Best Headphone Pack Of 5

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1. Wholesale Bulk Headphone Earphone Earbud

Wholesale Bulk Headphone Earphone Earbud

The Bulk Headphone can fit most customers requirements, but it has no microphone. The package consists of a Bulk Earbud, each headphone, and a plastic bag. Soft rubber ear cushions are a great way to make you feel more comfortable. The Bulk Earphone still has a high quality stereo sound. It's great for school, classroom, hotels,hospital, museums and so on.

Brand: Kaysent

👤These come with a great warranty. I use these in my classroom as an elementary school teacher. The headphones stopped working. The company immediately sent a replacement after I contacted them. The company has great customer service. If you sign up, the headphones come with a one year warranty. The shipping package has an extended warranty card. I will have working head phones for at least one school year.

👤These headphones were bought for the kids to use with their devices. It was hard to find any other choice with the same reviews. The sound and colors are pleasant for the kids. They fit securely on a variety of head sizes. We wanted the variety pack, but it is a popular seller and often back-ordered, so we went with the blue. There is a The cords have survived torture testing, and the pads have held up well. I didn't expect them to hold up as well as they have. They have worked on every 3.5mm output we have tried.

👤My students like them. The design is comfortable, the colors attract their eyes, and they're easy to keep clean. I have only had one pair of 10 packs that have stopped working so far, but I ordered two more. They are easy to replace since I have the insurance plan. Purchase these if you are a teacher.

👤I bought a 10 pack of tablets and used them in small groups, but the ear cushions started coming off, I know the kids are not the gentlest, but they are not the strongest either! The first issue was sound, and some of the headphones started losing their sound on both sides. I ordered a 10 pack. I was able to pull out extras for my small group so they wouldn't take away from the small group time. Save your money if you are a teacher and spend it elsewhere.

👤The headphones are great for classroom use. Simple, efficient and not going to be shown off in the hallways. The janitor is vacuuming when the sound is loud.

👤I received a package of headphones for my classroom. We haven't had a chance to use them, but I think this was the best price for a bulk package that I found. They are colorful and lightweight, but not cheap. The verdict is still out on how well they will hold out. If you complete the instructions via the package insert, it will come with a 1 year warranty.

👤I was disappointed that these didn't work out. They didn't last long. Some of the headphones didn't work when I took them out of the package. Sometimes the cord just separated from the part you plug in. My students were not hard on them. I was hoping these would work out. It seems that I got what I paid for. It's a shame.

👤I love these! They have held up well for my classroom. I have had them for about a month and they are great even after being thrown into bins. Will be buying in bulk.

2. Headphones Earphones Classroom HONGZAN Laboratories

Headphones Earphones Classroom HONGZAN Laboratories

If you have any questions, please tell them through the order mail, they will solve them for you within 24 hours. Each set of headphones in a 5 pack is individually packaged and sealed. The Bright color of HONGZAN headphones for kids will catch the eye of children of different ages at their first sight. TheBulk earphone stereo sound offers full audio clear for excellent sound quality, class set headphones for students listening and testing, also suitable for adults. The headphones have soft ear cushions that are comfortable to wear for extended use and can be wiped down between uses for easy cleaning. It's the best choice for class set of headphones, it's gold plated 3.5mm aux jack compatible with most smartphones and other devices. If there is a quality problem, please inform them through the order information, and they will send you a replacement or refund within 24 hours.

Brand: Hongzan

👤These are for children who are kindergarten age or below. They are small. My kids use them, but I don't think they'd be good for anyone over 8. I don't think they will last over a month. These are not very strong. The sound quality is good. On the first day, the soft cushion around the ear came out of one. There is a They were a good price, but I would have preferred to pay more for items that would last more than a month.

👤I had to buy more headphones for my kids because they have gone through so many. We received two damaged ones, but this is a great buy. They replaced all the broken ones that I had. I will buy from them again. I am very happy with them. You will be disappointed if you buy from them.

👤I bought two sets for my classroom. If ten were broken, out. It would be nice if they all worked for half the school year.

