Best Headphone Rack for Classroom

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1. MISSLO Organizer Hanging Storage Pockets

MISSLO Organizer Hanging Storage Pockets

Up to 12 pairs of shoes can be put in the 24 roomy clear see through mesh pockets. The maximum width of the door that fits the hook is 1.65 inches. The shoe rack can be cut in half and folded very small for travel storage. A perfect holder for organizing shoes, toys, bathroom, pantry, kitchen, cleaning supplies, toys and barbie dolls and accessories. Each pocket has a width of 5 and a height of 7.

Brand: Misslo

👤The product exceeded my expectations. I was inspired to use this type of product to organize my cleaning supplies. I was buying products I didn't need because the laundry room was so disorganized. It was easy to set up and sturdy enough to hold the products without ripping when I got this product about a week ago. I can fit a container of Clorox wipes in the larger pockets. You could see the size on the door if you posted photos. I have six things of pledge. It's a good thing.

👤I bought this for my husband to keep his shoes. I was skeptical at first because I didn't know how strong the mesh part would be, but as I opened it and touched it, I realized it was very strong. I like that it's big enough to fit men's shoes and the mesh allows air to flow. I was able to fit his shoes side by side and his sandals in each pocket with room to spare, as you can see in the picture. It was a good investment and the product was good. I think it would work better if there were 5 holes for hooks in the middle of the corners. Maybe my husband will make two more holes in the sides and fix that. Overall a good buy.

👤We don't wear shoes indoors, so I hung this up in our entry way. Thank you for the fit of my son's sneakers. The reviewer confirmed this before I bought them.

👤5 stars for the concept and 0 stars for execution. I bought another one a while back and it is even better. The door hooks are too thick and don't hug the door tight enough. They hit the door jam when there is too much weight in the organizers. The door is still closed. I have to slam it or close it gently. It is already hitting the jam. It's not worth the hassle of returning. I might be able to bend the hooks so they can grasp the door better. There is an update. I bent the hooks to grab the door more tightly. The thickness of the hooks makes it difficult to do, but also makes it possible to hold shapes and not stretch out. It was bumped up from 1 star to 2.

👤We have a storage door on the first floor. When we get home from school, shoes are put into the organizers and then switched out for slippers. My daughter's room has one as well. Out of season shoes and shoes that don't fit yet, gifts from family friends, a size flub, and special occasion shoes go up top, where I can reach them. My daughter uses a few of the slots for underwear and school socks. It has been a joy to have these organizers in our lives. I have one in my closet that I use for a lot of things. You name it. It's amazing that you can fit in one of these things. I now have an entire shelf for towels. It's not bursting anymore, but nicely organized. If I had a door in my room that could be used, I would use it for undergarments, tights, underpants, tanks, socks, and only add shoes to the top. This product is meant for the children in my home. I'm putting all of his toys in the back of his door once my son is done playing basketball. It's in an organizer for sure. I might just move the hoop for myself. Everything is easy to put away and visible for the children. The last part seems to matter a lot. They want to see their things, so they don't like putting them in crates. Get them. Buy them now! peace of mind is what the investment is about. What more could a parent want? My son's room is going to be another organized area with a gift to myself. I wonder if he'll miss his basketball hoop after seeing all of his favorite things. I won't have to worry about putting away his clean clothes anymore. A gift is a gift. Today is the day to buy one or two.

2. Latom Foldable Hanging Aluminum Headphones

Latom Foldable Hanging Aluminum Headphones

One holder for all is designed to hold your game controllers and headphones in one place. The heavy duty folding hooks are made from aluminum. The coat hook is 78 x 26 x 71mm/ 3.07 x 1 x 2.79 inches and the screws are 25mm long and 8mm in screw head diameter. You can use these folding wall hooks to hang dresses, clothes, headsets, and hats in different places, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. The hanging hook has a smooth edge that will not damage your clothes or items you hang on. The folding hooks are very easy to install. The hooks are reinforced with 2 screws. The folding hooks are very easy to install. The hooks are reinforced with 2 screws.

Brand: Latomex

👤If you are looking for an item to see your nerdiness, then these are the ones for you. Your headphones are mounted on your wall as if they are a trophy buck. If you want to impress the ladies, you should show off those beautiful headsets. The folding mechanism makes them disappear like your father when you were a child.

