Best Headphone Replacement Pads 60mm

Pads 26 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. BENGOO G9000 Controller Cancelling Headphones

BENGOO G9000 Controller Cancelling Headphones

1 x Mossa 4 pole auxiliary audio enhancer cable. All of their products have a 12-month warranty. Feel free to contact their customer services if you have a problem. Multi-Platform compatibleSupport PS4 and other platforms. You need an extra Microsoft accessory when connecting with an old version of the controller. The speaker unit's sensitivity is enhanced by the acoustic positioning precision and the clear sound operating strong brass, splendid ambient noise isolation and high precision 40mm magnetic neodymium driver. It's perfect for games like Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, and World of Warcraft Legion. The noise isolating microphone can transmit high quality communication with its premium noise-concellng feature, can pick up sounds with great sensitivity and remove the noise, which enables you clearly deliver or receive messages while you are in a game. It's convenient to adjust the angle of the microphone. The great humanized design can reduce hearing and heat sweat. The leather material is skin friendly. Glaring lights illuminate the earcups to highlight the atmosphere. The anti-winding braided cable with the microphone and the volume controller makes it easy to control the volume and make the mic sound louder.

Brand: Bengoo

👤I needed a new headset and got this in a hurry. I would have gotten something else if I'd done more research. I think it's worth mentioning that I am very rough on audio peripherals. I don't know why, but they last me for about 6 months regardless of the quality or price. I choose to buy at a cheaper price point more frequently because of this. There is a The speaker/mic sound is good, the cable is good, and the stereo/mic to separate is included. In-line mic switch and audio volume adjustment. There are pros and cons. The blue lights on the headset are powered by theusb, but it is a bit misleading in its uses, and I would have found this out before purchase. The mic gain knob would be better than the in-line mute and volume knob. I have long hair and live in Texas. It's hard to find headsets that don't do that, but still something to keep in mind. The headset only goes on one way, the traditional right and left side are enforced by the mic. I like that the mic is on the right side of my head. If you are looking for a high-end headset, this is not it. I don't want anyone to think that I regret buying this item because my cons were not very picky. I knew I was getting a quick solution to my headset problem, and I got more than I was looking for. The addition of theusb lighting is cool. Unless you want to look cool on stream, it's not worth the resources. There is a Yes, so. If you want a good quality headset for a good price, this is the one for you.

👤I bought this for my teenage son so that he wouldn't borrow his sister's headphones for gaming. I was surprised by the pricing and reviews for these, but I was expecting to pay $100. I just tested them and they don't seem bad to me. The audio quality is not as good as he was using, but that's ok. They are not as comfortable as the Beats, but they are still fine for wearing for hours. There is a My teenage son was not a fan of them. This was one of many gifts for his birthday. We go too far before Christmas. He used them immediately despite not being overly thrilled. He yelled "Thanks for the $10 headset Dad!" after he got angry over his other gifts. There is a I think these are a good fit for a middle aged person. If you're a spoiled brat teenage boy who wants to hear what others will do to his mom in the best sound quality and comfortability, these may not be the best purchase.

👤The headset is light and has a good sound for the price. The microphone works well as well. There are lights on the sides of the headset. The headset is meant for PC users, but the microphone plug in is connected very close to the cable, which is a complaint. You can't plug the microphone cable into the controller but you can't plug the system's lights into it. I bought a 3 foot extension cable to be able to use the lights. If you want the lights on the headset while you play, then you need an extension cable. There is a The product is very good. Very happy with the purchase.

2. AKG Pro Audio K72 CLOSED BACK


Balanced response provides accurate reference-monitor accuracy. 40mm drivers are used for extended 16Hz - 20kHz frequencies. The over- ear design and lightweight construction give you exceptional comfort. The closed-back design maximizes isolation. The headband is self-adjusting. 3 is the length of the cable.

Brand: Akg Pro Audio

👤The sound is beautiful and clear. I'm listening to some acoustic Latin music. Guitars, percussion, and bass have clean and crisp vocals. These are great for me. I've never used studio headphones that were as good as the ones I've had, but I can hear the difference between the two. Is it comfortable? Yes. Wellmade? Yes. There are no snobby, quasi-technical complaints here. I got these at an open box discount. To get my spirits up and to look forward to a great day, I listen first thing in the morning. How about that?

