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1. JSAUX Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones

JSAUX Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones

Only compatible with newer iPhone models when using a 3.5mm audio jack port is theDIMENSIONS & COMPATIBILITY: Universally compatible with any device or cell phone with a 3.5mm audio jack port. Premium sound experience can be achieved with the Hi-fi Sound Quality: 24k gold-plated connector, pure silver wire core. The stereo aux cable has a pure copper shell. 10000+ lifespan bend and double-braided nylon exterior make audio cables adding to the durability and tangle free. All devices with a 3.5mm aux jack and aux-in port can use the male to male aux cord. You don't need to take off cases during use. The Premium Audio Cable has fast and easy-to-reach Customer Service. Every product it offers is supported by the company.

Brand: Jsaux

👤These were used to replace two red fabric wrapped ear phone cords. They are selling 2 for 3.00 dollar. One died in three months. I made one for 1/3 in junction with 3.5mm. Glad it works. They're a good 4 ft long. There is a These were with a great deal for two. And have an 18 month warranty. Way kool! They are more expensive than those cheap ones. Better jack design. That's where the cheap one went wrong. This will work. I am using on my guitar amplifier. Peavey Rage, Lyon Practice, and even Lyon waste are included in the MG 100HDFX marshal cabnet. To practice with people who don't like music. Have a Sony headphones that were found in the trash. My machine drummer is also using wiyh Clyde. There is a Yamaha DD-20C. These will work well. The last red cheap one with that addition will probably be the last one. The sound is great. Way better than those cheap ones. The tie is a great connection. The loader sounds like it is being sounded by Clyde. All around a great workout.

👤I only pay 6 bucks and 29 cents for these things. There is a listing for a double pack for the same price. I haven't had a problem with them for nearly a year, because the jack is reinforced and they feel sturdy. I will buy this again, in fact!

👤They're great when they work. There is a The first one took about a month before it required me to connect my devices to get it to work. It stopped working completely within a few days. Good thing. The second one was handy for a backup. It's been about a week, and it's working. I don't recommend this product for daily use in a vehicle.

👤I am amazed by my ability to find odd little components on my computer. I had to call places to get a part that I needed to repair something. Having to drive to get it. I can fix everything that fails around my house. No phone book searching, calling several places, then driving to a hole in the wall to get the part. It is delivered to your door step by Amazon.

👤These cables are used for split keyboards and I bought them for that purpose. I wanted a black or red cable as my setup was black and red. There is a The cable is long enough that I can use a cable tie to keep the keyboard in place, or I can use a piece of furniture to keep it in place. I can't complain at all about the 3.5mm plugs being at the right angles at this price point.

👤I will not buy plastic cables again. The braided nylon is worth a few extra dollars. They are made to last so that they won't fall over and expose the wiring. If you have had cheap plastic ones, you know what I'm talking about. Red is a beautiful color. It matches my headphones and mp3 player. The 2-pack will most likely be all that I need. I would buy these again if I ever did. I'm happy with them.

2. VizGiz Replacement Connector Headphone Microphone

VizGiz Replacement Connector Headphone Microphone

Black is the color. The package contains 5PCS. The package includes a 3.5mm headphone repair jack. 3.5mm Stereo 4 Pole Shell is a connection technology. The end of the hole can accept up to a 4mm diameter cord. You can use the Headphone Jack Soldering tool to make your own 3.5mm 4 pole cable. Solid metal construction gold plated contacts. There is a type of soldering. Use for microphone plug. TRRS model hasStereo,4 Pole 3.5mm 1/6 inch male plug.

Brand: Vizgiz

👤There was an accident on theTurtle Beach headset. The 3.5mm 4 pole replacement plugs were purchased. The 5 pieces allow for breakage in the future, which is a good thing. There is a Also, note: It was found that stripping each wire extra long, carefully burning the fine wire ends, and gently scraper the wires to remove debris works well. Each jack is pre-tinned. Attach the wires to the respective points and trim off the solder excess. To insulate and hold, apply finger nail polish to the wires at the connector and inspect for shorts. You can assemble.

👤I use these to plug in all my devices that have been used to eavesdrop. I have a serious situation, but these are very handy to temporarily or intermittently secure my devices from being used to eavesdrop. Those that want to solder and build with them need the caps off. I screwed off the caps and put them back on, as I only use them to plug the microphone sound in/sound out features of a laptop and smart phone. I am going to order more to give to some people. I use electrical tape on the cameras to keep them safe. The same things are done by the same people because they know how easy it is to take over a personal device. I've spoken to many law enforcement and they all agree that I should be doing these measures. Are they decent quality? Yeah, they are. They've been working well. I'm going to buy more for myself and others that are interested.

