Best Headphone Plug Replacement

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1. Replacement Connector Headphone Earphone Microphone

Replacement Connector Headphone Earphone Microphone

The package contains a 3.5mm stereo 3 pole male plug. The cable for the microphone and speakers is broken. PIN 1 is the left channel, PIN 2 is the right channel, PIN 3 is the mic, and PIN 4 is the ground. It's easy to install. It's perfect for the green hand. One year warranty. Money back if a quality problem.

Brand: Accessonico

2. NEW NEOMUSICIA Replacement Compatible Headphones

NEW NEOMUSICIA Replacement Compatible Headphones

There is a replacement audio cable in the package. The HE-400i version doesn't fit the old version because it doesn't have a dual 3.5mm male plug. The package includes a replacement cable and no headphones. The cable material is OFC wire and the diameter is 4mm. The cable has dual 3.5mm Jack Male to 3.5mm male and , it's a replacement cable for the HE-400i with both 3.5mm plug headphone extension cords. If you are using the old version HE-400i with both 2.5mm plug, please choose the other one with both 3.5mm.

Brand: New Neomusicia

👤This is the most recent one in the history of audio cabs. There is a I hate this cable, it's too long, it's unwieldy, and it's microphonic. It doesn't stay where you put it because it's made out of cheap plastic and intertwined a couple of times. You hear it when the cable rubs itself. There's no way this could be a cable that doesn't scream at me when it rubs something. You can't set it in your lap, you can't set it on the table, and it doesn't coil! It just slides around, it's inconvenient. I can hear it when I turn my head. There is a It works. I didn't hear any audio issues. I didn't care enough to deal with it. I switched back to the regular cables. It's not worth the hassle of fighting the cable that's supposed to be a tool. I own the DT770s and have never had an issue with any other headphones. To. It's never an issue.

👤I bought a pair of 4xxs at Massdrop. If someone wants to try a pair of planars for a cheap price, these are worth it. I switched the stock cable because it was too short. I bought the cable from Amazon. The quality of the build seems solid. The cable doesn't change the sound quality. If anything happens, these cables aren't bad to replace. The left and right cables are what you need to replace the cable from the HE4xxs. There should be markers that show which cable goes to which side. Plug in both sides and you can switch your old cable to a new one. The cable from Amazon has a 1/8th inch adapter. Hope this helps people with their questions.

👤The 9' length is useful if you're working a board or moving around a workspace, but the 4' version is too short to use if you want to kick back in. There is a Hifimans' choice of 2.5mm headphone connections is great, but they can snap off right at the headphones, so you have to disassemble the can and remove the broken piece before using the phones again. There is a The 2.5mm plugs on these cables seem adequate, but think twice before using an under desk hanger, because the 4' cable is short enough to leave the headphones dangling if they're not fastened. Ask our cats how fun it is. There is a The good news is that neither cable has much of a sonic signature, and I don't hear any significant effects on the high end, but younger people might. These cables are cheap and useful replacements for the 2.5mm cables that you broke, if not better than the original cables.

👤I bought this cable because the one that came with my HE 400-i was too short. This cable is braided for most of the time, but the part where it forks up to the left and right is made out of a rubbery material which is a nice touch. The materials and build are nice. The braided material is tangle-free and the connection to the headphones is solid. I pulled one of the cables out of the headphones, but I would rather have the cable come off than have it damaged. If you have already spent money on your Hifiman headphones, it is worth the investment for a replacement cable.

3. Fancasee Replacement Connector Headphone Microphone

Fancasee Replacement Connector Headphone Microphone

Without soldering iron, come. A replacement 3.5mm male plug for a broken or worn out audio cable. 3.5mm stereo 4 pole male plug to a bare wire replacement audio cable. PIN 1 - red wire; PIN 2 - white wire; PIN 3 - green wire; and PIN 4 - black wire. PIN 1 - Left channel; PIN 2 - Right channel; PIN 3 - Microphone; PIN 4 - Ground. The CTIA standard is PIN1 - Left channel; PIN2 - Right channel; PIN3 - Ground and PIN4 - Microphone. You don't have to be a professional to do this. Wrap the bare wire with tapes and connect it to the corresponding wires. There is a replacement audio cable in the package.

