Best Headphone Organizer Wall

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1. Brainwavz Cradle Large Audio Technica Accessories

Brainwavz Cradle Large Audio Technica Accessories

The controller wall mount includes wall anchors, double-sided tape, and hard plastic for long operation life. The design makes it easy to reach your headphones. It was designed by the headphone manufacturers to have minimal long term indentation on your head band. The Brainwavz Cradle has a curved bed in order to better hold your headphones without leaving marks on your head band. The same 3M VHB tape, the same glue, and long term safety are what makes it secure. If you have to move the stand after placing it please use a hair dryer to warm up the pad and then remove it from the wall. The max weight is 1.5 kilogram. It's comparable and it has a warranty. Most headphones and gaming headsets are compatible with this. To make sure their stand is compatible with your headphones, please check the dimensions of the headset bed and the width of your headband.

Brand: Brainwavz

👤I am only leaving this review because the complete description of the product does not state it is a 3D printed piece. The picture of a smooth finish piece made me think it was a mold injected plastic piece. I received a 3D printed item. I will keep it, but not what I wanted. I have a 3D printer and can tell it is from a FDM printer. For people who are interested. Black PLA is printed at 0.2 layer height. Wall count 6 is pretty impressive. Without breaking it, I can't tell. The printer could use some tl smoothers. There is a Again, I am only leaving a one star review because I believe I was misled about the product. I would have printed my own.

👤I was assuming it would be a sort of gloss finish based on the photo on the product page. I received a pack of raw-finish-looking 3D printed headphones. It's not the most appealing look for the product, but they do their jobs well, and anything else would be better. It's easy to miss that this is not a smooth finish, even though the photos depict it. I can't recommend it since it's not all that visually appealing. I think that's important for something that used to hang and display headphones.

👤These were bought to hang two headsets on the side of a media cabinet, made of the same laminated particle board that most user-assembled furniture is made of. I stuck these into place after cleaning the surface. I left the hangers unused for a couple of days before hanging them. The backing has held up well. There is a The best thing about these cradles is that they are arched and don't cut into the padding of headphones. There is a I understand why some would not like it, as some of the reviews state, these do have a rough-cut, textured look to them. I like the look of them. I haven't looked at them since I installed them. They blend into the room as black headphones.

👤I have too many headsets. I needed a way to keep them all out of the way so I could grab them. I bought two 2-packs. There is a The plastic is strong. It is easy to put a headset on the hook and take it off again. I've seen 3M red tape used on dash cams, and it's really strong. This glue is forever. If you don't want it to ruin the finish of the furniture you stick it to, you can wait 10 minutes to remove it. It is easy to remove the leftover glue with the help of WD-40. You just have to deal with the effects of WD-40.

👤I love these. I don't know. I have 5 pairs of headphones that I have accumulated from gaming, but I have no place to put them. I found some really cool mounts for them. They're wide to accommodate thicker headbands, and the mount is larger, so it doesn't cause the foam pad to get damaged over time. They are the perfect size. My audio technicas can hold the headset up with the cable around the hook, even though most of my devices are wireless. I will definitely be investing in more of these when I move to a new place.

2. Good Store Cable Clips Self Adhesive

Good Store Cable Clips Self Adhesive

Link Dream can be installed almost anywhere, it has a 3 year warranty. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact them. 6 pack cable clips are packaged in an amazing blister card and are suitable for most computer and cell phone cables. Black is the color. The material is Eco-friendly Silicone with strong 3M glue. The cables that connect your devices to them fall to earth if you don't organize them. Their cable clips are located on your office desk. The wire clip is easy to use at work, at home, and in the car. It is easy to use, just peel the paper and stick it with 3M on any flat surface. Press a few times. You can use it immediately, but you have to use it again after 24 hours. Silicone has many advantages over other materials like rubber, plastic, and nylon. They try to provide customers with the best experiences at the best prices, and yet customer satisfaction is still their top priority.

Brand: Good Az

👤I bought this to use for my phone. The first photo shows the product being used. I thought this would work out well. It doesn't. The part that plugs into the phone is too small. The cord falls through the clip when not plugged into my phone. I don't recommend you buy it for use with your phone's charging port.

👤The main photo shows a 6-pack of the same size. Even though the holes up top are larger, I received 2 smaller ones and 4 larger ones. Looks like the wrong ones were packaged in.

