Best Headphone Pads Replacement Razer

Replacement 26 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. PROHEAR Upgraded Earmuffs Comfortable Replacement

PROHEAR Upgraded Earmuffs Comfortable Replacement

The Ear Pads are designed for Walkers Headsets. The upgraded version of ear pads provide significantly better flexibility and seal, they can upgrade your headset. It's made of soft, refreshing, anti-sweat and is suitable for any season so that you can wear it all day long without feeling pain. The gel ear pads can be used for several years and will not be damaged as easily as faux leather or vinyl pads. Completely fit the earmuff is the seal well bottom shell. Ear pads with back shells can refresh your bottom shell, this way you won't damage your Walkers earmuffs. The ear pad can be replaced with a small coin in one minute. They have taken pictures and videos of how to replace the ear pad, which is very easy to do. TheGroove Design reduces the pressure between the ear and the ear. The ear pads are easy to clean. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you have any questions, please contact them. They are here to help you.

Brand: Prohear

👤Gel pads are great for my Walker Razor earmuffs. It was much easier to install them for the Howard Leight Impact Bolt. I couldn't figure out how to remove the original pads with the Walkers. I watched the video again and figured it out. It would have been easier to see if the demo video used colored earmuffs. Hopefully my photos will help those who are having difficulty. There is a The outdoor pistol range is where the gel pads work well for my use. I like to double up with ear plugs with 9mm or higher caliber pistols, but I don't like to use the replacement pads. The original pads for the Walker and Leights are uncomfortable and don't mold around the arms of glasses. If you wear them for more than 30 minutes, this is a nice upgrade. At a time.

👤I bought the walkers brand tights. I expected them to be as "Gelly" as they were. The black shell is very stiff and similar to the ones that came on the muffs. The difference was not worth the price. I bought two pairs of the PROHEAR by ZH TECH which were much better than the other pair. They provided the right amount of comfort. I wouldn't buy this brand. Major. Dick Hardin was a ret.

👤I couldn't remove the ear pads. A penny is used to pop off the pads. I couldn't get a coin to work. I couldn't get a screwdriver into the seam. The iFixit Jimmy is a special tool that I use to separate plastic parts. I tried a knife. I don't want to give it a try. Not being able to install the ear pads is what makes them great.

👤My ears started hurting after I went to the gun range, after using my Walker's Razor hearing protection for about two years. The earmuffs dried out and became hard. I replaced the earmuffs with Gel earmuffs. They are very soft on the ears, they are comfortable, and they are a pleasure to use. It takes less than a minute to install the new earmuffs. A nickle is the only tool needed. I should have bought these the day I got my hearing protection. I think they're a good choice. They're a bargain for what I paid for them.

👤The ear pads were easy to install. The ear pads that came with my Walker Razors are cool to the touch, but they are more comfortable to wear. These are must-haves. I purchased two sets.

👤I have a few sets of Walker Razor slims that I put on one of them. It's a huge improvement. It fits comfortably over glasses, and the inside no longer makes my ears squishy. The old pads interfered with rifle shooting more than they did. They are not as thick when unquished but are less empty than the stock ones. They have better padding. The stock pads have a better seal, but I think this is more of a comfort item. I double up when shooting. I plan to add these to my other sets.

2. Replacement Cushions Headphone Earphone Disposable

Replacement Cushions Headphone Earphone Disposable

The quantity is enough for you to store at once for multiple usage, the package comes with 50 pairs (100 pieces) of disposable headphone ear covers in black color. Soft and comfortable touching. Improve the fidelity of music by reducing noise. It's easy to adjust, update or reuse ear pads. It's Applicable for Earbuds, Headphones, Walkie Talkie and Headsets. The headphones are compatible with the Sony MDR-G45 and the Sennheiser PMX60 and other headphones. The foam's dimensions ensure precise fitting, and offer optimal comfort during extended wear.

Brand: V-8

👤These are the perfect fit for the headphones. The pads are not as soft as the original ones, but I found them hard to stay on, and my dog loves chewing up anything that reproduces sound. My original and spare pads were taken away. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on headphones, but I did want them to be comfortable. I was worried that they wouldn't fit over the phones because they are thicker than the normal cheap earphones, but they stretch on without damage and are a snug fit so they won't come off if they drag across your glasses or facemask. The 45mm size works well for the specific headphones if you don't care if they're as thick. It's more comfortable to have a cushion than to have to wear a pad because your dog is rotten.