👤I listen to old AKG 601's every day at home, and I like them because they're comfortable and neutral-sounding, and I can wear them happily for a long time. They sound similar to the 701. The headband design of the AKG works better for me because I have a big head. I've gotten used to AKG'solite bass response, but I've never really liked it. I wanted a headband that was comfortable and had good sound quality, but at a lower price point, so the K92 fit the bill. There is a The main surprises with these phones. The cups are a little smaller, the pads are a little thinner, and the headband is a little springier than the 601 design, so it's not quite as comfortable as it could be. It's still comfortable and I love it. 2. I consider the sound to be more realistic. The sound is not analytical. The mid/high vocal range of my 601's are quite harsh compared to the mid/high vocal range of Norah Jones. 3. I had hoped for more isolation. I think it's a trade-off. These are better than open headphones, but not a complete solution. High frequencies are blocked, but lower frequencies are not.

👤I have a lot of headphones from cheap to expensive, but these might be the best value I have seen. For a set of $50 cans, build quality is excellent. I don't think the ear pads are upgradable, and I haven't tried to peal them off. They are listed as closed back and over ear. Some of the more expensive headphones are barely large enough to fit over the ears. The closed back and seal of the AKGs keep out outside noise and keep your music to yourself. You can use the cable in your console or amplifier with a screw in plug. There is a The sound is pleasant. Bass heads won't like them, but that's what Beats are for. It's easy to listen for many hours. They are more suited for listening at home or on long flights because they don't collapse for travel.

👤The right side of the headphones stopped working after 3 months of moderate use. These headphones are some of the most comfiest I have ever had. I don't think you should use it if you didn't have any issues with them until one day they stopped working on one side.

👤I have K712 Pro and K240 from AKG. I was looking for a cheap pair of headphones. The sound of the K 92 is acceptable. I think they sound small. They are almost like holding cheap speakers. The headphones would be the worst part. They sound unbalanced at times. I don't know if I got a good pair. I was asking myself if AKG sounds bad. The sound of the two channels is not very clear. Sometimes it feels like there are two separate channels. It is also comfortable. My head size is larger than normal. The earcups don't fit around my ears well. I had to bend my headband. The earcups do not pivot as well as some of the higher AKG models, so they are not going to offer a good seal. There is a Since most of the music I listen to is classical, jazz, and some rock, I really cannot recommend this headphones. I listen to music because of it's importance. If you listen to the same music as me, I would suggest saving more money and looking for higher models or other brands.

3. WC Skullcandy Headphones Durability Thickness

WC Skullcandy Headphones Durability Thickness

If you want to keep your headphones on, Speak-to-chat will let you use ambient sound so you can conduct a conversation. This smart feature uses a mic built into your headphones and advanced audio signal processing to recognize and respond to your voice. Your music starts playing again after your chat is over. The entire process of removing your old ear pads and installing your brand new Skullcandy Hesh 3 ear pads can be done in a few minutes with their detailed, step-by-step video. The professional-grade PU leather is designed for long-term, crack-free durability. Skullcandy's replacement pads are made for long-term comfort so you can enjoy long gaming sessions with your headphones. The sound performance of your headphones is negatively affected by your old, beat up Hesh 3 or Crusher ear cushions. The replacement ear pads for Skullcandy Hesh 3 and the other headphones have a thicker memory foam. The Hesh ear cushions have an extra thick design and are completely surround your ear, blocking out noise and dialing in the sound. They added reinforced stitching and upgraded the PU leather to improve the longevity of your Skullcandy Hesh Evo, Hesh 3, or Crusher headphones. The quality of the materials used in the ear pads of Skullcandy Hesh and Wicked Cushions is of paramount importance, as they help you enjoy your headphones for as long as possible. The ear pads are made to fit the Skullcandy Hesh 3 and the other headphones. You can upgrade your ear cushions for Skullcandy Hesh 3 Over-Ear Headphones. Skullcandy headphones, over- ear. Skullcandy Hesh ANC Wireless Headphones are one of the many ANC Wireless Over-Ear Headphones.

