Best Headphone Pads Replacement Corsair

Replacement 8 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Replacement Earpads Cushion Corsair Wireless

Replacement Earpads Cushion Corsair Wireless

It is comparable. The ear pads are compatible with Corsair. There is a void. Only pro wired and wireless headphones are allowed. Corsair other series are not compatible. The replacement ear pads are made of mesh fabric and have a soft surface. Corsair headsets come with memory foam that blocks the noise. Easy installation. It is easy to remove your old Corsair ear pads and install the new replacement ear cushions if you follow the instructions in the video. There is a guarantee. The ear pads are inspected for defects. Money back if it's not fit or faulty.

Brand: Jecobb

👤I wear my headset for 4 to 6 hours a day. These are not adequate ear pads. They are not as comfortable as the original ear pieces. The material is squishy. The inferior foam is noticable after a few hours of wear. They don't block out the sound as well, as the foam seems more squishy and porous. Ambient noise comes through and the sound quality is mostly unchanged. I wouldn't be using these if my original pads weren't trashed. I tried another brand of ear piece replacements and they weren't any better. I would have swapped the pads for a brand new Void Pro headset, but I just bought a new one.

👤If you are concerned about the sound clarity. It is the same. The foam is the same, but you can't beat it for the price. The foam is a little stiff but it isn't much to complain about. It works the same. When the time comes, will be buying more. Would I recommend people? There is a Yes.

👤The warning headphones looked bigger than the new ones. No problem, put these ones on. The ones with less padding are the ones that have less padding on them. It's a pet peeve of mine. The material is against my glasses. Excellent sound quality. The squeaking was 4 out of 5. I hope when they are worn in it will not squeak.

👤The replacements fit the headset nicely, but that's all I can say about them. The material it's made out of is almost nothing like the original and the part that goes over your ears is a little smaller. The sound quality is affected by the material. I wish I'd just glue my old ear pieces on instead of buying these, which is what I plan on doing.

👤The old ear pads on my son's headphones were falling off. I ordered replacement ear pads and they fit perfectly. The sound is the same, so I recommend it.

👤The pads are a perfect fit for my headset. I don't have a complaint of them. The ones that come with the headset are more comfortable. Will buy again when these are gone.

👤They work as they need to, a little stiff, but in a good way.

👤They fit alright, but at times feel a bit smaller than the original ones I had on, but I deal with it.

2. Replacement Cushion Corsair Wireless Headset

Replacement Cushion Corsair Wireless Headset

It is comparable. Only the Corsair Void & Corsair Void Pro wired / wireless gaming headphones are compatible with these ear pads. Corsair other series are not compatible. There is a easy to install and use video on Youtube. The perfect listening experience is provided by the memory foam. The ear pads are made of durable mesh fabric and have a smooth surface. The ear pads are thoroughly inspected for defects. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Brand: Jarmor

👤I thought this would be a decent replacement for the product. There is a The pads arerinkly because the stitching is not evenly distributed. The fabric is slippery and coarse, so the headphones slide all around. They do not sit evenly, so one side sounds muffled while the other sounds like it's making noise. There is a I will need a temporary replacement for my original pads, but I will definitely be looking for a new one.

👤I've had the Corsair headset for a long time. The ear cushions came off. The foam was falling apart. I thought I would have to buy a new headset. They were easy to install and had the same quality as the original pads. It's like having a new headset. I like this headset and I am very happy about that. Better noise cancellation is the only thing I would like to see. I think that is a function of the overall headset design and not the quality of the replacement pads.

👤The foam cups that go over the cans were a no-brainer since the fake leather was so stretched and the fabric that slides over the plastic to hold them in place had gotten so stretched they were falling off constantly. They slipped into place. They feel a little warmer than the old ones. They're not resting on my ears. I can feel the inside edge of my ears, which I couldn't with the old ones. I think they're a solid 3.5 -4.0, we'll see how I feel about them after wearing them all day.

👤They are brand new and may be a few millimeters smaller. They will stretch out a bit after use. It was easy to put them on. There is a They had to change it slightly color and take off a couple of millimetres just to avoid a patent. The black is better.

