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1. Saramonic Headphone Monitor Integarted SR PAX1

Saramonic Headphone Monitor Integarted SR PAX1

Up to 8 individual stereo mixes are provided by 8 independent Direct inputs. Two balanced XLR inputs and two Mono 1/8" mini-jack inputs are used. Two mono standard inputs and a mini-jack input. There is one stereo output jack. The switch is mono/stereo. The signal of each channel is adjusted by the trim control knobs. 3.5mm headphones for monitoring.

Brand: Saramonic

👤The coldshoe mount is not secured very well. It would be more durable if it had a second ring, but eventually it will fail and wobble. The solution is to buy the SR-PAX 2, which is under the camera. If you're like our shop, and have already purchased a few of the PAX 1, you can remove the mount by rotating it until it snaps off. Attach the PAX 1 with a Rock Solid 1/4"Mighty Mount, remove the glue, put on Gorilla or VHT tape, and then use that to affix it. Attach a Shoe Plate adapter. This will add a little height, but it will be stronger than the original mount. The problem would be solved if the original mount was expanded for cover. There is a The box is great, Phantom power for mics, XLR connections for existing gear, mini-stereo inputs, monitoring via headphones, and adjustments on the fly. The mount is a sore point, but the box does the job very well. If I could trade them in for the sequel, I would do it in a second. You can get a refurbished PAX 2 for the same price as a new one.

👤Someone thought about the design of the mixer. It is designed to sit on top of a DSLR. It has grooves on the sides and top to make it easier to fit other items in the field. The inputs into the unit will allow you to record whatever audio situation you need to. It has a 9V battery that can provide Phantom Power to your mic. I recommend this product to anyone who might need a mixer in the field.

👤I bought this to use with my Panasonic LUMIX. I bought sennheiser wireless mics. The beauty works well with my set up. The ability to create stereo out of mono signal is something I love. The audio has been clean so far. It's a good one. There is a The battery is inserted via a tray. It takes up a third of the unit's size. The tray is not easy to use. There is no indicator light for the battery. It's a great piece of equipment for shooting in the field, however it's a great piece of equipment for the price.

👤A fairly robust piece of gear. This is not an amplifier. It does provide phantom power to mics, but it doesn't amplify their signals anymore. I don't know why the case is so large.

👤It does what it says. There is a You can listen to what you're recording, but it doesn't read levels. The bottom hot-shoe became wobbly after 3 months of use. The tiny screw seemed to have expanded the hole inside, making it useless to tighten it. I would be screwed if it didn't come with other cold shoe mounts.

👤This product has improved the quality of video recordings by creating an outlet that allows multiple mics to be plugged in to the camera, with a separate volume control for L and R channel. It has saved a lot of time by allowing a headphone to be plugged in along with the mics. We can hear background noise, hissing from a bad cable, and other things before we start recording. A great tool to carry in the camera bag.

2. LinkFlexAD1 Microphone Real Time Monitoring SmartPhones

LinkFlexAD1 Microphone Real Time Monitoring SmartPhones

The microphone has a gain control wheel. The volume can be adjusted to meet your needs. Do not put your microphone close to the preamplifier. Real-time audio monitoring. You can make sure that the Real-time monitoring function is working normally. The Linkflex AD1 camera preamp is a great way to record. The audio jack can be used for audio recording on the phone or camera. Also, note: You need to use the original Lightning- 3.5mm accessory for the iPhone7. The CR2032 battery can be used for up to 40 hours. You can see the working status in real-time on the indicator display. The product doesn't support a passive mic which needs phantom power. The 3rd party video apps are required to use the video mode.

Brand: Comica

👤I need an Amp that could connect the mics to my phone or computer, and I have a 3 prong Shure M58 mic. There is a The answer to prayer was given by this Amp. I was about to buy a compute mic for my show when I found this preamp. The reason it is an answer to prayer is that I can use my Professional Stage Mics with my computer, phone, and camera now that I have a 3 prong plug. I am very happy. I think the LinkFlexAD1 is a solid build and feels very high quality. It works well. I plug in the mic, turn it on, and then choose a camera or phone to use. I was surprised to learn that I don't need to purchase a second TRRS to TRS adapter because the switch does. There is a The volume control works well. I can hear myself through the output. There is a I am happy. I wanted a way to use my mics with my phone, so I did broadcasts on Spreaker. I can plug the PreAmp system into my phone and broadcast online, it sounds great. I recommend this product. It saved me a lot of money because I can use my stage mics and not have to buy a new microphone. The battery can last up to 40 hours of continuous use. I use the clip a lot, it's convenient, and the cord is perfect. I want everyone to know I love the LinkFlexAD1. Comica, thanks for this awesome product, I love your mics too.

