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1. Maeline Bulk Earphones Headphone Plug

Maeline Bulk Earphones Headphone Plug

Before plugging in the headphones, Pidensolo should turn on the wireless network. Click on the link to connect with the cloud. When you plug in the next time, they will connect in a few seconds. When connecting to a mobile phone again, you need to erase the previous connection record. Stereo Earbud style headphones with a 48-inch length cable and a 3.5mm audio jack plug have an L shape connection. Each earbud is individually wrapped and packaged in a bag. The 3.5mm audio plug is compatible with many devices, including the following: There are red, pink, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, gray, white, black and multi colors. Only Earbuds are allowed. No mic, no remote.

Brand: Maeline

👤I gave these to students who would need earbuds. I put masking tape on the bag and earbuds. I learned that some students put too much pressure on their earbuds by storing them in a bag in their binder and that caused them to fall apart. I have begun giving students old prescription bottles with no labels to store them. Bandaid tins or Altoid Tins. My worry about siblings getting into trouble has been lessened by this.

👤I bought three different brands of earbuds at the same time, including the bulk disposable earbuds by Maeline. The Maeline are cheap and you should expect more. I don't think they are suitable for music. They are suitable for a lot of things. I plan to use them for listening to audio books, even if I damage them. The Panasonic were a good compromise for a lower price. If you want something decent, I recommend them. The Panasonic stem is off-center, which I found quite comfortable. I highly recommend the Edifier if you want something for the discriminating individual, but still under $20USD, they were excellent for all range of music in my collection. The Maeline and Panasonic do not come with foam covers, but the cheap foam covers fit them well. I went with the Sunmns 48 pack and am happy.

👤These are amazing for the price and quantity. I gave them to students to use for their chrome books and only one didn't work. The cords are very thin. I am going to put ties around them to keep the students from breaking their earbuds. Each earbud is individually tied up with a plastic wire and packed in a small bag with 100 bags. There are 100 small bags of earbuds. I would buy again.

👤I have had these for about two months and I'm very happy that all of the headphones still work. I shared the Dos and Don'ts with my students before they received one. Students can take them home on the last day of school. I plan on buying a new set for next year's class.

👤The price is less than $1 each. Each time I passed it on to the customer, there was at least $5 left. It is worth the investment to keep them in the car.

👤These are not high end but they are a good value for the price and I need them. I am a trainer and when I have multiple employees in the training room at one time completing our online training courses not all of them carry around their own set of earphones. The work was perfect and the price was great.

👤The sound quality is great. The cords are too long so they get tangled. I bought these because they are cheap for my classroom. The cords are long and hard to store. The ear buds fit my 3rd graders but aren't as comfortable as they could be. After the year, I would buy a cheap pair for students who don't have earbuds. They work with chromebooks.

2. Yamaha HPH 100B Dynamic Closed Back Headphones

Yamaha HPH 100B Dynamic Closed Back Headphones

The sound is high quality and has a rich tone. The mechanism allows 90 degree turns. The design is available in black or white. The stereo plug and cable are gold plated. It is comfortable to listen for extended periods.

Brand: Yamaha

👤I bought these headphones for my piano. I don't know if the music is coming from my headphones or not. I take them off to make sure the sound is from the headphones. I wasn't going for noise canceling. My husband can watch TV while I play and practice on the piano, and we can have a conversation. I bought the mid grade and they are very comfortable. I think it could be better if I were to be a little objective. I think the tuning is a little off when in headphones, but it doesn't affect my practice. I'm not sure if there's an upgrade with the top grade Yamaha headphones. I'm happy.

👤I can use these headphones to practice piano privately without being bothered by noise or being heard over their work calls, because the rest of the household is working online. The sound quality is good. The headphones come with a small jack that fits into my laptop computer, and a larger jack that fits a digital piano. It fits over my ears.

👤They sound better than the one that came with the piano.

👤The review is for HPH-100. There are 3 different models reviewed here. I prefer over- ear headphones as they make my ears too warm. I like closed-back so I can watch TV late at night. These phones fit the bill nicely. I took off one star because the cord is very thin.

👤The headphones have a light, cheap feel to them. I use them to DJ and they are not suitable for me. The ear cups barely cover my ears, the cord is too long, and I don't like these things. I should have sent them back.