👤These cups are a little larger than my current cups, but they still fit. I had the Void PRO headset and it was easy to slip on. They are missing the L and R in the picture, but that's not a hard thing to figure out. As I wear it, I think the tightness around the ears will go away as it did with the original ear cups. Since Corsair isn't supporting these anymore, they weren't in stock when I checked. I can't complain about this level of quality.

👤You can make some out of cardboard and it will be the same amount of comfort. Rub your thumb over the stock. You don't hear anything. It sounds like a twelve car pileup if you rub your thumb over these. The canvas is not smooth. I can't hear anything over the sound of the fabric if I move my head. The sound quality suffers because they're thinner than the original set. If you want to get a pair of Corsair's stock ear cups, pay the few extra bucks and go through Corsair's hoops.

👤They are a little smaller than the original one, and less thick and soft, but they are still less passive noise cancellable. Since my main purpose for buying them is to be a temporary substitute for the original, I think these are acceptable. If you want to get a pair of the exact match of the original one, Corsair have the ear pads on their website, so you can get that instead.

3. Replacement Earpads Fabric Cushion Suitable Comaptible

Replacement Earpads Fabric Cushion Suitable Comaptible

The ear pads are made to fit the Corsair Void series of headphones. You can upgrade your ear cushions for Corsair Void Elite Stereo headphones. The Void pro ear pads are compatible with the Corsair VOID PRO Headset. Ear pads made of mesh fabric have a smooth surface. The Void pro mic cover has memory foam that enhances noise blocking. The video is easy to install and use. Turn your headphones to new if you want to replace your lost or worn out void pro replacement earpads. 2 x void pro rgb pads are in the package. If not fit, the 100% refund guarantee means that you'll get your money back.

Brand: Sindery

👤I decided to try a generic brand of ear pads. I've owned the Void Wireless since it came out, and the pads are stretched out. Corsair wants a price. You have to ask them on their website. I didn't want to spend the money. I mean a pair of headphones for less than $100? It seems unlikely. There is a I can get them for $1 more through Amazon. I tried the headphones without the ear pads. They sound like garbage. I think that a lot of the technology is in the ear pads. When you put the earpads back on, there's something special. I'm not saying that a $50 headset will sound better than a $9.99 one. You will need to fool with your settings. I like what I liked before it's completely different now. They are more bass heavy with the new ear pads. I had to turn the left side of the EQ. It's in the negatives for me. I have two things that I use to set my EQ. I've listened to a million bands. I think the second one is better. I've seen my friends band live a number of times. I know how they sound. The earpads are a little larger than the originals. The originals are stretched out from use. They seem to be smaller and have less padding. They seem to block out noise better than the other way around. The material is not the same as before. Not as soft. I don't know how they will do when I sweat because I haven't worn them much. The Corsair has a lot of water in it. They would be soaking wet. There is a problem with my left ear. I'm not sure if it's because I worked in a warehouse today and my ears got dirty or if it's because of the noise of the machinery. This is what it sounds like if you have ever talked while your ears are full and you can hear your voice echo inside your head. It could be because of the noise coming from outside. I will know more about that in a few days. I can get them to sound similar to how I think the Corsair Void should sound, even though they have a muffled echo voice. Is it possible that I would buy these again? If I had to. I would probably upgrade the headset by the time I got a new pair of ear pads.

👤Honest review here. I don't have to complain about a lot. It works well. The sound quality isn't affected in a negative way because it fits my Corsair Void Pro. There is a slight increase in bass, but it isn't noticeable if you change the settings in iCUE. The quality and feeling of these ear muffs is not as good as the original ones, they feel a bit rougher on the ears, and aren't as soft as the original ones. I wear them all day and they don't hurt my ears. These are both very minor complaints, but they get a 4/5 because of the 2 issues. I would buy another one if I needed to. There is a It fits tightly and the sound quality isn't affected too badly. There is a The soft-cushion feeling from the original muffs was lacking. If you adjust the settings in iCUE, it won't be a problem.

