Best Headphone Radios Am/fm Rechargeable

Am/fm 30 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. HYSKORE 1006932 Radio Hearing Protector

HYSKORE 1006932 Radio Hearing Protector

The item package has dimensions of 32.512 L X 23.876 W X 10.16 H. Earmuff is a product type. The package weight is 0.75 pounds. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Hyskore

👤It was bought for a boyfriend. He wanted a radio that was not digital. The controls are easy to use, and it is comfortable to wear, but the volume is not loud. Even at full volume. It can be difficult to dial in.

👤Doesn't cancel the noise from the lawnmower.

👤It doesn't work when you switch from AM to FM, even though it's advertised as a headset. We tried 2 pairs and neither of them switched to the radio. If you want AM radio, it's great, but not what we wanted.

👤The headphones are cheap. I would have paid more for a better quality headphones.

👤I have a small head and they are too heavy and tight on it. It is a shame that I couldn't find a pair of headphones that worked the same as my old ones. They were small and comfortable. You could still hear the outside sounds. There is a You can't hear traffic sounds if you walk with these new ones on. The ear pieces are so tight that your head is sweating. The earpieces are wet when you take them off.

👤I don't think they will work well for hearing protection. I bought them to mow. Even in the house, they are not silenced. I could still hear the television. Disappointed.

👤They were hard to fit and squealed when turned on.

👤The sound is great and the shipping was great.

2. Retekess Portable Earphone Digital Rechargeable

Retekess Portable Earphone Digital Rechargeable

AM radio with best reception, 64/7-108MHz, 520/ 522 1710KHz, and 9/10KHz steps. The small radio is easy to put in your pocket and has preset 58 sounds. Lock key prevent accidental operation when V112 is in your pocket, and a mini digital radio with a large display, which display stations and power. You can listen to radio on the radio when you have a stereo headset. V 112 can work continuously for 10 hours, depending on the volume, and is powered by a 500mAh rechargable battery.

Brand: Retekess

👤The story is that I have a $1,000 phone and can listen to a football game while I clean the house. As long as I have a subscription to listen to a lot of football games, I don't really care. I can't listen to a football game with headphones because my old FM- Walkman has died. There were some options on Amazon. Doesn't anyone know what radio is anymore? Not counting the $100+ Sonys still kicking around, this was the best. It's well designed and built, with easy controls, so you don't need to look through the manual to make the most of them. The reception is good. I live on the wrong side of a hill, just a few miles from the city's main antenna farm. Even if it has to reject a lot of others, the V- 112 locks up on a signal. There is a bit of hiss in the background, but it's fine for what I need. There is a The radio's small size and weight is due to itsusb-rechargable, and that's a big plus. The controls are easy to lock, so you don't have to keep changing stations. It covers both the US and Asian AM/FM bands, as well as the 9 and 10 KHz AM steps. Please don't tell the seller, but this is worth a lot more than it is worth.

👤I don't write reviews. I would like to say that some prior purchaser has said a lot. The radio is great. The radio is not included in the smart phones. I want to listen to my local NPR stations as often as I listen to downloaded podcasts on my smart phone. I had bought a small radio from Sony. It was nearly impossible to listen to a station. I decided to use digital technology. I bought this radio because of that. It's everything I would want. It is small. Changing from on pre-set to another is simple. There is a The tone is clear. I have operated it for a long time on a charge. You can lock the buttons so that they won't be changed when you bounce around in a pocket. There is a This is a good quality micro radio, if you want a simple to use radio.