👤Superb sound came out of the headphones when I put them over my ears. That was a medium grade. I can't imagine how the top grade would sound.

👤A set of phones for a young child. It was almost tin. At times. Would upgrade to the next purchase.

👤After a few months, one earpiece stopped working. I put headphones through packing and unpacking because of the fragile wire connection to the phones. I had the same problem with a different model of Yamaha. There is a The acoustics are great, as expected from Yamaha.

👤This piece of magic is something that I am very much interested in. My piano lessons are very enjoyable. I recommend this for anyone who is learning piano and would rather not disturb others with the noise that they make while practicing. Your dignity is ensured by this wonderful earphone.

👤Bass free headphones are free. It was made in China with cheap plastic and too tight on ears.

👤I liked the HPH-150B model better than the other one. Returned these.

👤Vous donne l'impression, qui vous n'avez pas d'écouteurs.

3. Earbuds,JOYHOOSH Bluetooth Waterproof Earphones Headphone

Earbuds%EF%BC%8CJOYHOOSH Bluetooth Waterproof Earphones Headphone

My Sound makes the music you love even better by tailoring it to your individual hearing profile, thanks to their latest technology. True Wireless Earbuds, the newest version of the popular wireless earphone, provides a low-latency listening experience and greatly improves the transmission speed. Hi-fi Stereo Sound Earphones. TWS Stereo. In-Ear Headphones with 13mm Drive Area, Polymer Composite Diaphragm, Pure Copper Ring Sound Effect to Enjoy High Quality Music, Movies and Call in Office, Home, on the Way or even in Noisy Environment. The JOY HOOSH Wireless Earbuds have touch control sensors that can help minimize the pressure on your ears when you touch the button. In Wireless Charging case, the smart digital screen can check battery consumption. JOY HOOSH wireless earbuds are made of curved in- ear by silicone earhooks, which hold wireless headphones in place even during active movements. Silicone Ear Caps for Different Ear Size are included in the Earbuds to ensure a comfortable wearing. Charge on the go wireless earbuds can last for over eight hours' playtime from a single charge and 30 extra hours in a compact charging case. Convenient charging way with no strings attached. The damage to the splash can be prevented by sweat and rain.

Brand: Joyhoosh

👤These headphones are amazing. The sound quality is getting better. This is my second pair of headphones. My original pair is three years old and still works as well as they did on the first day. My husband stole my original pair and I purchased another pair. He preferred my headphones over his high end pair. I really liked their updates. The sound quality is great. They have a long battery life. I can listen to music for four hours. They can be used on their own. There are three different sizes of ear pieces that can be interchanged. That way you can get the perfect fit for your ear shape and size. After a long time, no more hurting ears. There are two sets of flashing bars on the outside of the case. The number of bars shows how much charge the headphones have. The case charge is displayed. The charging case is light and portable. It could easily be packed for travel. You can change the tap patterns on your headphones. You can pause and play by using different methods. The headphones are labeled. They are ready for immediate use. They work with your devices. JOY HOOSH makes innovative products that live up to high expectations at an affordable price. I recommend their products to everyone I know. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, they will take care of you. I will buy their products in the future if there is a need.

👤I got these for my grandson and he said the sound quality is great. The battery life is long. He likes the display on front of the case. They have different size ear tips to fit. They are small enough to fit in a purse or pocket. They were easy to use. The instructions are easy to understand. They are easy to control.

👤The noise cancellation effect is good.

4. TFD Supplies Wholesale Earbuds Headphones

TFD Supplies Wholesale Earbuds Headphones

It works with all of the mobile devices. The sound is high quality. It's perfect for schools, libraries, museums, and other uses.

Brand: Tfd Supplies

👤100% operational from the last lot. I give these as thank-you gifts. I give them to the lawn kid, the tenants, and use them myself. My teen sells them at school. They hold up well for the price. They are the quality you can find in grocery/drug stores, but do not have replacement rubbery ear pieces and are not packaged for individual sale. Each one has a bag. They are expendable and comfortable. No fussing at the teen, "What happened to the last one I bought you?" They're well under a buck, who cares. It was easy.

