Best Headphone Pouch Bag

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1. Premium Quality Leather Headphone Protection

Premium Quality Leather Headphone Protection

Premium made PU leather exterior and interior is thick, pliant, soft and durable. Quality stitching and string. Fit for most headphones, feels sturdy, hold it when not in use, and tote it around easily. The outer dimensions are 11” x 8.25” It has enough space for some larger headphones and all the extra cables. The perfect size has an interior side pocket that can be used for extra cables, one for the headphones and one for the cords such as theusb forBluetooth headphones or for backup ear buds. There is a double drawstring closure. It takes up less space in your backpack than it does in your laptop bag, and it protects your headphones from scratches.

Brand: Txesign

👤The bag is of excellent quality. It has a thick, pliant, soft and durable outer shell. Quality stitching and string. The description is accurate. It is difficult to find pouches like this at a reasonable price. The shell is made of good quality leather. The lining is probably microfiber. There is a small divider in the pouch that does not interfere with larger items. One side of the divider is microfiber. The microfiber is sewn onto the backing. One of the nicer pouches is available at this price point.

👤It seems pretty decent made. There is a The pouch is soft. I could see the outside starting to break off at one point, but it seems like it's holding up. The straw string will hold up. Will the single red stitching up? I think the red makes it look a little cheaper, so I would prefer the stitching to be black. I use them to spare room for my Beyerdynamic. It might be too small to be used for other equipment. There is a It's not bad.

👤I received my bag all the way in South Africa. I was a bit disappointed when I opened the plastic wrapping because the bag had a really bad smell and was almost like it had been in the trash for a day or two. I left it hanging out for 3 days and I think the smell came from the sealed plastic wrapper. The smell has returned, which is nice. I use it to store my earmuffs and eye protection, and it all fits in the allotted space. I am happy with the product and the delivery, the inner lining is really quality looking and I am not worried about scratches. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a carry bag like this.

👤The inside pocket of the leather is very convenient for storing the wires that go along with a pair of wired headphones such as I have. I have a spare set of headphones. I also bought another bag for them. I recommend them to anyone that still uses headphones, because I don't think you can beat the price.

👤These bags are well made and have a tight closing. I like them so much that I bought some spare parts.

👤Excellent quality. The outside and inside feel like soft materials. The two compartments are good and the drawstring works well. I use this to hold headphones and buzzers for therapy, and it fits perfectly.

👤The stitching on both sides of the bag came apart. I only carry my DJ headphones in my bag.

👤I have ever purchased a bag that was the best for storing loose items.

2. Universal Water Headphone Protection Metallic

Universal Water Headphone Protection Metallic

Good quality and size, fit for most headphones, feels sturdy, and can be used as a wire/charger bag for travelling. The outer dimensions are 11” x 8.25” It has enough space for your headphones and all the cables that come with it. The perfect size has an interior side pocket that can be used for extra cables, one for the headphones and one for the cords such as theusb forBluetooth headphones or for backup ear buds. There is a double drawstring closure. It takes up less space in your backpack than it does in your laptop bag, and it protects your headphones from scratches.

Brand: Txesign

👤I needed a nice bag for my headset. I have a headset that has mic and cables on it. I didn't have a bag to keep everything together, but it came and it was perfect. The bag is really durable when you cinch up the top. It has a divider inside to keep the headphones and cables out of each other. My headset is the same size as most over-the- ear equipment. I recommend this bag to anyone.

👤I have two nice headphones that I would like to use for business trips and vacations with my wife. The hard cases for these headphones are large and take up too much room in the luggage or carry-on bag, which is why they are called hard cases. I decided to order two bags after searching for a while on Amazon. I received them today and they are perfect for the headphones. The bag has a separate pouch for the cable since both headphones' cables are replaceable. It reduces the risk of damage and scratching. It's recommended to those who want to travel with large headphones.

👤I noticed how sturdy the pouch bag is when I got it out of the package. The metallic grey color looks better than the pictures do. There is a It's the perfect fit for my big headphones, but also works well for smaller ones because you can tighten the strings for a snug fit. There is a I will definitely buy more of these.

👤I don't use these for big headphones, but they are great for storing things. I use when I travel. I knew these were going to have a strong chemical smell from the comments I read before buying them. After receiving these, I turned them inside out and put them in my garage for about 7 days before using them. Since then, they have been fine.

👤I bought this for my headphones. This is better than a case because it will take up less space in packing but still provide good protection. I like that there is a divider. I will probably buy another bag from this one.