👤This product is one of the worst investments I have ever made. I'm not sure if the product is bad or not. There is a If you can't hear anything, you need enough gain for a Dynamic microphone. The Hissing and Buzzing can be difficult if you increase the gain. There is a It does the job, you can connect your Micropone to a mobile phone, but sacrificing the quality sound to a point it is unbearable to listen to the recording. If the sound will be awful, what is the point of a pre-amp? The cost of returning is higher than the product itself and no tech support was offered so I'm stuck with a faulty item or a very bad quality one.

👤It's not much to say, you can plug a mic source into either camera or phone. You can't use microphones that require phantom power. The unit has a jack for headphones. Also includes a pouch.

👤I needed this cable to send a signal from our soundboard to my phone. It worked, but I guess the auto gain feature on my phone amplified any existing noise when it was quiet. The device caused a lot of static. I double-checked my signal coming from the board and it was clean. The culprit was the COMICA. It has a CR2032 button battery which is something I don't have often. It only works for a short time before the battery dies. I ordered the TRRS cable from the COMICA. It was useless on the S9. I'm going back to the COMICA until I can find another solution.

3. AD2 Microphone Amplifier Interface Smartphone

AD2 Microphone Amplifier Interface Smartphone

Linkflex AD2 supports audio jacks. It's easy to connect professional microphones for a variety of things. The LINKFLEX AD2 is able to support any mic with 48v phantom power and a 9V battery. Please note that when using, please turn the phone and camera switch to the corresponding position. The monitoring switch is a mic. The 3.5mm headphone output can be used to monitor the sound of the phone. Please note. In the camera output mode, there is only a microphone. The LINKFLEX AD2 Audio Adapter has a gain control knob which is easy to adjust the volum and sensitivity of the audio input. The belt-clamp and magic-tape allow you to hang the belt on the belt or pass the magic-tape through the magic-tape fixing slot and attach it to the fixer.

Brand: Comica

👤I like this. It feels good. It is large and heavy in my hand. There is a It was great to go immediately. There is a I prefer it over my interface. It is very sensitive. Very powerful. I use it to make music. I have to have the game turned so that I don't get feedback or make my recording too loud. I have to turn my recording off after I finish. It is kind of a double disappointment. It is redundant. There is a I would change the location of the microphone. It should be on the floor. It is on the top. It is too much weight on top. I have a mic stand. I can turn it upside down. I don't want to have to do that. There is a The cord that connects to your phone is long and nice. It is miles above its counterpart. That is the reason I bought it. It is the reason I will keep it. I want to play between my processor. I can get a good mix. Still working on it. If I need to, will update.

👤I decided to stay with the brand because I needed a preamp for my microphone. I like the small footprint of the pre-amp and attach it to the desk boom that the mic is on. There is a The microphone is a great addition to my audio approach because of its good sound, performance and small footprint. There is a A good small pre-amp. You won't be disappointed.

👤I was looking for a portable mic preamp with phantom power and a volume control, and this was what I got. The sound quality is great and has plenty of room to amplify when needed. Couldn't be happier with this. They would have included a port to plug in the power adapter. There are ways around that.

👤This is a niche product, but if you are like me and need this type of preamplifier/adapter, it should not be missed. I had a problem trying to use two separate mics, one needing phantom power and the other not, and run them to a camera. Works well. Highly recommended!

👤I couldn't get it to work. The lights would come on, but I couldn't produce sound through it.

👤This is what I needed to use a decent mic. It was easy. It does the job despite being a little clunky. Attaching the belt to the boom mic would be great.

👤I only use microphones for recording voice-over on my computer. I work on my trip. I don't have an audio interface with me so I use the Comica pre-amplifier to connect my microphone to my laptop or iPad and it works very well. There is a The sound quality is good. If you turn the volume knob to high, it could make some noise. There is a The 9V battery powers the preamp and it lasts a long time.