👤The wire was wrapped in strategic places to extend the life span of the headphones. The audio plug is a few inches above the tape. If the wire splits all the way to the plug, they will short out. It is possible to tape where the wires join the earbuds. These were used in my classroom until the heavy-duty headphones arrived. The students had them for a long time.

👤Not the best quality, but a good value for the money. I have given these packs to my local grade schools for children who can't afford them. If they break, no biggy, go to the office and get a new set.

👤These are amazing for the price and quantity. I gave them to students for their Chromebooks and only one didn't work. The cords are very thin. They store them in a numbered pocket chart, so I'm going to get ties to keep the students from breaking them. I would buy again.

👤These can be used for orientation classes to watch learning courses. If careful, they are disposable or multiple uses. This is my fifth purchase.

👤It's perfect for canceling out the noise of a drill in the dental chair. They really appreciate it when we give them to patients. It works well with 8D Audio as well. Look at it. Up- You are welcome. The cost is very low. We consider it a disposable gift for comfort, so we can't tell you how long they work.

👤I could find the cheapest headphones for my kids who attend online public school since they are always breaking or losing their phones. The 5 sets I originally handed out are still working. I have 95 pairs in storage. You can't go wrong with a pair for less than a dollar. It works for a lower price. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤I have ordered this product twice and each time it has been great. Great customer service and fast shipping! I offer these earbuds to guests at my hotel when they go to the fitness center. Over 100 of these have been given out and never had a complaint. I would definitely recommend it.

5. Wholesale Earbuds Headphones Individually Android

Wholesale Earbuds Headphones Individually Android

Stereo high quality sound, works with phones and mp3 players. 100pcs in one bag, 3.5mm in earphone. It's perfect for schools, libraries, museums, and other uses. Welcome to be their distributors and retailers.

Brand: Cn-outlet

👤Sometimes I need the students to listen to something on the computers in my college class. They can't use their own headsets with a regular audio port because the new headphones use a lightining drive. I can make sure students have access to the resources without breaking the bank by using these headphones. The students love that they are individually sealed so they know they are the only ones that have used them. There is a clear sound. This professor gives them an A+.

👤These are the same quality as your retail price, but without the packaging. The set is secured with a twist-tie. The rubbery earbuds covers make them comfortable. When my kids lose them, I don't mind it because it's so inexpensive.

👤I bought them for my classroom. It's nice to have spare parts for those who don't have their own. They owe me a quarter after they get their first pair free. The quality of these is better than the free airplane sets.

👤Students don't have to share headphones in the media center.

👤Kids won't complain if I give away hundreds like these.

👤These have worked so far. It's a great value for headphones. If you're not a primadonna, the sound is great.

👤We had to pick up additional ones at the dollar store because about 1/3 of these did not work.

👤We bought them for students. They work well for the price.

👤Patients use the headphones on my ward. We can only use disposable headphones for patients due to the fact that they can be contaminated. The headphones were well packaged and arrived promptly. The headphones are in a plastic case. I tested the headphones and they are very good. I will be purchasing again.

6. Classroom Headphones Wholesale Disposable Earphones

Classroom Headphones Wholesale Disposable Earphones

It is comfortable to listen for extended periods. Each headphone is individually packaged and sealed in a pack of 100. The class is lightweight and durable. The 3.5mm plug and the cord length are perfect for the iPad Computer. It's great for students, schools, hospitals, hotels, Musuems, Gyms, libraries and more. Hongzan Service. -2 If you have any issues with items, feel free to contact them via email.

Brand: Hongzan

👤I bought these for my first grade classroom and they work well, but are easy to break. The cords get tangled all the time because they are pulled apart. I bought them about 3 months ago and they didn't break very often, but now a lot of them only work in one ear or break right out of the box.

👤The sound quality is good. A charge is held for a long time. Holding up well to the wear and tear of a twelve year old.

👤These have held up well against my kindergarteners. A bunch of 5 year olds are in charge of only a couple of broken things. I have not had any issues with the quality of the product.

👤The headphones were cheap. The set does not fit on the ears because of the long cord. Not for students in a classroom.

👤I bought them for my students. They are still holding up. They are recommended to my other teacher friends as well.

👤These are junk. You can't hear out of these.

👤6 of our headphones were faulty. We haven't used the rest to see if they are also affected by this issue, but I wouldn't recommend them even if they are a good deal.

