A very unique necklace.

👤I was happy that it would buy from again.

👤The quality, feel and color was much better than I anticipated. It looks like gold. The chain detail is good. It's amazing for the price, regardless of what it's made of or how long it will last.

👤I bought this for my birthday. I wear it all the time and get praise. Strong and Luxurious.

👤I got this for my son and it was nice. He absolutely loves it. Excellent quality for the price.

👤I bought this for my girlfriend. She loves lions and I bought this chain two weeks ago. It would be perfect for her. It shouldn't be the greatest for the price. She has only worn it a few times in the past two weeks. She was trying to put it on when it broke. I thought it would last a long time.

👤It would be cooler if it were a key.

2. LEGENSTAR Pendant Necklaces Creative Necklace

LEGENSTAR Pendant Necklaces Creative Necklace

The necklace is made of high-quality materials and not easy to wear and comfortable. The love heart weighs 0.42 ounces. Black comes with a 23.6in extension chain. This length works for everyone. The design of the necklace comes from the fact that two people love each other. Two souls and one heart express your love as the one you love, they are destined to be together. The couple has a favorite necklace. Magnets broken heart pendan The necklace has a magnetic pendant design that will attach to one another once placed closely, representing the intimate relationship between you and your partner. The black and white may be used as a gift between couples or friends, Two black may be a gift between brothers, and Two white may be a gift between sisters. It's perfect for as birthday gift, anniversary gift, wedding gift, engagement gift, or other special day gift.

Brand: Legenstar

👤It's cute and I love it. The threaded/cord necklace broke the first day I wore it because I live an active lifestyle. So! If you have a necklace that is stronger, I would suggest putting it on something you already wear.

👤The necklace is great for the price. My son bought it for his girlfriend. The dark half looks like a shark tooth, so no worries about it being feminine.

👤It's cute. The chain is a tad shorter than I thought, but my boyfriend loves it, the magnets are not as strong as I wanted, and the hearts charms are a tad smaller than I thought. It's small. I love it, it's really cute.

👤The lighter metal is not light colored. It's black and gray. It's adorable. My daughter and her boyfriend liked it. I thought the chain was shorter, but it's perfect. It was the perfect length for my daughter.

👤This is a very cute gift. I loved it! My boyfriend's side broke after two days of wearing it. I have a silver chain and it is still holding up.

👤The magnets are weak and it was small.

👤She liked it. I bought one from Thailand but it never showed up. I said I should order from Amazon. Yeah! He was upset after losing his. I will order another from Amazon. The other site has a price 4 dollars less than Amazon.

👤This necklace set is a great gift for someone that you love and care about, and is very stylish and worth every penny.

3. FXmimior Multilayer Necklace Pendant Accessories

FXmimior Multilayer Necklace Pendant Accessories

The necklace is from inside to outside. A necklace made of silver. Please consider before ordering this necklace, it tangles easily. It can make you seem more attractive and personable on a daily basis. If the item has a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Fxmimior

👤Get what you pay for. Wasn't expecting much with an $8 price tag. I needed something quick and cheap. The gumball machine was tangled mess when I opened my mail. I didn't bother taking it out, it was garbage. They didn't want it back after processing a return. They know it's junk and not worth the shipping cost. If you don't mind this kind of quality, at least save the shipping time and take a few quarters to the nearest Marc's. You can find it in those machines by the exit.

👤I like it when I see it on the picture but after a while it gets tangled and doesn't look right. I have to untangle it and put it back on.

👤This was ordered in silver. When it arrived, it was black and tarnished. It is unwearable. I didn't think so. I realize I was not expecting a perfect dress but I can't wear it once.

👤The description should be read first. This item is not very good. It's not worth it, it's smaller than what it looks like in the picture. It's too expensive for me. It gets dark very quickly.

👤I bought this for my daughter. It was a great present. It is a very cheap necklace and it is cute. Something that you would buy at 5 below. She swaps clothes, shoes and jewelry with her friends. There is a If this necklace is lost in the swap, it won't be a big deal. There is a It is cute. She loved it! There is a Fast Shipping on a great price! Thank you! 3 tier silver necklace.

