Best Headphone Replacement Cable with Mic

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1. LANMU Replacement Skullcandy Headphone Stereo 4 6ft

LANMU Replacement Skullcandy Headphone Stereo 4 6ft

QuietComfort 25 headphones are compatible with the following devices: Premium quality nylon woven material is used in the replacement cable of the LANMU 3.5mm audio replacement cable. Reliable in operation, high purity audio signal with minimum loss. The microphone and design of 3.5mm Male to 3.5mm Male give the cleanest sound experience. Support volume control, skip songs, fast forward fast rewind, pause and so on. Universal Compatibility is for devices with a standard 3.5mm AUX jack. The Stereo AUX cord is compatible with a lot of headphones. Risk-free shopping is ensured by the 180 days super long warranty period and lifetime friendly after-sale service provided by LANMU.

Brand: Lanmu

👤The craftsmanship is not good. I sent it back because the area where the mic is connected was not functioning. I bought a new one after sending it back. The second one lasted about a week. This time it's worse. The microphone came off. I wrap my cables all the time because I am very careful with them. The ends have loom style security and seem to hold up well. The area where the mic is attached is held together by glue. My times broke with no real effort. The package was broken for the first time. I wrapped them up a second time and it fell off. The picture is attached.

👤The first two photos show jacks. There are 4 pins on one side and 3 pins on the other side. The headset device does not have the mic feature. The microphone is inline. I cannot use the mic boom because of the misleading first two photos, but I bought the cable for the headset. I can't return at under $10, but I am sorely disappointed. I will look for another cable.

👤When ordering this product, be careful. I was trying to get a replacement cord. I needed a male to male cord with triple bands on both ends to transmit the signal from my headset's mic to my controller. There are triple bands on both ends of the product. I received a cord that had a triple band on one end and a double band on the other, but my headset mic was useless because it had a triple band on one end and a double band on the other. The picture on the package had double bands on both sides of the cord. Be careful. You might not get what you pay for.

👤I replaced my Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless audio cable with this one. I was a bit worried because I've bought cables that fell apart instantly or had a microphone that didn't work, but this purchase didn't disappoint. The braided cable is strong, and there hasn't been a drop in sound quality since I switched. The microphone works well when I speak to people through it. There is a This is a good replacement audio cable for a microphone.

👤After my old one gave up, I bought a new one. The braided cord under the microphone and remote section came out quickly. It didn't stop the mic from working. There is a The mic/remote worked until the year mark. There is a The entire cable gave up on me about a year and a half in, probably due to wear and tear from me wearing my headphones every day, with the occasional hiccup on a door handle or table edge. To preserve longevity, I fold my cable back in the position it came in, rather than wind it tightly. It came with a strap I can use to secure the cable.

👤The controls work great with my phone. The buttons work great. The center button has many functions. One press: pause music, answer/hang up phone calls, two presses: skip song, and three presses: go back a song. I think holding it for a few seconds turns into siri. The nylon coated cable makes it impossible to hear the thumping noise when it bumps up against something.

2. NewFantasia Compatible Skullcandy Crusher Headphones

NewFantasia Compatible Skullcandy Crusher Headphones

The angle on the 3.5mm audio jack is perfect for heavy duty use. Support the volume up,volume down,play, pause, change the song,answer, and end the call, Microphone. The cable material is OFC wire, the outside cable is tangle-free. This replacement cable is compatible with Skullcandy Hesh, Hesh 2, Hesh 3, Hesh ANC, Hesh Evo, Venue, and other headphones. The microphone is compatible with the PS4 controller, Xbox One controller, and the phone. The replacement cable is not included.

Brand: Newfantasia

👤Works great for the Sony wh-1000xm3 headphones. I had to make the headphones usable for gaming without breaking the bank.

👤It works well. Koss Pro4s headphones have a microphone. The microphone is better than my laptop's mic, as expected for an inline mic. Controls work with my phone, but not my primary use. There is a My only issue was not seen by me. The cable rubs against my shirt and makes a loud noise when it's rubbed against my headphones. Since the coiled cable is a straight one, it always wants to lay against my shirt, even if it rubs, because of the tension. It might be worse in my case since the pro4s are closed back, not sure. It's the same thing. Straight braided cloth cable may rub on a shirt and make a sound.

