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1. Safety Works 10121816 Digital Radio

Safety Works 10121816 Digital Radio

You can search and save your favorite stations. The package is 10.16 cm long and 17.272 cm wide. Digital electronics have outstanding acoustic characteristics. A convenient built in clock.

Brand: Safety Works

👤Just got them. When I am mowing the lawn, I might use them to play at the ball park. The 10 year old Peletor Work Tunes are no longer available with a digital display. The headband is tight to the point of being uncomfortable on my head, and it doesn't have an adjustment mechanism. I can see pressure headaches in my future if they don't stretch out with wear. There is a clock feature on the digital display that uses the battery even when not in use. I don't have many people looking at my ear to find out the time because the wearer cannot see it. They seem to have better noise cancellation than the old set I had, and the volume and sound are just ok. I hope the headphones break in and become more comfortable. When I only use the clock display for about 2 to 3 hours a week during the mowing season, I don't need to pull them off my head to check the time, so I will get a good battery life. You can lose all your preset stations if you remove the batteries when not in use. The company should fire anyone who works in R&D and force them to wear these for 24 hours straight while answering questions about what time it is.

👤I got the headphones today and have been using them for the last hour. The sound and quality of the sound is very good. I like my music louder than the loudest setting, even though most audiologists wouldn't recommend it. Good sound and noise suppression are ensured by the ear muffs. The sound aspects are very important to me. reception is clear and good, which is not always the case with portable music. There is a These are 3 big howevers. I can't figure out how to loosen the head band. Most of the units are sold in the west, where our heads are bigger. I'm not sure if I can tolerate long periods of wearing this on my head. One of the doohickeys that clips to the unit keeps popping off. It was very annoying. I can pre program one station, but not other stations. Number 3 is not bad, but Numbers 1 and 2 are too annoying to exchange. I'm giving it a 3 because of the sound and reception.

👤I have only used it once, but it seems to work well. Over the last few years, I've used two work tunes headsets, but they haven't held up. The right earphone quit on the second one. I had trouble keeping the stations up to date. The unit has a setting for ten stations. When I wore it while mowing my yard, there was no fade out on the stations. I would highly recommend it if it continues to perform as it did the first time. I can't predict the future. I can only hope.

👤I don't know if my reception was just a lemon or if it was a sign of things to come. The off/on switch became hard to turn, the display partially failed, and then the whole thing failed within the first month of use.

2. SAS Safety 6108 Digital Protection

SAS Safety 6108 Digital Protection

A convenient built in clock. Digital radio with line-in jack. The headband is comfortable. The noise reduction rating is 25. The noise reduction rating is 25.

Brand: Sas Safety

👤I have any other device that works well. When using a power saw, noise reduction is good. NRR seems like it's about 17-18 compared to two other muffs. After a couple days of use, it was realized that the distortion in one muff was like a broken wire. Instructions do not include how to select a channel. buttons can't function while wearing Spring pressure on head gets too tight after a half hour. It was returned because removing it to a new channel wouldn't be possible while driving.

👤It does a good job of noise cancelation. It does not have enough volume adjustment. The knob works in levels 0-9 instead of continuously from nothing to lout. I find 1 to be too loud and zero to be silent. It is kind of useless. It is inexpensive and has a screen so you can see what station it is on. There is no battery indication. The screen goes out without warning even though it has a low battery. I got out the ear covers and forced them into my old pair, because the radio stopped working after 8 months.

👤What a piece of garbage! There is a A waste of money. I found that the wires were thin and the stranded wire was only five wires when I opened the insides to re-attach, because of the poor design and assembly. The black wire broke while I was cutting it. I have to agree with you because I wasted forty dollars on that piece of shit, and I am a big dummy for that.

👤These head seats are very disappointing. I opened the first one and proceeded to install batteries after ordering two of them. The battery cover broke. The headsets are usually destroyed or lost on the crew before they last a year or two. I put a piece of tape on the cover, which I shouldn't have to do in the first place, because I've used 3mTEKK work tunes before. I tried to pick up the stations that I could with two other headsets and a small AA powered radio in the same location, but I couldn't. I got one in AM. The sound was clear and loud, and it was better than some others. The FM side was not used much. The second pair had the same problems as the first, the battery cover fell apart, the silver metal wire that goes over your head came out, and they couldn't receive the radio stations clearly. I will never buy these and will return them. Both sets had the same battery cover issue and couldn't receive the radio stations clearly. They were used for less than four hours.

