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1. Bulk Classroom Headphones Classrooms Comfortable

Bulk Classroom Headphones Classrooms Comfortable

We provide you with quality headphones at a very low cost, which will save you time and money. Ear pads can be replaced if needed. Class set headphones are becoming more important in today's technology enhanced classrooms, for K-12 and beyond. The 10 pack of school head phones help enhance focus, learning, and standardized testing. They pride ourselves on offering high quality, premium headphones at an affordable bulk price, and stand behind their sound quality. One size fits all grade levels. Their headphones are easy to care for. These aren't cheap headphones. An on-the-ear budget headphones is the best choice for all media uses because of the drawbacks of earbuds. Their headphones help students focus, retention and overall learning. One of the best ways to improve the brain's ability to process information is to combine listening and interactive lessons. As they receive feedback from their customers, their headphones are continually improved. They recommend purchasing as many packs as you need at once for a variety of learning environments. Many classrooms, libraries, computer labs, businesses, museums, art galleries, schools and universities are supplied by them. Barks Tech Premium Classroom Headphones are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. They offer a limited lifetime warranty that will keep their product free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product. Purchase multiple packs with confidence and build your bulk set today!

Brand: Barks

👤I received the headphones as part of a DonorsChoose project. We ordered 30 pairs and I took them all home. The kids love them. We will have to wait and see how they do throughout the year, but they are being taken care of and used properly, so I have confidence that they will last longer than just this school year.

👤I ordered a class set for my classroom. The students love to use them. They come in a sealed bag and deliver great sound. My students like using these headphones over their own headphones. Thank you!

👤The headphones we use in our lab do a great job. The team at Barks went above and beyond the call of duty when one of them failed. I'd recommend them as they stand behind their product and when things go wrong, they move heaven and earth to make them right.

👤I was skeptical about buying these headphones as they are a little more expensive than others. I feel like these are worth the price, because you get what you pay for. I tried them out for a few days and was very happy with the level of comfort. Most headphones are uncomfortable, but I feel I could wear them for hours without a problem. They are very durable and flexible. I feel pretty confident that these headphones will last for a long time. Barks seems to have paid attention to the little details. Even when I tied it in a knot, the headphones had a flat chord that didn't get ruined. They have reinforcing rubber around the place where the cord is going to bend. The sound quality was better than most classroom headphones. It will be perfect for any type of talk based content. The headphones had a short cord, but I would say it was the only downside. It is only a few feet long, so if you have a computer with a front or back computer jack, it should be fine, but if you have a back computer jack, you might need an extension. The quality is still worth the money. I'm looking forward to replacing my classroom headphones with these.

👤I bought these for my kids to use. They fit well and are easy to fit in, with 5 kids ages 3 to 12. The sound quality is good. The first few days of use, we had 2 pairs break. The wires come from the ears and meet up with the single cord. They are pulling apart when they meet. My husband threw away a pair of them. I wouldn't buy again. They are not bad for the price. I changed my rating to 5 stars. We were down to 4 out of 10 pairs, so I sent an email and pictures. The owner of Barks responded quickly. They are sending me a replacement pack and said they are making changes to address the cord issue. Customer service is amazing. If there are any more product issues, I will update again. If the next batches are better than the first, that's good. The company has a dedicated customer.

2. EOOUT Document Plastic Folders Supplies

EOOUT Document Plastic Folders Supplies

The dimensions are 56'' H x 12.5'' W and the pocket size is 8. There are 24 zip file bags in 8 different colors, they can help organize documents. The product is 13.5" x 9.5" x 34.3 cm. The paper is larger than A4/letter. Please confirm the size of the product. The material is waterproof and is high quality. Keep your files flat and clear. Strong and durable, the metal zip up. It's a good choice as office supplies, board games, or for travelling storage if the pouch is large. Simple storage makes office storage easier. Help organize documents and office supplies. It's the best choice for makeup artists, college students, office workers and classrooms.