👤This is amazing. I need to be ready to record the auditioning at a moment's notice. I have a studio with my mic and my phone. Thank you very much.

4. Soundavo HP DAC1 Digital Converter Headphone

Soundavo HP DAC1 Digital Converter Headphone

HD audio provides clarity, separation, less muffling and more detail sound and an apparent volume boost from what was output straight from your laptop. Even with mp3 files, the transparency and soundstage of the music is improved. Push buttons on the front of the unit allow you to select different inputs from the various sources. Digital surround formats such as AC3 are supported by the S/PDIF Output. The built-in high-performace headphone amplifier delivers clearer high, deeper bass and richer sound. Plug it into any port on your computer, game console, or audio source player, and you're good to go. There are no additional driver downloads needed for the current version of the software.

Brand: Soundavo

👤Also, note: I strongly recommend that you do not overlook this Soundavo HP-DAC 1 because as time goes on, you will become addicted to the sound qualities of this remarkable budget DAC. I assumed that it was going to be a so-so device when I first purchased it. You may have an initial impression that the sound is not exceptional. Most audio components are recommended to be kept on all the time. As time goes on, the sound will warm up and the power consumption will be minimal. It is the case with the Soundavo DAC. The Soundavo came into its own after a few weeks. I've had the Soundavo for a year now and it's the only one I'm hearing that's not from the iFi Zen DAC. The Soundavo sound is similar to the sound of a tube if you have good source material. The sound staging is wide on my powered Presonus speakers, the mids and highs are smooth, and the "air" around the instruments can be very close. Other qualities that come into play are 1. A smooth, yet dynamic sound with impressive bass capabilities. 2. A realistic sense of presence is what makes this sound exceptional. 3. This is dependent on other equipment such as your speakers or headphones. This is a DAC that may or may not appear exceptional at first. As time goes on, it begins to punch far above its weight. The sound I'm getting is something I'd expect from a high-end audio device. It can drive most headphones without any issues, and is constructed with a lot of inputs. My previous personal reference standard in the budget to mid-priced DAC category was iFi ZenDac, but that has changed because of the Soundavo, which has a tube-like sound quality, and is dynamic, accurate, and has a superb sound-stage. There is a The Soundavo HP-DAC1 is highly recommended, and I strongly suggest you pick one up. Some of you may think that the sound of the DAC is not exceptional, but it is. Have patience! 2. You should keep the DAC on all the time. I put on a piece of music for 8 hours, and just let it run after plugging in a set of new headphones. Two birds were killed by this, burning in the headphones and the DAC. I did this for several days and it made a huge difference. All of my audio gear is left on all the time, as I mentioned. I give it 5 stars because it is cheap and sounds good. There is a Soundavo will be releasing a few new DAC's with up to 384 Khz capabilities and superb sound signatures in 2022, as an aside. I will be keeping an eye on these models.

👤After researching and comparing the outlook design, spec, feature and price of other brands, I decided to purchase this one from the brand Soundavo. I use it with my laptop to play music from the iTune liberty directly to my Dynaudio Focus 60 speakers, and the sound is so smooth that it surpasses my other DACs. I use the HP-DAC1 as a headphone preamplifier because it delivers to all my headphones in a great sound stage, so you could hear the different characteristic from them. There is a You could use the preamp option to choose the Line In to run with the power amplifier and speakers. You can connect the Media Player via S/PDIF. If you prefer to do everything in digital, the digital output on the DAC is a great way to transfer the audio from a powered speaker to an amplifier. I really like the features and design of this DAC, you can't find a better option for this price.

5. Pyle Rack Mount Studio Pre Amplifier

Pyle Rack Mount Studio Pre Amplifier

The component that was included were the mic Adaptor Usb Cable. TheRACK MOUNT COMPATIBLE: The audio pre-amplifier has a recording mode that saves audio via a port on the computer. Pack with hardware rack mounts for easy assembly. The built-in wireless music streaming receiver can be used for up to 25 feet with a digital display. It works with all of today's latest devices, including the likes of the iPad and the iPhone. There are two things: InPUT and OUTPUT. The receiver/preamp has two sets of inputs, a stereo system, and a wireless connection to your iPod and mp3 player. An antenna for better signal reception. The control center. A power switch, independent input source, bass, treble, mid, balance and master volume adjustment are included in the front panel button control center. Also, have a headphone jack, a flash drive, and a memory card reader. REMOTE CONTROL. A simple and user-friendly remote control is included with the PPRE70BT. It will allow you to quickly and efficiently access the functions of the receiver.