👤It's not a bad idea to say that a reuse twist tie is a "household-improving" product. I found a pack of the ones made by "Nite Ize" at Home Depot and they were pretty neat. I bought 2 more, then 2 more, then 2 more, and so on. I find things to use with. There is a I looked online to see if there were more cost-effective bundles from other companies. They seem to be sturdy enough to last a long time. I use these on all of my cables, which is a lot. I have a lot of cables and cords that I can bundle together more neatly. Instead of throwing things in the cabinet, I use the cords to stay organized. I can't imagine that you would be disappointed if you tried a pack of these out and found out that you can use it around the house or office.

👤I bought these for my family to keep their cords out of the ground. My husband is doing well but I am starting to lose my mind. I have mine on the side of my bed, while he has his on the top of his bed. I think the extra gravity pulling on my body may be too much. Good product. Maybe keep it on the floor.

👤Product is good for cables and other items. The cable falls through the holder. Too big to hold the small end of the phone. I bought the wrong item because the item propaganda said it would hold charging cables.

👤These clips are what I needed. I didn't pay enough attention to the size and haven't found a use for the small ones yet. Our phone charging cords are perfect for the medium size. I ordered another set in white.

👤I put this on the wall because my charging point always falls below my bed. The piece fell off the wall after only a day. I thought it was the wall. I stuck the glue to the wall by putting it on the back. I had a sticker on my wall, but the black piece fell off of the bit that held it together. There was no reason for it to not work because I only put one wire in. Would not recommend.

👤I was hoping to have a way to keep the cables out of my desk. This one will only hold one cable. I read that it was for small cables, but I didn't realize how small the cable was. My fault. I don't want to use multiple cords holders because it would look terrible.

3. Bright Life Nightstand Cellphones Horizontal

Bright Life Nightstand Cellphones Horizontal

Each pocket has a dimensions of 7.4" W x 7.5" H. Even kids can do it in a few seconds. You can't stick it on the parer wall, so they suggest you put things on it 24 hours after installation for a better and longer weight-loading performance. It's easy to stick on the wall at bedside in home, student dorm, office, and it's as wall mounted rectangular drawer to store the cell phone, earphone, glasses,remote, key, pen, pencil, sticky note, etc. Meeting your daily needs. Modern white color and plastic materials. It can be a simple style decor if you want it to be. There are two styles, vertical or horizontal. According to various demands. The dimensions are 8.7 inch X 8.7 inch X 2.0 inch. It's a great way to organize bedside items and save space. If you don't like this bedside shelf, they will give you 100% money back.

Brand: Jdgooma

👤It ripped my wall apart. I decided to change it's location after 2 weeks. It had other plans. I don't recommend this for people who aren't looking for a wall. It was sturdy and functional.

👤This is what I was looking for to hang up my speaker. I waited 24 hours before putting the speaker inside, because I used Command strips instead of the provided glue. I used four medium wall strips and it hung up well. Hopefully it will come off cleanly when I move, but I don't think there will be any problems with it falling.

👤Don't be afraid to take a chance on the warehouse deals. I received it but it looked like the box was opened. So good deal at half price. The shelf is small, but not for a lot of large items, as there are a few complaints. I was worried that it might be too big for the space I'm putting it in, but it fit perfectly. I need it to hold my phone at night when charging and have a dedicated place for my glasses that isn't haphazard and at risk of being knocked over when I try to find them blindly after my alarm goes off. It might be difficult to remove if I need to. I'm willing to take a risk to maximize my space in a NYC apartment. There is a The instructions state that you should not use it for 48 hours after installation. Hopefully this will hold up enough to hold two things.

👤I am really disappointed. I used this to store my polishes. The bottles are small. I came home and found a shelf off my wall. I would have to buy a gel set because my favorite one broke. The seller was great and worked with me, but the tape that comes with it does not work. Would not buy it again.

👤This is a good shelf. I put it with another shelf from this seller. I use them as a self care station for my toddler. The glue is strong. The seller has great customer service.

👤I wanted to give my fiancĂ©e something to use his phone for since he is the one who sleeps besides the wall. I was worried about the wall mounts falling off or being damaged by the paint, so I superglued this to a piece of wood I got from the craft store. Loving the look and function!