👤I had the idea to hang my headphones and a bunch of stick on hooks, but they came up a few times. This one gives value. There is a 5 piece package out there, but this one of 4 costs less. It is made of metal. It falls down. It's about 3 inches or something like that. Comes with screws. I have 6 headphones on the wall. It will work for any hook of that size. I can flip the doors up when they're not in use. You don't need to search for hours to spend 10 bucks.

👤The Greekia version of these are twice the price, and they are fantastic. I was trying to save money, and so I ordered these, and two of them fell apart and opened up. There is no way to put the pins back together after the plastic came out from under the metal lip. The two that were usable were from the four pack.

👤I didn't want to spend more than a few dollars for a mount for my controller. The official ones go over 15 dollars but are not worth it. I found these for a lot less than I expected. If I had bought a headset mount and controller, it would have cost me 30 dollars and I would have had to pay 6 dollars for it. It worked out great.

👤Nice idea, nice design, poorly executed with cheap materials. I received more than I wanted because I marked the box twice. I have replaced one of them three times now. They hang partially open after install, as they no longer flip back to their original position.

👤I bought these brackets to hold my gym gear. They're easy to fold when not in use. The brackets can hold a lot of weight. My opinion is over 10 lbs. They would be great for hats and jackets.

👤I needed a couple of hooks for my headphones and for the price, I got this kit of 4. There is a This is a bargain and it is sturdy. One of them holds their guitar by a strap for weeks without a problem if you use the correct screws. The elbow part is strong and will hold pounds and pounds of load, but the folding design may be deceiving, as it is more of a mechanical design.

👤The metal is easy to open and close, and it stays closed when closed. It's a good size to fit big things.

3. STORAGE MANIAC 12 Pocket Hanging Organizer

STORAGE MANIAC 12 Pocket Hanging Organizer

Each pocket is 8 1/3"H x 6 1/3"W and up to 2 inches deep. A large pocket for larger cats. The shoe hanging organizers is 17W x 6.5D x 35.2H inches and has 12 larger pockets than other competitors. It's perfect for holding shoes, gloves, scarves, belts and other accessories. It is easy to reach sturdy pockets. The design of the pocket makes it easy to reach your items. The hanging shoe organizers are made of heavy-duty canvas and are easy to clean. Two ways USAGE and space-sharing. The 2-pack wall shoe organizers can be used together to make a larger hanging shelf, and they can also be used separately. There are 12 sucker hooks. The hook is 3.35 inches in length. The hanging closet organizer has hooks that can be changed into different shapes and sizes. The shoe organizers can be hung on the door, wall, closet rod, or anywhere that can be hung. The max thickness is 1.57 inches. The wall mounted storage organizers can be used to store many things. It's perfect for pantry door, closet, RV, bathroom door, campervan back door, nursery items, cleaning supplies, sneakers and other shoes, hats, gloves. The wall mounted storage organizers can be used to store many things. It's perfect for pantry door, closet, RV, bathroom door, campervan back door, nursery items, cleaning supplies, sneakers and other shoes, hats, gloves.

Brand: Storage Maniac

👤A lot of things in our RV are being updated. We used to have a cheap plastic over door shoe organizers cut in half and hung just inside the door on the back of the bench. I ordered these because I looked at many options to replace it. The pockets are deep enough to hold our shoes and other stuff and they are a perfect fit. We were able to put them back under the cap piece.

👤I'm going to say that this is the greatest behind the door shoe holder that has ever been created. If you owned a tiny 1941 condo with closets the size of a standard refrigerator, you would feel the same way, because back in the olden days nobody wore clothes so there was nothing to store anywhere. There is a The quality is great, it's not like the plastic ones. They are large. I don't recommend this, but I could fit my cat in one of the openings. Most of my shoes fit into a single pocket and I have boat feet. My hiking boots and my old lady walking sneakers were the only ones that needed pockets. I think that is reasonable. I'm not a shoe person so I'm going to use the extra pockets to store scarves and gloves, and what not! There is a I didn't want to be a tool like me, so I ordered 2 and they came as a set. I now have 4. I love them so much that I'm going to stuff my life into them.