4. Professional Replacement SoloWIT Compatible Isolation

Professional Replacement SoloWIT Compatible Isolation

We are continuing to develop more professional ear pads. If there is an issue with your purchase, please contact them for replacements or refunds. The studio 2 and 3 wired and wireless are compatible with. Do not fit solo. There are on- ear headphones. Please check your headphones model before purchasing. It's ingENUITY. Their ear pads will conform to your ears for a personalized fit if you add Extra Thick and Slow-Rebound memory foam. The installation is flawed. You will get an extra pair of tape in case you mess up, making the installation easy and fast. Why not buy a fancy dress for your headphones? Don't be afraid to take off your old ear pads and use their new ones. They are continuing to develop more professional ear pads. If there is an issue with your purchase, please contact them for replacements or refunds.

Brand: Solowit

👤The ear pads for these headphones are too expensive to fail. 6 months out of warranty is what happened on Beats/Apple. The local Apple store wanted $150 to fix them, which would buy some nice headphones. I was going to destroy my headphones. The kit took less than 20 minutes to bring them back from the dead. The instructions are easy to understand and have the most important tips in bold red text. Awesome! I put my new headphones on and didn't take them off for over an hour. The memory foam is very comfortable and seals my ears very well. I was able to align the ear pads with the provided die-cut 3M glue. There's a spare pair if I had any trouble. The company was communicating with me before the new pads arrived, as they were standing behind the product. You can't go wrong here. My Beats were saved by Solowit.

👤I was very excited to receive these. The reviews are good. It became obvious after installation that they are not as good as the original pads. They look ridiculous because they are not expecting perfection. I have to keep them because I accidentally broke my original pad and they don't work in the sense of cancelling out noise. The padding is not as dense as it could be. I can't recommend them.

👤The earpads were falling apart after a couple years of hard use. I was considering a new set of headphones. Installation took 15 minutes. The old earpads came off when I used the included plastic tool. The pads come with rubber cement like glue. The glue didn't need to be used. You can line the plastic post guides on the headphones with the holes in the back of the ear pads. There is no gap if the posts are properly inserted. The materials feel better than the originals, the outside material is a little thicker, and the inside foam is a nice dense memory foam. My only wish is that they had more colors, my originals were gray, but the black turned out just fine. The noise blocking of the earpads are on par with the originals, but it's hard to gauge without a comparison.

👤I ordered these as a backup. I had to install them last week. I had high hopes that they would work, but they didn't. I knew there was a problem when I put the headphones on. The ear holes on these are a little smaller than the ones on the defaults. After about an hour, my ears were throbbing. I have these things on my head for up to 10 hours a day somedays. This won't work for me. I will not make that mistake again if I throw them out. If you have big ears, look elsewhere. These are not it!

👤Is it possible to say that you are extremely happy? I was still trying to use my poor ear pads because I didn't know my Studio Beat's ear pads were replaceable. I ordered them based on the reviews. It was easy to remove and replace. You don't have to use the supplied extra strips if you read the directions first. They looked brand new again after I replaced them. The noise cancellation is perfect. I highly recommend these ear pads and they are priced beyond reasonable, but more importantly, I am back to listening to my music right on beat.

5. Krone Kalpasmos Replacement Beach Stealth Sennheiser

Krone Kalpasmos Replacement Beach Stealth Sennheiser

InterIOR MESH POCKET is a neat way to store and secure your cables. The ear pads are made of Bird-eye Mesh Fabric and are designed for Audio Technica headphones and Turtle Beach headsets. The fabric ear pads fit the face well and give a soft touch. The Bird-eye hole can help alleviate the stuffiness of headsets. The leather ear cushions have peeling and cracking problems that can be prevented by the ear pads. Their professional team uses the same testing methods as they choose high-end headphones to test the wear resistance and aging resistance of the ear pads. The earmuffs can be worn for a long time without damage. The headphones are anti-aging. The leather has high resistance to sweat, oil, and cosmetics. The ear pads are made of high-grade memory foam and hold support well. It helps headsets maintain sound quality. The replacement ear pads have been verified in many Turtle Beach Headphones, Audio Technica headset, and steelseries headset, that they restore the original sound quality and ensure the NC functions of the headset. Each production is handmade by experienced workers, and the raw materials are selected from the world's famous headphone material suppliers. Good stitching and process give a better look. Turtle Beach Ear Force PX3/PX5/X12M are ear pads that are compatible with multiple headphones.

