Best Headphone Plug Charms

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1. Maviss Diary Accessories Earphone Combination

Maviss Diary Accessories Earphone Combination

The 3.5mm Ear Jack is on the lower part of the phone. Iphone 6S, Iphone 6 Plus, Iphone 6S Plus, SAMSUNG GALAXY S6, SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 Edge and so on. Made of high quality and hot. Unique design makes your phone look great. It protects your jack from dust. The well enclosed cellphone design has a final seal. Dust, shock, scratches and bumps are all caused by daily use of your devices.

Brand: Mavis's Diary

👤Don't buy it. There is a If you lift your phone, it will fall out. I gambled buying it because it was cute. It looks dingy and tacky in person. Not even giftable. You will probably end up losing it or throwing it away.

👤I'm worried about the flower one since it's covered in plastic and I plugged it into my other phone and it left a scratch at the bottom of my phone. OtherwiseRECOMMENDED

2. Anti Dust Compatible Charging Earphone Devices

Anti Dust Compatible Charging Earphone Devices

The anti dust plug will keep the charging port of your phone free from dust particles. The anti-dust protectors are compatible with the S9/S8/S10 models. S8+/Note 8/Note 9. The new phones include the Pixel 3 and the new phones include the Lumia 950 and the new phones include the Zuk Z1, the P9 and the new phones include the U11 and the U10. Macbook/Macbook Pro, One Plus 5, and One Plus 6. Premium aluminum and silicone make for a perfect fit for the type c port and 3.5mm earphone jack. The anti-dust plugs are easy to remove. The 3.5mm earphone plugs are used as anti-dust plugs for 3.5mm earphone jack of Type C smartphones, and also used as a sim card tray pin for replacing the sim card. The type C dust plug set is easy to carry, because it has a carrying case for the plug and headphones. More usages include protecting from liquid, sand, dust, and pocket lint without a bulky case. It's easy to protect the ports of your smart device. All type-C devices have 3.5mm earphone plugs. If you are not satisfied with the units you receive, they will not give you a full refund or free replacement. You need to send them an email.

Brand: Ackllr

👤My wife is a professional cake designer and she was having trouble getting icing in the ports on her phone. I decided to give her these. They work well. There are no issues with the ports getting dirty. They work well on my Z Fold3 and I have started using them.

👤These are great for keeping your phone dust free. After my phone gets wet, I have to wait for the charging port to dry out before I can plug it in. The water doesn't get in with these blockers.

👤The plugs are good. I had to tug hard to get the headphones out of the plugs, which broke the silicone ring in the middle.

👤These are good for keeping your ports clean. I am often on the beach. We always got the message that your port is wet. The port is always clean. No fuzz from the pockets!

👤Dust problems should be cleaned out first. Then add the plugs. Dust issues are over.

👤Quality is very good, with good fit, nice finish, and perfect color match. However, please remember: The pin on the earphone plug is too long and you need to cut it to make it work.

👤It's helpful for keeping the lightning port and theusb c. The ports are free of debris.

3. Yueton Smartphone Universal Earphone Headphone

Yueton Smartphone Universal Earphone Headphone

It's perfect for any 3.5mm jack. Cell phone technology has only one downfall, that new phones no longer have a way to attach a cell phone charm. These plugs are designed to fit in the audio jack of your phone. Dust and debris can enter the phone and cause damage to the screen. Do what you love about Cell Phone Charm. A personalized cell phone charm is a great gift for birthdays, holidays, or just for fun.

Brand: Yueton

👤I have too many charms and sometimes I want to have different ones on my devices. I used the two charms I usually use to test out each one. There are groups of strong, normal, and weak from left to right. Strong people took a bit of force to remove. Normal ones are easy to take out and won't fall out. The weak ones fell out when the phone fell. I'd be too scared of losing it if I moved around. There is a If you're selling crafts, I would test each one out first. It's still worth the money because most of them were fine. I didn't test that one out because one of them didn't have a ring.

👤These do not stay on the phone. I have lost a few things.

👤I can make my own charms for my children to send to them, and these are a lot of fun. I tied a lanyard around it so I could keep my phone on my neck or wrist. I wish it was a bit more snug so I wouldn't have to carry a cell phone in my hand. It's really sad...