Brand: Eoout

👤I love everything about these, but only a more robust and larger zippers could be improved.

👤I have ordered these bags before and I love them. I use them to organize my classes, I write in the back with permanent marker and cover with packing tape. I need different supplies for each class because I am in design school. When the class is over, I just file the bag. My kids need to get organized as well.

👤These are awesome. I was able to reduce the amount of space my puzzles were taking up. There is room in some of the pouches for 2000 piece puzzles and even larger puzzles.

👤These are for kids who have not developed their fine motor skills. If they pull in the wrong direction, the pouch and zipper are strong enough to handle the pressure. I can put the zip up again in a matter of seconds using a paper clip, even though the rope occasionally comes off. These are used in my classroom to hold laminated independent activities for the kids. They can be found in legal size files. The price is worth the quality and the kids love them.

👤The size was correct, with it being about 1/2 inch larger in each direction. The metal pulls and vinyl teeth of the zippers make it easy to open and close the pouch. I would have liked to have seen more of the bags match the colors of the zippers, since they don't come in 8 different colors. This product seems to be of good quality and will serve my purpose of organizing quizzes, tests, and assignments that need to be graded or returned to my students. The buttons on the pouches made it difficult to slide them in and out of the cabinets and bags I've used in the past, but I like them better now. One can easily add or remove files from the Zip Document Pouches without the need for a flap, since they slide in and out of filing cabinets and brief cases. Storage and retrieval are made easy by the pouches that fit inside my drawers. I have been a satisfied customer for 2 years.

👤I bought these to hold small homemade games for my kindergarten students. I love that I can print out the directions for the game and put them in a bag, so I can see what's in it. It's much better to store in plain bags.

👤The problem of how to organize my toddler's puzzles was solved. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤The pouches are strong. I bought them to put in my quilt blocks so I could use them when traveling. I will probably get more.

👤The look of these is great, however the colors are not as described, and the two colors I really wanted were not provided.

👤It's the perfect size for letter size documents and projects to store when needed. It seems that one hook doesn't go through all the way. It wasDisappointing yet left it to the point of before clip.

3. ANIZER Numbered Classroom Calculators Organizer

ANIZER Numbered Classroom Calculators Organizer

If you want to keep your desk organized, you should use a cord organizer for it. The office workspace, room, kitchen, and nightstand will be neat and tidy with the chord organizers. The 30 pockets holder is perfect for storing students cell phones, calculator, business cards, name cards, etc. The hooks allow it to hang from silver/metal bar thingy at the top of the white board or over the door. The pocket sizes are 3.5 W * 5.1 D inch. You can name or number each pocket and find the cell phones.60 White Cards for free, which are suitable for clear card pockets. The bag has 30 cell phone pockets and 30 clear card pockets.

Brand: Anizer

👤I use this as a cell phone parking lot for students. I have to move it around a lot because my classes are not in the same room everyday, but the clips go back into a pocket, it is folded up nicely, and then it's packed into my teacher bag for the next class. I like the fact that I can label the pockets for each semester. It helps me see people who have cell phones at their desks.

👤Each day in a high school classroom, the Pocket Chart is used. It is sturdy, easy to mount, and I can change the arrangement for each class with the "window pockets" for labels for each pocket. The product exceeds my expectations. I recommend this product for use in the classroom.

👤The students want to charge their phones in class. My rules can be charged in the port or not. Working a lot.

👤I love this! It is easy to see who has not turned in their calculator at the end of class.

👤It works well in my classroom to hold cellphones. The lime green color is appealing to me.

👤All phones fit. It is strong. It works well for what I need it to do.