Brand: Pyle

👤The PPRE70BT is from Pyle. I bought this item to replace a more expensive one. What arrived was less than expected. A two star rating would be over-generous; as noisy as this is, it is useless for high fidelity. It's a power supply problem which could have been solved with less than a buck's worth of parts. It could have been useful, with the large number of inputs, including a tape loop and a few other things. When the first unit arrived, I did a quick sweep into the oscilloscope and the results were encouraging, with a two to three db rise at 20 hz, a 1 db dip at 20 khz and close tracking elsewhere. The master volume was set to output 1 watt and the tone and balance controls were centered. I connected it to the rest of the equipment and found the reason for the roughness to be hum and noise. It took some time to try and eliminate the noise by switches, cables, plugs, etc. It went for a replacement after no luck. I requested a refund when the second unit arrived. It was noisier than the first one. It would be foolish to recommend the purchase of any Pyle equipment.

👤The work around was for the teachers to hold a microphone to their phones, and the aux cables and lightning adaptors were "disappearing". I donated this to the school because I didn't have a lot of money to spend and I wanted to give the school a way to connect audio from their phones. There is a In the video, you can see that I walked to the end of the gym without any issues. I tied the two thumb drives to the rack with ambient music and upbeat music. It isn't a huge loss if those thumb drives walk away. They can always use the radio function if all else fails. There is a The bonus feature is that it has a 1/2 jack only. There is a It has been working for 3 months. I will keep this review updated.

👤I got this for my father to interface his powered monitors, electric piano, small Sony CD/DVD player, and little mp3 player. It seems to be an excellent unit after a month of use. I can't comment on that interface because we haven't gotten into its capacity to read the sticks. Since we don't really need it, we haven't checked out its bluetooth capability. The built in radio works well, the tone controls are very effective, the knobs feel very solid, and the audio device is well made. We had to carefully place the wire antenna to pick up one station, but it sounds great and I recommend this pre-amp for modern applications. It seems state of the art at this price. If you read the 1* review, I would suggest ignoring it. P.S. 10-23-18 The review considers price and it still appears to be an excellent value. P.S.S. 11-1-18 The tethering feature seems to work just fine.

6. Pyle Microphone XLR Signal Adapter

Pyle Microphone XLR Signal Adapter

There are digital records. You can use your most trusted microphones with the Pyle Microphone XLR tousb accessory. A modular accessory that connects any microphone to a computer. It is possible to have universal companybility. Universal computer compatibility works with Windows PC, Mac and Linux operating systems. It's easy to record wherever you take your computer, from the home studio to the garage to the road. Plug the mic into the device and connect the included cable to the other end of the adapter so you can use the laptop as a mic. Digital recording is convenient. The audio control is mixed. The headphones have a volume control for monitoring. Also features a mini audio interface. It's perfect for home, studio, office, and business use. 48V Phantom power is used as a power source for condenser microphones. It is made of engineered aluminum alloy and will complement any microphone setup. The component that was included were the mic Adaptor Usb Cable.

Brand: Pyle

👤I was looking for a mic interface that I could carry with me. Normally, I record audio with my Focusrite interface, but it's not very portable, requires a separate power supply, and I prefer to just leave it at my desk. I bought this accessory to make it easier to record my songs in my hotel room. I'm really happy with how well this thing does but there are a few things that need to be fixed. I'm using this on a newer MacBook Pro. It's easy to set up. The Mac saw it as an available input and output when I plugged it in. The quality is decent for the price. It works perfectly, even though I haven't had it long. The button makes it easy to enable/disable for any reason and can be used as a noise gate in loud environments. You know when you're not and when you're not because the light is easy to see. I feel like the hardware and end-result are good quality, even if the mic is used. There is a The manual is terrible. Even though this isn't rocket science, it makes me wonder if the attention is being paid to other things. I don't know how to get the Volume/Mix knob to work. It's not an issue because I can turn it up and down within the OS and within Logic/Garageband or whatever other DAW I'm using but it literally does nothing when I twist the knob and the manual doesn't really acknowledge how the mix/volume switch is supposed to It appears to be saying that the knob controls volume and mix, but that makes no sense and it doesn't seem to reflect what's happening. The max sample rate is 48khz, but everything else is 96khz. I don't know how that difference affects the price of the device. I would pay more for the higher sampling rate. Not really a big issue. I'm happy with the price, but it would be nice to have it for free. The device is a great little device. It does what I need. I'll try to update in the future. After a few months, it stopped working. The crackle in the output from this can be seen by moving the volume knob. It was knocked down to 3-stars as it still works, but not in a way that someone would be happy with.