👤I have found myself with a lot of free time during the COVID-19. SIP orders. I have been cleaning and organizing and had the carpet cleaned. When entering the house we decided to remove shoes when cleaning the carpet. It seems to be working. My wife asked for a solution because the shoes by the back door are a tripping hazard. I needed a heavy item that would last and be easy to find. My idea was to put something on the end of my tool kit, which is next to the entry door. I went to Amazon to find my solution after measuring the box. The Storage Maniac has a pocket shoe holder. After a slight modification to the supplied over the door hooks and a bit of Velcro along the top and down the sides, could have skipped this. I like the idea of overkill. I was prepared. Wife happy equals me happy.

👤The pockets are not attached to the back. It gets the job done.

👤It is surprisingly durable and awesome. I wear size 7 womens shoes and each compartment has a pair of tennis shoes in it. I don't think it will fit anything larger than a 7.

👤I ordered the organizers to have a place to store my shoes so that they wouldn't take up all the room in my closet. It has been great. I can fit a pair of small shoes in one cubby and my boots in another. I have had it for a while now and it is holding up.

4. Headphones Classroom Supplies Elementary Students

Headphones Classroom Supplies Elementary Students

A pack of 24 Bulk Headphone set for better experience in learning and standardized testing. A 3.5mm jack and a 3 ft long cord.

Brand: Eduvy

👤These have lasted for months in all of my classes since I raised $1,000 to buy them. I highly recommend them. To raise the rest of the money for the next 4 grade levels.

👤The headphones were a great buy. My kids love to have fun with the flat cords, they seem much sturdier, and I love having them. There is a Work well for my 3rd grade classroom.

👤I bought these last year. I initially loved these for my class because they are colored and I was able to have each of my tables have a coordinating color, so each table has headphones to use for their computers. We went one to one with Apple tablets this year. The Apple tablet port has a headphone jack that can easily break off, meaning that the headphones are useless and the tablet is left without sound. Since the beginning of the school year, eight tablets have broken and no longer have sound on them. I would like to be able to send them back for a return.

👤The headphones have a nice design. You should have ice when you have a child. The price was good, but the packaging was a little small. Will buy again.

👤These have held up well to being used and cleaned. Very impressed.

👤They sound good for headphones. The work is done well despite the fact that the confort is not the best.

👤I buy headphones for my kindergarten students every year because of the reviews, but they haven't been for two months. Many are already ruined.

👤Virtual learning can be done with these headphones.

5. Magnetic Strong Neodymium Kitchen Workplace

Magnetic Strong Neodymium Kitchen Workplace

All of their products are foldable and easy to carry. The fabric they used is environmental. Feel free to use. If used Horizontally, 22 lbs tension is based on the direction of tension on the surface. best rating: Ni+Cu+Ni Triple layer is coated. The best coating available provides a shiny and rust resistant coated steel cup that protects the magnet and prevents it from chipping or cracking. The purpose is to PURPOSEMULTI. The magnetic hooks can be used indoors or outdoors. If you want to use the Magnetic hook on a fridge, they recommend putting a tissue between the product and the surface to protect it from scratching. QUALITY ASSURANCE Your purchase is protected because their products are very high quality and are checked after production. It is time to clear the space. QUALITY ASSURANCE Your purchase is protected because their products are very high quality and are checked after production. It is time to clear the space.

Brand: Lovimag

👤I did some informal tests with these. 1. A laundry detergent container with water in it that weighed 8.25 lbs, would be held by the magnet on my horizontal surface. This was the point when the container would fall if I swung it. I wouldn't trust it to hold something of that weight without the risk of falling. 2. The magnet slid down when it was attached to a vertical surface, not the same surface as #1. The point where the weight might start sliding was here. There is a The results of the above tests are dependent on the metal attached to and the surface characteristics. I saw them under my test conditions. The magnets are not assembled in the box. The hook has to be put into the base. I received all 25 bases and hooks. This magnet can be used as a stud detector. They are strong enough to stick to the wall if there is a nail holding the wall to the stud. You glide the magnet around the wall until you feel it tug. There is a stud if this repeats at intervals. They aren't strong enough to hold anything on the wall. There is a The magnets did not meet their claim of 22 lbs under my test conditions, but they seem to be good quality and well worth the price. They will find many uses in my house. I paid full price for these magnets.

👤The magnets held the cloth panels up nicely and they picked up my husband's keys that he dropped into a tight spot. I think that's correct.