Brand: Wc

👤These are easy to install. I have a skull candy anc. Yes, they fit. They are slightly smaller than they were. This may not work for you if you have big ears. There is a The comfort level is not as good as the original. Let me explain. There is a The cloth inside doesn't have the rigidity of the leather outside, but it's just like the original. This will fall with time. It took me a little while to get my ears used to the headset. Will this improve with time, just out of the package? This was not nice. It's great as far as sound goes. They say this is thick padding. It is the same hight as the other pads. Is this bad? There is a They don't have the pads in stock at skull candy. There is a If you buy skull candy, you have to spend $10 for each ear pad. I hope this helps someone.

👤People said it was hard to put them on. Once they're on they won't be popping out, that's a good thing, because the technique is tight. There is a They cancel out outside noise when I put them on. I think they are better than the original. Very comfortable. Sometimes I forget to have them on, but I wear them for 6-7 hours at a time. There is a They bring the bass back. The bass was not being played because of too much sound leaking out and my old pads were falling apart. The new pads sound louder since sound isn't leaking out of them. I will be buying more once these ones fall apart. Hopefully not soon.

👤I have high end headphones that come with replacement ear cups for less than the cost of memory foam. There isn't many options for quality when it comes to these, so I think they could be made better for cheaper. Take what you can get with these headphones. It's easy to install.

👤Excellent replacements. It took me 15 minutes to install them on my headphones. I would buy them again.

👤Replacement pads are perfect. Installation fit like the originals. It was difficult to insert the bead around the headphones but persistence made the task easier.

👤The ear pads for the headphones fell apart. The headphones get a lot of use. I was skeptical but they are great. My husband put them in about two minutes. He used a toothpick instead of a tool. They are comfortable. I like them more than the original ones. Great purchase. They are holding up well.

👤The old one failed in the same area and I was worried about tearing the thin rubber. There is a I thought the instructions weren't clear, but it went together easily. I can't tell which set I replaced. It looks exactly the same.

👤These work as advertised. The fit and feel are very good.

👤They are great as a replacement, but not as advertised. There is a The originals are thinner. The internal material is thinner if you hold them up to the light. I was hoping for a slightly thicker ear cushion for extra comfort and a slight increase in the pressure on the ears from the band, but definitely not. I can't see much difference between the two. There is a They are good but I wouldn't go for the improved quality. There is a I would say it was a good replacement and slightly lower quality, but only a small margin.

4. Replacement MDR G45LP MDR G55LP MDR G410LP MDR G101LP

Replacement MDR G45LP MDR G55LP MDR G410LP MDR G101LP

It's very easy to put on. It's compatible with Sony G94NC, Sony NC6,B&O Betop and AKG-K403. The package includes 10 pairs. Earpud. High elasticity, durable, light-weight, soft and comfortable. It's good for Headphones' diameter.

Brand: Blacell

👤They fit the H600 headset but are half the thickness of the originals. I was able to stretch two earpads over each earpiece and give them an overall thickness similar to the original earpads. There is a I give them 3 stars because they fit the earpiece and double up have the same thickness and comfort as the originals. There is a The original package and replacement package arrived with only 5 pairs instead of the advertised 10 pairs, so I am giving them just 1 star. I will not ask for a second replacement but I will suggest that Amazon pull the product until the vendor packages the correct amount or changes their ad.

👤I use the H340 headset daily for work and purchased these for it. The ear pads that were received were larger than the original pads that were installed on the headset, which was about 55mm. The ear pads seem to be more comfortable than the shredded ones I had. I still think these ear pads are a good deal, even if I end up buying more ear pads for an H340, I may try to find some closer to the original 50mm size.

👤I noticed the reviews about the wrong size after I ordered them. I tried to cancel the order, but couldn't. I was going to try to return them, but decided to check them first. The company may have listened to the previous customers, but they came in and fit my headset as advertised. They fit both my Plantronics and myMotorola 850 headsets. I'm happy with them.

👤I bought this product because it said it fit the H600. I ordered the USPS to deliver it to someone other than my mailbox. I had to call and get a refund. When I got the earpads, I was a bit disappointed that they were so thin, but I thought that I could afford to change them frequently and that I didn't care about the price. I couldn't get one to stay on because they were too small. I had to return them.

