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1. AIHOOR Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

AIHOOR Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

3m is the optimal cable length. The 3.5-6.3mm Adaptor has a single-sided cable. Unleash your power without worrying about earphones falling off. The earhooks are designed to ensure that the headphones are firmly hung on the ears. There are always at least 4 pairs of eartips that fit your ears. Gain instant motivation from music. The A7 earbuds have XLARGE 12mm dynamic drivers and are tuned by 30 years experienced audio experts to create a passion listening experience for sports. No longer need to search for phones when answering calls with a noise reduction mic. Touch the earbuds to answer calls. The latest call noise reduction is applied to improve the clarity of your voice. Simple soft touch on earbuds can help you answer/hang up the call, play or pause music, adjust volume and skip tracks. It's hassle-free to have a paring with a PC, phone, or laptop. The battery life is extended by 30 hours with the charging case and every single ear bud can be used together or individually for 6 hours of music playing. It's long enough to get you through a workout.

Brand: Aihoor

👤When I'm jogging, normal earbuds fall out. Blame it on genetics. These earhooks are perfect for my needs. I have better peripheral hearing when running in a group or along a street because these earbuds stay put without jamming my ears.

👤I don't find them comfortable, and they were prone to coming out of my ear, because I don't know the right way to fit them in my ear. There is a I could spend more time with them, but they are not appropriate for winter in this area, as if you are wearing a winter hat and then say you are pausing/rewinding, these buds think you are doing something wrong. Also, etc. They protrude too far from the ear. If you like earhook style or an expert at bending and twisting them into your preferred shape, they will fit you better than me.

👤Loud notifications will be given off when you turn your head. It was very disruptive and annoying. Making them less valuable.

👤I bought them for working out. These earbuds don't stay in my ear while I ride my bike. I've tried every set of bud tips that came with them in an effort to get them to fit. They don't stay in ear due to the motion and sweat. The touch sensors on the side are so sensitive that they can even react to the hood of my sweater hitting them. They are triggered when I adjust them in my ear because of their poor fit. These are the worst earbuds I have ever used.

👤I was looking for a wireless accessory that would stay in during exercise and wouldn't cost a lot to replace if I needed it. I like the price-to-quality ratio on these. When the first set had to be exchanged due to a bad battery in one earpiece, customer service and seller outreach was quick and painless. You won't be disappointed if you have realistic expectations for the price.

👤I made a mistake in my previous review and would like to change it.

👤They work well for the price. It is not as good as others say. It feels like you have your own stereo with you when you put them.

2. WH 1000XM3 Wireless Canceling Headset International

WH 1000XM3 Wireless Canceling Headset International

Sense engine is smart listening. The response time is 4 to 40,000hertz. Without taking your headphones off, quick attention mode can be used. In the box is a Carry Case, Charging Cable, Audio Cable, and a wire. Music is the only thing that brings noise canceling. Volume Control Touch Sensor. 40mm liquid crystal drivers have a premium sound quality.

Brand: Sony

👤This is a high quality product from Sony and a worthy competitor to Bose. The device's quality and performance key factors weren't the issue, but I decided to return the product for reasons I will describe below. There is a The positives are noise-cancelling. This is top of its class. I tried to switch from Bose to this, and the difference in noise reduction is almost identical. It seems like it's better at controlling the sound of lower sounds than the QC35, so rumbles will be quieter with this Sony. Audio Playback/Sound Quality: This is a great pair of cans. Excellent bass, good highs and mids. This will be one of the best sounding headphones you can own. If you listen with noise cancelling enabled, it's not a huge difference compared to the Bose QC35 IIs, but if you listen with a built in DAC, it's better. Now for my negatives. It takes 2 full seconds to turn the system on or off, compared to my Bose. There is a nifty little feature where you can cover your earpiece with your hand and it will turn off noise cancelling and lower the audio volume so you can hear the outside world. This works well, but it looks a little odd and isn't what I would use. I tend to be in a situation where I don't need to interrupt, or I need to turn it off immediately. It's not good to have to awkwardly hold the power button, but it's also not good to have to pause any interaction because the ear-holding doesn't pause. The issues with this are straightforward. I only had this "gesture" work for me the first time I tried it. If you're too light or too heavy it's not recognized, if you're slow or too fast it's not. It looks silly and sounds unpleasant to repeatedly tap on your own head. It's too unreliable for how critical the function is. Touch based controls for volume and play back are used. If you want any semblance of precision, you have to do one quick move at a time. If you're too slow, it will register them as multiple swipes, which can lead to low or high volumes. Skip forward and backward. The same issues for volume apply here as well. There are two aspects of this control that I don't like. The orientation of the swipes is static. If you're lying down trying to skip forwards, you need to move your head from the surface to the ceiling or vice-versa. If you're lying on a side, you can't interact with the controls if the right ear is covered. 2. It's pointless to use buttons to get the right part of the earphone with the right part of your finger at the right speeds. There is no feedback to understand what you did wrong if your gesture doesn't work. The "multi" device syncs. This is not a big issue for other users, but this is not compatible with the device. You have to manually connect to your laptop or other device after you disconnected from your phone. You don't have to re-sync the device, but you have to fiddle. My Bose QC 35s connect to my phone and PC at the same time, and switch between them based on audio priority. If I get a phone call, I can switch audio from my laptop to my phone. No such behavior from the Sonys. This is the main break for me. Wind noise-cancelling: The handling of high speed wind is terrible. I take an open ferry most mornings as my commute is quick. With more break in time, I think this would improve, but on multiple occasions, a session of 45+ minutes started to get a little painful, and loosened the headband, it slipped off. There is a It's a high quality item, and it does the jobs it does very well, but for my use cases, it's not very good.