Brand: Krone Kalpasmos

👤Must buy. My headphones are questionable, but these made them great. I replaced the original pads on my Turtle Beach Stealth 700 headphones with these. The pads were cheap and uncomfortable, and I didn't like them very much. I replaced them with these when the vinyl began to peel. I immediately felt a better sound after the replacement. I wear these headphones for several hours a day and no longer have any problems. I will buy these again.

👤I bought a pair of replacements for my ATH-M30 after it was shot after nearly 10 years of use. The Krone's are more comfortable on my head, but my ears don't get warm after hours of use. The sound signatures don't seem to be much different from the originals, however the leak sound a little bit more than the originals. The installation of the Krone's was much easier than the original pads, as the originals feel like they're on the verge of tearing when you take them on and off, as the Krone's are much more confident. There is a I'm keeping the originals and the Krone's as they both have a place for my ATH-M30's. The original Krone's are better for quieter places than the ones that are louder.

👤I went back to the original M50 ear pads. The originals were more comfortable than the replacements. The ear holes were too small and the replacements had too much head compression. I will probably purchase a set of beyerdynamic 770s instead of buying replacement pads. I didn't like the ear pads on my headset. The original pads were not very comfortable, but they were not rotten like some I've seen. I thought these would be a good replacement. I'm not sure if these are for me. I didn't have a lot of trouble installing them, but they were different in many ways. The padding is thicker than the pads in the store. The smaller holes in the ears give them a bit of comfort. I suppose they arebreatheable, but they are still warm to wear. I can definitely hear a lot of the noise within the room, so they aren't good for that purpose. It would be a good thing if you wanted more room awareness. I gave them 3 stars because of my experience. There are pros to these. You might like them a lot. I'm not sure if I'll try some velour ones.

👤I have two pairs of Panasonics that are well-loved, but the leather on them has worn off. I wanted to get replacement pads that were larger than the stock because they were always tight. These fit well and will fit even better once I cut some slits in them for the tabs inside. It was much better than the originals. Unless you cut slits into them, they will be a tad loose, so keep that in mind for the best fit. Don't bother the manufacturer about support for this use because it isn't on the model list. If you want something more specific to the stock, that's out there. If you want something bigger that will breathe better, these are a good choice.

6. HS70 Pro Thicker Upgrade Quality

HS70 Pro Thicker Upgrade Quality

The material is leather and foam. You will get a pair of ear pads. Mistakes happen. They've got you covered. They make sure you have complete peace of mind when shopping for ear pads. They will make a full refund if the earpad doesn't fit.

Brand: Defean

👤It was a perfect fit. The pads that fell off my headphones were thicker than the ones that fell off these. I know it's all in my head, but I feel like the headphones sound better now since there's more room between my ears. I was a little skeptical about ordering these, but I can attest to the quality and fit. All parts of the original are included in the replacement pads. There are pads and a ring. * I'm not paid for this review, I just want others to know these will work well.

👤I snapped off the old and worn ear parts and bought the new ones based on reviews and an installation video. The old ones were gone in no time. They hug my head a little tighter because they are a bit thicker. I am concerned that the thin pleather exterior won't last very long. I am quite pleased with the comfort and quality of these pads, they were hot a couple months later.

👤The replacement earpads I purchased are perfect for my headset. It's easy to install, just snap into place. They are thicker than the originals, so they have more padding and a better sound. They fit well and seem well-built. Totally satisfied with the purchase.

👤The installation of the earpads was very easy. Click around the perimeter of the ring. I was done. It took 2 minutes for both sides. The pads are thicker than the original and feel very comfortable. There is a I'll make a new review in a week or so.

👤These are replacements for the original ear pads on my headphones. I fell off of the brackets after one of my pads came unglued. I almost threw the headphones away because I realized I could replace the pads. These are softer and thicker than the originals.

👤They are direct replacements so you don't need to reuse the plastic rings from the originals. They are more comfortable than the original pads. I think they have more noise cancelling. I hope they don't break down as quickly as the originals did.

👤I was able to replace the original ear pieces because I didn't have to scrap my headset. I wear my headset up to 14 hours a day and these are just as comfortable as they were when I put them on. They were easy to install and would purchase again if needed.