👤We are far from any major radio towers. The automobile radio reception is not good. The headphones give superior reception from all the stations.

👤I would rate them as pretty good for the money, because of the clearance price. Setting and calling up stations is a lot of work but the volume control is very easy to use and is located at the bottom of the right ear cup. I won't be buying noise reducing ear muffs to go to the shooting range because they block out a lot of noise. I can have some music with these. It was pretty happy.

3. BJKing Headphone Protection Comfortable Construction

BJKing Headphone Protection Comfortable Construction

The noise reduction rating is 25. The headphones have a display on the side. On the other hand, the digital screen can show a lot of information. Manual tuning and auto- scanning help you find and save your favorite stations, and the am fm radio ear muffs store up to 20 AM and 20 FM station in memory. The sealed solid ear cups and acoustic foams that are part of the AM FM Ear Protection prevent permanent or serious hearing impairment. It's ideal for gardening work, including lawn mowing, yard work, woodworking, shooting and construction. Soft foam earcups gently mold around your ears, and the flexible headband design ensure a great fit for the shape of your head. The hearing protection provides you with maximum comfort. Their tuning system is push-button and has great radio performance. You don't have to worry about the volume control knob being lost. Backed by 45 days money-back and 18 months worry-free warranty, they are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Sometimes a faulty product may be produced. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or you receive a faulty FM Radio Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs from them, they ask that you contact them directly so that they can make sure that you are taken care of right away. Backed by 45 days money-back and 18 months worry-free warranty, they are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Sometimes a faulty product may be produced. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or you receive a faulty FM Radio Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs from them, they ask that you contact them directly so that they can make sure that you are taken care of right away.

Brand: Bjking

👤It's hard to find good hearing protection and comfort at the same time. I do a lot of woodworking and noise is an issue. Without good hearing protection, your ears are ringing for days with no idea of long term effects. I enjoyed listening to my music while I was working. I finally found a set that does all 3 things. You don't want to keep adjusting while working so you need comfort. The material around the ears is good. A nice seal. The sweaty feeling after extended use is not present. There is a nice snug fit with no pinching and the adjustment ability is very good. Number 2 is making noise. I don't want to be hearing-impaired while I am working so I wanted a pair that was quiet and didn't make a lot of noise. I can hear my equipment running while I am working but at the same time the sound from it with them on is not too loud and not impossible to hear someone talking nearby. 3 on the radio. I expected it to be a little bit distorted and a little bit add on. Not at all, I am in my basement in rural suburbs with my rock station that is free and clear as a bell, and I listen to it about 20 miles away. I can have my music, my comfort and my equipment all in one place, which is ideal for me. I have already put them through 20 hours of use and they have no problems at all, the volume is knob not a tiny button, and raising and lowering is easy. If you need ear protection for wood work, yard work, or anywhere else you need it, give these a try.

👤My husband is running a weed eater and riding a lawnmower. He says you can't hear the equipment. They fit well and the sound quality is good. He is able to bend to pick up items from the ground without fear of cords or wires getting caught in equipment. Even on hot summer days, the stay is in place on his head. A great price for a set of headphones.

👤This product was sent to someone else. The box had already been opened and was ripped. Lack of instructions too. The buttons were sticking. We would have bought used if we wanted previously owned. If it's not new, stop trying to sell it.

👤These work well. It would have been better if the model had the same features. The batteries seem to last. The only thing frustrating so far is that you have to re tune every now and then. If you want to turn it on, you have to go down or up and then back to get it ready. It is not terrible because it is digital tuning.

👤Underwhelmed. Only sound protection. Radio is not thought out. The reception was poor. There is no way to adjust channels manually. What channel it receives is what you get.