Brand: Fancasee

👤My daughter broke the plug on my headset. I bought the replacement part since it doesn't need soldering. This is how I fixed it. I am a nurse and not an electronic repair person. It was easy to keep in mind the tiny wires you have to work with. Don't try to fix it if you're under 18 years old. Gather: a lighter, a little water bowl, a wet paper towel, and an electrical tape. Cut. The broken plug should be removed and the wires exposed. On. The white wire is wrapped with red/green skinny wires and should be taken out of your way or cut off. To twist them together, you will need exposed wire in your headphones and a replacement part. To remove color from the wires, open a window, burn the ends of the wires, and expose the copper wires inside. The char should be wiped with a wet paper towel. The same thing should be done on the replacement part. It doesn't come exposed enough in order to twist. Start with the smallest one. You can see the chart from the replacement part and correspond the color to the location. They are not interchangeable so connect correctly. There is a My headphones were red and green. Left copper - ground white mic. Cut a piece of shrink wire larger than 1/2” in order to cover exposed wires later. Leave the wire at the end. Carefully twist the wires. Once secure, slide the shrink wire over the twisted portion and burn it. It will shrink so carefully that it will be hot. I wore gloves. - repeat. Until all 4 are attached. Plug your phone, iPad or game console into your headphones to hear the sound. Good job if it all works. Wrap the wires with electrical tape. It is not pretty but works well. There is a I am very happy with the 10.00 fix to my headphones. I was unable to post the pics here. Good luck!

👤Two years of regular use of the "Recon 50X Over-the-Ear Gaming Headset" resulted in connections going bad, as the audio would drop out and/or become scratchy. The wires were sold as a PITB. We figured out which wire was connected to which wire. Here is a description of which wire to connect to which wire. Plug's "tip"/Pin 1 is used to connect Recon GRN to Plug RED. Plug the "ring 1" and "pin 2" of the audio into the WHT. Plug GRN was wrapped in red/grn insulation. Plug's "sleeve"/Pin 4 is Recon BARE to Plug BLK.

👤The wire colors are not for the modern CITA standard, so I tested them on a breadboard before soldering. The green wire goes to the 3rd ring from the tip, and the black wire goes to the bottom ring. You need to swap mic and ground for CITA compatibility. The colors correspond to what you would expect. solder accordingly if you want to verify which standard your device uses.

👤I didn't understand that the wires to different devices can be different colors. You have to cut open the old plug to map the wire locations. In my case, ground was black, mic was green, right was white, and left was red. Replacement wires and old wires. Hope it helps.

4. Fancasee Replacement Connector Headphone Earphone

Fancasee Replacement Connector Headphone Earphone

There are two ways to connect a microphone and a microphone. A replacement 2.5mm male plug is needed for worn out or broken headphones. PIN 1 is the left channel, PIN 2 is the right channel, and PIN 3 is the ground. You don't have to be a professional to do this. Wrap the bare wire with tapes and connect it to the corresponding wires. The package contains replacement audio cable.

Brand: Fancasee

👤These were the right ones for an audio application. The ends were pre-tinned and pre-striped to show the three conductors.

👤The items arrived on time and were in good condition, so they will live in my parts stock.

👤Great part, as long as you can solder.

👤It worked great for the Ms8 repair.

5. Pairs Medium Silicone Replacement Earbud

Pairs Medium Silicone Replacement Earbud

There are 10 pairs of ear bud tips. It's compatible with Powerbeats2, Powerbeats3 and many more brands. Smokin' Buds 2 Wireless, Ink'd 2, Inkd 2 Wireless, Smokin' Buds 2 Wireless, 50/50, Bombshell, and Strum are compatible with SkullCandy Models. If you have lost, damaged, or deficient Ear Bud Tips, you should grab some extra or replace them. It is durable, flexible, and replaceable.