👤55mm is the size of the pads. They need to be stretched to cover 65mm of the originals. They are very thin and compressed. It's to be expected that they are generic. My suggestion is to get out the ruler and measure the originals before buying replacements instead of relying on the "fits model X" information on the product description.

👤The leatherette on mY headphones started to crack. I ordered ear piece covers and they covered the earphone ear pieces. Nice fit. I use a headset to do voice recoding, but I can't hear noise canceling. You get a set of ear covers. I don't know how long they will last because I got mine a month ago. I recommend them for what they do.

👤I received 19 pads instead of the 20 I received, and one of them was not packed flat. One of the pads was packed with crumpled up pairs of shoes. They were not the same shade and looked dirty. I threw the ones next to them away. I only got 7 pairs.

5. Maxell 190316 Stereo Neck Bands

Maxell 190316 Stereo Neck Bands

Stereo neckbands are designed to be worn behind the ears. It's ideal for portable players. A 3.5mm straight plug and a soft-touch rubber 4' cord are included in the behind-the-head design. There is a rubber 4' cord and 3.5mm straight plug. 32ohms impedance, 30mm drivers, anisotropic ferrite magnet, 0.016mm film, 13.6mm coil, 100dB. Less than 3dB channel balance, 40mW rated input, 100mW maximum input, and 20Hz to 22,000Hz frequency response are included. The Stereo line neckband is ideal for portable players. Behind the head design is lightweight for extended wear and comfort.

Brand: Maxell

👤These are great for listening to music while walking or biking. I've never been able to go more than a few months without breaking my headsets because of the sound quality. These were cheap so that I could break them. I will not cry all day. I like the "behind the ears" design as they stay on better. The "over the head" ones are prone to fall off, and either I run over them or another cyclist does. More headsets were destroyed that way.

👤I purchased two sets for the gym and one for work, but they don't have the same sound volume. The sound output is very low on multiple devices. These are good for quiet environments where there is no outside noise, but not for use in a gym or in general city noises. I tried to use these to review calls for work on my PC, but I could not hear the sound of a fan 4 feet away. The output of the headsets was lower when the fan was turned off.

👤I wish these were better. I like the over the head style of headphones, but I don't like ear buds. However. I can't hear anything when they are plugged into my computer. I bought them for that. I use my phone to hear things that are not the best. I can hear it. They should make this style of headphones more available.

👤The product arrived on time. I've used the model of the Sony behind the ears. The shiny model was more comfortable than these. I felt like it was squeezing my head when I put it on. To hear it at a normal level, I have to turn the volume up quite a bit. The jack that goes into the phone is a straight one, rather than a 90 degree angle. I'm still using them, but this is definitely a case of you getting what you paid for.

👤I like this style of headphones and they are hard to find at a reasonable price. The old pair of Sony behind the neck headphones are no longer made. These are not sanitary. These were designed for small children. The ear pads are very small and not much padding. The foam ear pieces do not look like they can be replaced. The band is too small to fit around my neck. The sound quality wasn't great, but I didn't care because they are too small to be useful for an average sized adult. I would stay away if your head and neck are small.

👤To replace previous reliable headphones. Even though used less than usual and in less rigorous conditions, the issues with the replacement headphones were still there after 3 months. When used more frequently, less than half of the minimum time comparable headphones would've lasted. It's a waste of money.

👤I have lost money on poorly designed products. These are for a doll head. They cause a lot of pain and temple pressure when worn by humans. I fed them to a demon who ran off laughing, because they couldn't make it to the poor sound quality. If you enjoy general discomfort as much as I did, please spend your money on something else.