👤It works well in my classroom. Students have complained.

7. Neckband Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof Microphone

Neckband Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof Microphone

The water resistance is called the water resistance. Don't worry if you sweat during your workout. Sweat & Splash Resistant iPx4 is provided by the BCS-700. For 3 hours, listen to music, and then 1000 hours of bass earphones. The Nepartak earphones have a long battery life, a 1000mAh battery capacity, and are easy to wear. The soft neck is skin-friendly, flexible and lightweight, and the collar has a memory rebound characteristic, which can be restored to its original state. The two chambers are combined and automatically adsorbed to avoid entanglement during storage. The earbuds use the latest technology to connect up to 33 feet away. The middle button will allow you to connect to your device.

Brand: Nepartak

👤I need something that will stay on my neck and allow me to take my headphones out of my ears. I can't get a pair of these that are the same as the ones I have. I received them quickly. The looked good. I charged them immediately. They did not pair as easily as most. I could barely hear the person on the phone. I tried to turn up the volume but it was too high. I thought it might have been a bad connection with the caller. Same thing. Couldn't hear him. It was the same problem when I tried to play music. They gave me the option to get tech support to fix them. I agreed to have them call me to see if it was an error. I never received a call back. They got back.

👤There is a terrible audio delay when watching videos on my phone. I tried changing my phone's software but it didn't improve the delay. It makes viewing videos unwatchable. There is a connection issue where the connection will end as soon as a phone call ends so they will have to be manually re- connected. The battery life is as advertised. I don't know why more headphones don't offer this because they aren't that much bulkier than similar neckband style headphones with 20 hours or less of battery. The sound quality is very good. The bass and audio quality are great. There is a The XWQ neckband has a similar battery life, but these have better sound quality.

👤I used to use the mpow neckband but can't find it anymore. They don't have any noise cancellation. I didn't know how well that worked on my previous brand until I got these. The multi function button is difficult to use. You have to press the buttons when I change the volume. Short presses skip the tracks. I have to get my phone out to fix it when I try to adjust the volume. I don't like the blue light. I can see it and it's not nice. I don't recommend this model.

👤I need something that can last all day in the office, overnight music, and airplane flights across the US, so I ordered these. These last over 3.25 hours. I only lasted 3.25 hours after charging agin to 100%. I have owed other brands and they lasted well past the advertised 100 hours. I will be returning them, but I don't know what's going on.

👤Excellent battery life, would recommend!

👤These are amazing. What I was looking for. I can go on vacations and listen to audio books. The battery life is amazing. In my book, they get very loud. They are worth the try if you give them a buy.

👤I couldn't keep the ear buds in even with the smallest rubber tips, so I sent them back.

👤They claim to be waterproof. They were in the water and it turned music off. If you are looking for waterproof, don't waste your money.

8. Stiive Bluetooth Headphones Playtime Wireless

Stiive Bluetooth Headphones Playtime Wireless

There is a built-in card slot. You can use the headphones as a mp3 player and enjoy the loaded music directly if you have a 32G card. The over ear headphones are compatible with a lot of devices. Premium Audio Experience: The custom oversized 40mm large-aperture drivers of the Stiive Over-Ear Wireless Headphones deliver a premium listening experience. The deep bass option on the headphone provides you with a wonderful bass audio experience when listening to bass-heavy genres and hip-hop. A single charge will give you 100 hours of playtime and a 1200mAh battery capacity. The Desigh has a comfortable and foldable fit, and a foldable design that makes it a portable store while traveling. You can use a 3.5mm cable to connect your headphones to any device, and enjoy a seamless audio experience.

Brand: Stiive

👤Two years ago, I purchased a pair of headphones on Amazon and they boasted of 100 hours of playtime for $25 I doubt that can be true, but for under 30$, give it a try. I thought those headphones were the best ever, but I think I charged them more than once a year. I snapped my headphones in half as I sat on them because I broke them. I was tired of walking around with taped up headphones so I went to Amazon to buy them, but I could not find them, the company seems to no longer be in business. I told myself that they look the same but the company is different, so I tried it and it was the same as before. They seem to sound better, the base button is so lovely, and everything else seems to be the same. I still get over 100 hours of playtime, and I love it. You will not regret this purchase if you go wrong with noise cancellation. I am not paid for this review, but I do believe that these headphones are the real deal. I'm very happy. There is a If you are going to transport these, you should buy yourself a hard case after three months of daily use. They have cracked again over the last few months after I put them in my backpack. I blame my carelessness if I just throw the headphones in my backpack. Get a hard shell and protect it.