4. PROTEAR Bluetooth Headphones Rechargeable Protection

PROTEAR Bluetooth Headphones Rechargeable Protection

The ear protection safety muffs are great for protecting your hearing in noisy environments and can also be used as working safety ear muffs. Functions of preset can memory up to 20 AM and 20 FM stations. You can use your mobile phone to listen to and enjoy music. You can focus on your business without being disturbed by outside noise. If you think the phone is too loud or too low, please adjust the volume of the phone. Don't need to charge very often or buy battaries if you want Lang lasting Advanced. The battery has a 1200mAh capacity. The metal frame of the AM FM Radio Headphones is extendable. You can change the headband's length. If you want to get better hearing enjoyment and keep your head comfortable, you should take off the headphones every few hours. Cushion blocking is soft and comfortable, ideal for sports events, concerts, festivals, studying and operating machinery to protect hearing. Cushion blocking is soft and comfortable, ideal for sports events, concerts, festivals, studying and operating machinery to protect hearing.

Brand: Protear

👤I've been using the Protear sound-supressing AM/FM radio headset for about a month. This user of sound supressors has used a full-sized headset before. I usually use it at home to listen to AM or FM broadcasts without disturbing my wife, even though I haven't yet used it on the pistol range. It accompanies me on my walks along the Rio Grande Bosque, in the nearby mountain's foot-hills, or in my neighborhood. While listening to this radio, I did not think about the need for normal hearing while walking along the river-side multi-use paths. The headset is doing what it was designed to do. Be extra alert when walking where others may tread. Because I live and walk within sight of multiple radio transmission towers, it is difficult to retain the signal of my chosen broadcast station. Again, a matter of geography, not radio design. The use of AA cell batteries is within acceptable limits. I keep a supply to hand for all household needs. The radio has good battery life levels. It is a better model than an older one. I found mine within a week of receiving my order for the Protear, which is a true and recent comparison. I would recommend this for someone who is casual.

👤I have never had a worse headphones. They are very tight fitting and there is no adjustment. Trying to set preset radio stations is very difficult and frustrating, and after reading the instructions several times, I still can't set them. I have never had this happen with cheap headphones that I have had. Even if you aren't using the headphones, the batteries wear out quickly. Don't buy these phones.

👤The set of earphones eats batteries at a rate of 3 per week. I used it for 10 hours a week. The batteries I used were Rayovaks. I know those aren't the top of the line, but three a week? I don't think a higher end battery would do much better to justify the stock needed in the battery company in order to use these things. When I first pulled them out of their box, I was disappointed by the chincy, cheap look. Common sense can figure out that the battery compartment is not plain. There are some pluses... Cancelled noise really. The microphone sound was clear, but with the ear muffs cancelling so much outside noise, you almost cannot hear your own voice on a call. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't have to keep moving my phone around. I could put it in a central location and leave it alone, so I could hear what I was playing on my phone.

👤I thought a radio headset was a no-brainer. The clock and radio stopped working, as well as the headset and radio. The batteries weren't secured well. After messing with the batteries, I got them to stay connected. The batteries can easily be jarred loose if the battery compartment is too loose. When the radio stopped and the clock reset, I bent over to grab something. The set was a birthday gift from the family and I will live with it. I would recommend looking at another brand. It would be better if the battery was built in and rechargeable so that it would be less prone to power issues. Radio works when it works. Hearing protection while mowing is good. I didn't sense any noise-canceling technology unless they said it was just covering the ears.

5. Worktunes Wireless Protection Bluetooth Technology

Worktunes Wireless Protection Bluetooth Technology

Earphone/headphone compatible. Looking for discreet listening? Powerbear radio allows you to listen to all your radio stations with your headphones on. Plug in any headphones with a 3.5 millimeter jack for privacy. The noise reduction rating is 24 decibels. You can stream entertainment from your mobile phone or any other device that has Blue Tone Wireless Technology. INTEGRATED MICROPHONE allows you to make and take phone calls without removing the ear protection. Excellent radio performance with clear sound and bass boost option. Audio assist technology can be used without having to take off the headset. Audio assist technology can be used without having to take off the headset.