6. Krone Kalpasmos Replacement Beach Stealth Sennheiser

Krone Kalpasmos Replacement Beach Stealth Sennheiser

InterIOR MESH POCKET is a neat way to store and secure your cables. The ear pads are made of Bird-eye Mesh Fabric and are designed for Audio Technica headphones and Turtle Beach headsets. The fabric ear pads fit the face well and give a soft touch. The Bird-eye hole can help alleviate the stuffiness of headsets. The leather ear cushions have peeling and cracking problems that can be prevented by the ear pads. Their professional team uses the same testing methods as they choose high-end headphones to test the wear resistance and aging resistance of the ear pads. The earmuffs can be worn for a long time without damage. The headphones are anti-aging. The leather has high resistance to sweat, oil, and cosmetics. The ear pads are made of high-grade memory foam and hold support well. It helps headsets maintain sound quality. The replacement ear pads have been verified in many Turtle Beach Headphones, Audio Technica headset, and steelseries headset, that they restore the original sound quality and ensure the NC functions of the headset. Each production is handmade by experienced workers, and the raw materials are selected from the world's famous headphone material suppliers. Good stitching and process give a better look. Turtle Beach Ear Force PX3/PX5/X12M are ear pads that are compatible with multiple headphones.

Brand: Krone Kalpasmos

👤Must buy. My headphones are questionable, but these made them great. I replaced the original pads on my Turtle Beach Stealth 700 headphones with these. The pads were cheap and uncomfortable, and I didn't like them very much. I replaced them with these when the vinyl began to peel. I immediately felt a better sound after the replacement. I wear these headphones for several hours a day and no longer have any problems. I will buy these again.

👤I bought a pair of replacements for my ATH-M30 after it was shot after nearly 10 years of use. The Krone's are more comfortable on my head, but my ears don't get warm after hours of use. The sound signatures don't seem to be much different from the originals, however the leak sound a little bit more than the originals. The installation of the Krone's was much easier than the original pads, as the originals feel like they're on the verge of tearing when you take them on and off, as the Krone's are much more confident. There is a I'm keeping the originals and the Krone's as they both have a place for my ATH-M30's. The original Krone's are better for quieter places than the ones that are louder.

👤I went back to the original M50 ear pads. The originals were more comfortable than the replacements. The ear holes were too small and the replacements had too much head compression. I will probably purchase a set of beyerdynamic 770s instead of buying replacement pads. I didn't like the ear pads on my headset. The original pads were not very comfortable, but they were not rotten like some I've seen. I thought these would be a good replacement. I'm not sure if these are for me. I didn't have a lot of trouble installing them, but they were different in many ways. The padding is thicker than the pads in the store. The smaller holes in the ears give them a bit of comfort. I suppose they arebreatheable, but they are still warm to wear. I can definitely hear a lot of the noise within the room, so they aren't good for that purpose. It would be a good thing if you wanted more room awareness. I gave them 3 stars because of my experience. There are pros to these. You might like them a lot. I'm not sure if I'll try some velour ones.

👤I have two pairs of Panasonics that are well-loved, but the leather on them has worn off. I wanted to get replacement pads that were larger than the stock because they were always tight. These fit well and will fit even better once I cut some slits in them for the tabs inside. It was much better than the originals. Unless you cut slits into them, they will be a tad loose, so keep that in mind for the best fit. Don't bother the manufacturer about support for this use because it isn't on the model list. If you want something more specific to the stock, that's out there. If you want something bigger that will breathe better, these are a good choice.

7. Behind Stereo Headphones Lightweight Sports Active

Behind Stereo Headphones Lightweight Sports Active

The leather headband has a rotating cup for easy one- ear monitoring. The behind-the-neck headband is easy to wear and provides a new look on the street. It's ideal for jogging, dancing, aerobics, blading and other activities because it stays on your ears. The cord is single-sided for comfort and sleek style. These water- and lightweight active sports headphones are great for listening to music during intense workouts without worrying about the earbuds falling out. NoISE ISOLATING is a peaceful listening experience.

Brand: Mcm

👤I listen toNPR type spoken audio and these headphones were fine. I had two issues. They were tight against my head. I stretched them out over the cushion on my recliner. 2. The cord is 6 feet long. It hangs down below your waist and is675316753167531675316753167531 I gave up on them because they became so annoying. There is a I looked in my drawer and found a pair of headphones that I had forgotten about. Those were the best, and Sony discontinued them.

👤These were fine for a cheap pair of phones. My previous set, the Sony MDR-G45, cost $20 and lasted until June 2021. If the models like this one are only good for a month, it would actually pay to get the Sonys. There is a Again, ridiculous. I like behind-the- ear phones, but I have to have wired for my devices, so I'm going to have to use buds. If they're dead in a month, the $10 is a complete waste and they're not worth anything. I'm going to try the cheap Maxells out of desperation, but I have to assume they won't be much better so I'll be afraid of earbuds.