4. Hanging Organizer KEEPJOY Classroom Supplies

Hanging Organizer KEEPJOY Classroom Supplies

Hanging organizers can be hung behind the closet, bedroom, college dorm, nursery, kids room, kitchen, laundry, cabinet, bathroom. Clear pocket storage can be used as a classroom pocket chart, can be used to organize cell phones, can be used to organize office products, can be used to organize jewelry. It's almost suitable anywhere you need to go. Like home, living room, classroom,office,training room, fitness room, etc. The classroom Pocket Charts are used to hold cell phone and calculator. It's perfect to hold students cell phone in class. Students should focus more on learning. Students can find their own cell phone and calculator. There are two ways to use the phone calculator caddy for the daily pocket chart, either on the wall or over the door. The cell phone classroom holder is made of 100g durable non-woven fabric and has clear pockets with 0.12mm PVC, AOZ free. The service life of the product was extended because the material was upgraded to be thicker. The double stitch sewing is more durable. ADD 1 30 number crunching There are 30 number stickers for the clear pocket chart organizers. Each pocket has a number that you can use to find your cell phone.

Brand: Keepjoy

👤I bought this to store my watercolors. It was perfect. Each pocket can hold up to five tubes of 15ml paint tubes. You could store more if you used all 5ml tubes. I tried to buy lipstick holder trays before this handy hanging organizer, but the tubes did not fit well and they took up too much space that I can't afford to lose. There is a There are two different types of hanging hooks, one for over the door and one for sticking to a wall or door. It would be perfect if it were used as a classroom organizers. The material and plastic are heavy and sturdy. I might have to buy more than one to store my paint tubes and brushes. This is a solid value and could be used many different ways.

👤Storage in an RV or boat depends on the inch. I cut this item in half and used it to create two pieces with columns of 5 pockets that are a perfect solution for the inside of my RV wardrobe closet doors. You can keep track of small items such as headlamps, sewing threads and needles, clothesline, travel size cans of static guard, and any other small items by storing them in the pockets or in the underclothes. The pockets are larger than a cell phone needs, but not big enough for shoes. The thickness appears to be better than a dollar store version.

👤I attached the holder to the mobile clothing rack so I could move it where the students were working. The pockets hold cell phones and calculators. I used it to trade students' cell phones for a calculator. Students store their phones in class to prevent distraction. I put mine in as well. The phones are small but they all fit. It would be obvious if something went missing with the see-through pockets. Students don't have phones in their possession, but the phones are readily accessible in case of an emergency.

👤It works well to hold things like water bottles or head phones. The clear pockets make it easy to see what is missing. I hope it stays that way all year. It's a good thing.

👤It's not sure how long it will last. The wall hooks that came with it were not very strong. The number stickers were a good idea, but I don't think they will last long.

👤The item is of good quality. It has the option to hang over a door or attach with stick on hooks. I will store jewelry sets for easy accessibility.

👤It was kind of junky. Keep looking. The price for two was correct. Spend your money on quality. It is wrinkled and creased the way it was packed after a month of hanging.

👤This is a great way to make sure that your students are not distracted by their phones. They like that they can see that they are ok.

👤The little cell phone holder is perfect. I am trying to teach my grandson French at the insistence of my son. I am using this to teach him the alphabet. I filled the letters with items that begin with them. We talked about all the animals and objects in that holder. It was a huge hit with my grandson, he carefully pulled each object out and we talked about it. This is a great way to teach him his French alphabet.

5. ANIZER Numbered Classroom Organizer Calculators

ANIZER Numbered Classroom Organizer Calculators

The metal hooks are easy to hang at the top of the board, desk, closet or over the door. The classroom pocket chart is made of non-woven fabric. Numbered pocket holder can be selected. It's a good place to keep students cell phones and small calculators. It's easy to find the number for each pocket. The hooks allow it to hang from a silver/metal bar at the top of the white board or over the door. The pocket sizes are large enough to hold phones, and even the largest Iphone can fit in them. You could use these pockets to keep everything you own safe.

