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1. Cosmos Premium Travel Drawstring Headphones

Cosmos Premium Travel Drawstring Headphones

The package included a carrying bag. Soft material protects your headphones. There is a double drawstring closure. Please notice the size of the headphones.

Brand: Cosmos

👤It looks like well built bags. The inside material is soft. I use to store laptop accessories like cables and docks. The bag's exterior may wear down over time, but I think the bag will hold up well for quite some time since it's very soft. I have several in my backpack, so I'm looking for a way to lable them. Well. At a glance, I know what's inside. I will buy these again if I need more.

👤I like the pouches a lot. I use these to store my secret possessions and I feel secure knowing that if my items are in this pouch, dust won't get in. I thought the fabric was going to be thinner.

👤The bags are great. There is a little bit of fuzz that gets left on toys, but the right size for at least 7 inch toys. A water rinse won't fix anything.

👤It was very nice. It's large enough to keep dust away from my headphones. The inside is black and lint free. I chose grey to show less dust. When not in use, fold flat. They are 10 1/2 X 8 1/2 when flat. My largest headphones are Audeze LCD-2. They fit but are a bit snug. All of my other phones fit well. They will work if you have something larger than that. It's fine for smaller on- ear phones. It's easy to tie. Look for it to be well made. I will get more sets after buying 3 more.

👤I've tried a lot of hard cases for my cars. I think I'm bending the cords too much. These... It was perfect! It's great to fit and look good. Excellent.

👤The new vehicle had dual dvd screens but the headphones were in a box. These bags are easy to fit and can be attached to seat backs for protection and easy access. Good quality and good price too!

👤We play board games with tiles. These bags are large enough to hold tiles for storage, and can be used to shuffle players. I made great gifts for friends as well.

👤Not bulky but not thin. It fits a bit. They are lint free after a wash.

2. HORNO Velvet Travel Headphones Drawstring

HORNO Velvet Travel Headphones Drawstring

Great for all types of wedding gifts. Each piece is about 12.50 x 7.87 x W. When unfolded. Soft material protects your headphones. The package includes a bag.

Brand: Horno

3. Cosmos Premium Travel Drawstring Headphones

Cosmos Premium Travel Drawstring Headphones

The package included a black carrying bag. Soft material protects your headphones. There is a double drawstring closure. It fits most headphones. The size is important to notice. Each piece is about 8.75" L x W.

Brand: Cosmos

👤I ordered one set from the seller and love it! Perfect size! There is a I ordered another set through another seller, because it wasn't available from Cosmos, the manufacturer. The size was wrong. I need the stated size of 8.75" x 10". There is a The ones I received were small. It was too tall and narrow. I contacted the seller, and they said to just order from them, and there would be more available soon. I received them and they are just as good as the first set, and at a much lower price.

👤The bags were purchased to provide my stepson with a bag for his headphones and then figure out uses for the rest of them. They are made of a soft synthetic material and are set flat. If you have a pet that sheds, this material will collect hair easily. The draw string is thick. The draw string doesn't feel particularly strong, but it should serve the normal use of this bag as long as the strings aren't used for transport or swinging the bag contents around. There is a When the draw string was pulled, it formed a soft carrying case, because the headphones fit easily in the bag. The bags will most likely be used for my DSLR camera lens, as they fit my larger ones with ease. The quality of the bag is very good and the price is very reasonable.

👤The first update was May 20, 2013. I haven't worn out one bag yet. The bags were a type of rough velvet and only lasted a short time, until they became much softer to the touch. A 5 star rating is still a 5 star rating. I'm not sure why I decided to get 5 of these, but I'm glad. I did. I got 5 full bags, and as far as I can tell they are the same size as the picture. Some of the bags were able to fit nothing larger than ear buds, according to reviews. There is a The bags are tough. The soft texture on the outside makes it feel like velvet, but the short fibers stick up and make it feel even rougher. The inside of the pouch has a soft texture which should prevent scratches on metal headphones. The pouch has a drawstring on the top, but I'm only concerned about how long it will last. I can easily do with a makeshift drawstring at $2.00 each and having 4 extras. The bag is on the large side and I use it with my Audio-Technica ATH-ES7s. I could fit 3 pairs of the ES7s in since they fold flat. Most headphones would fit in here, except for some studio monitor headsets. There is a I'm happy. I'm most likely going to give some away to friends.

👤These bags are used to store my headphones. These are nice. The thickness is a little under what I was expecting. They are not prone to tearing or puncturing. The feel is a little stiff, but it could change with use. The bags seal up tight and the drawstring works very well. There was some debris on the outside of the bags, like a white lint. It came off easily, but it seems that the bags attract debris. Really good value. Great for small items.

4. Colorsheng Drawstring Jewelry Pouches Headphones

Colorsheng Drawstring Jewelry Pouches Headphones

The package includes 20 items. The dimensions are 3.5x 4.5 inch. The bags are well-made. Great for all types of wedding gifts.

Brand: Colorsheng

👤Cute little bags were used for their purpose. If needed, would purchase again.