👤I bought these for my daughter's kindergarten class. 5 year olds are expected to use them often. They're good for the kids.

👤The job was done as expected. I bought for my kids to use when we did school at home because they had to listen to so many videos and zoom meetings. It did a good job. My kids were not nice with them and pulled on the cable a lot, but they survived and are still working. We are done with school and so I put them away so we can do school at home.

👤I got these because I was tired of replacing my headphones and they work as well as the more expensive ones for kids and are durable, even though the price is higher. They are not perfect but they are great if you have kids who break their headphones all the time.

👤The perfect size for pre-k is theses. They like the colors. It may be the hard handling these kids do with one that stopped working. Great product.

👤I don't like the noises from tablets when the grandkids visit. They only get to use them for a short time and the noise is too much. These earphones are easy to use and inexpensive. If needed, I would purchase again.

3. Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Earphone Headphone

Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Earphone Headphone

You get a mini earphone carrying case and a headphone. 6 months worry-free new replacement is provided by UUGOO. Buy it now! 3D STEREO and BluetoOth are included. Their Wireless earphones have the latest technology and are more stable. With dual HD mic and CVC 8.0 noise reduction, it can provide true stereo call,Improved surround sound quality, let you appreciate 3D stereo sound quality, will brings you a new excellent experience. The charging case solved the problem of headphone charging, it gave 3-6 hours of playtime from a single charge and 25 extra hours in the compact charging case. If you take out 2 headphones from the charging case and they will be connected automatically, you can see earphone power and charging case power in the window. Their earbuds are made to be compatible with your phone in 3 seconds. Use a design that is comfortable. The best angle to wear wireless earbuds is 65, the size is suitable for most people to wear. Touch-control supports a lot of functions, such as play/pause music, answer/hang up a call, and so on. IPX5 waterpeoof add service This is headsets. It can resist rain and sweat, and you don't worry even if it rains saving.

Brand: Dglighting

👤This is not the same as the picture. It's a waste of money.

👤This is what I got and it doesn't stop flashing.

👤Light is a nice night light or display item. I have read lots of negative reviews on this product and feel these people would be upset if it was offered for free. I may buy another for a child.

👤Take the backing off and look at the pictures.

👤Cheap, and doesn't look like the image associated with the listing.

👤My son liked it. The colors are bright. It comes with a remote.

👤This product is very cool. I use it at my desk. It's always getting praise. It is definitely worth the investment.

👤My boyfriend liked it. The disc is a decent size, but I thought it would be bigger. The box was a little broken. The gift was not ruined by the corner being busted. The items are secured by the box. Great purchase!

4. Donerton Headphones Waterproof Cancelling Microphone

Donerton Headphones Waterproof Cancelling Microphone

The mic and remote are supported by all iPod, iPad, and iPhone models. All iPod models support audio. It requires a version of the software for iPod touch and iPod classic. Donerton earbuds have high quality PC andABS construction that ensures a comfortable tactility. The unique ideas and chic design style of this true wireless earbuds bring surprises and unexpected experiences. The mirror design is suitable for high-end tastes. You have the charge status of your device at all times when you see the remaining battery power on the digital display. You can listen for up to 140 hours with a single charge. The wireless headset can be charged up to 23 times. Simply charges 10 minutes and gets up to an hour of playtime when you are in a hurry. Donerton wireless earphones are ideal for long trips. Premium Stereo Sound with Powerful Bass: I09 noise cancelling headphones use a 6mm composite diaphragm and HiFi driver. Their stereo sound earbuds support high-quality audio decoding, Frequency response range reach 20-20khz, 2more bass and 3D surround stereo, can provide a immersive sound for you. The I09 bluetooth earphones are waterproof and can protect them from sweat and heavy rains. Donerton waterproof earbuds are an ideal companion while jogging, running, yoga, sports, gym, cycling etc. The integrated PCB antenna of the satellite standard combined with the new wireless technology ensures a stable connection between your cell phone and your headphones. The signal strength and influence range of Donerton earbuds is more than other audifonos.

