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1. ECS Cushions Replacement Headphone Transcription

ECS Cushions Replacement Headphone Transcription

The Headphone:X 2.0 has a surround sound system. It is convenient that it provides optimal comfort during extended wear. Sound envelope allows more sound to pass through the cushion for a better sound from the speaker. Replacement ear pads are easy to use and don't require a lot of effort to install. Reduce environmental noise to get that hi fidelity of sound from the speaker. Get 3 pairs of replacement ear pad cushions and save more. Get 3 pairs of replacement ear pad cushions and save more.

Brand: Ecs

👤I finally found some ear cushions on Amazon. They are what I wanted and needed. The size is perfect. Next time, I know where to look. No wasted time.

👤These work well. They work just as well as the ones that came with the headset.

👤It's nice to have clean Ear Cushions. Thanks!

👤I use these often and they are perfect for a transcriber headset.

👤It was easy to change out on my headset. Will purchase again.

👤The ear cushions make wearing a headset much more comfortable and I am a medical transcriptionist.

👤It was a perfect fit for my headphones. I looked at the manufacturer's website for my headphones and they were 4 times what I paid here.

👤These fit my headset perfectly. I think they are more comfortable than the original ones. My ears are much happier now.

2. Replacement Headphones Comfortable Compatible Headphones

Replacement Headphones Comfortable Compatible Headphones

Get 3 pairs of replacement ear pad cushions and save more. The audio-technica ATH-M20X, M20XBT, M30X, M40X, M50X, M50XBT are compatible. The ear is comfortable when wearing, and it is not painful when wearing headphones for a long time. Replacing the ear pads is very simple and you can do it in a few minutes. A long service life of ear pads is ensured by the fine stitching of high quality leather.

Brand: Manayo

👤I thought the product looked like new and it was easier to instill on my headphones.

3. Replacement MDR G45LP MDR G55LP MDR G410LP MDR G101LP

Replacement MDR G45LP MDR G55LP MDR G410LP MDR G101LP

It's very easy to put on. It's compatible with Sony G94NC, Sony NC6,B&O Betop and AKG-K403. The package includes 10 pairs. Earpud. High elasticity, durable, light-weight, soft and comfortable. It's good for Headphones' diameter.

Brand: Blacell

👤They fit the H600 headset but are half the thickness of the originals. I was able to stretch two earpads over each earpiece and give them an overall thickness similar to the original earpads. There is a I give them 3 stars because they fit the earpiece and double up have the same thickness and comfort as the originals. There is a The original package and replacement package arrived with only 5 pairs instead of the advertised 10 pairs, so I am giving them just 1 star. I will not ask for a second replacement but I will suggest that Amazon pull the product until the vendor packages the correct amount or changes their ad.

👤I use the H340 headset daily for work and purchased these for it. The ear pads that were received were larger than the original pads that were installed on the headset, which was about 55mm. The ear pads seem to be more comfortable than the shredded ones I had. I still think these ear pads are a good deal, even if I end up buying more ear pads for an H340, I may try to find some closer to the original 50mm size.

👤I noticed the reviews about the wrong size after I ordered them. I tried to cancel the order, but couldn't. I was going to try to return them, but decided to check them first. The company may have listened to the previous customers, but they came in and fit my headset as advertised. They fit both my Plantronics and myMotorola 850 headsets. I'm happy with them.

👤I bought this product because it said it fit the H600. I ordered the USPS to deliver it to someone other than my mailbox. I had to call and get a refund. When I got the earpads, I was a bit disappointed that they were so thin, but I thought that I could afford to change them frequently and that I didn't care about the price. I couldn't get one to stay on because they were too small. I had to return them.

👤55mm is the size of the pads. They need to be stretched to cover 65mm of the originals. They are very thin and compressed. It's to be expected that they are generic. My suggestion is to get out the ruler and measure the originals before buying replacements instead of relying on the "fits model X" information on the product description.

👤The leatherette on mY headphones started to crack. I ordered ear piece covers and they covered the earphone ear pieces. Nice fit. I use a headset to do voice recoding, but I can't hear noise canceling. You get a set of ear covers. I don't know how long they will last because I got mine a month ago. I recommend them for what they do.