👤The rechargeable battery was the most common complaint in the last year. It took 4-5 hours to fully charge and run for 14 hours before the last of the 3 bars in the status indicator started to flash. I will update this review if there is a battery problem soon. There is a Solid build, well designed. The device was cheap and the next most common complaint was about the build. I am not sure what other people think of this $20 device, but it is a solid plastic device with buttons that are well made and a snug fit for headphones and charging cable. The small screen has easy to read characters. If I treat this $20 device the same way I treat my expensive phone or ipod, it will be fine. The included earphones were cited in a number of complaints. They are the'solid' style without the rubber tips and a bit large so they will not fit everyone, but they sound as good as most other $10-$15 set of buds. The device was small enough for a shirt pocket and light. There is a A number of customers felt that the device was too complicated or that it did not fully scans the entire range of frequencies, and they were frustrated by setting up the preset channels. The small instruction booklet is not clear and in some cases incorrect, and I have given the seller feedback. Once you get past the dicey instructions, the scanning and storing of preset is very good. When it has filled all of the available memory slots, the scanning will stop and not reach the top of the range. The number of stations you live in will affect how far up the range the scans will go. Poor reception or unwanted content will be stored by the scans. After a few tries and a bit of info found in another review, I settled on an approach that let me store just those stations I want from anywhere. The 29 slots are filled. The'memory' button can be used to go through the stored stations, but the 'del' button can be used to remove stations with poor reception or unwanted content. When a desired station is found, you can use the manual tuning button to step up through the range, and then press the MEMO button to store that station twice. Continue until the end of the slots or the end of the frequencies and you will have a radio that is aware of stations you like. You can use the 'Memory' buttons to get through that. The booklet has information on the different buttons I mentioned. I was very satisfied with the reception on both stations. The reception estimate you can expect is provided by, which takes into account each radio station's transmitter power, antenna height, frequency, and antenna pattern, as well as the geology of the surrounding area. There is a Initially, inside my home. I thought AM was weak as it did not pick up some of my local stations. Outside of my home, it picked up all of those and the reception was a bit clearer. All of the stations that were rated as Strong or Very Strong were picked up by the station, with the exception of 2 more distant ones with a bit of hum.

3. Worktunes Wireless Protection Bluetooth Technology

Worktunes Wireless Protection Bluetooth Technology

Earphone/headphone compatible. Looking for discreet listening? Powerbear radio allows you to listen to all your radio stations with your headphones on. Plug in any headphones with a 3.5 millimeter jack for privacy. The noise reduction rating is 24 decibels. You can stream entertainment from your mobile phone or any other device that has Blue Tone Wireless Technology. INTEGRATED MICROPHONE allows you to make and take phone calls without removing the ear protection. Excellent radio performance with clear sound and bass boost option. Audio assist technology can be used without having to take off the headset. Audio assist technology can be used without having to take off the headset.

Brand: 3m

👤I have owned 3M WorkTunes Wireless Hearing Protector with AM/FM Digital Radio since May 2016 My ear pads lasted a year or so with heavy use. I looked at 3M's site for replacement ear pads, but could not find the part number. I called 3M and was offered replacements for free. I asked for the part number because I would be on my own, but was told by 3M that they do not sell them and will always send replacement ear pads free of charge. It works for me. Get your finger behind the black plastic ring and snap it out of the earpad. The earpad is attached to a ring and snaps on and off. The service from 3M and worktunes is great, but needs some improvement from the way I use them, which is how I use them. I work with a lot of loud tools and equipment, including table saws, chainsaws, and circ saws. My worktunes are always connected to my phone via bluetooth because I listen to podcasts while I work. The hearing protection is excellent and I can listen to whatever I want with my phone and adjust the volume from there on the worktunes so that the earpads are sealed. There is a If you use a mic on your phone, it will make it easier to make and receive phone calls, even if you don't have earbuds. There is no mic on these worktunes. It's a good idea to get a phone call while your work phones are connected to your phone, it's a problem if you try to answer. If you answer the phone and it's not the person you're talking to, then you're ripping, because you have to listen through the worktunes and speak into the phone if the other person can't hear you. My earbuds that have a mic can answer and end a call with the push of a button on them, before the phone number is called out so I can decide whether or not to answer, it's simple and it could be that way for these worktunes if they had a mic. There are too many in the wrong places. Whoever decided to place the power/volume/go back to beginning button on the left side front needs to spend a few days with the people who were designed for it. The name of the product is Worktunes, which means the user will be working with something loud and heavy. Weilding heavy objects leads to sweating and we sometimes have to wipe the sweat from our brow on our shirt sleeve. I accidentally hit that button that sticks out a mile a day and it resets whatever I'm listening to at the beginning of the track. I'm working around that button if I accidentally press it. I rarely hit my head at work but these monsters seem to make your head twice as big, you might even be tempted to fly a helicopter with these on. I reliably get at least a full day of use from my batteries. Things can sometimes get squirrely to connect if the bluetooth fails to connect even after you pair it. It gets frustrating, but the procedure that always works is to turn off the work tunes, turn off your phone, and turn on the worktunes, but you may have to go into the settings on your phone. Learning the quirks of using these has been worth it to me. When it's time to work with loud tools, I reach for them. I like the fact that these 3M worktunes have replaceable batteries, that 3M sends out replacement earpads free of charge, and that I can connect to my phone through the internet. You have the choice of paying or taking it.