Brand: Donerton

👤I buy earbuds once a year. I'm not expecting Bose quality headsets because they have limited lifelines. These are not what they are described to be. I don't know where the good reviews come from. There is a They have buds that fit in your ear. None of them have a good fit. I don't have big ears. I put the medium sizes on with others sets. The sound quality is not good. The sound is crackling. Rock, hip-hop, dance, and an audio book were some of the types of music I tried. The sound is terrible. The buttons on the side are too sensitive, and they have issues with answering calls or adjusting volume. The earbud is turned off most of the time. The microphone is noise cancelling. The recipients told me to call back or remove my headset because the background noise was too loud. I'm on the phone most of the day and this was one of the most upsetting results. I thought it was noise audio. It's also not... The case is large for anyone who cares. I didn't have time to test the battery life. The only pro I can come up with is theusb output for additional charging and theLED display which is neat. It's not a big deal. I wish these were up to par, but they aren't. There are many other options for the same price.

👤These were disappointing. Sound is good, battery life is decent, that's about it. They don't stay put, they swing around in my ear. I have to dig it out of my ear when I take it out. I like the idea of being able to replenish them several times before I need to replenish the base. It was hit and miss for the charging. I pop it in to charge, grab it the next day, and it will be dead within 15 minutes. Unless I have the base plugged in, it doesn't charge. I wish I knew these couldn't be worn in one ear. That's my fault. I wish I would have bought the ones my son did. I don't know. I wouldn't buy them again if I got a good pair. I wouldn't recommend them.

👤The sound quality is excellent. It was very easy to pair a phone with a TV. The fit of the ears is very comfortable. These earphones are very good. There is a The earphones failed to pair with my phone. I wrote twice to the company, but they didn't reply or give a tel number. I have changed the rating to one star.

👤I am very impressed with my first pair of earbuds. The charging lasts a long time, and these were easy to pair to my device. I was charged 81%. I have had them for 3 weeks and they work all night when I go to sleep. They are still charged at 20%. I have not charged them yet. The sound quality is very good. For me, they work well because they don't cancel out all other noise, and I still want to hear what's going on around me. I don't have to worry about being hampered by a wired earbud. I would highly recommend them.

5. Classroom Headphones Varieties Earphones Airplane

Classroom Headphones Varieties Earphones Airplane

Up to 8 hours of playtime with a battery. 7 days of waiting time. Standard charge time is 2 hours. You can listen for up to an hour after 5 minutes of fast charging. The amazing sound, at Bud Rates, is a value-packed set of student headphones that are colorful, comfy and deliver HQ sound on all smart devices. The 3.5mm jack makes them the perfect choice when travelling or in quiet environments. It was designed for fortifications. Their earphones come with a lightweight design, a bendable material construction, and soft ear cushions, which make them more durable. All of their headphones have cups that you can stack and store easily. The Sonitum headphones are a highly reliable choice for classrooms, airlines, libraries, art galleries, kindergartens, health centers, museums, computer classes as well as ideal for remote learning, traveling, online studying, watching movies & listening to music. It's convenient to say that it's colorFUL and universal. Their sets are colorful in variations with vibrant tones. All of their headphones come with a 3.5mm jack that you can plug into any device. The US based brand, made to last, combines affordable prices with high-end quality to create unbeatable offers. Their headphones come with extra durable materials and a thick wire that will give you extra mileage even when they are used daily by kids.

Brand: Sonitum

👤I am getting ready for school as the summer ends. I like to have reliable headphones for my students. This set is amazing. I teach special education and work with small groups while others use the computer, so it's the perfect number. The headband can be adjusted. The ear pie es can be put in for storage. The appropriate plug is used with chromebooks. I tried on a pair and they were comfortable. The sound quality is good. It's definitely recommended for teachers.