Brand: 3m

👤I have owned 3M WorkTunes Wireless Hearing Protector with AM/FM Digital Radio since May 2016 My ear pads lasted a year or so with heavy use. I looked at 3M's site for replacement ear pads, but could not find the part number. I called 3M and was offered replacements for free. I asked for the part number because I would be on my own, but was told by 3M that they do not sell them and will always send replacement ear pads free of charge. It works for me. Get your finger behind the black plastic ring and snap it out of the earpad. The earpad is attached to a ring and snaps on and off. The service from 3M and worktunes is great, but needs some improvement from the way I use them, which is how I use them. I work with a lot of loud tools and equipment, including table saws, chainsaws, and circ saws. My worktunes are always connected to my phone via bluetooth because I listen to podcasts while I work. The hearing protection is excellent and I can listen to whatever I want with my phone and adjust the volume from there on the worktunes so that the earpads are sealed. There is a If you use a mic on your phone, it will make it easier to make and receive phone calls, even if you don't have earbuds. There is no mic on these worktunes. It's a good idea to get a phone call while your work phones are connected to your phone, it's a problem if you try to answer. If you answer the phone and it's not the person you're talking to, then you're ripping, because you have to listen through the worktunes and speak into the phone if the other person can't hear you. My earbuds that have a mic can answer and end a call with the push of a button on them, before the phone number is called out so I can decide whether or not to answer, it's simple and it could be that way for these worktunes if they had a mic. There are too many in the wrong places. Whoever decided to place the power/volume/go back to beginning button on the left side front needs to spend a few days with the people who were designed for it. The name of the product is Worktunes, which means the user will be working with something loud and heavy. Weilding heavy objects leads to sweating and we sometimes have to wipe the sweat from our brow on our shirt sleeve. I accidentally hit that button that sticks out a mile a day and it resets whatever I'm listening to at the beginning of the track. I'm working around that button if I accidentally press it. I rarely hit my head at work but these monsters seem to make your head twice as big, you might even be tempted to fly a helicopter with these on. I reliably get at least a full day of use from my batteries. Things can sometimes get squirrely to connect if the bluetooth fails to connect even after you pair it. It gets frustrating, but the procedure that always works is to turn off the work tunes, turn off your phone, and turn on the worktunes, but you may have to go into the settings on your phone. Learning the quirks of using these has been worth it to me. When it's time to work with loud tools, I reach for them. I like the fact that these 3M worktunes have replaceable batteries, that 3M sends out replacement earpads free of charge, and that I can connect to my phone through the internet. You have the choice of paying or taking it.

6. PROTEAR Protection Headphones Electronic Reduction

PROTEAR Protection Headphones Electronic Reduction

Recommended industries include aviation, farming, construction, lumber, steel, transportation, military/law enforcement, manufacturing, sporting, and general contracting. The 25 decibels noise reduction rate is certified by theANSI S3.19. For example, 1). The noise level in the environment is 80dBA. The level of noise entering the ear is equal to 25 decibels. Radio and Preset - Digital AM/FM Radio tuning with easy-to-see & easy-to-use display; great radio reception allows you to seek and Scan stations easily. You can use preset and memory up to 8 AM and 8 FM stations for quick access to your favorite programs. The volume control knob could be changed. You could adjust the volume of the audio device when you connect the earmuff to it. The most comfortable ear cushion has a wide headband with soft padding and a full-size ear cup for block more noise. The earmuffs are lightweight and Convenient. The lightweight, low-profile design and padded headband make your workday more efficient and entertaining. In the workshop, in the yard, or on the job. Not included is the powered by 2 AA batteries. The ear protection safety muffs are great for protecting your hearing in noisy environments and can also be used as working safety ear muffs. The ear protection safety muffs are great for protecting your hearing in noisy environments and can also be used as working safety ear muffs.

Brand: Protear

👤You have no choice but to listen to it on medium volume because it doesn't have a one on it. It's difficult to navigate your stations if you click the wrong button, it will stick on that station and not let you turn to another station, so you have either push the station control button in or out to turn it.

👤It was nice when it worked. After 4 hours of use, stopped working. It was just broken and batteries went dead. No idea why. Didn't drop them. It will not turn on anymore. Very disappointed.

👤I do a lot of work on my tractor. I have ingrained in me the need to wear ear protection. The headphones are nice. I use them to cancel out the outside noise while I listen to my phone or radio. They have good sound quality, but not as good as a Boss Headphone. These run a lot of hours with their small batteries. There was no active noise canceling. The basic head over ears is what it is. It's a tad bit expensive for me. I might try hitting up my local store next time.