4. PROHEAR Protection Headphones Rechargeable Snowblowing

PROHEAR Protection Headphones Rechargeable Snowblowing

Try it now. You can try it or never know how great it is. 60-day no risk money back guarantee and one year warranty are provided by them. They'll be glad to help you if you have any problems. No longer worry about the sudden music dropping-out. You can stream entertainment from your phones, tablets, or other devices with a faster and more stable connection thanks to the upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 technology. You can make calls without removing the earmuff with the buttonintegrated microphone. Hi-fi speakers will give you a great music experience without compromising hearing protection. Listen to radio anywhere. Strong reception and good sound quality are provided by the high reception sensitivity antenna. You can save 10 AM and 10 FM stations as preset for quick access with automatic and manual modes. The display makes it easy to see. It's perfect for people who like to listen to the commentary while watching a football game. The industrial grade noise reduction rating is backed by the American national standards Institute and the European standard. It's perfect for noisy environments. The weight is only 0.82lb. The ear pads are soft and butter-like. The padded headband helps them fit around ears with no pressure. The ear cushions are easy to maintain. You can find the replacement FOAM by searching for "Prahear 2-pair". The built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery that you will never worry about your muffs could "eating battery" and no requirement to buy extra not recycled batteries when its batteries go off is a good thing. 48 hours playtime per charge at wired mode and 40 hours at AM mode. 50-day no risk money back guarantee and one year warranty are provided by ProHEAR. They are here to help if you have any problems.

Brand: Prohear

👤It works well. The adjustments on the earpiece are easy to reach. The instructions are not the best. They don't discuss charging the unit. I can plug it into a slot and it will charge forever, without any hint of when it will be fully charged. I live in the NC foothills and it picks up stations there.

👤There are 10 radio station memory slots. The process of manually adding stations is cumbersome but manageable. You can switch to another stored station by pressing the "M" button. If you want to listen to the station on #3, you have to press the "M" button nine times. There is a You can't just use the preset you want. All 10 must be used. It would be nice to program just those 4 stations if there were only 4 stations that you listen to. It would make cycling much quicker. If you don't program anything on the other 6 preset, you still have to cycle through all of them when changing to another station. The yellow 3M headset we had for several years had a knob that you could turn right or left to go up or down the preset stations. If you want the station on #3, just turn the knob on the 3M and listen to preset number four. It was much easier and faster. There is a During four hours of yardwork, I might change stations 30 or 40 times because I don't like a song or a commercial. I'm afraid I'll wear the "M" button on the ProHear headset in a few weeks.

👤I bought this to wear while mowing. I live a short distance from the radio station. I had to install an antenna for my radio. I wasn't sure if I would like the headphones, but I put them on and received a reception. As soon as I left the shop, I got reception. I can hear the radio as I mow. I can listen to radio and understand what they are saying. There is a These are hot in East Texas, but not so hot after a while.

👤It seems to protect my hearing, as I can listen to the radio or take phone calls. When I take a phone call, I need to turn up the volume so that I can listen to my music again. They are better than the worktunes models that I have used.