👤I purchased these for my awesome mom skills, so that I could keep my 4 boys home from school and just do school online. That didn't work out. These headphones are great. I was ready to write a terrible review. I thought the school issued laptops didn't work at all. I was going to make phone calls, vent it out, and Karen goodness. You just have to connect them to the laptop and the other way around, for some reason. For whatever reason it works. I thought the pack would be perfect, and I would have a back up pair, but I ended up using the 5th pair because I was doing work on my laptop. The head phones are comfortable, they are noise cancelling, and the sound quality is excellent. My boys no longer do school online because it was a complete joke and they had headphones. My boys preferred these over the little ear buds. The headphones can be worn for 8 hours a day and never become uncomfortable. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤You should use wired headsets for young children when you are sending them to school. It comes with 5 pairs and is a great price. My son says they fit his head well. I still have 3 pairs for spare, but I might put them up for next year. The colors are vibrant and tough enough for him, but he is hard and rough on them. I wanted to see how well they held up after doing the review for so long. I had more back ups if he was rough. They are great for the price. Will purchase again when necessary. Thank you for a good price and not cheap.

👤I loved them but they stopped working in 2 days and I didn't know how to get them back. I loved them. UpDate!! The seller contacted me immediately about my concerns, he also offered me options, which I chose, they came really quick. I love these headphones and I am excited. It is five stars for me. They block out noise and are great for kids. Thanks for the good headphones.

👤Update! I had 6 pairs of headphones that stopped working, and they had only been used a few months. The owner of the company gave me a new set of five for free. The headphones arrived within 3 days of my giving my shipping address. This level of product support is amazing. These headphones are very good and I would highly recommend them. Thank you again! The students in my 2nd grade classroom are very happy with them, and they were bought for them. They like the variety of colors, but they don't hear me the first time I call them. Out of twenty pairs. I have only one that seems to have stopped working, and these are used every day. I will check on the warranty if I need to replace them. I haven't had great experiences with headphones in the classroom, but I am very pleased with these!

6. YHENCY Earphones Headphones Microphone Compatible

YHENCY Earphones Headphones Microphone Compatible

Tangle Free Cable. Earbuds are made of resistant cable, you can put them in your pocket or other place without worry, and the outer layer of protection can prevent your earbuds from being harmed when they are subjected to external shocks, allowing you to have a relaxing and pleasant experience. The in ear headphones come with an additional soft Silicone ear pad, you can choose the one that's right for your ear canal, and the wired earphones could securely fit. The earbuds are compatible with most standard 3.5mm audio jack electronic devices. J7 J3, S10 S9 S8 Plus, and the G7 G8 V60 V50 ThinQ. HD phone and remote control. You can use the phone without taking it out, such as pick up, hang on, switch song, volume up and down, if you have the High Definition Microphone and Volume Button. It's perfect for listen to music, audiobook, phone call, online study, school, remote learning, virtual meeting. Premium sound. The 10mm driver unit has a wide frequency range of 20Hz-20Khz which helps to hear the detail in every track and stay in tune with all your music. Life Companion and Magnetic Earplugs. The earbuds with mic are small and lightweight with magnetic earplugs, which make them easy to keep in your pocket or bag. It's perfect for listening to music, audiobook, phone call in daily life, work, walking, jogging, running, exercise, online study, school, listening to audiobook, remote learning, virtual meeting.

Brand: Yhency

7. Avantree Ensemble Bluetooth Headphones Transmitter

Avantree Ensemble Bluetooth Headphones Transmitter

You can get up to 12 hours of battery life in your shows. You can listen to music in the free range with the up to 100ft / 30m of the transmitter. It is compatible with all TVs on the market thanks to the optical, 3.5mm AUX and RCA input cables. It will allow you to listen to your favorite TV shows at your own volume and not have to turn the TV speaker volume up. You don't need to go through the complicated process of connecting to your phone or computer with the Ensemble; just plug the transmitter into a power source and your TV's audio output port, and you should be good to go. Works well with older TVs as well. The Ensemble provides 40 ms audio latency, which is significantly lower and better than the 200. The market has a lot of typical solutions. The audio and visual will always be perfectly synchronized, no matter what you're watching. The charge is easy. A full day of binge-watching can be accomplished with a 35 hour battery for the headphones. When the battery is low, the transmitter base doubles as a charging dock; simply place the headphones on the dock and it will start charging and be ready again within 2 hours. Class 1 of the Ensemble ensures stable and reliable connection of up to 100 ft (30 m) with the highest range of Bluetooth. Do you need to take a bathroom break? The audio will not cut out if you do what you need to.