3. Donerton Wireless Earbuds Ear Headphones

Donerton Wireless Earbuds Ear Headphones

Ear pads, headband padding, and audio cord are replaceable. Bassup technology enhances bass by up to 43% and aptx audio offers lossless transmission between your device and the wireless headphones. The driver unit is inside the earphones. The response range is 20 to 20khz. Make your heart relax with rich bass. The charging box is small, lightweight and easy to carry, about 1/3 of the mobile phone, and the in ear headphones have a sleek high quality simple design. You can put it in your pocket or backpack and charge it whenever you want, no matter where you are. A4 paper is just as light as a single earbud. The shape of the ear is perfect. The integrated FPC antenna and bluetooth 5.0 ensure a stable connection between the true wireless earbud and the smart phone. The chip makes the signal delay low. The old v4.2 headphones had a transmission speed that was twice as fast. The range is up to 50ft. Say goodbye to wired earphone tangles and hello to freedom of movement. The true wireless headphones give up to 5 hours of play time with one charge and 30 hours of play time with the charging case. When you need power fast, only 10 minutes of fast charging support 1 hour of listening. You can freely switch songs, answer and reject calls, adjust volume and voice assistant with the black wireless earbud. Running headphones can endure a minimum of three minutes of powerful jets spraying without water penetrating the hardware, thanks to the waterproof design of the IP7. Enjoy high quality music and be worry free from sweat, heavy rain or spilled liquid. It's suitable for sweating in the gym or running outside.

Brand: Donerton

👤I have never written a review on Amazon. Don't buy them. They sound like gravel trying to sing. It is Amazingly pathetic.

👤The sound is good. I only use the bud while I'm driving, but it didn't want to stay in my ear. I tried to push it in, but the call wouldn't connect. I returned it for that reason alone.

👤I need headphones for recording. The sounds were great in every setting. I seem to have lost them. I'm here for the post-Black Friday pricing because I don't think I'll find them soon.

👤I bought these for my child at Christmas. She uses them every day and has commented on how well they charge. She was impressed which made me very happy. I would recommend these as a set to start with, instead of purchasing expensive brands for young teens.

👤I use these with my S10 lite, and they are great. You won't want any other kind once you get used to the way they fit in your ear.

👤Earbuds last a long time. It's a case that earbuds won't run out of charge when out. The case can charge the phone.

👤When active, the ear buds were not designed to stay in someone's ear.

👤I couldn't get it to work with my phone. The charging case is hard to open. I bought another set.

👤Ich besser, wie she erwartet. Design, Sitz in den Ohren, Anzeige, and Klangflle are all part of the TOPP. Weie ist, hier fndig. Man ist braucht. The informations is kommen, die Kopfhrer is in der ansprechenden Verpackung. There is a Es ist ausb-c. 2 Stze Silikonstpsel ist. Die erste Verbrauchindung ist die erste Gebsanleitung. Anhieb ist das Pairing. Man ist die Anleitung Schritt. The man is immer genau ber den jeweiligen Ladezustand. The Box magnetisch ist die Kopfhrer selbst. The Box ist schnappt magnetisch. The Zwerge is aphantastisch. Im Gegenteil hat das leicht Betonung der Bsse, das strt aber berhaupt. Die Hrer sitzen in den Ohren. Fast, meine Empfehlung - wenig gesagt.