👤I bought a new pair of drivers for the walkman that had the foam start to degrade. I ordered them because they had great fit and material reviews. The material stretched around the driver easily. These covers fit perfectly and are comfortable. Thank you for the great product.

👤I was not sure how decent these would be but they fit my old Sony headphones perfectly and are a steal of a price. The other four sets will never be used by just. It's funny.

👤The replacement pads fit perfectly. They look the same. You get 4 pairs for 6 bucks. It's reasonable to charge more for one pair.

👤I didn't have to buy another set of headphones because these replacement pads fit my headphones. The replacement pads are a little bit thinner than the original pads, but still comfortable. They are a tight fit, but once on, they are perfect. Thank you for the product.

👤The headphones are compatible with the SONY MDR-G45. It's on after a little careful stretching. Only one side was changed so it was easy to compare. It seems as thick as the original. I doubt I will go through 8 covers soon.

👤I don't think these will fit my Sony head phones. You have to stretch them a lot. The ear pieces they are supposed to fit are smaller than the package. To a lot of trouble to return them.

👤The earphone pads I ordered came as promised. They fit perfectly on my earphones. I am very happy.

3. Replacement Earpad Cushion Kraken Headphone

Replacement Earpad Cushion Kraken Headphone

Not compatible with the Razer Kraken Pro V2 headphone. Please choose pro v2 if you have a Kraken Pro V2. High elasticity memory foam material helps to suppress the noise. One pair of ear pads lets you feel more comfortable. It is easy to install and give new life to your headphones with a durable replacement. They take care of all quality related issues with a replacement or exchange.

Brand: Sqrmekoko

👤The Earpad Cushions were the perfect replacement for my worn out ones. I was worried that the old cushions wouldn't come off. I had to get a new pair of headphones. They fit the headphones. It was easy to slide them on after I realized I could be a little less gentle with them. The ones that come with the headphones seem to be the same quality. After a couple months both ear pad cushions have busted open exposing the foam inside, which also acts as sound dampening and ruins the audio. I can't give them a high rating like I did when I first purchased them, because they held strong for a year.

👤I needed to replace my ear pads. Amazon always shipped them on time. I realize that these will not work on them once I get them. I ordered them from Razor. The reason these don't work is that they just send you the cushions. That doesn't work with the Razor Kraken. When you get your replacements, you will see that they come off easily, because Razor went the extra mile. The cushion has a plastic base that is glue together to make it easy to remove and replace. You can't attach them to the headphones if you order these. Don't waste your money on these.

👤I needed to replace an ear pad on my headset. I wanted a replacement that felt close to the original one so I could use it with the original one. These do the trick. I've been using one of these ear pads and one of the original Razer pads on the headset for about a month and so far it's been great. I removed the original Razer pads from the headset to make room for the new ones, and attached some comparison photos of them. The original pad is on the left and the one I bought is on the right. There is a slight visual difference in thickness, but it isn't noticeable when you wear it. There is a It was more difficult to get this pad onto the headset than it was for the original; as you can see from the photo of the backs of the pads, this one isn't cut as neatly. It is still able to get on. There are many videos on the internet showing how to remove and replace ear pads. There is a It's worth it to get the cheaper replacements. I wasn't sure if they'd fit the original style, as they only appear to be selling replacements on the site. I am happy I bought these.

👤It's perfect for the original KRAKEN Pro v1 headphones. Almost the same. I was saved from tossing out my headphones. I will recommend these to anyone who needs to replace their ear pads. The old torn up ear pads are on the right next to the new ones on the left.

👤I won a limited edition headset from the movie, when it came out three years ago. In the last year or so? I was worried that I would have to get a new head set because the ear pads were peeling off. I searched for "replacement ear pads" and found them on Amazon. They're cheap and easy to install, and my headset looks brand new again. The comfort on my ears isn't any worse than before, even though the original ear pads were a little thicker in size.