Brand: Avantree

👤I had a "TV Listener" headset that failed and I decided to get a new one. When I bought this headset, I thought that if I couldn't get it to work, I'd just send it back. This wasn't the case. I was amazed at how easy it was to pair this headset with my TV. I was listening to something for about ten minutes. The headset is very good. It's sturdy and well made. The fit and finish of the headset is better than the "TV Listener" headset that I had. If I need another headset, I would buy this headset again. You get what you pay for if you pay $90.00 for it.

👤My mom has been having trouble hearing TV audio, so I bought this for her. There is a It definitely helped. I can work from home now that she doesn't have to turn the volume up. There is a Audio is perfect, sound quality is not perfect, but more than enough. There is a The headphones were going to be tight. It's very comfortable to wear, mom hasn't complained so far. The set up of my TV was much easier than I expected. Highly recommended!

👤I ordered the headphones for my husband who is hard of hearing. There is a I use to listen to TV after he sleeps and the sound and quality saved my hearing from him turning up the volume. He loves them! He said he wished he had gotten them sooner. I plugged the cable into my port and the headphones were on. They are easy to use when they are on the charger.

👤It was easy to set up. They are comfortable for different shapes. It is possible to hear what you hear and what you don't. The quality was good for the price. There is next to no bass and it does not block outside noise. I was hoping for better sound quality which would help in decreasing background noise as I live in an apartment and want to block out noisy neighbors. I will try other products.

👤Sound quality and comfort of headphones are great. When headphones are used to disrupt the ability to watch tv, it is muted. There is no cell phone block that can be used to plug the cord into. I had to run around trying to find a block that wasn't already used.

👤I want to get my gripes out first. The wall wart is not included. I don't recall seeing that in the description. You need the charging dock that includes the headset charges, but not the one that plugs into the dock. An old cellphone accessory works. The headphones have to be right to make contact with the dock. It takes practice to figure out where the buttons are on the headphones. The dock has a charging light on it. I use them on a bedroom tv and it's bright. The issue is taken care of with tape over the light. There is a It's very easy to setup. I use a 3.5mm cord for my tv. I can't say anything about it. The headphones are comfortable. The headphones are small and press on my ears. The sound is okay. Voice intelligibility is important to me. The bass response is better than the open ear designs. I find the response to be ok, but not great. The headphones sound dull, missing the sparkle of a good set of headphones. Your expectations matter. For listening to tv shows where people talk about their work. To listen to them only for the quality of music. There is a The value is there. Sometimes you can get what you pay for and a better sound for less money. These are just plain work for watching tv.

8. Geeboy 4326546074 Headphones Wholesale Electronics

Geeboy 4326546074 Headphones Wholesale Electronics

A set of 5 pieces of headphones with microphone and surround sound effect will give you a better listening experience. The Emperor design provides a comfortable fit for your ears. They can be threaded through a jacket, bag, or backpack. Compatibility is not compatible with the following devices: The type C to 3.5mm Adaptor is not compatible with the following devices: It's ideal for all 3.5mm jack devices. The multi-functional button in line makes the earphones more convenient to use. Next track and previous track are used. Answer, Reject and End calls can be made with the built-in microphone. The noise isolating environment provided by the headphones is suitable for working, running, jogging etc.

Brand: Geeboy

👤Was hesitant because of the low price. If they break too soon, it would not be worth it, as we have a daughter who goes to headset about a week. She is almost done with her first pair. These earbuds are the loudest and clearest of any we have tried in the last 7 years. Our headphones are great. Thank you so much!