👤I have received a product that comes with no documentation at all. I am hesitant to use it. There is no warranty registration form, no corporate address, no US corporate phone number, and no corporate email when you buy a product from the box. The instructions don't agree with the product that was received. The "Volume and channel button" is stated to be used for preset stations. The unit does not have a button for volume and channel. It has a button that doesn't change volume. I am unable to respond to the features listed on the products because I cannot get past the set up phase.

👤I enjoy being able to hear my music on my tractor.

👤A lot of the noises in my home are made up of clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, piano, ukulele and drums. I bought a bass to fit in. I used to leave my home and head to the library to get my work done, but COVID-19 stopped that. The headphones allow complete noice cancellation. I can't tell if the trumpet is being played or if my mower is running, if I ride with my ears open. Highly recommend this product! There is a Design, noise reduction, digital tuning, audio input, and comfort are positives. None so far.

👤I bought these for my husband. He mows the lawn. I like to listen to political talk shows. These headphones are great. His only concern is that they are too tight on his ears. They are great other than that. He said he would buy them again.

👤I bought this in the spring of 2021. Only on the second set of batteries. The screen began to get fainter and stop working a few weeks ago. Radio stations used to be strong and clear, but began to have more interference. The ting is no longer alive. Junk. I wouldn't recommend it.

7. Honeywell Hi Visibility Digital Earmuff 1030390

Honeywell Hi Visibility Digital Earmuff 1030390

The headset uses 2 AA batteries which are not included and have a long- lasting battery life. The headphones were designed to last a long time. Clear digital stereo radio reception, 10 pre-set stations and volume memory for personal on-the-job listening experience are available with digital AM/FM tuning. The bright green earcups and reflective headband increase visibility for safety at night, in low light, and in bad weather. Patented Air Flow Control technology reduces sound without increasing earcup size or weight. The snap-in ear cushions allow for easy maintenance and replacement and include 2 AA batteries, 3.5mm AUX input jack and connection cable. Recommended industries include aviation, farming, construction, lumber, steel, transportation, military/law enforcement, manufacturing, sporting, and general contracting. Recommended industries include aviation, farming, construction, lumber, steel, transportation, military/law enforcement, manufacturing, sporting, and general contracting.

Brand: Honeywell Ademco

👤Let me settle your doubts. The headset is well made. Everyone and their brother has complained about the battery compartment door. If you try to push the cover off, you shouldn't have a problem with it breaking. The 3M Tek and the Peltor are the only ones I have owned that I have yet to find a bad thing about. I live in a rural area and all of the stations I listen to are 40 miles away. The tuner has no problem finding the stations and holding them with no problems related to direction you are pointing at. The man complained about the reception. Yes. Unless you connect an external antenna of some length, this is a problem that all but the most expensive of shortwave receivers suffer from. This is a problem that can't be solved with a $60 headset. This should not detract from the fact that the unit is very good and beats its competitors hands down. The controls take a little while to get used to, but once you do they function well. Some people seem to have an issue with volume control where they change the volume every time they move around. The control is only being exposed at the bottom and one edge of the unit. I have had a problem adjusting it as of yet, rather than accidentally bumping it. The unit has been louder than either the Peltor or the Tek that I have, so I can't say if there isn't enough volume. I think that is because of the superior noise reduction capabilities of this unit, as it is not any louder than either of the others. The headband is comfortable. It fits tight. It's designed to do that. The better the unit is made for your head, the better it will be for noise reduction. If you have a large head, this unit may not be a good fit for you. I have been able to wear a ball cap and sunglasses without a problem, and I have not had to adjust them on either side. You can't get a better noise reduction radio headset in this price range, and it's only 20 bucks more than the cheaper units. There was an update on July 10, 2017: I have this radio unit for the third summer in a row. This radio has continued to perform for hours at a time even during the summer months, because it only gets used during the summer. The battery eating problem that some of the other reviews complained about has not been seen by me. sweat can cause the display to fog after several hours of wearing especially in humid weather. It has not caused a problem so far, but I make sure to wipe it down good when it's done for the day, and it usually dries out overnight. The battery door on my car has survived many battery changes without incident. I wonder how I was able to do that when so many people have not. Pick up distant radio stations and hold them steady on the radio side. I don't go there a lot but I can help you with that any more than I already have. It's still all in one piece and all the buttons and knobs are functional, which is something that a couple of the other units that I have owned failed at within the first summer. I've ever spent the best money on a headset. It may be the best buy period in the price range, but I don't think it's the best buy.