👤The chain can't be fixed. If it weren't broken, it would have been cute.

👤It's not sure if this will be able to be untangled, but it's very poor packaging. Chain is very cheap. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤They have bar earrings with this. I like it. The only thing I dislike about the layers is how they change throughout the day. I have worn it several times and it has not broken yet.

4. Headphones Necklace Pendant Silver Fashion

Headphones Necklace Pendant Silver Fashion

It was created for music lovers. The pendant is 2.32 inches in diameter. Please check the size of the product when purchasing, choose the correct color. A sweet gift for family and friends on Mother's day, Christmas, birthday, and thanksgiving. Money back guarantee and 100% satisfaction. If there are any issues with the purchase, please contact them, they will help to fix the problem or make the full refund. The necklace has a chain. Environmental protection and health are not easy to fade. No skin irritation, please wear it.

Brand: Akarrlili

👤The product shown in the description is not the same product as this one. It is a lot cheaper to look at with pieces of uncut parts left behind. I am not happy with the type of sellers who always tell people not to buy garbage.

👤My son's costume was perfect. Good quality.

👤It is definitely a knock-off of the item advertised. I received a steel pendent with black paint accents, instead of a beautiful sterling silver pendant. I'm sending it back.

👤The quality of the pendant was very good and I was very pleased with the necklace I purchased. It was made with care for the money. The chain is small, but that was obvious in the photos and description, so there was no surprise. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to add a little bling to their outfit.

👤The pendant is nice. The chain snapped within a week. Would not recommend.

👤This is huge. You get what you pay for, it is a cheap costume necklace. Will not wear a costume on a daily basis.

👤Not as pictured. It's not all silver like in the picture.

5. Ralukiia Family Necklace Necklaces Jewelry

Ralukiia Family Necklace Necklaces Jewelry

Ohana Means Family is a necklace and pendant. Stitch and Lilo Necklaces are eye-catching and a great friendship gift for Stitch and Stitch fans. The material is lead free and nickel free. It doesn't rust, change colour or tarnish and is hypo allergenic. It's a perfect gift for daughter, sister, granddaughter, girlfriend, mom, aunt, best friends and so on. Every Disney lover's favorite pet is Stitch. The necklace is from the movie "Lilo & Stitch". For all Polynesian Dance and Stitch fans. The ohana necklace will arrive in a pretty velvet bag, ready to be gift-giving.

Brand: Ralukiia

👤My sister loved this necklace. When we want to match our Stitch outfits, I got her and me matching necklaces. A beautiful gift!

👤I was surprised at the high quality of the necklace when it arrived. I was not expecting a piece of jewelry of this caliber. Excellent value for money.

👤I got this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it. It seems thick enough to hold up.

👤My 9 year old granddaughter received this present for her birthday. She loved it when she put it on. I was able to put it in her giftbag because it was in a brown pouch. The price is great and shiny. I am glad I bought it.

👤She loves it, she received it for her birthday.

👤I bought this for my coworker for Christmas.

👤It was great for the price and beautiful. My daughter loved it. I think it looks better in person.

👤The necklace was not cute as I had hoped. I bought one for each granddaughter, but they were not as popular as I had hoped. I wouldn't buy again. They were just ok.

6. Zysta Necklace Vertical Pendant Stainless

Zysta Necklace Vertical Pendant Stainless

A simple style bar pendant necklace is suitable for both men and women. Hypoallergenic and Allergy Free are qualities of the high quality STAINLESS STEEL material. There is no harm to the human body. The necklace is comfortable to wear and the weight is perfect. A bar pendant with a chain link is free. Money back guarantee or exchange.

Brand: Zysta

👤I would love to give this 5 stars. I'm okay with the thickness of the chain. The ring that connects the clasp to the ring is missing and that is the reason it gets 2 stars. I would connect the clasp directly to the link if it were large. They're too small. I can't even wear this necklace because I'm stuck staring at it. Will contact the seller to see if they will replace the chain for free. I'll update my review if that's the case.

👤Highly recommended! I ordered a sample engraved pendant. It was done well. I placed a larger order because I need them for an event and I was concerned about the delivery time. I also received the engraved pendant necklaces with a 24" chain. The seller responded to my email inquiry and made sure that I received the beautifully engraved pendants earlier than expected. I am reordering from this seller because I am happy with the products.