👤I bought this cable to convert my headphones into a headset. There was a sticker that said "ANDROID" around the cable. That's the mark of a quality product that will knock the socks off of anyone. I buckled my socks and was ready to go to heaven. I was not happy with the quality of the microphone. The quality of the audio was worse. They made my headset sound like earbuds. I'm telling Neumann to slow down. My ears can only take so much.

👤I needed a better microphone for my headphones. The microphone is just as good as any microphone that comes with earbuds or headphones. There is a Quality is not great. It is light with a braided cable. Quality Control is questionable. The first cable that arrived had static noise from the microphone. The 2nd cable works without any issues after I requested a replacement.

👤This is the most "tangle-free" cable I have ever seen. This thing will be untangled in a few seconds. There is a The volume/playback controls only work on an Android device. The buttons only worked on my phone. Did not work with my computer. There is a The con is not really annoying. I needed them for conference calls with my wireless headphones, so they serve their purpose.

👤I used to connect my Sony headphones to my console. It works great but I wish it had a clip.

👤It's a decent product but it's tendency to bunch and loop around itself is the main complaint I have about it. The cable is tied in loops, knots and bundles by the clinging, which increases the chance of the wires being damaged. There is a The audio channels started to fail after 5 months.

👤It was perfect. It works with the operating system. It was the first time I had a compatible cable. The center button was only available on the old mic cable. Good size cable is durable as well. There is a My kids are still killing it.

3. Replacement Earla Tec QuietComfort Headphones

Replacement Earla Tec QuietComfort Headphones

The auxiliary 3.5mm extension audio cable is compatible with the Apple iPhone 6S/6S. The Plus/6/6 Plus/SE/6S, iPod, iPad, Air 2/Pro, and Note 9 are all new. The Bose Quiet Comfort QC 25 QC 35 soundlink soundtrue Headphones are compatible with the replacement audio cable wire. It's compatible with the Apple iPhone 3GS, 4S, 5, 5S, 6 and 6 plus. You can use the microphone and volume control remote buttons to make calls. Two male plugs, one straight and one L shape. Extension cable length is between 3.5mm and 2.5mm Jack. The cable material is soft and durable. All of their customers will be back after their granteed date. They are always willing to listen to your concerns. Please hurry and mail them from Amazon.

Brand: Earla Tec

👤I ordered this to connect my Bose QC35s. 3A. The part works as expected. Don't expect high end quality from this setup or the price of cable. There is a The buttons on the mic piece don't work as expected. The volume up button and center button both prompt me for which assistant I'd like to use, but the volume down button doesn't work as it should. The center button does hang up a call but the top/volume-up button only invokes the Assistant callup when there is activity on the phone. The only way to increase volume is to put the phone on the side of the phone. This item will be returned. Can we even trust positive reviews anymore, as there are a lot of positive reviews on this cable? The same thing happened with the replacement. Maybe this cable isn't compatible with a virtual assistant, like the one you use with Amazon or the one you use with a phone. Vol + calls up a prompt on the screen asking which assistant you'd like to use. The replacement unit's + button is very slow to release and sticky. Going back to get a refund. There is a If you order this one, best of luck! When ordering this unit, you might want to consider how long it took Amazon to return the order after it was received back, so you can add salt to the wound. Just sayin'...

👤I noticed that the thickness of the replacement is too snug and that if it's not placed correctly, I don't get stereo or the mic does not work. I was going to return it, but decided to look at the fitment. I shaved off a small part of the headset's electrical connection. I was able to adjust the connection until I found a place where the mic and speakers were working. I heated the shrink wrap for a perm. It was fitting. The cord should have worked without modifications, that's the reason for my 1 star.

👤I have a wire that connects my Bose 700 to my controller. It works perfectly.

👤This cable is used to connect my Bose headset to my controller. The cable picks up my voice and the audio is good. The volume control feature is not compatible with the controller. You will have to do it manually. If you don't want your entire team to hear your own audio coming through your mic, you have to manually mute it through the Xbox guide menu. The Xbox one controller is not compatible with the mute button on this cable. Don't waste your money on this product, there are better products out there.

👤I am not going to let this go with the cliché that you get what you pay for. I find myself kissing the mic when I talk because it doesn't have the voice. I have to hold it in my mouth. The volume controls don't work well. It only sends sound to the headphones and I don't have the tools to test the quality of the original one. If you want peace of mind with all the functions, you should just pay a little more and get the original.