👤I need a pre-amp for my MacBook Pro. I was looking for a good mic pre-amp with phantom power for my microphone to record a show on my MacBook Pro when my Mbox2 stopped working. I was expecting to spend another $150 to $250 on a unit similar to the Mbox2 but was pleasantly surprised to find the PylePDUSBPP10 as a replacement for $40 on Amazon. I ordered it because it was a great price and it was perfect for my one-mic needs. I'm happy to report that it works. A mic pre-amp for my professional mic that exceeded my expectations. The noise floor is not as low as higher quality pre-amps, but it works well for the low gain threshold I'm using. There is a The machined aluminum body is rugged. There is a blue and green light that indicates when the microphone is not working. The price! Quality-to-price ratio can't be beat. There is a It's not a high-end pre-amp, so if using gain to boost the input volume, it's a bit noisy. It sounds better than $40, because you get what you pay for. There is a When you use the'mute' button on the device, the green/blue light is to show. It would have been better if it was Green/Red for the "unmuted" and "muted" states to be mentioned.

7. Microphone Activator Livestream Recordings Single Channel

Microphone Activator Livestream Recordings Single Channel

48V power can be used to add clean gain. A professional dynamic mic preamplifier that uses 48V phantom power adds 25dB of clean gain to dynamic and ribbon microphones while dropping the noise floor to an astonishing -70dB. phantom power is required and must be supplied by your audio interface or an external 48v power supply. phantom power is not supplied by the MB-1. In the studio, boost the signal of quiet instrument sources like vocals, percussion or acoustic instruments, while maintaining the natural sound of your microphone. For live sound. Quiet enough for the studio and durable enough for the stage. Line noise on long cable runs can be reduced to improve live sound. With a -70dB noise rating, you'll be able to cut through the mix without adding feedback or hum. It was designed for professional results. It's perfect for studio recording and live broadcasts.

Brand: Coda Music Technologies

👤I needed a new microphone for a long time and the Shure SM7B was my choice. I would need more gain to get the sound I was looking for with my audio interface. This is where the MB-1 begins. I was going to pick up a Cloud Lifter as my only other option. I will be the first to tell you to save your money and get the MB-1. I am getting 25db clean gain and it is much cheaper than the alternative. The device is built to last and once you plug in your cables, you don't have to look at it again. I have mine under my desk. It's perfect for this mic.

👤If you're using a low-gain mic, this is the perfect solution. If you have an audio interface or soundboard with 48v, you won't need a separate power source. The quality on this is just as good as the Cloudlifter. I'm very impressed with how transparent it is. It doesn't change the sound at all. The metal enclosure has brackets on the front and back to protect the cables. The brackets would work well for attaching the unit to the microphone stand. I highly recommend anyone who is recording or streaming vocals. If you're using a low-gain mic, this is the perfect solution. If you have an audio interface or soundboard with 48v, you won't need a separate power source. The quality on this is just as good as the Cloudlifter. I'm very impressed with how transparent it is. It doesn't change the sound at all. The metal enclosure has brackets on the front and back to protect the cables. The brackets would work well for attaching the unit to the microphone stand. I highly recommend anyone who is recording or streaming vocals.

👤I was looking for an alternative to the Fethead. My use case is that I'm using a PodMic with a FocusRite. The Podmic needs some additional gain. Without the MB-1 I wouldn't be able to run the gain up to 100%. The MB-1 gives me a 40 to 50% gain. I am not an audio professional but the output is clear and clean to my ears. The box I purchased was about 1/3 the price of a cloudlifter, 1/2 the price of a dynamite, and less than the Fethead. Happy with the purchase.