4. Geekria Replacement PlaySt├Ątion Wireless Headphones

Geekria Replacement PlaySt%C3%A4tion Wireless Headphones

The experience is cool. The cooling gel can keep you cool while you focus on the game. The cool cloth is used on the ear pad to volatilize sweat and heat more quickly. You can put the ear pads in the fridge for a while. There is more competition. The slow recovery memory foam is comfortable and can adapt to your head. Even if you wear glasses. Good sound insulation effect can be obtained by covering the ear with pads. Quality made ear pads are the comparable models. The PS5 Wireless ear pads are compatible with Sony. Will fit other brands and models.

Brand: Geekria

👤I was about to return the pulse 3d but the stock earpads are hard and uncomfortable. I found these and they are definitely not made for extended gaming. The ware is well built and requires 2% of a brain to install, take old off and put the new on. Comes with clips as well. The real question is why you are still reading this and not in the checkout.

👤The headphones fell on the floor and my ear pad fell off. My dogs found this and chewed it up. Thank you Geekria for the replacement part! The price for a new pair of headphones is lower. The right ear pad was installed by my girlfriend, who has 98% more brains than me.

👤The quality is decent and good, there are a few key factors that I don't like, but besides that they are very comfortable and the ones that came with my Sony 3-D is nothing wrong with. The aftermarket one's I purchased through Amazon are very comfortable and have a small strip of cooling Joe doesn't expect them to stay cool all day. If they don't sound like they do, then the mic is not picking up your feedback from the heavy sound, which is good. All in all a very good product and they do cool down your ears but only for a short time before you put them back on. I would buy again. After wearing them for a while they go flat because there's not enough material in them and they choose to be cheap and use less material. I don't know if I should buy again. Hopefully they update so that it doesn't cause it to go flat so fast.

👤The first few seconds of my headphones were very comfortable. You feel like they're the same after a little while. They're worse. They're almost the same, except smaller, which is why they're worse. There is no cushion to separate the ear from the speaker. Unfortunately they come off easier when you install them. They slid over the controller onto the trey after being set down on a TV tray. I've tried them for a week. The ears are still hurting. They feel "cool" the first 10 seconds. $30 is spent for smaller pads that are not as secure. I would like to get a refund. I'm 6'1 slim, no big head or huge ears.

👤The ear pads are not damaged. It's a little expensive for what you get. If you have small ears, you will love these. The pads that come with the headset are larger than the ones I have big ears. If you have big ears, you have to break them in. There is a The cooling gel wears off quickly. There is a After playing a game for a long time, your ears don't get as "moist" feeing as they do with the stock pads. I would recommend these at more stars if they were less expensive and had more ear sizes. If you have big ears, you will have to break them in.

5. Replacement Cushions Headphone Earmuffs Installation

Replacement Cushions Headphone Earmuffs Installation

Quality materials for improved performance. They use the best materials, including high quality memory foam, a thick layer of cooling gel and soft faux leather, to make sure they have amazing sound quality and comfort. COMPATIBLE: Gvoears Ear Pads are compatible with headsets. The Ear Cushions are not round. The V2 round cushion headsets and other series are not compatible. Premium leather and high quality memory foam are used in the ear pads. Perfect replacement, even more comfortable, keep you away from the embarrassment of the leather of the old earmuffs, and make your look new. The ear cups snap easily into place. The package includes a pair of headphones, an earphone cable, and an alcohol wipe pad.

Brand: G Gvoears

👤The pads were for the Maxell headset. The plastic rings on the replacements were not what I expected. I put the plastic rings back in the headphones. It is more curious that the pads are more comfortable and isolating than the original ones.

👤It is easy to install, doesn't irritate my skin, or smell like a chemical plant, and it has an acceptable texture to the fake leather. The foam is not flexible. I would buy them again.

👤I thought they wouldn't work with my headset. I am happy to say that they have made a difference. The original set was falling apart and I had it for almost four years. I am happy to have these new ones. They were easy to swap out. If you need a new pair of headsets, I recommend these.

👤The sound quality of my kraken's has improved significantly. I can't recommend them enough. I feel like opening the ear cup helps out a lot.

👤Excellent product. It is easy to clipped into the original place. Good quality and comfortable.