👤J'ai acheté ces ecouteurs. elle est avie! There is a Livrés, qui permet de des charges, vous avez faire a prise usb sur le boitier. The digital de l'etat de charge is juste. Ces eux s'est parfait pour des discussions. D'une portée de 10 mtres, vous soit un phone ou un device. Un cable chargeur et des adaptateur pour des oreilles sont fournis. There is a Je recommande.

👤Ich besitze die Ear Pods. Weil weil kabelgebundene Kopfhrer, die Nerven gegangen ist. There is a Ich ist negatives ber die Kopfhrer. Einmal per Bluetooth is a word. Sobald mal ist die Ladeschale nimmt. The Bsse ist tadellos, die beim Original aber diesen. Man beide direkt vergleichet. Ich ist die Kopfhrer. Es ist hier bestens bedient, wie langlebig ist. The die Box has been updated. Lsst ist das. I am an den Verkufer in der Hoffnung. There is a War die Rezension hilfreich? Da lassen, gerne das Ntzlich”

👤Je cherchais depuis un moment des écouteurs sans fil. J'ai essayé auparavant ne me satisfaire pas du tout. The fils sont un problme lorsqu'on court. J'ai investi in 2 écouteurs bluetooth. De plus je suis sans arrt a new car. Sans parler de l' autonomie faible. Je commence a suer on m'a prté des earpods. Un membre qui avait le mme soucis, qui a conseillé d'acheter ces écouteurs Donerton. lui mme et don't you know it. J'ai donc suivit son conseil. Vous pouvons toutes le prix qui reste tout a fait raisonnable. Aucun fil gnant.télécommande touché sur leoreillettes. je n'ai pas encore, je vais beaucoup de fois 3 heures, sans the recharger. ils ist a la sueur sans problme. The positions were fois positionnés, ne bougent plus et s'y adapte. Le téléphone est quasi instantanée. Vous utiliser d'autres appareils, besoin de re-apairer. - l'Utilisation du Botier en batterie de Secours pour portable est un vrai plus et depuis a prendre le cable de liaison. L qu'ils sont. There is a J'ai beaucoup satisfaire de ces écouteurs, en conduisant... Rien a dire, je recommande a tous ceux qui veulent des écouteurs sans fil du tout.

4. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH700N

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH700N

You will receive a headband. Digital noise canceling blocks out background noise for a better music experience. The NC Button is powered by Next Gen AI Tech. It's hands free calling. You can use a microphone to make calls and access your voice assistant. Enjoy up to 35 hours of wireless play and 10 min quick charge capability. Voice assistant Voice access to music, information, and more is possible with the help of the voice assistant. A simple touch can be used to initiate it.

Brand: Sony

👤I don't have large ears that push against my ears because the padding on the ear muff isn't thick enough.

👤Second pair and enjoy listening to my music.

5. Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones

It is widely compatible. The braided cord is 47 inches long. 5mm stereo Plug. Under normal use, will not twist or break. You can use with all your favorite devices. Integrated noise canceling technology. Up to 80 hours of battery life. It's lightweight for ultimate music mobility. The drivers have a Dynamic 1.18. The folding design is Swivel. The Y-shaped cord is a long one. The technology of connecting.

Brand: Sony

👤I work in an office with a bunch of bags and hens. I tried these out for the first time today and they worked great. The soft mummer app completely drowns out all of the annoying people I work with and it's free. The idiots all have their own radios and speakers, and they talk about things that I can't ignore. I am sensitive to sound and crotchety. These are working out well so far, I had to try something. I had to set a visual alert on my phone because they work so well. I'm not sure about the battery life. If it means I don't have to listen to these morons anymore, I'd pay for one battery every so often.

👤The analysis with the noise canceling on and off is shown on the charts. These are for money. I'm sure there are other headphones that perform better than the ones that perform worse. The package claims to have "95% ambient noise reduction". The only noise in my office is from the fan on my computer. I'd like to say something about 40%. I graphed the results using a mic in a foam filled box to record differences in ambient noise. The drivers for the Sony headphones would normally find an aural hole in the box. I understand that this is crude, but it was enough for my tests. If you want a more accurate test, you can get a human skull. There is a There is a reduction in decibels on sounds below 86 Hz and a similar reduction at the top end of the spectrum. In the middle of the range between 1000-2800hZ, the reduction of ambient noise is more linear, keeping the noises between 46-55dB while on and 53-62dB while off.