8. PROHEAR 027 Headphones Snowblowing Construction

PROHEAR 027 Headphones Snowblowing Construction

There is a new model available in the year 2022. All soldered connections and a brass diaphram increase reliability and life. PiezoElectric Crystal Earpiece is for electronics kits. NoISE REDUCTION: 25dB protects your hearing. The volume limit is designed to be worn for a long time. It can be used for mowing, sawing, garden work, and woodworking. Unmatched dependability is what it is. Users can save their favorite channels on the digital display. You can find your favorite stations with either manual or auto-scan. The modes need to be powered by 2 AA batteries. The great return is. The signal reception is better for this headset. You can enjoy clear reception from many local radio stations, even if you live in the countryside or farm. It's convenient anddurable. It has a snug and comfortable fit thanks to its headband and ear cushions. The headset is designed to fit most people. You can put the headphones and cords in the bag, which is convenient to carry. They propose 90 days. There is no risk money back guarantee and a one year warranty. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! If you have any questions, please contact them. They are here to help you.

Brand: Prohear

👤I wear them over a winter hat. I use them when I'm using a mower and vacuum. They help with the noise reduction, but they are so tight that they give me headaches.

👤My husband had to get used to wearing this headset but after a few times was very comfortable wearing it and has no issues with sound or performance.

👤I wanted it for talk radio, but the AM radio doesn't come in very well.

👤They fit better than other brands have in the past. They have more room for your ears. They were so comfortable that I bought a second pair.

👤I was really impressed with how clear they sounded and the ability of the antenna. I hope it can pick up some of my favorite stations at work. I have it for everything around the house.

👤It didn't work by the time I used it. It was late to send back the money. Ended up throwing the things away.

👤For Christmas, I ordered a headset for my husband. He didn't mind that I was sent the wrong color.

👤I'm happy I bought this product. It cancels noise when I use the snow blower or mow the lawn, and it also plays my favorite radio station.

9. PROHEAR Headphones Rechargeable Protection Work Black

PROHEAR Headphones Rechargeable Protection Work Black

Manual search and store the radio stations are supported by the external AUX cable. Bluetooth 5.1 and HIFI Sound are included. You can Answer/ Cancel/Redial the call with the help of the button of ear muffs, it uses the same technology as the headphones. It is a hearing protection, but also as headphones, ear protectors, and meet your lawn needs. Digital radio on the radio. With a display that searches for radio stations, you can access your favorite programs in memory, and aUX input jack can connect to many audio devices. It's perfect for noisy environments to protect your hearing, and it's also perfect for setting your own volume limit. This is a notice. Up to 30 hours of non-stop playtime is possible with the 2000 mAH rechargeable battery, which can be connected to the 5V charger with a charging cable or directly into the computer to charge. Try it now. You can try it or never know how great it is. 60-day no risk money back guarantee and one year warranty are provided by them. They'll be glad to help you if you have any problems. Try it now. You can try it or never know how great it is. 60-day no risk money back guarantee and one year warranty are provided by them. They'll be glad to help you if you have any problems.

Brand: Prohear

👤It's to the point. I use them in heavy equipment. They stay loud all day. When you ran heavy equipment, you couldn't hear the other headphones. The reception is good for AM/FM and my phone works great with it. I would have liked to know this at three or four pairs ago. Will be buying more pairs. I have been using batteries for a couple of months and they still sound great. I am terrible for losing these types of things, so don't lose the charger. The investment makes the day go by much faster when you can listen to music.