Brand: Anizer

👤I require the kids to put their phone in a pocket numbered with their seat number as they walk in. Most of them do it automatically because they are used to it. If they don't, I just ask for their phone and put it in the pocket. The fights over phones are over with this tool. I have yet to see a phone that doesn't fit in a pocket, this one is high quality and I have yet to see a phone that doesn't fit in a pocket.

👤I use this product in my PE classes for a charging station and I call it a cellphone hotel. It is very sturdy for all cellphone sizes.

👤I bought this for my classroom. It is very strong and they fit perfectly. I hung it on the wall with screws. No one would have been able to reach the calculator if the door hangers had been used.

👤The product was what I was looking for. The material is thin and feels like it could rip easily. My third and fourth rows have the same numbers, which makes it hard to keep track of them.

👤Working for high school students is great. I put it on the board. All phone issues are gone and better than before.

👤The pocket chart is great. I didn't trust the door for cell phones to stay open because I couldn't use the hangers over bulletin boards, so our maintenance staff drilled screws into the wall for me. It works great!

👤The value and size are perfect. It has lasted all year and looks brand new. I use it as a behavior chart. Would definitely recommend.

👤The color was wrong. Did not open.

6. Cosmos Premium Travel Drawstring Headphones

Cosmos Premium Travel Drawstring Headphones

2 PCS black carrying bag was included. Soft material protects your headphones. There is a double drawstring closure. Please notice the size of the headphones.

Brand: Cosmos

👤This bag is very nice. I purchased a 2 pack and am very happy with it. I was searching for a microfiber bag with the dimensions listed for it, but I believe that would have been a mistake for my use as a headphone storage bag. There is a The velvet bag feels more substantial than the flimsy microfiber bag. The headband hinge is described in several reviews over the last year, so I use mine to store a set of Beats Solo 3's. I keep the headphones open at all times and keep them in the bag while not in use. Z. The small case that is provided with the Beats Solo 3's seems too small even when the headphones are collapsed.

👤I bought the large size travel bag 2-pack with the intention of using it to hold two pairs of full-size over ear headphones, and an older pair of Audeze LCD-XC. It's simple, lightweight and soft, perfect for storing and keeping my headphones dust free when stored on my open stereo cabinet. I can barely get the Denons in the bag, but not the cables, because I have to cram them in. The Audeze won't fit. They are well made and have a lot of other uses. My wife took one of the glasses that I put in the bag for the home theater and I took the other one for her.

👤I use one of the bags to keep my headphones in my backpack. The fabric is made of either velvet or a velvet like material and it is durable enough to survive in my gym bag. The bag is large enough to hold my headphones and a cable. My requirements have been met.

👤I'm not sure what happened to the other people who got smaller bags, but the one I ordered from Fulfilled by Amazon fits perfectly for the HD598 with it's wires connected. I have my head size set at my choice and it fits well. I like the fact that this bag doesn't have a lot of space, as I want it to be more form fitting. It works well for me as I can fit the portable amplifier. The draw string at the end is soft and nice. This is a bag to be bought to protect the headphones from scratches and should be set down gently. It's not able to survive drops etc. It doesn't have a cushion inside. The wires inside help with transportation as well. I'm happy. I didn't buy a hard case because they are usually bulky for me with a headphones like this. I use a hard case for my more expensive headphones. The color of the bag looks better than the picture shows, it's a deep black color and not a faded black, I can't ask for anything more. I would buy this again in the future, but I will most likely not because it comes with a set of 2.

👤Not all of these will work for full-size headphones. The bag is an odd long and narrow shape that leaves a lot of empty space at the top but can be very tight fit around the headphones. One of the batches I ordered had an incomplete seam. I fixed it on my sewing machine because it was less hassle for me.