👤These were purchased to replace old 3-M hearing protectors. I was hoping for a better experience. They both lack bass response, but they sound similar to one another. Pick something else if you like lots of bass. If you want to listen to talk radio or podcasts, these seem to be a little more forward in the vocal range. The 3-M versions are easier to use. The buttons are black, the headphones are black, and the hieroglyphs on the buttons are black. It is hard to see. The display is hard to see. If you could call it that, there is the instruction manual. It was first translated from Chinese to French, then to German, and finally to Engrish. I've been wearing these for a while. They are not comfortable for me after a few minutes. I feel like I'm in a bad mood. On the plus side, the radio is very sensitive. Let's just say it works for the AM side. If it was louder, it would be better. It's not loud enough for me in a quiet place. It wouldn't work on my lawnmower.

5. Personal Portable VR Robot Rechargeable Earphone

Personal Portable VR Robot Rechargeable Earphone

The high quality radio station has a 64-108MHz radio and a 520/ 522KHz AM. The radio can remember up to 58 stations. Long press "Tuner". It will stop and search effective station. You can enjoy music, talk shows, and sports. The design of the mp3 is for exercise. This portable radio works with any 3.5mm earphone. You have to wear a headset to listen to this pocket radio. It's suitable for jogging, walking and other exercises. The lock screen saves power. The ideal behind this radio is for it to be put in a pocket and have a long working time. The Pact and Lightweight are related. The small radio is small enough to fit in a pocket, handbag or glove compartment. It's great for jogging, walking around neighborhood, taking the dog for walk, or working out at the gym. It is an ideal gift idea for birthdays of elderly or kids, Christmas or just because. You get an AM/FM Radio with 3.5mm earphones, lanyard, and ausb cable, but also a 12 month no-pressure product exchange and money back guarantee. They will always be here to assist you if there is a problem or misunderstanding.

Brand: Vr-robot

👤I have used various Walkman radios for decades on my walks. I decided to try this radio because my favorite Sony Walkman has been discontinued. I was surprised by the performance of this radio. It is the same height and width as a credit card. It's easy to put into a t-shirt pocket. The sound is good. The earbuds that came with the radio have not been used by me. I used my inexpensive Panasonic headphones. I am not rating the earbuds. One of my preset stations is an NPR station that is 30 miles away in another state. The reception is great. Not sure about reception in a rural area. The radio is well made and professional. The instructions are not written in English. However, the instructions are not easy to follow. The radio is a bargain. I have had my radio for two weeks and I am hoping that it will last. I have two of these radios and they are both durable.

👤I chose this product because it has an AM tuner, which is unusual for a consumer like me. Most compact radios and mp3 players don't offer AM. It's a nice radio, with good quality, nice features, and simple design. One can't manually tune in a station in the correct way to receive the desired station because the AM tuner works in such a way. It can't be specifically tuning because it steps in in installments that pass up my local stations. I purchased it because it was impossible to tune in to any local AM stations. I gave the unit to a relative because it was still a nice unit and great value. This is a great radio to listen to if you are buying it. If you're looking for AM, I would suggest you try something else.

👤The good: Inexpensive, decent reception on both AM and FM, and better than expected battery life for a 500 mah internal rechargeable battery. There is a Even without a deep bass boost function, sound quality is acceptable, especially using higher quality earphones or earbuds, and the English-language instruction sheet is not very helpful. Since I'm only using this for two stations, the volume buttons and tuning buttons should be switched. The buttons should be volume and tuning. I suppose I will get used to it. When you switch bands and go back to AM, it doesn't remember your previous tuning. If you last listened to 1490 AM, 92.50 AM, and 104.9 AM on the first, second, and third FM bands, it will go back to an AM band. When you leave the two bands, you won't be able to come back to 92.5 or 104.9, but the beginning of the bands, 64.0 and 87.0 MHz. If you start tuning up or down one step at a time, it will stay on the station you were listening to until you arrive at a new Frequency, and then "re- tune" it. If you want to go up to 107.5, you have to listen to 106.1. You'll start with the up button one at a time, until you get to 107.5. While you're doing that, you'll still be hearing the song from the band until you stop listening. If I were you, I'd imagine that you get to the 107.5 station, at which point it will re tune and then start playing the song from the movie "Crazy, Stupid, Love" at that moment. I think this is a quirkk. I wasn't expecting the price point for signal strength meter or RDS. The function of seek-scan is useless, it stops on too many spurious noise and non-stations.