Brand: Earbudz

👤These buds are the largest size, so I gave them 3 stars. They are not small. I bought these for the smallest silicone ear bud replacement. They are too big. I have canals in my ears. It was a waste of my money for someone who works for that size. I always need the smallest size in the range. Everything is great about them, so if they fit than they would be a 5.

👤Replacement for my lost ear bud covers.

👤I have blackweb neck bands. They have three types of ear buds. These are not large. They say medium. They are not. I paid $10 more to get them the same day. They arrived the same day and appear to be small. I would return for a large.

👤These are replacements for earbuds. It wasn't expected to be as good as the original. I didn't want to spend the equivalent of a new pair of earbuds just for the lost earbuds. The earbuds were easy to put on and I used the medium on the MDR-XB50BS/B. I already knew that I was using the original medium. Having 10 pairs makes me less anxious about losing them again.

👤I have been using Mpow Enchanter Wireless headphones for many years and always misplace them. The biggest pet peeve is that they sell the bad boys separately. When I get packs with different sizes, I only use the medium size because it fits most people.

👤This is the fastest item I have ever gotten on Amazon. To install and be comfortable. It's a great replacement for earbuds that have worn out due to sweat and skin oils. Highly recommended!

👤I wanted to return them because I didn't expect all of the ear pieces to be the same size. They hurt my ears when they wore them. While. I wanted to use these to replace my ear bud. It's not big enough for my ears. I don't think they serve their purpose.

👤They will not stay in your ears. I can't remember how many times they popped out. The earbuds have Silicone around them. It is so thin that in any pressure, the things fall off. I lost at least two of them. I would have returned it. I keep finding them all around the house, which is a serious hazard for my kids. I went way too cheap, but I wanted an expensive one.

👤It fits my earbuds. Great product.

6. Fancasee Replacement Connector Headphone Earphone

Fancasee Replacement Connector Headphone Earphone

You can use the 22-18 gauge to connect the 3.5mm trrs plug cable. A 3.5mm male plug is a perfect replacement for a broken or worn out audio cable. PIN 1 is the left channel, PIN 2 is the right channel, and PIN 3 is the ground. You don't have to be a professional to do this. Wrap the bare wire with tapes and connect it to the corresponding wires. There is a replacement audio cable in the package.

Brand: Fancasee

👤I changed my rating to 4 stars due to the seller. The seller was quick to resolve the issue after I got a faulty product. I bought this to replace the plug on my system. The strain relief stopped after 10 years. The beginning. I have been doing electronics work for 35 years. There is a The first plug was wired and soldered and had a low volume level, but it didn't have a properly soldered ground connection. I will use the other one. It's the same problem. The solution was to purchase the plug itself and solder it up, so everything is working as it should. I wasted $8 and time because I thought it was a quality control issue. I get that for not buying the plug in the first place. Going for the short-cut was not a bad idea. It is inevitable that some dud's slip through the cracks, no matter what the product is. It's a little hard for people who get duds.

👤The plugs seem sturdy enough, but the wires are not supposed to be wrapped with other wires when there's less than one inch of exposed wire on the terminals. Most people don't have stripping plyers made to do that job, so you can't strip the thin wires without tearing a section of wire off the plugs. You have to remove the tinned edges. I had more success with my fingernails when I stripped plyers because they were so thin. If you expose more bare wires on the terminals, they will wrap them as you advertise and make a better soldered connection for those of us that would do that, we can tin them ourselves. The wires are too short.

👤These were perfect because the jack on my headphones was broken. I didn't have a soldering iron on hand so I didn't solder. Wrap each pair of wires individually with electrical tape to make sure they don't touch each other, and the key tip is to pair each wire from your headphones to the replacement jack. My headphones seem to have retained their audio quality for most of the time. If the wire or jack breaks again, an extra jack is needed.