👤The SM7B is rolling for half the price as the cloudlifter. It's even louder and quieter than cloud lifter, according to some reviews. I tested it against a clark teknik and it was silent and gave a neutral sound to my mic, but it was $30 and the teknik was great for it. 5/5

👤The mic does what a cloudlifter or launcher would do at a fraction of the cost. The build quality is nice. I had a huge improvement in gain when I used this with my Procaster. I was looking to buy one of these, so I was happy this came out right.

👤Everyone calls the instrument mic the SM57. Yes, it drives me crazy. I use this for a show, and I use a 5v power source with windows 10 and an ifi filter. I feel like I own a million dollar studio. The recordings are amazing. I can now turn my volumes down. I only get the good sounds that I need to record and go live with. The cloud version is twice the cost. Focusrite 2i2. Have fun!

8. Shure X2U XLR to USB Signal Adapter

Shure X2U XLR to USB Signal Adapter

Plug and Play allows the recording of music. Provides 48V. The power for use with microphones is phantom. Includes a pouch and cable. The monitor has a mix control. The pre-amp with microphone gain control is integrated.

Brand: Shure

👤I use this as an interface when I travel. There is a It's built like a tank. I was surprised by its heft, even though I was told it was all metal. Plug-n-play... recording is as easy as plugging in the plug. The padded carry-bag is handy for travel. There's a solution. The audio input on my laptop was turned down to 3%. That's right, that low. Then, adjusted the preamplifier until my peaks in AA were less than -12. No more hiss. I would like to see the thumb dials numbered. It would be easier to maintain levels between recordings. I will probably use a little white-out to mark my spot on the mic gain. There is a tip. You probably don't know that your car has better acoustics. My setup on the road is a quiet parking lot, a laptop, and an iPad with a script.

👤This device is used to record audiobooks. I have an AudioTechnica microphone that feeds the X2U, which in turn plugs into an older MacBook Pro. There is a It's nice to have a phantom power button. There is a The X2U is a heavy duty professional instrument. The sellers can save money on shipping if the audio equipment is light. This is rugged equipment, not Shure. It takes some experimentation to get the three thumbwheels set. Every time you use the device, you have to experiment for a while until you discover the correct gain settings because the very sensitive gain control has no markings. Put numbers on the thumbwheels so I can give five stars. I'm confused by the users reporting his device. I am able to consistently have a noise floor under -65db. If I crank the gain all the way up, I can only hear hiss. I wonder if some users are using the X2U to plug in. The X2U is a device. You will get hiss if you put this into a preamplifier. I wonder if the users have settings issues if they are using Windows. Macbook users, there's nothing to worry about.

👤I like this thing. It works and is easy to use. The audio is clear and the ability to have no feedback is my favorite feature. It's nice to have a wheel that adjusts the balance of my device and my computer audio. There is a If you turn the device volume to 100, the windows will pick up a lot of static. This only affects things like shadow play. If I let my voice go through, my gaming clips will be static. I disabled my voice in clips because it wasn't preferred, but it doesn't matter much. There is a If you turn down the device sound in the control panel, it will be easier to fix the issue. People can't hear me in game chat if the volume is not at 100. It's a lovely cluster of things that end in one issue. I preferred having game chat over my voice in my clips. It's not that big of a deal. Excellent product. I would recommend it to people, but I wish it didn't have that one problem, it's just a preference annoyance.

9. Fosi Audio Headphone Digital Analog

Fosi Audio Headphone Digital Analog

The audio is streamed with the highest level of detail and fidelity. The Q4 can fit with most home audio systems, but it does not support a microphone. A built-in Hi-fi headphone amplifier chip can drive most headphones with 16 to 200 Ohm impedance. A true plug-and-play digital audio adapter is easy to set up and install. 160mWRMS can be used as a volume controller for your computer. The mini compact D/A is safe for your audio system. There is an 18-month warranty on the optical cable and 5V power supply cable.

