Best Headphone Radio for Kids

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1. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Children

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Microphone Children

One-year manufacturer's warranty is promised by US-based customer service and technical support. Their priority is to provide outstanding customer service. They are here to help if you need it. Kids will love a gift on the day. This wireless headphones provide a stable connection with your devices within 33 feet, compatible with cellphones, laptops, tablets, smart tv, etc. No need to take off the headset to answer the call. You should not miss important information while enjoying music. You can use the APP to control the headset, the radio station, and the headphones. Know about the power of the headphones. Simple operation and more convenient use are some of the things that come to mind. The Micro SD Card Player and the Stereo Radio are small. The built-in antenna has high reception sensitivity, and the headphones have multi-decoding support, as well as a micro SD card that can hold up to 32 gigabytes. The range of the radio station is 87.5-108MHz. The ear pads are super soft and give a stable fit. The 90 axis is designed to fit your head perfectly. Adults and children can use it. It can also be used as a wired headphones. Simply connect one end of the 3.5mm audio cable to the AUX input port of the headphones, and the other end to the audio output jack of your mobile phone, mp3 player or PC, to enjoy music without interruption.

Brand: Inlove

👤I failed after a long time trying to operate. I need an apple device to connect it to my phone. Please include this information in the description. I need to return it.

👤The ear phones don't hold the charge very long. You have to charge them up again at 2 12 hours. My return window has closed. Very disappointed.

👤My daughter broke them when she was outside. These have been the longest out of her old headphones.

👤My son loves the headphones that I bought for him. The sounds are clear and loud. That doesn't have wire and uses the internet.

👤It is good enough for my 9 year old son. When it turns on, it pairs to his iPad.

👤My 10 year old daughter has been wearing headphones all day and I got these for her. These are doing exactly what they say. Sound is good.

👤My daughter is very happy with these. I wish they wouldn't allow her to turn them up so high. They have worked well so far.

2. VTech Rock Bop Music Player

VTech Rock Bop Music Player

The bright light of the flashlight is good for emergency use. The battry operated radio has an alarm function. The Rock and Bop Music Player by VTech is a kid-friendly music player that plays musical learning games to introduce letters, numbers, animals, instruments, time and more. Choose from a variety of songs and play them in three different styles: classical, hip-hop and rock. You can experiment with songs and play different instruments in the instrument remake mode on the music player. It helps build fine motor skills by interacting with the screen to make music and game selections. Requires 2AAA batteries for demo purposes only, new batteries recommended for regular use, music player is for ages 3 to 6 years

Brand: Vtech

👤Cheap product and poor design. I tried for days to get them to save a customer, but the company is too big to worry about one unhappy customer or a bad review. I will leave one. Don't waste your money. This product is terrible. My son is 3 years old. The headphones will not fit if your child has a large head. They appeared to be adjusted, but they are so cheap that they can't even be set in the smallest setting. When you put them on an average or even slightly larger than average 4-5 year olds head expect them to fall off. When they fall, they expect them to break. They are cheap. My sons broke when they fell from 3 inches. Any toy intended for preschoolers should be able to stand up. They snapped in a point. It could present a hazard for the child. The company feels that their poor design is the reason they fall. They won't replace or correct accidental damage from falling. There is a If you have a big child with a large cranium, these may work, but they don't fix the quality. There is a I don't think a kid much over 3 would find this entertaining. It doesn't play music like you would expect, and it's not really educational. It seems cheap because of the amount of talking. There is a My 3 year old son liked the idea of his own headphones, but they didn't last past a few uses. I contacted vtech directly and they told me if I wanted a replacement for the faulty pair, I could buy another pair from their website. They want me to buy another pair of faulty ones. Or it is cheap. They are all like this. They want me to buy another one. I told vtech as much as I could. They refused to help replace the broken part. I was going to write a review. I read other reviews on this and the company and it seems like the quality of customer care is the norm and not the exception. Cheap and faulty products are the norm and add to terrible customer care. Lesson learned. I haven't had any issues with leapfrog products so I'll stick with them. These are not worth much. Don't waste time or money.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter because it had good reviews, but the toy was in a plastic bag, not even any instructions, and it arrived quickly. This is supposed to be a birthday gift. I think I'm going to return it, so I haven't taken it out of the bag. I think she would like it, but it's a poor presentation for a Bday gift. Very disappointed.