👤I received 19 pads instead of the 20 I received, and one of them was not packed flat. One of the pads was packed with crumpled up pairs of shoes. They were not the same shade and looked dirty. I threw the ones next to them away. I only got 7 pairs.

4. Replacement Cushion SteelSeries Headband Headphone

Replacement Cushion SteelSeries Headband Headphone

TheWireless Headband is made of braided cord and is Breathable and Soft, it is also very stretchable and fit most head size. Remove the control Pod first to make the headphones machine wash. A great gift for men is a wireless head band. Brand new. The installation video guide can be found in Figure 7. They can help you. Black, mistakes happen. They've got you covered. They make sure you have complete peace of mind when shopping for ear pads. They will make a full refund if the earpad doesn't fit. You will get 1 pair of ear pads.

Brand: Defean

👤The leather on the pads of the headsets look like they are made of wood, and after a while, the leather comes off. I was not expecting a lot of replacements but they went above and beyond what I was hoping for. The ones that came with the original headset gave me a headaches after about 30 minutes of use. They were easy to install on the headset. I wiggled it around until it was completely around the ear cup. I don't mind noise cancelation if it's something you're interested in, but if it's something you're not interested in, check other options. I would definitely buy replacements again if I needed them in the future.

👤The Pros looks like the original ear pads. It installs easily. It does not fit as well as the original noise isolation.

👤It was a perfect replacement for my earphones. I thought I couldn't replace my earmuffs because I was so close to throwing them away. I was wrong to search for a replacement. It was easy to install. It works the same as the original. It smells like it did when I brought it from the store. There is a replacement earphone on the right and one on the left.

👤Finally! I was finally able to replace my earphone pads. It was difficult to find a pair that would fit my Panasonic headphones. These headphones were the only ones that completely enclosed my ears without being tight on the head and too noise-cancelling. I had contact allergies and the old pads were getting rid of their leather. I was trying to find a replacement for the headphones, until I found out I could replace the pads. Finding the right size was a challenge. There is a These were the only ones I could find that were the same size and shape as the old pads. I'm very happy. I did. I would love to give these 10 stars. Thank you, thank you!

👤Every time I get a new set of headphones, I think about that question. The stock pleather-lined cushions of the Takstar Pro 82 and Cooler Master 752 were great for winter earmuffs. These fabric pads were made for the SteelSeries Arctis headphones. I had no issues with the fabric after the first few hours when the mesh touched the skin. The sound curve of the pad is supposed to be kept from sounding too light and airy like a lot of pure fabric and velour pads sound. The protective mesh screen is made of plastic and foam which is put on by a piece of plastic. The foam is very soft but it takes too long to recover from being a memory foam. They can work for Takstar Pro. Attach 4mm foam rings to the plastic tabs that hold the stock cushions to create a seal. They can stay on my head for hours without sweat or heat, and they can also be isolated so that the sound won't leak out to my roommates or siblings. I found these pads to be perfect for the Meze 99 Classics. Remove the stock pads and stretch them on. Your mileage may vary on these subjective matters, even though I heard nearly no change to the sound. They should be fine on the actual headphones they were designed for. There is a If you have the Arctis, Takstar Pro 82, or the Meze 99, you should get some pads today because summer is coming.

5. Logitech Lightspeed Suspension Headband 16 8 Technology

Logitech Lightspeed Suspension Headband 16 8 Technology

The package includes an Ear Pad. The official League of Legends alt-universe K/DA art is used in the design of the Play All Out: G733 K/DA gaming headset. Lightspeed wireless audio transmission and up to 20 m wireless range give total freedom. For up to 29 hours of battery life, keep playing. You can play in stereo on the PS4. Personalize your headset lighting. There are 8M colors. Choose from preset animations or create your own with G HUB software, and play in colors with front-facing, dual-zone LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting. The headbands are designed for comfort. The memory foam is soft and conforms to your head. mic filters make your voice sound better. You can find your sound with G HUB. Get immersed in your game by listening to every audio cue. PRO-G drivers are designed to reduce distortion and reproduce rich sound quality. The weight of G733 is only 278 g. Stereo sound only via a wireless dongle is compatible with the consoles.