👤The wall shelf I received was scratched up, but it's not too bad to hang it up. This makes me wonder about the quality of the item, as a new product shouldn't look like this. I was not happy about how big the two horizontal compartments were. I can put a book on the bottom shelf, but the top shelf is too small for me to use it. It's made of two pieces of plastic, so it seems sturdy. There is a I made a big mistake when I installed the shelf onto the wall, I didn't use a level tool. The shelf was not even, with one end higher than the other. I was considering leaving it alone, but my persistent OCD made it hard for me to do so. I tugged on the shelf until it came off. I cannot recover from the four gray slashes on my wall that were caused by the white paint being torn off. The shelf is useless because the wall is destroyed and the glue is only used once. It was just great.

4. Organizer Hooks Use Bathroom Cellphone Vertical

Organizer Hooks Use Bathroom Cellphone Vertical

The bag has 30 cell phone pockets and 30 clear card pockets. Even kids can do it in a few seconds. You can't put things on the wall after it's been installed because you can't stick it on the wall easy to tear it off. It's easy to stick on the wall at the bedside or bathroom in the home, dorm or office, it's as wall mounted semicircle box, left box to store the cell phone, earphone, glasses,remote, key, pen, pencil, sticky. Meeting your daily needs. Modern white color and plastic materials. It can be a simple style decor if you want it to be. There are two styles, vertical or horizontal. According to various demands. The dimensions are 8.7 inch X 8.7 inch X 3.15 inch. It's a good idea to organize bedside items before sleeping and bathroom. If you don't like this bedside shelf, they will give you 100% money back.

Brand: Jdgooma

👤Hanging my keys and holding my wallet is great.

👤Like my keys and glasses.

👤There is a hook at the back of the plastic material. It was very easy to install. I use it to hang my mail. It has been working well for me so far. I like it a lot. Thanks.

👤My daughter has a loft bed that is perfect, has not fallen or budged, and her stuff fits on it.

5. MISSLO Classroom Pocket Calculators Pockets

MISSLO Classroom Pocket Calculators Pockets

ADD 1 30 number crunching There are 30 number stickers for the clear pocket chart organizers. Each pocket has a number that you can use to find your cell phone. It can be hung from the silver/metal bar thingy at the top of the white board or over the door. It works well to display students cell phones. Each pocket size is compatible with the largest models of cell phones. There are clear pockets that you can easily find the accessories in. The bag has 30 pockets and is 33 1/2 inches wide.

Brand: Misslo

👤I needed something to keep my students' cell phones in my classroom. I put numbers on each pocket to correspond to the computer number on the back of the monitor. It's easy to see who hasn't put their phone away. I specify that they have to place the phone "screen out" so I can see the screen, no more students trying to use an old case in place of their current phone! I stuck it to the white board at the front of the classroom because I didn't have a place to hang it. When students place or retrieve their phones, it holds up. I tucked the bottom row behind the chart because I only needed 22 slots. Why didn't I buy this sooner? Misslo, thank you for the perfect product.

👤Are you tired of the cellphone use in your class? Turn this item into a cellphone jail. I have students park their devices in the individual slots at the beginning of class so that class can continue. They get their phone at the end of the period. If your school has a strong policy about distraction devices, this will work. There is a It's not big enough to hold the Nintendo Switches. You will have to find a way to do that.

👤I use this to keep my headphones in my classroom. They are great for storing earbuds, but not for regular head sets. One ear is in the pocket and the other is hanging out. Training 3rd graders how to properly wrap their headphones is a challenge for me. earbuds will be stored in there I used vinyl to number the pockets. I hung it on my door with command hooks. It has held up well. I used it for a year.

👤I use a pocket chart for my cell phones. Students will place their cell phones in a pocket with their assigned number to avoid distraction during class. They will take the number when they put their phone in their pocket. The teacher will return the phone which matches the given number when class ends. Students taking phones that do not belong to them eliminates class distraction.

👤The price was right and it works well in my class to hold cell phones as the kids enter and to retrieve them as they leave. The doors at my school don't fit four metal hooks. It would be fine for home storage but not school storage, because they are made for standard house doors.

👤I use this product as a chore board for my children, to hold index cards with the chore and coins for each chore. We have only been using it for about 2 months, but it has held up very nicely, because they are reaching in everyday and putting downward pressure on the plastic pockets. The plastic is very strong. The plastic is clear, which is important in our application. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

👤I love it! It was perfect for what I needed. I use it to store extra student supplies in my classroom. I use colored duct tape to label them. Each student has an assigned number and I number the pockets with stickers. If students forget their personal supplies, they are back up. I used it to fit my needs in my class.