4. Replacement Microphone Headphones Wireless Executive

Replacement Microphone Headphones Wireless Executive

The warranty is. Lifetime Technical Support is provided for this 3.5mm male to male stereo audio cable. The replacement audio cable is compatible with many headphones. You can use the built-in remote microphone with your phone, iPod, iPad or tablet. Two male plugs, one straight and one L shape. The cable length is between 3.5mm and 1.4m. You can use the in-line microphone control to make calls and play music. All of their customers will be back after their granteed date. They are always willing to listen to your concerns. Please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Earla Tec

👤The cord is nice. It works well for sending sound to headphones. I replaced my Soundcore headphones with this one. The person on the other end of the phone said they couldn't hear me because the microphone was in front of my mouth. The microphone was poor quality and I tried many settings and positions. I thought a replacement for the Beats headphones would suffice. If you are buying this for a microphone, I would look elsewhere.

👤I've been using my earbuds to block out household noise while I work from home but my ears have started to hurt from wearing earbuds for more than 8 hours a day. The cord was broken when my mom gave me her Beats solo. I was hesitant to order a replacement cord since it wasn't a brand I liked. I was unsure if it would work. I tried it out as soon as it was delivered. It works well. It's very secure and no risk of it falling out if you plug it in. Even while I'm moving, the sound quality is great. I don't have a comparison of sound quality with the original cord, but it's just as good as my earbuds if not better. There is no delay when I press the buttons because the sound control and pause/play works. The sound control is high up on the cord so it feels awkward to reach for, but I'm used to my earbuds. If you need a replacement cord, I would highly recommend it.

👤There was an issue with the jack being loose and causing sporadic audio, right out of the box. I decided to compare the 3.5mm plug from an old pair of corded headphones to the 3-pole jack of the new cable. There was a (-) 0.002 on the first pole of the new cord, a (-) 0.001 on the second pole of the new cord, and a (-) 0.003 on the first pole of the new cord. I have had the old pair of headphones for over a decade and they have plenty of use and wear, so it is safe to say someone tried to save that small amount of metal. I would not recommend it.

👤I have used a similar wire for years and it works great. I wanted more of them, but they are no longer available. I got 3 of these and people on the other end of the phone were complaining that I sounded like I was 40 feet away. After messing around and trying all of the 3 that I got, I concluded that the only thing the microphone can hear is when you press the volume buttons. I switched back to my old one after I realized that the wires were garbage. Don't buy these, save yourself the trouble.

👤Here is a real review from The California, just got these in the mail. This. The blue cord was broken. There is only one sound. I fiddled with wires and plugs to make it sound in one ear. I plugged in one of my older cords as a sanity check. The sound quality is better in both ears. Sharing my true experience to the Amazon buyer community was also included. I'm not sure if it's worth the effort to pack this junk back up for return.

5. Original Replacement Headphones Discontinued Manufacturer

Original Replacement Headphones Discontinued Manufacturer

What you get is a 5 ft 3.5mm 4 pole male to male audio cable and best customer service. The audio extension cable is high-quality. The replacement for the remote talk audio cable is for the Beats Studio, Executive, Mixer, and Pro Headphone. The studio 2.0 solo mixr was specially made for it. You can use the built-in remote MIC on your device. Designed to use iPod, iPad, iPhone, 4S, 5, 5S, 6,6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus. A 3.5mm plug, man to man, one straight, one "L" The length of the audio cable cord is over one meter. Only charging, no data transfer, and 1 original charge cable for Beats by Dr Dre and Pill. The package contains a remotetalk cable and a charging cable.

Brand: Mosdoor

👤I love these cords. I keep buying them when one blinks. I'm happy to rate this cord. The sound quality is great. There's a problem with all of them because the cord enters the rubber on the end of the headphones. I fix that with a piece of duck tape. Unless it's an iPad or iPhone, they don't pause. The cost and quality of sound are more important than those small things. If those 2 things are a deal breaker for you, then this is not the one for you. It's great for me. 5 stars for sound quality, value for money and cord length. I knocked off one star until the other two are fixed.