Brand: Logitech G

👤I really wanted to like this headset, but there are many cons and not enough pros. I don't consider myself a pure audiophile. I own some high end headphones and headsets, so I can tell good sound when I hear it. There is a The front rgb kills this headset for one big reason, it's a nice looking lightweight headset that has the right ideal with borrowing the Arctis lineup with the suspension headband. You can't turn off the RGB on the console, that's a huge negative to me, even though I play mostly on the PC, I want flexibility, and I am playing a lot of Genshin Impact on PS4. I will use my Arctis 7 for this. There is a The comfort is good, but the odd shaped earcups have the same problem as the older ones, my right ear touched the inner driver wall, so the fit is a hit or miss for me. It's a miss, but it's not bad. The 40mm drivers are very weak, I spent 4 hours tuning and using a V curve, but the DTS is horrible, seriously, it's bad. The bass is natural and these are only for gaming, but there are better options for that, so that leaves these as a niche option. Don't even think about music, these are not good. I bought these, but I didn't get them for free, so I skipped every one of those reviews. There is a The deal breaker is finally here. The volume is very low, I mean to the point where either these are just tuning down to save battery or my pair is faulty. All my wireless headsets get louder after I tested these. Arctis 7, Arctis 1, g933, Astro a20, A50's, even the old g930's were included. These have the looks, the comfort, and the battery life that Logitech missed, with all the audio tuning down and volume levels decreased. Either these drivers are bad or my pair is bad, either way these are being returned. If you're looking for better headsets, do yourself a favor and check out any of the ones I mentioned. The battery life is meaningless if the rgb is turned off on the console and the pc. The niche use is for streamers and not for the rgb. You got most of it right. The audio quality is bad, the price is high, and the volume is low. console users don't have to deal with that when it comes to turning off the rgb. Arctis One has his hands in the air. I know this won't be popular, but it has to be said. I can confirm that these are de-tuned, and that the volume level is up 20% more than stock settings, and that this will drain the battery faster. These are a big negative for the price. If you don't keep these at 80 to 100% on ps4 you won't hear detail. If you see these, it's time to upgrade your drivers in your software. It's the same thing. There is no way to turn off the PS4's RGB on a headset. These feel great for small ears or medium ears, either way they are hit or miss on comfort. I should not have to use pre-amp and bypass software to turn these up higher. I'm going for the HyperX Could II wireless headset, and this might be the last one I buy. These people don't know audio so skip over every one of these reviews. I don't understand why Vine reviews are counted.

6. HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset KHX HSCP RD

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset KHX HSCP RD

The package has a headband cover. The memory foam ear cushions and padded headband are designed for comfort. Large 53 millimeter drivers provide high-quality audio. Get the advantage on your opponents by hearing in-game details. Virtual 7.1 surround sound is a great way to immerse yourself in your games. There is a passive noise cancellation. The closed ear cup keeps you focused on the game. The aluminum frame is built to last. You can chat with your friends on TeamSpeak and Discord certified so they can hear you. 7.1 virtual surround sound is compatible on PC and Mac. Stereo on mobile devices.

Brand: Hyperx

👤The headset is the best I have ever owned. The microphone works perfectly, it has a free windscreen, and it has very comfortable ear pads with an extra set of velvet ones included. You need to fix the problem and restore the headset to function if the microphone is going to be damaged upon arrival. The headset has a microphone-breaking glitch in the version that comes with it. To use the microphone on this headset, you will need to download the latest version of the Cloud II headset from the official HyperX download page. I'm not sure why the number is lower, or why they don't ship them with this, but this was an instant solution for me, so make sure to keep that in mind before buying these.

👤They were great until they developed a short near the jack. I had to hold the wire at the right angle. The wire is not as strong as I would like it to be given the headphones are $100. I've had $5 cables. I will not be buying HyperX products again because of this oversight.