👤I wanted to match the international theme of my Christmas Dance Party with a string of flags. I was able to affix the hooks with the magnetic base just where I wanted to position the flags with the help of a grabber I bought at Amazon a few years ago. Even though these magnets have a decent grip, they were easy to detach when the time came or if I ever needed to move them. Everyone who saw what I was doing was amazed and intrigued, and wanted to know where I got them from, since they worked so well and so much better than tape or wire hangers from the ceiling they had been using for decades. They were thinking about hanging Christmas string lights and paper ornaments, which would have worked just as well for them. These are definitely deserving of five stars.

👤I bought these hooks for my husband to use in the garage. They are strong because they are small. They need to be assembled before use. There are many uses for these hooks. I would buy them again.

👤It was used for hanging Christmas lights to the side of a pole barn, and it supported them well without the wires hanging down.

👤I started using them a few months ago after ordering them a while back. I was surprised by the size of the box, because I thought I had ordered a larger one. I didn't have time to look at my order but they worked for hanging my keys and mask on the fridge. I looked at my past orders to see if the company offered larger hooks and found the dimensions listed for the hooks I have. The dimensions are off. I was sent the wrong size. It was my fault that I didn't check the items after I received them. I think the hooks hold up well. I don't think they could hold 25 pounds, but they work great for items under a pound.

6. Headphone Controller Organizer Multiple Aluminum

Headphone Controller Organizer Multiple Aluminum

You don't need to worry about the quality of their headset stands because they are made from acrylic material. They are responsible with their headphones. If there is a problem with it, please let them know. Good after-sale service will be provided by them. The game controller holder is used for vertical placement of various game pads, which saves space, and up to 2 game pads and 1 headphone can be placed. You can put the controller on the stand and hang it. The mobile phone can be held in the storage organizer. Excellent. The headphone stand has a metal base, a sturdy hanger, and a low center of gravity, making it stable without being hit. The controller holder is made of rubber. The bottom of the headphone holder has a Silicone pad to protect it from slippage. The headset holder is small and light, and it's easy to carry with you wherever you go. The wireless headset stand is great for home, office, studio, bedroom or next to your TV. Their controller holder stand is easy to assemble and install. It's very easy to hang the game pad or headset on the stand if you follow the installation steps of the manual. The game controller storage brackets has passed many tests. They want to provide customers with the best products. If you have a question about the controller stand mount, please contact them and they will answer it in 24 hours.

Brand: Kdd

👤I bought this to organize my desk. Normally I place my headphones on top of the computer or desk and it looks messy, but I keep my phone and tablets nearby. I don't have much space on my desktop because I use a large monitor. My phone, headphones, and tablets are on this stand. The top controller would go where my phone is. Since I was using it to take photos, you don't see it. I hang my cables on the extra arms. It is a very good stand with a lot of functions. It took about 3 minutes to set up and they provided a tool to help tighten the rods and screws. The parts that are made of rubber help protect my phone and tablets. If there are any changes in the next few months, I will update my review.

👤I dropped my expensive headphones on the ground because the glue on the hook fell off. I was looking for a stand that wouldn't take up a lot of room and hold extras. It was easy to assemble with my son, now I use it to store my gaming headphones, noise-canceling headphones, PS4 controller, Switch Pro controller, and my phone. I'm not worried that it will go off my desk because it has non-slip feet. The metal slots at the front of the case are rubber coated, so if I slid my switch or Oasis out of the case, it wouldn't hurt them. I'm confident my controllers won't slide off if the stand is bumped or when I remove them because they have a nice rubber grip on the controller rests. There is a large hook on the back for cords. I'm going to loop a micro around it to charge my headphones and PS4 controller. This little unit has a lot of the same options as a single stand.

👤I was looking for a headphone stand, but this one could also hold two controllers. I gave it a try. I'm happy with how my desk is organized, even though I thought it was just two controllers. I put my switch in the dock since it showed that you can put a switch on it. One concern is that the front doesn't have a rubber foam so you can't feel the metal. It's an okay width for some phones, but I wouldn't want to put anything wider than that.

👤Nice stand. It's easy to assemble with all the tools you need. The edges of the metal catch the foam on the headband when I use my Black shark V2 and I would give 5 stars. Nothing has been damaged. I think it will wear on the headphones eventually. It works great for controllers, switch lite, and phone display/storage. The little dips make it easier to use wired devices.