👤I'm a classical musician. I own a Koss UR 18 which is good at their price range and is comfortable and has decent bass. I own a Senheisser HD 280 as well. They are very large with good passive isolation. I had the $450 Beats Pro for a while, and they were great for popular music, with control talk, great bass, and superior to all other beats. There is a These pair or Sonys? The Sonys have more bass and treble than the Senheisser 280, but they sound hollow. It is pretty good for the price range. Nothing impressive. I like the sound of their bass. The bathroom fan and the bus were cut off. The voices are softer but you can hear them clearly. Keep those differences in mind. It's been a few times that people talked to me in the house while listening to angry rock at 40% of volume, and I did not hear them at all. There is a They are ten times cheaper than the Bose QC 25, but they are not as good. There is a They fold flat and small in a way that is very portable. There was no bag included. There is a It comes with one and is easy to use. There is a There was no control to pick up calls. There is a It hurts a bit if you can equalize it well after an hour or so. Sound can be hollow in the middle. There is a It's comfort: Even with glasses on, they are very comfortable. My head is small. Sometimes I prefer them over the Senhheisser HD 280 because of their bass oriented music, and I paid $30 for them. There is a I kept the Senheisser for those situations because they are better at blocking higher pitch sounds. There is a The Sonys have noise canceling which improves their sound. They work without it. Even without batteries, you can listen. The sound does not lose boom and volume. I'm happy with the price. The store went silent when I tried the Bose Quiet comfort 20. The bass was not good. The Sony pair under $50 are not as good at isolating. They are much cheaper at Best Buy. The bass is very sweet. There is a I would give them a try for a cheap option. If you listen to classical exclusively, keep looking. There is a I hope it helps.

6. Headband Replacement Wireless CECHYA 0083 Headphone

Headband Replacement Wireless CECHYA 0083 Headphone

Speak-to-chat technology reduces the volume in conversations. If you have trouble installing, please click on the installation video guide. They can help you. There is a service and warranty policy. All defean are produced under strict quality inspection and come with a 12-Month worry-free warranty and free lifetime technical support. If there are any issues with your purchase, please contact them for replacement or refunds. You will receive a headband.

Brand: Defean

👤The only thing that makes this product imperfect is the color. I wasn't sure if it was going to snap into the latches that the old headband clicked into, but as I squeezed it, it started clicking into place. Remove your old headband with care. The prior designers thought it was a good idea to put the wiring in the opposite direction. The kitchen shears are great for cutting ribs. To get the side edges in first, you have to lift the center out off the center and make a "W" shape with it. You won't damage anything if you go slow and methodical. There is a My headset is ready to use for years. These headsets are refreshable and we need more of them. The ear can be replaced as they went first.

👤Relocate carefully. The old method of connecting the two speakers without damaging the wires. Strong shears are required to cut the plastic. Use arrow tape to hold the wire in place. This is a better option than a zip on cover.

👤This is the replacement ear muffs I bought. It was easy to install both and I didn't have to buy a new headset. I would recommend it if yours is falling apart like mine was.

👤It's easy to assemble, but watch out for the wire under the original part, nail clippers or wire cutters should cut it.

👤It was bought for my husband's gaming headset, which was starting to crack. It was easy to replace and now it looks brand new. It is a better option than buying a new headset. This purchase was very happy with me.

👤It is easy to install, but the color isn't quite right.

👤The old one was removed. Popped it on. It looks brand new.

👤These seem to be of the same quality. It is easy to remove the old one.

👤It's easy to install. The stock one is a bit darker than the blue one. Good product.

👤It's easy to replace and it fits perfectly.

7. Replacement MDR XB950BT MDR XB650BT Headphones Installation

Replacement MDR XB950BT MDR XB650BT Headphones Installation

There was no tool needed. Zip up in place if you want to fit over the original headband. Don't remove the headband. Can be used to protect your headband. This product is compatible with Sony. Product dimensions are 5.11 x 3.1 inches (13 x 8 cm). There is a headband x 1 in the package.