👤The pads that come originally feel a lot more comfortable than these. There is a The headset is a bit tighter but not much more. I think my ears have more room. It feels louder. I can't get one side to click in place completely. Very difficult. It won't go further down.

👤My headset was purchased. The process of removing the original ear pads and installing the new ones took about 3 minutes. I found an instructional video on the internet. The ear pads that come with the headset are not as good. The ear pads are thicker than the originals, but I think this is a good thing as it provides more distance between your ear and the driver, which in my opinion makes it more comfortable and provides for better sound experience. I am very happy with this purchase.

7. Replacement Cushion Corsair Headphones Earmuffs

Replacement Cushion Corsair Headphones Earmuffs

Mistakes happen. They've got you covered. They make sure you have complete peace of mind when shopping for ear pads. They will make a full refund if the earpad doesn't fit. The installation is called a walktHROUGH. The entire process of removing your old ear pads and installing your brand new Upgraded Replacement Ear Pads will be shown in a video. Replacement ear pads are made with high quality memory foam. Professional-grade leather is designed for long-term, crack-free durability. The headphones are on, even though ear comfort is low. The sound is arcane. The ear-conforming fit is due to a soft memory foam cushion which makes your headphones sound better and enhances every beat that comes through them. The package is included. The Headphone is not included in the 1 Pair Earpads.

Brand: Yunyiyi

👤If you need replacement cups, get them with confidence because they are much better than the originals. There is a My pair was a little bit smaller and thicker than the original, but that is not an issue because the original cushions are so large that they are not small. If originals were too tight it might be a bit tighter but they are softer so can't say for sure if they will feel the same. The original cushions were stuck to plastic rings with double sided tape and it lasted 1.5 years, but it was garbage and there was no sign of wear. Thankfully these cups have a different method of attachment and it is possible to replace them easily. I think it's a good idea to just pull the old pair and stretch a new one around it, because the rings are very hard to clip off and even harder to clip on, only way I can think of. They are better than the ones that came with headphones. The finish is not the best in the world and stitching is skewed, but it doesn't really matter for indoor use. There is a The design earcups are really bad and should be improved by corsair.

👤You have to cut a few millimeters from the opening that slides over the old plastic ring in order to get a chance of these fitting on my HS-60. I had a hard time fitting them as is and they are almost destroyed in the process. They feel nice, but for a few more bucks, get a pair that is higher quality or comes with a replacement plastic ring, which is a hassle to get them on. These are probably generic ear pads that weren't made for Corsair Headphones.

👤Take the old clips and fit them with the tabs that were popped off.

👤The issue is not the new pads. When you replace the old ones, you weaken the plastic tabs that hold the retaining ring in place, so they don't pop back in place and stay. I just knocked off the tabs on the headphones with a knife and put the pads on. It is already held in place so doing this doesn't make anything worse.

👤At the time of writing, I am loving the fit, feel, and durability of the item. The old cups have something between the material and the shell. Installation can be difficult to make sure that the cup fits and doesn't slide off as you rotation it. Leagues are more comfortable than stock cups.

👤The fit and offer more noise cancelation will lose some of their charm with time.

👤I love the fabric on these and the faux leather that came with my headset.

👤They fit very well, they cancel all noise outside of your headphones.

👤The ear padding on my Corsair HS60s began to go flat and get everywhere after a year or two of use. There are hands, hair, ears. I bought the grey 'Style 3' replacements. I've owned them for about 3 weeks and I'm very pleased with how they are serving. It's easy to swap out. There is no need for glue or modification. I recommend removing the old factory earpad glue. The memory foam padding is much thicker than the factory ear pads. It's less sweaty for the ears after long sessions. Does not increase force, but is close to uncomfortable levels. My ears don't touch the insides of my head because of the headphones. The inner plastic ring should not be thrown away. You will need it. You probably know that this set doesn't include one. Highly recommended.

8. Void PRO RGB Fabric Earpads

Void PRO RGB Fabric Earpads

There is a guarantee. The ear pads are inspected for defects. Money back if it's not fit or faulty. The fabric and foam are the same as the original. The Corsair VOID PRO is a premium gaming headset. You will get a pair of ear pads.

Brand: Defean

👤The mesh fabric on the inside is black, which is better than the light grey that was stock, and the ones that came with my head phones were the same. If you're looking for replacement ear pads for Corsair, this is a great product.