👤I sleep with earbuds every night so I ruin them quickly. I thought I would just buy a bundle of 5. One of the cheap bundles worked. They were not good. I assumed you get what you pay for. This bundle was the same price as the first one, but I was looking for some good earbuds. They looked like they were a better build quality than the first bundle. I will try them. It wouldn't be much of a loss if they were like the first ones. They were better made when I got them. They all worked more. I expected a couple weeks use before they break. I would use the next pair. The first pair I used is still holding up. The sound quality is good. It is definitely worth the price. I tried more expensive earbuds, but they never lasted this long. They fit my ear very well. I only use them for listening to books, so sound quality isn't important. If you want serious sound quality, I wouldn't recommend these. The sound is just as good as Apple earbuds. I use nice over the eat headphones when I listen to music. I would recommend these earbuds for good sound quality and construction.

👤The five pairs of earphones were all as expected. Listening to music is good for me. I'm a rocker. The price is a great value. If the need arises, would purchase again. My son is a 5th graders. Adding 6 inches of length is the only thing that could be improved. That's all! Good product.

👤My opinion of the pack has changed after I tested each of the headphones. They only lasted a day and a half. Unless I hold the plug firmly with my fingers, I will shock you with two more. The last one is functioning normally after about 4 months of use. I thought the one star rating for one of the headphones was fair. The original review was about cheap. Not bad for the price. One of the earbuds shock me when I use them. I don't expect the others in the pack to last long, even with light use. It could be a surprise. The sound quality is good.

👤These are cheap, so I won't feel bad if I lose a pair or find one chewed up by my cats. They're serving their purpose well so far. Excellent sound quality. They did not come with a storage case or extra rubber tips. If you have small ear canals like me, you'll need to buy smaller tips or you'll find yourself constantly adjusting these throughout the day. Maybe that's just my laptop port's problem, one or two pairs have crackling interference when I jostle the auxiliary plug. It's worth the price to have some backup earbuds in your bag or backpack.

9. Microphone Isolating Headphones Definition Compatible

Microphone Isolating Headphones Definition Compatible

The ear tips are soft and excellent quality, it comes with two different sizes of buds, you can choose the better buds to fit your ears. Set of 5 pieces of excellent stereo earbuds with microphone feature powerful bass and provide excellent sound input and output quality, allowing you to enjoy comfort while still having the enjoyable listening experience possible! The built-in microphone and multi- function button make it easier to use, since you don't have to pick up the phone. The 5-pack of earbuds with microphone are lightweight, tangle free cable and can easily fit in a pocket, while different colors give them more character andVersatility, and the use of quality materials means a longer lifespan. The earbuds are compatible with many devices. The player is compatible with most devices.

Brand: Kirababy

👤These are just not good. It was cheap made. One pair fell apart after being taken out of the bag. Within 2 weeks, the other 2 pairs fell apart. I got what I paid for. Hope no one will buy these, they are not worth the price. The seller is trying to sell you a 5-start review for 15 bucks, which is against the policy of the seller. Stay away from the bad Chinese seller.

👤My daughter and I have both been shocked by the noise and sound of the headphones so far. The seller is still trying to sell me a review.

👤Ignore the 5 star reviews, the seller offers a gift card for reviews that are against Amazon rules. I purchase earphones in bulk. I go through them quickly because I slept with them and have a puppy. You get what you pay for with these. They do the job. The mic doesn't work and they fall apart in a few weeks. They are cheap.

👤These are cheap earbuds, but they are not cheap. I used the first pair and broke them within 30 minutes. Very delicate. I bought these because my ear bud's are falling out when I walk my dog because he is all over the place. I don't think a day through a pair is worth it. The box they come in is very cute. One star for a cute box.

👤I have three kids who lose their earbuds frequently and leave them where cats will chew them up, slam them in car doors, or just have one side of their body messed with. When this happens, they head over to Dad and ask to borrow his pair until they can get a new pair. This can take a long time, especially during the COVID lockdown. There is a Dad paid for it and takes good care of it, as he only has one pair. This 5-pack of earbuds is cheap. I've given away three pairs of these to my kids, and I'll keep using my own earbuds or a pair of these. These sound just as good as the more expensive pair I usually use. I don't need to keep one pair of these in my pocket or bag because I keep one pair in my desk and the other in my nightstand. There is a The cord is a little stiff but sturdy. The earpieces are comfortable. It's an unbelievable bargain to get five pairs for half the price of single pairs.