7. MISSLO Classroom Pocket Calculators Pockets

MISSLO Classroom Pocket Calculators Pockets

ADD 1 30 number crunching There are 30 number stickers for the clear pocket chart organizers. Each pocket has a number that you can use to find your cell phone. It can be hung from the silver/metal bar thingy at the top of the white board or over the door. It works well to display students cell phones. Each pocket size is compatible with the largest models of cell phones. There are clear pockets that you can easily find the accessories in. The bag has 30 pockets and is 33 1/2 inches wide.

Brand: Misslo

👤I needed something to keep my students' cell phones in my classroom. I put numbers on each pocket to correspond to the computer number on the back of the monitor. It's easy to see who hasn't put their phone away. I specify that they have to place the phone "screen out" so I can see the screen, no more students trying to use an old case in place of their current phone! I stuck it to the white board at the front of the classroom because I didn't have a place to hang it. When students place or retrieve their phones, it holds up. I tucked the bottom row behind the chart because I only needed 22 slots. Why didn't I buy this sooner? Misslo, thank you for the perfect product.

👤Are you tired of the cellphone use in your class? Turn this item into a cellphone jail. I have students park their devices in the individual slots at the beginning of class so that class can continue. They get their phone at the end of the period. If your school has a strong policy about distraction devices, this will work. There is a It's not big enough to hold the Nintendo Switches. You will have to find a way to do that.

👤I use this to keep my headphones in my classroom. They are great for storing earbuds, but not for regular head sets. One ear is in the pocket and the other is hanging out. Training 3rd graders how to properly wrap their headphones is a challenge for me. earbuds will be stored in there I used vinyl to number the pockets. I hung it on my door with command hooks. It has held up well. I used it for a year.

👤I use a pocket chart for my cell phones. Students will place their cell phones in a pocket with their assigned number to avoid distraction during class. They will take the number when they put their phone in their pocket. The teacher will return the phone which matches the given number when class ends. Students taking phones that do not belong to them eliminates class distraction.

👤The price was right and it works well in my class to hold cell phones as the kids enter and to retrieve them as they leave. The doors at my school don't fit four metal hooks. It would be fine for home storage but not school storage, because they are made for standard house doors.

👤I use this product as a chore board for my children, to hold index cards with the chore and coins for each chore. We have only been using it for about 2 months, but it has held up very nicely, because they are reaching in everyday and putting downward pressure on the plastic pockets. The plastic is very strong. The plastic is clear, which is important in our application. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

👤I love it! It was perfect for what I needed. I use it to store extra student supplies in my classroom. I use colored duct tape to label them. Each student has an assigned number and I number the pockets with stickers. If students forget their personal supplies, they are back up. I used it to fit my needs in my class.

8. Classroom Headphones Earphones Student Children

Classroom Headphones Earphones Student Children

You could use these pockets to keep everything you own safe. Enough for Your Daily Use: the package comes with a total of 20 packs of classroom headphones for you, with classic black, each wrapped with a plastic bag, and a sufficient quantity to meet your use and replacement requirements. The student headphones are suitable for both kids and adults to listen to music. The shell of the headphones for kids for school is made of tough and light material, and they have a foam ear pad, which makes them more comfortable and can serve you for a long time. The headphones for students are compatible with most electronics, such as phones, tablets, audio books, computers, laptops and so on. The basic headphones for kids can be adjusted to fit your head better, friendly to adults, kids, teenagers, boys and girls, portable and clear in sound quality, and one size suits most.

Brand: Flutesan

9. EOOUT Plastic Document Folders Supplies

EOOUT Plastic Document Folders Supplies

It is easy to organize and classify items of various shapes at work and home. Great for school supplies. There are 36 mesh pouch document bags in 11 colors, including red, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, purple, black, and orange. You can use the set to sort files. Product size is 34.3 cm x 24.1 cm. The colored pouch is suitable for storing documents. Please confirm the size of the product. The bag is made of high quality material. The grid-like material is more sturdy and thick, which makes it better at protecting your items. Product features The plastic bag has transparency to prevent your privacy from being leaked and to prevent you from identifying the items stored therein. The metal is strong. It can be used for file storage. It can be used to store personal items for travel.