👤This is a nice present. You can make it special by engraving it. You can mark any occasion with this necklace.

👤I would recommend opening the packaging before giving it to someone. The product was what was expected. It turned out great. If you're looking for a necklace that's worth the price, this is it.

👤This was a great gift. I was really disappointed in the amount of times the pendent would come off the holder while I was sleeping. This resulted in my losing the prevent, which was really upsetting. I don't know if it was the one I bought or all of them. I was upset and wondered if I made the right choice buying this necklace.

👤I'm not a fan of the chain.

👤Delivery was much faster than expected. Exactly as I ordered. It would be a great gift.

👤It was pretty nice to have a nice weight on it. The only complaint was that it's sharp. I don't know how to explain it, it's a bit odd.

👤I had one of these chains before, but it broke so I ordered a second. The replacement was incomplete. The clasp is on the right in the photos. The clasp should be attached to a small circle on the left. But it's not there. There are no contact info on the Amazon page for Zysta.

👤Realmente es chico, pero de buena calidad y tiene buen look. estoy contento En el precio, con la compra.

7. Trendsmax Initial Pendant Necklace Stainless

Trendsmax Initial Pendant Necklace Stainless

The pendant is made of gold and the box link chain is made of steel. The pendant length is 20mm and the chain length is 22inch. The pendant is made of cooper. The chain is made of steel. It's perfect for daily wear and special occasions. Letter necklace is a good gift for her because she is the most important one for you. Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, and many other days have special gifts.

Brand: Trendsmax

👤The pendant is the same as the $50 one. In my picture there is a real one on the right and a fake one on the left. They are the same size and quality. I will return the real one and keep the one that I got. I bought a thinner chain for it.

👤My stepson was a birthday present for me and he absolutely loved it. The chain was in two small bags and then in a black bag to be stored inside. I would definitely recommend this product.

👤The initial pendant is very real and adorable. The necklace is terrible. I took a picture of it next to my gold chain. The charm is beautiful. The necklace. The color is similar to a penny and the strength is questionable. I would purchase this product again, but only if I could find a chain somewhere else. It is still very giftable and worth the price for the charm alone. The chain is the only reason I gave 3 stars instead of 5. I would have given it 5 if I had only purchased the pendant.

👤Overall, this is a great piece of clothing, but I wish the chain was shorter. It doesn't seem cheap and I've gotten a lot of compliment on it. It's definitely an on trend. I think it will last a long time. I have had no issues with tarnishing or color transfer when I wear it.

👤I like this necklace. I have been wearing it in the shower and it has not caused any problems. It was made well.

👤My son loves his new chain. As soon as it arrived, he started wearing it. It looks like the real thing, but it doesn't have the weight of the real thing. It is a nice accessory and a gift. Hopefully it doesn't change colors.

👤The piece is pretty and well made. Its a nice length. The presentation is nice and it comes in a small velvet bag, which is a 888-609- It would be a great gift for anyone, of any age.

👤I couldn't believe it was delivered so quickly. The chain is beautiful. I don't have any complaints. I will be ordering again.

8. Cremation Jewelry Necklace Birthstone Memorial

Cremation Jewelry Necklace Birthstone Memorial

Keep your loved ones close to your heart with the memorial ashes necklace. A lock of hair or dried flowers can be held in cremation jewelry, which is also known as funeral jewelry, memorial jewelry, or remembrance jewelry. A unique gift to help remember a loved one's passing. Large space design can hold a nice amount of ashes, because it is large enough to easily fill them. urn necklace, ashes necklace, jewelry for urns, cremation urn, memorial jewelry, or remembrance jewelry It is a remarkable way to remember your loved ones. It is available in a variety of styles. A gift that is meaningful for family and friends will have a special meaning for storing items as a souvenir. A thoughtful gift on Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, New Year's Day to remember loved ones. It will fit any day in your life. The Cremation Urn necklace is made of 304 STAINLESS STEEL and has a screw and rubber gasket to keep it waterproof. It works great for everyone. Whether you are a customer or not, they will give you great service. Quality issues can be returned or refunds without condition. Feel free to contact them with any other issues. Your satisfaction is the most important factor in moving forward. Click the orange button to place your order.