👤I was very happy with my purchase. I am a well driller and use a hammer and a drill all day. Hearing protection is a must for drill rigs. The prohear ear muffs are the most comfortable I have tried. The am/fm radio has a clean sound and picks up all my favorite stations. On top of that, it's enabled so you can listen to music or talk on the phone. These ear muffs are very good. Money. Well done, well done, well done, well done, well done, well done, well done, well done, well done, well done, well done, well done, well done, well done, well done, well done, well done, well done, well done, well

👤I absolutely love this headset. Sound is clear. I like that the fit is tight. The best part was being able to use the feature to hook up my phone and listen to my devices. It was easy to pair the headset to the IPhone and listen to whatever was playing on the TV once I figured out which app to install.

👤I am 80 years old and still like to cut the grass and work around the house. I bought the ProhearBT AM/FM Hearing Protector to protect my hearing and also to inform me on the news of the day. I contacted Mr. Frank Zhang of Prohear and he was kind enough to explain the situation and give me a few things to do. This was more than I anticipated. After several emails and procedures suggested by him and his staff, I was treated with total respect and his idea to replace the unit was beyond my expectations. There is a If you want hearing protection with the ability to hear news, music or sports, then the ProhearBT AM/FM Hearing Protector Model EM033 is for you. Digital display, snap in ear cushions. You can make and receive calls with the help of the battery and wireless technology.

👤I decided to buy the old style yellow work tunes because they have a feature that allows you to use your phone as a mp3 player. Very impressed. The volume is large. The sound is excellent, and the feature that lets you talk on the phone is very good. I asked if they could hear me. All have said yes, clear. The battery life is amazing, I have been using them for about 3 weeks now and have not needed to charge them up yet. I would buy again.

10. PROHEAR Protection Headphones Rechargeable Snowblowing

PROHEAR Protection Headphones Rechargeable Snowblowing

Try it now. You can try it or never know how great it is. 60-day no risk money back guarantee and one year warranty are provided by them. They'll be glad to help you if you have any problems. No longer worry about the sudden music dropping-out. You can stream entertainment from your phones, tablets, or other devices with a faster and more stable connection thanks to the upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 technology. You can make calls without removing the earmuff with the buttonintegrated microphone. Hi-fi speakers will give you a great music experience without compromising hearing protection. Listen to radio anywhere. Strong reception and good sound quality are provided by the high reception sensitivity antenna. You can save 10 AM and 10 FM stations as preset for quick access with automatic and manual modes. The display makes it easy to see. It's perfect for people who like to listen to the commentary while watching a football game. The industrial grade noise reduction rating is backed by the American national standards Institute and the European standard. It's perfect for noisy environments. The weight is only 0.82lb. The ear pads are soft and butter-like. The padded headband helps them fit around ears with no pressure. The ear cushions are easy to maintain. You can find the replacement FOAM by searching for "Prahear 2-pair". The built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery that you will never worry about your muffs could "eating battery" and no requirement to buy extra not recycled batteries when its batteries go off is a good thing. 48 hours playtime per charge at wired mode and 40 hours at AM mode. 50-day no risk money back guarantee and one year warranty are provided by ProHEAR. They are here to help if you have any problems.

Brand: Prohear

👤It works well. The adjustments on the earpiece are easy to reach. The instructions are not the best. They don't discuss charging the unit. I can plug it into a slot and it will charge forever, without any hint of when it will be fully charged. I live in the NC foothills and it picks up stations there.

👤There are 10 radio station memory slots. The process of manually adding stations is cumbersome but manageable. You can switch to another stored station by pressing the "M" button. If you want to listen to the station on #3, you have to press the "M" button nine times. There is a You can't just use the preset you want. All 10 must be used. It would be nice to program just those 4 stations if there were only 4 stations that you listen to. It would make cycling much quicker. If you don't program anything on the other 6 preset, you still have to cycle through all of them when changing to another station. The yellow 3M headset we had for several years had a knob that you could turn right or left to go up or down the preset stations. If you want the station on #3, just turn the knob on the 3M and listen to preset number four. It was much easier and faster. There is a During four hours of yardwork, I might change stations 30 or 40 times because I don't like a song or a commercial. I'm afraid I'll wear the "M" button on the ProHear headset in a few weeks.