6. MISSLO Organizer Pockets Hanging Narrow

MISSLO Organizer Pockets Hanging Narrow

The pack 2 door shoe holder has 24 mesh pockets and is easy to see. 12 roomy clear mesh pockets that expand wide enough to fit one pair of kid's shoes or women's shoes size 8/9, also fit one shoe per pocket, such as athletic shoes, heels, sneakers and bulkier type shoes. This pocket hanger is not only for shoes, but also hold snacks, cleaning supplies, gloves, hats, bras, sunglasses and other useful accessories. This shoe caddy is perfect for narrow pantry door, hall closet door, locker door, bi fold door at home, in camper, cruise, traveling. Each pocket is 8 1/3"H x 6 1/3"W and up to 2 inches deep.

Brand: Misslo

👤We stayed in four different locations during our 2 week trip to Guatemala, using these. There is a "hack" for going on cruises, where you put all your stuff in shoe pockets, so you can use the space on the doors. We faced similar situations in 3 of our lodgings, I knew from previous trips, and when we travel, I feel like I spend the whole time trying to figure out where things are! The mesh pockets were perfect, they were large and no moist was collected in them. Where is my hair brush? Is that the overnight diapers? The pockets are large enough to hold about 8 size 6 diapers. Is there three different kinds of hair products? The first aid kit? Children's hair bows? What wipes? All our medicine? Is my bag makeup bag? My jewelry case? They're in the pockets. We were able to get almost all the non-clothing items for 2 adults and 2 kids in these pockets. I liked that I was able to know where high priority items were and that they were not accessible to little hands. We packed them with their own suitcase after we loaded them at home. There is a The reason I'm giving them 4 stars is that one of the metal grommets came loose on the first day of the trip, and the other worked its way loose over the course of the trip. I only needed them to last through this trip because they never failed. If you put shoes in and out every day, and your pockets were full of heavy shoes, you might see them wear out before you know it.

👤It fits 6 pairs of shoes. I bought it for my daughter. In one room, it works well on the closet door. She had to hang from her door in the other room. The door can't close with this on. We moved it to the bedroom door. That is a little annoying. Since it was part of a two pack, we are going to keep it. There was an update. The seller promptly responded to my review. They had a solution for our problem that was different sizes of hooks. We measured the door to make sure it would fit. New hooks were sent out. They fit better after we received them.

👤I have already ordered two more Misslo hanging storage bags. They're in my cart. First of all, I love their quality. They are sturdy, well constructed, long lasting hanging bags that are going to last a long time and do the job they're intended for - storing items - without tearing or falling apart. This two-pack of a mesh-style pocket hanging over the door is great for being slim and fitting on a small door. I use it on a bathroom closet door in my house, which is narrower than the other standard size doors. I keep first aid supplies, small eye makeup remover bottles, sunscreen tubes, etc. They were stored in them. Since it's a two pack, I keep it on one of my bedroom doors, with tights and hosiery, so it's easier to keep them organized. I don't remember if I wrote a review for my other two Misslo hanging storage bags, but they are also great. They are shorter and have a different material, so you can hang them in your closet. I currently use them for tank tops, bras, and scarves, but am buying two more for my sewing supplies. Excellent quality, outstanding value for cost, is what I love about Misslo organizing products. Thank you!

7. Simple Houseware Pockets Hanging Organizer

Simple Houseware Pockets Hanging Organizer

If you're tired of putting headset on the table at home, this pink headphone holder is the best choice for your PC desktop accessories, perfect gift for girlfriend, daughter-in-law, daughter, wife. There are clear pockets hanging shoe organizers. Hangs on a door or closet rod. Dust and damage can be prevented by protecting shoes or items. It's great for organizing things in your bedroom. Each pocket has a dimensions of 7.4" W x 7.5" H.

Brand: Simple Houseware

👤I wanted to update that this still looks and works great, just like it did when I first got it. It has held up well for almost 3 years. I definitely recommend. There is a I bought this to use in my classroom to store student headphones. It works well with all headphones. The students were able to get them out and put them away. I don't know how it will hold up over time but if it can last more than a year in my classroom then I will be happy.