👤It took 15 minutes for me to attach the new one, but I was very happy with the sound of my speakers, they were just as good as you are.

👤I purchased the parts I needed to make a 3.5mm jack because I couldn't find one. I'm happy with the quality and I'd buy it again.

👤If you know how to solder wires, the extra plug is a plus and even the availability makes it worthwhile, you used the plug to repair a coiled wire.

👤I bought this because I was installing an aftermarket radio in my car. I wanted to keep the factory aux plug in my center console. The new unit only had a rear aux plug. It was easy to find the wires behind the radio with my multimeter if I had two of these cables and a factory aux port. Sound quality works well for this purpose.

7. SiYear Headphone Replacement Adapter Connector

SiYear Headphone Replacement Adapter Connector

The package contains a Stereo Male Connection. The 3.5mm male plug headphone audio is Pure copper gold plated. You can make your own 3.5mm cable with this 3.5mm audio soldering jack. The 3.5mm Stereo TRS 3-Ring Plugs are suitable for audio video applications. If your cable is too thin, just use a sleeve to hold it in place. You don't have to be a professional to do this. Attach the cables in the hoops, twist and lock them in place, and solder them.

Brand: Siyear

👤I got this to replace the broken and bent plugs on two Sony headphones. The originals were bent with very little sideways force. Sound started cutting out when I bent them back gently. I'm a do it myself person, so I'm not going to give up. Installation: There is a First. I documented the wire sequence to the correct location. The bendable section of the ground connector is used to hold the headphones in place. It's important to measure the small wires to make sure they are connected correctly. The insulation on the wires is very thin, so it's important to remove it carefully. The tiny cable is composed of tinier wires. The insulation can be stripped by running the end of the X-acto blade between the thumb and forefinger. Run it between fingertips clockwise. I wish I'd done it sooner, I figured it out but didn't do it at first, so it would have been easier to access/solder. Double check the length of each wire when opening the plug's ground connection. MAKE The newPLUG's cover should be fitted with rubber splinter splinter cure. It's on before you're old. You're doing it yourself, first you have to solder the headphones into the ground. I threaded and folded the wires through the connectors to plug them into my phone, by holding it steady and pushing the phone onto it. After sound-check, fold-it over and solder each connection if needed, gently re-thread each wire through the tiny hole in the connector. Make sure the wires don't touch each other during this process, the heat can get transmitted by the wire and make them stick and short-circuit. The heat will burn off the insulation on the tip of the wire, and you will smell the smoke. I double checked the sound after soldering. No going back after this. I squeezed a little hot-glue into the center of the ground connection. The cover won't fit. The hot glue makes the connections bomb-proof and insulates them from each other permanently. Attach the cover with a strain-relief cuff. The sound quality is better now that all this has been done. I think gold plated, solid soldering and hot-glue insulation give better signal isolation and stereo separation.

👤It works well for replacing headphones. The Litz wire conductors are made of many thin wires, individually insulated and twisted together to form a strand. A typical cable has three strands: red, blue and gold. The longer tab has the red one on it. Pull the wire through the hole in the tab and solder it on the outside. If you bend the strand on its own, it will be easier to do the operation. You don't need to remove the Litz wire insulation before soldering because it will burn off when it comes into contact with molten 60-40 solder. Before soldering the Litz strands on the plug, you need to thread the cable through the outer plug cover and the inner plug sleeve. To make sure the plug is sealed, you need at least one piece of shrink-fit tubing threaded on the cable.

8. KetDirect Headphone Soldering Headset Connector

KetDirect Headphone Soldering Headset Connector

The black color in the jacks is light and not deep black, since it is made with STAINLESS steel. The gold 4 pole 3.5mm male repair headphone jack is made of metal. If you still have a problem with the specific soldering method, please send them a message through Amazon, they will solve the problem with you. You can use this 3.5mm 4 Pole headphones headset Audio&Video Soldering Jack to make your own 3.5mm 4 pole cable. Audio&Video Soldering Jack + 5CM heat-shrinkable tube. Audio&Video Soldering Jack + 5CM heat-shrinkable tube.