👤The look of a desk or game room is greatly improved by having the controllers and headset on the stand, compared to sitting on the table, armrest or floor. If you use most or all of the racks, it saves space. There is a The big metal base needed to balance the weight of the headset also has little rubber covered racks to hold up a phone or tablets or whatever, which is really neat. Assembly is very easy. I was given two spare screws for the bottom and four spare screws for the top, which confused me a little, but you'll have enough even if you get a bad screw.

7. Adjustable Dividers Charging Multiple Organizer

Adjustable Dividers Charging Multiple Organizer

Fast 2.5A. Up to 10 devices can be charged at once. Up to 5V2.4A of power per port is provided by BC1.2 technology. You can keep your devices on your counter or desktop. The power supply is certified safety. Each charging station is equipped with a safety system that protects against over-charging, over-heating, over-voltage and short-circuiting. Surge protection keeps your devices safe and the display indicates charging status. You can adjust the width of theremovable divider to any size you need, hold your devices in the thick cases, and prevent them from being scratched. The Kid-Proof Case is perfect for the Fire Kids Edition Tablet. It works for all iPad generations, even in protective cases. Smart IC can distribute the perfect charge to each charging device individually and simultaneously. When the battery is full, charging will stop. Surge protection keeps your appliances safe. 24h friendly customer service and email support is what they offer. Also, note: The charging cables are not included.

Brand: Unitek

👤I got this because I was tired of seeing all the gadgets lined up on the table and occupying the space. The big problem was solved after this station. There are 3 ipods in the house. Everyone has their own smart watches or gadgets. Everyone is fighting for the space on the table or corner. I decided to get this to see if it resolves the issues in the house, but I was a bit worried that this station would not be able to hold the iPad pro 13 The rubber grip on the bottom of the station makes it hold well. I think the long station is better because I can put a lot of stuff on the top, not just phones, and we need the space to arrange them as well. I clean up a corner to charge the watch. I was annoyed that the station didn't have charging cords. It would be difficult for them to include all the different types of charging cables for you because all the gadgets come with different types of charging cables. I went ahead and bought those short cables but found out that I don't need all of them, so I advise you to try it and see if you really need the long cords. We are very happy that we found a solution to the crowded situation.

👤I lend out the iPad to children in the hospital. The charging station's dividers are flimsy and can break or pop out at any time. The iPads I'm charging are heavier than the ones without a case, because they are in an Otterbox case. Sometimes the dividers collapse, causing my iPad to fall off the shelf on which I have the charging station, and other times the dividers collapse, causing my iPad to domino effect. It was disappointing. I wanted a charging station that I could use quickly and easily to charge a lot of iPad. This isn't the product for me.

👤I like this thing. There is a special time of day when all the kids have their phones and tablets. iPods must be put in a container. Each device has its own slot and the owner's name is marked using a label maker. It is easy to know who hasn't turned in their device when "no screen time" begins. You can set your own phone to do not disturb mode and enjoy dinner with your kids or a board game. They will be bored enough to hang out with their parents. I think it's a funny word.

👤It arrived on time and helped to clean up the desktop. I have a lot of different things, and they are arranged nicely for charging. It uses a DC adaptor instead of a direct 110V input, which is not bad. It's 9 inches wide and it makes a dense charging station when you have thick cases. The Apple watch is taking more charging area. I'm glad to buy it before the school starts.

👤My class is using Amazon devices. We are using the charging station. I am very impressed so far. You can change the dividers to fit the kindle in a way that's perfect. It's easy for my 2nd graders to charge their own books. We are very pleased with this product.

8. Classroom Headphones Earphones Student Children

Classroom Headphones Earphones Student Children

You could use these pockets to keep everything you own safe. Enough for Your Daily Use: the package comes with a total of 20 packs of classroom headphones for you, with classic black, each wrapped with a plastic bag, and a sufficient quantity to meet your use and replacement requirements. The student headphones are suitable for both kids and adults to listen to music. The shell of the headphones for kids for school is made of tough and light material, and they have a foam ear pad, which makes them more comfortable and can serve you for a long time. The headphones for students are compatible with most electronics, such as phones, tablets, audio books, computers, laptops and so on. The basic headphones for kids can be adjusted to fit your head better, friendly to adults, kids, teenagers, boys and girls, portable and clear in sound quality, and one size suits most.