👤These are made of plastic. They don't use the built in switch because they flex in the jack so much. I bought the jacks and used them for a pull pin switch.

👤It won't fall out easily. Can't wait to make charms for them.

👤They are a good product despite being so inexpensive. It's easy to work with. Inexpensive phone charms are a good way to give a gift.

👤I plug it into my laptop to carry my keys with me. I made a few of them for my friends for a few cents each. It sticks into the jack and stays there.

👤They're great, but I have to take the key-loop off or it will keep coming out of my phone on its own, and it's hard to take out without fingernails.

4. Smartphone Anti Dust Earphone Headphone Compatible

Smartphone Anti Dust Earphone Headphone Compatible

The package comes with 100 pieces of anti dust earphone plugs, enough to meet your daily use and replacement, you can also share with your family members or friends. You can decorate your smart phone with other decorative charms as you please, which can make your phones more attractive, and you can also hang it on your keychains. The headphone cap can prevent dust and debris from entering the phone and cause damage to the screen, which can prolong the service time. The rubber and alloy ring used in these headphones are not easy to break or deform, so they are durable to serve you for a long time. Please check the size carefully before purchasing, as the caps are not compatible with most 3.5mm headphones.

Brand: Frienda

👤They are easy to insert and remove. I don't like it but if you want to keep your phone jack open then buy these and I will give you 2 stars. My mom likes them and she would give them 4 or 5 stars.

👤These were too small. They are very easy to slide out of. I can't use them.

👤It arrived in one day. I didn't count to make sure there were 100 but the size is perfect. They are small and perfect. Thank you!

👤It works great for my charms.

👤Just what my grand daughter wanted.

👤They were a great value, came in on time, easy to use, but black made them blend into things a bit too well if I dropped any, otherwise, a great purchase.

👤Did not have 100 pieces. I didn't get what was said.

5. PortPlugs Plugs Compatible Samsung Headphone

PortPlugs Plugs Compatible Samsung Headphone

It works with newer devices with Headphone Ports such as the s22, s21, s20, Ultra, Plus S10, S9, S9 Plus, S8, Note 8, MacBook Pro, Lg, and more. The most secureusb-c fit in the market is created by their design. Simple Protection protects from dust, sand, and pocket lint without a bulky case. This simple accessory is all you need to protect the ports of your smart device. It's easy to use and remove the Wireless Charging pads. You can easily remove the dust plugs with the help of Inert Silicone. A slightly ridged external surface means they stay firmly in your device at all times. The port plugs feature sleek profile tops that blend in smoothly with the appearance of your devices. The phone dust plugs are made from a durable aluminum exterior and flexible plastic interior, meaning they will not interfere with your phone charging, and retain their shape and good looks for years. Avoid pricey repairs. The stress of charging issues, the headaches of port problems, and the pain of expensive repairs can be mitigated. The anti-dust plug set protects the internal connections of your ports.

Brand: Portplugs

👤The item has bad ratings. There are some people out there who are really whiny. It's a plug. It was designed to block dust. I have an S9 and don't use my ports. I put these plugs in and have not lost a single one. Thank you! If you have to take your phone out of the case, it's better to remove the top first or the plug occasionally gets pulled out. It would be difficult to remove the plug if it was more flush.

👤These don't fit very well. The top portion of the device is very thin and flimsy compared to the photos. The "extraction pins" aren't very secure and I had rust on them. I don't have anything to say about these. They are not eligible for a return. I would suggest looking for a different product. These were purchased for a brand new phone. The phones have never had a cable or jack plugged into them. My ports are brand new because I only use wireless charging. These plugs don't work very well. There is a I ordered the Premium aluminum version and rated it 5 stars. It is definitely a better option.

👤I bought these plugs because I work in a foundry that has a lot of sand and iron dust. I didn't want any iron dust getting into the ports and shorting something on my new phone so I used these plugs. I used gorilla tape to cover the ports on my old phone. I use these plugs with a case on my phone and they are less likely to come out because they are not rubbed on. If I don't take the case off of my phone first, the plug will come loose if I don't take it off frequently. Overall 2.