6. Replacement MDR ZX330BT Headphones Krone Kalpasmos Thicker

Replacement MDR ZX330BT Headphones Krone Kalpasmos Thicker

The warranty is for one year. 30 days of free return. The earphone covers for headphones have been carefully selected and cooperated with material suppliers of world- renowned brand headphones. It also improves the comfort of the earpads. You don't need to spend a lot more money to get a new headset. The ear covers need to be replaced with headphones. Bring your headphones back with you. The sewing is crack resistant and tightly close to fit the headphones. It was designed to fit the ear shape. Ear cushions can be restored to ensure the sound quality of the original headphones. They control the production process to make sure that the ear pads are of good quality. It is compatible with 70mm round on- ear headphones, but not limited to: Sony replacement ear pads. On-Ear; Mpow H7; Yamaha RH5MA; Grado SR125; etc.

Brand: Krone Kalpasmos

👤So happy these are available. They don't come with directions, so I found some online. It was easy to remove them because of the fear of damaging the headphones. They popped off without much effort. I was able to get the first replacement pad to click onto the phones without any issues, but the second was less cooperative. I got it on. It fell off when I knocked it off of my nightstand. It took my husband a while to get it to stay. It's solid now. They have the same sound quality. There is a I think I got one that was a little off. I still recommend them.

👤The ear pads on my Sony headphones wore out quickly. Someone told me that I could replace the pads on the Bose headphones that I bought. I found them on Amazon, but didn't know if they would fit or not, as I had no idea what the manufacturer was for the headphones I had. I took a chance on these and they fit. I don't have to worry about taking the expensive ones when I travel because I can take these. Win!

👤They are made of a soft leather-like material and are very comfortable and similar to the original ear pads. There is a The fit was perfect. Expect the same or slightly better noise reduction with the original ear pads. There is a When the original pads start to wear off, they are a perfect replacement.

👤They were a perfect replacement for my shredded pads on my old Sony headphones because they took a slow boat from China to get here.

👤Esto no fue lo, no le thatdaron a mi equipo, no tienen negro, no tienen aquelles, no pide. No, no, no.

👤My son-in-law uses his Sony headphones all the time for conference calls, so I surprised him with these. He was blown away by how similar to the originals these are that I installed them in 4 minutes. ARILLIANT is a word.

👤I had to return them since they were actually 2.5. They come in a nice baggie, but they don't fit my headphones, so I am sending them back and filing for a refund. Which was granted by Amazon.

👤The replacements were a perfect fit for my headphones. The results are satisfactory despite the fact that it took a bit of doing to install them.






7. Kraken Pro V2 Replacement Headphone

Kraken Pro V2 Replacement Headphone

It is comparable. The ear pads are compatible with the gaming headset only. These are not round. It's not possible to fit the Kraken V2 Round cushion headsets. You can game for hours without ever feeling hot. The perfect listening experience is provided by the memory foam with full- ear coverage. There is a easy to install and use video on Youtube. The ear pads are thoroughly inspected for defects. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Brand: Jarmor

👤The parts seem to be the same as the originals, but they have a larger "for gaming" text. The installation was great because of the time it took to find the circular bracket on the ear cushion. I got them on and will test them with music and work calls over the next few days to see how they hold out. July 21st 2020 is an update. The cooling effect is noticable. I would order at least one more set to keep as a spare due to the issues in finding over ear headsets that are comfortable, if it weren't for budget constraints. I'm curious if these are better than the original pads out of the box. If they came in purple, they would be better.

👤I needed a quick replacement for my old Kraken V2 headphones, so I bought these. I had them arrive on time. The only difference I can say is that these were a little stiffer than the original ear pads from Razer. The headphones are just as comfortable as when I first got them, and the quality feels just as good.

👤They were easy to install and fit my Kraken Pro V2 perfectly. I can tell the difference between these and the original ones. The original cups were a bit softer. These do get the job done. They are labeled "R" and "L" so you won't get confused. It is a good buy.

👤I needed replacement ear cushions. The replacements from JARMOR are exactly what I needed and my Kraken v2 looks great as new. There is a It's easy to install and the quality is great. I'm going to wait a month or two before buying these babies. Thanks for the great product!