👤It seems like it won't fit but you just have to handle it a bit, very tight, but does the job, a bit thinner than the original Corsair cushions, but does the job, I'd say about the same softness, hard to compare since the ones I'm It will not allow me to.

👤The fit is a little tighter than the originals, but it's great.

👤The shape of the pads is not supposed to be the same on each side. I received two right-side pads.

👤If you have smaller ears, these are decent ear cups. They are slightly smaller than the cushion and will cause some trouble in your ears. My ears are not big. The ear cups are made by an American company. If you have smaller ears, this might be for you. They are not true to factory spec. Not a bad product...

👤The material is excelente.

👤It's the best option for replacing worn out pads, instead of buying a new headset.

👤They don't sell replacement pads for my son's headphones, but these fit well and were easy to put on.

👤When I bought this, I was a bit skeptical but now that I have the Corsair void pro, this is a pretty good fit with the same comfort as the stock ear pads.

👤cheap, can't fit my ears, doesn't fit on headphones... Garbage ripoff.

👤It feels like the original one.

9. Replacement Cushions Corsair Wireless Headsets

Replacement Cushions Corsair Wireless Headsets

You will receive a pair of upgrade fabric ear pads. The replacement ear pads are compatible with the Corsair Void and Corsair Void PRO gaming headsets. The corsair void earpads are made of durable mesh fabric, which have a soft surface and comfortable touch, so you can enjoy long gaming sessions without the pain. The headphones ear cushions constructed of premium memory foam form an acoustic seal which brings you more quiet. No special tools are needed for an easy installation. Remove the broken earpads, then put new earpads inside the ear cups and snap them into place. The corsair void earpad replacement package includes 2 x ear pads and 4 x wipe pads. If there is an issue with your purchase, please contact them for replacements or refunds.

Brand: G Gvoears

👤I extended the life of my headphones. The Corsair Headphones fit really well. I didn't have to order new headphones. Excellent.

👤Yes, it fit. I felt like I was going to rip them off, they were a tad small for the "Corsair VOID RGB Elite Wireless Gaming Headset". They do fit, but only a bit small.

👤My old ear pads were in bad shape. My headset feels brand new again after I ordered these.

👤Came with wipes. Very happy!

👤I bought these for my headset. It worked out fine despite the fact that I had a little difficulty putting them on the headset.

10. WC Replacement Durability Thickness Isolation

WC Replacement Durability Thickness Isolation

The product is made by the QKIIP, it does not have any trademarks that are owned by the original company, and the buyer is not affiliated with the original company in any way. The entire process of removing your old ear pads and installing your brand new Corsair Void Pro Ear Pads can be done in a few minutes with their detailed, step-by-step video. The professional-grade PU leather is designed for long-term, crack-free durability. The Corsair Void is extra thick. You can enjoy long gaming sessions with your Corsair Void series headphones if you have Pro replacement pads. The sound performance of your headphones is negatively affected by your old ear cushions. The replacement ear pads for Corsair Void headphones have 20% thicker memory foam so they are completely surround your ear, blocking out noise and dialing in the sound, so you can focus on your game. They added reinforced stitching and upgraded PU leather to improve the longevity of your Corsair Void headphones. The Corsair Void earpads are of extreme importance. The best quality materials are used to make the Corsair Void Pro Earpads. The ear pads are made to fit the Corsair Void series of headphones. You can upgrade your ear cushions for Corsair Void Elite Stereo headphones.

Brand: Wc

👤The product quality is good. There were no complaints. It is easy to install soft pleather. There is a The ear pads are made of mesh fabric. These are a solid, non-breathable pleather, which is fine, and can be isolated outside. When I put these on my head for the first time, I pressed them on my ears and it made a vacuum effect that was not possible with the mesh. I thought I broke the driver in my headphones when I did this and then listened to my headphones. The sound was muffled. The higher range of sounds was tinny. I went into a phone mode, almost like I had done before. Sounds did not go well. Messed around with people and got nowhere. I thought I broke it. I ordered a new pair of headphones because my 8 year old Voids seemed to be tired. I decided to try the original cushions again after packing them up for return. I was going to write a review about how they killed my headphones. The sound was restored with the original cushions on. Everything sounded the same as I remembered it. I was put through a day of awfulness. The material of the cushion changed the sound so much. The original mesh cushions were used by Corsair to tune the void. If you are reading this, you need to make replacement cushions in the same material as the original. It would be possible to keep the sound the same with mesh and memory foam. I can't recommend these cushions for replacing the mesh cushions. The quality was very good and I wanted to like them.