👤My shoes fall out of the pockets all the time because they aren't tall enough for most adult shoes, even though the pockets are slightly wide. They should not be advertised as large pockets.

👤People over the door do not need to hold shoes. I have gathered a lot of new items from the Grove Collaborative. An old lady can't crawl under the sink to find it all. It is in the laundry room. Extra rubber gloves. I might get more.

👤This item is awesome! I needed something to fit my shoes and sandals in one pocket. I fit a lot of shoes. I am pretty satisfied with this product. It's really easy to assemble.

👤I put this in a junk closet to let me see all the little items I throw in there. It's perfect for that. The shelves were cleared so they were free for larger items. Light bulbs, screws, cleaning supplies, duct tape, etc are things I keep in the pockets in case I need them, but don't want to have to dig into a closet to find them. A perfect solution at a great price.

👤I didn't buy this for shoes. I set up a system that would allow me to distribute snacks with no hassle with four hungry kids. This worked out. The pockets are large enough to hold up to five snacks. It was easy to hang.

👤I almost bought a different one but decided on this one. There are 24 pockets over the door organizers. I have converse sneakers that hold the high tops with ease. There are clear pockets in this. You can see your shoes and find them quickly. They are large enough to keep your shoes dust free. Assembly takes less than 30 seconds. There is a This is also snug between the door and wall. The old metal ones had to be stuck out 2 feet. There is a It would be great for small places. I have this in my smallest bathroom. This is a wonderful organizer! Highly recommended.

👤The quality cannot be beat for the price. I used this to organize my beauty products and bought one for my shoes. Great purchase!

👤The quality pocket organizers is amazing. The pockets have a good size and it's well-made. The flat hooks fit perfectly on top of my doors and you can't tell when they are there. I have them all around my house. I use them for organizing things in different places in my house. I use them for everything from cleaning supplies to hair accessories, personal care products, medicines, snacks, and small toys. There is a Some of my hair and skin care products are in this particular one. Excellent quality, inexpensive and practical. Great purchase. Would recommend. If my review was helpful, please let me know by clicking on theHelpful button.

8. Universal Controller Organizer Xbox Headphone 360

Universal Controller Organizer Xbox Headphone 360

There are 2 pieces of rack. There are no Headphones, Game controllers, or other items for display. The rack is flexible, can be bent and open wide, and you can fit your controller in it. No scratches with rubber protection. The rubber is wrapped around the hanger. Self–Adhesives are easy to install and are used on a variety of surfaces. Without punching, it is easy to install with self-adhesive super glue. The Universal Game Controller HOLDER is suitable for your most old and retro controllers. It works with many game consoles and PC game pads. You can expand or grip the branches to fit your controller.

Brand: Wall Mount Stand Holder

👤Behind the tv well is where I keep my remotes. It holds its shape well.

👤The pieces were not used to mount the actual holder to the wall mount.

9. Hanging Organizer KEEPJOY Classroom Supplies

Hanging Organizer KEEPJOY Classroom Supplies

Hanging organizers can be hung behind the closet, bedroom, college dorm, nursery, kids room, kitchen, laundry, cabinet, bathroom. Clear pocket storage can be used as a classroom pocket chart, can be used to organize cell phones, can be used to organize office products, can be used to organize jewelry. It's almost suitable anywhere you need to go. Like home, living room, classroom,office,training room, fitness room, etc. The classroom Pocket Charts are used to hold cell phone and calculator. It's perfect to hold students cell phone in class. Students should focus more on learning. Students can find their own cell phone and calculator. There are two ways to use the phone calculator caddy for the daily pocket chart, either on the wall or over the door. The cell phone classroom holder is made of 100g durable non-woven fabric and has clear pockets with 0.12mm PVC, AOZ free. The service life of the product was extended because the material was upgraded to be thicker. The double stitch sewing is more durable. ADD 1 30 number crunching There are 30 number stickers for the clear pocket chart organizers. Each pocket has a number that you can use to find your cell phone.

Brand: Keepjoy

👤I bought this to store my watercolors. It was perfect. Each pocket can hold up to five tubes of 15ml paint tubes. You could store more if you used all 5ml tubes. I tried to buy lipstick holder trays before this handy hanging organizer, but the tubes did not fit well and they took up too much space that I can't afford to lose. There is a There are two different types of hanging hooks, one for over the door and one for sticking to a wall or door. It would be perfect if it were used as a classroom organizers. The material and plastic are heavy and sturdy. I might have to buy more than one to store my paint tubes and brushes. This is a solid value and could be used many different ways.