👤If I gave the product a 5 star review, the maker of the earbuds would give me a $20 Amazon gift card. The offer was printed on a card in the mail. I feel I am being generous because I can't be persuaded to give these anything higher than three stars. There is a The sound is tinny, high and squelchy, and it's all without the bottom. The consumer can experience a difference in how familiar tracks sound compared to a better pair of ear buds. It isn't enjoyable. I would rather have had one pair of ear buds than four. The controls work to make an audio app work, but I have not been able to work the volume levels that the instructions claim is possible. There is a Is it possible to label the buds to indicate which one is for the right or left ear? Like everybody else? Hmm? Do you think that young moderns who listen to music on monaural bluetooth speakers really care about this? There is a My 5 year old Apple ear buds sound better than this quartet, which is sorely lacking. I don't want that heavy heaving bass type. The buds have survived five years.

10. Bluetooth LEVN Microphone Cancelling Headphones

Bluetooth LEVN Microphone Cancelling Headphones

This computer headset with superior voice recognition microphone is ideal for students education, such as Language-learning, Dictation, Online Course, and many more. There is a noise cancellation function. The environmental noise cancellation technology is used in this headset. It is possible to prevent the listener from hearing background noise by calculating the environmental noise's Frequency Band in advance. The microphone can be turned on and off with the mute function. The LEVN on ear headphones use two methods to connect with computers, cell phones, telephone, and other devices. You can use the device to connect with the USB dongle if it doesn't have a function. It will be more stable and there will be no transmission delay to connect this PC headset to the computer. A 350-mwh battery and exclusive charging base allow the trucker headset to provide up to 35+ hours of continuous work time. It has long-term service for call center agents and remote workers. You can use the POGO charging base or the Type C charging cable to charge the headset, it comes with a plug and play charging base. It has a comfortable earmuffs and a 270 microphone, which makes it all day comfortable. The microphone can be used on the right or left side and will not be damaged even if it is changed thousands of times. With just one click, you can make your own calls. Long-distance working range and hands-free calls. Even if you leave your connected device for a short time, the call quality will not be affected, perfect for call center, office, remote work, home, classroom, Skype, and truckers. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them, their professional customer service team will provide you with solutions.

Brand: Levn

👤If the headset broke in a month, I would probably buy it again. The battery, comfort, and most of all the noise cancelation is fantastic. The people on the other end couldn't hear my dogs barking because they were next to me. This is the most important part of a work from home headset and it is the best I have had in a long time.

👤I am very pleased with this purchase. The call quality is very good and the headset is lightweight. It seems to have a good battery life after being hooked up. It seems to be enough to get me through a day. There is a Charging can be a bit of a trick. It is possible to make it to where there is only one practical way to place the headset on the charge. If you place the headset on the wrong spot, it won't charge. The earpiece has two contacts on the underside that are supposed to line up with two prongs. It is very easy to put the headset down, think it is charging, and dump it the next day. This leads to... There is no charge indicator that you can easily see that it is charging. The red charge light is at about 4:00 when the headset is on the charge. It can be difficult to make sure that the device is charging. The battery status does not show, but it could be a Windows 10 thing. I am not going to lose sleep over this, I have not looked into it. There is a Overall, a solid performer. If the charging problem is solved, I would consider buying V2 and making the indicator bigger and brighter. If I had to run a quick charge, there is a port for that, but that isn't the point.

👤It is really sleek. I like the look of it. It is wireless. I want to use this in a different way. I work from home. I wanted to be able to move around with this. Guess what? I can't unmute this thing when I'm not at my desk. I have to unmute myself. It has a button that can be turned off. I have to manually unmute myself on zoom calls. You would think that the function would connect the computer to the meeting I am attending. I am scared because I don't know how I'll be able to unmute this thing or if it will work with Genesis, I haven't taken calls with this yet. The mic works well and the sound quality is good. It is the unmuting and muting that irritates me. You would think this would work better than the cheaper ones. The seller reached out to me and apologized. If you buy these headphones, you will have to use your computer to make noise. The headphones are not compatible with all laptops. It is meant for cellphone usage, so it would be a great headset for a truck driver. It has a good battery life and is comfortable. If you work from home, you will be able to use a wireless device.