Brand: Eoout

👤It worked out well for my class. The material seems to work well. I think they will last a while.

👤We used them to downsize our board game collection. We were able to save a lot of room by getting rid of the bulky boxes.

👤I use these to store my materials as a speech therapist. The dollar tree has better folders that I use to store my materials in. Sturdy and hold a lot. Definitely recommend.

👤I bought them for students. They hang from a hook on the desks. Some of the string hangers have fallen apart, but have been re-glued. Despite how hard Kindergarteners can be on things, the pouch has not had any hold on it. I'm very happy with these.

👤The Busy Toddler told me to buy these because I'm easily influenced and I did what I was told. I have no regrets. I haven't had them that long so I can't speak to long term durability. They don't get used to it. They seem to hold up. Pieces fell out of the puzzle boxes as we organized them into a cabinet. The boxes were trashed and each puzzle had its own bag. My type a heart is happy because they all fit nicely in the cabinet. They can see through the bag but can't see what's in it, so they make it look more streamlined. They seem to be handy for a variety of things.

👤The quality of the material is very good and I bought these instead of ziplock bags for my students. They have the right amount of flexibility to stuff them with supplies and not worry that the bag or zip will rip, because the pvc material makes them supper sturdy. Will definitely order again for the school to give out supplies. They are not a bag that will rip or be thrown away.

👤I just bought these for my classroom and they will be perfect for the Covid-19 regulations. I'm going to use these for small groups and hands on work. I want to buy more books with CDs.

👤I have been using them in my classroom. The students have their stuff in their desks. I have only had a few problems with students who put their items in their bags and pull hard on the zippers, which can break or get caught on the zip. I am buying these for the classroom because I love them so much.

👤Me gustan mucho es bolsitas para tener todo en orden adentro de mis maletas.

👤I use these for math bags in my classroom. They are easy to clean, sturdy, and great to store in milk crates. The stitching on the bag came apart. It was very pleased!

👤J'adore le person. Pour ce, j'avais besoin.

10. Loghot Numbered Classroom Sundries Organizer

Loghot Numbered Classroom Sundries Organizer

The PU Pouch X 2 is a product. It can be folded. The canvas is easy to clean. Numbered for each pocket, it's easy to find the cell phones. It works to store students cell phones. The metal hooks are easy to hang at the top of the board, desk, closet or over the door.

Brand: Loghot

👤It's great for use in my classroom. I use it for cell phones. Not a punishment but a deterrent. Kids can keep their cell phone out of sight, park it, or plug it in to charge it. There is a Martial is durable and good quality. It's nice to hang it with eyelets. The classroom door wouldn't close because of the door hanging in it. I attached to the wall.

👤I like the fabric, but there was a slight mix-up with the numbers.

👤A great classroom management tool. Each pocket had a laminated card made for it. Students take their phone out of a pocket. Give me a card to get their phone back. Excellent! Next step is to add a power strip so they can charge their phones. It will be an incentive to use the pocket. Students can use their phone in class.

👤Wow! This item has made my classroom more productive. There is a The students immediately put their phones in this. I look for the missing phones and mark the students absent. There was no protest. The kids are productive. It's similar to the good old days. I hit this into the wall. I don't think hanging it on a door is a good idea. The pockets look small, but they fit a phone securely.

👤My fight with phones in class is over. When students come to class, theysleeve their phones. Before I start teaching, I want to know if anyone forgot to sleeve their phone. Do so now or suffer the consequences later. Only three students were caught with their phones still on. I want visitors to know what to do with their phones when they come to my house.

👤Our daughter is a teacher. Students spend a lot of their time in class looking at their phones, instead of studying. The hanging set of cell phone pockets was perfect in her classroom. In this time of Covid, she doesn't have to touch the phones, and the numbers on the pockets keep track of which student's phone is where. There is more eye contact between teacher and students. If you have a student cell phone problem, it's highly recommended for your classroom. Mike.