👤The quality of the material is strong enough for my needs and the nature of the plug is delicate. I only use one to power/recharge a speaker set for my bike helmet and can't review the sound quality. There is a The extra space under the cap allows me to make a knot with the cord under the cap to relieve tension on the contacts. The strain falls on the cap if the cord is pulled.

👤A good quality jack. If you have a good iron and small tip, you can solder such small wires. The strain relief for the wires is missing. The solder joints on the cover prevent a good tug of the cable from ripping it out when you attach it to the end. The headphones are functional again after the purchase.

👤The item has one point solder which makes it useless when wiring a jack. There is no clue as to why these are produced.

👤The screw on the cover is painted brass. It is more durable than expected.

👤I liked the price. I had a hard time soldering wires because of the tiny terminal. It would be easier to solder if the plugs were longer.

👤It is impossible to solder as small as the solder area.

3. Fancasee Replacement 3 5mm Connector Repair

Fancasee Replacement 3 5mm Connector Repair

Approx. The wire diameter is 2.5mm. The replacement 3.5mm male plug is perfect for most speaker, PA horns, CB, amateur radios, and other devices. PIN 1 is red wire and PIN 2 is black wire. You don't have to be a professional to do this. Wrap the bare wire with tapes and connect it to the corresponding wires. There is a bare wire replacement audio cable in the package.

Brand: Fancasee

👤I used this to integrate a head unit into my car. Pioneer uses a 2.5mm jack, so don't use a 3.5mm jack. The microphone on my car plugs directly into the factory Nav unit, so I simply unplugged it and tapped into the two wires. There is a I couldn't find a female plug for that harness plug. I took two wires that fit into the pin holes. This harness waspliced into that. I folded the wires against the plug. I zip-tied the wires to the plug to make sure it wouldn't come loose. It's a far smarter way to do this than using a separate microphone.

👤The Fancasee (2 Pack) Replacement 3.5mm Male Plug to Bare Wire Open End was purchased on Amazon. Wow! Plug and play and great audio are now coming from both radios. A winning combination was set up in less than five minutes.

👤These worked great for wireing a speaker to my icom 7300 and another to my icom 880.

👤I needed these to connect a speaker to a CB radio output jack, and this works perfectly for that application. It seems to be built with enough quality to last a long time.

👤I snapped off the original plug from my computer so I could get the timer. I stripped the leads, quick solder job, shrink wrap and WHAMO after I got this. Back in business.

👤The external speaker was purchased to be used with a laptop. Since I haven't installed them yet, I can't comment on their sound quality.

👤This was bought to connect the projector screen to thetrigger port. It works as expected. The screen goes up or down when my projector is turned on or off.

👤The standard size of the connectors came with tinned wire tips and made it easy for me to get started on my project. The value is great.

4. Outstanding Stereo Connector Solder Headphone

Outstanding Stereo Connector Solder Headphone

A 3.5mm male plug is used. You can use it for cables up to 5mm. It's easy to install. Attach the cable to the hoop, tighten and lock it, and solder it. It's good for making the cable to the required length or replacing the headphone plug. Audio equipment is used in many places. Black is the color. The package contains 5PCS.

Brand: E-outstanding

👤The end broke in the jack.

👤It is easy to solder and strain relief to prevent damage to the wire connection.

👤The boots feel cheap.

5. Fancasee Replacement Connector Headphone Microphone

Fancasee Replacement Connector Headphone Microphone

Without soldering iron, come. A replacement 3.5mm male plug for a broken or worn out audio cable. 3.5mm stereo 4 pole male plug to a bare wire replacement audio cable. PIN 1 - red wire; PIN 2 - white wire; PIN 3 - green wire; and PIN 4 - black wire. PIN 1 - Left channel; PIN 2 - Right channel; PIN 3 - Microphone; PIN 4 - Ground. The CTIA standard is PIN1 - Left channel; PIN2 - Right channel; PIN3 - Ground and PIN4 - Microphone. You don't have to be a professional to do this. Wrap the bare wire with tapes and connect it to the corresponding wires. There is a replacement audio cable in the package.

Brand: Fancasee

👤My daughter broke the plug on my headset. I bought the replacement part since it doesn't need soldering. This is how I fixed it. I am a nurse and not an electronic repair person. It was easy to keep in mind the tiny wires you have to work with. Don't try to fix it if you're under 18 years old. Gather: a lighter, a little water bowl, a wet paper towel, and an electrical tape. Cut. The broken plug should be removed and the wires exposed. On. The white wire is wrapped with red/green skinny wires and should be taken out of your way or cut off. To twist them together, you will need exposed wire in your headphones and a replacement part. To remove color from the wires, open a window, burn the ends of the wires, and expose the copper wires inside. The char should be wiped with a wet paper towel. The same thing should be done on the replacement part. It doesn't come exposed enough in order to twist. Start with the smallest one. You can see the chart from the replacement part and correspond the color to the location. They are not interchangeable so connect correctly. There is a My headphones were red and green. Left copper - ground white mic. Cut a piece of shrink wire larger than 1/2” in order to cover exposed wires later. Leave the wire at the end. Carefully twist the wires. Once secure, slide the shrink wire over the twisted portion and burn it. It will shrink so carefully that it will be hot. I wore gloves. - repeat. Until all 4 are attached. Plug your phone, iPad or game console into your headphones to hear the sound. Good job if it all works. Wrap the wires with electrical tape. It is not pretty but works well. There is a I am very happy with the 10.00 fix to my headphones. I was unable to post the pics here. Good luck!