👤The sound got messed up with the product, which required a lot of audio adjustments to match my old ones. The left cushion can easily be pulled off if you aren't careful. They're comfortable and serve their purpose.

👤They are not as soft as the original. The cup is sturdy enough to wear. They were easy to install.

👤I needed to replace my headset cushions and these worked great. They were a little tight. I got them set and they were locked in. The cushion is comparable to the manufacturers.

👤The return was very smooth after the leather came smashed.

👤It is easy to install and it clicks in place, but in under 8 months the foam is exposed. It might last a few more months, but it will be expensive since they last less than a year. Not recommended. I want a better set of ear pads.

👤A idntico is an original em aparncia. Minhas nicas reclamaes foi difcil de conseguir, embalagem, andere, and

👤Para substituir, do meu MPOW H21, se empolgar saiba. Minha ideia foi a base da antiga para a nova. Basicamente. Ficou timo, so um pouco.

👤Ainda no testei 100% s vou ter certeza no decorrer dos meses. No decorrer dos problema, euho aqui editar a publicao.

8. Kraken Earpads Replacement Cushion Headphone

Kraken Earpads Replacement Cushion Headphone

It is comparable. Only the round ear pads are compatible with the Kraken V1 headset. Do not fit Nari and other series. There is a easy to install and use video on Youtube. The perfect listening experience is provided by the memory foam. The ear pads are made of durable leather and have a smooth surface. The ear pads are thoroughly inspected for defects. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Brand: Jarmor

👤I want to state my disappointment. After taking the cushion off, I can't put it back on. I can't use the headphones that I have. I am angry. There is a The replacements are not compatible with Kraken 7.1 Chroma. I don't know what kind of headphones these guys are talking about. It is not for all models. There is a You send me stuff that doesn't fit, it's ridiculous. It took over 30 minutes to stretch it out. Does not fit. It is impossible. I was left angry.

👤The ear pieces are fine. They are not as comfortable as the originals. I'm not happy with Razor over this. I tried to get the original parts for my headphones. We don't carry replacement parts for older models. You can buy a cheap Chinese replacement on Amazon. These aren't bad as cheap Chinese replacements go. It's better than the service and support from the company.

👤I bought these because my ear cushions were falling apart. They do a good job. When I first put them on, they didn't seal around my ears completely, meaning that I could hear my keyboard more than when I had the other cushions on. The leather is thinner than the original ear cushions, but that does not seem to be an issue in my opinion, as a few of the other reviews have said. These are acceptable and even good replacements, but the originals are still better.

👤It's great to have in a time when we interact online. There is a The ear pads were old. There is a These are a great fit.

👤La calidad de las almohadillas is bueno. Son cmodas. JARMOR, gracias.

👤I must have ordered the wrong ones. I returned them because they didn't fit my headset.

👤It's comfortable and great value.

👤It's worth the money. They are just as comfortable as the original ear pads.

👤I like the cushion, it's a bit less padding. There is enough spacing to keep it comfortable because my ears don't touch the plastic. I would buy them again.

👤It's still very good for that price, but it's a bit less padding.

9. WC Replacement Compatible MDR RF985R Headphones

WC Replacement Compatible MDR RF985R Headphones

TheGroove Design reduces the pressure between the ear and the ear. The ear pads are easy to clean. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you have any questions, please contact them. They are here to help you. Installation is easy with this complete replacement ear pads kit. A step-by-step guide for you to follow is included. The cushions are made with inside stitching that is reinforced with glue to prevent splitting seams, which is one of the most annoying issues with cushions. Replacement ear pads are made from thick, enhanced memory foam that makes them feel great on your ears and improves sound. As time goes by, the ear pads will not become flat. The Sony MDR-RF line of headphones were made with no longer used technology of wrinkled leather ear pads. Their smooth PU leather ear pads are upgraded to modern era standards. They don't cut corners or reuse other ear pads, which causes a weird, awkward fit. They exceed expectations by rigorously testing each cushion. The ear pads are compatible with the headphones.