👤I made a mistake when I purchased a pair of "clip on" headphones. The clip interfered with my glasses because they didn't sit close to the ear. I didn't think about it when I ordered them. There is a Love the fit of these. I don't know about noise cancelation, I use them to watch movies. Excellent sound and recommend them.

👤It works well to replace broken headphones. Behind the neck is more secure. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤When I listen to music, I need to hear the base. These headphones don't have good base sounds. It's okay to listen to spoken words but not music.

👤You didn't hear the music on the headphones.

👤The sound quality and comfort of the product is similar to the free headphones you used to get on airlines. I don't know why they would ask you to rate the volume control on a device, but I use my headphones for volume control. There is a You can't expect very high quality for 13 bucks. I wouldn't recommend these for long use. You get what you pay for.

👤It feels tight on my ears and neck. They feel like I'm going to break them every time I put on their clothes. Sound works.

👤The sound of the headphones isn't what it could be because they won't go near my ears. When pressing them, I would put the sound at a good place. They're not supposed to be close. This is not much. I'm not sure if I just got a bad pair. If it wasn't for this issue, I would give it a better rating, but at the moment, I'm not sure they are that good for listening to. I'd like to add that the chord is very long.

👤Will order a few more.

👤After just over a month, these headphones have begun to malfunction, with one side cutting in and out. I think they'll be completely overwhelmed in a short time.

8. OneOdio Headphone Lightweight Headphones Monitoring

OneOdio Headphone Lightweight Headphones Monitoring

Professional technology team and 24 hours customer services are standing by. The OneOdio Studio monitor headphones have a clear sound. Powerful bass, clear vocal, and crisp high tones form stereo sound with large, 50 millimeter speaker unit drivers. It's built to stay competitive. The ear cushions are made of soft padding. The headband is stretchable and can be adjusted to fit you. No more adaptive individuals. A long DJ-style cord is easy to reach from the TV to the chair. There is a 3.5mm plug included. You can plug in the mixer you want to use. The self-adjustable headband and 90 ear cups are ideal for mastering and mixing and can last for hours. All devices have an audio jack. The bass sound is good and the comfort is good. These are the headphones you've been looking for.

Brand: Oneodio

👤These headphones are very good for the price. The set was on my wishlist for a while and then Amazon told me they were on a sale for $28. I finally grabbed them. Over the years, I have spent a lot of money on headphones that I can get without a cable. I have a set of headphones that have 3.5mm input, but I rarely use them because I didn't notice much difference. I only listen to streaming music from Amazon Music because the Sony headphones support quality codecs to maximize the experience. The quality of sound is not always better than streaming music services. When Amazon Music HD came out, I immediately noticed a difference in my listening experience with the Sony headphones that were connected to 3.5mm vs the ones that were not. After Amazon Music HD came out, I broke my Sony headphones, which resulted in me spending a lot of time shopping for new headphones. I have a generous budget and am still shopping. I need something in the meantime. Enter OneOdio. I decided to try OneOdio after reading a lot of reviews. I was not sure how much to spend. The question was answered when this set went on sale. The headphones sound similar to my Sony headphones with the 3.5mm connection. I have listened to a lot of music on these and it all sounds great. I will probably keep these for a while, as I do more shopping, and possibly go further up the OneOdio product line. These would be a good purchase for someone who just wants the best bang for their buck. The headphones seem pretty durable and have all day comfort. They are light-weight but still strong. There are two jacks for different types of cables. I can actually have both connected at the same time. I can have one cable for music on my phone and the other for notifications on my computer, as well as meeting audio. If I really wanted to, I could listen to music from my phone quietly while listening to meeting audio, since the headphones just play both sources together.

👤This is not my first pair of headphones. If I were to describe all of the headphones I own, it would be boring. I consider myself an audio engineer. I don't like how my music sounds. With all the formality out the way, these headphones. I noticed that clarity and separation were present when I put them on. Not muffled or over powered, the Bass is very pronounced. The mids and highs are clear. "Slap Happy" is a good sample song for trying all the aspects. The horns, synthesizer, drums and lead guitar can be heard even tho the bass is showcased. Not sure? You can listen to a "3D surround" video on the internet. You will be amazed. There is a You can't go wrong for the price. I'm going to buy another Pair now that I think about it. Don't tell my wife. In case the price goes up. Enjoy!