👤When my husband died, I bought these for my sister. They were so thankful to have a piece of their brother. It was a hard decision to give it away, but seeing their reactions made me realize how important it was. The necklaces were easy to wear.

👤My sister passed away. I wanted to keep her with my brother. We have some of my mom's ashes and my sisters in them. They had everything they needed to fill them. The engraving on the back is very good.

👤Dull the crystals so they don't shine. I used superglue to close them because they were easy to fill.

👤I gave these to my mother and brother and myself after my father's death. I was able to make a necklace for my brother. There were enough tools to fill the three pendants.

👤My parents died within a week of each other. These came quickly and look pretty. They had a kit for adding ashes to necklaces. I have never had to do the ashes thing. They were inexpensive and I was happy with the look.

👤I and the kids were apart when our pup passed away. It's easier to deal with having a piece of him with us. They were packaged with care and looked good. Good purchase. I highly recommend.

👤The size is perfect for the children to remember the pet.

👤My grandma's ashes will be held in the necklaces. My uncle is kind enough to share the small amount that he saved so we will all carry her next to our hearts. Thank you for the product.

9. Sterling Necklace Teardrop Cremation Memorial

Sterling Necklace Teardrop Cremation Memorial

Premium grade sterling silver urn pendant and chain will not rust, stain, or lose their shine. Keep your loved one's memory close to your heart. Your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, friend, sister, brother, pet are all remembered. It can be used to secure dried flowers, seeds, a lock of hair or ashes. It is an ideal gift for your lover, families and friends. A small space can be opened to hold a small amount of hair, pets fur, or a loved one's ashes. It's very sad, but I will always remember you, a necklace to keep them close to your heart. The necklace comes in a gift box with a silver polishing cloth and a thank you card. They suggest that you secure the gift box with a few spots of glue to keep the ashes well. If you had a problem with the product, you could use a paper to add ashes to the pendant. They suggest that you wear the sterling silver urn rings if you stick the pendant. The sterling silver chain is about 18 and 2 inches long, and the urn necklace is 25mm wide, and has enough space to hold the ashes and hair.

Brand: Acjna

👤I can only give it 3 stars because I love this to keep a small part of my mom close to me. It is pretty. It was difficult to fill it with her ashes because no funnel or instrument was shipped with it. My main reason for only 3 stars is that the part that holds the ashes fell off my necklace and into my bra, which caused my mother's ashes to fall onto me. I was very upset to say the least. There is no "O" ring to make sure that the piece that holds her ashes doesn't come undone. I had to use a lock on the threads. They need to improve this piece. I hope my review helps people decide to buy this to keep their loved one apart.

👤I bought three different memorial pieces and this one is the better of them all. I bought two other things. It is pretty. I used glue to keep the top from falling off. I used gorilla glue. I used the pick to add glue to the thread of the lid. There is extra security. It doesn't require a lot of glue. You don't want to put too much on where the water is coming from. The glue gives me peace of mind that my mother's ashes are safe. You can see the size when you are not wearing it. There is a There was not a funnel or pick to help fill the urn, as was stated in some reviews. The company must have fixed those issues because the chain is great and my funnel and pick are from it. Also a tip. If you don't want to mess with the ashes, you should ask the funeral home that helped you. Our funeral director gave us all of our memorial jewelry. Brandi.

👤There is a hole in the pendant. The first two pictures show me shining a light through a cutout and into a tube. The cutout has a black hole in it. I was glad I looked before I put my husband's ashes in his urn. Hope the seller has a defect like this. Not happy at all. The seller was great about reaching out to me. They are sending me a new one. The customer service is good. The seller sent a replacement necklace that was perfect but an additional heart urn pendant, which will be updated when the new pendant arrives. Thank you for the prompt response from customer service. The company stands behind their products and they got 5 stars because of the pendant.