👤I wanted this to work with my first generation Studio Beats but they only worked one day and stopped working. All I heard when I first plugged them in was static. There was nothing on the other end. A wire in the headphones had a lot of static. There is a The skip button did not work with my phone. They worked well when I plugged them into my computer for homework. They didn't work again after I used them. I used it for a few hours and they were fine despite the loud static.

👤I bought this item to fix my broken beats headphones and everything worked as it should. The quality was what I was expecting. I ordered it from this store and it was delivered within two days. LikeDem. It's the same thing. Like them.

👤I got it to plug into my controller and use my beats as a headset. The microphone in the cord can be used to amplify the sound of the headphones themselves. Due to the fact that the microphone is very weak, you have to put it on your lip to get it to pick up audio. You would be set if you were just listening to audio.

👤The sound quality is not great. I tested out this cable and it was a disaster when I played music on it. I bought it for the mic and volume control. Those work well. There is a When purchasing a cable, please keep that in mind.

👤It looks like original. The wired headphones volume control came apart in week one.

👤I had this product for less than a month and then it broke and I lost it.

6. Bose QuietComfort Headphones Samsung Android

Bose QuietComfort Headphones Samsung Android

Track selection and voice applications can be used. Press the button to switch between calls and music. QuietComfort 25 headphones are compatible with the following devices:

Brand: Bose

👤I ordered the qc 25 mic cables because I wanted to use my mic to communicate with my friends and I wanted it to work with the pc. It never worked after receiving it. I will have to buy a new set of headphones for gaming with people because the qc 35 is not compatible with PC at all, and it's a shame that I have to buy a new set. My pc is newer than windows 10 and not old at all, so please keep that in mind. Hope this helps someone who is having the same issue.

👤I bought this cable to use with my controllers, as they need the same cable to work together. I didn't get a sound through the headphones despite checking all settings. I tested this cable with my phone and it worked perfectly, but I think it's an Apple cable that was mis-labeled.

👤Using Bose QuietComfort 35 II and PS4 controller to play Red Dead Redemption 2 and Battlefield 1. Friends say they hear me.

👤I bought this cable to connect my Bose headphones to my controller. It works well. It is loud enough for me to hear small details of the game, without being overwhelmingly loud. If you have a pair of headphones with sound canceling, you can use them together. The microphone is clear and I rarely have trouble using it.

👤I had a bad experience trying to replace my Bose Headphones cable. After a few months, the volume control broke after I bought a generic one for $10 on Amazon. I bought a $30 item. After a few months, I realized I ordered the android version instead of the apple version. I'm not sure how the mix-up happened. It was an honest mistake. Maybe the description was truncated to where I only saw the first few words, or maybe it was so long I just overlooked it. I'm $40 deep into this attempt to replace the cable and still have not accomplished my goal. I paid $129 for the entire set of headphones, so it looks like I'll have to pay another $30 to replace just a cord.

👤I was disappointed when I learned that my Bose headphones couldn't be used as a proper gaming headset. I bought this product after considering my suggestion. It came with some issues. It does work. For the first time in my life, I can actually speak to my friends and listen to them. I don't know if it's Microsoft's lack of innovation in adjusting microphones in terms of output volume or such, but there have been some complaints where my voice came off as quiet. Next thing I know, this headset adapter doesn't come with a mute switch, leaving me either to remain silent or unplugged. The execution is left to be desired. There is a It is alright for its price. It is better to spend a few more dollars or find another product that can give you the same type of design.

7. JSAUX Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones

JSAUX Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones

Only compatible with newer iPhone models when using a 3.5mm audio jack port is theDIMENSIONS & COMPATIBILITY: Universally compatible with any device or cell phone with a 3.5mm audio jack port. Premium sound experience can be achieved with the Hi-fi Sound Quality: 24k gold-plated connector, pure silver wire core. The stereo aux cable has a pure copper shell. 10000+ lifespan bend and double-braided nylon exterior make audio cables adding to the durability and tangle free. All devices with a 3.5mm aux jack and aux-in port can use the male to male aux cord. You don't need to take off cases during use. The Premium Audio Cable has fast and easy-to-reach Customer Service. Every product it offers is supported by the company.