👤HyperX Cloud II is a gaming headset. I have used them for 16 hours for gaming and a couple hours for music. I will add to this review if there is something significant worth noting. There is a background. My hearing is not what it used to be because I am an audio engineer. I have always had the highest quality headphones and a very high-end stereo system. I am also a PC fan. Quality and fit. They fit snug, but are not tight. If you wear glasses, you won't notice the temple pieces. The leather pads are soft and conform around your ears, isolating you from any ambient sounds in your home. The leather pads are replaced with an extra set of foam pads. If you want something even softer, you can install these. There is a I have a bigger head. I wear a 7-1/4 hat and a baseball cap, and I'm usually in the last one or two adjustment holes. When you tip your head back or forward, the phones won't fall off. After a few hours of gaming, your ears are not all sweaty and hot. They breathe well and don't collect water. I am a good test case for that because I live in Hawaii. There is a The material is of high quality. The ear cups are made of a hard plastic shell and anodized steel. The attachment points are in the ear cups. The wiring to the ear cups is the only thing I might ding the design for. It is possible to accidentally hook one of the wires and cause damage to the connection. It would be a remote circumstance. My wife likes them because they have room for her earrings. You may be out of luck if you have large ears or earrings. Sound. They sound great, and with the isolation you can hear everything the soundtrack has to offer. You should follow the instructions for setting up a PC. You can set up 7.1 in your sound app by going into the control panel. I can't tell the difference between virtual sound and stereo sound. I can hear things to the left, right, and center. Stereo placement is good for music and a good mix will place instruments on stage. Classical music has violins on the left and brass on the right. There are some things that are Miscellaneous. The company offers a 2 year warranty, which shows that they are pretty confident in the quality. They would lose money if there were a lot of problems with this product. It's a good sign that you're getting something pretty good when you see the packaging. The doo-dads are packed in foam in the box. You get a bag for traveling and a set of adaptors for PC, Mac, and gaming consoles. There is a The wire is covered with cloth. I used ear-buds before and they got tangled and fell out of my ears. The cord is long enough to hold the mic and headphones. The in-line control has a switch. This piece of equipment is a 5 star piece of equipment. I didn't get any perks to write this review.



The package has dimensions of 23.0 H x 1.7 L x 12.8 W. The package weight is 0.03 kilograms.

Brand: Koss

👤The foam ear pads seem fine, but I was not sure how to install them on my Koss KTX PRO1 Titanium headphones. The original foam pads deteriorated to almost nothing after a few years, even though I don't use them often. I found it easier to remove the speaker part from the head band by gently removing the two pivot nubs of the head band. You don't want to swap speakers if you work on one side at a time. I could slip the tip of a flathead screwdriver between the inner black plastic speaker part and the outer plastic silver enclosure, but it did not snap apart and felt like I might break something if I forced it. There is a There is a small amount of stretchy glue on the center junction where the two parts snap together. Use a wide flathead screwdriver to create a big gap. If you loosen the hold of the glue and create a large gap, you can grasp the black plastic part with one hand and the silver enclosure part with the other. Pull it apart until it breaks free. You can see how it looks when you get it apart. Excess glue may get in the way of reassembly. Pull or cut out the remnants of the old pad to make way for the new one. Push your finger along the surface from the center to the edge to evenly distribute the new pad so that it covers the spiky nubs. Make sure the rubber cord strain relief is in the notch on the silver enclosure. The back of the speaker has a part on it that needs to be aligned with the center of the enclosure. It is difficult to tell if it is aligned correctly, but you can do it with a visual approximation. Press firmly and the wire will click into place.

👤The original foam pads of my Koss Portapro began to break down around last Xmas. I didn't bother to get new pads until recently, when I finally got tired of having black foam bits in my wife beater. The pic for this looked a bit blurry, but for about 7 bucks, why not? There is a I was so glad I did. The new pads fit perfectly. Installation was painless. The new pads on the headphones make them feel more comfortable. The sound quality was the best part. I forgot how good these are. The sound stage and highs were restored by the new pads. The clarity is closer to my Grados than I remember. If you need replacement pads, these should do the job.

👤I was able to install the cushions after I received a review from another buyer. I used a butter knife to pop out the speakers. The speakers were snapped back into place. Anyone can do it if I can do it. I own a pair of Koss headphones. I have had them since December of 2012 and they work great. Highly recommend the replacement ear cushions as well.