6. Portable Bluetooth Headphones Rechargeable Transistor

Portable Bluetooth Headphones Rechargeable Transistor

The carry handle needs to be flipped up. Lighted dial for tuning. External antenna jacks. A stereo jack. AUX in the jack. There is a one-year limited parts and labor warranty. There are functions forAM/FM Radio,Bluetooth Speaker,LED Flashlight,USB Play,TF card play, AUX,MP3 player. It is possible to connect as far as 66 feet with the help of the new technology,Bluetooth 5.0. It is compatible with all of the devices that are enabled. You can connect to the iPhone,iPad,Android,ect after complete wireless implementation. The speakers can be connected to the cinema each time they start after the first time they are connected. The maximum volume can be played for about 3-4 hours, normal volume can work for about 6-7 hours, or even 8 hours, the battery capacity is 1000. The wrist band has a key attached which can be placed in a slot at the back of the unit, and it makes a very sturdy stand.

Brand: Ymdjl

👤The price of this portable radio was so low that I didn't expect much. It's a nice radio. The buttons are easy to access and the sound is good. The color is vibrant and slick. It's very easy to pair and the slot works. The wrist strap and small clip that you connect to a slot in the back of the radio stand is included. The included batteries charge very quickly. If you don't need one, I would suggest you buy this radio.

👤This little guy is cute. It works well when riding in a van. I bought this radio because some of the ford vans that I drive don't have radios. The reception in a van is not as good. But okay.

👤This radio can be used when watching tv. Right away, pairs. I like the sound of it being tinny and not bassy. Words become clear and crisp. The battery lasts two days. I listen to news and talk radio while I sleep. It serves my purpose. It's inexpensive. Highly recommended.

👤A more technically competent person would like this product. The product has a lot of nice bells and whistles, but I didn't need them. I wanted a radio that could play AM, FM and weather channels. The instructions for this product were not easy to understand. The product was never going to judge the sound and volume control. It looks like a good value for the money, but I couldn't figure it out. I chose a simpler product with clear instructions.

👤After a month, the radio no longer works properly. I thought the speaker might have stopped working, but it pairs with my phone to play music and it works. If I missed the return date, I would be sending this back. I really bought this to listen to the radio, and now I'm not happy with it. I spent a lot of money on a cheap radio.

👤The radio is good for me and the batteries last a long time if you listen to it for a long time. I'm thinking of buying another one so I can have it in case of bad weather.

👤It doesn't get many radio stations.

👤A very good radio for a good price. This radio is easy to use and carry around.

👤Para mis caminatas, ejercicio, etc.

7. Radio AM FM Headphones Rechargeable

Radio AM FM Headphones Rechargeable

The Earphone is an antenna. The earphone cable should be extended as far as possible when receiving the radio stations. Yonars portable radio has high sensitivity reception. It supports AM/FM 2 band stereo radio. The frequencies are 60-108KHZ for the AM and 9KHZ for the FM. 70 radio stations can be stored. Sport radio has a pedometer. The Pedometer Function on the sports radio can record your steps, stride length, calories burned by exercise, and distance. It is the best partner for sports because it is portable and not heavy. The battery is Rechargeable. The walkman radio has a built-in 400MAH battery that has a long battery life and does not require frequent battery replacement, just use the attachedusb to charge it. The power level is determined by the battery symbol on the screen. The Mini has a multifunctional pocket radio that can be used with a clock and a sleep timer. You can listen to the radio while you sleep. The Personal Mini Radio is light and easy to carry. It's very suitable for sports, travel, walking, and cycling. It is a perfect gift for parents, children, friends. If there is a problem with the product, please contact them.

Brand: Yonars

👤Walkman came a long way and plays good.

👤My senior father-in-law received it. He is happy with the reception. One charge lasts about 5 hours.

👤If you speak Chinese, the English print on the directions might be a little bigger. There is a The signals of the stations are weak.

👤I throw away the manual because it's hard to follow it.

👤The station is changed by the volume control.

👤This is a great radio. It's perfect for bug out bags and radio without cell service.