11. Headphones Earphones Magnetic Headphone Smartphone

Headphones Earphones Magnetic Headphone Smartphone

3.5mm plug is compatible with on- ear headphones with all 3.5mm jack devices. Please feel free to reach the customer if you have a lifetime warranty. The headphone can be used for the following: the S22, S22 Plus, S21, S21 Ultra, and S20 FE. For iPad Pro, for Moto Z, for Moto E, for the S20 Ultra, for the S20 Plus, for the Note 20, for the Note10+, for the Z, and for the U11, for the U11, for the U11, for the U11, for the U11, Powerful magnetic is built in the back of the earbuds which makes it easier to roll up and not have any tangles. Magnets can be hung around your neck to prevent the headphones from sliding off. The quality material of theusb c earphone is metal- plated, stretch resistant, long- lasting, built-in powerful DAC chip, and no buzzing, popping, or bad audio issues. The high-quality microphone which can hand free calling, allow you to easily answer/end calls, is available with the remote control and mic. You get a mini earphone carrying case and a headphone. 6 months worry-free new replacement is provided by UUGOO. Buy it now!

Brand: Imangoo

👤The headphones are not as snug as putting marbles in your ears. They are made of plastic. There was no rubber. There was no cushion. They don't fit to your ear, they don't hook onto your ear, and they aren't molded for the shape of your ear. They will fall out of your ear if you turn your head too fast. If you try to push it in to be more snug, you will fail and hurt yourself. You will annoy yourself eventually. There is no respectable lengthiness to the cord where you wouldn't need it to be so snug. It's short. These headphones are not for you. You will spend a lot of time using them.

👤I only use it at home and put it in the desk with care, but it doesn't work after a week.

👤Unless you have huge ears, these ear pieces are too big and don't fit properly for me or my family.

👤I think people who leave reviews that say these are uncomfortable aren't wearing them correctly. These are the same design as Apple Ear Pods, so they don't go inside the ear canal, which is great for me because headphones that go inside the ear canals irritate my ears. These ones are not at all. I've been using them on my S21 and when listening to Amazon Music, I'm able to adjust the volume with the little adjustment thingy on the wire. I was having trouble getting the volume to be as low as I wanted when using these. I have to look into that. The sound quality and comfort are great.

👤These headphones are the most uncomfortable I have ever purchased.

👤These are very strange. They don't fit in my ear and fall out. The sound quality is excellent. The sound is very clear and smooth. The magnetic backs are not very useful in the long run.

👤I give this four stars mostly because of their comfort level. The Pod is big for my ear, so it can get uncomfortable to wear them for a long time. They did not have the little rubber covers. I had to buy them separately for both comfort. They don't slide around in the ear if you sweat during a workout. The microphone on them is very clear and the sound quality on the other end is better than other headphones that I have had.

👤I think the best earbuds are the ones with theusb c. I got them a week ago after a search that will involve three returns. I have Apple lightning earbuds, which I like, but I wanted something similar for my phone, since Apple doesn't make earbuds for the phone. These are the final ones. I'm pretty sure the designer of these worked for Apple. I was heard clearly on my first two calls, but I didn't know what to say. During a long conversation on the other end. Music is loud, which is a good thing. They're very light, but they don't feel very vulnerable. They feel like Apple stuff. The buttons click well. The case and magnetic connection between the ear pieces are bonuses. I think the only negative about them is that they're a little big in the ear canal, but my first call was very comfortable. I think these are the best buds.


What is the best product for headphone pack of 5?

Headphone pack of 5 products from Kaysent. In this article about headphone pack of 5 you can see why people choose the product. Hongzan and Dglighting are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone pack of 5.

What are the best brands for headphone pack of 5?

Kaysent, Hongzan and Dglighting are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone pack of 5. Find the detail in this article. Donerton, Sonitum and Yhency are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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