Brand: Geekria

👤This is a perfect fit and you won't notice. It leaves black marks on the headband areas when the headphones are folded in the case. The marks are permanent and cannot be removed without damaging the finish. It's unbelievable that they would release this as a protection.

👤I gave a rating based on the comfort and durability. The zip is not broken. But not the best. It's a good product and does what it was intended to do. If your head band is peeling or coming off, it's an inexpensive alternative. I bought it for a pair of Sony whch700n's. I wanted to add more padding to fit my head better. It didn't do what I wanted, but that's what it is. It's a good replacement for when I need it. It has a loose fit and is a tad bigger for my model.

👤It works perfectly for my Sony XM4's. They seem to fall too low, but this extra padding is what I need. I keep it on all the time.

👤It fits my Xm4 nicely, and when combined with the earpad sweat covers it protects my headphones from any sweat damage during my workouts.

👤It's like a pair of gloves. It was nice to protect that piece of syn leather.

👤It barely fits my headphones. It's hard to zip in a tight fit.

👤My old headphones look better now. It is a bit bigger.

👤I would have expected this to be better, for example, the model of my Sony headphones. There is a It is baggy, moves around, and not great to be honest. Maybe will go back for a refund.

👤I was very pleased with this gizmo, and I don't often write reviews. There was no easy way to fix the tear in the headband padding and the foam was falling out. This was a perfect fit and saved me from using tape or glue.

👤I noticed the dimensions and took a chance, the cover fits my AKG 550 perfectly, it could have been made for them. Very happy with the product.

👤They made the headband too thick to fit into the zip head, so I tried to put the headband on the headphones. The zip pull came off in my hands. A mistake!

8. Sony WHXB900 Wireless Cancelling Headphones

Sony WHXB900 Wireless Cancelling Headphones

The 3.5mm stereo mini plug is compatible with CD players, mp3 players, and most other consumer audio devices. Extra BASS technology makes noise cancelling with deep bass sound even better. Up to 30 hours of battery life. 60 minutes of play time will be given after just 10 minutes charge. For a hands-free control and more, it was designed to be compatible with the Google Assistant and the Amazon. The design is sleek and comfortable.

Brand: Sony

👤The noise cancellation works well. I couldn't hear my neighbor beating his wife. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

👤The sound, comfort, controls, and connection of these headphones are great. It's pretty good to cancel noise. I wore these across the Pacific and back with glasses. The last couple hours were a little difficult to adjust to. You can hear announcements being made but they are too faint to comprehend. The controls are easy to use and you can hear surroundings. Right. For track, forward/back for volume. I used them for one call and it sounded great. An older pair of Bose noise cancelling was replaced. A hard case would be nice to include with the bag and cord. I have also used them for virtual reality games. The whxb1000 model would have to be very special to beat them. These are the most comfortable headphones I have ever used.

👤These are a favorite of mine. I am not an audio snob or a bass head. I work in a server room for 8 hours a day with the sound of fans, humming, and occasionally beeps. These headphones did not add hiss like on cheaper ANC headphones. They are not designed to block sudden noises. Keep that in mind. There is a If you aren't a fan of the sound stage, the sound is amazing. If you were sitting in front of the performance, you would get the sound of the music at peak recording but it wouldn't be 100% on your ears. It's completely focused in front of you and not to your sides. There is a These headphones are great because they have 2 amazing speakers in them. Bass can be adjusted to your liking. The music is clean and clear. There is a You will fall asleep with these on. Don't tell my boss that my battery lasts 33 hours, it lasts 4 hours and change. I have a small issue with my pair. They are stuck at 70% charged. It's not an issue for a $200 pair of headphones. Don't freak out if you buy this and it happens to you, not everyone has this issue. The app is decent. The spatial sound setting can tell if I am walking, sitting, or riding a train. Is genius, keeps me alert, and shuts out the hustle and bustle noise. Overall, 8 out of 10. These are worth $300 and sound amazing, have easy controls, and bass that will keep you moving. The battery issue and no hard case are issues to me. Skullcandy is selling their headphones with a hard case for less than Sony. If you can afford it, buy them. It helps anyone in a noisy environment if you take them off. Have a great day, thank you.