👤The bag is big enough to fit my headphones. I put the cable into the internal pocket when I turn the ear pads. I can't draw the top of the bag closed because the headband almost reaches the opening. I put the bag and all into my laptop bag to make sure they are protected even more. The smooth material is gentle on the leather of the ear pads. There is a The thread broke in the side stitching when I removed the headphones after using the bag about six times. I plan to re-stitch the whole bag so it doesn't happen again.

👤I used these on my Senn HD1s since it's too small for my Hifiman/AKG Massdrop cans. This was my wire/charger bag when I was travelling. I tried my best to tie them back firmly after the knot came undone. The bag has seen a lot of abuse and is more robust than the cloth variant.

3. Ginsco Headphone Carrying Storage XB950B1

Ginsco Headphone Carrying Storage XB950B1

The case is sturdy and good for organizing headphones and keeping accessories safe. It is practical and durable. The zip is nearly as high. The nylon fabric outer is a better protection for your headphones. Place your headphones' cable in the mesh pocket. Size:7,1,x2,5 It's compatible with XB950BT/B,XB950B1,XB950N1,XB650BT,Cowin E7, headset.

Brand: Ginsco

👤The item arrived on August 18th. My son keeps his headphones in his backpack for school. He was putting his headphones up when the zip came off. The strap is hanging from something. He doesn't use the strap for carrying. There is a The material is okay. When it zips, the shell is very protective. There is a The case is ruined by the quality of the sipper. The product description does not state the numbers 2, 3, and 4 are true.

👤The case is strong enough to protect my headphones. There is room for all my cables. It has enough give so it doesn't hurt.

👤This case is for my headphones. I looked at a lot of cases to purchase since the headphones do not come with a bag. All the reviews said that the cases didn't fit the XB950B1's. I can confirm that the XB950B1 will fit in this case. It looks like the headphones might clip the side of the zipper, but it doesn't and there is no bulge on the outside. It's not tight on them. I was able to zip it closed. It was ready to go right up. I'm glad I got this case because it will protect my headphones while in my bag and it was cheap. The case was 7 bucks and the net could have been less wide to hold the cords in better. 10 for 10 recommend.

👤I like the case for securely holding my headphones. There is a The amount of roominess inside of the case is just right, not too much, not too snug or close. There is room for a spare set of earbuds or two just in case your headphones' battery runs out. A good guard. There is a The twin security straps are perfect for folding your headphones on the other side of the case. Excellent product, highly recommended, especially for the price.

👤The cushion doesn't suffer and the protection for the mdr-xb950n1 is really good. I would change the spot for the pouch so that it isn't on top of the speakers. There is a I don't really have a way to fix it other than hot glue, because the strap came off and the zip was broken. It will look ridiculous, but I think it fooled me. I have been using it for 5 days a week, it's cheap and I use it occasionally.

👤The construction of the shell is good. The elastic cord is strong enough to hold my headphones. This case is very good for protection. The apparent design flaw others have noted is the only issue I have. The little pocket that holds the cables is not secure. The cables may slide out of the pocket when you open the case. It keeps me from giving it five stars.

👤I keep a headset in my tote bag in case I need it. I used to drop the headset into my bag on my own, but several sets took a beating in my bag with all the other books and notebooks. The problem was solved a few months ago when I started using this case. There are no more damaged headsets or lost cables. It's a hard case, so it protects my headset well while still fitting in my tote bag. I highly recommend it.

4. Popcorn Shaped Pouch Pieces Size

Popcorn Shaped Pouch Pieces Size

Their ClearBags popcorn shaped pouches are fun and easy to use. The red vertical striped bags are great for storing popcorn for use as gift bags, birthday party goody bags, or movie nights. These multi-purpose pouches can be used for many things. The shaped pouch is made from thick material and will be popular with customers and kids. High-quality bags for your high-quality products were designed. It's great for movie themed parties. This snack bag can be used for a store shelf or countertop by a register. Simply open and fill. The top of the bag makes it easy to fill with popcorn or other snacks. Clear movie theatre style bags have wide opening and food safe material so you can keep popcorn fresh and good. At ClearBags, they have made it their life's work to help you promote, protect and preserve your products. ClearBags has a large inventory of in-stock products, fast order turn-around, excellent customer service, and industry best pricing. You will get your money back if you love these pouches.

Brand: Clearbags

👤These did not fit in a bag. It's pretty awkward to seal. Get a bigger size than this.