👤I like that there are more than one. They fit on like a glove, which is great. I want my ports to be free of dust. The product does its job. They are not 100% dust proof because the material attracts small particles. Dust is like a fine pressed dress shirt. It will do the job. There is a They don't need a lot of force to pull out, and they don't move a lot. I'm glad I went with these because it fits my needs. There is a It also has a tool.

👤This product is exactly what I needed. I got these on May 12th. I've been using the plugs for about a month and a half and have no issues. There is a They are easy to remove, and they haven't fallen out of any port I've put them in. There is a They keep the dust out of the ports of my phone. There is a I don't have to remove the plug to insert a cable since my phone and ear bud charging case support wireless charging. There is a The plug for the type C and the 3.5mm jack is not so thin that I can't grab hold of it when I need to, but it is thin enough to be low profile. I got five of each plug for cheap, and they work great. There is a The little package they come in has a zip up bag that you can use to store the extras you don't use and not worry about them being lost.

6. IP202 B Purple Crystal Turtle Android

IP202 B Purple Crystal Turtle Android

The design of your cell phone is brand new. The measurement is approx. The H is 1.7 cm and the W is 0.9 cm. The material is zinc alloy metal,hinestone crystal and plastic plug. It's for all phones and electronic products with a 3.5mm earphone jack. Protect your docking port from dust and lint with a cell phone.

Brand: Monnel

👤It's cute but it keeps falling apart.

👤The product does not hold up. The turtle lost its legs in 3 days. I thought it was cute and I liked it at first, but it's not worth the price.

👤She loves it because I bought it as a gift. It fits into the plug/hole.

👤I've had this charm for a while now. I absolutely love it. It's so cute, and so far has stayed together.

👤It fell off the insert after 3 days. It was fixed by a little glue. The parts are moving. It is very cute.

👤My wife loves it. Really great.

👤It's bigger than I thought. I like it.

👤The little turtle is adorable. It stays in the jack location.

7. Hemobllo Straps Lobster Earphone Accessories

Hemobllo Straps Lobster Earphone Accessories

The dust plugs are used for mobile phones. You can remove the plugs. It's perfect for making gifts for families or friends. Dust plugs can be used to decorate your phone, camera, PC, and music player. The lanyard is easy to attach and detach, it is lightweight and easy to connect. Charm straps for cellphones, name tags, trinkets, and more.

Brand: Hemobllo

👤I made holders for stylus pens. The dust plug snapped. Just be careful, they are still useful.

👤I got some charms from Etsy to put on the end of these. It's cute to keep the dust out of my ear bud jack.

👤Even though I received 15 dust plugs, I only received a few of the colors that they sell.

👤They fell apart very quickly. Terrible quality! Save your money for something else, it's not worth it.

8. Hemobllo 100PCS Phone IPhone Samsung

Hemobllo 100PCS Phone IPhone Samsung

There are 2 anti dust plug charms for theusb c charging port, a 3.5mm headphone jack pin, 2 blue spiral cable protectors, and a clear storage box in the package. 180 days of no worry about purchase or replacement service. If you have a question, please contact VIWIEU Customer Support. Headphone Jack Dust Plug protects your phone's earphone jack from dust, splashes, scratches and debris. A hole in theOLE design allows you to hang a small pendant on it or match a key with it. The dust plug is made of high quality material, which can be used for a long time. The 3.5mm earphone jack dust plug charm is easy to use and portable. There are wide applications. It's suitable for most phones with a 3.5mm earphone jack.

Brand: Hemobllo

👤I bought these dust plugs for my charms, and they look great, are very sturdy, and don't bend like other dust plugs do. In the past, I have noticed that some dust plugs would bend inside the headphone jack of a switch and would then be too bendy to re-insert while these are plugged in and out. It is worth your money.

👤So far, so good! My customers love them. The photo is top right. I just bought black plugs because a customer requested them. I will have 2 options.

👤I use these for my smart phones. I make jeweled, charmed, and dustplugs. A value for money. I will definitely be ordering more.

👤Love them. To make charms for cell phones.

👤I don't know how one writes a review about dust plugs but they're sturdy and rigid enough to have easy removal but still flexible so that it doesn't damage your headphones, which is good for me.