5. Geekria Headphone Carrying Universal Protection

Geekria Headphone Carrying Universal Protection

The bag has a drawstring on it. There is a double drawstring closure. Store your headphones securely to keep them out of harms way. The materials were constructed from soft, supple material. Store headphones securely to keep them out of harms way. Product dimensions are 21.5 x 20 cm. The PU pouch is X 1.

Brand: Geekria

👤The original French Sony MDR-7506 bag was two decades old when it started to break. This bag is more than adequate and does not break the bank. I saw a hardcase here, but it wasn't as good as the fixed cable of the early 7506's. The original Sony pouch has enough room for any slightly bigger headphones, measuring a few cm extra either way. I will use the smaller rectangular pouch that came with mine to store my tablets.

👤I bought this for my HD25's. It was a perfect fit. It was nice to know that a smaller pouch was included. The listing didn't mention this. I will buy another one for my HD250BTs.

👤Does what it says will happen. The perfect size for my headphones. It is very good endurance so far outside. Would recommend.

👤I like to take my expensive Sony headphones to the gym and wanted a soft pouch rather than the hard case that comes with my Sony headphones. There is a The strings keep the headphones nice and taught.

👤I lost my original bag and bought this as a replacement. It became an upgrade over my original bag. The little plastic ends of the straps made it an upgrade. They are durable and don't feel like they will break soon. Overall very happy with the purchase.

6. BCP Drawstring Protection Headphone Headphone

BCP Drawstring Protection Headphone Headphone

Good for carry and storage. There are Binoculars bags. The double drawstring makes it easy to close. The design has an inner pocket for carrying cables. It's great for headphones.

Brand: Bcp

👤If you own a lot of headsets, such as myself, but don't want to buy a hard case for each and every one of them, these are a must have. The bags are a perfect alternative. You get 3 very thick, yet ultra soft, neoprene bags for around $8. Not sure if these are real leather or a very well made imitation. They're still very nice. The black bags are the same as the ones that were purchased for the DSLR owners, except that they're flat with drawstrings on the sides. They're large enough for most headphones and will keep them protected from oops. We know how that goes. The material is smooth and not velvet, so it won't collect fuzzies, dust, or any other of the usual household "crubs" that end up on everything. I would highly recommend these to anyone on a budget who needs to carry or store a lot of items, would like something other than a non flexible stiff headphones case, or for anything else. You can't beat it at this price.

👤These, right here? These are some nice baggies. There is a Quality is hard to match, but it is a little wider than I anticipated. Other comments said there was no real'velvet' in the inside. It's definitely nothing special, it's more like a softish fabric. The tough faux leather is what I'm here for. These baddies are a great option for carrying my gopro accessories like the jaws of life, they fit snug in these bags. There is a For 10 bucks, I feel good about them.

👤I don't like cheap bags for storage. If possible, everything I carry has to be in black and leather. I'm not sure if these are leather or not, but the quality is superb and it doesn't seem like they will crack over time. Excellent quality pouches. I keep my laptop battery in one of them, my medicine pill bags in another, and I keep my leather gloves in the third one to protect them from the cold in South Texas. I'm going to buy another 3-pack for other random items. If you have a Wireless Beats Headphones, they would fit in these bags.

👤These bags are great for the price. My minivan has headphones in the thick bags and the closure keeps most dust out. The string handles can be adjusted. I was surprised by the quality of the bags.

👤The bag is large enough for my new set of folding headphones which I'm taking with me on an upcoming trip. The strings are nice and fat.

👤It's a great bag to keep all the cables and batteries. Good buy for money.

👤It is difficult to find bags of this size. The audio interface and speaker are perfect for these. Quality is good. I would buy this again.

👤The pouches look good. All the accessories are in my hands.

7. JIAKAI Drawstring Bag Jewelry Bracelet Headphones

JIAKAI Drawstring Bag Jewelry Bracelet Headphones

There is a bulk package of Muslin bags and a set of assorted cheesecloth bags. The available size is 3x3.25 inch. The bags are well-made and could be used many times. Great for all types of jewelry. The package includes 30 jewelry draw string pouches. Please allow the measurement size to have an error. Please allow the measurement size to have an error.

Brand: Jiakai

👤I expected it to be bigger, but it is not. I use them to keep my stone collection in tact. It should be a good deal if you don't use the item daily.

👤The material was perfect for the purpose it was purchased for. Would buy again if needed, it was a great price.

👤They are small and soft. Everything you need when you order little bags.

👤I put my religious items in them.

👤These are small velvet pouch. I'm sure I'll use them. They seem sturdy and well made.

👤The dimensions are shown in the images. You want a 2 x2 size, not the 3” x 3.25” bag. That is not what they advertised.

👤I liked everything about this bag.

👤I was expecting pantyhose fabric.