5. RISETECH Earphone Headphone Accessories Organizer

RISETECH Earphone Headphone Accessories Organizer

Storage is safe. The storage case is made of waterproof and shockproof new hardened EVA shell and micro-fleece lining, which can effectively provide shockproof and crush resistance. It is possible to store the wired/wireless earphones or other small valuable accessories in it, which will help avoid the damage caused by dust and falling. The bag is smooth. The tests show that the zippers are more durable. The built-in mesh bag can be used to fix your charging cable or earplug cable. It's quite convenient to collect and use. A portable case with hook. The small carrying case is 5 x 3.42 x 1.73 inches and can be put into your pocket for travel. The case can be hung on your backpack or schoolbag with the attached hanging hook. The travel carrying case is the best choice for storing and organizing accessories. Bose soundsport, Sony wired earbuds, wireless earbuds, card reader, mobile phone power adapter/charger/charging cable, mini Bluetooth receiver, and small sports mp3 player are compatible with the above. The device and accessories are not included. If you have a problem with the case, please contact them.

Brand: Risetech

👤The height and width of the second one I ordered were a half inch and a quarter inch smaller than the first one I bought. I should have tested the fit before I put a sticker on the second one, but I didn't know that they wouldn't be the same size.

👤It went on a trip and was punished a lot. It was pushed, pushed, leaned on, and dropped. The Ear Pods that were in it were undamaged. The case was still intact. I highly recommend it.

👤I use this for my hearing aid. They fit well and are protected. It is very well made.

👤There are lots of uses for this case. This is a great way to keep your Plantronics Voyager on the go. Replacement earpieces can be stored inside the case. There are no complaints here, nothing but Pros.

👤A very strong case for headphones and ear buds. There is plenty of room for several pairs.

👤The carabiner has fallen off, it was bought on Nov 19

👤This is what I needed. It works and looks great.

6. Cosmos Premium Travel Drawstring Headphones

Cosmos Premium Travel Drawstring Headphones

The package included a carrying bag. Soft material protects your headphones. There is a double drawstring closure. Please notice the size of the headphones.

Brand: Cosmos

👤It looks like well built bags. The inside material is soft. I use to store laptop accessories like cables and docks. The bag's exterior may wear down over time, but I think the bag will hold up well for quite some time since it's very soft. I have several in my backpack, so I'm looking for a way to lable them. Well. At a glance, I know what's inside. I will buy these again if I need more.

👤I like the pouches a lot. I use these to store my secret possessions and I feel secure knowing that if my items are in this pouch, dust won't get in. I thought the fabric was going to be thinner.

👤The bags are great. There is a little bit of fuzz that gets left on toys, but the right size for at least 7 inch toys. A water rinse won't fix anything.

👤It was very nice. It's large enough to keep dust away from my headphones. The inside is black and lint free. I chose grey to show less dust. When not in use, fold flat. They are 10 1/2 X 8 1/2 when flat. My largest headphones are Audeze LCD-2. They fit but are a bit snug. All of my other phones fit well. They will work if you have something larger than that. It's fine for smaller on- ear phones. It's easy to tie. Look for it to be well made. I will get more sets after buying 3 more.

👤I've tried a lot of hard cases for my cars. I think I'm bending the cords too much. These... It was perfect! It's great to fit and look good. Excellent.

👤The new vehicle had dual dvd screens but the headphones were in a box. These bags are easy to fit and can be attached to seat backs for protection and easy access. Good quality and good price too!

👤We play board games with tiles. These bags are large enough to hold tiles for storage, and can be used to shuffle players. I made great gifts for friends as well.

👤Not bulky but not thin. It fits a bit. They are lint free after a wash.

7. Geekria Headphone Compatible WH1000XM3 Protection

Geekria Headphone Compatible WH1000XM3 Protection

The bag is made with imitation premium leather, durable materials and a soft headphone travel bag. There is a double drawstring closure. Store headphones securely to keep them out of harms way. There is an internal mesh pocket that holds cables, ear pads, and other accessories. The pouch is designed to fit many headphones. Product dimensions are 26.5 X 21.5 cm. The PU pouch is X 1.

Brand: Geekria

👤Quality and size are great. It's perfect for my head phones.

👤I was very pleased with the quality of the material when I received this bag for headphones.

👤It looks great with lots of rooms for my headphones. It has a pouch for ear buds.