👤The headphones are packet and presentation is good. It feels solid despite the materials. There is a The sound quality is acceptable for the price. There are some things that are CONS: I gave it 2 stars for noise reduction because you don't know if the reduction of environmental noise is due to technological innovation or due to extreme force and pressure on the ears. There is a It is very uncomfortable, the pressure is too strong, you can't use it for a long period of time, and it gets worse if you wear glasses, so you need to rest a little. I found a poor solution by putting my glasses over the ear pad, but my vision perspective changed and it made me dizzy. There is a If you wear earrings or have a big ear, you should think twice about using the ear pad. It is necessary to time Scan and to keep using the device in order to keep it stable. The buttons are hard to press and noisy, and the battery life is not stated in the description. There is a I think I'm very pretentious and expected a lot for the price, especially if you consider that it costs the same to make a good product than a bad one in this price range. I will use my old wired headphones and gift someone with small ears a new one.

👤I was very pleased with the headphones. The item was well packaged. Everything was included. The headphones are of the highest quality. The sound quality is amazing and the ear coverings are comfortable. The battery life is good. This product is recommended by me.

9. Maeline Bulk Earbuds Headphone Plug

Maeline Bulk Earbuds Headphone Plug

Only Earbuds are allowed. No mic, no remote. Stereo Earbud style headphones with a 48-inch length cable and a 3.5mm audio jack plug have an L shape connection. Each earbud is individually wrapped and packaged in a bag. The 3.5mm audio plug is compatible with many devices, including the following: There are red, pink, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, gray, white, black and multi colors. Only Earbuds are allowed. No mic, no remote.

Brand: Maeline

👤So. I thought they would be decent. Shipping was good to begin with. I knew what I had purchased when I opened the package. The plastic felt thin and the cord split from the top where they were connected to the microphone. There is no stopping this from happening. I felt like I was listening to a mono radio when I plugged them in. There was no bass or highs. I didn't return because I thought it was a waste of time. Shipping was good. Thanks a lot.

👤I spent more than $75 on over the ear headphones for my students, and at 50 cents a pair, it was much more reasonable to purchase these earbuds for my students. I only received 29 of the 30 pack, but customer service took care of that. Some students say that they are a little stacky, but for the price, I am satisfied.

👤My son probably goes through a pair or two of headphones every week as wires get gnat, pulled out and damaged, so we were not looking for high-quality headphones. We figured we'd get a multi-pack with 20 and get it over with and one shot, because we could probably get a similar quality item from a dollar store. The sound or sound quality is not bad. Don't expect deep base or great sounding highs in the frequency range, but for $1 per headphones it's a good value and consider them disposable headphones. We would buy them again.

👤It was wrapped in individual bags, which was great. The appearance was good. The quality of the material was good. There is a piece of white that connects the earbuds to the cord that came apart. The sound quality was good. They did the job, but my students didn't think they were good quality, and I didn't think they were either. I was happy with my purchase. They did the job for the price and quantity I paid.

👤I bought these to give to my students to help them listen to their computers. These are made cheaply so you get what you pay for. The heads are very easy to remove.

👤I ordered the earbuds for my clients. Sometimes they sit under the dryer with their cell phone in hand. It's perfect for a salon visit. I haven't tried for myself but the clients like them.

👤I bought the earbuds for my students. They should at least work from the start, which they didn't, but I didn't expect them to last all year. 3 worked out of the 10 pack. The sound was so low that it only came out of one side. Very disappointed. Don't bother with them.

👤I like that they are in bulk. My child is 11 years old and I pay a lot of money for them to be lost. Good quality to use at school. There are so many in the pack that it's no problem when they break.

👤On the first day, 2 pairs didn't have full sound. Most of them broke apart within days of the first use, or only half of them had sound, unless forcefully held into the jack on the tablets. The same devices worked with other headphones. The vendor said they would send replacements, but they were out of stock.