👤My daughters are 2 and 3 years old. It was loved by all! The 5 year old appreciated the simple operations. I loved the aspect of the headphones. It's nice to say "hey!" without them. Plug in the headphones! When the sounds became grating. There are only two options for volume. The foam covers on the headphones were easy to take off and make them useless to keep in place. I would suggest that the buyer glue them on so that they don't become a problem like they did in my house. Otherwise, a great phone that plays music for toddlers. The screen dynamic is entertaining and there are many options for interactions.

3. Lauson LLB599 Portable CD Player Headphone

Lauson LLB599 Portable CD Player Headphone

Customer service and what you get. The kids have an mp3 player, hang rope, wired earphone, and user manual. If you have a problem with the mp3 player within 12 months, please send them a message on your Amazon order to get a customer service that can help. A CD player is easy to use, it plays audio CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs or mp3 CDs. The lights change to the music. There is a disco effect. You can connect your devices and play music from flash drives with theusb boombox player. The boom box has a great sound. You can use the Boombox for travel or inside your home. The carrying handle is Fordable. Works with power or batteries. A digital radio with 20 preset and a digital screen. The telescopic antenna is a tuner. It's easy to use and ideal for kids. CONEXIONS The output of the Cd player is 2 x 1.5W. There are built-in speakers.

Brand: Lauson Woodsound

👤This is a cute boombox. The dancing lights are the icing on the cake. I wanted a small radio next to my bed so I bought this for myself. I'm happy with my purchase. The hub doesn't work. I don't need it. It sounds great! Thanks!

👤I tried to buy my son a boombox. The boombox turns off if I move the electrical cord, and theusb doesn't recognize when a cord is plugged in. Buying a Sony is a total waste of money.

👤I run this in my office all the time. One track or entire disc is an excellent repeat. I haven't used the radio or the plug-in option. I think those work as well. If you want to sleep, you should not run this in a dark room as the lights could get very distractive. I use it in my office. The color changes that happened in relation to the music playing don't bother me. I would use the machine to listen to music if I wanted to. Quality for the price is good.

👤We just opened this for a gift and it works great. My daughter loves that the speakers play music. The impatience of a 3 and 5 year old has withstood it so far. Always a plus!

👤I had to read the directions to use it, but it works well and looks cute. The lights are not that bright.

👤It turned out great for us, smaller than we expected. This was put in our daughter's room. It is much taller than her DVD player. There is a The sound quality in her room is good, but on full volume she can fall asleep to her classical music. It would not be used in a bigger room. There is a It's excellent for what we needed.

👤We have been using this cute red little player for a while and it is wonderful. It's mostly used in RV parks. The sound is clear, the playing is smooth, and it is light and compact. You can listen to both of them. The price is unbelievably affordable. I would recommend this product to others.

👤I like the small size of the radio and CD player, it plays well, I love the color, and it's easy to use.

4. Lauson NXT562 Portable Changing Headphone

Lauson NXT562 Portable Changing Headphone

There are 8GB Internal Memory and 26H. Playtime has built-in memory stores up to 2000 songs and support a card up to 128 gigabytes. The player can play up to 4,000 songs. After 3 hours full charge, support up to 26 hours of music playtime. The power input is 500mA. Any time, lifelong free firmware update service is provided. CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs or mp3 CDs are high compatible. The lights change to the music. There is a disco effect. You can play music from flash drives and connect your devices with theusb boombox player. It's easy to use and ideal for kids. You can use the boombox with a cd player inside or outside. The carrying handle is Fordable. Works with power or batteries. Radio is available on the internet. There is a digital radio with a screen. The telescopic antenna is a tuner. It's easy to use and ideal for kids. CONEXIONS The output of the Cd player is 2 x 1.5W. There are built-in speakers. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Lauson Woodsound