9. Numark HF125 Professional Headphones Tangle Resistant

Numark HF125 Professional Headphones Tangle Resistant

Monitoring Essential - Ultra light DJ headphones with 7 different independently-adjustable position settings caters to any mixing preference. A lightweight design with a padded headband and ear cushions keep you focused on what is important. The closed back design reduces ambient noise so you hear what you need to. A 6-foot hard wired cord with a moulded 1/6” TRS connector, plus a 14” to 14” TRS adapter, is included in the package. You can get DJ-ing from the get-go with a single sided cord.

Brand: Numark

👤If you're looking for the most comfortable headphones ever, with the best sound, you may want to pass these up. I don't see how you can go wrong with a set of great sounding headphones. They sound clean and rich, even when using no equalizer settings. They don't have the "upper end" sound quality. You don't expect to get that kind of sound with less than 25 dollar headphones. The sound they create seems better than I would have expected. They are larger than they appeared in the promotional photo, which is good. There is a Inexpensive headphones have some drawbacks that are usually found in cheaper headphones. There is a They wear tight and hot. I tried to adjust, but it didn't seem to help. You might want to try something else, which will probably be more expensive, for longer listening sessions. I was surprised that they knocked out some of the ambient noise. Some of the ones that cancel almost all of it are not like them. I wouldn't expect that from these either. I was pleasantly surprised that there was a measurable amount of noise cancelling with these. There is a The "L" plug in is better. The plugs are straight in type. The cord is heavy enough and the transition seems well designed, so this should not be an issue for years to come. There is a It's positive that the jack worked on my cellphone, even with my case on it, which is rare for any out of the box larger headphones. I have to carve the end of the jack to trim it down so that they don't jack through the small hole in my phone case. The first thing, with no modifications needed, was plugged into my phone. There is a Maybe these should get 5 stars for the money. I only give 5 stars for the best products. I don't want to seem to be misleading peopel, so 4 stars it is, since the comfort level is a factor.

👤I needed a pair of headphones to use with my instruments. I knew this would be a good buy and I was not going to go wrong with the price. I have not had a single complaint so far. I have a small head and ears, so these fit me perfectly, but they are too small for my husband, who wears 7 3/4" fitted ball caps. I agree. The padding is comfortable and doesn't bother me at all, though I haven't worn them for more than 30 minutes. If you get a good seal around your ears, sound quality is good and noise cancelling is good. The Amazon cable extension gave me an extra 6 feet to match the length of my guitar cable. If you need a set of corded over-the- ear headphones, overall highly recommended.

👤I use these in my studio to record music and vocals. I didn't want to spend mega-bucks for headphones, as I relay on studio monitor play-back for my final mixes, but I did need something to isolated the individual instruments for the recording portion. I was pleasantly surprised by the sound and quality. I only gave them 4 stars because the earcups are small and they make my ears hurt when I wear my reading glasses for more than 45 minutes. They work well for 13 bucks, so I'll keep using them.

10. 510310928231 Replacement Cushions Transcription Headsets

510310928231 Replacement Cushions Transcription Headsets

Premium materials for a premium sound. The original earphone tip. The ultimate in ear headphone upgrade is made in the USA using proprietary memory foam materials. It is convenient that it provides optimal comfort during extended wear. Sound envelope allows more sound to pass through the cushion for a better sound from the speaker. Replacement ear pads are easy to use and don't require a lot of effort to install. Reduce environmental noise to get that hi fidelity of sound from the speaker. Save even more by getting a 10-pack of replacement ear pad cushions.

Brand: Executive Communication Systems

👤I'm not going to get a chance to use the product in my review. These things are too big and don't fit in with myPhillipsLFH334 transcription headset. I have Amazon Prime, and they arrived late, they're not the right size, and they have a horrible chemical smell, so I wouldn't want to keep them. I'm returning them right now after opening them. They're overpriced. There are no other reviews.

👤The package was supposed to be 10 pairs. The package was open when it arrived. The one pair will get a refund.