Brand: Ketdirect

👤The plug is nice, but you need some really precise soldering equipment and soldering wire to do this correctly, and it's a nice little plug. You are going to have a bad day if you don't have an alligator clips holding system and a magnifying glass mounted to it. The tip of your soldering iron needs to be small and sharp to get the blob solder onto the smallest of the two larger ones. Make sure to solder that small one first. As you solder the wires, turn them to the post and alternating them opposite directions. That will keep the exposed copper from getting tough on each other. You don't need a lot of copper to do this job right. It would be best to burn off the insulation with a lighter and then use an exacto knife to trim them so that there is at least 2mm of exposed wire on each one. Good luck. The product is good, so the only reason it won't succeed is if you don't have the right soldering equipment.

👤The jacks are pretty high quality. The design of the jack makes it difficult to install correctly, and proper care must be taken. The jacks have small holes in them that are not soldered, but are stacked in a pattern with plastic separated from each other. This makes the install easy to install, but it also requires precise soldering. The plastic will begin to melt if more than a quick touch is applied. The plastic will start to melt when it's too hot, making it harder to solder to them, and in the worst case, it will make the jack useless. It is easy to remove one of the wires you accidentally soldered because of how close the lugs are. There is a A quick touch of the iron, generous amounts of flux, and a subsequent cleaning with alcohol will do the job again. Another flaw of the design is that you have to remove insulation from the wires for the jacks to work. If you remove too much insulation, you run the risk of wires shorting on each other because of their close proximity. It is difficult to remove such a precise amount of insulation from headphones, so this step requires a lot of care and patience. The hole in the sleeve for the mic wire is too small to secure the boot in the clamp without putting stress on the wires. The only way to get the boot to fit is to solder the mic wire further up the sleeve, but it's very difficult to get to the bottom of the holes. If you try to solder the mic wire to the outside of the sleeve, it will not fit properly, and the plastic enclosure is too tight to slide up the sleeve, so you can't even thread it on the jack. There is a The headaches of the install won't be worth it for those who aren't decent at soldering, and it's still tedious to hand solder even for a seasoned pro. It's a shame that they're so difficult to work with because these are the only jacks I've found that have a consistent ring width on the connector, and many cheaper jacks aren't consistent in this regard. If I can find a decent replacement for these, I would just buy a new 3.5mm TRRS cable, cut the ends off, and then heat shrink the leads on the cable to make it easier to repair it. If you are willing to go through the process of working with these jacks and are confident that you can install them correctly, they will definitely serve as a jack replacement.

9. Headphone Replacement Repair Stereo 2 Pack

Headphone Replacement Repair Stereo 2 Pack

There is a stereo 3 pole male plug in the package. The color is black and the length is 12inch. 3.5mm male to bare wire audio cable for worn out or broken headphones. Attach the bare wires together, wrap them with tapes and seal them. The audio cable is 3.5mm. There are two ways to connect a microphone and a microphone.

Brand: Uotoo

👤Excellent quality was worked as advertised. After figuring out the MIC cord color, I put it into my broken headset. I saved a lot of money but didn't save my headset.

👤The extension works well for my headphones. A 4 wire lead is 1' x 1'. Good product.

👤A 3.5mm audio jack and wire.

👤The plug and wire is of the highest quality. It worked perfectly for what I needed.

👤Turtle beach headphones were great for the XBOX one.

👤The wire is sturdy and long.

10. Fancasee Replacement Connector Headphone Microphone

Fancasee Replacement Connector Headphone Microphone

There is a replacement audio cable in the package. A replacement 3.5mm right angle male plug for a bare wire audio cable is perfect. 3.5mm right angle stereo 4 pole male plug to bare wire replacement audio cable. PIN 1 - red wire; PIN 2 - white wire; PIN 3 - green wire; and PIN 4 - black wire. PIN 1 - Left channel; PIN 2 - Right channel; PIN 3 - Microphone; PIN 4 - Ground. The CTIA standard is PIN1 - Left channel; PIN2 - Right channel; PIN3 - Ground and PIN4 - Microphone. You don't have to be a professional to do this. Wrap the bare wire with tapes and connect it to the corresponding wires. There is a replacement audio cable in the package.