👤The multi-color lights in this CD-player seem to repeat a random-looking pattern when I'm listening to Lawrence Welk or Def Leppard. The light leaking into the plastic case comes from shining around the edges of the speakers. The speakers are behind metal grills and are about 2 inches in diameter. The control buttons are oriented upward, which makes it easier to use on a low shelf. The instructions for the multi-use buttons are not easy to understand. There are five settings for the equalizer. The radio plays music. If you can figure out how to store them, you can use them, but only in sequence. There is no AM band. When the unit is powered off, there is a red light on that isn't a radio tuning strength or stereo indicator. When you receive a stereo signal, the display on the screen will show "ST" and the station's frequencies. The CD door has some resistance to opening and closing. I haven't tested it with batteries, auxiliary input, or a stick with mp3's. The headphones seem neutral. I needed an earphone jack to listen to CD's at night, so I got this. I like the audio quality of the Lauson boombox more than the bigger speakers of the Jenson CD-560. The blinking lights are easy to ignore.

👤The thing is great so far. I got it for my three year old twins. They can play their own music. The lights are on.

👤The controls for various functions can be hard to understand for younger children. The blinking lights are annoying when music is not playing. When you start the CD player again, it doesn't remember where it left off. It is a good device for the price, but could use some improvement.

👤It's small and portable. It's hard to open. There's no button to open or close. The only way to open the opening is to yank on it, which is why we brought it back. When you hit the play button, it doesn't always play. It takes several tries to get it to work. Sometimes we had to walk away from it and come back when it wouldn't play. I bought this for my daughter to use. We never used the radio so I don't know how well it works, but this is not user friendly, and after looking at the other similar reviews, it seems like this is just defects. I wouldn't recommend buying it.

👤The piece of junk didn't work out right away. My daughter needs to get another one that works.

👤We brought this for our daughter's room to listen to music and stories at night. After just a couple weeks, the CD player wouldn't play any CDs anymore because we lightly used it. The CD player was not used much and was not carried around. I wouldn't recommend this one. The sound was fine for a child's room when it was working. The plastic is cheap. I was given a refund after I contacted Amazon. We will not buy a nothet CD player.

5. PowerLocus Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Microphone

PowerLocus Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Microphone

Up to 8 hours of playtime with a battery. 7 days of waiting time. Standard charge time is 2 hours. You can listen for up to an hour after 5 minutes of fast charging. The P2 wireless headphones are wireless, wired and micro-sd. You can pair up to 2 devices at the same time with P2 and enjoy wireless stereo and video. You can use the kids headphones with any phone, computer, laptop, PC and TV, because they are audio cable enabled. You would need an additional accessory to pair with TV. 85DB volume limited headphones are approved and will not damage the hearing of your child. Children's headphones P2 will remain into safe volume limit no matter how loud he is playing them. The PowerLocus over the ear headphones are the perfect gift for kids. They will enter into a regime if they slide. Kids headphones with microphone are the perfect choice for online classes for your children. They are compatible with a lot of platforms, helping your child to listen and talk at the same time. Their headset is legally certified with the leading wireless technology, and it guarantees a wireless connection up to 36 feet without distortion. Soft earmuffs filled with soft foam will cover your kid's ears and give him perfect sound isolation. He can wear them for hours without feeling any pain or weariness. The on ear control buttons make it easy to change songs and volume. The hard protective carry case is included in the package. They offer a 24 months warranty and a 24 hours customer support, because they stand behind the quality of their headphones. If you don't like the performance of their headphones, you can have them repaired or replaced within 24 hours. Purchase your P2 Kids headphones with a risk-free purchase.

Brand: Powerlocus

👤These headphones are amazing. I had them for six months and they were thrown around a lot. They held up. The customer service was amazing and they immediately sent me another one after the battery wasn't charging. I can't say for sure, but I think I used it while it was charging. The customer service was very good. There is a The sound is something I will say. Even if it's on both ears, you can hear everything. The volume button is very annoying. It's not bad once you get used to it. It's difficult to get the volume down. The sound is very good, but the only complaint is that everyone can hear what I'm listening to even if the volume isn't on so high. There is a Everything is as advertised and works great. It was thrown around a lot by my younger siblings, but it still held up. It's amazing except for the battery and sound.