👤Storage in an RV or boat depends on the inch. I cut this item in half and used it to create two pieces with columns of 5 pockets that are a perfect solution for the inside of my RV wardrobe closet doors. You can keep track of small items such as headlamps, sewing threads and needles, clothesline, travel size cans of static guard, and any other small items by storing them in the pockets or in the underclothes. The pockets are larger than a cell phone needs, but not big enough for shoes. The thickness appears to be better than a dollar store version.

👤I attached the holder to the mobile clothing rack so I could move it where the students were working. The pockets hold cell phones and calculators. I used it to trade students' cell phones for a calculator. Students store their phones in class to prevent distraction. I put mine in as well. The phones are small but they all fit. It would be obvious if something went missing with the see-through pockets. Students don't have phones in their possession, but the phones are readily accessible in case of an emergency.

👤It works well to hold things like water bottles or head phones. The clear pockets make it easy to see what is missing. I hope it stays that way all year. It's a good thing.

👤It's not sure how long it will last. The wall hooks that came with it were not very strong. The number stickers were a good idea, but I don't think they will last long.

👤The item is of good quality. It has the option to hang over a door or attach with stick on hooks. I will store jewelry sets for easy accessibility.

👤It was kind of junky. Keep looking. The price for two was correct. Spend your money on quality. It is wrinkled and creased the way it was packed after a month of hanging.

👤This is a great way to make sure that your students are not distracted by their phones. They like that they can see that they are ok.

👤The little cell phone holder is perfect. I am trying to teach my grandson French at the insistence of my son. I am using this to teach him the alphabet. I filled the letters with items that begin with them. We talked about all the animals and objects in that holder. It was a huge hit with my grandson, he carefully pulled each object out and we talked about it. This is a great way to teach him his French alphabet.

10. STORAGE MANIAC 12 Pocket Hanging Organizer

STORAGE MANIAC 12 Pocket Hanging Organizer

Each pocket is 8 1/3"H x 6 1/3"W and up to 2 inches deep. A large pocket for larger cats. The shoe hanging organizers is 17W x 6.5D x 35.2H inches and has 12 larger pockets than other competitors. It's perfect for holding shoes, gloves, scarves, belts and other accessories. It is easy to reach sturdy pockets. The design of the pocket makes it easy to reach your items. The hanging shoe organizers are made of heavy-duty canvas and are easy to clean. Two ways USAGE and space-sharing. The 2-pack wall shoe organizers can be used together to make a larger hanging shelf, and they can also be used separately. There are 12 sucker hooks. The hook is 3.35 inches in length. The hanging closet organizer has hooks that can be changed into different shapes and sizes. The shoe organizers can be hung on the door, wall, closet rod, or anywhere that can be hung. The max thickness is 1.57 inches. The wall mounted storage organizers can be used to store many things. It's perfect for pantry door, closet, RV, bathroom door, campervan back door, nursery items, cleaning supplies, sneakers and other shoes, hats, gloves. The wall mounted storage organizers can be used to store many things. It's perfect for pantry door, closet, RV, bathroom door, campervan back door, nursery items, cleaning supplies, sneakers and other shoes, hats, gloves.

Brand: Storage Maniac

👤A lot of things in our RV are being updated. We used to have a cheap plastic over door shoe organizers cut in half and hung just inside the door on the back of the bench. I ordered these because I looked at many options to replace it. The pockets are deep enough to hold our shoes and other stuff and they are a perfect fit. We were able to put them back under the cap piece.

👤I'm going to say that this is the greatest behind the door shoe holder that has ever been created. If you owned a tiny 1941 condo with closets the size of a standard refrigerator, you would feel the same way, because back in the olden days nobody wore clothes so there was nothing to store anywhere. There is a The quality is great, it's not like the plastic ones. They are large. I don't recommend this, but I could fit my cat in one of the openings. Most of my shoes fit into a single pocket and I have boat feet. My hiking boots and my old lady walking sneakers were the only ones that needed pockets. I think that is reasonable. I'm not a shoe person so I'm going to use the extra pockets to store scarves and gloves, and what not! There is a I didn't want to be a tool like me, so I ordered 2 and they came as a set. I now have 4. I love them so much that I'm going to stuff my life into them.