8. PROTEAR Protection Headphones Electronic Reduction

PROTEAR Protection Headphones Electronic Reduction

Recommended industries include aviation, farming, construction, lumber, steel, transportation, military/law enforcement, manufacturing, sporting, and general contracting. The 25 decibels noise reduction rate is certified by theANSI S3.19. For example, 1). The noise level in the environment is 80dBA. The level of noise entering the ear is equal to 25 decibels. Radio and Preset - Digital AM/FM Radio tuning with easy-to-see & easy-to-use display; great radio reception allows you to seek and Scan stations easily. You can use preset and memory up to 8 AM and 8 FM stations for quick access to your favorite programs. The volume control knob could be changed. You could adjust the volume of the audio device when you connect the earmuff to it. The most comfortable ear cushion has a wide headband with soft padding and a full-size ear cup for block more noise. The earmuffs are lightweight and Convenient. The lightweight, low-profile design and padded headband make your workday more efficient and entertaining. In the workshop, in the yard, or on the job. Not included is the powered by 2 AA batteries. The ear protection safety muffs are great for protecting your hearing in noisy environments and can also be used as working safety ear muffs. The ear protection safety muffs are great for protecting your hearing in noisy environments and can also be used as working safety ear muffs.

Brand: Protear

👤You have no choice but to listen to it on medium volume because it doesn't have a one on it. It's difficult to navigate your stations if you click the wrong button, it will stick on that station and not let you turn to another station, so you have either push the station control button in or out to turn it.

👤It was nice when it worked. After 4 hours of use, stopped working. It was just broken and batteries went dead. No idea why. Didn't drop them. It will not turn on anymore. Very disappointed.

👤I do a lot of work on my tractor. I have ingrained in me the need to wear ear protection. The headphones are nice. I use them to cancel out the outside noise while I listen to my phone or radio. They have good sound quality, but not as good as a Boss Headphone. These run a lot of hours with their small batteries. There was no active noise canceling. The basic head over ears is what it is. It's a tad bit expensive for me. I might try hitting up my local store next time.

👤I have received a product that comes with no documentation at all. I am hesitant to use it. There is no warranty registration form, no corporate address, no US corporate phone number, and no corporate email when you buy a product from the box. The instructions don't agree with the product that was received. The "Volume and channel button" is stated to be used for preset stations. The unit does not have a button for volume and channel. It has a button that doesn't change volume. I am unable to respond to the features listed on the products because I cannot get past the set up phase.

👤I enjoy being able to hear my music on my tractor.

👤A lot of the noises in my home are made up of clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, piano, ukulele and drums. I bought a bass to fit in. I used to leave my home and head to the library to get my work done, but COVID-19 stopped that. The headphones allow complete noice cancellation. I can't tell if the trumpet is being played or if my mower is running, if I ride with my ears open. Highly recommend this product! There is a Design, noise reduction, digital tuning, audio input, and comfort are positives. None so far.

👤I bought these for my husband. He mows the lawn. I like to listen to political talk shows. These headphones are great. His only concern is that they are too tight on his ears. They are great other than that. He said he would buy them again.

👤I bought this in the spring of 2021. Only on the second set of batteries. The screen began to get fainter and stop working a few weeks ago. Radio stations used to be strong and clear, but began to have more interference. The ting is no longer alive. Junk. I wouldn't recommend it.

9. PROHEAR Protection Headphones Rechargeable Snowblowing

PROHEAR Protection Headphones Rechargeable Snowblowing

The micro-usb cable is included. The connection to the phone is smooth, faster and more stable, and it has a wider range, better sound quality and smarter mode, allowing you to enjoy music and answer phone calls easily. Don't worry about losing the connection in your pocket. It has a very high noise reduction level, NRR 25dB, and it also gives you a very smooth music experience and stereo sound quality. It's ideal for protecting your hearing in a noisy environment, and for making your work fun and focused. Easy-to-use controls: With the help of raised part, you will quickly get familiar with control buttons. You can make adjustments without taking off your work gloves. Hearing Protection 037 has more buttons. You can use the earmuffs to adjust the volume, answer or hang up the phone. PROHEAR gives you the best service and protects your hearing. The headband is easy to carry and prevent dust, and it comes with a charging cable, a black leather bag and instructions. PROHEAR gives you the best service and protects your hearing. The headband is easy to carry and prevent dust, and it comes with a charging cable, a black leather bag and instructions.