👤I'm not usually one to give a 1-star review, but these earpads really missed the mark. There is a The installation is easy, and they're not as comfortable as the original earpads, but they aren't uncomfortable either. The audio quality of the headset is worse because of the ear pads. It takes the sound quality from a $100 headset to a $5 headset you got in a bargain bin 10 years ago. There is a The sound is more "dead" and "tin-ey" than the original ear pads. There is a The difference was obvious when I replaced one of the ear pads and tested the headset with the new one on one side and the old one on the other. Very disappointed. I will be looking for something different.

👤These were a good replacement for my worn out ear pads. I was expecting the package to be wrapped in shrink wrap, but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it to find a pouch with the ear pads! The replacement earpads and vouchers were revealed when the pouch was un-ZIPPED. The earpads were easy to install and I am very satisfied with them. If PU leather is a game breaker for you, I would suggest looking for another ear pad. For the money spent on these is well worth it. There is a There is an update. I have had these for over a month now and after reading some of the other reviews here on how sound quality is altered by these all I can say is that I hear no difference in them. I am not an audio engineer, so take this with a grain of salt. I have not found the sound quality to be lacking, even though I use discord and listen to a lot of youtube videos. The people who say the sound has changed with these headphones are true audiophiles.

11. Replacement Cushion Wireless Corsair Headset

Replacement Cushion Wireless Corsair Headset

The ear pads are thoroughly inspected for defects. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! It is compatible with Corsair Void. The headset is called the Pro RGB wired or Wireless gaming headset. It is more suitable for the ear, because it is made of high-quality fabric and sponge. The texture is soft and resistant. The noise-cancelling cushion enhances every beat that comes through your headphones. Don't raise the volume to compensate for external noise. The product is made by the QKIIP, it does not have any trademarks that are owned by the original company, and the buyer is not affiliated with the original company in any way.

Brand: Qkiip

👤I got this as a replacement for the ear pads of my Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless because someone answered my question. I asked if the sound quality was the same and was told "yes". There is a The sound quality of the replacement headsets does not match the original ones, but it does fit the form of the headsets. The sound quality that you get is not fully noise cancelling and the sound quality that you get is not as good as it could be, so no matter what you do with the sound quality within iCue, all sounds the same. The item is bad.

👤They work, foam is more dense/hard than stock and tend to make noises when moving around on my ears. The sound is a little clearer because of the denser foam. Maybe some wear time will help with the squeakyness? Will update if that is true.

👤The cushion pads are good. It's difficult to secure the pads to the headset. Approx. I spent. Zero 'Give' to fitment is achieved by the attaching material when fitting the ear pad to the main headset. Prepare for a struggle to attach the cushion pc. To the headset.

👤I ordered a set of these to replace my ear pads. There is a The pads are perfect. There is a The cloth material is a little more coarse than the originals, but over time it got better. The quality: I would buy again.

👤We bought a pair of shoes. They don't fit. They are too short.

👤There is no way these things fit in the Cloud Alpha. If you had 4 hands, they wouldn't stretch large enough to fit. I tried to remove the speakers from the head brace.

👤I have 2 pairs of the hyper x cloud alphas and both had the original ear pads but they were very worn out and would peal and leave my head and ears dirty so I decided to try these out and see how they feel. They look good and perform well.

👤My old cushions were not holding up. The replacements did the trick. My headphones are new again.


What is the best product for headphone pads replacement corsair?

Headphone pads replacement corsair products from Jecobb. In this article about headphone pads replacement corsair you can see why people choose the product. Jarmor and Sindery are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone pads replacement corsair.

What are the best brands for headphone pads replacement corsair?

Jecobb, Jarmor and Sindery are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone pads replacement corsair. Find the detail in this article. Solowit, Krone Kalpasmos and Defean are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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