👤I bought this to wear while mowing. I live a short distance from the radio station. I had to install an antenna for my radio. I wasn't sure if I would like the headphones, but I put them on and received a reception. As soon as I left the shop, I got reception. I can hear the radio as I mow. I can listen to radio and understand what they are saying. There is a These are hot in East Texas, but not so hot after a while.

👤It seems to protect my hearing, as I can listen to the radio or take phone calls. When I take a phone call, I need to turn up the volume so that I can listen to my music again. They are better than the worktunes models that I have used.

👤These were purchased to replace old 3-M hearing protectors. I was hoping for a better experience. They both lack bass response, but they sound similar to one another. Pick something else if you like lots of bass. If you want to listen to talk radio or podcasts, these seem to be a little more forward in the vocal range. The 3-M versions are easier to use. The buttons are black, the headphones are black, and the hieroglyphs on the buttons are black. It is hard to see. The display is hard to see. If you could call it that, there is the instruction manual. It was first translated from Chinese to French, then to German, and finally to Engrish. I've been wearing these for a while. They are not comfortable for me after a few minutes. I feel like I'm in a bad mood. On the plus side, the radio is very sensitive. Let's just say it works for the AM side. If it was louder, it would be better. It's not loud enough for me in a quiet place. It wouldn't work on my lawnmower.

11. Walkers Radio Digital Display Black

Walkers Radio Digital Display Black

There are eight preset channels in the built-in Radio with Hearing Protection. A digital display screen with a low battery indicator. The built-in antenna has high reception sensitivity. The headband has a noise reducing rating of 25dB. 2 alkaline "AAA" batteries were included.

Brand: Walker's

👤The unit looked nice after it was received. The disappointment sat in when the batteries were put in. It was easy to set time. If you hit the wrong button, it will reset. Have to change the time several times a day. The station and volume controls are confusing because they are the same button and the volume knob is too sensitive. The volume changed when I raised my arm. I bought a similar unit several years ago and it was great. I suggest buying a different brand if you're going to have to redo the radio every time you move.

👤I bought 2 for myself and one for my friend. The intended use is for the yard work and the gun range. The radio dialled the few local radio stations in crystal clear. I love being able to play music from my phone and I also have an I - Pod. My girl friend has a small head, but they fit perfectly on my head. She says they are very comfortable with her. They seem to be of good quality and held up well during the first lawn mowing. They didn't get a scratch after being knocked off my head. Next stop is the gun range. This should be fun.

👤I bought myself a new set to replace an older one. I ordered another set for my birthday. There is a Excellent volume, reasonable price, well made, and well done. There is a They are tight on the head, but are better if you extend the rods out. States haveAAA batteries. My AA is 2. There is a Also, note: The batteries may have a shorter life with the clock on.

👤I only use these when I mow grass once a week in the summer. They are kept in a dry location. I used them for almost two years and hoped they would last a long time. The screen went out about two weeks ago. I thought the batteries were dead. I dropped the Duracell batteries when I opened the battery compartment door. The system overheated and now the radio and screen don't work at all. The batteries are in good condition. I don't know which to blame, but I think something went wrong with the radio components. I have another set of ear muffs, but with an antenna sticking up, I have to use my phone or mp3 player. I think things aren't built to last anymore.

👤It was comfortable. The controls are easy to use. There is a My radio goes off randomly. I'm not talking about an auto shutting off after being on hours, I'm talking about radio cutting off without explanation. New batteries don't matter. Sometimes it won't do it, sometimes it will turn off 4x in 2 minutes. It's very annoying when trying to work. I wanted to like them but they malfunctioned. 2 stars.

👤The idea is to protect hearing. Walker claims NRR 25, but I already have a NRR 24 and he is poor at lower freqs. They let through a loud noise. The volume control is not low enough. One of the muffs stopped working. Who needs a clock on the side of their head if the controls are silly? It's difficult to turn on/off the muffs while driving. They go back.


What is the best product for headphone radio am/fm?

Headphone radio am/fm products from Safety Works. In this article about headphone radio am/fm you can see why people choose the product. Sas Safety and Bjking are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone radio am/fm.

What are the best brands for headphone radio am/fm?

Safety Works, Sas Safety and Bjking are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone radio am/fm. Find the detail in this article. Protear, 3m and Protear are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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