Brand: Flutesan

9. Cutting Drainer Storage Organizer Cabinet´╝łKeep

Cutting Drainer Storage Organizer Cabinet%EF%BC%88Keep

Each pocket has a width of 5 and a height of 7. It is easy to clean and eco-friendly. It's not easy to get a disease on the surface. No cracks, no changes in shape. It fits many sizes of plates. You don't need to dry the plates with a towel because the plates are dry. You can use it as a dish rack to hold cutting boards, plates, cups, or even books, tablets, or laptops. The bamboo pegs on either side create 8 slots for plates or pot lids. There are two holes in the two long racks and two pegs. It is minus tolerance design to make sure it will connect each piece tighter. Push the pegs into the side racks with a little pressure, and the whole rack will be tight. Before purchasing the Bamboo Wood Rack, please check the size on my pictures. The weight is light and convenient for a small kitchen. It is very Sturdy to hold 8 dishes and one plate per slot. It is easy to wash, mild soap and water, and dry thoroughly.

Brand: Hblife

👤The bamboo takes a while to dry. Black mold has started to set into the base and parts of the top are splintering. I'm not happy with the quality of the product. The dimensions are great for what I need, but they are a pain to use.

👤It has been a month and it is already full. The wood is not treated. There is a The holes are a bit crooked, but it is exactly as it looks. I used a mallet to secure them. It works as expected and I like it. I would have paid less for it if I had seen it.

👤It works well for our laptop storage. I used the same method to pair them up.

👤I got this for some pan lids and it works very well. I had to put in the two pins that act as the bar stools to assemble it. They were tight. I couldn't get the devils in. Iwacked it again with my mallet after pounding them in one side, then putting the other side on. I don't think I'd be able to get it apart now. Once the pins are fully inserted, it's quite sturdy.

👤I was always afraid I would chip one of my plates, but I usually stored my plates piled on top of one another. The little rack is great for storage and organization. My plates are safe because of it.

👤My kitchen cabinet is neater. We wanted to dress up the cabinets after installing blemish glass in the doors. This set it off and was reasonably priced.

👤The plate holders are wonderful. I was worried that they wouldn't be strong. I was happy to see how strong they are. They have some pegs that can be removed and larger platters that can be put in them. Very versatile!

👤The wooden display rack was well packed and arrived undamaged. It was easy to assemble and work well to display the plates I wanted to display. There is a The pegs that hold the dishes are just sitting in the cross piece, which is my only concern. It seems like a snugger fit would be preferable so that they don't fall out when plates are removed from the rack. I would like the pegs to be thinner. They are about the same size as a lead pencil. I was hoping for a thicker pinkie finger. It works so far... I should have researched the product more thoroughly.

10. Bulk Classroom Headphones Classrooms Comfortable

Bulk Classroom Headphones Classrooms Comfortable

We provide you with quality headphones at a very low cost, which will save you time and money. Ear pads can be replaced if needed. Class set headphones are becoming more important in today's technology enhanced classrooms, for K-12 and beyond. The 10 pack of school head phones help enhance focus, learning, and standardized testing. They pride ourselves on offering high quality, premium headphones at an affordable bulk price, and stand behind their sound quality. One size fits all grade levels. Their headphones are easy to care for. These aren't cheap headphones. An on-the-ear budget headphones is the best choice for all media uses because of the drawbacks of earbuds. Their headphones help students focus, retention and overall learning. One of the best ways to improve the brain's ability to process information is to combine listening and interactive lessons. As they receive feedback from their customers, their headphones are continually improved. They recommend purchasing as many packs as you need at once for a variety of learning environments. Many classrooms, libraries, computer labs, businesses, museums, art galleries, schools and universities are supplied by them. Barks Tech Premium Classroom Headphones are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. They offer a limited lifetime warranty that will keep their product free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product. Purchase multiple packs with confidence and build your bulk set today!

Brand: Barks

👤I received the headphones as part of a DonorsChoose project. We ordered 30 pairs and I took them all home. The kids love them. We will have to wait and see how they do throughout the year, but they are being taken care of and used properly, so I have confidence that they will last longer than just this school year.

👤I ordered a class set for my classroom. The students love to use them. They come in a sealed bag and deliver great sound. My students like using these headphones over their own headphones. Thank you!