Brand: Jsaux

👤These were used to replace two red fabric wrapped ear phone cords. They are selling 2 for 3.00 dollar. One died in three months. I made one for 1/3 in junction with 3.5mm. Glad it works. They're a good 4 ft long. There is a These were with a great deal for two. And have an 18 month warranty. Way kool! They are more expensive than those cheap ones. Better jack design. That's where the cheap one went wrong. This will work. I am using on my guitar amplifier. Peavey Rage, Lyon Practice, and even Lyon waste are included in the MG 100HDFX marshal cabnet. To practice with people who don't like music. Have a Sony headphones that were found in the trash. My machine drummer is also using wiyh Clyde. There is a Yamaha DD-20C. These will work well. The last red cheap one with that addition will probably be the last one. The sound is great. Way better than those cheap ones. The tie is a great connection. The loader sounds like it is being sounded by Clyde. All around a great workout.

👤I only pay 6 bucks and 29 cents for these things. There is a listing for a double pack for the same price. I haven't had a problem with them for nearly a year, because the jack is reinforced and they feel sturdy. I will buy this again, in fact!

👤They're great when they work. There is a The first one took about a month before it required me to connect my devices to get it to work. It stopped working completely within a few days. Good thing. The second one was handy for a backup. It's been about a week, and it's working. I don't recommend this product for daily use in a vehicle.

👤I am amazed by my ability to find odd little components on my computer. I had to call places to get a part that I needed to repair something. Having to drive to get it. I can fix everything that fails around my house. No phone book searching, calling several places, then driving to a hole in the wall to get the part. It is delivered to your door step by Amazon.

👤These cables are used for split keyboards and I bought them for that purpose. I wanted a black or red cable as my setup was black and red. There is a The cable is long enough that I can use a cable tie to keep the keyboard in place, or I can use a piece of furniture to keep it in place. I can't complain at all about the 3.5mm plugs being at the right angles at this price point.

👤I will not buy plastic cables again. The braided nylon is worth a few extra dollars. They are made to last so that they won't fall over and expose the wiring. If you have had cheap plastic ones, you know what I'm talking about. Red is a beautiful color. It matches my headphones and mp3 player. The 2-pack will most likely be all that I need. I would buy these again if I ever did. I'm happy with them.

8. Tsumbay Microphone Headphone Auxiliary Headphones

Tsumbay Microphone Headphone Auxiliary Headphones

Universal Compatibility: iPod, iPad, Kindle Fire tablets, Microsoft Surface tablets, and the like. The Tsumbay 3.5mm Replacement Audio Cable is compatible with all audio-playing devices. In-line phone and remote. You can turn the headphones into the one you want to use, so you don't have to take out your phone. This design makes the cable easy to store and prevents tangling. You don't have to worry about knots or kinks. The gold-PLATED CONNECTORS are built with high-quality polished metal and gold-plated 3.5mm connections. The plugs are strong. The gold- plated 3.5mm is used to transmit stereo audio for high quality sound. The audio cable has a microphone. The 40 daysRefund is hassle-free with good customer service. You can look forward to many years of great sound.

Brand: Tsumbay

👤I'm going to try again. There is a The braided nylon to provide flex while protecting the wire core is a clever add for the same reason. The length is perfect for a headset. Quality material and design. I use this to replace the cable for my headsets because they seem to be a far superior product in design detail and features than the original cable, which was horrible, and at such a price point! The disappointing: The voice function dropped completely during critical client meetings when my first cord lasted less than 3 months. The cord began to cause iTunes to launch on it's own while I was using my computer. Since I don't use this cable for client calls on my iPad or iPhone, I can't say if it causes issues on those. This was a strange feature. The issues were resolved after I received my 2nd cable. For about a week or two. The second cable is causing the same problems as the first one. If I wasn't so crazy about the design, I wouldn't be giving it a third try, but I am. There is a 3 strikes and I will be left without a functioning cable for my Beats or my primary means of connecting them to my laptop for work. I'm hoping that the ones that others have said will stand the test of time will be the ones I receive this time. I will force clients to listen to the opening bars of "Fanfare for the Common Man" whenever this cable causes iTunes to randomly launch. Given the circumstances, it might be appropriate.

👤It works with my PS4 Pro. The beats cable refused to work even with all the methods that were claimed to make it work. The cable worked instantly, without any frills. My PS4 Slim worked with my Beats headphones a year ago. The plastic part on the jack is large, but I'm thankful it works.