👤I have found myself with a lot of free time during the COVID-19. SIP orders. I have been cleaning and organizing and had the carpet cleaned. When entering the house we decided to remove shoes when cleaning the carpet. It seems to be working. My wife asked for a solution because the shoes by the back door are a tripping hazard. I needed a heavy item that would last and be easy to find. My idea was to put something on the end of my tool kit, which is next to the entry door. I went to Amazon to find my solution after measuring the box. The Storage Maniac has a pocket shoe holder. After a slight modification to the supplied over the door hooks and a bit of Velcro along the top and down the sides, could have skipped this. I like the idea of overkill. I was prepared. Wife happy equals me happy.

👤The pockets are not attached to the back. It gets the job done.

👤It is surprisingly durable and awesome. I wear size 7 womens shoes and each compartment has a pair of tennis shoes in it. I don't think it will fit anything larger than a 7.

👤I ordered the organizers to have a place to store my shoes so that they wouldn't take up all the room in my closet. It has been great. I can fit a pair of small shoes in one cubby and my boots in another. I have had it for a while now and it is holding up.

11. Pockets Organizer Hanging Closet Hanger

Pockets Organizer Hanging Closet Hanger

The large mesh pockets of this over door storage can help you to organize shoes neatly, the closet organizers fit for a size 14 men's shoe or a size 8 women's shoe on every pocket. The over door shoe holder is easy to assembly for a standard door or closet door, the top of the mesh shoe storage hooks are flat and door close easily. You can cut in half the size of the Hanging shoe organizers to fit a household over the door. A door shoe rack is great for home, camper, cruise, RV, and travel. Hanging organizers can be hung behind the closet, bedroom, college dorm, nursery, kids room, kitchen, laundry, cabinet, bathroom.

Brand: Sleeping Lamb

👤I used to have one of these when I was in college. There were 8 rows of pockets. This one has the same number of pockets as the others. This seems to hold more. I wear a size 9 shoe. Each pocket has two pockets for a pair of sneakers and one for a pair of sandals. I stuffed my flats in sideways and a pair fit in one pocket. boots, wedges, or heels will not fit. The hardware is low profile and sturdy. It was easy to put up. The mesh pockets are very comfortable. This is a good product for the price. I think it will fit a men's size 13 shoe.

👤This is a great way to store flipflops, sandals, and shoes that are not thick. I would give it a 5 star because I love it, but when I tried it on with slightly thicker shoes it didn't hang as straight as it could have, and it didn't work as well as it could have. It would be perfect if they were an inch or two more obvious. I still say 5 stars for flatter, smaller shoes or items. It would still be a good idea. I've bought 2 of them.

👤I bought this for my shoes. The pockets are big enough for my shoes and boots. It has four hooks instead of three.

👤This is very useful to me. I have all of my items in my pockets, without any issues. It feels strong. This is in my laundry closet. It is invisible. My husband is not aware of this. I think the hooks are a little large for thicker doors. I would buy another door if I could.

👤This is very well made. I could fit a pair of sandals in each section if I wore a size 9. I bought a second one because it holds shoes and pumps. I am unable to close my closet door, so I am buying the command strips and hooks. I was hesitant about buying b/c of the negative reviews, but I have had no problems. This is wonderful!

👤An old organizer was purchased to be replaced. It is easy to see what is in each pocket. There are pockets that are deep and wide. The coat closet has a place for winter items, including small umbrellas, ponchos and 180s. It was packaged well and included over door hooks. It's easy to use.

👤Please ignore the dirty shoes of the kids. It is very easy to throw onto the door. You don't need a hammer or drills to hang it on the door. It is strong. It does not take up a lot of space.

👤I use it to organize my scarves and mittens. I hung the command hooks from the wall of my closet. It works well to see what we have. I like that the pockets are mesh so the mittens don't get wet if they are put in a little damp.


What is the best product for headphone organizer wall?

Headphone organizer wall products from Brainwavz. In this article about headphone organizer wall you can see why people choose the product. Good Az and Jdgooma are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone organizer wall.

What are the best brands for headphone organizer wall?

Brainwavz, Good Az and Jdgooma are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone organizer wall. Find the detail in this article. Jdgooma, Misslo and Misslo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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