8. Infrared Wireless Headphones Automobile Entertainment

Infrared Wireless Headphones Automobile Entertainment

8 pairs ear tips are included in the package. It is high quility,durable, and washable. 1 year warranty! Money-back guarantee for 30 days. To avoid pressure, contact the head.

Brand: Zotech

👤I'm happy I found these. Replacing the headphones is much cheaper. I received four foam replacements in my package, enough for two headphones. It was a perfect replacement for the VES headphones that came with my car.

👤The headphones that come with the DVD player in the car were purchased. There is a The cushion between the speaker units and the wearer's ears is 4-5mm and is likely adequate for a few hours' use. Our kids will be able to watch movies on a drive in a few weeks. I will add information about comfort and durability after the trip. The speaker units are 75mm by 60mm. It would probably cover something small. The un stretched opening of the cover is 40mm and the outside dimensions are 75mm, but this also includes the thickness of the foam so the un stretched internal length is likely around 70mm. They fit snug on the device and are easy to place, but it's not easy to install the covers since they have to be installed. The precision of the measurements in the photos is excessive, but may be useful as the manufacturer size photos are inaccurate and few other foam covers here on Amazon actually provide information like this at all.

👤Over the years, the foam ear pads that cover the earphone part of the system have crumbled. I had trouble finding replacements that would work, but they were on Amazon. The pads are thin, but fit well. They did the job at a reasonable price. I bought an extra set since I am sure the new ones will follow the same path as the old ones. I will keep the spare pair in the climate controlled house until they are needed, so they don't suffer the fate of the old ones before their first use.

👤The wife discovered the headphones in a bag under the front seat of the vehicle. The ear pads were torn. We contacted the dealership, but they were not aware of any replacements. These are what was needed after an AMAZON search. We bought several so that we could have spare ear pads for all of the headphones. Highly recommend them.

👤The replacements were easy to install. They are in a zip bag. There are four pieces and two pairs. Shipping was fast. Got them a day early. I ordered another set because I was so happy. These are the same ones as the dealer, but two for the price of one from them. My set deteriorated. The old ones were destroyed and can't be 100% about because they were from the age and temperature. Would definitely recommend. One pair was a little more oblong.

👤I made some headphones that were black. The leather/vinyl ear pieces were old and had been in a hot car. Anything that touched black would turn your ears. The old ear pieces were more difficult to remove than the new ones. Went quickly and easily. I enjoy not having my ears dyed black and it wouldn't be an issue if masks covered them.

9. Logitech Wireless Lightspeed Headset Headphone

Logitech Wireless Lightspeed Headset Headphone

Stereo sound only via a wireless dongle is compatible with the consoles. The PRO X Wireless headset is based on the award-winning PRO Gaming Headset design and features high-quality materials, advanced communications, precision audio and total wireless freedom. The PRO X gaming headset has up to 20-plus hours of battery life and up to 15 m of 2.4 GHz wireless range. The next generation of the headphone is called the X 2.0 7.1 surround sound channel and it has object-based surround sound. The advanced PRO-G 50 millimeter drivers deliver clear and precise sound. You will have a competitive advantage in the game by hearing footsteps and environmental signals. Premium passive noise-canceling leatherette or soft, breathable velour are available for your choice of soft memory foam ear pads. The headband and fork are made of aluminum. The Nintendo Switch and the PS4 have wireless stereo sound when docked.