👤We bought two pairs of these for our toddlers because of the great reviews. They are comfortable on the head but not much else. Unless it's all the way up, you can't hear anything. You can't hear anything because it's so soft and faint. I thought it was only one pair. We could just return the bad ones. Both of them were that way. I came back to read the reviews. A lot of people can't hear the volume up. Don't waste your time on this product.

👤I thought the headphones were great when I first bought them. They connected to my phone and worked well, you can hope for headphones under $30. A friend tried to use them with his phone, but they wouldn't connect. I replaced my phone and now they won't connect to that one, I thought it was a one-off. When I turn on the headphones, they say they are connected, but they don't show up on my phone's list of available devices. What a waste of money. If you ever plan on buying a new phone or using more than one device, do not buy these.

👤These headphones are perfect for her. These headphones are perfect for remote learning days. She can use blue tooth or a supplied plug to use them. The headphones have a nice feature under the band that sits on your head. It's made of a very soft feeling silicone and it helps keep the headphones from slipping off your head. The headphones and cords can be stored in a nice carrying case, which you receive with the headphones. The volume is not as loud as I would like. I understand these were made to protect children's ears, but they are just a little soft sounding at the highest setting. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend them to anyone looking for a great headphones at a better price.

👤These are perfect for distance learning to plug into dragon touch tablets. The carry cases are great for backpacks. After 2 hours of constant use, a charge didn't die. It's easy to set up for a battery powered device. Kids prefer the type of headphones that are larger than ear buds.

6. Tyler Portable Stereo TAU101 BL Headphone

Tyler Portable Stereo TAU101 BL Headphone

We offer a 24 months warranty and a 24 hours customer support, because they stand behind the quality of their headphones. If you don't like the performance of their headphones, you can have them repaired or replaced within 24 hours. Purchase your P2 Kids headphones with a risk-free purchase. Their portable CD player with its foldable handle allows you to take it anywhere and play your favorite music. You can imagine your music is in your home, kitchen, gym, yoga class, dance class, or anywhere else. No CD in your favorite station? No problem! Their portable radio has a built-in AM/Fm tuner and long antenna that lets you choose from a wide variety of radio, music progarmming, talk shows, podcasts, news channels, sporting channels while you're on the go! Clear and Crisp Audio. Their stereo speakers were designed to deliver a clear and enjoyable listening experience. Your track's bass and riffs will sound better and clearer if you use them to sing and dance or just lounge to your favorite beats! Longer battery life means you don't need to worry about running low. Their 120V AC and size C batteries Compatibility allow you to use their CD player for longer listening time and less worry about running out of music. You can practice your dance without running out of power. Be in command with their AUX input jack, CD player, Radio, or connect your favorit music source through their mp3 players, ipods, ipads, and headphones. You can play your favorite tracks. Tone-touch function buttons allow you to shuffle, skip and search tracks.

Brand: Tyler

👤Why can't someone make a portable CD player? I wasn't sure if I would give this one 2 or 3 stars because it has better sound quality than the others I have. I couldn't give it that extra star. It skips or hangs up for a second on all CD's, the first thing I noticed. It will hang up for a few seconds if it's playing a good CD while sitting on a table. It's very annoying. It's not the CD's that I tried, they all do the same thing. It will do it in different places if you play the same CD twice. The volume began to vary significantly after I had it for about a month. I'd turn it on and it would be loud, but you could barely hear it. It would get louder if you just left it on. If you touched the volume dial, you would have to wait again. If you smack it, it will act right again. If you're looking for a particular station on the radio, forget it. The numbers are so small on the dial that you can't read them with a magnifying glass, so you're going to have to scroll through until you find it. The main issues are those. There is a switch that turns it off. I always pass up the one I want because they're in an awkward order. I have to stop and look at it again. That's not a big deal. Unless you want gray hairs, I wouldn't recomment this CD player.

👤I have kept the original packing, I read all the reviews before buying this product. I have been using this CD player for over 30 hours and it hasn't been a problem. Should a problem surface, I will keep the reviews in mind.