Brand: Fosi Audio

👤It's the same thing. If you're looking for the best DAC for music at this price, look elsewhere. This may be the best thing for you under $250 if you're in it for a DAC for general use. Update after nearly five months! I start with the good. Those knobs. It drives me crazy, all the people who use the devices insist that there's only one way to listen to things. If you want more bass, you should get more headphones. I don't make money and my collection still needs more variety. There is a I budget, but I'm all over the place. I have earbuds in my drawer. If you're on a low budget, there's a few Sony MH755s, Zero Audio Carbo Mezzo, and those Action Pies. There is a The Zero Audios work best with this DAC. I was surprised that the Zero Audios were not my favorite to begin with, but with this DAC they really shine. FiiO has some of my favorites so far, but I prefer other budget DACs for clear music and a good soundstage. The FiiOs are just boxes. They don't have knobs. The bass and treble knobs are kept at 75% of their total capacity. If I'm going to watch a movie, rewatch a movie, or something, I'll turn the treble knob down to 50%, and crank the bass up to about 90%. You feel like you're in a movie theater, and I just love it. There is a This isn't the best DAC for the highest quality music, but it is a good one for someone who wants to tinker with the sound, and has a high priority for how they modify their sound for movies and video games. This is a great example. The rifle in Far Cry 5 is loud. The only way to turn down the music in that game is to have bad sound control. I decided to lower the volume to 25% so that I could keep my volume where it was. The knobs can be useful. The only other one I know of that would do this well is the company name. $200 is the price for the Schiit Equalizer, and that thing alone. It's an equal opportunity. You would have to buy a DAC on top of it. There is a Maybe that's the best way to market this, as a gaming DAC, because I feel like the gaming community will appreciate this product more than the hardcore music community. There is a I'm not saying that gaming is bad, I'm just saying that they tend to be more in it for the maliable experience that pushes whatever media they are taking in more. I was immersed. They don't care if it looks good on paper, they care that it makes the experience more intense. There is a This DAC is half the price of some of the sound cards I see people buying and it can add that, but without the horrible distortion you'd find on gaming sound cards. There is a It's a simple little plug and play that looks nice on the shelf, does more than you'd expect, and doesn't break the bank. There is a If you want audio that sounds better than the bad thing you currently have but you don't need the best, then just buy this sucker. After almost five months, I've decided to pair this with the 1MORE Triple Driver in ears, and I'm very pleased with it. Absurdly bassy, but very little distortion with that combo. I've decided to raise this thing to a 5 star because I'm in listening bliss. I can't think of a part or accessory that has done anything for my computer. There is a I swear the title doesn't say "gaming DAC" anymore, and I know I said so, but it's not really a gaming DAC, it has weird sound positioning features. This does not have features involving audio enhancements. If you enjoy listening to great audio, this will be great for games. It doesn't have the usual features. I wouldn't want any special audio features for competitive games. I don't want anyone to think it has audio features when it doesn't. There is a This is still being used in February of 2022.

10. Nobsound Fully Balanced Single Ended Pre Amplifier Controller

Nobsound Fully Balanced Single Ended Pre Amplifier Controller

The product uses a quadruped fully-balanced potentiometer. Nobsound never skimps on the components and materials of their products. The small size of this prodcut makes it compatible with commonly-used interface. There is a switch that will allow you to choose between fully balanced or single-ended audio signal mode. The timbre won't change because this prodcut has no amplification circuit. The sound of your active monitor speakers is original. It has a clean black appearance. Please note. This is not a rush. It has no amplification circuit.

Brand: Nobsound

👤It states in its description that it uses a high quality blue one, and that it is more expensive, but upon receiving my product, I noticed its volume control does not feel like an alps. Completely ripoff!

👤I'm using this unit in a full-sized audio system. The Nobsound is very similar to my custom-built passive preamplifier. It doesn't have a sonic signature of its own. It faithfully transmits the signal. I use an I-Pad on the other input, and the voltage output of the I-Pad is sufficient for the passive Nobsound. The Nobsound passive would be at home in a small system. It's not a toy. It can make equipment sound good. If you don't like the sound of your electronics and don't need active gain boost, then the Nobsound may be the ticket. If you want to change the sound or cover up sonic flaws, this isn't for you.