Brand: Fancasee

👤It's fine, does what I want, but I would prefer it to be shielded and have better wires. It does the job, but feels a bit expensive.

👤Can't get the wires off. I hope magnifying glass will help. Would work well if that were the case.

👤I used CTIA for the wired headsets my kids have. It worked out just fine.

👤Did not fix the headphones.

👤The product worked as stated. Was able to repair a gaming headset quickly.

11. Antrader Stereo Male Connector Spring Solder Adapter Pack

Antrader Stereo Male Connector Spring Solder Adapter Pack

Audio&Video Soldering Jack + 5CM heat-shrinkable tube. 3.5mm Stereo Male Plug Audio Connection. There is aSoldering type, alloy construction, spring strain relief. It's used in home, KTV, and other places where audio devices are used. 6mm/ 0.24" is the spring inner diameter. The weight is 57g. The package contains a Stereo Male Connection.

Brand: Antrader

👤The pros are 1. Cheap! Ten is a decent price. 2. The strain relief is flimsy. 3. The plastic sleeve on the connector will prevent shorts after wiring. 4. It is easy to assemble. 5. There is no shorts or open connections found with the internal electrical continuity. There is a The cons are 1. Cheap! The material quality is very low. The body of the accessory is covered in a thin layer of gold and appears to have been cast from pot metal. There are visible cracks on both. RadioShack has a quality connector that is coated. 2. Durability or lack of it. The metal connection tabs are very flimsy. The little tabs that are supposed to hold the cable are flimsy. 3. When inserted into a sockets, the connector is slightly undersized. It seems to want to leave the sockets easily. These will do the job, but I wouldn't recommend them if you were proud of your work.

👤I bought some Grado cans at an open-box sale last year because I wanted to save money by painting my house instead. List $400+-. I'm quite active with them and my old-school DAP, and they are awesome old-school headphones with amazing staging. There is a The cables are not as strong as they appear. The R channel began cutting out a few months ago. Dog walks were no longer that great. There is a So, I will go to the video sharing website for the instructions. If you can solder, it's pretty simple. The price of the Antrader set of 12 was not much different than the one I got elsewhere. It turned out to be a good thing. There is a It was frightening to cut the plug off a $400 set of headphones. Most headphones have at least 3 or 4 cords inside. Grados have 8. Yeah, 4 ground, 2 right, and 2 left. There are thick outer cables. It wouldn't fit inside the smaller end of the screw-on butt. It would fit the other end. I could grind the end off of the flimsy plugs. There is a The first attempt was a failure because the plugs weren't made for that many wires. I had 11 more. The second was gold. I ground a second butt to match the first so the wires wouldn't be visible. The ugly MacGyvering makes a beautiful noise once again, because of some electrical tape.

👤I used to use 3 of these to go to a custom amplifier for my PC setup and they plug into the onboard sound with a nice positive feel. I've been soldering for decades and they soldered up without drama. The strain relief spring is a negative, you have to pull or twist it to get it to stay, but it can easily come out. It should have been bigger on the end to make it harder to pull out. If you get it right, it works. If you don't have much soldering experience, you'll have issues if you have too much heat for too long. I have a lot of experience.


What is the best product for headphone plug replacement?

Headphone plug replacement products from Accessonico. In this article about headphone plug replacement you can see why people choose the product. New Neomusicia and Fancasee are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone plug replacement.

What are the best brands for headphone plug replacement?

Accessonico, New Neomusicia and Fancasee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone plug replacement. Find the detail in this article. Earbudz, Siyear and Ketdirect are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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