👤I bought this because I wanted to protect my headphones from the dust in my backpack and not have to carry it in a hard shell case. I was concerned that it wouldn't fit my Grind Wireless Headphone, but I was glad it fit and it comes with an extra pouch to hold my earphone or wired cord. There is a My only concern is that the leather part won't peel off when you put it in your bag a lot. I'm happy with the product.

8. Leather Earphone Headphone Carrying Headphones

Leather Earphone Headphone Carrying Headphones

JustJamz is committed to the best customer service. They always promise a full refund if you don't like their product. The package includes a black headphone protection pouch. The material is metal and PU. There is a capacity of 9 cm. It's perfect for small items, such as coins, headphones, and more. It is easy to open and close and it is waterproof anddurable.

Brand: Honbay

👤Thanks to the squeeze/snap opening, they are easy to use. They easily hold my headphones. cords don't get tangled around other things if my pockets are neat. I don't have to empty my pockets to find what I want. Keeps headphones and ear plugs clean between uses. If they were made of genuine leather, they would be a lot more expensive. These are great for a low price. A recommendation for sure.

👤It is helpful to have these in your purse.

👤I'm pleasantly surprised by these. They're great for coins and earbuds. The spring is tight and nice. It's in the bottom of my bag. Highly recommended.

👤These are good for my phone and earbuds. It was quick and easy. There were no snaps or zippers to deal with.

9. LTGEM Headphone Audio Technica Behringer More Black

LTGEM Headphone Audio Technica Behringer More Black

The Full Sized Hard Body EVA Headphone Case is perfect for travel, it's portable and protects your headphones from damage. It has a hard body shell and soft lining. High Quality Hard EVA Material is dustproof and waterproof to protect your headphones from splashes and impacts. It's convenient to put your headphones in and out of the case with the comfortable hand strap and the 360 Zip. Villus that is build-in super quality reflects superior taste and ensures a long- lasting performance. For almost all of the headphones from Sony, MDR-ZX300, MDR-ZX310, and MDR-ZX400. They offer a 100% Money back Guarantee for risk-free purchases. If there are quality problems.

Brand: Ltgem

👤The case is really nice. It is smaller than I thought it would be. I've added pictures to help others. I spent too much time and energy looking for a good case for my Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones, and there are a lot of poor candidates to choose from. My criteria was a quality hard case for use in a backpack, a room for cables, and my Zune. The thing that kicked it over the top was the clear capacity for the extras, though I thought it would be on the large size. It's clearly made well, with obvious quality at the beginning, and it carries through opening it and loading up with kit. I will be nice on flights, kicking around town with my pack, and serve as a good home for the M50s when they're not used. Look at photos. This case is very good.

👤I bought this case for my headphones. The description for the XB950B1 fits the N1 just fine. The case is solid and will protect the headphones. I can't see how the zip is going to fail on me. The interior of the case is made of a soft felt material and there is a net material pocket to hold small accessories. If I need to purchase another set of these, I will do so again. This is a good product at a good price. If you found my review helpful, please let Amazon know by clicking the button below.

👤You want to protect your headphones in your backpack or duffel bag, so you invest $100 or more in a decent set of headphones. What to do? Roll them in a t-shirt is the cheap and minimalist route. If you want non-crushable protection, a case like this is your answer. It's form fitting, so the earphone speakers have to move to the "flat" position to fit. The case seems a bit bulkier than it needs to be for these headphones, but if it fit too tightly it would compress the earpads, which might reduce the performance of these over time. The case is lined with a soft material and the exterior is crushproof. The handle is small and easy to grab, and the quality of the zippers make it a good choice. A great value.

👤This item is not compatible with my headphones. I ordered them anyways because I had read a lot of reviews and found them to be mixed. The ear cover should be put into the case for added protection. They have been returned.

👤I've had other brands, but they were not as rigid as this one. The outer shell is very hard for added protection and the inner lining has a soft velvet-like fabric to keep your headphones in pristine condition. I can fit most of the mid-sized headphones without closing the lid. An inner pocket would have been a nice feature, but definitely not a deal breaker.

👤I bought these for my headphones. The Bose case requires a good bit of twisting and turning of the ear pads to load them in to the case, which does produce a fairly small travel package, but after reading that people have issues with those failing, sometimes right away, I surmised this is probably due to the fact that I was more worried about the headphones working when I need them than the carry case. This case is great because you can keep the phones almost exactly as you use them, with no twisting necessary, and even with the pads slightly extended, ready to go immediately on your head. Since I use these on the city bus, I didn't want to have to pack the Bose case every time I use them. The case seems well built, rigid, and made of good materials, and it fits the QC 25's perfectly. It would be nice if there was an internal bag to hold accessories, but not a deal breaker for me. A plastic sandwich bag is enough to hold my mp3 player, headphones, batteries, and ear buds. The case seems to be made of quality materials and the zippers work smoothly. A small price to pay to keep expensive headphones working.