👤It took 20 minutes for it to be used for the first time. I bought this item for my mother who is blind in one eye and can't read CD books. She was unable to use it immediately after it was delivered because she was in the hospital. Two days ago, it was discovered that the CD player is junk. I have until tomorrow morning to pack it and mail it. Stores are not open on Sunday. The CD player was shipped to another state. What a big deal. The refund date will not be extended by Amazon. I have to pay to have the CD player shipped back. Very disappointed!

👤It's small and portable. It works great for playing my sons' CDs at night. The price exceeds expectations. Radio is not great. I don't get cell service at my house. I'm not complaining. The son broke the antenna and it still works. I can get a little radio even though I'm busy with my two year old. There is a Good buy. The toothbrush is in the picture.

👤It wouldn't turn 9n until I noticed that the plug in the back was poorly fitted, and it wouldn't send power to the unit unless the stars were aligned. It stopped playing after the least amount of noise to the cord. I hope the duct tape will hold the cord in the unit because I think this is a bad purchase. I will never buy anything from this company again, and I would advise others to do the same. Amazon should be reprimanded for selling such junk. They are starting to look like a cheap store. There is a Purchased August. 31st. Hit the trash can. Would not turn on. When it bothered to work, it only worked intermittently. GARBAGE, pute. I would love to give it 5 stars.

7. AGPTEK Portable Children Recorder Expandable

AGPTEK Portable Children Recorder Expandable

Be in command with their AUX input jack, CD player, Radio, or connect your favorit music source through their mp3 players, ipods, ipads, and headphones. You can play your favorite tracks. Tone-touch function buttons allow you to shuffle, skip and search tracks. The player is equipped with a high definition color display, which can be adjusted for vision protection. The max volume limit setting function can protect kids' hearing. Music, video, picture, and puzzle games can be supported. It's great for learning and entertaining. The best gift for kids. It is easy to use with the intuitive button layout. It is easy for kids to hold in hand or carry around in pocket with just 38g in weight. Lossless music and loud speakers support most of the popular audio formats. Kids with a build-in loudspeaker share good music, audio story book and recordings with their parents and friends. There are 8GB Internal Memory and 26H. Playtime has built-in memory stores up to 2000 songs and support a card up to 128 gigabytes. The player can play up to 4,000 songs. After 3 hours full charge, support up to 26 hours of music playtime. The power input is 500mA. Any time, lifelong free firmware update service is provided.

Brand: Agptek

👤It's a small device. It was difficult to find a small mp3 player with built in speaker with simple physical controls that my almost 2 year old could turn on and listen to, given that it only gets 4 starts on that alone. There is a The software is pretty good with lots of options, but the battery life is good, and the price is higher for a better speaker. The sound quality through it is tinny, but it distorts easily, and it's probably a very cheap paper cone type speaker. The firmware is good, but it should have an option to limit the buttons to play/pause. My son can't get out of a mode like "settings" or "games" because it's too easy. It would be great if it was young child mode. There is no battery indicator.

👤I got this for my niece. She loves it! It's easy to use. I like the old school games that are loaded on. It is very light and small so it can fit easily into her hands. We were able to load some songs onto it. She is in heaven and her parents are happy they don't have to listen to the kids music as much.

👤A special needs daughter loves music. We had each of the two generations open the SweetPea children's mp3 players multiple times to re-solder the speaker wires and battery wires because they were dropped often. The interface and speaker of the SweetPea were very good. Unfortunately, they are no longer available, so we wanted to buy another one. There is a When we were looking for a kid's mp3 player with a built-in speaker, we found this A GPTEK K1 portable 8GB Children Music Player. It worked as we expected when we received it. Our daughter was happy despite the speaker's small size and poor sound quality. If there was an intermittent and bad connection to the speaker, the speaker would break up and stop working. When it stopped working, we found a way to get it to work again. It failed in a way that we couldn't get the speaker to work. Our daughter won't keep any headphones on because she doesn't like using headphones to be in her own world. There is a We got a second return after applying for one. The second one didn't work as well as the first one and only lasted a day. The second one is going back for a refund. We wanted it to work. We don't hold out much hope that someone will produce the SweetPea again, but we would really like for that to happen. There is a If you want an mp3 player with a built-in speaker, look for something else.