Brand: Logitech G

👤My rating is based on my own preferences in a headset. YMMV. I've been happy with my G633s for a long time. The feature is always on when I play games. I never used it because it's total garbage. Audio sources are easily identifiable with the former option, and there is no sacrifice in sound quality when active. I would happily listen to music with it on. They feel cheap, make creaky plastic noises in my ears when I move my head, and are prone to slipping if I sneeze too much. The headband is narrow, and will make a weird-looking dent in your hair after hours of use, which is strong enough to stick around despite all brushing or combing attempts. I was hoping that the G Pro X would be the perfect marriage of the 633's excellent 7.1 surround quality and the comfort and build quality of other high-end headsets I have tried. I'm very disappointed. I'm disappointed because I love everything about this headset, except for its audio features. It's very comfortable, comes with both pleather and fabric ear cup sets to suit your preferences, and will not fall off your head if you look up at your ceiling. The mic quality is excellent and the mixing options are frankly overkill, but in a good way. The sound quality is crisp and the minute details in music are easy to pick out. It's all nice, highs, mids, and bass are all nice. This is where it all falls apart for me. There is a The G Pro X headset doesn't have a choice of systems. It has been dropped entirely. You might remember that I said that DTS was a pile of hot garbage. When I ordered this headset, I hoped they would make improvements. It continues to be garbage. Uncomfortably warm, worryingly moist, stinky garbage. It sounds like you're listening to the world through two Pringles cans taped over your ears, without the bottoms removed, if sound quality is cut out almost all high frequencies. Sound direction is easy to identify, but the price is too high. It's similar to cutting out your tongue to cure sleep disorders. There is a box cutter. There is a " The wrong child died. I went to the Heaphone-X. I tried to help the problem with the EQ settings by focusing on the other aspects of the headset's design. I thought I could bring back the highs to compensate for the trash fire of the implementation. No chance. It poked a small hole in the Pringles cans, but it sounded better. It only has five EQ sliders. Put two Pringles cans over your ears and listen to traffic. You will understand. I can't stress how bad the surround sound is. I tried to get around it a second time by turning off surround altogether in G Hub and trying to install Dolby Atmos for Headphones, but the new version of the system wouldn't detect these. I went to Windows to get it activated. It couldn't be that easy. The spatial sound options fail completely, with the message "something went wrong while trying to activation spatial audio". This is what happens when you try to enable Windows's spatial audio settings on a headset that Windows identifies as having 7.1 channels, which is a shame. No game you play will deliver 7.1 channels for mixing by any Virtual Surround software if Windows can't identify them. This results in a lackluster experience that people usually point to as evidence that virtual surround is a scam. For most implementations, those people might be right. There is a It's a sad day. There is a I think that the removal of the Dolby 7.1 option, the lack of improvements made to the DTS 7.1 option, and the unavailability of any feasible workarounds all make this headset useless for my gaming purposes. If you can't go back to stereo from 7.1 with a combination of build, audio, and mic quality, this headset is useless. I have to negatively review this because of one feature. If you want clear, crisp positional audio without too many corners cut to do it, buy a pair of G633s or G933s. Stay away from the G Hub software if you have the option to do so.

10. Brainwavz Angled Memory Foam Earpad

Brainwavz Angled Memory Foam Earpad

The 40mm drivers are durable, powerful and designed to be ideal for cinema. Your TV needs to either be left or right. If you need a headphone jack on the TV, you need to use the right output jacks. Replacement ear pads are made with high quality memory foam. It is comfortable and fits many headphones. The design has been designed for comfort and sound quality. Quality made ear pads are durable and long lasting. It's suitable for Audio Technica ATH-M50, Audio Technica Q701, Audio Technica DJ200, Takstar HI 2050 and Pro 80, Ultrasone HF 580, SH 1 Pro and HFI 780. T50, M-Audio Q40, and S500S. The quality of the ear pads is better than the stock ones.

Brand: Brainwavz

👤COMFORT: I got these for comfort. Pleather gets sweaty. The best combination is these pleather earpads with velour surfaces. The holes on the interior seem to help it breathe better, as well as make them more soft for a better fit. The only concern I have is that they are itchy. I'll have to see if there are ways to circumvent this. There is a They squeeze a bit more on the head because they are thicker, but it doesn't feel right. The pressure points are gone. I can wear these with my glasses on, and I don't end up with a bad fit like with most headphones. These are made to angle the drivers. The angle may be redundant because the M50x headphones already have drivers. For comparison, I will be getting a normal pair. When I first bought the M50x headphones, I was worried that the bass was too loud and that it would overwhelm the vocals. The reviews by RTINGS confirmed this. Most brands like "beats" are legendary for failing because the bass should not take over by any means, which is where a good set of headphones should have smooth presence. I was worried about the sound of the ear pads. I didn't expect the bass to smooth out and the rest of the spectrum to come out in a more open, hi-fi sound. I got these headphones because it helped flatten the response. I can't go back to stock after I went back to the stock pads. Both for comfort and sound.