Brand: Wc

👤I bought two pairs of replacement ear pads based on the reviews I saw here. They were correct about the money. The package arrived on time and I found a pleasant surprise inside the box. The pads came in a nice thick package with an insert that said "We want you to be happy with our product and we've got your back!" There is a Even after hours of wear, the pads are very comfortable and stay in place. I use them every night. They were easy to put on the ear pieces. It was simple and fast to fit them over the base. I think they're a good choice. The ones that came with the original Sony headphones are better. There were bits of black plastic on my ears and neck from the old pads. I will definitely buy these again.

👤I was about to buy a new pair of headphones from Sony which I have liked for a long time. The ear pads were peeling off. I replaced the headphones battery at the same time I replaced the ear pads, as the battery was starting to lose its charge after about 2 hours. What a change. It's like I have a brand new set of headphones for less than the cost of replacing them. The quality of these earpads seem to be the same as the original ones. They are very comfortable. Hopefully they will last for a long time like the original ear pads.

👤The original ear pieces were all but rotted when I purchased these covers. The fit is perfect. Installation and removal of new took very little time. Good on line site video and good written instructions were included. Did I say it was the perfect fit? Excellent product. There is a Maybe I should say very filthy product. My ears are in love with my phone. The price and delivery were perfect.

👤The replacement ear pads for my headphones are better quality than the ones that came with them. The ones that were original were falling apart. The replacement pads are comfortable and easy to install. Highly recommend them.

👤My husband uses his Sony headphones to listen to tv while I sleep. I bought him these to replace his old ones that were leaving little flexes of black leather everywhere. He said they are very comfortable and that they were easy to put on. He has been using them for a couple of months and still loves them.

👤It's easier to install than the instructions show. The Sony headphones have an insert slot where you can insert the edge of the lip and then turn the cushion around so it slides onto the frame. The look and feel is beautiful.

👤I was hesitant in purchasing these ear pads because of the negative reviews. I'm happy I didn't listen. I'm 73 years old and installing the pads was a little daunting but if you follow the instructions and have a little patience, it will go well. I find these the same as the originals. I wear my headphones for hours at a time. Don't hesitate to purchase these ear pads.

10. 3M Hearing Protector Replacement Hygiene

3M Hearing Protector Replacement Hygiene

We take care of all quality related issues with a replacement or exchange. WorkTunes Connect is designed for it, as is the Bull's Eye, Ultimate, Tactical 300, and 3M Pro. REPLACEMENT cushions are a good way to extend the life of arthropods. PremiumGEL CUSHIONS are soft and conformable. It is advisable to check the ears regularly for cracked or worn parts. Ear cushions that have been damaged should be replaced. Ear cushions that have been damaged should be replaced.

Brand: 3m Safety

👤I've bought the same replacement Gel Pads before for less than $50 a pair. They are currently being sold by Amazon. Our family has used the Gel Pads for many years. The pads are more comfortable and seal better than the foam pads that come with the earmuffs. I replaced the foam pads on the newer earmuffs with Gel Pads. There seems to be some confusion about Gel Pads fitting the 100's, so I've included pics of them. It was more difficult to get Gel Pads to "snap in" on the Tactical 100 and 300 sets. I used a small flat tip screwdriver to pop the foam pads out. It would be helpful to have an extra pair of hands to push the total circumference at the same time.

👤The product is good, but the instructions are wrong. I tried to pull the pads out of the protectors with my fingers, but that broke the old pads, and the plastic part of the pads, so I had to replace them. It's better to use a knife or a screw driver to separate the pads from the protectors. The plastic is yellow if you have WorkTunes. With my fingers, I ripped the foam out of the plastic and put it back in place. There is a I replaced one of the foams with the gel to see if the difference in noise was any different. It might be a mistake. Not worth fretting about the 1dB difference.

👤I had a few different earmuff cushions on my wish list, but they were expensive and the installation was not good, judging from the reviews. I found a genuine 3M replacement and it looked legit. There is a They were in 3M branded packaging, similar to the item description's pictures. The installation was done quickly. The gel rings are thicker than the foam ones, but they are the same plastic base. When it was cold, I used these outside. I could wear them for longer than the standard foam ones because they would be too hot and sweaty. I'm not sure if they reduced noise better than the stock ear cups, but they were at least as good. These are better than the probably fake "Camelback" HY80's! They are legit.