👤I wanted to use it for a parasound external power amplifier, but the Yamaha rn803 does not have a variable section, but it does have 2 line outs, so I used it for that. The control monitor is powered by me. There is a The Nobsound came with a box that said LIttle Bear. There is a price difference between the Nobsound and the Alps version of a volume control because of the little bear version. The volume controller does not require electricity and will not boost the signal or color it in. There is a It looked like a metal case. A type of metal. The volume controller had little rubber bumps on it. Before I applied it to my application, I hooked it up to test it. I connected it to my Yamaha rn803 line using a single ended RCA and then to my parasound power amplifier to keep it quiet, I made sure to turn down the sound before turning on my power amplifier. I turned my system on and the volume was low. I kept on turning it up but it still sounded very low. I think the audio line out signal was lowered by adding this passive controller. This Nobsound didn't work for me. I am not sure if it works for a powered speaker. I had a Schiit Vali headphone amplifier that I used as a preamplifier with volume control and it worked well, but I had a buzz when I used high gain. I did not use it as a long term solution. I didn't want to get an actual preamp but I ended up getting a Yamaha one. It doesn't work for my application.

👤I have not had any issues with the sound quality or function of this preamplifier. The buttons to change input and output work well and the volume knob is the best feeling knob in my audio setup. I use it to split the signal from a dac between a pair of studio monitors and a pair of headphones. There is a The only reason I give it a 4 is because of how it was designed. It is so narrow from front to back that if you plug in a few cables it will cause the unit to teeter on it hind feet. This could have been avoided if the preamp had been beefier or square shaped.

11. BEHRINGER Audio Interface 1 Channel UM2

BEHRINGER Audio Interface 1 Channel UM2

2x2 audio interface for recording instruments. Audiophile has a resolution for professional audio. The maximum sampling rate is 48 kHz. It's compatible with popular recording software. You can stream 2 inputs and 2 outputs to your computer with ultra-low latency. State-of-the-art, + 48 V-powered Xenyx Preamp is comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps.

Brand: Behringer

👤I own or have owned the following interfaces: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Gen 2. The Mbox 3 is a Propellerhead Balance. UControl and Uphoria are the two names for Behringer UControl. I've been recording in my spare bedrooms for the past 10 years, but I only use the home studio's for audio. The audio interface is part of the set up where recording is getting more and more mobile. Most of the interfaces out there will fit the bill for 90 percent of us recording in our own home. Despite what the internet might have you believe, there is not a huge margin of sound quality when dealing with these units. This little guy was a pleasant surprise. I was surprised by the sound of the Midas preamps, they were much cleaner and better sounding than other Behringer mic Pres. I got an interface that is comparable to the now-famous Scarlett 2i2 for under $70. It's better to use this one with high output guitar signals because it has a pad button. The build quality is very nice and feels durable, and it's all black and silver, which looks pretty sharp on my desk. It was very easy to set up and I was able to get started on my PC. If you record lots of vocals and guitars, it's important that you use this device. I have to give a shout out to Behringer on this one. The current price makes it impossible to beat in terms of quality or feature set. Highly recommended.

👤No quie es. Cmo tiene una tarjeta de sonido Barata 30. There is a La calIDAD es exsagerado, por el precio la verdad sin palabras. The kid de audio is a microfono. La varda es pequea, para llevartela acualquier. There is a Si tienes dudas, pero se recomiendo, por lo video de la U- Phoenix. GRACIAS por tomarte el tiempo de leer, asi es la segunda, una escribo la tenia pruebas y fotos. Buenos los quiero y encerio. No se van arrepentir.

👤I had apprehensions before buying the UM2 because I don't have a lot of knowledge about music production. I would like to give a detailed account of its usage so other people wouldn't have to do the reasearch that I had to do. I'm not sure how good this is for music. I didn't hear anything after I hit the max. This sounds perfect for voice recoding. I went for a mic that was dynamic instead of a mic that was condenser. The overall sound quality would be high because the lav mics like Boya are good at capturing all the frequencies. They are also good at taking background noise. When another room was undergoing renovation and masonry work, I was able to record my voice at a pro level with a 700 rupee Ahuja mic. The gain is average and I have to give 150% amplification. The audio seems to be clean. Since dynamics mics do not have their own power, the signal would be too weak to be picked up by a computer. Attach the mic cable to the front left port of the UM2. I had an sr to 6mm connection. The UM2 port can accept the cable. You can connect a cable to your deskop/laptop. You should not lose this cable because it is different from the usual ones. The UM2 gets power from the desktop and data from the computer. Make adjustments like the one given in my pic when you set your linux mint. That's it.


What is the best product for headphone preamp xlr?

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What are the best brands for headphone preamp xlr?

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