👤This is a present for my child. It took me a while to figure out how to load music onto this device, but I am not a natural at that kind of thing. I figured it out. The size and sound quality are good. I tried to load the pictures but they were not able to be viewed on the device. My child will mostly like the music aspect of this.

8. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Aresrora Limiting

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Aresrora Limiting

It's compatible with A2DP enabled devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and other devices. The 2020 updated model was designed to be an effective volume limiter to protect their little ones' hearings, durable and comfortable fit for their smaller heads, minimum noise leakage as well as kid-friendly fun in the design. It has built-in volume-limiting circuitry that keeps the sound pressure down to levels recommended as safe for them and always-on sound-control circuit caps peak volume levels at 105 decibels, so there is no risk of it being damaged. The best combination of comfort, build quality and fun is what the headset needs to be. The foldable design is ideal for storing in hand luggage, for compact storage at home, and for chucking in school bags, because they feel light with the squishy and padded ear cups and soft padded earcups that pull down far enough to accommodate toddles and schoolers. The latest technology for cord-free listening and universal compatibility is the Bluetooth V5.0. You can use a 3.5mm interface cable to connect for devices that don't have the equipment. It makes music sing with a lot of bottom end, crisp, silky treble and a decent mid-range thanks to the help of the Bluetooth V5.0. It is simple for kids to use the control buttons, which come with well-thought-out details. There are control buttons on the sides of the cups, which include power on/off, led lights on/off, previous song/volume+ and next song/volume-. There is a card slot that supports more than one way to listen to music. A 3.5mm aux line-in port for connecting to non-Bluetooth devices with a four-foot long cable included. There is 100% satisfaction with the services. It comes with a fancy gift package that is perfect for gifts, including 1 x cat ear headphone/1 xusb line/1 x 3.5mm audio cable/1 x User manual, if you are not happy with any of their products or services, please let them know! They will try to find a solution to your problems.

Brand: Aresrora

👤The sound is too loud for children's ears, which is the most important. I will return it because I don't want it to damage my kid's ear. My 3 year old son is able to increase the volume on his phone, even though he tells me it is too loud. My daughter tells me that it gets too loud. She compares it to her head phone, which reduces the volume automatically if the sound on the alexa is loud, even if it is not connected to the head phone. On the box packaging, there is no mention of the 85db volume control, as it says on the description. If it had a false claim, I would not buy it. Young kids ears are not safe. I think that reviews are necessary for kids and consumer protection. I wouldn't recommend this for young kids. The customer service of the company contacted me after my review. The problem was that they shipped me the wrong headphones, and they offered to ship me the correct ones, and they worked great. It says a lot about this company that they cared about my problem and resolved it. They let me keep the old headphones that are great for adults. The follow up headphones are cute and the kids love them. If you get the correct ones, the new ones will work great for the kids, and they will get 5 out of 5 stars.

👤I ordered the headphones for my 2nd grader to use online. I was pleasantly surprised that it came with an aux cord to connect to the laptop, but more so that it was compatible with the school provided laptop. There is a We had a cheap pair of headphones that were great for connecting to the phone but not great for connecting to the laptop. There is a The microphone is muffled while on the feature. I have not tried the microphone with the aux plugged into the laptop to see if it is better. I will update this post if I do. I was surprised to see that it came with a radio. I didn't read about that feature. There is a The lights are fun. It's perfect for my little girl. If the headset isn't being used, they automatically shut it off. There is a The sound is not bad. It is clear. I can hear the sound of the headset on her ears. It is still a lot more quiet with them on and in use. There is a I have standard size ears/head and the headphones fit me, but I prefer for kids. There is a The aesthetic look with lights, radio and aux option is fun. I was able to figure out the instructions, memory chip feature, and charging port, but haven't tried them yet. Outside of the headset, sound and quiet quality could be better. The microphone works, but it sucks. I haven't tried aux yet, but I'm assuming it's the same since the microphone feature is on the headset and there isn't a microphone on the cord.