👤I bought jewelry for my dad's ashes. For my mom, my sister and me. This is by far the sweetest one I have ever seen. There is a Its small but not great. It is very sturdy. It's a small pendant for a necklace and it would work for the smallest person. It has a fair amount of ashes. It was the smallest of the urn necklaces I bought, but held the second most amount of ashes. There is a Yes! I would recommend someone to get one of these. My daughter told me that she wants a necklace with her Papa's ashes. I will be buying this one again for her.

10. Authentic Pandora Sterling Necklace Adjustable

Authentic Pandora Sterling Necklace Adjustable

Style this cable chain necklace alone or add a necklace pendant. Add charms to tell your story or wear it solo. The necklace can be shortened if it sits under the collar bone. Exquisitely crafted in sterling silver. Through unique, hand-crafted jewelry, give a voice to your loves and experiences.

Brand: Pandora

👤I was very happy when my necklace arrived and I wore it with my charm. You can see that it turned black. I tried polishing, but it didn't change anything. The black sections of the necklace are unwearable. I wouldn't order from this company again. I don't know if they will support their product. The selling price was not the reason for the refund. Never again!

👤I love it, I used it to put charms on it that I had been saving, and it all worked out, I love the length. I like how it sits in my bosom.

👤The necklace looks like a cracker jack box. The necklace is small and looks like it would snap in an instant. I'm embarrassed to give it because I bought it for a gift. You should visit a retailer when you make a purchase. Save yourself from disappointment.

👤My husband wanted to give me something more substantial as a replacement for my broken chain. I like it for that aspect. There is a The bigger holes almost didn't make it through my pendant. I had to bite them to make them fit. There is a This was a selling point for him, and it was supposed to be "adjustable size." I assume they mean for children. If I tighten it even one link it becomes a choker and sits at a normal place on my chest. If you have a thin neck or a child, you could adjust the length. If you are a grown up with a grown up neck, you will be doing it on the last link and hoping it fits.

👤I originally bought this for a pendant and was a bit worried about the length. The necklace didn't fit with the pendant and the length wasn't right. I had another that I forgot about and it was perfect, so it worked out.

👤The chain is not worth a dime. It is very flimsy. It's not strong enough to hold a standard size of charms. I don't know if it's even made by Pandora because it came in a small bag that was inside a ring or charm box. I didn't give it to them because I didn't want to appear cheap.

👤What a joke. Can't see it. That's how small it is. Don't think it will fit inside of a dime.

👤This is not a 90 cm chain. There are 2 extensions added to the chain.

👤I needed something so I could still wear my charms despite the necklace being sturdy. I can wear my charms on this necklace if I choose to, but I choose a different one every day if I see the person who brought me the charm.

👤Being a Panamanian. I was very disappointed when the bracelet arrived in a small plastic bag with a small label. It looked like an imitation and I would expect to pay less than that. Everything I have purchased from pandora has been in a nice box. It was very upsetting.

11. PANDORA Letter A Charm 797455

PANDORA Letter A Charm 797455

Add your name or initials to a charm bracelet. Cute, embellished letters are ideal for illustrating important messages. Their original line of jewelry is called Pandora Moments. Exquisitely crafted in sterling silver. Through unique, hand-crafted jewelry, give a voice to your loves and experiences.

Brand: Pandora

👤A very nice charm. It was well packaged. The box is for easy wrapping. There is a shiny side and a patterned side to the charm.

👤Mal empaque, no parece original.

👤My daughter is in love with her christmas present.

👤Good quality craftsmanship.

👤This was how it was explained to me.

👤It is really cute. It has little hearts in it.

👤It was not cheap.

👤The product looks cheap and not the usual quality.

👤This item is very nice to her.

👤Does what it says on the tin. If you want to start your metal alphabet collection, this is a good place to start. A lack of presentation is not great for gift giving.


What is the best product for headphone necklace jewelry?

Headphone necklace jewelry products from Jewelry Kingdom 1. In this article about headphone necklace jewelry you can see why people choose the product. Legenstar and Fxmimior are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone necklace jewelry.

What are the best brands for headphone necklace jewelry?

Jewelry Kingdom 1, Legenstar and Fxmimior are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone necklace jewelry. Find the detail in this article. Akarrlili, Ralukiia and Zysta are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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