👤I bought this cable to use with my headphones to play PS4 with voice chat. The mic on this cable cannot pick up sound unless it is facing in the right direction. If you don't speak directly into the mic, or yell, then the mic levels are too low for people to hear you on voice chat. Unless you can perfectly position the mic under your mouth without holding it in place, it's not very useful as a mic for anything other than gaming.

👤I replaced cable on a few sets of headphones. My kids haven't broken either of the cables yet, they've been running them for 3 months and they're braided and durable. I use the microphones on my phone, ps4 and xbox one, they work well for phone calls and online gaming, I haven't had any problems with them.

👤Not the worst. It can cause noise when it is struck against clothing and objects. Call clarity is fine. The device-side plug won't fit into some phone cases, and the ends are plastic with a thin metal wrapped around them. I had to cut and file it because the end of my device-side plug got caught on something. It's solid, though. It's gotten caught on a lot of surfaces and has been pulled out of my phone and headphones.

9. Replacement Compatible Headphones Wireless Executive

Replacement Compatible Headphones Wireless Executive

The package contains a remotetalk cable and a charging cable. Replacement Audio Cable Cord Wire is used for beats Studio,Solo,Executive, Mixr,HD,Wireless, and Pro On-ear headphones by Dr. Dre. It's compatible with the Apple iPhone 3GS, 4S, 5S, 6 plus, and some other devices. It is possible to provide a perfect sound performance, work perfectly and durable. The replacement cord has a 3.5mm plug and is easy to operate.

Brand: Cipher

👤The audio is really bad, this cable did not work. The tip for the item I got is different from the one pictured on the listing which is the correct one for the original cable. Two contacts are missing. That is not professional.

👤This product is a replacement for a set of headphones. The cable has helped my kids talk and play together.

👤The product came quickly and felt good. A replacement for beats headphones.

👤The headphones were purchased to use. The cord is fine. The design feels like the old cord. The "pause" button doesn't have any volume adjustment or forward/backward options. I guess you get what you pay for. If you are looking to purchase, go with a different one.

👤I changed it to: The seller was very responsive when I contacted them. That's a big plus. They are sending a new one. We'll see how it goes. I raised the rating because of their helpfulness and responsiveness. I'm using this with a MacBook Pro, not a phone. Maybe that makes a difference? -- The original review was original. I have no problems with my headphones. The built in mic is useless. Audio is very low and muffled when using the mic. I replaced the first one I received thinking it was a bad unit, but the replacement did the same thing. I reached out to the seller to see if there was a way to get the mic to work. If I get it resolved, I will update.

👤The first order had to be replaced because the cord did not work. I only use the replacement cord as an aux cord in my car, so there was no stress on the cord that would cause it to degrade quickly. You can save money by buying a different cord. The quality of the original cord will not be the same as the replacement cord.

👤If you are using this cable for the mic, buyer beware. The mic quality is night and day compared to an Actual Beats cable. The cable mic causes muffled audio.

👤It works exactly as it should when plugged up, and it is an exact replacement of what I broke months ago. I don't need to charge my headphones unless I'm talking on the phone. If I break them again. Will order again.

10. Replacement Control Compatible QuietComfort Headphones

Replacement Control Compatible QuietComfort Headphones

The replacement cord has a 3.5mm plug and is easy to operate. Volume control, skip tracks and answer call are supported by the remote control. You can free your hands anywhere. Only works with the phone. The audio quality for online chat and phone calls is great. Jack is 3.5mm to 2.5mm. The length is 4ft / 1.2m and works perfectly with the PS4 controller and the Xbox One controller. The outer layer of their cords is tangle-free. It's super durable. It is made of OFC wire and it guarantees audio quality. 3.5mm Jack only works with the S10 S9 S8 S8plus S7 S6 S5 S4 S3 Note 8 Note 6 Note 5 Note 4 Note 3 Sony and other phones. Only Bose's Bose QC25, Bose QC35, Bose QuietComfort 25 and Bose QuietComfort 45 are compatible with the 2.5mm Jack.

Brand: Ablet

👤I'm not happy at Amazon right now and I'm going to return everything I've bought, including this mic cord. I can't because this cable is really nice. The Bose replacement cable doesn't offer inline mic and or controls, so I don't fight it to stay untangled, even though it's the size of my pic. Everyone with Bose headphones that use this type of cable should get a couple because they are not easy to find, even though it is nice.