👤This was a great replacement for leather ear cuffs, but it was also great because I have the HyperX Flights, which are so shallow that the entire speaker is pressed against your ear, so very uncomfortable. The headphones were designed to be pressed up very close to your ear, but they still sound pretty dang, even though it did lower the sound quality a bit. good I would prefer the insane comfort to a bit of sound quality.

👤These were bought to replace my stock ear pads. The increased thickness makes my ears more comfortable, but it also makes the pressure on my ears less comfortable. The seal is worse than stock, allowing more sound to be heard. I'd rather have a dedicated open back headphones if I was in the mood for that, as the increased distance from my ears gives a slightly more open feeling sound.

👤The stock earpads came with the TR70's. They were junk. The sound was terrible. I got these because I didn't want to take a chance with more expensive ones, and I am very pleased with them. The sound is amazing. The sound of my headphones is amazing. I like to listen to music in the background, and I also like to listen to podcasts, which sound great with anything you throw at them! There is a The only thing I didn't like about these was that they hurt after an hour. I think that's me and my giant head. The thick pads that came with the headphones did the same thing. The standard size ones did not. I did not subtract any stars for this.

11. Logitech Wireless Lightspeed Headset Renewed

Logitech Wireless Lightspeed Headset Renewed

Blue VO!CE mic filters. Lightspeed Wireless technology. Supreme comfort and resilience. It is designed for PCs with Windows operating systems. The Headphone:X 2.0 has a surround sound system.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I wonder how much testing went on with the unit. When I first got it, it didn't work. The headset wasn't connecting to the PC. There was no sound coming from the headset. I found out that the headset and dongle weren't compatible. I couldn't find a way to pair them on the internet for anyone else with this issue. There is a To pair them, one needs to find a tiny hole on the dongle. One needs to remove the earpad on the side with the microphone and look for the little button on the inside of the earpiece to use the headset. The buttons need to be pressed at the same time with the unit on and the dongle plugged in. There is a I hope this is clear for anyone who needs it.

👤These headphones are used to get the job done. There is a Office teams/slack/zoom/google meet/etc calls? What about gaming? No problem. People tell me that the microphone sounds like it does in real life. The blue voice software has a lot of features that are just icing on the cake. GHub for the PC is a bit clunky at times, but it is enough to get the job done. I wanted to add a limiter to my voice and adjust the gate so that they don't hear anything in my house. The microphone can be swapped out if it gets damaged. There is a The pressure on them is just right and they won't fall off my head unless I force it, and I don't get a lot of headaches after using them all day. The ear pads that come with them are comfortable, but I preferred the better pads, that was more of a personal preference. The headband is good. The sound quality is good. I have tried many headsets and this one is the best I have ever used. I can hear things in music that I have never heard before. I can hear footsteps above me, below me, and the usual front, and after a while I can even tell how far those steps are because of how accurate the sound is. If someone is talking too loud or there is an issue with the call, the software allows for tweaking and the volume controls have a nice feel on the left ear cup. Construction: Solid headset, no worries of cheap ones breaking soon. There is a The microphone has a small button that is hard to tell when it is being muted as there is no indicator on the microphone. If your finger slips on the volume controls, the button can be half pressed to silence it. The switch makes a nice click and the headset makes a noise when you unmute. If you want to check if you are muted, you have to look at the screen or feel the button, so walking around the house can be a bit unnerving. There is a Since the cups don't have a mechanism to change their shape, they can't rest around your neck, but they have a very solid build construction and feel, made mostly of metal and hard plastic. The earpads get hot really fast and that's the reason I replaced them.


What is the best product for headphone pads logitech?

Headphone pads logitech products from Ecs. In this article about headphone pads logitech you can see why people choose the product. Manayo and Blacell are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone pads logitech.

What are the best brands for headphone pads logitech?

Ecs, Manayo and Blacell are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone pads logitech. Find the detail in this article. Defean, Logitech G and Hyperx are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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