Brand: Prohear

👤My main hope is that the earmuffs will not be affected by wind noise, as I live in a hot apartment next to a busy street. I needed something to block out the traffic noise but it wasn't affected by a desk fan blowing over me to keep me cool. The mics on this headphones are too close to the surface and I can hear the fan as a wind buffeting sound. The 3M Worktunes is unaffected by wind noise. The NRR rating is better than the Prohear. I can hear a lot of traffic noise with the Prohear. The 3M is not loud. There is a The 3M does not have the sound adjustment buttons that the Prohear does. The Prohear is lighter than 3M due to the lack of sound insulation. The Prohear is not a great deal with the price of 3M coming down. It costs about the same as a 3M Worktunes.

👤I listen to music with an AUX cord connected to my phone and ear muffs while I do lawn care. The AUX cord would always start cutting out after a couple weeks. I wish I would've gotten a headset sooner after years of frustration. There were cords running up my shirt and sound randomly cutting out. I only had these for a month but so far they've been great. The sound quality is good and they do a good job of blocking out the sound of lawnmowers. The battery only lasted for 80% of the job I did the other day. The headband and ear pads are padded. I think they are comfortable for long use. If they ever get chopped up by a mower, I'll buy another pair of these.

👤I have other hearing protection that protects my ears, but this one is a great way to listen to music. There is a I was surprised that it fits my helmet size. I do a lot of woodworking and this is a must for the jointer and the planer. There is a It's bulky but also protects my ears so I don't mind it. Highly recommend this.

👤I usually don't write reviews, but these are pretty awesome. My last set of 3m muffs broke after a few months of use, but I was using them for a few years. I use muffs for 10 hours a day. I always look for better products. These are loud and well made. It's ideal for listening to a show.

👤I work as an aircraft maintainer. These are great defenders of the ear. Good fit with the safety glasses. The fidelity of music on the headphones is negative. The primary reason for using these is not to listen to music, but to deal with it. Good to use the phone. Voice is clear and can carry on a conversation. It's seamless with the help of the Bluetooth connection.

👤It's super comfortable! I replaced an old bt set with these headphones. The battery life is 10 times better, and I would be willing to pay for these. The ear pieces are made of foam. I wear these for 12 hours at a time, and I'm not going to take them off after a long stretch.

10. Walkers Radio Digital Display Black

Walkers Radio Digital Display Black

There are eight preset channels in the built-in Radio with Hearing Protection. A digital display screen with a low battery indicator. The built-in antenna has high reception sensitivity. The headband has a noise reducing rating of 25dB. 2 alkaline "AAA" batteries were included.

Brand: Walker's

👤The unit looked nice after it was received. The disappointment sat in when the batteries were put in. It was easy to set time. If you hit the wrong button, it will reset. Have to change the time several times a day. The station and volume controls are confusing because they are the same button and the volume knob is too sensitive. The volume changed when I raised my arm. I bought a similar unit several years ago and it was great. I suggest buying a different brand if you're going to have to redo the radio every time you move.

👤I bought 2 for myself and one for my friend. The intended use is for the yard work and the gun range. The radio dialled the few local radio stations in crystal clear. I love being able to play music from my phone and I also have an I - Pod. My girl friend has a small head, but they fit perfectly on my head. She says they are very comfortable with her. They seem to be of good quality and held up well during the first lawn mowing. They didn't get a scratch after being knocked off my head. Next stop is the gun range. This should be fun.

👤I bought myself a new set to replace an older one. I ordered another set for my birthday. There is a Excellent volume, reasonable price, well made, and well done. There is a They are tight on the head, but are better if you extend the rods out. States haveAAA batteries. My AA is 2. There is a Also, note: The batteries may have a shorter life with the clock on.