9. VIWIEU Charging Earphone Protectors Compatible

VIWIEU Charging Earphone Protectors Compatible

Dust, dirt, splash water, grime, powder, and pocket lint can be harmful to your charging port. Bad internal connections can be prevented by it. It's compatible with MacBook pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 2, MacBook Pro 3, MacBook Pro 4, MacBook Pro 5, MacBook Pro 6, MacBook Pro 7, MacBook Pro 8, MacBook Pro 9, MacBook Pro 10, MacBook Pro 11, MacBook Pro 13, MacBook Pro 14, MacBook Pro 15, MacBook Pro 16, MacBook P20 Pro and more. Their dust plugs are made of aluminum and silicone and can fit into your cell phone port and not damage it. These plugs are great for protecting your phone and are also great for applying with wireless charging devices. They are easy to use and install. The plug set keeps the dirt and lint out of the devices. The jack pin can be used to replace a card. You can carry it anywhere with the clear storage box included. The cable ends saver included in the bonus cable protectors can help protect your cable from breaking at the connection to the ends. There are 2 anti dust plug charms for theusb c charging port, a 3.5mm headphone jack pin, 2 blue spiral cable protectors, and a clear storage box in the package. 180 days of no worry about purchase or replacement service. If you have a question, please contact VIWIEU Customer Support.

Brand: Viwieu

👤I don't have a way to show how well these plugs fit, so I'll describe it. They look really nice. Fit is perfect. I've bought all Silicone plugs before. They were just a dust cover. I bet they increase the water resistance of the phone. Water getting into a charging port and not being able to plug in a charging port is definitely decreases. I don't know how they will fit on other phones, I use the S8+. Very pleased so far.

👤I take my laptop out of my bag when I am a college student. Dust and ants are kept out by covering the ports. I didn't know it was a thing. I love the product. Well made and does what it is supposed to do.

👤I found the best dust plug for phones.

👤Excellent item on hand!

👤I liked how it protects my phone's ports.

👤Awesome value for money. I like it. Will definitely be buying another set.

👤Plugs fit snug, product works well. Plugs are difficult to remove with a case.

10. BFlowerYan Smartphone Phone Charm Adaptor

BFlowerYan Smartphone Phone Charm Adaptor

Plugs for audio devices.

Brand: Arrord

👤I wanted to keep the dust out of the microphone cable so I put it in. I couldn't get it out of my body. The ring is small and I was afraid if I attached something to it it would snap and I wouldn't get it out. I was able to pull it out with something inside the ring. I was worried. I was glad I didn't put it into something important. I don't know if they are long or wide. I hope I don't damage the cable. The old style stereo + mono microphone/headset is spits into the new dual all in one microphone splitter. It would be sad if it were cheap enough to replace. I own them. They should be thrown in my small parts bin. I think there is some use for them. Two stars and not one, that's right.

👤They fall out of the jack. 9 of the 10 fall out. The product is not of good quality. Don't waste your money because the item is non-returnable. Really?

👤These are small. I mean they're tiny. I wanted to use this to add charms to my phone, so I used the Nexus 5x. These inserts are very easy to put in the jack. Too easy. The plug will fall out if you barely touch the ring. This couldn't hold the weight of anything. Back to searching.

👤The rubber rings are snug and the metal rings are weak.

👤The metal ring on my phone is the only problem I have, I had a charm attached but it came off.

👤This is a great tool to keep the aux port clean, as someone who uses a lot of Bluetooth can. I use them on my phone. They work with any phone with a jack. They've saved my mom from having to replace her phone because of the dust and pocket debris in her port. Popped in a plug and works as expected.

👤The ability to use headphones on my last two phones was lost. No amount of blowing, contact cleaning, or anything else would fix them. The solution is to keep the hole plugged to avoid dirt and dust. The plastic plugs are cheap and do the trick. You will lose a 10-pack from time to time.

👤These work well and fit nicely. The ring on the end is nice if you want to attach a small lanyard if you plug them in and out frequently. They are worth it to buy them there.

👤I use it to hold my apple lightning to a 3.5mm jack.


What is the best product for headphone plug charms?

Headphone plug charms products from Mavis's Diary. In this article about headphone plug charms you can see why people choose the product. Ackllr and Yueton are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone plug charms.

What are the best brands for headphone plug charms?

Mavis's Diary, Ackllr and Yueton are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone plug charms. Find the detail in this article. Frienda, Portplugs and Monnel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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