👤If you are one of the few who have a large monster head, please let me know. The plastic inside of your ears will cause you to be crazy. I've learned from previous experiences that if you mess around with your headphones, you should get a replacement. Earpadding didn't show up until the next day after I bought it. I got a full day of wearing them. I was very uncomfortable. I don't understand why headset manufacturers don't just release two different versions, one for normal people and the other for upcharge. The price and performance of this headset is amazing. The audio range is amazing and the noise cancellation is very important at this price point. The bass is so clear even when I forget and put the headset on, it destroys my ears. Don't forget to get a full effect. I use these for my desktop gaming headphones with a Blue Yeti Blackout.

9. Replacement MDR G45LP MDR G55LP MDR G410LP MDR G101LP

Replacement MDR G45LP MDR G55LP MDR G410LP MDR G101LP

It's very easy to put on. It's compatible with Sony G94NC, Sony NC6,B&O Betop and AKG-K403. The package includes 10 pairs. Earpud. High elasticity, durable, light-weight, soft and comfortable. It's good for Headphones' diameter.

Brand: Blacell

👤They fit the H600 headset but are half the thickness of the originals. I was able to stretch two earpads over each earpiece and give them an overall thickness similar to the original earpads. There is a I give them 3 stars because they fit the earpiece and double up have the same thickness and comfort as the originals. There is a The original package and replacement package arrived with only 5 pairs instead of the advertised 10 pairs, so I am giving them just 1 star. I will not ask for a second replacement but I will suggest that Amazon pull the product until the vendor packages the correct amount or changes their ad.

👤I use the H340 headset daily for work and purchased these for it. The ear pads that were received were larger than the original pads that were installed on the headset, which was about 55mm. The ear pads seem to be more comfortable than the shredded ones I had. I still think these ear pads are a good deal, even if I end up buying more ear pads for an H340, I may try to find some closer to the original 50mm size.

👤I noticed the reviews about the wrong size after I ordered them. I tried to cancel the order, but couldn't. I was going to try to return them, but decided to check them first. The company may have listened to the previous customers, but they came in and fit my headset as advertised. They fit both my Plantronics and myMotorola 850 headsets. I'm happy with them.

👤I bought this product because it said it fit the H600. I ordered the USPS to deliver it to someone other than my mailbox. I had to call and get a refund. When I got the earpads, I was a bit disappointed that they were so thin, but I thought that I could afford to change them frequently and that I didn't care about the price. I couldn't get one to stay on because they were too small. I had to return them.

👤55mm is the size of the pads. They need to be stretched to cover 65mm of the originals. They are very thin and compressed. It's to be expected that they are generic. My suggestion is to get out the ruler and measure the originals before buying replacements instead of relying on the "fits model X" information on the product description.

👤The leatherette on mY headphones started to crack. I ordered ear piece covers and they covered the earphone ear pieces. Nice fit. I use a headset to do voice recoding, but I can't hear noise canceling. You get a set of ear covers. I don't know how long they will last because I got mine a month ago. I recommend them for what they do.

👤I received 19 pads instead of the 20 I received, and one of them was not packed flat. One of the pads was packed with crumpled up pairs of shoes. They were not the same shade and looked dirty. I threw the ones next to them away. I only got 7 pairs.

10. Sony Lightweight Behind Stereo Headphones

Sony Lightweight Behind Stereo Headphones

Ultra-small, ultra-light headphones weigh less than 2 ounces and are comfortable for an hour after hour of wear. 30mm diameter drive units are larger than portable headphones for deeper bass, lower distortion and wider dynamic range. The Ear loop is easy to use and comfortable. Attach the ear to the body and slide into position. The headband has a single-sided cord for eliminating tangles and is behind the neck. The 3.5mm stereo mini plug is compatible with CD players, mp3 players, and most other consumer audio devices.

Brand: Sony

👤This headset is corded. The description says it's a light weight headset that weighs less than 2 ounces without the cord. The pictures don't show a cord. There is no way to detach the cord. I was expecting them to be corded because of the picture and misleading note about weight. Will pay more attention to the fine print next time.

👤I bought this item for my husband to use as he listens to music. He loves them. He had tried earbuds and headphones before. What a waste of money! The Sony brand is comfortable and has an awesome sound. Finally hit the mark.