9. Usoun Wireless Headphones Foldable Childrens

Usoun Wireless Headphones Foldable Childrens

A cute cat ear with fancy lights is included in the headphones. The 400mAh battery can last 7 hours playing with lights. It's ideal for family and friends to receive a Christmas/Birthday gift. The kids wireless over ear headphones for girls have a cat ear design and are specifically designed for ages 3 and over. Children's day, Christmas day, school opening day,Birthday day, adult women and cat lovers are some of the reasons why children's gift choice is best. WIRELESS & WIRED KIDS. The kids wireless headphones come with a 3.5mm jack audio cable. You can use them as both wired and wireless headphones, even when the power is out. The cable can be used to control various devices. Bluetooth 5.1 and Stereo Sound are available. The cat ear wireless headphones can last up to 10 hours. It's the best tool for online study. They have a high-fidelity sound quality, which is very important for enjoying music, and your or your kids' ears. The built-in microphone in these headphones can be used for video chat, answering the phone, online classes or streaming. The cat ear headphones produce crisp, clear sound and bumping bass which makes them the best headphones for listening to music, audiobooks and multiple learning resources. These headphones are for cats. It's perfect for toddlers, teens, tween, teenagers, young girls, and adult women and could be used for school, online classes or airplane travelling, streaming etc. The kids girls headphones can use a 3.5mm audio jack as wired mode, and can also work with most bluettooth device. It can also listen to the radio.

Brand: Usoun

👤My daughter likes these headphones. It was quick to charge. I looked to see that the warranty had expired. I contacted the company and they sent me a new pair. Definitely a great company. Thank you!

👤My niece loves them and they have been working well. I don't know if they have noise cancelation but when we call out to our niece she can barely hear us and she doesn't like to have the volume up too high.

👤I bought these headphones for my niece, and I can't think of a better gift. She liked the ears. The product is lightweight and has a good sound. It can play music on your phone, TV, or laptop. It reduces outside noise, so your child can have it in crowded places.

👤The sound is really good and they are lightweight. I like the fact that my granddaughter likes to use the radio at night when she can see the light show.

👤The headphones we got are for an upcoming trip. My kids will be the first to fly. We thought that having no cord would be easier on a plane with a 5 year old. My little one loves them and they are great quality.

👤My daughter loves it. Everything works as expected.

👤My daughter loves cats and she likes these headphones because of that. I bought them for her birthday at the beginning of the month and they are malfunctioning. Even though the battery is full, they power off immediately. It was a disappointment. The item is poor quality and buyer beware.

👤Don't buy these phones, they are GARBAGE MATERIAL and don't last, beware stay away!!

👤I bought these for my daughter who loved the cat ear design and was excited that they would light up, but I can switch that off if necessary. When I tried them myself, I was surprised at the sound quality. The range is excellent. The daughter is happy that there is no more cables. It has radio function which is nice to have. The product is good value and quality.

👤The headset is perfect for kids, it works with a phone through the headset. It's perfect for girls but also for women of a certain age. The headset is easy to fit and extends. The sounds are good, I was surprised how noise cancelling it is, I couldn't hear others with these on. Excellent gift.

👤I got my daughter some headphones. She liked the design and the color. Well made and beautiful. The sound is very good. The battery lasts a long time. It's very comfortable and easy to use. It fits my daughter's head perfectly. It's lightweight.

👤We rarely have sound quality that is loud. My little one loves the flashing colors of the headphones, but they won't flash when they are plugged in with the AUX cable, just whilst connected via the Bluetooth protocol. The battery life isn't as good as I was expecting but it's not a dealbreaker as you can use the AUX cable too. I am very happy with the quality of this product. It was worth the money.

10. Contixo Foldable Bluetooth Headphones Microphone

Contixo Foldable Bluetooth Headphones Microphone

Wide Compatibility and Friendly Supporting: The kids headphones can be used with all 3.5mm jack devices, such as iPad, Chromebooks, Tablets, Androids, switch, laptop, PC, etc, and can be wired with a 3. 5mm plug. If you have a question, please contact them. The headset is designed to deliver the perfect personal listening experience with high-output sound, excellent frequency response and wide dynamic range, all while creating an environment that naturally blocks out most ambient noise. A volume limiter is built in. The Kid-Safe headphones have a built-in volume limiter that protects children's hearing by limiting audio volume to 80% of the original maximum volume. The headphones are safe to use for young children. Kids will love a gift on the day.