👤Purchase this for my fellow teachers. I teach 11th and 12th graders, and this is a huge change. Sometimes my classes are larger than 36, so I chose the 36 pocket. An extra bottom row of pockets helps my students reach the top row. The hooks go over my door, which isn't a big deal, but it is a small detail that I'm willing to live with. Big enough pockets for those plus phones, holds phones very well.

👤Excellent study! I like the blue color. It makes the classroom look bland. The number of pockets is perfect for high-volume classes, and even crazy big phone cases have still fit inside. I figured out how to rig the hooks so they wouldn't fall off the wall. It's perfect for my students who like to charge their phones. The labels weren't included, but that's fine with me.

11. Simple Houseware 24 Pockets Organizer

Simple Houseware 24 Pockets Organizer

The Mii auxiliary audio cable has a 12 months warranty. Feel free to contact their customer support team if you have a question. There are 12 large clear pockets hanging shoe organizers in this 2 pack. Hangs on a door rod. Clear pockets make it easy to see the content. Special for narrow door and men's large shoes. The dimensions are 56'' H x 12.5'' W and the pocket size is 8. The dimensions are 56'' H x 12.5'' W and the pocket size is 8.

Brand: Simple Houseware

👤I'm in love with these. I have several baskets for organizing soap, lotion, medicine, and my linen closet was getting to be a mess. I was running out of storage. The hooks are notobtrusive and this is the perfect size for a narrow door. The mesh lets me see what's in the pockets, they're a great size and the pockets are sturdy. It's perfect for holding overflow. The coat closet is where the scarves and umbrellas are held, and I'm just as pleased with how it fits my needs there. I might be back for more to use in other parts of the house.

👤I have two for my closet. There is room to spare for the doorknob on a normal door. Just like in the Amazon picture. The hooks over the door are very strong. They don't interfere with closing the door and won't snap in half like plastic ones do. One pair of sandals fit in the pockets. One boot. The pockets are made of net material. You could hang it from the wall in your closet. I don't usually talk about this kind of product, but I have had many of these fall off the door and fail in some way. This one is perfect. If you need something for your shoes, this is the one.

👤I bought these to hang my headphones on. The set of two is perfect for my cupboard doors. I was able to put them up in minutes because they came quickly.

👤I bought this to save floor and shoe shelf space and to have a place to keep my shoes where they aren't going to end up piled on top of each other. This product is very good and has exceeded my expectations. They are sold as single rows. If I needed to be able to open my door further, I could move one to another location. I'm able to fit every shoe except my calf and knee-high boots, though I wouldn't expect any door apparatus to do that. I have everything from ankle boots with a heel, to tennis shoes, sandals, wedges, sneakers and 6in heels. I'm able to fit 2 pairs of flipflops into one pocket. I wear a women's size 8. There is a My shoes are not at risk of falling out of the pockets. They are large enough to fit without being too small. I would have preferred a lighter grey color but chose the darker one for the sake of showing less dirt from the soles of shoes. It still looks brand new after a month. There is a The materials are sturdy and each piece is affixed well. The metal door hangers are very thin and flat. This has not appeared to compromise their strength. They are still flush to the top of my door. I open and close my door many times a day. There is a I wish there was an option to add another set of pockets. The current size is perfect for smaller spaces like campers and motorhomes. It could be quite heavy if it was longer. Very happy with this. I will probably buy some for my kids as well.


What is the best product for headphone pouch classroom?

Headphone pouch classroom products from Barks. In this article about headphone pouch classroom you can see why people choose the product. Eoout and Anizer are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone pouch classroom.

What are the best brands for headphone pouch classroom?

Barks, Eoout and Anizer are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone pouch classroom. Find the detail in this article. Keepjoy, Anizer and Cosmos are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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