👤The headphones we use in our lab do a great job. The team at Barks went above and beyond the call of duty when one of them failed. I'd recommend them as they stand behind their product and when things go wrong, they move heaven and earth to make them right.

👤I was skeptical about buying these headphones as they are a little more expensive than others. I feel like these are worth the price, because you get what you pay for. I tried them out for a few days and was very happy with the level of comfort. Most headphones are uncomfortable, but I feel I could wear them for hours without a problem. They are very durable and flexible. I feel pretty confident that these headphones will last for a long time. Barks seems to have paid attention to the little details. Even when I tied it in a knot, the headphones had a flat chord that didn't get ruined. They have reinforcing rubber around the place where the cord is going to bend. The sound quality was better than most classroom headphones. It will be perfect for any type of talk based content. The headphones had a short cord, but I would say it was the only downside. It is only a few feet long, so if you have a computer with a front or back computer jack, it should be fine, but if you have a back computer jack, you might need an extension. The quality is still worth the money. I'm looking forward to replacing my classroom headphones with these.

👤I bought these for my kids to use. They fit well and are easy to fit in, with 5 kids ages 3 to 12. The sound quality is good. The first few days of use, we had 2 pairs break. The wires come from the ears and meet up with the single cord. They are pulling apart when they meet. My husband threw away a pair of them. I wouldn't buy again. They are not bad for the price. I changed my rating to 5 stars. We were down to 4 out of 10 pairs, so I sent an email and pictures. The owner of Barks responded quickly. They are sending me a replacement pack and said they are making changes to address the cord issue. Customer service is amazing. If there are any more product issues, I will update again. If the next batches are better than the first, that's good. The company has a dedicated customer.

11. Hamilton Buhl Multi Frequency Transmitter Headphones

Hamilton Buhl Multi Frequency Transmitter Headphones

The game handle storage brackets has passed many tests. They want to provide customers with the best products. If you have a question about the controller mount, please contact them. There is up to 35 hours of operating time between charges. The NiMH battery is classroom friendly and switchable between frequencies. Headphone can receive a wireless transmission up to 100 ft. Superb sound without wires or cords. You can listen with an infinite number of headphones.

Brand: Hamiltonbuhl

👤Terrible product for our church. Don't know why. There was background static on 5 of the 6 headsets. The volume was terrible. I have good hearing, but I couldn't hear them on. I don't know if another system would make them work better.

👤It was very easy to use. There is a It was easy to set up. There is a Straight forward as to how to use. There is a I have it set up to send a signal from the audio mixer. A person is live and doing a signal. There is a The wall outlet that plugs into multi contact is the same as the one that plugs into the wall. It's not a good idea to charge other units while using some. Unless an adapted is purchased. Make sure it has the correct power. You don't want to cook the units. There is a hiss sound on the headsets at all times which I have tried to make better, but very little has changed.

👤Purchasing these was a mistake. The headsets are large and heavy. They are hard to wear. There is a The volume fluctuations and static are worse. There is a To sum it up. These are not moving.

👤I figured out that you just have to turn the jack slightly to make it clear. These are working well for our school. I also purchased a new transmitter.

👤This has made my classroom more functional. I start the CD when the kids are set with their headphones and books. I don't have to teach kids how to use a cd player. They are 6 years old and many have just arrived from refugee camps. This has made my life simpler.

👤The Hamilton seems to be of good quality. The signal distance with clarity is very good. Quality is better than my previous brand. I'm very happy with the Hamilton system.

👤It didn't work out for me because it cut in and out of the signal and static at 10 feet in an open church building. The headphones don't adjust big enough for some people and are quite bulky. Even if they did work, it was a cheap feel. We're hoping for better luck when buying multiple home theater headsets.

👤Does not work with hearing aids.

👤Never fully charged. The sound quality is poor. There was almost no volume. All of them are not suitable for listening to quality sound. Don't recommend.


What is the best product for headphone rack for classroom?

Headphone rack for classroom products from Misslo. In this article about headphone rack for classroom you can see why people choose the product. Latomex and Storage Maniac are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone rack for classroom.

What are the best brands for headphone rack for classroom?

Misslo, Latomex and Storage Maniac are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone rack for classroom. Find the detail in this article. Eduvy, Lovimag and Kdd are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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