👤Two years of regular use of the "Recon 50X Over-the-Ear Gaming Headset" resulted in connections going bad, as the audio would drop out and/or become scratchy. The wires were sold as a PITB. We figured out which wire was connected to which wire. Here is a description of which wire to connect to which wire. Plug's "tip"/Pin 1 is used to connect Recon GRN to Plug RED. Plug the "ring 1" and "pin 2" of the audio into the WHT. Plug GRN was wrapped in red/grn insulation. Plug's "sleeve"/Pin 4 is Recon BARE to Plug BLK.

👤The wire colors are not for the modern CITA standard, so I tested them on a breadboard before soldering. The green wire goes to the 3rd ring from the tip, and the black wire goes to the bottom ring. You need to swap mic and ground for CITA compatibility. The colors correspond to what you would expect. solder accordingly if you want to verify which standard your device uses.

👤I didn't understand that the wires to different devices can be different colors. You have to cut open the old plug to map the wire locations. In my case, ground was black, mic was green, right was white, and left was red. Replacement wires and old wires. Hope it helps.

6. Beyerdynamic Headphones Headphone Replacement Earphones

Beyerdynamic Headphones Headphone Replacement Earphones

There is a replacement audio cable in the package. Great Audio supports audio, 3.5mm and 6.5mm pure copper plated plugs. The coiled cable can be stretched up to 3m. The earphone repair cable is compatible with the Beyerdynamic DT 770/ 770Pro/ 980/ 980Pro Earphones. The plugs have a strong elastic force spring cable. The replacement headphone cable is made of high quality core wire and soft material and can efficiently avoid radiation and interference.

Brand: Zerone

👤The strain relief on the original cable is molded.

👤The little end piece that secures it to the headset will rip out if it isn't secured. The cable is so short that it would pull where it came out. Amazon doesn't sell the original cables from Beyerdynamic.

👤The cable I bought to replace the one that came with my DT-770 PROs was not the one I used. The cables are the same color as the original headphones, so there was no problem installing them. The only issue I have with this cable is that it doesn't come with a stress guard to keep it seated inside of the headphones. If you jerry rig the cable by taping it to the plastic frame of your headphones, you'll run the risk of yanking the cable out because the stress is being put on it.

👤The item I received was not as good as the original part. The cord was supposed to be a replacement for the headphones. The replacement is shorter and not as heavy-duty as the original.

👤The beyerdynamic cord is longer. It is not even close. Better to pay more and get the original.

👤It's a little shorter than the stock cable that comes with my headphones, but that works better for my situation. This seems to be made of good cable.

👤Headphone wire is too short. Cut the bad cord to make it fit.

👤It's limited as a lot of us radio pros have these cans.

👤I used this cable to replace the lead on a pair of headphones, just had to solder it to this one, and remove the headphone end from the old lead. The headphones sound good, hope the cable lasts. You can get 3 or 4 of these for the same price as the official one.

👤A bit short and no wire keep for the headphones, but a good value.

👤Absolutely rubbish. There is a Shame on you for selling a fake audio cable.

👤J'ai voulu economiser par rapport. Ce qui dispose pas de la partie moulée. The cable is quasi in use.

👤Effectivement, trs car, il n'y a pas la partie moulée. I suppose de faire un bricolage pour pouvoir l'utiliser.

7. Replacement Connector YOUCHENG Headphones Headset

Replacement Connector YOUCHENG Headphones Headset

3.5mm right angle male plug is perfect for replacing worn out plugs for headphones or making a cable to a desired length. Hifi Audio Stability 24K pure copper gold-plated terminals are resistant to oxidation and durable. The connection is tighter after soldering, the wire will not be pulled out or curled. PIN 1,Tip- Left audio; PIN 2,Ring- Right Audio; PIN 3,Sleeve-Ground. It's used in home, KTV, or other places where audio devices are used.

Brand: Youcheng

👤It's perfect for making headphones for your vr oculus quest because it has 2 ports.

👤The product works but the connections for the wires are so small that it is almost impossible to get to them. It is a good thing that there are two in the package, as I broke the first one trying to bend the connector just get to it. The tabs should be longer.