Brand: Contixo

👤Finally found a pair of radio stations that work. It works great and connects quickly and easily.

👤It doesn't stay connected. I thought I would connect with the cable. That will not get into the port. Don't buy. The other pair broke after a month.

11. AGPTEK Children Bluetooth Recorder Expandable

AGPTEK Children Bluetooth Recorder Expandable

CONEXIONS The output of the Cd player is 2 x 1.5W. There are built-in speakers. If you have a question, please contact them. The buttons on the music player look like mickey mouse heads. The large screen can display pictures and video. It is a lightweight player with a lanyard that is 888-282-0465 to free your kids hands, go anywhere with it and share music or story books with her friends. No longer do you need to use your phone. A cool gift for your kids. There are 10 soothing sounds and hifi sound quality. The player can be used as a baby sleep soother, built in Piano, wind, sound of waves, sound of streams, white noise, to help your kids drift off to sleep, away from noise interference. Most of the popular audio formats are supported with hifi lossless sound quality. The speaker and function are built in. The mp3 player has a built-in speaker, a wired earphone, and a pair of semi-in- ear headphones. You could set a limit on the volume of music your kids listen to. The player uses safe material to make parents happy. The small mp3 player has a powerful function. Your kids can learn language via A-B repeat, view video, picture, ebook, or use the alarm clock function to wake up every morning with wonderful music, Also support FM radio, recordings, and equalizer. A good companion for travel. Customer service and what you get. The kids have an mp3 player, hang rope, wired earphone, and user manual. If you have a problem with the mp3 player within 12 months, please send them a message on your Amazon order to get a customer service that can help.

Brand: Agptek

👤This is an mp3/mp4 player. I got it for my son. It should be loaded with a bunch of songs. It's good, a little tinny when turn too loud, but plenty loud enough for my daughter to listen to in her room. It can sync to wireless headphones. It takes a computer and some time to get the songs uploaded. It was drag and drop for most of the time. I'm not sure how to make a playlists. You need to do it on the computer and then transfer it to the device. Haven't been able to manage that one yet. I haven't tried videos yet, so I'm not sure about that one. There is a It keeps my phone in my hands and my daughter loves it.

👤My granddaughter received it as a Christmas present. She loves it! The most important feature to me was the internal speaker. She doesn't have to wear ear buds. I would recommend it.

👤The product is great, however I had a hard time getting music onto the mp3 and it didn't come with a memory card in it, as the pictures made me believe.

👤Really cute! My daughter likes it. She has a lot of anxiety and it is a nice distraction when she is scared or nervous. She uses it in school and can take it to bed. She's five years old and she's able to work on her own.

👤My 3 year old loves this and is very easy to navigate around.

👤My granddaughters are 6 and 7 years old.

👤The only thing I don't like is the lanyard. It's impossible to attach it. It would've been better if the item was already attached to it.

👤It's great for kids who want to listen to music. The player can't play mp4 videos. At all. Even when they are reduced to SD. Unless you know how to put content on a mobile phone, don't buy it. I had to hunt around to find the right software to transfer audio and images quickly. There is a It's a chinese product and with it being a kids mp3 player at that price, don't expect a lot of support.

👤I bought this for my young 7 year old who loves it and worked out how to use it easily, and he also worked out that you can use it as a speaker so everyone can listen. It was easy to transfer music from a laptop to the player in a nice gift box.

👤I don't wear soft clothes to put on a phone.

👤ma proprio poco funzionale: la porta per il cavo di collegamento per la ricarica. Non so se un problema comune a tutti o se solo il mio. The person is Peccato.

👤Leggero e di plastica resistente. Ai comandi, sia lento a rispondere. Inaccettabile il fatto, il presa per la batteria. Comune molti lettori economici di questa fascia di prezzo.


What is the best product for headphone radio for kids?

Headphone radio for kids products from Inlove. In this article about headphone radio for kids you can see why people choose the product. Vtech and Lauson Woodsound are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone radio for kids.

What are the best brands for headphone radio for kids?

Inlove, Vtech and Lauson Woodsound are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone radio for kids. Find the detail in this article. Powerlocus, Tyler and Agptek are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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