10. Desing Wish Lightweight Headphone Headphones

Desing Wish Lightweight Headphone Headphones

Desing Wish headphone storage bag is made of thickened sports fabric and is skin-friendly. A security guard protects your headphones. Keep your headsets safe all the time with universal compatibility. Bose, Sony, Panasonic, Edifier, Soar, etc. are compatible with them. It's also good for protecting gaming headsets from dust and scratching. TheAdjustable Cord Lock Design. The headset storage pouch is made of stronger double drawstrings and has a unique design that can prevent children and pets from destroying your valuables when you are not at home. You can fix it with the help of the buckles. The portable pouch is portable. Their universal protective pouch can be used to store mobile phones, running wireless earbuds, memory cards, mp3 players, lighters, bluetooth earphones, power bank, coins, and other items. The case is easy to carry and compatible with many models of headphones. It's easy to store in your luggage or backpack, it's lightweight and portable, and it's convenient for travel.

Brand: Desing Wish

11. Sunmns Earphone Headphone Carrying Carabiners

Sunmns Earphone Headphone Carrying Carabiners

5 pieces mini carrying cases with 5 carabiners, including red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, are great for multiple use or share with your family and friends. 3x3x1 inches pocket-sized, lightweight and compact, save space and reducecluttering for your bag. When you open the case, the internal mesh keeps your headphones in place. carabiners are easy to attach to your bags or backpacks and are convenient. The case is sturdy and good for organizing headphones and keeping accessories safe.

Brand: Sunmns

👤These could be really great. For some reason the manufacturer stuck a label on the cases that don't come off without leaving a big sticky mess. If you use any product to remove the black finish, it will take off the residuals which rub off on clothing, bags, etc.

👤You get five different colors so that you can coordinate them. The purple one is for my headphones, the orange one is for my charger, the blue one is for my chapstick, and the yellow one is for change when I get back. I don't have time to put it in my wallet, so I just shove it in there until I do. I have to have my money in the same place. I think it's a great price for five of these and they are very well made. I was expecting them to be cheap but they are very convenient and can be used for a lot of things. The blue one is the only problem I had with it, it's still closed. It's the only one like that. Since it does shut, it's not a big deal. Would definitely recommend this! I will be buying more sets.

👤A small ear bud case is a great value. I use these with the ear buds that are packaged with a phone and a set of ear buds. The wires are easy to slip into the inner mesh pocket. There is a These are a firm side case. It has some strength. The selling point was the inclusion of mini-carabiners. I just throw them in a bag and they stay untangled.

👤These cases are great for small electronics. When I lost my Bose earbuds case, I wanted to make sure they stayed protected, especially when traveling or just putting them in my pocket. I got this set of cases. You can't beat the price with five cases. I gave my wife some cases. It's always nice to have a few extras. Being color-coded is great for people who are very organized. These can also be used for accessories. There is an update. Now Mar 2019. I went into the bag and pulled out my last case. I decided to buy more of these because they were so handy and cheap. The price dropped another 50 cents. What a steal. There are a million uses for these little guys. I am going to store my small items in these cases because I keep losing them. If you misplace or lose your small electronics, use one of these cases and store with the cord. They are colorcoded so they are best for travel. You can't go wrong for the price.

👤These were great gifts. I found they had 1 million and 1 uses. I bought them for my husband because he was always losing his earbuds. I found them in the wash and other places. He dropped his earbuds on the ground and refused to use them. He puts them on his key ring or attached to his lunch box to be safe from germs. I use it for my Air Pods. My Air Pods fit perfectly in here, even though I was always losing the case. I can attach them to my key ring and not lose them. I INRDeals You should get them if you were on the fence. They are great.


What is the best product for headphone pouch bag?

Headphone pouch bag products from Txesign. In this article about headphone pouch bag you can see why people choose the product. Txesign and Ginsco are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone pouch bag.

What are the best brands for headphone pouch bag?

Txesign, Txesign and Ginsco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone pouch bag. Find the detail in this article. Clearbags, Risetech and Cosmos are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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