👤I only use these when I mow grass once a week in the summer. They are kept in a dry location. I used them for almost two years and hoped they would last a long time. The screen went out about two weeks ago. I thought the batteries were dead. I dropped the Duracell batteries when I opened the battery compartment door. The system overheated and now the radio and screen don't work at all. The batteries are in good condition. I don't know which to blame, but I think something went wrong with the radio components. I have another set of ear muffs, but with an antenna sticking up, I have to use my phone or mp3 player. I think things aren't built to last anymore.

👤It was comfortable. The controls are easy to use. There is a My radio goes off randomly. I'm not talking about an auto shutting off after being on hours, I'm talking about radio cutting off without explanation. New batteries don't matter. Sometimes it won't do it, sometimes it will turn off 4x in 2 minutes. It's very annoying when trying to work. I wanted to like them but they malfunctioned. 2 stars.

👤The idea is to protect hearing. Walker claims NRR 25, but I already have a NRR 24 and he is poor at lower freqs. They let through a loud noise. The volume control is not low enough. One of the muffs stopped working. Who needs a clock on the side of their head if the controls are silly? It's difficult to turn on/off the muffs while driving. They go back.

11. Digital Portable Earphones Rechargeable Exercise

Digital Portable Earphones Rechargeable Exercise

The AM FM pocket radio is perfect for portable sport, it is only 2 inches long, and it fits into any pocket or handbag. The signal analysis and reception ability of the mini am radio is stronger because of the advanced chip. 29 radio stations can be saved by each band. Here is a lock that you can use to keep your set safe. The portable radio body is covered in special material. Excellent handle and light weight. The battery usage can be shown on the advanced screen. The Earphone is an antenna. The earphone cable should be extended as far as possible when receiving the radio stations.

Brand: Eyestar

👤I use a nice radio at work. I can listen to Am radio for the whole day if I plug in theusb into my computer for a couple of hours. It saves me a battery a week.

👤It works great, very small, and you have to read the instructions carefully. The USA has 10 KHz freq spread. If you read instructions, you can manually load preset.

👤I almost returned this unit because of poor reception. It picked up two stations, one religious and one country. I replaced another set of earbuds because the instructions said that the headphones serve as an antenna. The radio picked up a lot of stations. I tried it with a different pair of headphones and it worked well. The earbuds I got sounded good when used with my laptops. They don't work very well as an antenna, so be prepared to use another pair of earbuds or headphones with this radio. I have been very pleased with this radio and it has added music to my walks.

👤I've purchased three of them. I take long runs and wanted a radio that was light in weight. I don't have a cell phone so this radio is what I need without having to replace batteries. The first two radios failed due to the broken micro-usb connection on the inside of the radio. Plugging in the micro-USB cable will charge the batteries. I still like the radio despite the fact that it failed. I don't have to plug the cable when I'm testing a micro-USB hub that's magnetized.

👤I ordered two small radios and a small item. The box was opened when it arrived. There was clear tape holding the box together after the tape was cut. The radio boxes had been opened. The radios were rattling around in the boxes. The padding was popped. The radios have charged. We will see if there was any wear and tear on the units.

👤Liked it on the surface. I would have paid more if it had an illuminated screen. There is a The earbuds that come with it are usually throwaways. There was no surprise. The 3.5mm Jack has to be pulled out to get the earbuds to work. This is the only manufacturing issue. There is a So far.

👤This was difficult to navigate, but worked well. It was a good value. It was stolen when my window was bashed and my suitcase was stolen.

👤I could not hear any music because of the reception on the station. This is not a good piece of work. Do not order this item. I bought a mini portable radio at Walmart and it works great. Go to Walmart.


What is the best product for headphone radios am/fm rechargeable?

Headphone radios am/fm rechargeable products from Hyskore. In this article about headphone radios am/fm rechargeable you can see why people choose the product. Retekess and 3m are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone radios am/fm rechargeable.

What are the best brands for headphone radios am/fm rechargeable?

Hyskore, Retekess and 3m are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone radios am/fm rechargeable. Find the detail in this article. Prohear, Vr-robot and Ymdjl are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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