8. Colorsheng Premium Drawstring Headphones Jewelry

Colorsheng Premium Drawstring Headphones Jewelry

The PU pouch is X 1. 6 PCS black carrying bag was included in the package. There is a double drawstring closure. Soft material protects your headphones. Please pay attention to the size of the headphones. Each piece is about 11.9" x 9.8" (30 x 25 cm). L x W is unfolded.

Brand: Colorsheng

👤I thought they could easily tear when I bought some from Uline. These are great for traveling.

👤The first time it happened, it was in the washing machine.

👤I use these for headphones. The product is great.

👤I love them. I bought them for my headphones. These bags fit.

9. Cosmos Premium Travel Drawstring Headphones

Cosmos Premium Travel Drawstring Headphones

2 PCS black carrying bag was included. Soft material protects your headphones. There is a double drawstring closure. Please notice the size of the headphones.

Brand: Cosmos

👤This bag is very nice. I purchased a 2 pack and am very happy with it. I was searching for a microfiber bag with the dimensions listed for it, but I believe that would have been a mistake for my use as a headphone storage bag. There is a The velvet bag feels more substantial than the flimsy microfiber bag. The headband hinge is described in several reviews over the last year, so I use mine to store a set of Beats Solo 3's. I keep the headphones open at all times and keep them in the bag while not in use. Z. The small case that is provided with the Beats Solo 3's seems too small even when the headphones are collapsed.

👤I bought the large size travel bag 2-pack with the intention of using it to hold two pairs of full-size over ear headphones, and an older pair of Audeze LCD-XC. It's simple, lightweight and soft, perfect for storing and keeping my headphones dust free when stored on my open stereo cabinet. I can barely get the Denons in the bag, but not the cables, because I have to cram them in. The Audeze won't fit. They are well made and have a lot of other uses. My wife took one of the glasses that I put in the bag for the home theater and I took the other one for her.

👤I use one of the bags to keep my headphones in my backpack. The fabric is made of either velvet or a velvet like material and it is durable enough to survive in my gym bag. The bag is large enough to hold my headphones and a cable. My requirements have been met.

👤I'm not sure what happened to the other people who got smaller bags, but the one I ordered from Fulfilled by Amazon fits perfectly for the HD598 with it's wires connected. I have my head size set at my choice and it fits well. I like the fact that this bag doesn't have a lot of space, as I want it to be more form fitting. It works well for me as I can fit the portable amplifier. The draw string at the end is soft and nice. This is a bag to be bought to protect the headphones from scratches and should be set down gently. It's not able to survive drops etc. It doesn't have a cushion inside. The wires inside help with transportation as well. I'm happy. I didn't buy a hard case because they are usually bulky for me with a headphones like this. I use a hard case for my more expensive headphones. The color of the bag looks better than the picture shows, it's a deep black color and not a faded black, I can't ask for anything more. I would buy this again in the future, but I will most likely not because it comes with a set of 2.

👤Not all of these will work for full-size headphones. The bag is an odd long and narrow shape that leaves a lot of empty space at the top but can be very tight fit around the headphones. One of the batches I ordered had an incomplete seam. I fixed it on my sewing machine because it was less hassle for me.

10. Tesco Store Drawstring Jewelry Headphones

Tesco Store Drawstring Jewelry Headphones

It's suitable for all types of jewelry. The velvet bag is elegant. 4x5 inches (10x12 cm) is the size.

Brand: Tesco Store

👤There is a lot of room to write.

11. RuiLing Multifunction Drawstring Sunglasses Gadgets Travel

RuiLing Multifunction Drawstring Sunglasses Gadgets Travel

5x nylon mesh draw string storage pouch bag is part of the package. Premium nylon pouches are lightweight and tear- resistant. It's great for storing any type of item, it won't scratch. It's possible to fit most eyeglass cases inside sunglasses and protect expensive eyeglasses by keeping them inside the pouch. It is possible to protect items from sliding out of the lock cord.

Brand: Ruiling

👤The string comes out when the stitching breaks for the channel. I had to make it myself. I had to walk around the entire bag. I repaired a small section first, but as more string broke, I ended up doing the whole thing. The bag is made of sturdy material, but the stitching is shoddy. If you buy one, you have to sew the fold of the channel yourself or you will have a hard time reestablishing the fold.

👤I knew my bigger chargers wouldn't fit because they state the dimensions on this site. The ravpower chargers didn't fit but my smaller one worked fine. The chargers fit. The price is right and the fitting is great.

👤I bought the bags to store my swimming goggles and cap, as well as some small electronic devices. Everything about them works great, they are well built and double-lined. Very happy.

👤A nice pouch bag for your phone, power banks, charging cables, and power bricks. Quality made. The stitching is clean.

👤Was what I was looking for.


What is the best product for headphone pouch drawstring?

Headphone pouch drawstring products from Cosmos. In this article about headphone pouch drawstring you can see why people choose the product. Horno and Colorsheng are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone pouch drawstring.

What are the best brands for headphone pouch drawstring?

Cosmos, Horno and Colorsheng are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone pouch drawstring. Find the detail in this article. Geekria, Bcp and Jiakai are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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