👤These are legit 3M gel cups from China, which are cheaper and more durable than older Swedish or US made ones. The Chinese made gel cups I've ordered for multiple headsets are made of the same materials that won't flatten over time, yet still provide that amazing pillow like comfort. I can store my ear pro with the cups pressed together without worry. I had Noisefighters before and they had rip exposing the inner gel, but I haven't had that with them. There is no doubt. These are more reliable. I have had these 3Ms on my Peltor 500s for a few months and they are now 50 F cool. They look the same as they did on the first day. I'm giving these 4 out of 5 stars because they won't fit my Tactical Sports. I have a lot of 3M Peltor headsets. They will fit in my Comtac III Hearing Defenders, Single Comm, dual Comm, Tactical 300 and 500s, but they won't snap in as tight as the other gel cups I have. They will do the job when snapped in. I might have gotten a pair with out of spec plastic backings but still for under $20, it was worth it. The Comtac III dual comms headset is out of spec because it does the same thing to every other gel cup set I've tried. This set may be slightly undersized, which may explain why it doesn't snap in as tight. There is a There is no reason for the other gel cups to cost more than $50.

11. Walkers Game Ear Filled Multi

Walkers Game Ear Filled Multi

Walker's GEL Earpads are comfortable for all day use. The replacement pad is made of comfort GEL and FOAM. The ear pads are on the design.

Brand: Walker's

👤These fit the walker razor slims 100%. Have 2 pairs of headsets and 2 pairs of pads. Both went on without a hitch. They fit flush and look like they're supposed to. The walker doesn't have the slims on the compatible list.

👤I don't have any equipment to measure noise reduction, but I can tell you that these gel replacements create a better seal than the ear pads that came with my Walker's Razor. When I turned my head, the ambient noises would get louder, meaning a crack formed that let in sound. When you're in a quiet environment, you only notice the sound of ringing in your ears, but with these replacements, I can hear that sound easily. I thought I would get more depth with these pads. The original pads cramped my ears, as if it didn't fit. I had to wiggle the muffs over my ears until it felt right. I compared these pads with the original and they are the same dimensions. They aren't thicker. I don't feel the need to wiggle the muffs to get a better fit. The feeling of proper fitment can be attributed to the better overall seal. Highly recommended. I get to keep the slim profile.

👤I would have liked to have the gel pads installed when I first purchased walker ear pro, but I think it would help them be sold at a lower price point. The ear pads are soft and comfortable so you don't have to worry about it. The difference between the gel pads and the original ones is obvious. Installation is easy even though the package doesn't have instructions. The only thing you need to do is grab a penny or a flat head driver, wedge it between the pivot point of the arm and the ear cup and Pry, the cup pops right out. The product was very good. I am going to replace my walker pads with gel pads.

👤Awesome product. Significantly reduces noise penetration and adds a little more comfort around the ear. I bought a pair of Walker's Razor and a pair of Walker's excel, both of which fit perfectly. You can pry off the earmuffs with a nail file, small screwdriver, or thin tool in a matter of seconds and the replacements snap right on. The foam filled pads reduce sound waves from reaching the ear, but the Gel reduces them from reaching the ear. The product is inexpensive and does work.

👤I bought this for my ear muffs. The original ones that came with the headphones were not as comfortable. They are soft and don't hurt my ears. It took me less than a second to change them out. My older ear pads were made uncomfortable by the use of them. I would 100% recommend these and also buy them again. Very happy.

👤So far, so good. It was a pleasant initial impression. Will update after range visit. Very comfortable and works well with the ActFire brand electronic headset.

👤Excellent upgrade! Soft material makes for comfort. Simple removal and installation from old to new. I haven't been to range to test noise level but I'm hopeful it will be fine. Will update.


What is the best product for headphone pads replacement razer?

Headphone pads replacement razer products from Prohear. In this article about headphone pads replacement razer you can see why people choose the product. V-8 and Sqrmekoko are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone pads replacement razer.

What are the best brands for headphone pads replacement razer?

Prohear, V-8 and Sqrmekoko are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone pads replacement razer. Find the detail in this article. Geekria, G Gvoears and Krone Kalpasmos are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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