👤We had been trying to get these for the office.

👤Not good at all! Poor quality and falling off. Very disappointed.

👤Happy with the quality of the product and the service received.

👤Hopeless product. A number of the cushions had splits in them so were useless, a number didn't last long once put on the headphones. The material is very thin. Will look for replacements from alternative suppler.

👤Product arrived promptly and there were no complaints.

11. Comply Cancelling Sennheiser Replacement Comfortable

Comply Cancelling Sennheiser Replacement Comfortable

NoISE ISOLATING is a peaceful listening experience. Isolation replacement eartips are designed to block out external noise and provide a superior audio experience with enhanced bass. The headphones are designed for the Sennheiser HD 1 earphones. The Super-Soft Memory Foam reduces earphone irritation and fatigue. The most comfortable earphones are made fromComply foam, which is 30x softer than Silicone tip material. Body-heat activated memory foam can be used to keep earbuds in place while blocking external sound. Premium materials for a premium sound. The original earphone tip. The ultimate in ear headphone upgrade is made in the USA using proprietary memory foam materials.

Brand: Comply

👤I use them on Sony and Sennheiser IEMs. I am happy with the improvements in sound quality. There is a Quality sound is produced out of the box by the Sony's and Sennheiser's. Adding Comply Noise Canceling tips made them better. I use the IEMs with several portable devices. It's easy to live with the sound quality. The sound improvement is worth what I paid for it. I use the IEMs while mowing. There is a reduction in noise. It allows for a lower volume setting on my phone. There is a They have held up well and continue to be an improvement in value and sound. I highly recommend them, even though I don't have anything else to compare them to.

👤The product is amazing. I realize that foam vs. silicone is based on user preference. There is a These were purchased for my set of earbuds which come with terrible fitting tips. The earbuds were garbage to me. I didn't want to waste the $150 I spent on the earbuds so I kept using them. Over a year later. I decided to buy these foam tips. I regret not buying these foam tips earlier. It changed the music coming out of the earbuds into something respectable, increased bass, and helped the earbuds stay in my ear. I bought this for a set of headphones from Sennheiser and returned them because they were garbage, even with the tips.

👤Every single one of these earbuds broke down after use. The foam fell off when I put it in my pocket or in my ear. These tips are not well designed and I was not even remotely tough of them. I could not make one of the sizes last more than two weeks, so they were either intended for extremely moderate use or the designers had no idea what they were doing.

👤I buy these to reduce the noise during my commute. The mission was accomplished. They are comfortable and allow my M2s to reach their full potential even in a noisy environment. I only give four stars because of a situation. When you have to remove the buds, the problem arises because the tips mold to your ear. It is difficult to get back in. The more you roll them between your fingers, the warmer they become, and the harder it is to get seated in ear. If you leave them in for extended listening sessions it is not a problem. These are new tips that you can buy. Silicone tips will be more durable and easier to live with if you have to constantly remove and replace buds.

👤I bought these hoping they would be better for transferring bass sound than the silicone ear tips that come with my Iei IEMs. I was hoping they would be more comfortable because the silicone ear tips are not as snug as the one in my ear. The sound to my ear is muddy and less bassy than in the foam tips. When you place them in, they expand in your ear and have a lot of pressure in your ear canal, but it doesn't feel as bad as the Silicon ones. The foam tips have some advantages. They stay in my ear better, so if you were using them while exercising they should stay in better, and the second is that they are a bit more isolating than I have. There is a If you want to order these, you should be aware that the size isn't the same as Silicone ear tips. If you are ordering for the first time, I would recommend buying a multi sized pack because the large foam tip fits my ear better than the medium sized one.


What is the best product for headphone replacement pads 60mm?

Headphone replacement pads 60mm products from Bengoo. In this article about headphone replacement pads 60mm you can see why people choose the product. Akg Pro Audio and Wc are also good brands to look for when you are finding headphone replacement pads 60mm.

What are the best brands for headphone replacement pads 60mm?

Bengoo, Akg Pro Audio and Wc are some of the best brands that chosen by people for headphone replacement pads 60mm. Find the detail in this article. Blacell, Maxell and Krone Kalpasmos are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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