👤The sound of these Sony headphones is not good compared to the sennheisers I use. There is a But compared to other $20-ish sport headphones that are comfortable and won't fall out? You will probably not find a better pair. They sound good and they are comfortable, but I forget that I am wearing them. There is a If you need to take them off or carry them, the loop makes it easy to wrap around the back of your neck. There are a few minor problems. The ear pads can fall off and get lost. The wire will wear out before the pads do, so you will probably never need to replace them. Why do they have to be removed at all? Silly design choice. The aforementioned wire was used. There is a problem with wired sport headphones. You're using them while exercising, so you bend the wire. You're doing it over and over again, and the wire fatigues over time, until the wire eventually breaks. You will need to replace your headphones every year if you exercise more than four times a week.

👤They are Sonys. I found that my ears were too sensitive to have the plastic on top of them, so they hurt a bit. They come from behind and go up over the ears to stay on, but they eventually hurt the skin on the top of my Ears. I think this is my problem, not Sony's. If your Ears are not as tender as mine, you should get a pair. The sound quality is great.

👤When I wanted a set of headphones that I could use at the office during the day, but still allow me to hear someone coming up to me, I discovered that it was a set that allowed me to hear someone coming up to me. I loved them. The sound quality is great. When flying, I use an in ear set of headphones to block out the airplane noises. There is a These are my go-to headphones if I am not using my set. Excellent for quality and sound. The foam on my old ones had seen better days, so I bought a new pair. I didn't feel like I could do it myself. I was content to just buy a new pair.

👤Finally! I've found a headset that's comfortable and doesn't have to be in my ear. The sound is better than the various earbud sets that I've used, and the a*ple earbuds that fit well, sound great and never last longer than 3 months. For the price, they work well for me.

11. Sony WH CH510 Wireless Headphones WHCH510

Sony WH CH510 Wireless Headphones WHCH510

The design of the audio companion is flexible. Children's headphones are perfect for school. Almost all 3.5mm jack audio devices are compatible. Cancel out the world with smart noise cancellation. You can listen to your favorite tracks with a wireless technology. 30 millimeter driver unit for sound. The design makes travel easy. The effective range is the line of sight. 30 ft (10 m) Easy hands-free calling with voice assistant. It's possible to use your voice assistant to access your phone. The next generation of charging.

Brand: Sony

👤The pros are: It is nice and light. It is very small and will not take any more space than it is. There is a The earcups move. It makes it easier to find a place if you need to pack. A very simple design. There were no led glows, big logos or color designs. The headphones are made of jet black and have the saying "less is more." The microphone was good. My responses sounded like I was using any phone when I received the calls. This is a 5.0 and it is fast. This means 1. It maximizes your battery life. You can connect two different headphones to your phone. If you want someone else to watch what you are watching, you should have a note. The battery is amazing. It can go almost two weeks without charging. An A+ in this field. The headset charges very fast with theusb-c port. I only had a 10-minute charge and it gave me about an hour of playtime. 9 minutes of film is for 1 minute of charge. Wow. There are three buttons on the right earpiece. I like buttons more than touch sensors, so this is a thumbs up for me. There is a minimum amount of music leaking. I didn't know I was playing Taylor Swift. Good stereo spread in the earcups helps with good midranges. You get good sound color when a guitar is being played. There is a There are pros and cons to this. There is no waterproof rating for these headsets. The game is over if any water gets to this. There was no headphone jack. I don't know why they didn't install this feature with the price you're paying. There was no built-in noise-canceling software. I felt a reduction in the listening experience when I brought these outside. It made it difficult to communicate with my colleague. They are great, but the outside world makes me ditch the microphone system. The buttons are very close together. It takes me a while to figure it out. A simple texture change for each button would be a major factor in resolving this issue. There is a The ear cups are not the best. After an hour of use, my earlobes started to get sore. I am a fan of the Jet black, but not too bad. The only color is this one. A chime comes in when you press the previous track. I would love for this to go away. Don't play a chime every time, just play the next song. The sound quality is what you get with the price. The lows are soft, and sometimes the vocals get thin, but you have to get the most bang for your buck with high range music. I felt that the vocals were overshadowed by the clear and crisp Foo Fighters instruments. At the same time, the voice was perfect. This is a decent headset for any style. There is a Listen, you get what you pay for. It does a decent job for the price, but it isn't up in Sony's expensive headphones. The design provided a decent performance in music. They are easy to travel with, and I like the battery life. There is a The quality of sound is not the best if you don't have noise-canceling software. The battery life is great, the design is simple, and the quality is decent. If you just fly for 1-2 hours to see the family, you don't need to spend $200 on headphones. There is a The headphones have a good battery life and add a little more value. There is a I hope I helped you. Honest reviewer.


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