10. Headphones CN Outlet Classroom Compatible Chromebook

Headphones CN Outlet Classroom Compatible Chromebook

Only Earbuds are allowed. No mic, no remote. There is a 100 pack of headphones. Pack of 100 headphones individually packaged and sealed, single or double outgoing wires, 3.5mm jack straight or elbow,Random delivery according to factory inventory There are good quality low cost phones. Stereo headphones have full audio clear for excellent sound quality, class set of headphones for kids help enhance focus learning, and standardized testing experiences. The lightweight design for kids each one has only 1.2 ounces, comfortable and can be worn for a long time, the headphone brackets are made of flexible plastic which can bend at a large angle and is not easy to break. It's suitable for both children and adults and has aStereo 3.5mm bend plug fit. If you have any questions, please tell them through the order mail, they will solve them for you within 24 hours.

Brand: Cn-outlet

👤I needed them for something. The students use them with their computers and tablets when they need to listen to audio or sound. It is basic, simple and functional. I bought small cloth bags in bulk so each student could keep their headphones clean and untangled.

👤These are perfect for our first graders because we received them on time. They like the bright colors. They are the right size for their heads. After reading the reviews, I was worried that they would all work, but I personally tested them before giving them to the kids, and all 10 worked well.

👤I bought them for my classroom. Kids forget their headphones at home. It's perfect for my fourth through fifth graders.

👤The headphones worked well. Two of the five did not work correctly. One sounded muffled and the other was only able to work on one side. I contacted the company to see if I could get replacements for the broken ones. I am returning all of them because they never replied to me. I really was hopeful and it's too bad.

👤When we opened the packages, the headsets came apart at the ear phone piece. You get what you pay for.

👤I bought these for my kids. They didn't last an entire week. My kids tend to pull the headphones off quickly when they are done with them, and they can easily remove the wires from the earbuds. These are so cheap that they did not hold up. Guess you get what you pay for. Will be buying more expensive headphones.

👤I bought them for my classroom. The jacks that they plug in fall out of a standard jack on some of them. They break easily. I had to throw away 6 or 7 of them. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤My grandsons use their personal electronic devices when they visit. They are cheap and serve the purpose I needed. Silence.

11. Headphones Earphones Keewonda Wholesale Mixed Color

Headphones Earphones Keewonda Wholesale Mixed Color

If you need color On-Ear Headphones, you can also search them, but please feel free to purchase. B07R8P6TFH Earbuds with 5 colors areBulk Earbuds Mixed Color with 5 colors. 100 buds Earphones in the package. Each earbuds with individually poly bag and sealed is convenient and sanitary for you to use. Under 1 dollar earbuds with good quality, no worry kids or students broken their expensive headphones, bring quality and good texture feeling for you. These earbuds are strong and compatible with most phones, a class set of headphones for students, and a cheap earbuds for Apple products. If you have a question, please contact them through the contact information on the instructions card or email, they will reply you in the first time.

Brand: Keewonda

👤These were used in my classroom. There were about 5 pairs that did not work out of the 30 given out so far. Since we got rid of the duds, the kids have been using them without complaint.

👤I teach 3rd grade. The earbuds are breaking at the same place. It is a poor design issue. I have been using the earbuds for a short time and they have broken in half. Unless you intend to use them for a long time, don't buy them.

👤I wanted my students to take an online test without being bothered by others. They are perfect, and while one pair was damaged, they immediately responded and are sending a replacement. The value is great.

👤I bought these to sell to students in my school. They like the colors and the earbuds.

👤These were purchased for children who couldn't afford school supplies. It was a good purchase and had no complaints.

👤The product is not worth the money. It was in the hands of a young child.

👤These are perfect for students.

👤A person can separate the headphones from the jack. They become a mess to untangle. Kids are relentless.


What is the best product for headphone pack of 100?

Headphone pack of 100 products from Maeline. In this article about headphone pack of 100 you can see why people choose the product. Yamaha and Joyhoosh are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone pack of 100.

What are the best brands for headphone pack of 100?

Maeline, Yamaha and Joyhoosh are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone pack of 100. Find the detail in this article. Tfd Supplies, Cn-outlet and Hongzan are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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