👤I ordered this cable to make it easier to control the volume on my phone while I work out. I couldn't tell from the picture that it had different connections, and I didn't read the description completely, which is my mistake. It says 3.5mm and 2.5mm. It's Sighhh... I can't rate this item because I can't test its performance. I don't have anything with a 2.5mm connection. There is a Shipping is what I can speak to. Excellent. Things have been delivered late and at varying times, so prime has not been relevant lately. The product came as promised. 1 day. There is a Excellent packaging. The cable was inside the plastic. It had a plastic protection on both ends. There is a The quality: No tangle cord looks good. Plastic buttons for volume. The male and female attachment are secure. There is a I can't speak to function, so my opinion is based on the look of the item. There is a Performance It's not known how to rate a 5 star review. Why? If the error was on me, I won't rate the product or the overall rating, I'll just take responsibility for the negative experience. My error made it difficult for me to benefit from the item. I give the most positive rating that I can and lean to the conservative in my ratings. My expectation was met and I got 5 stars. I'll eat the cost, not send it back.

👤This is the cheapest piece of junk I have ever bought on here, and I bought it so I could use my QC 35 II's with my Xbox controller. Do not use it. I give it a 2/10. I didn't want it to mess my headphones. Sometimes it would skip when playing games.

👤It works great for my Bose headphones.

👤I got these for free when I bought some Bose SoundTrue AE2's that had broken cable. I have had them for a few years and they have deteriorated. I replaced it for $30. The wire broke. I didn't know these were SoundTrue's until I found the tiny print inside the ear piece. This wire did not fit. I didn't feel like sending it back because I could buy new headphones for less than the cost of fixing it. There is a I didn't give up. I drilled out the port to make sure the cables fit. The sound works, the mic works, and the volume works, even though the lead that goes into the headphones isn't the same as the original. It works the same on my computer. I'm happy. There is a If you don't mind messing with the sound, a little bit of drilling can make it work. It wasn't obvious that this wasn't for my Bose headphones when I searched for a Bose replacement cable, but I'm docking a star because this is what showed up. Bose should be blamed for making things too complicated.

11. Replacement Compatible Headphones Wireless Executive

Replacement Compatible Headphones Wireless Executive

The package contains original remotetalk cable and original Charger cable. Replacement Audio Cable Cord Wire is used for beats Studio,Solo,Executive,Mixr,HD,Wireless, and Pro On-ear headphones by Dr. Dre. It's compatible with the Apple iPhone 3GS, 4S, 5S, 6S, and 6 plus, as well as the other devices. The microphone and control are made of soft wire and have a perfect sound performance. A perfect replacement cord with a 3.5mm plug. There are two male plugs, one straight and one Leasy. If you are not satisfied, you can ask for a refund. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Cipher

👤It was a perfect fit. The red cord makes finding it easy.

👤The sound quality on the wires is very good. There is a The connection to the headphones has begun to fall apart. We have been able to prolong the life of them by using electrical tape, but we wish it had lasted a little longer. The price is not bad.

👤I needed a cable with an in-line mic to chat with my brother while we play. I used it with my computer and my phone to watch videos, but when I tried to use it to talk to people, it only worked when I held the cable close to my mouth, and it was inconsistent at that. I don't think it was worth the purchase because it isn't viable while we're playing.

👤If you don't plan on using this cord for calls, the audio quality is good, but the mic is terrible. It's not an equal replacement for the original cord.

👤If I reverse it and put the controls in the audio device and the other tip in my headphones, the cable will work. The volume control doesn't work when I do that. I will return it.

👤The audio cable works as expected, but the mic is not. It doesn't take up anything. It would barely pick it up if you yelled. I worried if I touched it the wrong way it would break.

👤After only 2 weeks of having this audio, one of the phones on the beats studio 3 failed to play it. I only used the aux cord ford for 18 hours. The studio 3's came with a cord that could last years. Don't buy.

👤The product is well made.


What is the best product for headphone replacement cable with mic?

Headphone replacement cable with mic products from Lanmu. In this article about headphone replacement cable with mic you can see why people choose the product. Newfantasia and Earla Tec are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone replacement cable with mic.

What are the best brands for headphone replacement cable with mic?

Lanmu, Newfantasia and Earla Tec are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone replacement cable with mic. Find the detail in this article. Earla Tec, Mosdoor and Bose are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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