👤The product was good. The contacts are small and you need to be careful when you solder your connections since you can melt the plastic. The item has a quality look to it and has a firm feel to it.

8. Fancasee Replacement Connector Headphone Earphone

Fancasee Replacement Connector Headphone Earphone

You don't have to be a professional to do this. Attach the cables in the hoops, twist and lock them in place, and solder them. A 3.5mm male plug jack is a perfect replacement for a broken or worn out earphone headset. Refer to the 2nd product image for a diagram of solder wiring. It's suitable for cable up to 5mm. You don't have to be a professional to do this. Attach the cables into the sleeve, solder the bare wire and plug together, and then twist and lock in place. There is a stereo 3 pole male plug in the package.

Brand: Fancasee

👤The wire and the connectors are made of soft metal. Not much wiggle room for thicker wires. I used a lot of shrink tubing to make sure it didn't short out. They will get the job done, but you have to pay for it. I won't use this on expensive electronics because it's not fully shielded from magnetic interference.

👤These work well. There is a I use them for microphone switch plugs and replacement head phone plugs, and they work great. They solder well.

👤These are not sanitary. I don't know what kind of metal they are made of, but they won't stick to them. Nothing helped me when I sanded, ground, etc. I would ask for my money back, but I destroyed them all as I was trying to get the solder to adhere.

👤The items arrived on time and were in good condition, so they will live in my parts stock.

👤This reminds me. I need to buy more. The price is right and the quality is good.

👤It was used to replace a damaged plug. Works like new.

👤If you're careful, they're strong enough to do the job.

👤The product arrived on time.

9. Fancasee Replacement Connector Headphone Earphone

Fancasee Replacement Connector Headphone Earphone

The 4x HTTX 2.5mm Stereo TRRS Male Connector has a 12-month warranty and friendly customer service. The 3.5mm female jack is a perfect replacement for earphone out or broken headphones. The solder wiring diagram has three pins: short silver pin, short copper pin and long silver pin. It's suitable for cable up to 5mm. You don't have to be a professional to do this. Attach the cables into the sleeve, solder the bare wire and plug together, and then twist and lock in place. The package contains a 3.5mm replacement jack and a stereo 3 pole female jack.

Brand: Fancasee

👤The items arrived on time and were in good condition, so they will live in my parts stock.

👤The jack lost it's grip on the plug because of the heat from soldering. I tried to keep the heat low but only got one out of four.

10. Headphone Replacement Repair Stereo 2 Pack

Headphone Replacement Repair Stereo 2 Pack

The package contains replacement audio cable. The color is black and the length is 12inch. 3.5mm male to bare wire audio cable for earphone repair. Attach the bare wires together, wrap them with tapes and seal them. The audio cable is 3.5mm.

Brand: Uotoo

👤I've been doing soldering for a long time. I gave away the items. Attaching larger wires was too difficult because the lead wires are only 32AWG 7 strand wire. These might work for you if you're attaching small wires.

👤There are items described. I love having my music back, but I can't stand trashing/recycling things that need simple repairs. The last one I tried didn't work out. This one is perfect.

👤I had to fix her headphones. I got them all connected and the first time she used them, the wires pulled out of the jack made them broken in a new place.

👤The product works great for what I needed it for.

👤I had to order new head phones and a new plug. The ojd piug is a verse. Having 2 bands.

11. Headphone Connector,3 Replacement Adapter Headset

Headphone Connector%EF%BC%8C3 Replacement Adapter Headset

The package contains a 3.5mm replacement jack and a stereo 3 pole female jack. The 6mm to 3.5mm stereo audio adapter is suitable for 0.2in diameter cable. It can also be used for audio cables and headphones. The old plug of the headset can be replaced with the 3.5mm TRS solder plug. It can be used to make the cable into the required length. Attach the cables to the hoops, twist and lock them in place, and solder. If your cable is too thin, just use a sleeve to hold it in place. The shell is made of zinc alloy and has a longer service life. The plug is not easy to fade or oxidize. To make sure that signal transfer andDurability are ensured. It's used in home, KTV, or other places where audio devices are used. Application to audio equipment, note book, cell phone, car audio, and media player.

Brand: Gelrhonr

👤These plugs are really nice. I've tried a lot of plugs, but all metal is easier to work with. Thank you!

👤It worked well to replace damaged ends.

👤I would not hesitate to buy from this seller again.


What is the best product for headphone replacement cable solder?

Headphone replacement cable solder products from Jsaux. In this article about headphone replacement cable solder you can see why people choose the product. Vizgiz and Fancasee are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone replacement cable solder.

What are the best brands for headphone replacement cable solder?

Jsaux, Vizgiz and Fancasee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone replacement cable solder. Find the detail in this article. E-outstanding, Zerone and Youcheng are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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